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I had no idea that I was the ‘entertainment’ when my brother invited me to go to the cabin with him.
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I was just eighteen years old, quite pretty if I do say so myself, and sexually active. I had just graduated from high school and was looking forward to going to college in mid August.

My brother Jerry was twenty-one years old and told me that I should sow my wild oats before I had to settle down. He said that he and his friends are always chasing girls and that sometimes we girls let him catch them. I told him that I had been sowing my wild oats and that I had no intentions of settling down just yet.

Jerry asked me to go on a two-week vacation with him to a remote hunting cabin that he had rented in the mountains. He told me all about the great outdoors, the fresh air, Mother Nature at her finest, and then a lot of other bullshit. What I heard was no cell phone, no television, and no shopping. I had an uneasy feeling about it but against my better judgement I went anyway. I packed two suitcases even though Jerry told me that all I would really need would be a string bikini. I smiled and told him that I had six string bikinis already packed. He sure smiled at that. I knew he checked me out in them whenever I wore one around him. I knew that I could make him hard too, after all he couldn’t keep that thing a secret. I had the same effect on all of his friends too. I told you that I was pretty but I didn’t tell you that I had the body to match and that I knew how to use it.

Getting to the cabin was a four-hour drive and we arrived just as it was getting dark that Friday. The lake looked beautiful in the moonlight. Jerry and I sat on the end of the dock dangling our feet in the cool water when he suggested that we go skinny-dipping. Then he stripped out of his T-shirt, shorts, and shoes. I saw his pecker jiggle around as he ran back down the dock a few steps, turned around, and came running back at me again. He jumped up and flew right over my head as he dove into the water. He surfaced and told me that it was cool but refreshing after a long drive.

Reluctantly I removed my clothes as Jerry watched me closely. Actually I was just teasing him. I had always dreamed of my brother as my lover. It was perfect, he complimented my nice breasts, he complimented my nicely trimmed pussy, and as I went back for a running start like he had he complimented me on my nice ass too. He told me that I was a perfect ten and that none of the girls that he had ever been out with could compare to me. That was sweet. My brother compared other girls to me and I won.

We swam around for quite a while and he didn’t even try to get fresh. He floated on the surface of the water allowing me a nice view of his cock so I did the same for him. He told me that he had often thought about making love to me and I confessed the same thing to him. Apparently we had masturbated ourselves to sleep thinking of one another on many occasions.

When we got out of the water we each picked up our clothes and walked hand in hand up to the cabin. Jerry started a fire in the fireplace while I wrapped myself in a blanket to dry off and warm up. When the fire was going pretty well Jerry got in the blanket with me. Our bare hips touched, his arm went around my shoulder, and I pressed one of my breasts into his cold chest. Then he kissed me. It was not like any kiss we had ever exchanged before. It was romantic, it was gentle, and it curled my toes. That is how I can tell a good kisser. If my toes curl and my pussy tingles my mind wants him and I turn to putty. Jerry didn’t have to say a word. All he did was move us closer to the warm fire, place me on the bare skin rug, and take me.

I knew that it was incest, I knew that Jerry was my own brother, and I knew that it was supposed to be wrong but how could anything that felt that good, be so wrong? I accepted his tongue in my mouth and his cock in my vagina. At that precise moment his cock was everything in the world to me. It was giving me life. All of my senses flowed into my vagina and that was where his cock was. As it slid in and out of my moist sheath it stimulated nerve endings that I had never felt before. Then when he started to fill me with his sperm I felt my orgasm coming on too and prayed that he could hold out for a few more seconds while I got off too. Hold out he did. My orgasm was tremendous. I was sure that it had been the best orgasm that a cock had ever given me. I drifted off to sleep in a very relaxed state of mind.

In the morning we made love again before I put on my smallest bikini. Jerry said that I looked beautiful in it but that I didn’t need to wear it. After all he had already seen everything that I had and none of it needed to be hidden. I know that I blushed. As a favor to him I only put my bottom on. I wanted to be topless around him. It excited both of us.

Jerry suggested that I go out on the raft and get some sun. So I swam out to the raft and relaxed. I listened to the birds chirp, the fish splash, and the wind blow. Jerry had been right about the great outdoors and Mother Nature.

About eleven o’clock that Saturday morning I heard a car pull in. When I looked I saw three guys get out of the car. Jerry greeted them with hugs and loud laughter. Then he pointed toward me and they all looked. I was holding my hands over my breasts as they cheered. There was nothing I could do hide my breasts from them so swam in to shore.

As I got closer to them I covered my breasts with my hands. I knew one of the boys. Tim had been my brother’s roommate his freshman year in college and I had let him fuck me a few times. Jerry introduced me to John and Steve. The four of them had been roommates last semester and would be again this coming year. They were all twenty-one years old and they had brought a trunk full of booze with them, mostly beer.

They were staring holes through me so I went into the cabin to change. My two suitcases were missing. I asked Jerry what he had done with them and he said that they were locked in his trunk and that I wouldn’t need them for the rest of the week.

So very sarcastically I asked, “You don’t expect me to wear this all week do you?”

To which Jerry simply replied, “No.”

I snapped, “Then what do you expect me to wear all week?”

Jerry smiled at his friends and then said, “Your birthday suit.”

Apparently I was to be the entertainment for the two weeks, only I didn’t known about it until it was too late. The four of them couldn’t keep their eyes off from me and I knew that wasn’t all that they wouldn’t keep off from me either.

As Confucius said, “When rape is inevitably, relax and enjoy it.”

I smiled at my brother, removed my bikini bottom, and asked, “So who’s first?”

When they all charged me I held up my hands and said, “Hold on. I’m perfectly willing to let you all fuck me but I’ll be damned if I’ll let you rape me. Now one at a time starting with Tim because he has already fucked me before and then John and Steve. Jerry you can go last because you have already fucked me twice since we have been here.”

Jerry’s buddies slapped him on his back and congratulated him for fucking me. They asked him how I compared to other girls. I had to smile when my own brother said that I was the best fuck that he had ever had. With a reputation like that I was determined to show his friends just how good I could be.

I grabbed Tim’s hand and took him into the cabin. I had picked out the bedroom with a view of the lake and took him in there. I told Tim that if I had to be naked for two weeks then he had to be naked too. I told him to throw his clothes in my closet.

Now Tim was one of my better lovers but certainly not as good as my brother. I made him earn his reward by kissing me, giving me a massage, and giving me an orgasm using only his tongue. He was my slave, then as his reward I let him fuck me and fill me with his creamy sperm.

Outside the cabin was a spigot and a garden hose so I let the guys watch me flush out Tim’s cum and get it all nice and clean for John. He was a little harder to mange. All he wanted to do was fuck me. However when I crossed my ankles and slapped his face he not only got the message but he also got at the end of the line behind my brother and Tim. I called it a time out and told him that he could miss a turn. He apologized, he begged, and he even tried to bribe me but I knew that I had what he wanted and that I was in charge.

Now Steve was much more willing to cooperate with me. After all I had the pussy that they all wanted and it was a sellers market. Steve reamed my asshole with his tongue for as long as I wanted him too, then I let him fuck my pussy. He was pretty good and I almost had an orgasm from his cock but I had one from his reaming anyway so I was pretty happy.

My brother Jerry was ready for me and I didn’t have to tell him how to please me because he had done a great job the last two times. He ate my pussy almost as good as my girlfriend Stacey does. Tim was more than pleased to eat me after I douched with the garden hose, then he fucked me.

When it was John’s turn again he was willing to do anything that I asked of him. So I got on my hands and knees and let him in my pussy from behind. Together we when down until I was on my belly and he was sitting just below my ass. Then I had him give me a back massage until he cum. I really enjoyed it. I had four lovers that would do anything that I requested. I had power. I had the pussy. Girls rule.

That evening to entertain the guys I shook up a warm bottle of beer, popped the top off, and shoved it in my cunt. It fizzed and foam flowed out of me like you wouldn’t believe. I wished that it had been a bottle of Champaign instead of just a bottle of beer. After all I was worth it. I had been at the cabin just about twenty-four hours and I had already been fucked seven times by four very good looking college guys. Not bad for a little old high school girl.

I let the guys fuck me twice a day for the next fourteen days and once each that Sunday before Jerry took me home. Of course we had to stop halfway home so that I could take care of his erection.

When I called my girlfriend and told Stacey that I had been fucked well over a hundred times in that two weeks she got pissed that I hadn’t invited her come along. When I told Jerry he just smiled and said that we could go to his apartment to clean it up and paint it before school starts. Then he said that it could take the two of us all summer to get it all done. He said that if we let his three roommates and my girlfriend Stacey help us that it could take even longer.

When I told mom our plans for the summer she looked at my small backpack and asked me what I was planned on wearing all summer. Jerry told her that all I wore at the cabin was a bikini and he was correct. Mom looked suspicious but she didn’t stop me from going.

When Jerry saw my girlfriend Stacey come out to the car holding just her toothbrush he smiled. I placed my hand on his cock and it was already hard. All Stacey was wearing was a sting bikini like I had on. Jerry’s underpants had more material in them than what Stacey and I had on put together.

The End
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