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Female teen gets given to several people and abused
Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story Part 1 Chapter 11
By Redlegtiger

Please remember that this is fantasy and anyone thinking that they should do these things in real life, deserve to be locked up and have the key thrown away and play sissy slut to their cell mate for eternity. If you are not at least 18 years of age please leave.

Chapter 11, Karen’s Home Town Humiliation Continues at Deb’s Party Supplies

Karen went out to the van that she was driving and got in the driver’s seat and put her arms on the steering wheel and started crying uncontrollably. She felt totally worthless and wanted to die. She entertained the thought of driving the van to one of the high mountain roads in the area and driving off the highest cliff she could find. However, the thought of committing suicide was even more abhorrent to her than what they were making her do. She knew in her heart that God would not hold her responsible for what people forced her to do, but she just didn’t know how long or how much more she could take. She decided then that she would escape at the first possible chance and go back home to her mom and dad and explain to them what Darrell and his family were forcing her to do. Until then she decided, she would just have to bear whatever they forced her to do. She sat back against the seat and started the van. She drove the two blocks to Deb’s Party Supplies.

Karen parked in front of the store, took a deep breath and got out. She entered the store and noticed a woman behind a counter filled with all types of party favors and supplies in it. The store had just about every type of party supply you would need to through a supper party for kids or adults. Karen asked the woman behind the counter if she was Deb. She said that she was just a clerk and that Deb was in the basement inventorying some new equipment that they just got in. She told Karen to go through the door at the back of the shop and go down the stairs on the left. Karen followed her directions and as she went down the stairs to the basement, she felt like she was descending into hell. There were all sorts of binding and torture devices, as well as whips and paddles and many other sundry items that looked like they were made to inflict pain or discomfort to someone. She said a silent prayer that she would not be on the receiving end of any of these items.

As she descended the stairs, she didn’t notice that the clerk had closed and locked the door to the basement. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, there was another door that she had to open to go through. As she opened the door, she noticed that the room looked like something out of a medieval torture chamber. She saw that there was a table in the center of the room. There was a tall slender blond taking some items out of boxes and checking them off a packing list. She looked up and saw Karen and said, “You must be Karen. I’m Deb. Close the door and come on over here and help me inventory this shipment so I can make sure they sent everything I ordered. You can leave your clothes over there on that chair.” Karen looked to where she was pointing and saw the chair and walked over to it and started to get undressed. The blond woman continued talking, “I understand you have a list for everything that the Mitchell’s want for their little party tomorrow. I know what you were told to do and as much as I would have liked to make you beg me to fill the order for you, I don’t have the time for such things. Now come over here and take things out of the box and read me the order number on it.” Karen walked to the table and started doing what she had asked. They spent the next 30 minutes inventorying the items.

When they were done, Deb picked up a strap on dildo that looked like it had little silver strips along its length from the group and took it out of the packaging. She pointed Karen to a drawer in a set of cabinets at the back of the room and told her to bring her 4 of the batteries that were in the drawer. Deb started taking off her pants and panties while Karen was getting the batteries. When Karen brought them back to her she put them in the dildo and buckled on the strap on. Deb ordered, “Karen, I want you to go bend over the table and spread your legs wide.”

Karen did as she was ordered and Deb stepped up behind Karen, slapped her hard on each ass cheek and put the tip of the dildo into Karen’s cunt. In one hard shove, she rammed the dildo in to the hilt. That is when Karen found out the dildo’s special function and what the silver strips and batteries were for. There was a little raised bump at the base of the dildo that when depressed, caused a shock to be given through the dildo. The shock was just shy of what a tazer would give, designed to inflict the maximum amount of pain but not to knock someone out. This differed from a tazer in that it would give that kind of shock every time the dildo was completely inserted into the victim’s cunt or ass. Deb knew that she couldn’t fuck Karen’s ass because of the silver dildo she already had there so she fucked her cunt mercilessly. Every time she slammed the dildo in to the hilt in Karen’s cunt, Karen would feel a severe shock that elicited a loud scream from her which. That was just what Deb wanted to hear and was music to Deb’s ears. Her clit was also stimulated each time she thrust in. After about 20 minutes of constant torment for Karen, Deb finally came with a scream of passion.

Once Deb caught her breath, she slapped Karen’s ass and ordered, “Get up and get dressed cunt.”

While Karen was getting dressed, Deb grabbed three bags that had an envelope with an address and a name attached. She came back to Karen just as she finished putting her top and skirt on. As she handed the bags to Karen she said, “Karen, I have some deliveries that I need you to make for me. I have too many things going on this afternoon to deliver them and I promised them they would get them as soon as they came in. When you deliver them, I want you to wait until they have read the letter in the envelope before you leave. I expect you to do whatever they tell you or you’ll feel pain like you never have before. Do you understand?”

Karen responded quietly, “Yes Deb.”

When Karen turned to leave, Deb grabbed her by the hair and bent her head back and whispered in her ear, “Don’t mess up on me or I’ll make your two days with me extended to four and make it a pure living hell. And just so you know, this little remote will control that little silver bullet that is lodged up your ass.” As she said that, she raised her right hand and displayed a tiny remote about the size of a credit card and pushed a button. All of a sudden, Karen felt a hard electric shock that caused her legs to buckle from the severe pain. You have two hours to get those delivered. If you aren’t here by then I’ll set the shocks to start at 1 and pulse every 10 seconds for a minute before it advances to the next level. I’m sure your hubby told you that there are 10 levels. After that, well, I wouldn’t want to be you. Now get going. Your time starts now” She picked up a stop watch from a shelf near by and started it.

Karen grabbed the first bag and looked at the address. She saw that it was near the high school she attended. It seemed that it was familiar to her some how, but she couldn’t quite place why. It only took her five minutes to get to the house. When she pulled up she finally remembered why the address was familiar to her. This was the house of her favorite teacher, Miss Tyree. She was the English teacher for juniors (11th year). Karen was known as the teacher’s pet, because Miss Tyree was constantly praising her work and using it to humiliate other students who hadn’t done as well. She had actually worked with Miss Tyree her senior year as a class room assistant and tutor instead of taking study hall. Karen couldn’t believe that she would be involved in the kind of perversity that she had been forced into.

Karen grabbed the bag for her and went up to the front door and knocked. She heard a yell to come in and she opened the door and stepped into the front room. She looked over to the study where Miss Tyree tutored her students and saw that there was what looked like an Indian girl currently with her. Miss Tyree told the young thirteen year old girl to go downstairs and get ready. The girl immediately responded with “Yes Mistress,” and left the room. She walked by Karen and briefly looked at her with sad eyes and then looked down and continued by her.

Karen almost missed Miss Tyree’s order, “Well don’t just stand there Karen, come here this instant.” Karen quickly walked over to her and handed her the bag and said, “Miss Deb asked me to bring this to you.” Miss Tyree took the bag and saw the envelope. She opened it and read it. She looked at Karen and smiled saying, “Well I’ll be. I never in my wildest imagination ever thought that I would have you at my mercy for 30 minutes. According to this letter, you’re mine to do with as I please. Is that true?”

Karen thought of telling the truth, but quickly thought better of it as she knew the repercussions would be more severe than she was willing to live with. She answered by saying, “This worthless slut is at your mercy mistress.” She got down in her kneeling position that she had been trained to be in.

Miss Tyree ordered, “I want you to strip. Leave your nipple and clit chains on though. I like my sluts decorated.”

Karen immediately complied without saying a word. When she was naked, she resumed her kneeling position waiting for an order.

Miss Tyree opened the bag and took out an eight inch dildo that was 4 inches in diameter. She handed it to Karen and told her, “Put this in your cunt. You have two minutes to put it in or I’ll whip your tits with my belt until you’ve complied.”

While Karen began the struggle of getting the huge dildo into her cunt Miss Tyree began telling her, “You know Karen, you were my favorite student. You are the smartest student I have seen come through this high school. I dreamed of having you as my daughter initially and then I began thinking of you in other ways. I thought of ways I could have you all for myself, to do with as I want and enjoy you forever. But I knew it would never happen. I started looking up sites on the internet that dealt with dominant/submissive relationships. Then I started thinking about having my own little submissive to do with as I please. I started making discrete inquiries and eventually found a site in India that offered children for adoption with no questions asked. I decided to check it out and when school got out I went to India to see what I could find out. I met with my contact there and he took me to this very rural area that was so poor that most of the people there were struggling to just live to the next day. He introduced me to this family that had 13 children and neither parent had a job. They were desperate for some money to feed there family.”

She continued explaining, “I decided that this was my chance to get my little slave girl. I had $20,000 dollars in an account that I had set aside for this so we started negotiating for the child and the price. I initially wanted to get the little 6 year old girl but they wanted $40,000 for her. I couldn’t afford that so I tried for the 8 and then the nine year old but they were too much as well. It wasn’t until I suggested their 13 year old daughter that they agreed to $20,000. Her name was Dipti, but I decided to rename her dipshit. We’ve only been back for a couple of days and really haven’t done anything yet. I went to order some toys from Deb so I could play with my new slave and she explained your situation and I knew I had to have a shot at you. It cost me quite a bit to get some time with you. I was hoping for a full hour, but I’ll take 30 minutes. Deb gave me this little toy you are trying to cram into your cunt as part of your ordeal. It has some additional parts to it as well but I think I’ll save those for dipshit.”

Miss Tyree reached into the bag and pulled out a collar and attached it around Karen’s neck and locked it on. She then pulled out a head harness that had what looked like a mouth piece attached to it. She explained to Karen the function of the whole set. “This little harness will be strapped on to dip shit and this mouth piece will be placed in her mouth. The two pieces that you have on and it are connected. When we go downstairs, you will strap this on to dip shit and tie her up to some hooks I have set up. Then you are going to take a whip and you will whip her every where I tell you to. If you whip her hard enough and she either bites down real hard or opens her mouth wide enough to scream, one of two things may happen. You will either feel a vibration in your dildo that will increase with each successive time she bites or screams. The second thing that may happen is that it will reduce the punishment settings on your dildo and collar. If you do not hit her hard enough, the dildo and the collar are on a 30 second timer that will cause a shock that increases in strength each time. The collar has a little compressed air cylinder in it and it will expand a little each time the shock increases eventually cutting off your air supply. If you do not hit her hard enough or often enough, it could choke you to death. Once you orgasm, that will end this little session. Understand that I will not let you leave until you orgasm and you can only orgasm by the dildo that you have just finished putting in your cunt. Now bend over so I can turn it on.”

Karen had tears coming out of her eyes and streaming down her cheeks, but she complied. She did not believe in violence and had never done anything to hurt anyone in her short life. Making her do this was actually worse for her mentally than anything else she could have done. She was going to be made to hurt a younger girl who was innocent of anything. She didn’t know if she could do it.

When Miss Tyree had turned the dildo and the collar on, she picked up the harness and ordered, “Now go down the stairs to the basement.”

Karen went through the door dip shit had gone through and went down the stairs. Miss Tyree locked the door at the top of the stairs and when she got to the bottom of the stairs, she closed and locked that door as well. She saw that dipshit was naked as she was told to be and was standing in the center of the room with a confused and worried look on her face. She handed Karen the harness and ordered, “Put it on dip shit and put her up in the cuffs hanging from the hooks in the ceiling.”

Miss Tyree went over to a cabinet and took out an old leather razor strap that was about three feet long and two and a half inches wide. It was a strap that Miss Tyree’s grandfather had used to sharpen his straight razor. She walked up behind Karen and started slapping her ass with it. She continued spanking Karen with the strap yelling, “Your wasting time, get that thing on now.”

Karen finally got the harness on, but she had a hard time because of the jerking caused by the heavy razor strap. Karen received about 23 swats with the strap before she was done and her ass was a deep red.

Miss Tyree went over to dipshit and flipped a switch on her mask. She turned to Karen, held out the strap and ordered, “Take the strap Karen and start whipping her all over her ass, her stomach, her tits, her thighs and her cunt. Remember that the harder you hit her the quicker you get to your orgasm and the sooner she stops hurting.”

Karen just stood there shaking her head no and saying, “I can’t. I could never hurt anyone.”

After the first 30 seconds had passed, she received a mild shock and the collar got a little tighter, but it wasn’t too bad. Miss Tyree ordered, “Take the strap Karen. It’s only going to get worse.”

Karen refused again saying, “I just can’t hurt anyone. I can’t”.

Karen felt the shock again but it was stronger and the collar got a little tighter as well. Miss Tyree came over and started whipping Karen on the tits with the strap. Karen moved her arms up to protect her tits and Miss Tyree whipped her on her pubic hair. Karen screamed from the pain with each strike of the strap. The shock increased again and the collar tightened. Then she felt a second shock in her ass which was much harder than the previous one and that knocked her to her knees and caused her to let out a blood curdling scream. By the time she recovered, the dildo shocked her and the collar tightened again. She knew that Darrell had triggered the shock in her ass. Her fear of what he would do to her if she didn’t obey Miss Tyree’s orders broke through her stubbornness at refusing to hurt Dipti. She stumbled over to Miss Tyree and grabbed the strap.

Karen stumbled over to dipshit and swung the strap. But she couldn’t put much energy behind it and it didn’t get the desired result. The dildo shocked her harder and the collar tightened again. It was now getting difficult to breathe. Karen knew that if she didn’t get her act together soon, she wouldn’t be capable of swinging hard enough to get the desired result. She was crying and sobbing out, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” as she swung the strap as hard as she could. Dip shit screamed as the strap landed across her back and the next time Karen’s dildo went off, the shock was less and the collar got a little looser. This encouraged her and she swung a little harder, aiming for her ass cheeks. She landed a good blow that caused dipshit to bite hard enough on the mouth piece that it lessoned the shock again and the collar became looser. Karen kept this up and after a few more times, the dildo started vibrating and the collar was back to its original tightness.

Karen began to get excited as the dildo vibrated more and more. She moved around and started whipping dipshit’s stomach and small underdeveloped tit mounds. Each time the strap hit, dipshit would either scream or bite down and Karen’s dildo would vibrate more. Karen was getting very excited and knew it wouldn’t be long before she would climax. She was also beginning to almost enjoy whipping dipshit because of the positive feedback her cunt received each time she hit the girl stronger. She aimed lower the next time and whipped dipshit’s pussy mound. She let out a blood curdling scream and that set the dildo to maximum vibration. She was at the point now where she could trip over into orgasm almost any time. She swung an underhanded blow to dipshit’s cunt lips and again got a blood curdling scream. The Dildo pulsed this time and it sent Karen over into a very intense orgasm. She collapsed to her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

Miss Tyree complimented Karen saying, “I was beginning to wonder if you had it in you. I was afraid I was going to loose my favorite student turned play toy before I had a chance to do anything to her. We aren’t done yet though. That only took 15 minutes. I was hoping it wouldn’t take long as I had something else in mind for you to do. Now take dipshit down and lean her over that table over there and attach her feet to the legs on this side and arms to the legs on the other side. That should put her ass at just the right height.”

Karen did as she was told and undid the handcuffs. Dipshit fell to the ground because she was too weak to hold herself up. Karen helped her over to the table and connected her as she was ordered to. She knew that whatever was coming, she would comply. In her mind it wasn’t her that was hurting dipshit, it was Miss Tyree. When she was done tying the straps to the table legs she looked at Miss Tyree who she noticed for the first time had gotten naked and was sitting in a chair fingering herself. Miss Tyree gave Karen another order, “I want you to fist dip shit’s cunt. Take it slow as I’m sure she hasn’t had too many things shoved up her cunt.”

Karen reached out and stuck her finger into dip shit’s cunt and started fingering her. She quickly noticed that there was an obstruction that was blocking her fingers from going all of the way in. Karen turned to Miss Tyree and said, “Miss Tyree, I think dipshit’s a virgin. Do you want me to continue?”

Miss Tyree answered, “Yes of course dear. That makes it even better. She’s never going to know what a real cock feels like if I have anything to do with it. I may get her a dog in the future though. Now be quick about it.”

Karen went back to fingering dipshit’s cunt and inserted a second finger. She did this for a while and then added a third and then a fourth. She slid them in and out of dip shit’s cunt just deep enough that it would loosen her cunt up a bit but not deep enough to rupture her hymen. Finally Karen tucked her thumb under her palm and pushed hard with all of her might. Karen’s hand ripped through dipshit’s hymen and punched halfway down her cunt tube. Karen pulled her hand back almost all of the way out and pumped it back in. This time she punched all the way to the young girl’s cervix. She continued to pump her fist over and over again until she was told to stop.

Finally Miss Tyree ordered, “You can stop fisting her now Karen. I want you to eat her out and bring her to orgasm now.”

Karen almost gagged at the thought of sucking the bloody cunt, but she quickly realized that she had done worse today. She started licking and sucking for all she was worth and quickly brought dipshit to orgasm.

Miss Tyree ordered, “Karen, come over and suck my cunt.”

Karen crawled over and started lapping Miss Tyree’s cunt immediately. Miss Tyree only took a couple of minutes before she was cumming full force. When she was finished cumming, she let loose with a flow of piss into Karen’s mouth. It seemed to Karen that it took several minutes but was less than a minute. When she was done pissing, Miss Tyree got up and ordered, “Karen, go release dipshit. Rub some of this salve into her welts and cuts and dress her.”

Karen took the salve and went to dipshit. She massaged the salve into all of the welts on her back. She then released her and rolled her onto her back and did her front as well. She saw dipshit’s clothes neatly folded in a chair and got them. She quickly helped dipshit dress whispering in her ear that she was sorry.

When Karen was done, Miss Tyree asked, “Karen, how do you feel about what you just did?”

Karen replied with almost uncontrolled sobbing, “I hated it. I think it is wrong to hurt someone, especially for fun. I would have rather had Dipti… err dipshit do all of that to me rather than inflict what I did on her. But as I became more and more sexually excited, all I could think about was to do whatever it took to make my orgasm come as quick as possible. I hit her harder … sob … and harder … sob … and I started to enjoy it … sob.” Karen was crying uncontrollably now.

It took her a few minutes to get control of herself. All she could think about was how she had become what she hated the most in those few minutes. She could never forgive herself for that, even if it was only for a few minutes and she was forced to do it. She couldn’t console the fact that she had actually enjoyed inflicting pain on Dipti (She could not think of her as dipshit any more.). She hated her formerly favorite teacher now more than she hated Darrell and his family. She had taken away that final innocent part of her and destroyed it.

Karen was brought out of her thoughts and back to reality when Miss Tyree ordered, “Both of you go upstairs to the learning room now.”

Karen helped Dipti to walk up the stairs. She helped her to the chair she was sitting in when she first arrived and helped her sit down. Dipti moaned in pain and had obvious tears in her eyes but otherwise did nothing else. Karen finally got dressed and when she was done she assumed her kneeling position that she had been trained to occupy when waiting for orders.

Miss Tyree looked at her watch and told Karen, “You better get going. You’re already five minutes behind schedule.”

When Karen left, Miss Tyree called Deb and told her, “Thanks for giving me the time with Karen. It turned out to be even better than I hoped. You can count on me for the little party you have planned for Karen once you get it scheduled. By the way, that little toy she sent with Karen worked perfectly. I think it will be a very popular one.”

Karen got into the van and looked at the next address and was surprised at the name and the location, one she recognized very well. She started up the van and started driving. She quickly pulled into the parking lot of the public library and parked the van. She looked at the name and address again to confirm this is where she was supposed to deliver the sack. She just sighed, wiped the tears from her eyes and got out of the van. Once she entered the library, she proceeded to the front desk and asked, “Is Ms Traci Martine here?”

The desk clerk picked up the phone and dialed. Karen heard her say, “There’s someone at the front desk asking for you Traci.” There was a short pause and then she hung up the phone.

The clerk turned to Karen and said, “Ms Martine will be with you in a minute.”

In a couple of minutes Traci came out of the main library office. She was wearing a nice white blouse and a black knee length skirt. She saw Karen standing there with the sack in her hand and said, “Karen, what a pleasant surprise. I see you have brought me a package. Let’s go to my office and catch up on old times. I haven’t seen you since before your prom in April.”

Traci told the girl at the desk, “You’re in charge. I don’t want to be disturbed for anything for the next hour.” She then turned and strode back to her office.

Once Karen had entered the office, she closed and locked the door. She opened the envelope with the sack and read it. She went over to a book case behind her desk and grabbed an old leather bound book and pulled it. To Karen’s surprise, the book case swung open and revealed a set of stairs leading down to a basement. Traci turned to Karen and ordered, “Go down the stairs Karen. I have a little surprise for you.”

As Karen started down the stairs with Traci behind her, the book case closed and some very old lights similar to the ones typical in the early 1940’s came on. They weren’t very bright, but they gave enough light to see and left the impression that you were in a dungeon.

As they descended the stairs and into a long hallway, Traci explained, “The library was willed to the city in the early 1920’s by a very wealthy business man. The head librarian’s office use to be his study. When I took over as head librarian last month, I started reading up on the original family that owned this place and found some very interesting reading. It seems that they made their money from the procurement and sale of young girls. The book shelf that the leather book was on had a locked cabinet door on it. No one had ever been able to get it open because there was no key. They decided not to destroy it and left it as is. I know it may come as a shock, but I am a direct descendant of the original owner, Dave Coch. My grandmother was one of his slaves and gave birth to my mother. When she found out she was pregnant, she was somehow able to escape even though she had been a slave for several years. She left the area so he would not be able to find her. Shortly thereafter she gave birth to my mother. My mother passed away when I was a young girl. I started going through all of her things and found a book with a key in it with directions on how to find a hidden chest with my grandmother’s diaries. I started reading about her experiences and the more I read the more I fantasized about what my grandfather was doing. I read and reread those diaries thousands of times and decided that I would become a librarian so I could search for the dungeons she talked about. There was a key in a hidden compartment of one of the diaries. There was nothing in the diaries indicating what the key was for. When I saw the locked cabinet, I decided to try the key on it and see if it worked. To my pleasant surprise, it unlocked the cabinet. I started reading the books in the cabinet and found that they were records of the acquisition and sale of the slaves. When I got to the leather bound book, I was surprised when the entire book case began to move. When I saw the stairs I decided to explore a little and, well look for yourself.”

Traci opened an old heavy door that was made of heavy rough hewn oak. The door caused a hideous creaking noise as it opened. When they walked in, it was like a scene out of a horror show. There were shackles along every wall and about half of them still had skeletons of varying sizes in them. It was obvious that they ranged from young children to adult. Karen got a horrified look on her face and turned to Traci in shock. Traci continued, “It’s obvious that the rumors were correct. I can only assume that they were all alive when the owner that willed the property to the city died. There was no one to release them or feed them. They would have lived maybe a couple of weeks, maybe a little less before they died. You know, when I was reading the diaries I decided that I also wanted to try to be a master to a slave and force them to do things that they would never do themselves. That is where you come in.”

She grabbed Karen’s right arm and lifted it into a shackle hanging down from a massive cross beam. She then connected Karen’s left hand and then her feet to some shackles connected to chains lying on the ground.

Traci continued explaining. “When I found the dungeon, I started checking things out and was able to get most of the equipment to operate.”

As she was saying this she was pulling on a rope that was causing the chains to pull Karen into an X shape. She was lifted up so she was equidistant from the ceiling and the floor with about three feet between each. When she was pulled tight and Karen was beginning to groan from the strain, she tied it off. She moved over to some cabinets and set the bag down and looked in it. She found a nice little tit torture device which she took out of the bag and set it on the counter top. She opened the cabinet door and took out an old riding crop that she had oiled and prepped. She went to a crank on the wall and started turning it so that Karen was lowered until her feet were inches off of the ground. Traci locked that crank in place and started turning one next to it that caused Karen to be leaned forward until she was at about a 45 degree angle. She locked that one in place and grabbed an old oak chair and pulled it up to Karen’s left side. She went to the cabinet and picked up one of the tit torture devices that Deb had sent her. It was about six inches in diameter at the base and had four curved bars, each opposite another one, coming up to a small one inch ring at the top about eight inches up from the base. There were four small rods connected to the one inch ring, each opposite another one and connected to a threaded washer with a long screw through it. The screw had a sharp hook at one end and a little barbell looking rod at the other end for turning. At the base, there were four two and a half inch hollow threaded tubes that had a long bolt threaded through it with a very sharp two inch pin at one end and the other end had the barbell rod on it. The threaded washer holding the screw was long enough that it could contain the two inch pin.

Traci went to the chair and sat on it. She told Karen, “You should feel free to scream because no sound can be heard outside of the dungeon.”

Traci disconnected Karen’s nipple chains and pulled her blouse up to her neck. She grabbed the device and put it over Karen’s left tit and held it centered over the tit and flat against her chest. She held it with one hand and began turning the screws on the base with the other. She would turn each screw until the pin touched Karen’s tit. Then she turned each screw two turns and then went to the opposite side of that screw and turned it twice. Then go to the next screw clockwise to that one and turn it twice, then to its opposite and so on. When the pins pierced the skin Karen screamed in pain. She begged Traci to stop, but it did no good. As the pins twisted and screwed further in to the base of her tit, Karen just screamed and begged and screamed some more. When the pins were completely screwed in, Traci turned the top screw until the hook could connect to Karen’s nipple ring.”

Karen was now groaning from the constant pain and had tears streaming down her cheeks and dropping to the floor. She begged, “Please stop Traci, it hurts too bad. I thought you were my friend. Please have mercy.”

Traci told her, “You should be grateful for your nipple rings you know. If you didn’t have them, I would have had to push the hooks through your nipples.”

Traci put the nipple ring over the hook and began turning the screw out. It lifted the nipple and elongated it. The stress that it put on the pins in the base of her tit and on her not quite healed nipples caused Karen to scream in agony again.

Karen again begged, “Please stop…sob…sob…Please…sob…sob…it hurts…sob…sob…Please don’t… AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

When it looked like the nipple couldn’t take any more strain, she turned the screw one more time and quit. She moved the chair to Karen’s right side, got the other tit torture device and repeated the procedure on her right tit. When she was done putting the devices on Karen, she went back to the last crank and unlocked it. She turned the crank in the opposite direction until Karen was leaning at a 45 degree angle with her face up.

Traci again locked the crank, picked up the riding crop and walked over to Karen. She put the handle of the crop in Karen’s mouth and told her, “Hold it for me, won’t you dear. I’m going to whip you with the crop 25 times. If you drop the crop while I am reattaching your chains, I’ll double that to 50.” Traci grabbed the nipple chains and pulled them up individually and attached them to the turning bar on the base screw on the upper part of the base ring. This caused the chain to pull very tight with no slack at all. She repeated the process with the other chain and her clit was pulled extremely tight and was elongated quite a bit. Even though her clit hurt each time Traci connected her chains, it didn’t surpass the pain in her tits. She groaned from the pain, but did not drop the riding crop.

Traci stood back up and took the riding crop out of Karen’s mouth and ordered, “I want you to count and thank me for each swat with the crop. Do you understand slave?”

Karen said quietly through her tears, “Yes Mistress” realizing that that was the right response for a slave to a master or mistress.

Traci swung the crop through the torture device and hit the upper left quadrant of Karen’s right tit. Karen screamed from the pain caused by the strike of the crop, the pull from the four pins in the base of her tit, the nipple ring and from her clit.

Karen forgot to count so Traci told Karen, “That didn’t count because you forgot something slave. Let’s start again.”

She struck Karen again in the same spot with the same results except that when Karen quit screaming she remembered to say, “One, thank you mistress may I have another please.”

Traci said, “Of course you may.” She then swung the crop and hit the upper right quadrant of Karen’s tit.

Karen screamed from the pain and then said, “Two, thank you mistress may I have another please.”

Traci hit the lower right quadrant of her tit and then the lower left, waiting each time for Karen to count and thank her. When she had hit each quadrant three times with the crop, she moved to Karen’s left tit and repeated the process. Karen screamed terribly each time the crop landed. Once each tit had been whipped with the crop 12 times for a total of 24 swats, Traci swung the riding crop down onto Karen’s clit as hard as she could. Karen screamed and passed out.

While Karen was out, Traci unhooked the chains from the tit torture devices and removed them, cleaning each pin with rubbing alcohol to disinfect them. She turned the crank until Karen was upright. Karen’s fish net top and skirt fell down again and Traci reconnected the nipple chains. She lowered her until her feet were touching the ground. She disconnected the ankle shackles and reached into a hidden pocket in her skirt and took out an ammonia capsule. She broke it open under Karen’s nose and she came awake with a groan. Traci waited a minute and then asked her, “Are you able to stand on your own now?”

Karen shook her head yes and Traci reached up and disconnected the wrist shackles. She ordered, “Get on your knees Karen.”

Karen quickly complied and assumed the now familiar slave’s kneeling position.

Traci lifted her skirt and stepped up over Karen’s face and ordered, “Get busy slave, you know what to do.”

Karen quickly attacked Traci’s cunt and clit to get it over as quick as possible. As excited as Traci was from torturing Karen, it didn’t take long for her to reach orgasm. When she recovered she looked at her watch and noticed that they had been in the dungeon for 40 minutes. She told Karen, It’s a shame that our time is up. But it’s time for you to leave.”

Traci led Karen out of the dungeon and down the long hall. While they were walking down the long hall and to the stairs, she told Karen, “If you tell anyone about the dungeon, I’ll ask Darrell if I can have you for a month long stay in the dungeon.”

Karen went pale at the thought of spending a month in that dungeon. She promised, “I won’t tell anyone, I promise. But my collar has a camera on it and Darrell watched what you did in the dungeon. He knows all about it now.”

Karen’s face was a mask of fear. Fear that Darren would punish her for disclosing that she wore the camera collar and fear that Darren would tell someone else and Traci would get to torture her for a month.

Traci stopped and looked at Karen and saw the fear in her face. She realized that what she said must be true or she wouldn’t be so afraid. She looked at the front of Karen’s collar and saw the very small camera lens. She backed up a step so she was sure her face could be seen and said, “Darrell, please call me here at the library before you tell someone. When you hear what I have to say I think you will agree to keep it a secret a little while longer. I promise that the little group your parents belong to will find out about it soon enough. Just give me a little more time. I have to finalize a couple of things first before it becomes public knowledge or we might lose any chance of getting it for their organization. Please call me, oh and thanks for the loan of your sweet little slave here. She’s sure is fun to play with.”

After Traci said what she wanted to she turned and headed up the stairs. When they got to the top of the stairs, Traci pulled a lever next to a light switch. The book case opened and they walked into Traci’s office. The book case automatically closed behind them. She led Traci out to her van and when they got there, she hugged Karen and whispered, “I can’t wait until our next opportunity to be together again.”

Traci gave Karen’s nipples a hard pinch and then swatted her on the ass as Karen turned to step into the van. She walked back into her office and picked up the phone. She dialed Deb and told her that she was in. No sooner than she hung up than the phone started ringing. She picked it up and when she heard who it was she immediately began explaining everything to him. She got his assurance that he wouldn’t tell anyone if she would make the announcement at his party the next evening. Traci agreed that she would have everything ready by then.

Karen got in the van and grabbed the last sack and read the name and address on the attached envelope. She recognized the name and address immediately and started crying. It was the address of her best friend Sandy Mc Bride. She drove over to her friend’s house and got out of the van. She grabbed the sack and went to the door and rang the bell.

The door was opened by her friend Sandy who squealed and gave her a big hug. She grabbed Karen by the hand and pulled her into the house and excitedly yelled, “Hey mom. Karen’s here.”

Anne walked into the room and noticed what Karen had in her hand and asked, “Is that for me?”

Karen answered, “Yes Mrs. Mc Bride”, not knowing whether to reveal anything to Sandy or not.

Anne took the sack and read the letter in the envelope. When Anne finished reading the letter she looked at Sandy and said, “Slut Sandy, I want you to go down to your special room and get ready.”

Sandy looked surprised that her mother would say that in front of her best friend but she complied immediately. When Sandy had left the room, Anne asked Karen, “Did you have any clue about Sandy’s secret life?”

Karen answered, “No Mistress. I would have never guessed. I was surprised and saddened when I read the name and address on the envelope.”

Anne told Karen, “Yours and Sandy’s friendship is about to be thoroughly tested. Follow me to the basement.”

They went down the stairs to the family room where Karen had spent many happy hours with her best friend. She noticed that a door that had never been opened while she was there was now open. It had another set of stairs that led down to a room that was definitely made for playing torture games. Karen wondered how she had never noticed these things about the people she had known her whole life. She was beginning to realize that she really didn’t know any of them at all.

As they entered the room, Karen noticed that Sandy was kneeling naked in the middle of the room with a huge dildo in her cunt and collar on her neck similar to the one she had worn at Miss Tyree’s house. Anne ordered, ‘Strip Karen. Be sure to take your chains off also.”

Anne opened a cabinet and took out a matching dildo and collar and handed it to her. She told her “Put the dildo in your cunt and fasten the collar on.”

While Karen was doing that, Anne ordered, “Sandy, go get the head harnesses that go with yours and Karen’s dildo and collar. I then want you to put one on Karen and for her to put one on you.”

Sandy quickly ran to the cabinet and got the two harnesses. She put the little trigger device in the Karen’s mouth and tightened the straps of the harness down tight around her head. When she was done they both knelt down side by side in front of Anne in the slave’s position.

Anne ordered, “Karen, put a harness on Sandy.”

Karen immediately went about putting the head harness on her best friend. When she was done she resumed the kneeling position in front of Anne.

Anne handed each girl a three inch wide leather strap that was three feet long. She took out a one foot long rope that had a loop at either end. She handed the rope to Karen and told her and Sandy to put their left hand through the loop and grab the rope. Anne asked, “Karen, Do you know the collar and dildo do?”

Karen shook her head yes.

Anne explained, “You two are now going to have a spanking fight. You will proceed to hit each other with your straps until the collar has choked one of you enough that you pass out. I hope you are really good friends because after this I’ll be very surprised if you remain that way.”

Karen and Sandy both were already crying. They neither one wanted to hurt the other, but knew that if they didn’t they would be hurt severely.

Anne ordered, “You girls need to turn on each other’s dildo, collar and head harness.”

They did the dildo first and worked up. When they had turned the harness on, Anne simply yelled, “Begin”.

They just stood there for a minute looking at each other until they felt the first shock and inflation of the collar. Karen having had a very recent run in with this very device decided she wasn’t going to wait for it to get worse and took the first swing and hit Sandy hard across her tits. This was enough to get the desired response from Sandy. While Sandy was screaming, Karen swung the strap again and hit her thighs. The belt wrapped around her thigh and snapped against her tender inner thigh just below her cunt. Again Sandy screamed and the hand with her strap went down to where Karen’s strap had landed and started rubbing. Karen felt the vibration in her cunt increase and while Sandy was bent over she hit her across the back with the strap. Sandy had bent a little lower as Karen swung and the strap just barely grazed her back. Sandy got enough of a breather that she could respond and swung up with all of her might and caught Karen right on her cunt. Karen screamed and Sandy’s collar and dildo went back one setting. They then began trading swipes with each other. Karen was a bit stronger and had the advantage of her experience that day. She eventually wore Sandy down and as she weakened, Karen seemed to get stronger. Her anger and excitement had combined into a blood lust and she began whipping Sandy harder and harder. Each time her dildo vibrated more and more and she became more excited and closer to orgasm. When Sandy’s collar had tightened enough to cause her to pass out, Karen’s dildo in her ass joined in with the other and sent her into an earth shattering orgasm. She fell to her knees until she had recovered.

When she had recovered she crawled over to Sandy and removed the collar blocking Sandy’s air way. She saw Sandy take a huge intake of breath and started coughing. Karen cradled Sandy’s head in her arms and cried her heart out for what she had done to her friend. She begged for her forgiveness over and over.

Anne ordered, “Karen, leave the little slut and get over here. She’ll be alright, but if I don’t cum soon I’m going to get really pissed off. And you don’t want to see me pissed off. Besides, I’ve wanted to do this for years. I can’t believe that I finally get to realize my fantasy.”

Karen crawled over to Anne and started eating out Anne’s cunt. Anne clamped her thighs around Karen’s head and noticed that Sandy was waking up. She ordered, “Sandy come here.”

When Sandy was close Anne ordered, “Fist Karen’s cunt and suck on her clit at the same time. This is your chance to get her back for what she did to you.”

Sandy started fingering Karen with two fingers and quickly advanced to three, then four. She tucked her thumb under and slid her entire hand into Karen’s cunt. She kept her hand in Karen’s cunt and got on her back and slid under Karen. When she was under Karen’s cunt she lifted her head and started licking, sucking and nibbling on Karen’s clit. She balled her hand into a fist and began pumping it in and out. Just as Karen was bringing Anne to a monstrous orgasm, she felt hers begin as well. Anne and Karen both stiffened and shuddered from their orgasm.

As Anne and Karen recovered, Sandy asked, “Mistress Anne, may I remove my fist from Karen’s cunt please?”

Anne said, “Yes you can dear.”

Sandy pulled her hand out of Karen’s cunt and then sat back on her heels and knelt there with her head bowed. As Karen gained her wits she assumed the same position and waited for orders. Finally Anne was recovered enough and sat up in her chair and looked at her slave daughter and her daughter’s best friend.

Anne asked, “Karen, I want you to tell me what you’re feeling.”

Karen answered, “There are no words to explain what I feel. You have just made me beat my best friend to near death. I am sick that you made do that. I hate myself for doing it and especially for getting sexually excited from doing it. I hope you can forgive me Sandy because I can never forgive myself. I love you so much.” She was in tears when she finished and Sandy was too.

Sandy looked at her mother with pleading eyes and Anne shook her head yes. Sandy leaned over and hugged Karen and told her, “I forgive you. I understand that you didn’t have a choice. A slave never has a choice. They just have to comply with their orders. I love you too and am sorry you got pulled into all of this.”

They continued crying for a couple of minutes until they heard Anne say, “Oh my, we need to get Karen on her way or she’ll be late getting back to Deb’s. Karen, can you tell Deb that Sandy and I are in? She’ll know what you mean.”

Karen told her, “Yes Mistress”.

Anne told her, “Hurry up and get dressed and on your way.

Karen quickly put her clothes on and ran up the stairs and out of the house. Just as she got in the van and started the engine, she felt the first shock of the dildo in her ass. She was glad that she was only about 4 blocks from Deb’s store. She drove as fast as she could to Deb’s store. She only felt the shock increase twice before she rushed in to the store and asked, “Tell Deb I’m back please.”

Deb came out saying, “Welcome back Karen. Come back to my office.”

Deb turned to go back and Karen followed her into the office. Once there she knelt in front of her desk. Deb sat in her chair and said, “Congratulation Karen. You did very well. Do you have anything to tell me?”

Karen answered, “Yes, Anne told me to tell you that she and Sandy are in.”

Deb said, “Very good. You have won over all three. That is better than I could have hoped for. You are a remarkable young slave. I am going to enjoy my time with you. When do you think we can get together for a session in my little play room?”

Karen replied, “The week after next is open and Darrell could send me on Monday of that week.”

Deb asked, “Do you think your hubby could let me have you for three days instead of two? I have some wonderful new toys coming and would like to try them out on you.”

Karen felt the dildo vibrating in her ass and answered, “My master says that yes I can be here for three days Monday through Wednesday night.” Karen felt the vibration again and knew she had made Darrell happy.

Deb told Karen, “I’m looking forward to it. You better go now. I understand that you have at least one more stop before the day is through.”

Karen said, “Yes Mistress” as she got up and returned to her van. She started the van and drove to her next stop, the liquor store, crying the whole way there.

This ends Chapter 11 of Part 1 of Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story.

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