How can a 14 yr.old girl get to you so easy?
WOW!!! Early retirement this is great plenty of time to play golf and fish.
The first week my daughter calls they want to go on a second honeymoon and want me to sit with Amanda. Now I don't know this girl very well and they were living across country until a year ago, but what can I say,but yes.
I put a few things in a bag on Friday and head over to their house. I get there about 10:00 am and they are ready to go.
"Where is the girl" I ask?
" In school she will be home at 3:30 " they say as they walk out .
Shit this just what I need a weekend with a teenager, I must be nuts.
The door flies open and in she comes " Where's Mom and Dad?" she questions me.
" They left and I am to watch you for the weekend. Didn't they tell you? I ask.
" I don't need a baby sitter,you know "she replied.
" Good because I don't need a baby at this stage in my life" I answered.
Without answering me she walks into her room and closes the door, great here comes the loud music. I wait,but all is quiet.
At 5:00 I ask if she wants to go out for pizza,there is know answer so I knock on her door. She yells "what do you want?"
" Do you want to go for pizza? I say again.
" Sure,let me get dressed and i'll be ready to go"she replys.
She comes out of her room after about 20 minutes,this is the first time I have realy taken a good look at her. She stands about 5'2" tall with long blond hair,she has on makeup, a tube top that flatens out her small bust, her legs are beautifully shaped and her ass is just as round and firm as any I have ever seen.
She knows I am checking her out so she laughts and says " I will tell people you are my sugar daddy."
" That's not funny,little girl" I reply.
We go to a pizza place where she knows everyone and does the intro's. Her friends seen real nice and we eat and have a good time. To make me feel like one of the croud they all say I don't look old enought to be her Grandfather,but I do look like I could be her sugar daddy.
We leave for the house at 8:30 and I think I am ready to call it a day,but Amanda wants to watch one show ot the tv so we sit in the living room and watch.
At the end of the show she says " it wasn't as good tonight as usual, I'm going to take a shower."
I go to my room and put on PJ bottoms and no shirt as I walk into the hall just as Amanda comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her midsection.
I can see the bottom half of her ass and it is just as beautiful as I had imagined, as she enters her room she drops the towel my mouth drops open as I now have a full view of the back of her body. She reachs for her nightgown and pulls it over her head letting drop down her body to just above her knees.
I can not break my stare my eyes are glued to her body.
She turns and says" Gramps,were looking as my ass? You dirty old man,you."
I walk into the bathroom I want to flush myself down the toilet,but some cold water in my face and I feel like I just woke up from a dream. I hope she is not in the hall when I come out I head right for my room and don't look her way. Once in my room I pull the covers back and lay on the cool sheets the imagine of her body is still in my mind and cock is half hard.
I jump as the door opens all the way and Amanda walks into the room. "Can we talk" she asks.
"Sure,what about?"I ask.
" Mom" she says " Tell me all about her as a girl,she won't tell me anything."
I start tell her the story of her Mom's life up until she meet her Dad.
Slowly Amanda has moved one leg over me and now is climbing up and straddling my mifsection. I know she can feel my cock between her legs it is not hard but it is still there. I place one hand on her waist looking to see if she has panties on I feel them and I am relived, as I don't want her bare pussy on me the temptation would be to great for me to stand.
She contuines to talk and as she does she is moving the lower half of her body up and down my cock that has grown quite hard. She has a look on her face that tells me she knows what she is doing. I am finding it hard to believe that this little girl would want me to fuck her.
Just as fast as she came into the room she got up and left,as I lay here I put my hand on my cock and my PJ's are all wet in the front I squeeze my prick and some pre-cum is on it, but I am to wet for it just to be me. I get up and go into the hall her door is closed I go into the bath room as I stand there pissing I see her panties behind the toilet when I finish I reach down and pick them up they are wetter that I am.
I start asking myself did she cum on me ? How hot was she? Do I want to go into her room and fuck her? NO


2009-02-10 09:39:52
This has to be the lamest story I have ever read! It seems this story was written for people with A.D.D. I'm not one of them. The premise was interesting, but you blew it right after he gets to the house. Give me a break. This will be the last story of yours I read.

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more !


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wow, that was retarded


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