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Coed tries to trap her Knight using sex as the tool

Learning to make love was secondary as far as I was concerned. I wanted to find a promising young man who would take care of me for the rest of my life. My mother said very little about sex further than teaching me what I had to know before becoming a woman. Other than that, I guess she just assumed I would know or learn as the need arose. I recall from comments she made that sex was something dad required of her and she participated out of duty.

With that foundation, I went off to College in hopes of finding my White Knight in Shining Armor. I dated in high school, but nothing serious, mainly because I wanted to find someone who already had a defined future. The high school boys simply didn't have a certain enough future for my needs. Dating boys allowed me to get out of the house and be part of the crowd. I let them kiss me because I learned early on that if I didn't, they wouldn't ask me out again. However, I also learned how to manipulate them by giving just enough to keep them interested, but not get pawed any more than I thought necessary.

When I was a junior in college, I found the guy that seemed to fit the bill. Rick was a senior majoring in Business Administration. He had worked his way through school without the help of his parents or a scholarship. He was rather intense, but seemed to have a good perspective on his future. He had stated that when he graduated, he would have his school bills paid off and be ready to take a job. When he asked me out one Saturday night, I jumped at the chance.

We went to a movie, then drove around and talked. He didn't try to kiss me the first date, which I found refreshing. We dated a few more times then one night Rick spotted a car with a headlight burned out and yelled, "Popeye!" In those days kids played a game that was designed to end up with an excuse for some necking. If the guy saw a car with a headlight out and hollered "Popeye," he got to kiss the girl. If she saw it first and hollered the same comment, she got to slap the guy.

By now, I was ready to be kissed, but Rick hadn't even tried anything beyond holding hands. This was something different as I was used to having to fight the guys off after the second date. His technique, if it was a technique, had the desired affect on me. I was beginning to wonder if he liked girls in general and me in particular. When we stopped at the apartment I shared with my mother, he took me in his arms and said, "I think its time I collected on that Popeye." Without waiting for an answer, he gave me the tenderest and sensuous kiss I had ever felt! I returned the kiss with everything I had ever learned.

I better explain about sharing an apartment with my Mother. I was going to college on a scholarship when Dad got transferred to Kansas City. It was just too far for Dad to commute every day, and we couldn't afford to lose my scholarship. In addition, Mom had a good job in town, so we decided to sell our house in town and both Mom and Dad would rent apartments. Dad would come home every other week, and Mom would go to Kansas City on the alternate weekends. This left me alone every other weekend, but that worked out well for studying and parties.

Over the next few weeks, Rick began teaching me more about kissing and cuddling than I knew existed. Even though the physical aspect of dating didn’t particularly turn me on, I figured I better pretend to enjoy it so I could keep him interested. As the weeks went on, Rick began caressing my breasts through my blouse, and from time to time he let his hands roam over my bottom as he pulled me tight to his hips. I could feel his penis pressing against my tummy, and experienced some kind of apprehension about what might be next.

After about two months, one of the boys I had dated during high school called asking for a date. It was a bit awkward since his sister was one of the teachers at the University. Tommy came to spend the weekend with her two or three times a year, and when he did, we went out. I decided to make this serve a double purpose. I told Rick I needed to talk about something in private. I told him that Tommy was going to be in town, and that I needed to be able to date him the two evenings he was here. Rick looked a little puzzled before asking what it meant. I told him that we had dated a lot in high school, and that Tommy still thought of me as his special girl.

"What does he mean to you?" asked Rick with a note of persistence.

I just gave him a mysterious smile and said that it probably would be best if he gave me a little room. My theory was that if I could make Rick jealous, I might be able to move our relationship along a little faster. It was less than four months to graduation, and if I were going to secure Rick for something more than a date, it would be necessary to get a commitment soon. My plan was to make it appear as if Rick had some competition so he would make a move.

Rick gave me the space I needed, but after Tommy left, he came by the apartment and asked if we could talk. We went out for a coke and parked at his favorite place.

"Well, where do things stand?" he asked without any preliminaries.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I said in a dismissive tone of voice.

"Well, you said you needed some time to talk to Tommy and see where your relationship with him stood. I just want to know if I should get lost, or if you are still available."

I decided to kind of play him along and really get him worked up, so gave him some kind of noncommittal answer.

"Well, let me know if you want to go to Kansas City with us or not, so I can make other plans if I need to."

During spring vacation, several of our crowd had decided to go to Kansas City, about a three-hour drive, for a week end. Rick's roommate came from Kansas City, where his parents still lived, and Mary Jo's parents still lived there as well. This would give us free room and board for the three days we spent there. I told him that I was planning to go, and the next weekend we were off. I kept up the act by playing “hard to keep.” My theory was that the more I kept Rick in suspense, the more aggressive he would become, and perhaps even suggest marriage.

We went to some shows and a Professional Basketball game. On the drive back, Mary Jo began crying. It finally came out that her boy friend had broken off with her and she was devastated. Rick, Jim and Keith kept up a line of banter trying to cheer her up. On the other hand, I was doing a slow burn! Rick had spent more time in Kansas City sight seeing and going to ball games than courting me. It finally dawned on me that perhaps I had overplayed my hand and was getting the same treatment in return as I had been dishing out.

Now, he was giving all his attention to Mary Jo. I sat there during the entire trip listening to the kidding and banter. From time to time Rick tried to get me to participate in the conversation, but I ignored him, giving him the silent treatment. I had done that a couple of times before and thought I was really sending him a message. Finally we arrived back in town about mid-evening. As we were driving into town, I saw a car with a headlight missing. I yelled, "Popeye!" and slapped Rick with about as much force as I could muster in the confined space. Rick yelped in pain and surprise, nearly losing control of the car. There was a stunned silence in the car.

"Why did you do that?" asked Rick in a voice seething with fury.

"I just saw a car without a headlight," I said innocently.

Without another word, Rick took the corner onto the street where I lived with tires squealing. He pulled up in front and got out. In a moment he had my suitcase and was going up the stairs to my second floor apartment.

"Good bye," Rick said as I turned for a kiss.

"Don't you mean Good night?" I asked with fear in my heart.

"I mean GOOD BYE!" he said and stomped down the stairs.

The next day I waited for him in our regular place so we could have lunch together. He didn't show up, and when I went to the cafeteria I saw him at a table with Mary Jo and Keith. I got my lunch and sat at the table with them. Rick didn't acknowledge my presence, but continued talking with Mary Jo. I chatted with Keith and a couple others of the gang then said I had some serious studying to do and left. By now, I knew I had really pissed Rick off, and that unless I came up with something brilliant I was going to be out of luck with him.

For the next few days I pondered my options. I tried to be friendly to Rick, but he fairly well ignored me. He was civil, but it was obvious that he had no intention of asking me for another date. I decided not to press him too much, so began eating lunch at another table so as not to provoke him any further. I talked with Jean asking her what she thought I should do.

"Well, for one thing you can stop playing games with him! I've heard that he really likes you, but can't stand you being devious. He doesn't know where you stand with Tommy and from what I can gather you won't tell him, so he has decided that you really want to break it off, but don't want to hurt his feelings. Why don't you just level with him and stop trying to manipulate his feelings!"

"I'm afraid I can't even get the chance to talk to him, he completely avoids me," I replied with a heavy heart.

(Author’s note; some of you have asked where fact ends and fantasy begins. Well, here it is!)

Jean broke out with a big grin.

"What's so funny?" I asked, "You know something I don't?"

Jean just kept smiling and looked at me with a kind of knowing look.

"Linda, I can't believe with your figure and your looks that you can't come up with some way to get him to talk to you. Girls have been getting guys to say they love them for years. It’s about time you got with the program!"

"I'm sorry, I just don't know what you are saying," I said in a puzzled voice.

For the next hour, Jean attempted to "Educate me," as she put it. By the time we finished, she had outlined an elaborate plan. I could scarcely believe what I was hearing, but had to agree that desperate situations required desperate measures. When Jean learned that Mom was going to go to Kansas City to visit Dad, she decided that was the perfect opportunity. Together we worked out the details.

On Friday afternoon Dave, Jean's boy friend, asked Rick if he would drive them to a new dinner and dance club since Dave's car was in the repair shop. Dave said he would buy Rick's dinner if he would go. Rick agreed, and picked them up at 6:00 P.M. driving straight to the club. After they were seated, I walked in and sat by Rick. Rick looked at Dave sharply.

"So your cars in the shop?" he said in a steely voice.

"Not now, actually Linda picked it up from the repair shop about an hour ago and drove it here. OK, so we set you up, why don't you and Linda have dinner on us then split, from here it’s up to you guys. We just wanted to give you a chance to talk."

I could sense Rick's discomfort, but tried to get him to relax. After dinner, the waiter came by asking for dessert orders.

I quickly spoke up and said, "None for us thanks." Turning to Rick I whispered, "We're having dessert at home."

I stood up and took Rick's hand leading him out to the car.

"Rick. I’m sorry about how I've been acting. Tommy means nothing to me. We broke off when he was here a few weeks ago. I'd just like to go home and talk this out over dessert."

"OK, whatever," grunted Rick.

We drove straight to the apartment and went right in. Rick kind of glanced around then asked when my mother would be home. I told him that she was in Kansas City for the weekend, and wouldn't be back until late Sunday night.

"Sit down, I'll get the first of our dessert," I instructed.

"What's this, more than one dessert?" commented Rick.

"Wait and see!" I replied with a smile.

Rick sat down, and a moment later I placed two dishes of lime sherbet on the table, and handed Rick a bottle of wine. He opened the wine and poured for both of us. I ate slowly, savoring the cool sweetness of the sherbet, and the relaxing affect of the wine. As soon as our glasses were empty, I refilled them, holding the glass up for a toast.

"Let's drink to the next course," I said lightly.

By now I was experiencing the mellow feeling of the first glass. I poured Rick another glass, and then poured myself about a third of a glass. As I sat down, my sleeve caught the glass and spilled it on the table, running down onto my lap, just like I planned. I jumped up grabbing for napkins. Rick hurried around to help, but my white slacks were already stained a deep red.

I told Rick that I had to get out of the slacks and rinse them before the stain set. I hurried to the bathroom and closed the door. Quickly, I stripped out of my clothes and rinsed them in cold water, then stepped into a hot shower. In a few minutes, I was toweling myself off with a fluffy white towel. Next, I slipped into a little pink nightie with a sheer cover up. Then, I put my robe over the top. A quick touch up of lipstick and make up, topped off with my most alluring perfume, and I was ready. Rick glanced up as I stepped out of my bedroom. When he saw me, his face took on a kind of startled expression.

"Did you get it all rinsed out?" he asked.

I nodded, saying that I had to take a shower as well because it got all over my tummy and legs. I could feel his eyes boring into my robe as if he was trying to see right through it.

"Ready for the next course?" I asked innocently.

“Depends on what it is, I guess,” he replied with a shrug.

"Well, what would you like it to be?" I asked seductively.

"Well, I've always liked surprises," Rick replied, "so why don't you just bring it on."

"OK," I said as I jumped up and scurried off to the kitchen.

I rattled some pans around for a minute or two then stood by the door.

"Are you ready for the next course?"

“Ready as I will ever be,” he replied sounding a bit annoyed.

"OK, close your eyes and I'll bring it right in."

I dropped the robe to the floor with a quivering heart, and for a second almost backed out. If it wasn’t for the wine, I'm sure I would have.

"Here it comes!" I called out, "Close your eyes tight."

I opened the door and checked to see that he had his eyes closed. Observing that they were indeed tightly closed, I quietly slipped into the dining room and stood behind him.

OK, you can look."

Rick opened his eyes and looked at the table.

"I don't see anything," he commented as he turned his head to where he had heard my voice.

What happened next was a wonder to behold. Rick caught sight of my sheer cover up that offered almost no restriction to his observation of my little pink nightie. His mouth fell open and he fell off the chair trying to get up and turn all in the same motion. I reached down to help him up. He was up in a flash, staring at my nightie.

"What's this?"

"I told you its dessert, don't you like it?"

Slowly a big grin spread over his face.

"Looks a bit hotter than the last course!" he observed as he gathered me in his arms.

In a moment, we were locked in a passionate embrace. I could feel his penis rising to the occasion. I snuggled closer pressing my hips into his manhood. I could feel his hands begin to run up my back. The movement of his hands felt almost as if they were on my bare back. I kissed him as hard as I knew how, and was instantly rewarded with an equal response. Seconds later, his hands were on my bottom, pulling my hips even more tightly against him. We continued to kiss and snuggle against each other for a few minutes.

Finally, Rick led me to the divan and pulled me down beside him. In an instant, he was all over me, running his hands up my sides, up and down until his subtle movements bought his hands onto my breasts. He stroked and caressed them with rising passion and urgency. Even though the negligee and nightie offered almost no resistance, he began tugging it up until I was totally exposed to his burning gaze. Before long, Rick began running his hands up and down my legs, moving closer and closer to my pouting lips. When his hands brushed my pubic hair, I thought I was going to faint from the electric shock that rocketed through my body.

Rick was struggling to get my nightie up above my hips, so I raised up a bit to allow him to push the flimsy fabric out of the way. He immediately started playing with my tummy and worked down to my most intimate spot. I felt his finger began to probe my opening. I opened my legs a bit further to give him more room. By now, my breath was coming in short little moans. I laid back feeling Rick explore further and further. After a few more minutes, Rick rolled between my legs and lowered himself over me. I threw my arms around him pulling him close. After a few more minutes this, Rick stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Let me help," I said as I stood in front of him.

My negligee and nightie fell back into place. I could feel Rick's eyes traveling up and down my body as I unbuttoned his shirt. Shortly, I had slid his shirt off and tugged his tee shirt over his head.

"Follow me," I instructed.

I led him to my bedroom, and pulled the covers down to reveal my freshly laundered sky blue sheets. The fabric softener wafted up with a pleasant smell. Rick looked at me with a big question mark on his face. In answer, I reached out and tugged his belt loose. Before long, his pants were on the floor and soon his shorts joined them. I stared at the first erect male penis I had ever seen. It looked huge! I had expected it to be big, but I wasn't quite prepared for something this big. Rick sensed my concern and gathered me in his arms again. He kissed me tenderly as he gently pushed the negligee off my shoulders. He stepped back as it fell to the floor. Then, he swept my nightie up and over my head in one swift move. We were standing by my bed totally naked and quivering in anticipation.

I opened the drawer of my nightstand and handed Rick a condom. Without a word, he opened it and rolled it onto his throbbing penis. Seconds later, we were in my bed, cuddling and kissing. Rick rolled between my legs and knelt over me. He began lowering himself over me. I opened my legs further, giving him unlimited access to my virginity. After a couple of futile probes, Rick guided his penis to my quivering bottom and thrust forward. I kind of shrank back, but he kept moving forward. I felt an instant of pain, then felt myself forced open as he continued sliding in until he could go no further.

Rick moved in and out about half a dozen times before collapsing on me shaking in little spasms. He kissed me once or twice then kind of rolled to one side. After a minute or two, I felt him slip out of me. I lay beside Rick wondering what to do next. I had just lost my virginity, and wondered how I should feel. I felt as if I had captured Rick, but didn't feel like anything very special had happened for me. I concluded that Mom was right, having sex was something that a woman did because if she didn’t, her man would split.

Carefully I slipped out of bed and stepped into the bathroom. I felt a little sticky down there, and wanted to wash up. I could see traces of blood on my leg, indicating that indeed I had once been a virgin. In the few minutes that it took to clean up, Rick had rolled onto his back, sound asleep. His once proud rigid image of masculinity lay limp and useless. As I slipped back into bed beside him, he awoke with a start. He kissed me and said that he loved me, then began running his hands all over my body, playing with my breasts. Soon, he was kissing them and sucking on my nipples.

Before long, his flaccid cock was standing up and ready for another conquest. He pushed me onto my back, and plunged in, pushing himself in as deep as he could. This time, he moved more slowly, taking long slow strokes. I began thrusting my hips up to meet his advances, and soon began to feel a rewarding sense of excitement build in my tummy and throughout my bottom. After a few more mutual thrusts, Rick jammed his thing into me as hard as he could and held it there quivering and shaking.

By morning, we had made love three more times, each time he seemed to enjoy it more, and spent more time shoving his cock into me. However, I became more convinced that it was simply a duty I had to fulfill to capture my “Shining Knight.” When the sun came streaming through the East windows, we got up and took a shower together. Rick dressed and left the room while I finished drying and doing my hair and make up. When I came out, he had prepared breakfast and had it set out on the table ready to eat. We ate in silence, savoring the bacon and eggs he had cooked to perfection.

Over the next several months, we spent the weekend together whenever Mom was out of town. Rick kept trying new things, and asking if I had come, whatever the hell that meant. I always said that it was great and I came, but I don’t think he bought it. He seemed to think that if I came, he would be able to see some kind of expression or hear some sounds. I wasn’t about to encourage him anymore, I was giving him sex every other weekend, and that should be enough to keep him satisfied.

We eventually went our separate ways, but not before we taught each other as much as we could about sex and making love. I probably would have married Rick if he had asked, but he never did. All in all, I'm not sorry I gave him my virginity. When I did marry, I learned that some men like games, but Rick sure didn't. I doubt I could ever have played it as straight as he would have demanded.


2008-02-26 05:02:32
Have to agree. I think I like the other stories because, yes they may be a bit predictable, but the sex is always good for everyone by at least the third time.


2008-02-25 12:08:09
Good story, shitty sex.

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