Chapter 23

“How do I look, Kenny?” Dannie asked as she rushed into the kitchen where her brother was snacks ready for their expected company.

“You look like a little slut who’s hungry for new cock,” Ken said glancing up from the bowl of pretzels to look at the skimpy halter top and short shorts. His sister’s shorts were so tight that he could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. Not only that, he could see the wet spot in the crotch of her tan shorts where they outlined her pussy lips.

“Good,” Dannie said as she reached under the sides of her halter top and squeezed her tits until her nipples poked out against the red fabric covering her small breasts. “That’s just the kind of impression I want to give Jimmy when he arrives with Kathy.”

“Tired of me already?” Ken chuckled as he reached into the fridge to get some sodas. Like his little sister he was dressed to make an impression, but in his case he wasn’t wearing a shirt and tanned skin of his hairless chest and his shorts were so baggy that the tip of his semi-erect cock stuck out through one of the legs.

“I’ll never get tired of you and your cock Kenny,” Dannie said, giving her brother a big smile as she grabbed two of the snack bowls and headed for the living room. “But after camp I realize that I do like a little variety in my fuck partners. What about you? Are you looking forward to fucking Kathy?”

“Hell yes,” Ken said as he followed Dannie with the rest of the snacks, “I thought I’d be satisfied fucking you and Mary, but now that I have a chance to fuck another girl I’m really looking forward to it. Are you sure that doesn’t bother you?”

“The idea of you fucking another girl does bother me,” Dannie admitted, “probably as much as it bothers you when you think about me fucking another guy. But if you’re willing to let Mary and me fuck other guys than I’m willing to let you fuck other girls. Especially when the girl is a friend - like Kathy.”

“Well,” Ken said as he scratched the hair at the back of his neck, “in that case I guess we understand each other. Were this horny the first time you knew you were going to fuck someone else?”

“First time, last time, every time,” Dannie sighed. “It doesn’t matter who I’m going to fuck I always get horny, but no one gets me hornier than you big brother.”

“Thanks Dannie,” Ken said as he hugged his sister from behind and brought his hands up to play with her tits through her halter top. “You don’t have to salve my ego you know, especially now when I know what it’s like to think about fucking someone new.”

“I’m glad we settled that,” Dannie said, turning her head to give Kenny a quick kiss, “because I think I just saw a car pull into the driveway. I think they’re here.”

Even as Dannie spoke the doorbell rang and Ken and Dannie both headed for the front door. “Let me get the door sis,” Ken said as he got to the door just ahead of her. “If it turns out to be a door to door salesman we don’t want to give them a heart attack when they see you in that fuck me now outfit.”

“You’re not much better than me, Ken,” Dannie pointed out as she moved out of sight of the door. “You better put your cock out of sight before you open that door.”

“Good point,” Ken said as he adjusted his shorts before he opened the front door.

“Hi, may I help you?” Ken asked as he raised his head to look at the ginger headed teenager on the other side of the door.

“Hi, I’m Jim Evanston. I believe you’re expecting me and my sister Kathy.” As he spoke the older boy pushed his younger sister forward so Ken could get a good look at the girl. Like Dannie the red head was dressed in a halter top and skin tight shorts that revealed more than they hid - including the sexy little bump of her pregnant belly.

“Yes we are,” Ken said, moving aside so the other two could step into the room before he closed the door behind them.

“Kathy,” Dannie cried as she threw herself into her friend’s arms and the two of them hugged and kissed each other. “I swear, you’re bigger than I am now,” the blond girl said as she stepped back from her friend and reached out to pat her belly.

“Well that’s what happens when one girl’s carrying twins and the other one only has a single baby in her belly,” Kathy said as she patted Dannie’s belly in turn.

“Are you getting as turned on as I am?” Jim asked Ken as the two of them watched their sisters.

“Fuck yes,” Ken said as he reached down to stroke his hardening cock. “Are you sure you don’t mind me fucking your sister?”

“Only if you mind me fucking yours,” Jim said. “And watching those two go at each other makes me so horny I don’t care if you do mind.”

“Good point,” Ken said as he pushed his shorts over his erection and down to the floor as Jim removed his own clothes almost as quickly. As fast as the two boys were in stripping down to their birthday suits the two girls were even faster and by the time Ken and Jim were ready to fuck the two girls were already naked and stretched out on the floor with Dannie on the bottom and Kathy on top as they ate each others pussies with obvious relish.

“Hi Kathy,” Ken said as he knelt behind the redhead and stroked her bare ass as he watched Dannie eat the other girls cunt. “Do you mind if I fuck you?”

“Hell no,” Kathy said as she pulled her mouth away from Dannie’s slit for a second. “That’s what I came here for - that and the chance to see Dannie again. So fuck me already.”

“What are you waiting for Jim?” Dannie asked as she took her mouth away from Kathy’s red furred cunt to make room for her brother’s cock to slide into the other girl’s slit. “My pussy is hungry for fresh prick.”

“Good,” Jim said as he pulled his cock away from his sister’s slurping mouth and tongue and aimed it at Dannie’s bald slit, “because I’m hungry for fresh cunt.” With one quick thrust Jim slammed the full length of his seven inch cock into Dannie’s tight wet pussy until his pubic hair tickled her clit and his cum filled balls bounced off her tight ass.

“So Jim,” Ken grunted as he enjoyed his first fuck with a girl he wasn’t related to, “did you fuck any girls before you started fucking your sister?”

“Yeah,” Jim groaned as he slid his shaft in and out of Dannie’s pussy while his redheaded sister ran her tongue across the top of his cock with every thrust. “I managed to fuck a couple of the girls I dated before I started fucking Kathy, but both of them insisted that I wear a condom when I fucked them. I guess that’s why I didn’t believe Kathy when she kept begging me to fuck her without a condom and insisted that she wanted to have a baby. After she left for camp dad and I really started talking about it and realized that both of us really wanted to fuck her bareback and knock her up, but I thought dad would object, and he thought I would object. By the time Kathy was gone for a week we both realized that we’d missed a great chance to knock her up and we decided to do it as soon as soon as she got home.”

“So was it just chance that you ended up fucking her first when Kathy got home?” Dannie asked as she wrapped her legs around Jim’s ass to hold him tight against her cunt as they fucked.

“No,” Jim chuckled through gritted teeth as he tried to hold his orgasm off until Dannie had hers first. “Dad and I kept trying different kinds of contests to see who would get the first chance at Kathy when she got home but I managed to win the last game the morning Kathy got back from camp so I was the first one to fuck her. Do you have any idea how disappointed dad and I were when we found out Kathy was already pregnant?”

“Well it’s your own fault for not knocking me up before I left for camp,” Kathy snapped between groans of pleasure as Ken kept slamming his cock in and out of her pussy, rubbing the shaft across her clit with every stroke.

“Dad and I know that now,” Jim grunted through clenched teeth, trying to hold back his orgasm as Dannie’s cunt walls gripped his prick like a vise and his sister ran her tongue along the top of his shaft. “And we’ve come to realize that you did what you thought you had to to get yourself knocked up. But your next two babies better be ours.”

“Oh yeah,” Kathy moaned as Ken rotated his hips with the tip of his cock seated firmly against her cervix. Her voice became more serious as she said, “I promise Jim, all I ever wanted was for you or dad to knock me up, so I promise, the next two babies will be yours and dads. But the two of you will have to decide who’s first and who’s second.”

“At least Mary and I don’t have your problem,” Dannie chuckled as Jim’s cock quivered in her pussy as the older boy picked up his pace as he prepared to shoot a load of baby juice deep in her fuck tunnel. “We only have one guy we want to knock us up - at least for now.”

“I’m going to cum,” Ken panted as he slammed his prick into Kathy’s red furred cunt so fast his sister wasn’t able to run her tongue along the bottom of the shaft. Even as Ken thrust his cock into Kathy’s slit one last time and held it deep in her fuck hole Kathy and Dannie both screamed in unison as their bodies jerked in their simultaneous orgasms.

“Let’s make it a four way,” Ken shouted as his balls jumped and he shot his load deep into Kathy’s tight slit.

“I swear Kathy, you’re obviously bigger than I am already,” Dannie said as she and Kathy sat next to each other on the floor and compared their bellies. “I mean, I know you’re carrying twins, but I’m still a month further along.”

“I know,” Kathy said as she patted her growing belly with one hand as she sipped the soda in her other hand. “The twins made my belly big enough that dad and Jim realized I was pregnant even before I said anything.”

“She’s got that right,” Jim said with a weak grin after he swallowed a mouthful of chips. “I’m not sure which one of us realized it first but we knew Kathy was pregnant when we saw that her super flat belly had that sexy little bump. At first we thought one of us had managed to knock her up by accident before she left for camp, but when she told us she was carrying twins we made her tell us the whole story. You have no idea how jealous I was of Ben and George when she told us about how the two of them tried to knock her up at the same time.”

“I can imagine,” Ken said with a grin. “If I didn’t know that Dannie and Mary were both pregnant with my babies before they met the guys at camp I would have been jealous too. Hell, I’m jealous even though I know I’m the one who knocked up Mary and Dannie, but I know horny a girl gets when she’s pregnant so I can’t blame them for fucking other guys when I’m not available.”

“I’m glad you look at it that way, Kenny,” Dannie told her brother, “because right now I’m horny enough to fuck both you and Jim at the same time.”

“Hey, I’m the one with twins in my belly,” Kathy said, “that means I’m twice as horny as you are.”

“I guess that means Jim and I will have to decide who we fuck,” Kenny said with a laugh. “And I still like the idea of fucking a new cunt so I guess I’ll fuck Kathy.”

“And I’ll fuck Dannie again,” Jim said, giving the curly haired blond a sexy grin as he shifted closer to her.

“Sounds good to me,” Dannie said as she opened her thighs so Jim could crawl between them. “But we better hurry up so we have time to clean up before you guys leave and our dad gets home from work.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jim promised as he placed the tip of his rock hard prick against Dannie’s wet slit.

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