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I Love Dogs 2

In the Morning I couldn’t find Border so I looked in Moms room and there he was fucking Mom. She smiled and said “I wanted one before your Dad comes home tonight.” I sat down on her little sofa and watched Border fuck her. I reached over and pulled his tail up so I could see his cock inside Moms pussy. There was dog cum oozing out of her and I could feel my pussy starting to warm. I asked her if she had ever eaten a pussy. "Why do you ask" she said. Oh I read about it in sex education and when I saw you fucking the dog I felt like I wanted to eat your pussy. "Hmmm, well yes when I’m done here I can douche or you can eat my pussy while I suck off Border. You do that? I asked. Yes I love to suck a cock I didn't want to suck that dogs cock in front of you at Maurine’s but I'm going to suck Borders when I'm through. I would love to have you eat my pussy." Is Dad a good lover? I asked. "Yes, in many ways but he is so straight lased and only will do it in the missionary position. I would like to suck his cock but he doesn't think that is right and he has never tried to eat my pussy.

I sat there shaking my head because I never new my Mother at all. All these years I thought she was such a puritan. I took a good look at my Mom. She is 36 years old as Border was held inside her pussy and she was rocking back and forth with his knot inside her. I reached around her and began to fondle her breasts. She gave a little moan and it was then I decided to get on the bed and slide my pussy under her face. I took her head and shoved her face into my vagina. She didn’t say a word she just started licking and running her tongue up and down my slit tickling my clit with the tip. When she shoved her tongue up into my cunt I came and then I came again. The idea of having my Mother eating my pussy excited me so much I just kept cumming. I looked in her mirror and I almost started laughing seeing Border with his cock in her pussy and her face in my cunt.

When I had had enough and Border had pulled out of her she just put Border on the bed and began sucking his cock. She kept squeezing his knot and Border kept shooting into her mouth. “Want a taste?” she asked. I hesitated for just a moment and then I bent over and took him into my mouth and began to suck. As I did Mom would gently squeeze his knot and Jizz would squirt inside my mouth hitting my throat. I don’t know why sucking a dog’s cock exited me but it did. Borders jizz didn’t have a lot of tasted and I’m not sure it tasted like anything I had ever tasted. Mom shoved two fingers up my vagina and I came all over her fingers. I sucked Border for about five minutes until he stopped shooting his Jizz.

I was so turned on that I shoved Mom onto her back and spread her legs and buried my face into her hairy pussy. I could taste Borders cum along with Mothers. I licked and sucked on her clit just like Mother had me. She began to moan, Oh god baby that’s nice, yes, oh yes that’s it just like that ohhhh shit yes, ahhhhhhh and she grabbed my head and shoved my face deep into her pussy. I could not believe how wide her pussy became, half my face went inside her. I took my fingers and began to finger fuck her. Two then three and finally all four fingers and my thumb went in.

I began to pump my fist in and out of her. She was screaming OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD BABBY YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM SO HARD I CAN HARDLY BREATH AHHHHHHH, OHHHHHH SHIT. Her Ass was shaking and she was thrusting her hips up as my hand drove in and out of her. I felt her cervix with my fore finger and couldn’t believe how open it was so I shoved my finger inside and she screamed OH GOD HONEY YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY, AHHHHHHHHH and I felt her cumming again. For the next five minutes I fisted her and drove my finger even deeper into her cervix until she fainted. I bent down and licked her cunt and sucked her juices out of her hot wet hole.

When she came out of her faint I said, I never suspected you were like this. I always though you were such a puritan. She smiled, there is a lot you don’t know about me and neither does your father. When I was in college the five women you met were all friends and we used to eat each other all the time. One day Maurine brought in a dog. He was a big German Shepard and she let us watch him fuck her. After that we all let that Shepard fuck us. We got addicted to it. Maurine Whose Dad had the Kennel before she inherited it. let us come over on the week-ends and after every one went home we would let several dogs fuck us. We all learned that if you let three or four dogs fuck you one after the other you will have the most orgasms. She showed us how after a dog fucks you, you can continue to use his dick just like a dildo but much better.

“Why don’t you let Border fuck you and then I will show you how to keep fucking him. He looks like he is ready to go again,” she said. I bent over the bed and Border immediately began to lick cum from my pussy. When Mom gave the command mount he jumped on my back and shoved his dick into my hot hole. It felt so good and when his knot went inside me I came. I locked him inside my vagina and felt him squirting his doggy juices up inside me making me cum again. As soon as he pulled out of me Mom made Border lie on his back and sat down on him. She put just enough pressure to allow his knot to slip back inside her pussy. She began to rotate her Ass back and forth and she fucked him like that for about ten minutes before she came and got off. “See he is still hard, now you try” I did just like she had and sat down on his cock. I was not able to get his knot back inside so I just moved up and down his shaft until I came. When I got off mom told me that if I wanted to suck his cock that was always a good time. She also told me that if I really wanted to receive his full load of cum I would have to let him fuck me in the mouth instead of my pussy. But that I had to be very careful;

Just listening to Mom turned me on. I pushed Mom back down on her back and inserted my fist back inside her pussy and I fucked her with my fist for over twenty minutes. The last five I inserted my finger into her cervix and was able to shove it to the second knuckle. I thought Mom was going to go nuts the way she was raving. When I took my hand out it was soaked from above my wrist to my finger tips with her cum. I then bent down and sucked all her cum out of her hot wet hole making her cum twice. She then got between my legs and sucked my clit and ran her tongue all over my pussy inside and out. I came four times before she quit. I was glad it was Sunday because we fell asleep.

About noon we woke up and ate lunch. Mom fed Border and added a bowl of milk. About one o’clock Mom said “Bring Border I am going to show you how to suck his cock and receive his full load of cum. She sat on the floor with her back to the bed. She told me to put Borders paws on the bed above her head so that his cock was right in front of her face. She began to jack him off, pushing his sheaf bank and taking his little cock in her mouth. He was already shooting liquid on her face and in her mouth. It only took about four or five more strokes before he started humping. I got down on my hands and knees to watch. His cock was going in and out of her mouth just like it might in her pussy. She pursed her lips so that she had a firm grip. She had placed her hand in front of where his knot began to swell. She sucked his cock as it went in and out of her mouth. Just as the knot became fully enlarged she allowed it to enter her mouth and she sucked his knot. He had stopped his rapid fucking motion and now was just giving short little jerks. A white creamy milk lie substance came pouring out of her mouth as she tried to swallow as much of his cum as she could. She choked a little but kept swallowing.

I couldn’t believe how horny that made me watching her suck that cock and swallowing that cum. I stood up and straddled Moms face and pushed my pussy into her. She grabbed me by the cheeks of my ass and stared sucking my pussy and clit. After about eight minutes my legs became so week I had push her away and sit down on the bed. The rest of the day we ate each other six more times and let Border take turns fucking us every two hours. Mom looked at the clock and it was going on five. “Shit your Dad will be home in an hour. I need a shower and a douche because he will want to fuck me at least twice tonight. If you want to watch him fuck me I will leave the night light on and the door ajar. He usually starts about nine after he know your in bed. It will help me get excited knowing your watching. After today I’ll need something to turn me on.

Dad came home and after dinner we watched TV for awhile. About 8:30 I told them I was tired and went to bed. I got kind of excited thinking about the possibility of watching my Dad fuck Mother. I had never seen my Father naked. I finger fucked myself for awhile but then I heard Border pawing at my door so I let him in and fuck me while I waited. He really made me cum a bunch because of my anticipation as to what I was about to witness.

About nine o’clock I left Border in my room and snuck up to Mom & Dad’s bedroom door. It was ajar so I peeked in. Mom was in bed naked lying on top of the sheets with the covers pulled down to the bottom of the bed. Dad had jut come out of the bedroom and I had to admire him. At 39 His body was still fit. He had a little pouch but not much. What kind of took my breath away was the size of his semi hard cock. It looked almost as big as the Rottweiler, at least seven plus inches and about the same size around. He laid beside Mom and began to suck on her nipple while massaging the other one. I realized that Moms tits were about the same as My 34c’s They were kissing as dad began to finger fuck her with four fingers using his thumb to rub her clit. He then got between her legs as she spread them and he inserted that beautiful cock into her hairy hole and began to fuck her. He fucked her for about seven minutes before grabbing her Ass and jamming his cock deep inside her and I knew he was Cumming. I went back to bed and let Border fuck me again. As I fell asleep I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by my Dad or any man.

The following Morning I got up and had breakfast with Dad. Mom seldom ate breakfast. After he left for work I went to Moms room. She was getting ready to go to work. She was in her crotch-less panties and bra sitting on the bed doing her toenails. “Well, what did you think honey.” It made me horny and I had to let Border fuck me before I could go to sleep. He was worn out when we were done. Do you think I could fuck Dad? I asked. “No, he is two straight for something like that. I wish he would then we could have some real fun.” What if you got him drunk and I came to your bed and he woke up in the morning after he had fucked me thinking it was you? He would probably commit suicide he’s so straight but it might be worth a try. We could maybe get him drunk enough and put him in your bed.”

That reminds me my sorority sisters are having a party this Friday and your Dad and I are going so let’s see what happens.” Oh Mom that would be wonderful and I fell on top of her and gave her big french kiss. I shoved my hand between her legs and into her pussy and fisted her for almost ten minutes before she finally stopped me. She was gasping for breath and said “Slow down honey I have to go to work and now I’m going to smell like a pussy.” I laughed and said it would make the men horny and the women envious. I could hardly wait and the week went so slow. It was hard to concentrate on school because I kept thinking about the possibility of Dad fucking me. I fisted Mom almost every morning after Dad went to work and before Mom had to leave. I let Border fuck me every night.

I was looking forward also to the following Monday when Xmas vacation started. At the end of summer my Friend Darcy wh moved into our neighborhood three doors from us. She was the same age as I was and we became close friends. I didn’t have any boy friends and no close girl friends just girls I knew at school. We walked home together after school every day. She lived with her Dad because her mother died of a blood clot when she was born. Darcy had bigger tits than I did she told me they were 37d’s. Because our parents worked we got to spend a lot of time together alone. We started experimenting with each other about two weeks ago. We first played with each others tits, sucking them and fondling them. We were frenching kissing each other and last week we finger fucked each other. After what just happened with Mom I knew I was going to eat her pussy and maybe get her to eat mine on Monday. Darcy had a dog named Pudge, he was a Boxer. When we started experimenting Pudge would try to stick his nose between Darcy’s legs and some times mine. She always turned red when he did that. I began to wonder if maybe she had let him fuck her. I decided I wanted Pudge to fuck me which made me horny so I let Boder have his way with me.

On Friday Mom & Dad left about eight o’clock. I heard them come in about one. I snuck down the hall and saw Mom staggering with Dad on her arm. She told me to go to the bedroom and in the bathroom cabinet get one of the Viagra pills that were in there. When I brought it to her she sat Dad on a dinning room chair and crushed it into a cup of coffee and stirred it. Then she talked Dad into drinking the coffee. We let him sit there for about twenty minutes and then I helped her take Dad to my bedroom and put him to bed.

As soon as I got in bed with him she started sucking his cock. She whispered that the only time she got to suck him off was when he was drunk. He was fully hard in about five minutes so I straddled him and sat down on his cock. It took a little doing to get his cock inside my pussy but when I did I began to slide up and down his cock my god but he felt good inside me. My whole pussy felt full. Mom sat at the edge of the bed and watched. I fucked him like that for almost five minutes when suddenly he rolled me onto my back and began to fuck me hard sucking one of my titties. I started cumming in bunches. He fucked me for over thirty minuets before he finally came deep inside my pussy. I had so many climaxes I lost count and Dad fell right to asleep. Mom kissed me and went to bed.

I snuggled up against Dad. At about five thirty I felt Dads hard cock slide between my legs. I lifted my leg and guided him into my pussy. He was half asleep but he fucked me like that for about fifteen minutes before I felt him cum in me for the second time. We laid like that with his cock still in me. As it slipped out I rolled onto my back and looked at him. He looked at me and his eyes got big and he said, “Oh christ what have I done.” He started to get up and I threw my arms around him and hugged him and said it’s Ok Daddy, I liked it. I have wanted you to fuck me ever since I watched you fuck Mom the night you came home. “Oh baby it’s not right, I don’t know how I got in your bed.”

Just then Mom walked in and acted real indignant shouting, “What is going on. How long have you been fucking Loretta? You were in our bed when we went to sleep last night and now I find you in here for god’s sake.” Dad was stammering and you could tell he was confused. “Honest honey I don’t remember, I don’t know how it happened. I’m so sorry and so ashamed.” She looked at me and winked so I took the cue and screamed Mom leave him alone, I liked it and I want him to fuck me some more. Dad said “I can’t baby its wrong its incest. Well if you won’t fuck me I’ll tell my teachers that you molested me. He just looked at me and shook his head. And besides if Mom can eat my pussy why can’t you fuck me? I shouted. He looked up at Mom and she pretended to look guilty by lowering her head. He said, “What’s happening to us for god’s sake” There is nothing wrong I said I like Mom eating my pussy and you fucking it. So from now on that’s the way we are going to be or I will tell my teachers that you both have been molesting me. I have the proof if I tell because I have your sperm inside me.

Since it was Saturday we kind of sat around for a couple hours. Mom called Maurine and told her we wouldn’t be there this week. Finally I said, Dad don’t you find me attractive? “That’s not the point, I’m you Father and it is wrong for a man to have intercourse with his daughter.” There is nothing wrong with it if every one consents to it and know one finds out. “It’s still wrong” he said. Mom piped in and said what’s done is done so no use crying over it. I’m Ok with it as long as we share. Dad just looked at her and shook his head. Well Dad what about it. Why don’t we all go into your bedroom and make the most of it. I took him by the hand and led him to their bedroom. He followed in a daze. He was still naked so I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck. He just stood there looking at me. Soon I said well Mom you always wanted to suck his cock, now is the time. She didn’t hesitate a second but came over and knelt in front of him and took his cock deep into her mouth and throat and began to suck.

It took Dad about four minutes before he was shooting a load of cum deep down her throat. She never lost a drop. Then Mom and I got on the bed and began to sixty nine each other. As soon as I came I inserted my fist into her cunt and began to fist fuck her. I looked over at Dad and he was sitting on their sofa just staring at us. Mom was moaning and groaning. Shortly I felt Dads hands on my hips and he lifted my Ass up and shoved his cock deep in my pussy and began to fuck me like a mad man. I kept on fisting Mom as he fucked me hard. Mom and I were cumming ever minute or so. . I took my fist out of Mom and she rolled over and let her feet and knees go to the floor. That’s when I saw Border leap on her back and began to fuck her. I heard Dad say “christ,” but kept on fucking me. After a few minutes Dad came, I came, the dog came and Mom came.

We laid there all together, Dad, Mom, Border and me. Dad asked Mom how long she had been letting the dog fuck her. She told him about three years and she told him I have since I was twelve but she had just found out. By the way Loretta and I are going to get another dog from Maurine. He said “This has turned into a regular paten place hasn’t it?” I really liked the way Dad made love to me the last time. He kissed me and fondled my breasts making me really hot before he fucked me.

Before the day was over Dad fucked me two more times and Mom once. I fisted her and then Dad fisted her and Mom just about went insane. Dad seemed to enjoy doing it. Border fucked me twice and Mom twice before we all went to bed in Mom & Dads king sized bed about eleven. Sunday we didn’t get up until noon. Dad fucked each of us and watched Mom and I eat each others pussy. Mom let Border fuck her in the Ass while she was eating my pussy. We had lunch and then went back to bed. Dad fucked each of us again and I let border fuck me in the Ass while I ate and fisted Mom. It really hurt when his knot went through my sphincter. When the pain went away I found I kind of liked it.
We had dinner and Dad took a Viagra and fucked both Mom and I without stopping. Later Dad was fucking me doggy style when Border jumped on Dads back and began to fuck him in the ass as he fucked me. To my surprise he let him, later telling us it was kind of nice. Mom told Dad it was nice that he finally came out of the sexual closet. We all laughed.

As we were getting ready for bed Mom asked Dad if he would like to fuck all her sorority sisters. Are you kidding he asked. No she told him all her friends think hei s a fox and would love to fuck him. “Hell I’ve come this far, so hell yes I would love to fuck them.” Mom told him that starting next Saturday she would educate him into the world of sex. I fell asleep with Dads cock in my pussy and Moms tit in my mouth. I dreamed of dogs fucking me and Moms friends eating my pussy while Dad fucked me. I woke about four and felt Dads cock in my pussy and he slowly fucked me and I fell back to sleep just as he came inside me.
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