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Skinny-dipping with Billy Bradley ruined my life for several years but then I met Tim and Tina and my life changed forever.
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Loosey Lucy

When I was in the fifth grade I was eleven years old, flat chested and I didn’t even have hair on my pussy yet but that didn’t stop Billy Bradley from inviting me to go skinny-dipping with him. I couldn’t wait to see what a penis looked like so I said okay. I knew that I didn’t have anything that he wanted to see. So we walked along the shore until I felt safe enough then we undressed. He was sure in a big hurry and just took everything off all at once. I took my clothes off as I normally do while he was yelling at me to hurry up. I couldn’t figure out what the rush was all about besides I got to watch his little pecker bounce around as he got in more of a hurry. Finally I was down to my panties when he ran into the water. I think that he had to pee because he sure seemed to enjoy the cold water a lot more than I did as I went in. He tried to kiss me but I wouldn’t let him. We didn’t swim too long because he got cold and wanted to get out. We sat on a fallen tree for a while to dry off before getting dressed again. Poor Billy Bradley got a hard-on and I made the mistake of laughing at him. He grabbed his clothes and ran away. I got dressed but I didn’t catch up with him.

That Monday in school he told all of his friends that we had gone skinny-dipping together and that he had fucked me. When one of his friends asked me if I went skinny-dipping with Billy Bradley of course I told him that I had. He never asked me if I had let him fuck me or not. That was when I became “Loosey Lucy” and everyone, even my best friends thought that I was a slut. Suddenly I had a reputation and I didn’t even do anything to deserve it.

Then when I entered the ninth grade in high school I was finally happy. You see in my city we have two schools that go from kindergarten to eighth grade but only one high school that goes from ninth to twelfth grade. So half of the kids there did not know of my reputation for being easy. Hell I was still a virgin.

So when a very nice looking boy came up to me and asked me if I was called Lucy Lucy because I was so pretty that my parents felt the need to name me twice I was not too happy. But then again he hadn’t called my Loosey Lucy he thought that I was Lucy Lucy. For some unknown reason I felt the need to explain to him the two phrases. He just laughed and asked if he could continue to call me Lucy Lucy or better yet Double-L. I told him that I liked Double-L. He smiled and told me that he liked Double-L too but he was unmistakably referring to me and not just my name.

I was no longer that flat chested hairless pussy girl that I once was. In fact I was what most of the boys called a fox but I wouldn’t give any boy in my old school the time of day. I had absolutely no friends what so ever from that day in the fifth grade until now. Now Tim Daily liked me and I liked him. Besides it wasn’t because he thought that he could get in my pants either, however I knew that he could if he wanted too. Tim was sixteen years old, cute, tall, and everything that had I every wanted in a boy. I was fifteen years old, pretty as hell, and I now wore a 34-C bra. Boys always noticed my big breasts and I made sure not to hide them either like some of the girls did. I showed them off proudly and made sure that the boys knew that they couldn’t have them either. I was the envy of most of the girls in my class and I never passed up a chance to show them off in the girl’s locker room whenever I could.

Tim asked me out on a date and I talked mom into letting me go. However mom and dad had to meet Tim’s parents first. So on Thursday evening Tim and his parents came to our house for drinks and to socialize. Tim’s older sister Tina came too. Tina was nice and came up to my room to talk while my parents interrogated Tim downstairs. Tina was eighteen years old and she was only wearing a 34-B bra. I had not had a girl friend in quite some time so Tina was a pleasant change. When she asked me if she could try on one of my bras I let her. When Tina removed her top and her bra I got to see her bare breasts. I liked them, they were smaller than my tits were but sometimes mine are too big and they get in the way. Tina looked through my selection of bras and picked out my pretty pink one and put it on. She was not a C-cup that was for sure. Then she asked me to try her bra on. I told her that it wouldn’t fit but then I figured that she just wanted to see my tits too, so I did. I removed my top and my bra and then put on her bra that had been lying on the bed. As I had expected it cut right across the top of my breasts and made them mushroom up in a kind of funny way. It was a perfect example of a cup overflowing. When we removed each other’s bra Tina grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth. There we were topless and nipple to nipple kissing with our parents right downstairs. I found that I really liked kissing Tina. I could feel her breasts heave against mine and I could feel her grinding her pelvic bone into mine too. She was humping me like grandma’s stupid poodle does but I liked what Tina was doing to me and it was starting to excite me too.

Tina asked me if I was a virgin and I told her that I was. She told me that she was still a virgin too. No way that this beauty hadn’t had a hundred chances to loose it. She told me that she hardly ever dates a boy and that it was only to throw her parents off the track. She was a lesbian and she wanted to make love to me before her brother fucked me and spoiled it. She wasn’t kidding either. She locked my bedroom door and started to remove her pants and panties. For some reason I was drawn to this beautiful older girl and I too removed my pants and panties. The next thing I knew we were on my bed in a very steamy sixty-nine and I was eating pussy for the very first time. Someone was eating my pussy too and I loved it. Tina gave me such a strong orgasm that I couldn’t even think straight. I tried to take care of her needs but she was happy to just take care of my needs. So by the time mom knocked on my door and told us girls to come downstairs I had only given Tina one orgasm but I had received three and they were each the very best that I had ever experienced that’s for sure. Tina and I got dressed quickly and then we kissed one last time before going downstairs.

Apparently Tim had passed my parents inspection along with his parents. We would be allowed to date on Fridays or Saturdays as long as we had a chaperone. I immediately asked Tina if she would serve as our driver and as our chaperone. She said that she would be happy too if she could borrow her mother’s car at those times. Her mother said that it would be okay so everything was all set. Tina gave my mother and me a kiss on the cheek before she left. I gave Tim a kiss on his cheek just to see my parent’s reaction.

That evening I couldn’t get Tina out of my mind. What a fantastic girl she was and could she ever make love. What she had done to me was exactly what I had expected to happen my first time, but with a boy.

As I lay in bed that night I reached into my pillowcase and pulled out Tina’s panties to smell. It had been her idea to place her panties there for me and she took my panties home with her too. I could smell her, I could still taste her, and I could feel her lips on my pussy. I think I was in love with her. I slept very peacefully that night.

During breakfast Tina called to say that she had her mother’s car and that she could drive me to school if I wanted her to. Yes! I was outside waiting for her to arrive. Tim was in the backseat but I got in the front next to Tina. Before we got out of the driveway Tina leaned over and I kissed her on the lips with tongue while Tim watched me. He was furious…no he was jealous. So I turned around and French kissed him too. That made him feel better. So as we drove to school I held one of Tina’s breasts in my hand while Tim held one of my breasts in his hand. It was very exciting. I pulled his whole arm up between the seats to rest on the crotch of my jeans while I rested my hand on Tina’s panty-covered crotch under her short skirt. I slipped my finger into Tina’s pussy but smiled knowing that Tim couldn’t do that to me. I would have to wear a skirt that night for our date.

Since Tina had picked me up we were pretty early so Tina and I went to the girls locker room. She took me into the girl’s room there and into one of the handicap stalls so that we could kiss and fool around. Fool around was what I wanted to do. Tina dropped her panties and sat on the very edge of the toilet while I knelt down and ate her out. I managed to give her an orgasm before the first bell rang to send us to class. Tina pulled up her panties and then we stepped out into the restroom. Three girls gave me a dirty look but I didn’t care and neither did Tina. She helped me clean off my face and then she kissed me. One girl was still in there with us but she just smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

School went by fairly quickly. Tim ate lunch with me and we talked about our date later. Tina stopped by just as we were heading to our next class. She told me that the girl in the bathroom that morning wanted to meet me.

After school Tim and I were waiting at the car when Tina and the girl from that morning walked up to us. I sat in the back seat with Tim and we kissed as Tina drove. She took Tim home first and made him get out. Then Tina introduced me to Sheila and said that we were taking her home, that her parents weren’t home, and that we had an hour to fool around.

So Sheila, Tina, and I went to her bedroom, we all got naked, and then we made love together. Sheila didn’t taste as good as Tina did but she could certainly give me just as good an orgasm. We each ate each other then Tina introduced me to my first Daisy Chain when all three of us ate and got eaten together then we changed direction. At one point I had both Tina and Sheila sucking on my breasts. Mine were the biggest set among us and I was very proud of them. Sheila had a double-ended dildo that we all shared too. I liked it best when Tina was on the other end with me. I traded panties with Sheila before we left her house so that I could smell them later.

Tina took me home and stayed for dinner. Then she helped me get ready for my date with her brother. I wore a sexy little pink top with a white mini skirt and pink shoes. Tina helped me with my makeup and my hair. Then she took me to pick up her brother.

Tim and I had a great time hanging out at the mall and then going to a movie. He wanted to see an action adventure but then all he did was molest me throughout the whole thing anyway. He was an octopus! His hands were everywhere. I told him that if he slowed down and was gentle that I would let him feel me up all he wanted too. After that he pulled my blouse out and slipped his hand up under it to play with my tits. Tina wouldn’t let me wear a bra or panties on my date. Tim found that out when I opened my knees up and let his hand in there too. He poked and prodded for a long time but he never gave me an orgasm. He squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples but he never gave me a really good feeling. He kissed me too but after Tina and Sheila he didn’t rock my boat that way either.

We met up with Tina after the movie and went out to the car with her. While Tina drove I let Tim fuck me in the backseat of the car. He was surprised but I told him that Tina wouldn’t mind. Tim was very clumsy. He was also a virgin! I knew more about fucking than he did so I placed his cock at my opening and told him to push it in. He did and he actually felt better than Sheila’s double-ended dildo had. He thrust into me, huffed and puffed a few times, and squirt his sperm into me. It was okay but making love to Tina was a whole lot better. Tim sure enjoyed it a lot though. He was flying high on life. He had lost his virginity with me, he was finally a man, and now he could brag about it to all of his friends. There goes my Loosey Lucy image again.

The End
Loosey Lucy
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