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I had just gotten home from work and was exhausted. I didn't want to do
anything but take a hot shower and relax on my king size waterbed with
some soothing music, perhaps Enigma, playing on the stereo. I'd put in a
lot of overtime in the last month and it was catching up with me.

I checked my phone for messages and noticed there was one from my
girlfriend, Suzi: "Hi baby, I know you're've been working
so hard....I have a surprise for you but it can wait until later. Get
some rest, sweetie."

Suzi was such a darling, always so understanding and loving. I was a
lucky guy to have her and I knew it.

I went upstairs into my bedroom and removed my sweaty clothes,
dropping them on the floor as I headed into the adjacent bathroom. I
turned on the shower and let it warm up before I stepped in and began
lathering my body, washing away the stench from my construction job.
It felt great as the water slithered over me, washing away the stress
of the day. Finally I stepped out and towel dried myself off. I looked
up at myself in the mirror. Pretty good lookin' guy! I dropped the
towel and admired myself, pret ending to be posing for a room of
beautiful women who all wanted me. That fantasy quickly subsided as
fatigue took over and I slipped on my silk boxer shorts and slid under
the satin sheets on my waterbed. God it felt good to lie down and be
rocked by the motion of the water.....slowly and smoothly. I was
asleep almost immediately.

As I began to dream, I had visions of Suzi. She is so lovely, long
dark hair, slim waist, lovely melon sized breasts with nipples like
pencil erasers. Her hips were a little wide, but not "too" wide, just
right for hanging onto when we made love, which we hadn't been able to
do for a while. I dreamed she had crawled into bed with me and was
lying behind me, her arms wrapped around my chest lightly as she
lightly ran her fingertips over my lips, and proceeded to tickle me
lightly on my chest until my nipp les became erect. I could feel her
breath against the back of my neck, so lightly, as she began to kiss
my back slowly and faintly. Her hands moved lower on my body as her
lips trailed my spine until she reached into my shorts and took my
flaccid member into her soft hands. She squeezed lightly and moved her
hand down to caress my balls, then lower to my anus, inserting the tip
of her finger into it. This immediately caused a reaction from my
penis, which began to rise to attention. She moved her hand back up to
grasp the stem of my shaft. Her touch made it harden quicker until I
thought it would burst from the flesh, begging for attention. Suzi
wrapped her legs around me and pulled me back toward her and she
climbed over me, lowering herself so that her face was directly over
my erection. The movement stirred me and I awakened to find her in
that position.

"Here's your surprise darling." She teased as I took her head into my
hands. She lowered her mouth over the head of my penis and began to suck
lightly, flicking her tongue over it and tickling the tip of it. Her
hands were busy caressing my testicles and stroking my staff as she
bobbed her head up and down slowly, then faster then a little harder
until the vacuum of her mouth felt like her tight, hot, wet love spot.

She paused and looked up at me. "Don't move...just let me do all the
work, okay?"

I nodded sleepily, lost in the languor of the moment. The rhythm of
her mouth picked up little by little as she sucked, licked, nibbled
and caressed me, lost in her own little world, playing with me as I
was half asleep. Before too long, my sleepiness subsided and I became
enamoured by her ministrations. I opened my eyes and watched her as
she slipped her hands under my hips, lifting my genitals to her face
so she could gain more control over the situation. I began to move
pump my hips into her mouth slowly, trying to get into it even deeper
than it already was. I increased my motions to match hers, soon we
were in sync, she sucking, me bucking....faster, faster, deeper,
deeper, until I finally released the juice of my passion which she
accepted and devoured willingly into her throat.

I took her face into my hands and guided her up to my lips where I
kissed her deeply, tasting myself on her tongue and lips. We held each
other for a few minutes until both of us drifted to sleep together.
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