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Paintball war can be fun if your nude and into a little pain.
Fbailey story number 202

Nude Paintball Target

That Monday at work when Charlotte asked me why I was walking funny I told her that I was sore all over. She asked me what I had been doing so I told her that I had played paintball all weekend. Finally I just took her into the lady’s room and took off my loose fitting dress. I didn’t have any underwear on either. Charlotte saw the big black and blue bruises on my tits, pussy, and my inner thighs. She said that they looked gross but at the time it seemed to excite her.

That was when I decided to tell her more and ask her if she would like to join my group. It isn’t easy to find another woman that enjoys a little bit of pain and is willing to let the guys inflect it. My husband and I managed to find three other couples with wives that were willing to be “Nude Paintball Targets.”

So I put my dress back on and told Charlotte about the nude paintball fights on Saturday where we four women lost five games out of seven. I told her that we always loose but that winning two games was actually pretty good for us. I told her about the setup that we had up in our woods and that there were a variety of different scenarios that we play out like cowboys and Indians, bank robbers and posse, and saloon girls and gamblers.

I then told her that since the women lost on Saturday that on Sunday we became “Nude Paintball Targets” for the firing squad. I got to put on a face shield while the four guys got to see who could hit closest to my nipples and some time later closest to my pussy mound. Then the last thing was for me to lie back on a table, spread my legs wide, and let them shoot for my love hole. That was how I had gotten the bruises on my inner thighs. I told her that the guys put a little dab of K-Y Jelly in the end of their barrel and that once in a while they actually manage to hit the hole. It has happened to me twice already.

Before the end of work Charlotte was begging me to let her join but that she didn’t want her husband to know about it. She then told me that she was separated and had filed for divorce. I asked her what if he sees her bruises and she told me that he was never going to see her naked ever again. I chuckled and so did Charlotte.

That night I invited her home to meet my husband, walk out in the woods, and shoot one of the guns. I had Charlotte leave her car at work and then we stopped by to pick up Chinese on our way. My husband was delighted to see Charlotte.

Charlotte is thirty-five years old while I am thirty-six. She has dirty blonde dyed hair while I have natural light brown hair. We are about the same height and weight but she wears a 36-D bra while I wear a 36-C bra. She also had some short hair on her pussy while I shave mine bald.

After we finished eating my husband had us get undressed for a walk in the woods. He got undressed too but only after he checked out Charlotte’s naked body pretty well. He showed her how to load the paintballs, the CO2 cartridges, and how to shoot it. We put on some good goggles and headed out.

Charlotte enjoyed walking around nude and said that years ago she and her husband had tried a nudist camp but that he was too jealous of the other guys staring at her to ever take her back again.

We would stop and shoot at a tree occasionally just for practice. We showed her around and she liked it. Then she suggested that we play one game of guy against girls. My husband was all for it and I was sure that Charlotte just wanted a taste of what she was getting into. So let the game begin.

Charlotte followed me as I went off to the right while my husband went off to the left. We were crouching down and sneaking around when all of a sudden Charlotte got hit right in her asshole. When she screamed out in pain and whipped around my husband shot her in the right nipple too. I put up my hands to surrender but I knew it was a mistake. I got hit square in the left nipple and it hurt. Charlotte could not believe that my husband had sent a paintball right up her rectum. He told her that he had aimed at her pussy but missed. However with two direct nipple shots she found his excuse to be pretty feeble.

I asked her how badly that ball up her butt had hurt. Charlotte said that it reminded her of natural childbirth. She then told us that her soon to be ex-husband was not only an asshole himself but that he liked to fuck her asshole any chance that he got and he wasn’t gentle about it either.

Charlotte told my husband that if he would let her shot him in the ass that he and his three friends could use her as a “Nude Paintball Target.” He smiled and turned around. Then I smiled as Charlotte squatted down, aimed carefully, and shot my husband right in the balls. They were loose and they had been hanging down between his legs all evening so she shot them. My husband immediately dropped to his knees holding his balls as he rolled over onto his side in pain. He couldn’t breathe let alone complain about it. We laughed our asses off. Charlotte told him that his shot up her rectum hurt almost that bad. I told him that those shots up my pussy hurt almost that bad too.

We helped him up to his feet and then together we helped him back to the house. He called our friends and told them to come over and initiate our new “Nude Paintball Target.”

Charlotte was a good sport. She even let us girls shoot at her too. Round one was everyone shooting at her nipples. My husband got her other nipple, the men hit her breasts, and us women managed to hit her belly, her shoulder, and right below each breast. We had a couple of beers and then shot at her pussy with her standing up. She was hit twice on her mound, twice on her belly, and four times on her legs. Two more beers and Charlotte got up on the table, opened up her legs, and said that if anyone got a hole in one that they could fuck her too. Then as an after thought she reminded everyone that she still had a ball up her ass. The men came very close to her pussy, the other women hit her inner thighs, and I shot one right into her pussy.

After the shock wore off and the guys had finished congratulating me I claimed my right to fuck her. Then I offered to share my prize with the other girls. We sent the guys home and had them take my husband with them.

We girls had some more beers and then I gave Charlotte a nice douche and an enema to clean her out. Next we all tried to fit in my bathtub shower and it was close but it was fun too. Then we all got onto my queen-size waterbed. Charlotte and I got into a very nice sixty-nine and then I watched as the other girls took her on too. Charlotte really liked it and felt like she had made the right decision.

We set the alarm so that we could all get home and change in time to get to work the next day. I got cheated out of morning sex with Charlotte but she promised to make it up to me. At work we both wore loose dresses, no underwear, and walked funny. At noon I looked at Charlotte’s bruises and they had darkened up nicely. Even though they hurt Charlotte said that she loved being accepted into our paintball group and that she was already looking forward to Saturday. Then she suggested that we five women should practice more to get better at it. She said that we didn’t have to win as long as we enjoyed the pain but that we should be able to win three games out of seven at least. Then Charlotte asked me if I would let my husband fuck her. I reminded her that she had shot him in the balls and that he might be out of commission for another week. She said that she could wait but that if he saw enough girl on girl action that he would get it up a lot quicker. So I invited Charlotte to spend a few nights with us in my bed. She suggested that if things work out well that maybe she could just move in with us.

That night we carefully and gently made love while my husband watched us. I had made out with the other women many times to tease our men and excite them but making love to Charlotte was different. It was more romantic and loving. I started to realize that I liked licking her pussy juice and her throbbing clit until she orgasmed. I liked what she did to me too. I wondered if I was becoming a lesbian.

After an hour of making love my husband went to get us some beer. While he was gone Charlotte told me that I was the reason her marriage had ended. What? Yes, the more cruel her husband was to her the more her mind turned to making love to me. I was her only mental outlet. She thought of me as beautiful, kind, and loving. The more she fell out of love with her husband the more she fell in love with me. I told her that I was flattered but that I loved my husband very much. Charlotte said that she knew that and that too was why she loved me so much.

When my husband returned with the beers Charlotte told him that she was in love with me and asked him if he would mind sharing me with her. He started to laugh and say something funny when she stopped him. She told him that she was dead serious. She told him that he could fuck either of us anytime that he wanted too, that the other three men could fuck her all that they wanted to too, and that she would be his “Nude Paintball Target” any time that he wanted her to be.

That night he fell asleep with his cock in her mouth. I fell asleep with her fingers in my pussy. In the morning Charlotte served us breakfast in bed and said that if we let her move in with us that all of her income could go toward the purchase of more paintball guns, ammunition, and CO2 cartridges. I knew he had made up his mind when he fell asleep in her mouth but he certainly liked the offer.

He surprised us both when he made love to Charlotte before we all headed out to work. We wore our bras and panties with blouses and short skirts. Charlotte didn’t even clean herself up she just pulled on a pair of white cotton panties to soak it up. She wanted to remember his fuck for the whole day. That day at work he called both of us just to tell us that he loved us. He sent us flowers too.

Charlotte was now in love with both of us.

The End
Nude Paintball Target
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