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Two teenage nerds find romance with one another and fall in love.
Fbailey story number 208

Closet Sex

Stephanie and I are the two smartest kids in the eighth grade. We get almost perfect grades and everyone knows it. We are both thirteen years old and have no outside life to keep us from our studies. My parents only let me watch television on Saturday and Sunday evenings and then only for a few hours. I have no friends to play with either. I used to have a friend that I played chess with, but he could never beat me so he stopped playing with me.

I found myself spending more time with Stephanie though. We played Scrabble during lunch at school because no one else was as good at it as we were. We had the same music teacher and we both played the violin so we started to practice every other day at the other’s house. Then we started doing our homework together. Soon we inseparable.

Our parents noticed an improvement in our personalities and they liked it so much that they made sure that Stephanie and I spent even more time together. Stephanie and I both liked that too. We were both intelligent and had discussed kissing for sometime before we tried it. Stephanie liked it better than I did at first but we kept trying it anyway and eventually I began to like kissing her too. Then of course we discussed going further but we hadn’t gotten to the point yet.

Then one day we were both invited to Alley’s first boy girl party. Alley was having her fourteenth birthday party and her parents allowed her to invite one boy for herself and five other couples. Since there were not too many ‘couples’ that Alley knew of Stephanie and I were invited.

Alley’s parents allowed us to dance in the family room even though none of us boys could dance. However the girls really wanted to teach us how too. They decided to teach us ballroom dancing, which is basically just hugging and swaying to the music with very little foot movement. Alley put on a whole CD full of slow romantic music like Butterfly Kisses, Hawaiian Wedding Song, and Unchained Melody.

Apparently the girls had gotten together and sort of arranged the evening. Stephanie pressed her crotch into mine as we danced and she gave me a hard-on but I was sure that she knew it.

Alley suggested that Stephanie and I go into a closet for five minutes and that Stephanie let me do whatever I wanted to do to her. Stephanie promised Alley that she would let me do whatever I wanted to do to her. Wow! Whatever!

Once the closet door was closed I kissed Stephanie and told her that I wanted to feel her pussy. Stephanie lifted her skirt up and let me slip my hand down into her panties. I felt the elastic of her panty rub against the back of my hand and her pubic hair rub against my palm as I slipped it in further. I felt the softness and the dampness as I went. Stephanie opened her legs up to allow me even more access. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to slip my middle finger up into her vagina. It was moist, soft, and the first pussy that I had ever touched. Stephanie told me to raise my finger up in her slit until I came to a small hard nub. When I touched it Stephanie sucked in some air and asked me to rub it slowly and gently, so I did. She told me that it was the same feeling that I get when I jerk off. Her breathing became quicker and shallower and her orgasm struck her hard and fast just as the door was opened up and a camera flashed. I didn’t stop and Stephanie didn’t want me too either. Just then Stephanie’s parents or even her priest could have caught us and Stephanie would not have let me to stop. It was the most intense orgasm that she had ever experienced.

Finally we realized what was happening and we were both very embarrassed. What we didn’t know was that somehow we had been guinea pigs and that whatever Stephanie had let me do to her all of the other girls would let the all of the other boys to do to them. Stephanie then proceeded to tell Alley and the rest of them about allowing me to kiss her, slip my hand inside her panties, poke a finger up into her pussy, and tickle her sensitive clit until I had given her the best orgasm of her life.

So I got to kiss and slip my hand down into the other five girl’s panties to feel of their pussies, finger their holes, and give them orgasms too. Of course the other five guys got to slip their hands down into Stephanie’s panties and feel her up along with all of the other girls too. At first I was jealous of the other guys feeling up Stephanie but I was enjoying the other girls too much to really care.

I must admit that it was the most unusual evening that I had ever experienced. When the party finally broke up I walked Stephanie home. We held hands as we walked. Along the way Stephanie told me that I had been the most gentle of the boys and that I had given her the best orgasm all night. She said that the other girls seemed to agree with her on that subject. I felt flattered and proud.

Stephanie admitted that she had sort of set the whole thing up with Alley during a conversation but that she had never thought that Alley would actually go through with it. Stephanie and I had been talking about what to do after the kissing so Stephanie arranged it for me.

I told Stephanie that I had thoughts about the next party and closet. She wanted to hear them. I told her that I would like to see her naked and examine the differences in out bodies. Stephanie told me that I wouldn’t have to wait until a party to do that. She told me that her parents would be gone for a few hours Sunday afternoon if I wanted to come over. I sure did.

That Sunday when I arrived at Stephanie’s house her parents were still there. They both teased us about making such a cute couple and that with our beauty and brains that our children would be geniuses. Stephanie’s mother kissed her goodbye and told her not to do anything that she wouldn’t do. So for a few minutes we laughed and discussed what her mother might not do. Apparently there wasn’t much at all that her mother wouldn’t do. Stephanie knew that her mother had gone skinny-dipping last year with another couple, that she had flashed her tits to her husband right in the grocery store, and that her parents had even made love out in the backyard a week ago. She had seen them do it from her bedroom window. Both of her parents had been completely naked and she had seen her father’s penis flopping around as he chased her mom around the yard until he caught her and made love to her in the grass.

Stephanie made sure that all of the doors were locked first and then she took me up to her bedroom. There we just undressed and looked at each other for a while. Stephanie had a very nice body. She had curves and breasts, and a really nice ass. Her nipples were a light pink in color with a light pink ring around them and they capped two very nice fleshy mounds. Each was about the size of half of an orange. Stephanie said that she had just gotten into a B-cup bra so I congratulated her.

Finally Stephanie asked me if I wanted to touch her breasts. She said that she touches them all of the time and that it isn’t any big deal. It sure was a big deal for me because I had never touched a bare breast before. So as I felt of her breasts Stephanie felt of my cock. Only when Stephanie felt my cock it got hard instantly and I couldn’t control it. She liked it though. I told her to stroke it while I tickled her clit again. Soon she had us get on her bed before we collapsed on the floor from the stimulation. We masturbated each other for a while. I gave Stephanie two orgasms and then I felt my own coming on. I warned her that it squirts all over but she wanted to see it for herself. The first shot hit her lips and really surprised her. She kept pumping it as she licked her lips. Then she dropped down on it and sucked the last squirt into her mouth before I was spent. Stephanie even licked her hand, my stomach, and my cock clean. She absolutely loved the taste of my cum and I loved it when she sucked my cock.

It didn’t seem fair that I hadn’t tried her cum yet so I asked her if I could. Without any further ado Stephanie opened up her legs, opened up her pussy lips for me, and then told me to help myself. Since Stephanie had enjoyed my cum so much I didn’t even hesitate to lick at hers. It had a tangy taste, a pleasant odor, and it gave Stephanie a lot more excitement too. We had accidentally discovered oral sex and we both liked it. That was great.

For the next couple of hours Stephanie and I lay there naked enjoying one another’s body for the first time. I kissed her all over and she did the same to me. I felt her all over and again she did the same to me. We explored the other all that we wanted to, without concern of getting caught. We kissed, we hugged, and we cuddled. We talked about love, marriage, and even about children some day. At thirteen it was not the normal conversation that a boy and girl would have but then again we were not normal thirteen-year-olds either. We talked about going to the next level and having sex but we knew enough not too. At least not until Stephanie was on birth control and I could get some condoms from the school nurse. We agreed that double protection was the only way for us to do it.

We were dressed and playing our violins when her parents returned. The first thing that her mother wanted to know was if we had done anything that she wouldn’t have done. Stephanie quickly told her that we hadn’t.

While Stephanie’s father was outside working in his garden we sat her mother down and told her that Stephanie needed to get on some form of birth control and that I needed some condoms. I though that she would freak out but Stephanie knew her mother a lot better than I did. She took it all in stride. She kissed us both and thanked us to coming to her first. She said that she would call for an appointment to get Stephanie checked out and on some form of birth control. Then she went up her bedroom, came back downstairs, and told Stephanie that she had placed a box of condoms on her dresser to keep in her bedroom for me.

She politely asked us if we needed to go upstairs to her bedroom for a little while. Stephanie asked me if I wanted to make love to her right then and of course I told her that I did. She kissed her mother, took my hand, and led me back upstairs.

I could not believe that Stephanie’s mother actually approved of us making love with her knowledge. So we locked her bedroom door and undressed again. I slipped the condom down over my hard cock and watched as Stephanie squirted some sperm killing foam into her pussy. It looked funny like when dad shaves in the morning. However it helped my cock slide into her virgin hole nicely. It felt so natural to be inside Stephanie with her legs wrapped around my waist like that. My chest was smashing her breasts out flat and we were kissing more passionately than we had before. We were in love and making love. It wasn’t just sex for the sake of sex, it was trying to please and satisfy the other person. It only took a half-hour but it was like eternity. When I cum in that plastic bag it was as if Stephanie had given me her soul. She had an orgasm while I was spewing forth gobs of baby making cream. We cuddled for a few minutes afterwards discussing the day that we would get married, graduate from college, and make a baby for real.

There was a light knock on her bedroom door. Stephanie unlocked it and told her mother to came in. She got back in bed with me while her mother sat on the edge of the bed next to me. Then she asked Stephanie how it had felt. Stephanie was very poetic as she described to her mother what she had experienced with me. I added very little to the conversation. Her mother then told us to take a shower together, come down to dinner, and that afterwards we could come back up for another lovemaking session if we wanted to. She also said that she had called my mother, explained everything to her, and said that my mother understood that I would be spending a lot more time here. I kissed Stephanie’s mother on the cheek and thanked her for everything that she had done for us.

The End
Closet Sex
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