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When I first met Mitchell, he told me he would like to fulfill a bondage
fantasy and asked me to write one for him. He provided me with one from
his view point, but MY aspect of bondage was a little different.
Obviously, I was going to be the one in control not him. Here's a
scenario I'd like to explore with him:

The kids had gone away for the weekend so I had the apartment to myself. I
called Mitchell at home:

"Hello?" He answered.

"Get over here right now." I ordered.

"Yes, mistress." he replied.

As I waited for him during the 20 minutes it takes to drive from one side
of town to the other, I went around the house lighting candles and turning
off the lights, trying to create the mood for the evening. I slipped into
my red satin negligee and sprayed cologne in my "special" places. As time
shortened before his arrival, I displayed my "toys" for easy access upon
Mitchell's arrival. Soon there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door, standing in full view so Mitchell could see I was
wearing my negligee with nothing beneath. His eyes widened, but with a
look, he lowered his head, knowing he was not permitted to stare at me in
the eyes. I took his hand and pulled him inside the apartment and shut the
door, locking it behind me.

"Did you wear it?" I asked.

"Yes, mistress." He replied

"Take your clothes off, I want to see it." I ordered him.

"Yes, mistress." He whispered as he began to undress, eyes lowered all the

"Fold your clothes and lay them on the chair as you remove them." I

"Yes, mistress." He continued to undress and began to fold his clothes,
starting with his shirt, then removing his socks and shoes, and finally his
jeans, revealing the leather strap he wore beneath. It was a black harness
wrapped around his ass and thighs, leaving his penis and balls exposed. As
he bent over and folded his jeans and put them on the chair, I couldn't
resist touching the smooth skin of his ass. So beautiful, his cock half
erect in anticipation.

"Do I please you, mistress?" He asked, eyes still lowered.

"Let me look at you a while. Stroke your cock for me." I commanded.

He took his cock in his hands and began to stroke it slowly.

"Caress your balls too." I requested.

He stroked his cock with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. I
reclined on the couch and began to rub my pussy as I watched him stroke
himself. As he slyly watched me playing with myself, his cock began to get
rock hard. It was beautiful. His hairy chest only accentuated the beauty of
the vision.

"Come here." I ordered. "Put your hands behind your head and keep them

"Yes, mistress." he replied as he positioned himself in front of me.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you to open them."

"Yes, mistress." he closed his eyes and tried to keep from smiling. He
knew what was next, we both did and were both excited but tried to contain
ourselves the best we could.

I took his cock into my mouth. It twitched at my touch, pre cum slithering
down the underside of it. It tasted so delicious. I loved seeing him in the
leather strap with only his cock and balls revealed. It looked so
restraining, yet so inviting. I wrapped my hands around his ass and held on
to him as I sucked hungrily on his cock, flicking my tongue and nibbling
lightly alternately. I licked down the shaft of his cock to his balls,
which I took into my mouth one at a time, licking and sucking. Mit chell
swayed on his feet, almost collapsing in ecstasy. I took his sac into one
hand, and began stroking his cock as I sucked on the tip of it a little,
flicking my tongue in and out of the urethra, then taking it into my mouth
as deeply as possible, almost gagging on it. I sucked slowly, slowly, then
wanted to taste his balls again, so moved once more to caress and make love
to his balls as his cock rubbed against my face.

The hardness of it excited me and I wanted . to make him cum in my
mouth. I moved back to the tip of his cock sucking, licking, nibbling
taking it deeper and deeper into my mouth moving slowly, slowly then
increasing my speed sucking tightly and moving a little faster, tighter,
faster, faster until he spilled his love juice into my waiting throat,
where I eagerly swallowed it and reveled in the culmination of this the
most intimate bond.

He took my head into his hands, knowing I was finished with this part of
the ritual and drew me up to his mouth where he kissed me deeply and
passionately, tasting himself on my tongue.

"Now we can rest up for more later, okay?" he asked.

"Yes, my're going to need the rest, believe me!" I replied.

We headed up to the bedroom, where the toys awaited the next session of


2004-04-20 00:22:36
i liked this one...i'm sopping!

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