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My sister really is willing to do anything sexual.
Fbailey story number 211

Willing To Try Anything

My sixteen-year-old sister Alexxus is ripe sexually and willing to try anything. So I decided to take her to an underage drinking party. I am her eighteen-year-old brother.

When I said that Alexxus was sexually ripe I meant it. At sixteen she was already five feet six inches tall and weighed one hundred and twenty-five pounds. The doctor said that she was absolutely perfect and I certainly agreed with him. She had long naturally wavy back hair, a fairly tiny waist, and her hips flared out perfectly. Her ass looked so good in her tight jeans that I almost instantly got a hard-on at the sight. Then of course there were her fabulous breasts. She inherited them from dad’s mother because Alexxus was almost twice the size as our mother in that department at a very healthy 34-C+. She doesn’t quite fit in a D-cup yet and she overflows a C-cup. Playtex makes half-cup sizes but only between A, B, and C, not between C and D like Alexxus needs. Mom suggested a pad that you put inside your bra to take up the extra space but Alexxus said that she didn’t need to make them any bigger on purpose. So she continues to wear her C-cups…for another month or two anyway.

When I said willing to try anything I meant that too. Her three best girlfriends love to spend Saturday evenings at our house because our parents are never home, we always have plenty of wine to drink, and because I’m there. They really seem to like me and like them too.

You see I help my dad make wine in our cellar. We have a whole lot of six-gallon carboys full and some half full of wine. Some are ten years old and some are still brewing. Friends and neighbors are always bringing a jug by for me to fill up for them.

So anyway last week was the ultimate in ‘truth or dare’ for the girls. They always and I do mean always choose dare. I had seen them all naked many times and they had all sucked my cock too. I had seen them all take dildos in both of their holes and I had fucked them all in both of their holes. I had even seen them run down the middle of the street naked. But last week I watched as the other three girls discussed who would be the worst boy in their school to fuck, then they had Alexxus call him up and offer him sex. Alexxus told him that she was naked and that he could fuck her if he could get there in thirty minutes or less. I was watching out the front door as he rode up on his bicycle, dropped it in the yard, and ran up the front steps at exactly twenty-nine minutes.

I opened up the door for him to enter and he saw that Alexxus was standing there completely naked as he entered. She was smiling at first but it soon changed to a slight frown. Then I thought that she might even throw up. Dorky Dan was a real geek not a nerd. He was tall, he had pimples all over his face, and he had buck teeth. He also had a reputation for not bathing or using deodorant.

Alexxus smiled at him and said, “Fuck me Dan.” Then she laid down on the carpet in the living room and opened up her legs for him. Her three girlfriends were just wearing their bras and panties as they watched Alexxus from the couch. Dan was totally embarrassed at first but also totally horny too. He never said a single word he just pulled out his cock and got on the floor next to her. He kissed Alexxus, he sucked her nipples, and then he got between her legs. He fumbled and shook so badly that Alexxus grabbed his cock and helped him get it in her pussy. He lasted about five seconds, grunted, and said thank you to her.

The other girls laughed at him but Alexxus told him to ignore them, to relax, and that she would let him do it again. Then Alexxus dared each one the other girls to suck him hard so that he could fuck her three more times. I just smiled as the first girl got down on the floor with him and started to suck his cock. It was covered with their combined juices but she had sucked my cock many times after I had fucked one of them. Dan got hard again quickly with his cock poked into her mouth. Alexxus pulled him into her again. He fired off almost as quickly again that time and then another girl started to suck his cock hard. It took her longer to get him ready for Alexxus and it took him longer to fire his load into my sister. Now the third girl sure had her work cut out for her. She sucked on him for almost ten minutes just to get him half-hard. Alexxus didn’t care as long as he could get it into her.

I could not believe that Alexxus was taking such good care of that geek. All she was dared to do was to let him fuck her once, not fuck her four times until he got it right. She had even let him kiss her and feel her up in between the fucks too. Alexxus even asked him if he wanted her to suck him hard again but he said that he was done and that he couldn’t get it up again even if he had too. After Alexxus sent Dorky Dan home she told us that she had just felt sorry for him. That was why she had let him fuck her four times. She thanked the other girls for all of their help.

That was when I decided to take my sister to an underage drinking party. Sexually ripe and willing to do anything was perfect for our parties. Alexxus was all for it.

Just before the next drinking party I had six gallons of wine ready to go. Alexxus looked great in a white see through blouse with a red bra and a black miniskirt with red panties. She had on red shoes too. She also knew that she was going to be the wine dispenser…literally. I had a tube that was going to be in Alexxus’ pussy and whenever the guys wanted a glass of wine it would pump into her pussy and then drip into their glass. She would have an all night wine douche and every glass of wine they drink would have come from her pussy…including what the other girls drank too. Alexxus already knew that she was going to remove her miniskirt and panties before we got started. She was also planning on removing her bra and leaving her white see through blouse open so that everyone could see her tits too.

When we arrived at the house where the party was located I carried in the jug of wine while Alexxus carried in the hoses and pump. The kid who lived there already had a wooden chair set up on top of a table for us. He announced that the wine dispenser had arrived. Alexxus just smiled and took a bow, climbed up on top of the table and removed her skirt. I took it and put it someplace safe. She then removed her panties and I put them in my pocket. We all watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra revealing her great tits. She fluffed her wavy black hair and sat on the chair. She held her pussy lips open while I inserted a tube into her hole and had her hold it in place while I held a plastic cup right under her pussy and pumped the jug to fill it. Then I took a sip and announced that the bar was open.

Alexxus was amazed at how cool the wine was and how good that it felt flowing through her pussy. She was even more amazed that the guys and even the other girls wanted to drink it afterwards.

Alexxus told one guy to lick up the last drop of wine so that it didn’t drip onto the table below and make a mess. After that everyone licked their last drop from her pussy. However one of the other girls said that it wasn’t fair that she had to lick Alexxus’ last drop but that no one licked hers. Alexxus told the girl to climb up onto her chair and bare it if she wanted her to lick it. The next thing I knew someone put a chair up on the table on either side of Alexxus for the girl to stand on. She centered her pussy over Alexxus’ face and let her lick it. The guys went wild watching Alexxus lick the girl’s pussy while they used her pussy as a wine dispenser. Everyone was happy. The more they drank the happier they got. Eventually girls were openly letting the guys fuck them and then letting Alexxus lick them clean afterwards. Alexxus was a good sport and even encouraged them to let the guys fuck them. Someone suggested that Alexxus start putting three X’s in the middle of her name like a porn star. She liked the suggestion.

I fucked one of the girls filling her with cum then I had her change places with my sister. I used the wine to douche my cum out of her pussy and then I handed the glass to her to drink. At first the girl refused to drink the cum wine but when she agreed that if she had given me a blowjob that she would have swallowed my cum then it made more sense to her and she drank it. After that each girl was given a wine douche to drink after each fuck…and did they ever fuck. Each fuck got them more to drink so that they were easier to fuck again. It was a viscous circle with the guys winning.

Alexxus wasn’t like the other girls and whenever she got fucked she handed the cum wine back to the guy that had fucked her. That had been her agreement to let him fuck her in the first place. I even had a glass of wine from her with my cum in it too.

It was a party that no one would ever forget.

The End
Willing To Try Anything
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