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Undercover in the slave trade
I have other stories I want to write, so I guess it’s time to finish this one…

I grabbed Pam and red, and met Everett in the dungeon as directed, and thus began my instruction in the arts of torture. He told me to “mount" Pam on the St. Andrew’s”, the big X-shaped cross, and as I strapped her to it, I could tell she was getting excited. She was facing out, towards me, and Everett commented that she was a good one for me to practice on, while he was readying red for similar things.

Everett began to demonstrate various implements for me, things I’d seen the men use on the girls, but had never touched much myself. As he used each item, he would show me particular ways to hold it, certain ways to move my wrist or fingers to get a desired effect, and while I could tell that a lot of what we did was truly painful for Pam, she was obviously enjoying it all.

I found myself so excited by what I was doing to her that when I was handed the most wicked-looking toy, a cat-o-nine with metal rivets at its tips, I was startled to realize that I was actually feeling somewhat stoned… and when I lashed that little whip across Pam’s belly and saw blood oozing, not from cuts, but from the striped welts it left on her, I knew that I was going to cum right then and there, and I was determined not to let it show…

Yeah, right… one of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever had, and I tried to keep it quiet… Everett laughed his ass off, then said, “Hell, Thunder, don’t sweat it… you think all of us don’t cream our jeans now and then? This is the hottest thing you’ll ever know, son, enjoy the fuck out of it!”

I caught my breath and continued learning and using the various toys… but that little cat became my all-time favorite!

The next few days were like that, With Don gone, I was doing double duty, as both the Groom and Everett’s number two man, and as Jack brought in new girls I was the one to hang them up, as well as clean them up after… I was one of the ones raping and abusing them, I was one of those who forced them to have sex with the dogs, I was one of the guys… and I was loving it!

The first one I raped, a little brunette about 16, had a profound effect on me. I remembered watching Pam go through all of this, and how she had alternated between defiance and begging and submission… and how she now sincerely loved her life, actually tried to catch my eye when she knew I was coming for another girl to work with. I knew that, since all of the girls I had seen trained were just as happy now as Pam, this little girl who was begging and crying as I slapped and forced her would also come to love it… and once more I wondered if I was the right man for the job I had undertaken.

I had taken her down from the rack that morning and washed her off in the shower, and Everett had let me give her her first whipping… so I was certainly horny enough for rape. When we took her to the living room and strapped her onto the couch, she was conscious, but sort of out of it, and I began as I had seen the others do, first playing with her pussy and cunt, getting her good and wet… and then, as she realized what I was about to d, I saw her eyes go wide and she began to shake her head vigorously in the negative… and that turned me on even more as I forced myself into her.

I’m not as big as Everett, but I’m not small either, and this girl was as much a virgin as Pam had been… it hurt her, and I enjoyed the fact that not only was I taking her virginity, I was taking it against her will… raping this innocent girl… and it was the biggest turn-on I’d ever felt. I began to worry that I might become a rapist myself when this was over…

I threw myself on top of her and reached down to push my cock into her moist but tight cunt, and her fighting was only making me more excited. I slapped her face once, twice and a third time, and she stopped resisting and began to cry, and I almost came right then but managed to hold back. I felt her tear inside as I ripped her virginity from her, and pounded her young pussy as hard as I could.
As I was fucking her, enjoying the knowledge that this girls first time was forever mine, that I had not been given her virginity but had stolen it from her, I suddenly began to feel like a monster… and somehow that feeling exploded an erotic bomb inside me, and I came harder than I ever had before, flooding her young cunt with my cum. I stroked a few more times, letting myself relax, waiting for my erection to subside, and suddenly realized that it wasn’t going down… it was still as hard as a rock and ready for more…

I raised up off of her and moved up towards her face. I ripped the gag off as fast as I could, and now I could hear her sobs clearly… and they drove me on. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, and as her mouth came open in a scream, I shoved my cock into it.

Her reaction was instant, and she gagged and began to try to scream around it, and I pulled out for a moment. “Suck it, bitch!” I screamed in her face, and then I caught the smile on Everett’s… and shoved back into her mouth again.

Everett pulled harder on her hands. “Suck him, good, you little cunt, and if you eve think about trying to bite him, I’ll rip your fucking head off, you hear me?” he shouted at her. She tried to nod even as she began to gag again, but controlled herself and started to try to suck me.

It was obvious she had no clue what she was doing, and only the thrill of forcing her was keeping me hard by now. After stroking into her mouth for a few moments, I told Everett, “I want her ass, is that okay?”

"Fuck, yes, fuck that ass!” he said, and began helping me roll her over while she tried to fight again. I slapped her again, hard, and Everett said, “No, you gotta let her know you’re serious!” and he doubled up a fist and struck her across her jaw. I thought her jaw would have been broken, but it wasn’t, and she stopped struggling and let us turn her over.

Everett threw me a tube of KY or something, and I lubed her up thickly, and rubbed the rest onto my cock. I pushed it up against her asshole and she whimpered and cried, but didn’t resist until the head of my cock stretched her open, and then she began to writhe and scream.

I’d heard Everett tell one of the men before that there was no way to be gentle in raping the girls anally, so I leaned my weight in and rammed my cock all the way to its base into her ass. The pain must have been incredible for her, because she screamed once, and then flopped unconscious beneath me…which didn’t stop me at all. I continued to pound her ass for several minutes until she began to regain consciousness, and it suddenly dawned on me that she was grinding against me… she was starting to feel the pleasure of it… and I came once again, flooding her ass and feeling my cum ooze out around my still engorged cock.

I backed out, and thought about shoving it back into her mouth, but I looked at Everett and he said that she had had enough for the first time. I grabbed one of the towels that were kept there and cleaned myself and her up as best I could. Everett helped me get her to her feet, staggering like a string-cut puppet, and I took her down to the shower.

Since I was sweaty and dirty other ways, I stripped and got into the shower with her, hooking her hands once more n the hook above the shower head. As I washed her, I saw that I had ripped her open in both ways, in her cunt as well as her ass… this little girl had been tight, and I washed blood from her legs and ass… and damned if I didn’t start getting hard again.

I took her to the cage room and locked her in, and she curled up into a ball on the pad in the cage. I could hear her weeping softly as I left the room, and one of the other girls was trying to whisper to her that it would be alright, that everything would be okay… but you could tell from her voice that she didn’t even believe it herself. That one would be ready to go upstairs soon.

Over the next several days, I got to participate in more than half a dozen such rapes. Girls were coming in almost every night now, and I enjoyed everything we did to them. I did come to the conclusion that rape was not as exciting after the fourth or fifth time, and was relieved to be able to believe that maybe I wouldn’t crave it for the rest of my life.

More than anything, I think I enjoyed the dungeon times. When we took the girl I had raped first to the dungeon for the first time, I was the one to use her in the stocks, and I was the one to whip her and stripe her… and it left me with a love for such things that I’ve never gotten over.

Don came back, and I went back to being groom, and about the same time a big limo showed up to pick up the three little girls. As they were taken away, I wondered why it had not seemed important to me to stop them from being sent to their new owner… and I concluded that they were likely to find a better life, if all I had heard was true, than they were likely to have if they remained in foster care the rest of their childhood lives.

I was in too deep. I had become one of them. I began to think of ways to stay in this life and this job, and even thought about telling Everett how I had come to be there, telling him that we would all be in danger if we stayed in the area much longer. Surely, if I failed to report eventually, the feds running the investigation would figure I was either dead, or had turned… and I was sure that with aircraft and other methods, they could find the house sooner or later. I didn’t think I wanted to be there when it was finally raided… and I didn’t think I wanted to be the one to bring that raid down on it.

I thought about trying to get a new identity, start a new life. Hell, my family wouldn’t miss me, I had little to do with them anyway… why couldn’t I start over and use my knowledge of investigation and such to help keep us all free and in business. I fantasized that I would be praised and promoted and eventually run a house like Everett did…

And then I woke up.

Everett called me out to talk one day, and informed me that our upstairs girls were ready to go… and payday was finally here. With the three little girls, I had made over two hundred thousand dollars since I’d arrived, and once these girls were shipped out, I would actually get my pay and be able to take a week or so off, as Don had just done. As he talked, I thought about how to sue the time to throw the investigation off our trail and start setting up my new identity… but I didn’t think it was time to tell Everett who I was, not just yet.

Everett mentioned that the girls would go out in two groups, a few days apart. This was because they had to be flown out in small, private planes, and larger groups weren’t feasible when you were smuggling human beings out of the country or into another. He ticked off the ones we would be shipping out first, by deive names we all used for them, and I realized that Pam would be in this group, the first girl I had seen all the way through training. She would go with the others to be auctioned off at a well known resort on an island, a secret meeting that took place every few months, which determined which girls were trained well enough to go. Pam was ready, and I felt a tug of emotion at seeing her leave. I mentioned that she was, in my opinion, the prettiest of the girls we had there.

“Yeah,” Everett agreed. “We get some real beauties through here. Sometimes I actually think it’s a real pity they’re gonna be dead in a few months.”

I felt my head swim, but all this time training the girls, I had also been training myself, and I know now that nothing showed in my face. I gave him look that should have said I was merely a bit confused, and he went on.

“Thunder, most of the girls we ship out of here don’t live more than six months or a year after we’re done with ‘em. The guy who likes the little ones, he’s the exception, not the rule. I mean, think about it… these girls, they’re all old enough they remember what we put ’em through… some of ‘em get it I their heads, after they’ve been with a master for a while, that if they can just get word to somebody they can go back to their old lives. So, they’re an expendable commodity. They serve for a while, and then at some point their master gets tired of ‘em, or figures it’s time they move on, and he sells ‘em or gives ‘em to one of his lower guys, who can sue them for a while if he wants, but in return, he ahs to kill ‘em and make sure it can’t be traced back to the master. These girls… they’ll end up feeding crocs or something’. And then their masters come back to us for fresh meat, and we get richer and richer.” He smiled. “Good thing there’s plenty of girls out there.”

I laughed and agreed, but inside I was churning. How could I have let myself forget that I was dealing with murderous monsters who cared nothing about the human lives of these innocent girls? I began to think about how I could get word out to Perrin, or to anyone who could reach him in a hurry… the first batch of girls were to be shipped out in five days, Everett had said, and the second a few days after that. That gave me five days to figure out an answer.

Trouble was, I knew deep in the pit of my stomach that there was absolutely no chance they would let me out of there for even a few minutes, not now, not after this revelation…

I was right.

Five days later, I stood there and watched as eleven girls were loaded into a van and driven away, Pam among them. I silently bid her goodbye, knowing I would never see her again… and knowing that I had been the one to send her to her death.

There were a few other girls in that batch that I had brought in, in fact I think most of them… but Pam had been the one I had come in with, the one I had personally worked and used and cared for… and now I had to let go and know that she was dead, or would be someday soon… and that more girls would be going to the same fate within just a few days… and that there seemed to be no way for me to stop it.

So, as I watched her get into the van, meekly, obediently, I silently swore to her that her life and her death would not be in vain. That I would make the monsters who put her in that position pay, one way or another… even if I had to hunt them down and kill them all myself.

The rest of that day was like any other at the house… we worked the girls, I took care of them, and when I went to bed that night I grabbed two and took them with me, fucked them both and enjoyed it as much as ever… until I thought about Pam. Again, I didn’t let it show, just continued to use the two girls and make them perform for me… but I knew I was back, and I wanted to find a way out before I got sucked back in again. I knew it would happen, if I stayed much longer… that sooner or later, I’d begin to think that it wasn’t so bad that their lives were short… as long as they were happy and enjoying themselves. I didn’t want to fall back in again… I was afraid I might never be able to climb back out.

And then I got the break I’d been hoping for.

After breakfast the following morning, Everett called me to the kitchen and asked if I would mind running into town with Mitch. We needed some groceries and things, and it was time to start showing me how to handle things like that on my own, that soon they would entrust me with such responsibilities as part of my job. I grinned and said it really would be nice to get away for a little while… and Everett laughed and said that when we got back, he would sit down with me and work out my vacation time… he figured that after the second load of girls shipped out day after tomorrow, he could spare me for a week or two, and besides, he said… I had earned a break!

Mitch and I left a few minutes later, and an hour’s ride took us into a town of about three thousand people. We went into a modest supermarket and Mitch told me to grab a cart and follow him. When we finished with the groceries, he said we needed some things from the hardware store, too, as well as some beer, so would I mind going to the liquor store while he hit the hardware? I agreed, and he gave me some money and told me what beer to get.

I immediately looked at the pay phone that hung on the outside of the liquor store… but I had spotted the hardware store directly across the street, and knew that Mitch was probably watching that very second to see if I picked it up. I walked past it without hesitating, and went into the liquor store, gathered up the beer and headed for the counter to check out, all the while trying to think of some way to get a message out. I didn’t dare try to ask the clerk for help… for all I know, this whole town could be in on the operation, for the periodic trips into town to shop often saw hundreds of dollars worth of groceries bought, and other things besides… if this was where the shopping was done, I was amazed that someone wasn’t asking what was going on out in the desert that required so much in the way of supplies.

I paid for the beer and returned to the car, resigned to waiting till my “vacation” to check in and bring the wrath of god down on Everett and company. It meant I could not save another load of girls, the ones we would be shipping out in two days, but at least I could believe that we could stop any more from being sent to their deaths.

Sometimes, when you least expect it, fate smiles on you. She smiled on me as I crossed that street. She smiled in the form of a pickup truck loaded with rowdy, half drunk Mexican laborers who pulled in and parked right next to Mitch’s big LTD Wagon. They all got out and headed for the liquor store, all except the driver, who looked like he might have been all of twelve.

I got into the car, and the Mexican kid was right there next to me, sitting behind the wheel of the old Chevy truck and looking anywhere but at me. And I got an idea.

“Hey, Chico,” I called softly, “tu habla ingles?”

He looked at me briefly and turned away again. “Hey, kid, I’m talkin’ to you…do you speak English?”

He looked at me again and nodded once. “Si, Senor, a leetle…”

I grinned at him. “Good… cause I don’t want to see you get hurt, y’know?”

His eyes got wide and he looked at me squarely. “Hurt, Senor?”

I nodded, glancing at the door of the hardware store. Mitch was just getting to the counter. “Yeah. That guy there, the one buying stuff in there right now? He’s my boss, and he’s a crazy motherfucker… he hates Mexicans, and I don’t want to see you get hurt. If he sees you without all your friends, he might decide to, you know, do somethin’”

The kid looked over his shoulder at the liquor store, then back to me. “He ees a bad man, Senor?”

:Real bad… he just hates Mexicans, all Mexicans… maybe you better move your truck away before he comes out.

The kid considered. “Manuel, he tell me to keep it here, Senor… eef I move it, he be muy mad at me… I cannot move the truck, Senor.”

I sighed… it was working, it just might work all the way! “Then I hope your friends come back soon,” I said, and at that moment I heard the lot of them come out of the liquor store, laughing and at the same time Mitch stepped out of the door in front of the car.

The kid looked scared, and he was looking at the rest of the Mexicans. I guess they saw the look on his face, because they got quieter and moved a bit faster, reaching the truck as Mitch got the back of the wagon.

One of the Mexicans went to the driver’s window and the kid began to whisper to him in furiously fast Spanish. I knew a little Spanish, but could not keep up… but when the older man looked around at me, I caught that the kid protested quickly that I had warned him, that I had made it clear that I didn’t want him to get hurt.

I don’t know if Mitch understood any of it, but I think he didn’t… he was completely oblivious when the Mexicans all began to surround him, and when he realized it, he did a typical Mitch kind of thing… he tried to shove past them.

I got out of the car and made a show of trying to pull him out of the mess, but they were beating the shit out of him, and when the local cop or deputy or whatever he was came roaring up lie he was headed for a bank robbery, the whole thing was so confusing that the decided to take the whole lot of them to jail. He was going to take me too, till the kid told him I was only trying to stop the fight.

Mitch was out cold for most of the arrest, so I followed as they took him to their local excuse for a jail they cuffed him to a bench along with the Mexicans and when I got inside I was allowed to talk to him.

“Oh, shit,” he said, “this ain’t good!”

“Oh, hell,” I said, “relax, I’ll bail you out. After all, they started it I saw it all!”

He shook his head. “No, man, you don’t understand! I got warrants out for me! Big ones! When they run me, there won’t be enough money in the world to bail me out! Can you get back by yourself, with the car?”

I hesitated. It was exactly what I was hoping for, but it suddenly hit me that I didn’t know for sure if I could find the house again. “I think I can, yeah… I think so.”

He nodded. “You’re smart, you’ll find it, but if you get lost, call Ol’ Jack, he can give you directions. Now get the fuck outa here, if they run me while you’re here they’ll hold you too! Go, and tell Everett what happened!”

I left, and got out o town as quickly as I could. I headed back the way we had come, and stopped at the first gas station and almost fell running for the pay phone in the booth at the edge of the lot.

I got through to Perrin. “It’s Bill from Poughkeepsie!” I shouted into the handset.

He didn’t bother with the code phrase. “Jesus, thunder, where the fuck have you been? What’s going on?”

I gave him a rundown of the events I’d seen and described the girls who were shipped out, the ones I could recall of those still there, and where the house was as far as I could remember, and explained that we had to take the house down immediately. He told me to call him back in fifteen minutes, and I hung up, went into the station and bought a coke, my heart racing, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when I got back to the house… but I knew Everett was not going to be happy.

Fifteen minutes passed like an hour and I called back in. Sgt. Perrin was not in a good mood.

“Thunder, I talked to the feds, and they said to go back in and wait. They know about the girls being shipped out, but they said they’re after the bigger fish than the guys there with you… they want you to stay in and try to work up higher, maybe in a few months you can get some names high up in the organization…”

I interrupted him. :No, fuck that… man, I gotta live the rest of my life knowing I sent those girls out to die, knowing I didn’t do a goddam thing to stop it when I could have! Now they want me to have to go through that over and over again? Fuck them! Either you guys come take it down or I’m gonna do it myself!”

:Thunder, all you’ll do is get yourself killed! Feds say the investigation is too important to waste over this small fry…”

:Small fry? I’m not talking about a bust, I’m talking about saving some human lives, you fucking prick! Like I said, I’m taking it down tomorrow night, with you or without you… Now tell the feds to shove that up their ass!” I slammed the phone down and leaned against it to think. I had committed myself… in my heart, I knew that I could not survive letting the next van load of girls leave to go off to their deaths, even if it ended up costing me my life.

I walked back to the car, trying to formulate a plan. I had no weapons, no backup… my only hope was to wait till late tomorrow night, let the fuss over Mitch die down as much as it could, and then try to take the men out one at a time. I’d had some serious training in the military, and knew I could kill with my bare hands if I could get the drop on a man… but some of the men there, including Everett were bigger and stronger than me, so each move had to be silent and deadly. I planned them out as I drove back.

I got back to the house late enough that Everett was beginning to worry, and when I told him that Mitch had been attacked by Mexicans and was in jail, he actually laughed with relief. When I repeated Mitch’s admission that there were warrants… “big ones”, in his words… out for him, though, his face grew dark and he walked away.

I was probably lucky that there was not a telephone at the house, because by now it was likely Mitch knew that I had instigated the attack. If he had a way to get that information to Everett, I was not likely to live much longer. I wondered if Mitch would call Jack, but doubted it… he would have known better than to establish any links between himself and anyone else in the operation. Odds on I was safe, at least for the next couple of days.

Everett called me back into his office and grilled me for a while, wanting me to repeat the story over and over. Finally he decided that Mitch wouldn’t sell us out, and we were probably safe where we were… but just in case, he decided to break out some “supplies”, and he unlocked a trunk and showed me a dozen M-16’s,and numerous pistols and boxes of ammunition. He handed me a rifle and said he was sure I knew how to sue it, and I grinned as wickedly as I could and thanked fate on more time. Between us, we loaded all of the weapons, and everyone who worked there was given a gun and spare clips… “Just in case”, Everett said.

Counting Marsha… who also now carried a loaded pistol… there were eight who worked there full time. I’ve mentioned Don and Mitch most because I dealt with them the most, but there were three other men, named Roy, Joe and Friedrich, a German guy. Only Don and Everett really worried me… Don had been Special Forces in Nam before I was there, and Everett was a big scary motherfucker who could easily break me in two, I figured. I reformulated my plans to include the weapons, and felt little regret that I would probably have to kill Marsha, too, before it was over.

I did my best to continue to act like one of them the rest of that day, and even drank a beer with Everett before turning in. On my way to my room, I stopped in the dorm and avoided looking at Pam’s spot. There was a pretty little blonde who had just come upstairs a few days before, and I unlocked her and took her to my room.

I put the rifle against the wall, and told her that if she touched it I’d kill her. Her eyes got wide, and she said, “Master, this girl is not going to touch it…” I told her she was a good girl, and got undressed and lay down in the bed, then ordered her to get in beside me.

I took her in my arms and pulled her close, kissed her like a lover would, and then looked at her face, really looked at it. This girl was sixteen, maybe only fifteen, and she had just kissed me better than any woman I’d ever known. She smiled tentatively, and I smiled back, then took hold of her hair and shoved her face down to my cock. She wrapped her small hand around it and began stroking and kissing it, then spit saliva onto it and slipped her mouth onto the head, her tongue working around it like the professional cocksucker we had trained her to be. The sensations were as awesome as ever, and I realized that I was still enjoying the power of making a slave girl give me pleasure. Her mouth was moving slowly, sensually around the head of my cock, her tongue caressing it and teasing it, her hand stroking it… but the greatest pleasure was knowing that she was doing it because she was a slave.

I looked at her body, she was small, about 5’3”, and weighed maybe 95 pounds. Her tits were maybe a c cup, and very pretty with small pink nipples. I turned her a bit so I could see and reach her ass and pussy, and slipped a finger in to tease her lips. She was wet, and so I pushed into her cunt with two fingers and found her spot. She moaned with pleasure as I finger-fucked her.

I liked that… I enjoyed giving the slave some pleasure of her own… so I pulled her off my cock and turned her to get on top of me, sliding my cock into her warm, tight cunt, fucking her from below and watching her face as I did, letting myself realize once again that I was, as far as law was concerned, molesting a child… and would never be touched for it.

But this wasn’t a child that was riding my cock, it was a slave. And that was such a turn on that I almost ripped her apart, grabbing her hips and pulling her young cunt down hard onto my cock… and she loved every second of it!

I flipped her onto her back without coming out of her, and let my weight fall onto her body, ramming myself into her as hard as I could. She gave as good as she got, fucking me with every ounce of her lithe little cheerleader body, and when I finally came inside her, she came as well, screaming and biting the back of her hand to try to stifle it.

I lay on her for a few moments and then rolled off to lay beside her. She was panting as hard as I was, and cuddling close for a moment, then moved and slid down me to take my softening cock into her mouth again. She suckled it, not hard, just lovingly, and licked around it until I was clean, then moved back up beside me.

“Is Master pleased?” she asked me.

In answer I kissed her and smiled, and she radiated pleasure with her entire being.

Yes, she was a slave. And I knew that even if she went home after all this, she always would be a slave now, always need to please someone, and would probably be destroyed by the counseling they would give her to try to “cure” her. I think that was when I began to understand the nature of women, that any woman, no matter how strong, will submit to a man she finds strong enough to compel her respect and fear and desire. I’ve seen that proven time after time in my own life, and even in various stories of kidnap victims and hostage s… they come to love their captors, because they fear the power the captor ahs over them and respect it in some way.

I cuddled her for a bit then took her back to the dorm and locked her down and went back to bed. I slept fitfully that night… I think I knew that the next day would be one of the most important days of my life.

Morning came and I started the day like every other there, getting the girls fed and showered and ready for their training sessions. Everett told me which ones he wanted brought up from the basement, and down from the dorm, and the day seemed like every other since I’d arrived there… except for that nagging feeling in my gut that when the time came to execute my plan, I might not have the guts to go through with it.

I was afraid. And not just for myself, but also for the girls… if I failed or got killed, there was no one else to help them. I was it. I didn’t really expect any help to come… it was all up to me, and I just didn’t know if I had the balls to pull it off.

Lunch time came, and then dinner, and before I knew it all the girls were bedded down. Everett was in his office, doing whatever paperwork he did for the business, everyone else was either watching reading or in or getting ready for bed… and I decided that it was now or never.

In the army, Uncle Sam had decided that I was a good enough shot that they sent me to sniper school, and I spent a short tour of duty in Cambodia as a Provincial Recon Sniper, so the M-26 Everett had given me was like an old friend… so my plan was to take him and the other men on the main floor out first, then work my way through the rest. Once they were all dead, I’d leave one girl in charge while I took a car and went for help.

I had kept the rifle close to me throughout the day, even when moving the girls around. They all stared at the guns, but the longer the day went on with no excitement, the more everyone seemed to calm down, even Everett. I was in the living room, and Don and Roy and another man were there. I got up off the couch and was about to begin my move when I heard it…


Instantly, the others were on their feet, guns in hand, and went running for Everett, with me hot on their tails. Everett was also armed, and carefully trying to look out a window as we entered the office. He turned to look at us and yelled, “Get fuckin’ down, you idiots! Don and Joe, cover the front of the house, Roy and Thunder, get the back… Where the fuck is Friedrich? Friedrich! Get your fuckin’ ass down here, we got cops!” He turned back to the window.

The others ran to do as he told them, but I stayed put and stepped closer to him. “Everett,” I said.

Without looking around, he snarled, “Thunder, I told you what to do, why are you still here?”

I braced myself. “Everett, my name is Richard Hollis, and I am a special undercover agent with the Montauk County Sheriff’s Office, on special detachment to the FBI. You are under arrest.”

He froze, then slowly turned his head enough to see me out of the corner of his eye. My rifle was aimed at his head.

“Put the gun down, Everett, it’s all over.”

He looked at me for a moment, then dropped his gaze to the floor. His right hand, holding a Colt .45, began to move slowly towards the carpet, and I thought that maybe this was going to go easy.

Yeah, right.

He lunged backwards from his crouch, swinging the gun up and firing blindly in my direction, the bullet whined past my ear and I ducked out of instinct… but that instinct also made me realize instantly that my gun was no longer aimed at him, so instead of firing, I swung the butt of the rifle around as hard as I could and connected with his chin just as his free hand got a grip on my shirt. He went down, and I kicked his pistol away, suddenly aware that I was hearing more gunfire from the other areas of the house. The other men, hearing Everett’s shot at me, had thought the feds had opened fire, and began shooting wild into the darkness. I heard some answering bursts of automatic weapons fire, and the gun at the back of the house, where Roy was probably wondering why I wasn’t backing him up, went quiet. A moment later, I heard the door crash in, and within seconds there were enough armed men flooding the place that all of the crew lay their guns down and surrendered with no further resistance.

Sgt. Perrin came in with the rest, and when they saw me, he let the feds know I was the UC, and walked over to where I was still watching Everett moan and clutch his jaw. Without a word, he handed me a pair of handcuffs, and I made the formal arrest of Everett Bays.


The cleanup operation lasted through the night and the next day. Roy was the only casualty, suffering four gunshot wounds, but he was in no danger of dying, so a medic patched him up and sedated him and he was carted off in an ambulance.

I spent most of the time being debriefed, and downplaying just how much sexual involvement I had had with the girls…and not one of them would point a finger at me. The newest girls talked about all that the others had done to them, but they considered me the nice one, the one that took care of them… and the longer-term girls were so well conditioned to protect their masters that they would not even admit that they’d been touched by anyone at all.

I needn’t have bothered… I was reminded a dozen times that I was immune from any prosecution for acts committed in deep cover, part of some act of congress covering investigations into international crimes…

But it didn’t make me feel less guilty over Pam and the girls with her in that van.

I was told that agents ahd gone after Jack and Wildfeather a few hours earlier. Jack surrenderedwithout a fight, but Wildfeather had tried to shoot his way out, with a dozen cops and federal agents surrounding him at a convenience store. He'd never approach another girl, and I felt a satisfaction that he was dead.

I learned later that the Foster Care home had been investigated also, and three of their top staff were indicted for falsifying records to hide the fact that kids disappeared at times. New managers were put in place, and the state increased their funding to provide more staff and security.

All of the staff had taken plea bargains, all of them being sentenced to life terms, with varying degrees of parole possibilities. Since under state and federal law, they could have been sentenced to death, I figured it was the best deal they could hope for. I regretted not getting to testify against them, but was glad I would not have my own actions at the house exposed to the news media.

Four days later, after going home and taking two days off to rest, I reported to Sgt. Perrin and was ordered to psychiatric counseling to help me deal with the things I’d seen and done. That lasted about a month before the dept shrink decided that I was as sane as I was ever going to be, and released me. I went back to tracking runaways and tried to forget about Pam.

I moved on with life, met a couple of nice girls and dated… but after the first couple of dates, I would begin to get forceful, and then demanding and cruel at times. I went through girlfriends like a pimp goes through hookers for about five months, and began to wonder if I’d ever be happy with a woman again without beating and forcing her.

And then one day, out of the clear blue sky, one of the agents who had run the operation showed up at Perrin’s office, and I was called in, When I entered, I thought that perhaps they had decided that I had crossed the line with some of the girls, especially the young ones… but that wasn’t the reason for the visit.

One girl who had shipped out as a slave had turned up in Acapulco. She had escaped her Master when she somehow learned that he was going to kill her, and had made her way through sixty miles of jungle before she stumbled into the resort town and was taken by their police to our embassy there. It had been suggested that I be the one to fly down and escort her back here to the States and home.

Her name was Pam, and when she was brought out of the embassy and released to me, she ran into my arms, sobbing, “Oh, Master, thank you for coming!”

After I took her home, life got a little better. I met another girl and liked her, and she didn’t seem too scared of my domineering ways at first, but I guess she told her mother and before I knew it I was under a Peace Bond, an Order of Protection to keep me away from her, and she was in therapy with a lady shrink in Phoenix. Again, I moved on, quitting my job and starting a motorcycle shop with a friend.

A few weeks later, that lady psychiatrist called me, asked me to come and meet with her, in order to help her deal with the “trauma” I had caused that “poor girl”. I agreed, and we met the following weekend, over dinner.

I had gotten permission to tell the psychiatrist, whose name was Patricia, the whole story, and she listened, amazed, to all of it, even the parts about the young girls. She asked many questions as we ate, and when the restaurant began to show signs of closing she asked me to come to her house so we could continue to talk, and I agreed.

Patricia explained to me that the things I was feeling and needing in controlling women were obviously the result of my altered perception of the natural roles of male and females in society, and that if I chose to continue this way, then I was going to have problems… unless I made a few changes.

She was the first person to ever mention the words “Consensual Enslavement” or "Dominance and Submission" to me, and I drank it all in. To learn that not only was I not a freak now, but that there were many, many people like me, and many girls who wanted exactly what I wanted to give them… the relief was almost as great as when I saw Pam alive and safe. I asked her to explain it all to me, and she brought out some books on the subject, told me about some of her patients who were into the lifestyle. I borrowed a couple of books from her and said goodnight, and was about to leave when I realized that she was trembling ever so slightly.

It was the same tremble each of the girls got when they realized they were going to be used… when they knew it was going to happen because we were the stronger, the Dominant ones, we men. It was the same tremble I had sensed a hundred times in girls I had not yet had, who saw me coming and wondered if I was coming for them this time, knowing that if I did, they would do all they could to please me.

I reached out and took hold of Patricia’s hair and pulled her face to mine for a kiss. She made a token resistance, and then melted and submitted to me.

I put a collar on her a month later and kept her for a year before moving on to find another girl to train, I've never had trouble finding them... they know Me when they meet Me, and they tremble... and then they're Mine.

After all… I AM a slave trainer.

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