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Charlotte and her ‘Winnie the Pooh’ panties will forever be etched in my mind.
Fbailey story number 210

Winnie The Pooh Panties

I have watched Charlotte, the adorable girl across the street grow up for a number of years. Our children are all grown up, married, and living on there own elsewhere. I see Charlotte almost every day going to school, coming home, and playing around the neighborhood in the evenings.

As far as actual contact and speaking to one another, that is few and far in between. Once or maybe even twice a year she will bring over a brochure of items that she is selling for her senior class in school.

This time Charlotte came over to my house soon after my wife went off to a meeting with her mother. She knew full well that I would be home alone. Charlotte looked much better than I had ever seen her look before. She still had that little girl voice though and it really turns me off. She told me that she was taking cosmetology in BOCES during her senior year and asked me how I liked her hair and makeup. Of course I said that I liked it just fine but she wanted a real honest opinion so I got closer and inspected her face and then her hair. I told her that the color of her hair was nice, that it had a cute cut, but that there was way too much hairspray on it. Her makeup was pretty good but she was wearing too much of that too. I told Charlotte that I liked makeup on my wife best when she didn’t look like she was wearing any makeup at all. After all a little goes a long way. Her bright red lipstick was too much and her eyes were way too dark. Charlotte thanked me for my comments.

Then Charlotte asked me about her outfit. I knew that a simple ‘I like it’ was not going to be enough for her. So I looked her over as she smiled at me. As I looked at her tight T-shirt top I saw her suck in a deep breath and thrust out her chest. It wasn’t necessary at all because she had a great chest already. It was a light green cotton material that was short enough to show off her tummy yet it had a low scoop neckline that showed off her ample cleavage. I complimented her flat tummy but wished that her bellybutton was pierced with something sparkling in it. I complimented her top but wished that I could see her nipples hard or at least a hint of her bra. She pulled at her top and adjusted it until I could see the lace along the edge of her white bra cups. I thanked her for the view and she smiled sweetly. Then Charlotte told me to sit down in my chair and inspect her miniskirt. It was a dark blue denim low-rise miniskirt and rode low on her womanly hips. It was short but I couldn’t quite see her panties and I really wanted to see her panties. I couldn’t tell her that, could I? So anyway I complimented her on her miniskirt and how nicely it hung low and how it enhanced her fine looking round ass. Then Charlotte asked me if I could see her panties and of course I said that I couldn’t. She actually lifted up the bottom of her skirt until I could see her panties. They were adorable and had ‘Winnie the Pooh’ on them. They were little girl cotton panties. I could see how they outlined her vee and stretched across her mound tightly. I told Charlotte that they were definitely cute but that a girl her age should wear something more grown up and sexy.

Charlotte was not done with me yet. She said that she really did appreciate my opinions. Next she wanted to know if she was a good kisser. So she kissed me, then I kissed her, and finally we kissed one another several times. She was vibrant and youthful and I very much liked kissing her. Finally she wanted to know what I thought about her body…so she undressed for me. Wow! This eighteen-year-old beauty was standing before me totally naked. She had even removed her shoes and her socks.

Her fingers and toes were painted bright red like her lipstick and I told her that I really liked that. She asked me about the shape of her breasts, whether or not she should get her nipples pierced, and if she should go braless more often. Her breasts were absolutely perfect as far as I was concerned and she should definitely show them off. As to her nipples being pierced I told her that the thought really turned me on. I checked her smooth tummy and her fine rounded ass then I checked her pussy. It was naturally quite hairy and it could certainly use a trim just to clean up the untidiness. Charlotte was not done with me just yet she wanted me to check out her pussy further and then she sat down, leaned back, and parted her legs for me. I knelt down on the rug between her legs and looked at it very closely. At her suggestion I used my fingers to open up her hairy outer pussy lips, then her shinny inner pussy lips, and then I poked around in her moist hole. I ran my finger up to her clit giving her a thrill. She purred like a kitten but spoke like a little girl. I was fingering a grown woman but she kept reminding me that I was robbing the cradle. I found that the faster and harder that I rubbed her clit the less she spoke and the more I enjoyed it. Soon I gave her an orgasm and she flailed her legs, bounced her ass off the chair, and groaned delightfully.

After she finally recovered she smiled at me and asked me to trim her bush for her and then she asked me if I would go with her when she got her belly button and her nipples pierced. She smiled as she said that could pay for her piercings if I wanted too. In exchange she said that I could fuck her right then. She also told me that she was a virgin and that she wanted me to be her very first lover.

I got a pair of scissors and returned to trim her fur a little shorter. I went to get my electric razor with the sideburn trimmer and ran a smooth line around the outside of her pussy lips leaving the top and down the slit alone. When I finished I told Charlotte that there was only one place left for me to inspect. While she was wondering what it was I lifted her legs up high in the air and spread them so that I exposed her brown puckered asshole to my gaze. I couldn’t help but plant a kiss on it and then lick her pussy. She had a harsh almost unpleasant taste but it was truly natural.

I was so hard that I told her that I would pay for any piercings that she wanted, that I would take her, and that I would pay for any sexy new underwear that she wanted too. Then I slipped my cock into her pussy. It was outstanding. I had not slipped my cock into another woman in all the years that I had been married. In fact my wife was the only woman that I had ever slipped it into and she too was a virgin our first time. This felt so wrong but at the same time it felt so good too. Every time that she started to speak I kissed her to shut her up. I made love to Charlotte just like I had dreamt of doing for the past several months. It was ever so slow, it was very gentle, and it was the most loving thing that I had done in a long time.

I had been thinking of making love to Charlotte ever since I had seen her at Thanksgiving time when she delivered a pumpkin pie to me that I had bought from her class bake sale. My wife had answered the door and let her in. Charlotte had placed that pie on my lap while I was sitting in my favorite chair. The hand she had been holding it up with wound up in my lap with the box covering her actions. She had turned that hand over and was massaged my cock through my pants while she recited off a long list of the ingredients for me. I couldn’t believe that in that short period of time that she had made me cum in my pants. Of course afterwards I told my wife what Charlotte had done but she just laughed about it. My wife believed me but she actually though that it had been cute but I just couldn’t get Charlotte out of my mind. After that every time that I made love to my wife, in my mind I was making love to Charlotte.

Now I really was making love to Charlotte. I could feel her firm young breasts pressed against my chest, I could feel her round ass cheeks in the palms of my hands, and I could feel her tongue in my mouth as I filled her pussy with cum. The experience left me drained and it left Charlotte flying high. As I composed myself Charlotte got dressed and left.

I was in the shower when my wife returned. She got naked and came into the shower with me. She helped me wash my cock and balls real good then she knelt down and started sucking my cock. Surprisingly I got hard. She stood up facing me and lifted one of her knees up to my waist. Then she poked my cock up into her pussy. We had never made love standing up in the shower before so this was an entirely new experience and I liked it. Since I had just recently cum I lasted for a considerably longer period of time to her enjoyment. I closed my eyes and pretended that Charlotte was on my cock in the flowing water with me. Even though her tits felt the same smashed against my chest, her ass sure didn’t feel the same in my palms. However the image of Charlotte was enough to do the trick and I filled my wife with cum just as she orgasmed.

As we lay in bed cuddling my wife asked me about my night. She listened to my feeble story about a boring evening at home alone. Then she held up Charlotte’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ panties that she had found on our front doorknob when she came home. She said that there was a big gob of fresh cum in the crotch of them too. She wondered why anyone would place them on our doorknob. I told her that I didn’t have any idea what so ever.

As I fell asleep I was thinking about taking Charlotte for her piercings tomorrow and shopping for some new underwear. If anyone asked I could just tell them that I was her grandfather, after all who would ever think that a lovely eighteen-year-old beauty like Charlotte would be romantically involved with a sixty-five-year-old guy like me.

The End
Winnie The Pooh Panties
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