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A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England
When her guests had finished their refreshments, Alice escorted them back down to the dungeon, for more entertainments. The light in the dungeon, seemed much dimmer as they took their seats and there was much curiosity about the device, which had now been placed in the centre of the stage.

“Let the entertainments commence,” Alice ordered, a sly smile on her face.

A very nervous little girl was led onto the stage, still wearing her costume from the party. Standing beside the girl Alice Marchant was tall, elegant and an austere figure who towered over the child.

“This is Sarah, who is twelve years old,” Alice announced.

Jenny Richards recognised her as the little girl who had been made to give her pleasure at the party. Alice remembered just how exhausted little Sally became during sexual activity; so she decided to make her swallow some of the special lemonade.

Concocted by James Jones, the special lemonade contained two drugs; the first to ensure the children’s cooperation and the second to build up the stamina needed for them to endure prolonged and rough sexual activity.

“Prepare her!” Alice said, gesturing to Miss Bolton the matron.

Rebecca offered Sarah the drink, but at first she refused. However, a few hard smacks with her trusty strap across the child’s thighs eventually persuaded her to drink it.

Alice smiled, looking around her, unwilling to start the torture of this pretty little girl until all the spectators were seated.

The ladders had been removed and a device called “The Tower” had been placed in the centre of the stage. The device; was a solid column of wood, six feet tall, with restraints hanging from the top.

A porcelain cock was attached to a brass slide, allowing it to be adjusted to the required height and then locked into place. The cock was curved, much like that of a banana and protruded a full five inches from the solid wooden column, three quarters of its surface smooth, the last quarter around its broad base, rough.

The child stared at it, her eyes large and round. Alice drew her over to the tower, measuring her little body against it and adjusted the cock to its most effective height. Relieved when it looked too high for her to mount, she started to giggle, half with relief, half with sheer nervousness.

Max watched Alice stroke the little girl’s face and smiled. The scene was so innocent, yet the woman’s fingers were expertly undoing the child’s costume, loosening it first, then drawing it off her until she stood naked. He couldn’t believe how lovely she looked, so innocent, so young, her skin so pale, so smooth and completely unmarked. He wished he were her master, kneeling beside the child, pinching her nipples and bottom one moment, then sliding his fingers into her sweet little cunt and anus the next.

The girl was young, but there was no denying her sexuality, not with a cute labia like that, so rich and thick, so ready to open at the least touch and expose the little finger of her clitoris to new pleasures.

The drugged lemonade had taken full effect by the time Alice was ready to draw the little girl to the waiting Tower. Unable to concentrate, the girl went where she was led, letting her limbs be moved, her arms lifted and tied, her little body drawn up until she felt stretched.

Max almost stopped breathing as her slender thighs were drawn wide apart and the greased porcelain cock, placed at the entrance of her cunt. One more adjustment and it was parting her lips, slipping into a tender cunt that he hoped would be virginal, but sensed wouldn’t be.

The audience groaned along with him, watching as the child slid carefully down onto the cock, enjoying her screams as a full four inches of the smooth surface was embedded in her cunt.

It wasn’t Miss Marchant who struck the first blow, but Lord Holmes.

Max envied his old friend as he strode onto the stage carrying a wicked looking cane in his hand. Holmes smiled at his audience, no doubt knowing how much they envied him, and took up a position beside the trembling child.

The girl knew what was coming. There was no way that she could have lived her short life in orphanages and not known, yet the terror still showed on her face and the complication of having four inches of solid porcelain cock filling her little cunt was causing her a lot of anguish and awkwardness.

Holmes brought his arm round and whipped the cane down across her delicious little bottom, causing her to jerk forward and impale her delicate cunt still further onto the cock. The girl’s screams were music to everyone’s ears.

“By God Holmes, give her another!” Max shouted.

Richard nodded and complied, the cane landing across both bottom cheeks to make her scream and jerk forward again, screaming as she drove the cock deep into her little cunt again, the tender walls of her sex sliding over the rough part, its bulbous head splitting the lips of her tender little cunt wide apart.

The girl fought hard against the intense pain and pleasure, as all she could do was to hang by her wrists and pant, crying out as Richard brought the cane down again and again across her already bruised bottom and writhe on the unforgiving cock.

They all watched as Sarah frantically rode the porcelain cock; her sex lips gleaming as they responded to her arousal and as she climaxed in a frenzy of wanton lust.

“The little tart!” someone shouted, the remark acknowledged with loud applause.

“She should be severely whipped,” Miss Foulds, remarked.

Alice smiled and nodded to her. Greta Foulds stepped onto the stage carrying her favorite instrument; a French martinet.

The audience quietened, as Miss Foulds moved up behind the girl and loosened her gown, which allowed her to expand her lungs and gave much more freedom to her whipping arm. Greta stood and observed the child, such a lovely expression on her sweet little face as she desperately tried to climax again before the pain returned. However, Miss Foulds was a sadistic governess would enjoy whipping Sarah severely under the pretext of punishing her wantonness.

Greta raised the martinet high above over her head. The girl whimpered and drove her cunt onto the cock again, just as the martinet was brought down with force across her adorable little bottom.

“Oh my God,” someone shouted. The leather strands of the martinet had raised some lovely whip marks. The girl sobbed, a lovely sound to those watching. Greta traced the lines she’d caused with the martinet, squeezing and massaging the child’s bottom for a good few moments, under the pretext of soothing away the pain.

There was a rustling of clothing and the sound of heavy breathing, as the guests discreetly masturbated.

Then, without warning Greta raised the martinet again and whipped it down even harder, catching the girl completely by surprise and forcing her to really start fucking herself, in order to bring some relief from the searing pain.

Once again the child screamed and struggled, the audience applauding Greta’s handiwork.

“One more,” Alice said, signalling for help from her assistants.

The girl was released and repositioned so that her arms and legs now hugged the Tower, forcing her bottom even further out and exposing her anus for the first time to the audience. This position forced her to sit with her full weight on the cock, leaving her no leverage to lift her tortured cunt off it again.

Greta inhaled, lifted the martinet high over her head and moving behind the girl, brought the cords downwards with the full force of both arms, directly onto the child’s exposed anus.

The applause and cheering from the spectators completely drowned the screams of the tortured little girl as she was helped to dismount the Tower.

Richard caressed the crying child’s hair and murmured endearments to her, while Alice roughly pushed her fingers deep into the girl’s ravished cunt and roughly masturbated her, under the pretext of trying to calm her down.

With a nod she indicated to Richard to continue and together they turned the drugged and confused girl around to face the audience, drawing her backwards to position her anus directly over the newly greased cock.

The girl, her eyes wide, gasped loudly as her weight pushed her sore anus down onto the cock. The pain of the insertion showed on her face, as she slid down very slowly onto the unforgiving cock.

They waited until she had reached the rough base of the cock, then Lord Holmes caned her across her stomach, making her howl and arch her body. Then from the other side, Miss Marchant brought a thick leather strap down across her budding breasts, grinning as the girl caught her breath, then howled in anguish.

While the spectators watched, Alice and Richard continued to wield their chosen implements, forcing the child to fuck her anus up and down on the cock, unable to gain any sexual relief, only intense pain.

Members of the audience grunted as they played discreetly with their privates, their eyes glued on the scene in front of them.

Putting aside his wicked cane, Richard helped Alice to unfasten the weeping girl from the Tower. Then they took it in turns to roughly massage her bruised bottom and genitals, under the pretext of soothing the child’s aches and pains, before handing the distraught child over to one of the assistants.

“Later this evening, you will be given the opportunity to inspect the children prior to them being auctioned to the highest bidder,” Alice announced clearing her throat, the spectators returning their attention to her, some wondering what could possible follow the last entertainment.

Another nervous little girl was led onto the stage next, looking very pretty in her little white sailors uniform; she struggled and was confused by the drugged lemonade she had been made to swallow.

Excitedly the spectators lent forward in their seats, as she was hung from the ceiling, her ankles spread wide apart and then fastened to rings in the floor.

“This is Rachel, who is twelve years old,” Alice announced.

Alice walked around the delightful little girl as she calmly pulled on a pair of silken gloves, the surface of the fingers and palms made rough by little pieces of metal sewn into them.

As Alice walked around the child, other members of her staff joined her.

Patricia appeared with a fat candle, nursing the flame, which had created a pool of liquid wax under the wick. Rose held a whip; Brenda held fresh nettles in her gloved hands, Rebecca held a long cane and Wendy blushed brightly as she stepped forward wearing a tight fitting leather harness around her waist, with a thicker than average rubber cock attached to it. The little girl began to weep, begging to be released and let free.

“I’ve not done anything!” she wailed, her eyes wide as she pleaded with them but everyone ignored her.

Someone began to hum, a deep and melodious hum that fitted the mood of all the spectators and soon others took it up, becoming a chant, rising and lowering, the women providing a descant learnt in church and now used to good effect in the dungeon.

Rose stopped her circling to step in front of the child. Without expression she reached out and roughly tore the little sailor uniform off her body, leaving her naked and completely exposed to all the lusting spectators.

The child’s body was covered with whip marks some recent and some that were dark and fading. The women continued to circle her as she screamed and fought against her bonds, until finally she fell limp with sheer exhaustion.

Brenda brought the nettles down across the child’s little breasts from right to left in a sweeping motion. Rachel screamed and arched, struggling as the nettles brought a terrible pain to her delicate breasts and nipples. Crying, she tried desperately to free her hands and relieve the itching.

The women circled again, watching and waiting. Rachel had just about exhausted herself when Patricia threw the hot wax over her breasts, burning her nipples yet again. The girl screamed and thrashed about, tears pouring down her cheeks as she made another desperate attempt to escape her bonds.

The spectators watched in awe and delight, loving the way her body jerked one way then the other, her pale lean muscles playing on skin that now shone with perspiration. The nettles brought a rash to her breasts and the candle wax that had splashed across her tender nipples, caused them to harden painfully.

Exhausted, Rachel softly cried. The wax had formed itself to her subtle curves, until the whip landed, sweeping it away and leaving a vivid red line across her chest. She squealed again, loud and stridently, losing her breath as Brenda brought the nettles down across her lovely round bottom.

Alice knelt down behind Rachel and slid her hands down the whole length of her thighs, her gloves leaving a trail of lovely marks that made her scream with a new vigour.

Rachel tossed again in a new effort to evade the spikes that caused her so much agony, but Alice just followed the contours of her thighs and moved her hands with her thighs as she writhed.

For the moment the staff were content to watch this sweet child and admire her beautifully pale skin, her thighs so wide apart that her pretty cunt gaped and her bottom opened to reveal her dark puckered anus.

Then the cane landed and Rachel tried to double over as it struck her belly. The whip left thin red lines across her thighs, the cane again making her distraught as it sliced into her little bottom.

Rose twirled the whip letting it brush against her pubis, flicking it to cause the child to jerk and gasp, her eyes never wider as the pain started to boarder on pleasure. But just as Rachel was starting to get aroused, both the whip and the cane landed together bringing a new agony to the sweet child’s tender body.

Alice moved behind Rachel and brought her hands round, pressing them into the child’s chest and embracing her, pressing the hard spikes into her breasts to feel her quiver, as she screamed again.

Patricia took a step forward and flung hot melted wax up between the child’s thighs, grinning as it caused the girl to scream with the last of breath and struggle, causing her breasts to be tortured by Alice’s spiked gloves.

The audience was breathless now, their passion so strong that the staff could feel their excitement. It made them increase their efforts and whenever the wax was applied the whip and cane followed in an effort to break it off, even when it meant striking Rachel’s pretty little cunt and inflamed her clitoris.

When Rachel had become too exhausted to entertain the spectators, Alice knelt before her and slid her gloved hands between her bottom cheeks and then down the backs of her thighs, leaving a trail of scratches that the girl hardly seemed to be aware of.

Alice cupped her little bottom and gripped it in a tightening, separating grip letting her tongue slide sensuously over her cunt and along the welts made by her staff.

The child sobbed, her cunt forced as it was up against Alice’s mouth, her bottom held wide apart by the gloved hands. Patricia grinned as she poured the hot wax directly onto her tender anus, bringing Rachel back to life again and some much appreciated applause from the lustful spectators.

Alice pulled Rachel’s little bottom further apart, her gloves drawing blood as she scraped the wax from her burning anal ring. Wendy moved behind her, holding the large rubber dildo up against the child’s anus and then holding her slender hips for leverage, thrust it deep into her already tortured anus.

Rachel’s screams were fresh once again and proof of her new agony. The look on her face was perfect, a picture for all to remember for months afterwards; shock and disbelief, agony and horror as the oversized cock was pushed forcibly deep inside her rectum, then moved relentlessly back and forth until Rachel swooned and then feinted with the pain.

Anger caused a hot fire in Alice’s groin as she realised the child had escaped the rest of what she had planned for her. She pulled the dildo roughly from the limp child and threw it aside, then looked at the girl her mind trying to come to terms with her escape and signalled to her assistants to come and take Rachel away.

“Dr Stevens, will now demonstrate some his more bizarre medical instruments on two of his young patients,” Alice announced, to a stunned audience.

Jeremy Stevens stepped onto the stage still wearing his magician’s outfit from the party and carrying his black medical bag, its contents a complete mystery to everyone except himself.

Since being appointed the doctor at St Saviour’s, Jeremy had been very busy developing new instruments and equipment and with plenty of expendable children to try them out on, he had had plenty of opportunity to fine-tune them all.

The audience groaned as a very handsome young boy was led naked onto the stage, his eyes glazed over from the drugged lemonade. He looked about nervously as his wrists were attached high above his head to a rope hanging from the ceiling.

“This is Jason, who is thirteen years old,” Alice announced, turning the boy to show off his handsome cock and bottom to the excited spectators.

With a wave of his hand, much as a real magician would do, Jeremy produced a metal object from his medical bag. It was shaped like a pear, yet only a third of its size and had a little wheel at the top.

Jeremy showed how turning the wheel caused the six segments of the body of the pear like devise to split and part, opening like the petals of a flower. He then closed it again, before returning to the boy, who had started to whimper as he no doubt imagined how much pain it would cause him.

The audience leaned forward to watch intently, as Dr Stevens knelt behind the boy to prise his handsome bottom apart and use his tongue to slowly lick his anus wet, then push the pear shaped object against the boy’s unwilling anus.

The boy’s crying grew more intense, but Jeremy persevered, pushing harder and harder until it finally surged inwards leaving just the wheel standing proud of his puckered anal ring. Jeremy stood behind the boy and grinned as he began to turn the wheel.

Everyone remembered what happened when the wheel was turned and licked their lips as they watched the lad’s discomfort, his anus spreading and his colon being drawn very painfully apart.

The boy’s crying ebbed to a soft whimpering, his eyes widening as he began to pant. The wheel was turned again and the boy’s whimpering returned with a new intensity, his breathing quickening.

“Feeling it now lad, aren’t you?” Jeremy teased.

He ceased to turn the wheel but to push on it instead, making Jason struggle wildly as his rectal canal was tortured.

“Keep still,” Jeremy told the boy.

The boy gasped, his eyes widening as Jeremy spanked his bottom hard for a good few moments, under the pretext of helping the pear to settle. Jason screamed, as his anus was stretched apart, his bottom burning from the harsh spanking.

A bulge showing in his breeches, Doctor Stevens strode over to his medical bag and retrieved a slender wire. It had a flattened surface and was twisted into a corkscrew shape. Jeremy turned the boy around to face the audience and showed the intriguing tool to him. Taking hold of his flaccid cock he thumbed the foreskin back and forth, roughly squeezing his balls and masturbating his cock until it was fully erect.

Dr Stevens continued to masturbate the boy’s cock, then inserted the end of the wire into the eye of his penis and pushed it firmly along his urethra until all that could be seen was the end of the wire.

The boy panted as if running, quivering where he hung, yet the cold metal that had been forced into his urethra didn’t seem to hurt him. The spectators looked mystified.

“Coating the wire with wax and then twisting it, allows it to slide smoothly into his urethra.” Doctor Stevens explained.

Having forced the wire into the boy’s urethra, Jeremy then returned to the pear, turning the wheel once more and then playing again with the wire that protruded from the boy’s handsome cock.

“As you saw, the wire went in smoothly enough. However, if the wire is pulled out, instead of being allowed to turn on its own screw, then it acts a little differently.” He told his audience, watching them become spellbound.

“This tool, will scrape along the inside and clean it internally,” Dr Stevens explained. He turned the boy so his handsome cock was in full view and got ready to withdraw the tool, stopping as if something had just occurred to him.

“Of course,” he added. “It will cause intense pain.”

The boy on hearing this whimpered loudly and squirmed in his bonds, which only allowed him limited movement. The spectators leant forward, their eyes gleaming with the light of the braziers and watched Jeremy take hold of the end of the wire.

Jeremy waited, smiling at the boy and drinking in his terror. It was in the boy’s eyes and expression, the way he shook and trembled, that they could all taste his terror.

As Jeremy pulled on the wire, the boy flung his head back to scream, his pale young body arched as the wire was slowly pulled out. It scraped along the inside of his sensitive urethra, an endless agony, that had the audience spellbound and the boy straining in pain.

As the last inch was released, a froth of thick sperm bubbled out, dripping into a thick pool for all to see. The last of the wire was then pulled clear and the boy slumped, his cock quickly becoming flaccid again as he was led off the stage with the pear still in his bottom.

Next onto the stage was a very pretty little girl. She was naked and had also been drugged, but Dr Steven’s indicated that he wanted her left unrestrained.

“This is Mary, who is eleven years old,” Alice announced.

Dr Stevens retrieved a jar of ointment from his medical bag and showed it to the nervous little girl. He slowly rubbed the sweet smelling ointment onto his own hands, which made his flesh burn, but not unduly. However, he could well imagine what it would feel like when rubbed into tender young flesh and he smiled in anticipation. This ointment was another concoction devised by James Jones, the cook’s sadistic son.

“Open your thighs child!” Dr Stevens ordered Mary.

The little girl slowly parted her thighs, exposing her sweet little cunt to the spectators, but found it difficult to keep still in her drugged state. “Keep still,” Jeremy told Mary, smacking her little bottom hard more than a few times just to emphasise his order. Mary screamed and then started to sway, which caused her to lose her balance and collapse in a heap on the floor.

Realising, the child wouldn’t be able to cooperate, Miss Marchant suggested that she should be suspended, but her thighs should be left free and kept apart by a couple of her assistants. Jeremy nodded his agreement.

Two assistants lifted the little girl off the floor attaching her wrists to a rope lowered from the ceiling and then drew her thighs wide apart by her ankles.

“Keep her thighs open!” Dr Stevens ordered, a grin on his face.

He liberally rubbed more of the sweet smelling ointment onto his hands before approaching his little patient, and then slowly massaged the special ointment into her breasts, bottom, thighs and genitals, holding his breath as he waited for a reaction. It didn’t take long. Almost before he was finished her breathing had quickened and her young loins had begun to squirm uncontrollably.

The assistants had to fight to keep her thighs apart and prompted by Dr Stevens, spanked the thigh they were holding very hard, until she fully cooperated.

A glow came to her vulva that had not been there before and the little hood of her clitoris swelled and then appeared, a smooth bulb of flesh swollen with blood. Inflamed, she whimpered, lifting her crotch in an effort to have him touch her sexually.

With a finger still retaining some of the ointment, Dr Stevens wriggled it up against her moist little cunt, pressing it into her, parting her hot slippery little vagina to press upward with his fingertip and smile as he saw the look delight on the child’s face.

“You like that don’t you?” he asked, a cruel smile on his face.

Eyes bright and breathless, the child nodded and tossed her hips again, her legs straining to open further for him. She gave a little cry and Jeremy felt a flood of hot wetness about his finger, as he watched her body writhe driven on by her newfound pleasure.

“Growing up nicely, aren’t you Mary?” he asked the nervous child, stroking her smooth little body, in particular the pretty little cones that were developing on her chest.

“Yes Sir,” she murmured.

The doctor’s hand slipped down to her vagina and Mary opened her legs, letting his fingers probe and search, sparking off a tingle that was so nice, but yet was so often associated with the pain of having her little bottom whipped.

The matron at Mary’s last orphanage regularly had to whip her bottom for her wanton behaviour. Retrieving another curious medical item from his bag, Doctor Stevens then approached the now aroused child turning her towards the audience.

“Hold her still!” Jeremy told the assistants.

Mary eyes widened, as she watched the doctor hold up the devise. It was made up of two glass jars with rubber tubing running out of both of them, attached to a leather shoulder harness, much the same as Mary had seen other girls being made to wear, when being taught to become ponies. Putting the glass vacuum jars down, Jeremy slid the upper body harness over the slender shoulders of the young girl, then adjusted the straps until they fitted snugly to her slender frame, a trio of straps around the hills of her budding breasts. Then came the glass jars, one at a time, each one pressed firmly over one small breast, and then held in place with straps that Jeremy ensured were nice and tight, so that no air could escape and hinder the process.

For all her nakedness, Mary looked a little ridiculous with the large glass jars fixed to her chest, yet she was thankful that none of it had hurt, as yet. Even as that thought came to mind, Jeremy was drawing the tubes to a pair of bellows and then tested all the connections, making sure everything was perfect before starting the treatment.

Jeremy pumped and almost immediately Mary felt the pull on her breasts.

She gasped and looked down at herself, seeing nothing and yet feeling the pull on her chest, drawing her breasts out, stretching her flesh as they grew bigger and bigger.

“There!” Dr Stevens smiled, looking at the swollen buds and engorged nipples through the thick glass.

“Make sure they stay attached!” Jeremy told the assistants.

Going to his medical bag again, Jeremy retrieved three more curious instruments.

The first had a short handle with what appeared to be an oversized fishing hook attached to the end of it with fastenings, the second a flat gauge two spatula and the third a set of cords and weights.

Showing these to the child who was starting to cry again now, Jeremy knelt down between her widely stretched thighs and massaged her clitoris roughly under the pretext of making it erect.

Placing the tip of the hook against the top edge of her clitoris hood, he pulled it back and then slid the spatula between her body and the now engorged tip. He then slid the fastening over the little nubbin and closed it tight in much the same way as a corset closes around a woman’s body.

Mary was gasping now, her eyes wide with fright and her body shaking with her nervousness. Jeremy knew that this would pass as she became used to it. He might even put a ring in the hood, to make this easier, if her treatments took longer than anticipated.

And if this approach didn’t work, he thought to himself as he attached the cord and weights to the loop on the end of the clitoris cover, then he would even try putting a ring directly into her clitoris.

He let the weights hang loose just under her bottom and smiled as he watched her struggle as they pulled on her tender clitoris. Jeremy nodded and the assistants started to spank her bottom and thighs again.

Mary gasped and jerked, shaking uncontrollably from the sensations of having her breasts and clitoris enlarged and her bottom and thighs spanked, as they shot throughout her tiny body, bringing on a series of orgasms.

“What a lovely child,” he murmured, standing to watch her better, to see how her head tossed and her eyes darted back and forth, the small weights pulling on her now sensitive clitoris painfully, as she was helped down from the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we now come to the climax of our show,” Alice announced as an intriguing piece of apparatus was lifted onto the stage. This devise was called “The Horse” and had been specifically designed for girls to ride.

It consisted of a wedged shaped piece of wood, resembling an inverted V and had a serrated ridge as a saddle. Alice had designed many such devices for boys as well as girls, since inheriting St Saviour’s. Alice often had children that she didn’t want to keep at St Saviour’s and the next victim was one of these. They were either not as attractive as the others or were children that had sustained injuries from their abuse and punishments that couldn’t be treated without having to wait a long time.

Alice signalled that all was ready and a little girl was brought onto the stage naked and blindfolded. She struggled meekly; confused by the drugged lemonade she had been made to drink.

“This is Sarah, who is twelve years old” Alice announced.

“At St Saviour’s, we pride ourselves that we have developed a varied curriculum of activities for the children, that are designed to stimulate both their sexual and physical abilities.

One of those activities is riding, which helps tone up their thigh muscles and also builds up their stamina. Although we don’t keep real horses at St Saviour’s our riding mistress, Miss Sharp gives them lessons on mechanical horses, that have been specially designed for both boys and girls,” Alice explained to the attentive spectators.

“Sarah, have you been taught to ride?” Alice asked.

“Oh yes, Miss! Sarah replied, her voice hinting of excitement.

“Do you like riding the special saddles?” Alice asked, stroking the child’s hair to calm her down.

“Oh yes, very much, Miss! The child replied.

The mechanical horses that the children are taught to ride are quite different from the apparatus that now stands in the centre of the stage.

The saddles have been specially designed to stimulate their genitals against a central seam and even have sockets where dildos can be attached.

Riding those saddles was always a pleasurable experience; the saddle that this unfortunate child was now going to ride would be sheer torture.

“What do you like most about them, Sarah?” Alice asked.

“Oh, Miss, please!” Sarah replied her face turning red with embarrassment.

“Well, I’m waiting,” Alice, shouted, smacking her bottom hard for a good few moments to show her annoyance.

“The feeling, Miss” Sarah sobbed.

“Where do you get this feeling, Sarah?” Alice smiled, turning to the spectators to gauge their enjoyment of the child’s continued embarrassment.

“Miss, miss please!” Sarah struggled to say, her crying getting louder.

“Well, where! I’m waiting,” Alice shouted, smacking both her bottom and thighs this time under the pretext of being annoyed, but really preparing her tender skin for her forthcoming torture.

“Here, Miss” Sarah said, placing her hands over her little cunt to rub it hoping to get some pleasure from her ordeal.

“Miss Sharp is now going to give you a very special riding lesson!” Alice told Sarah, as she turned to the audience, a huge smile on her face.

“Are you ready, Sarah?” Alice said teasing her. “Oh yes, thank you, Miss!” Sarah said with smile as she continued to rub her sweet little cunt. Alice decided that she would let the child continue with her pleasure and let the spectators enjoy her lovely cunt, after all in a few minutes it would be ripped to shreds.

Unable to see the horse that she was going to have to ride, but remembering the nice feelings that she always got as she rode the special saddles in the stable, Sarah brought herself to a very powerful orgasm.

With the help of three or four assistants, the girl’s wrists were attached to cuffs and her whole body drawn up off the floor by a system of pulleys.

Weights were then attached to her ankles and her legs pulled wide apart as the special horse was pushed underneath her. As the girl hovered over the horse, she was completely unaware of the ordeal that she was about to be put through, but sensing that this was going to be different, started to panic and then scream hysterically.

With some satisfaction, Alice saw the look in the spectator’s eyes, as they realised that there would be no escape from her torture. Her delicate little cunt and anus would be slowly tortured by the weight of her body, as she was made to sit astride the serrated saddle.

Alice signalled for the child to be lowered down, using her arm to direct the progress of her descent, waiting for the child’s smooth and hairless cunt to come within inches of the saddle, only then signalling for her to be dropped.

The dungeon was now alive with the sound of the child’s screaming and pleading for the intense pain to stop. In only a minute of this torture, the girl had learnt to remain still.

She still whimpered, but she angled her little body slightly back in the saddle, trying desperately to take the pressure off her torn cunt, only to torture her delicate little anus as she transferred her weight.

All eyes were on the child now, as Miss Sedgwick turned to Alice for further instruction. Seeing that she was holding a vicious pair of pincers in her hand, Alice nodded her approval.

Elizabeth smartly closed the teeth of the pincers around the child’s nipples, stretching and twisting them, which forced the girl to lung forward and ride the serrated saddle uncontrollably, bringing fresh screams.

This time Alice was satisfied and she ordered her assistants to remove Sarah to the display room to join the rest of the evening’s tortured entertainers.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this evening’s auction will take place in ten minutes, Alice announced, smiling as the guests rose from their seats, eager to inspect the waiting merchandise.

“Wasn’t there another girl?” Lord Holmes asked Miss Marchant.

They both enjoyed watching as the children were stroked, petted and roughly pinched, the guests trying to gauge their reactions and decide which child to bid for.

To the children, the ten minutes prior to the auction was a further torture.

“Are yes, pretty little Sally Mildrew, she’s all mine. One of the benefits of running your own orphanage,” Alice said, smiling as she stepped up onto the stage to start the bidding.

By dawn, these children will have been thoroughly tortured and their genitals rendered completely unusable. They will be kept for only a couple of days, then drugged and given a few shillings, before being transported far away, to sell matches on the streets of Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

It was not until the early hours of the next morning, that her guests finally departed St Saviour’s. Wide-awake and full of pent up lust, Alice looked forward to being pleasured by her new little tart Sally Mildrew, who she knew would be waiting for her in her private quarters.


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