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This story is going to be a spinoff on a legend. I'll relay the incident
first for you so you'll understand the scenario.

My brother-in-law told me a story about a woman whose husband wanted to
have a surprise birthday party for her and invited all the people she
worked with to their home. The first thing she would do when she arrived
home from work was to let their German Shepherd out of the basement, so
he asked the guests to wait in the basement until she let the dog out
and then surprise her. They waited for a little while and her car pulled
up in the driveway. She came into the house, but didn't let the dog out
as soon as she got in the house, so the people waited patiently in the
basement. After a little while, her husband heard her approach the door.
Before she opened the door, she said, "Here boy, I've got something
special for you." When she opened the door, she was stark naked except
for the peanut butter on her nipples and her crotch. Everyone got a
surprise! She quit her job shortly after.

The following story is what MIGHT have happened if I had been the woman:

As I opened the door, I was surprised by a group of people hiding in the
basement. My dog, Rex, promptly bounded up the steps and began to lick the
peanut butter from my crotch. My husband, Lewis, and the guests advanced up
the steps slowly, at first with shocked looks on their face, slowly turning
into lustful grins. Since I work with 3 men, I had a feeling that I was in
for more than I could handle. I had been busted!

I backed from the door slowly, with Rex licking madly at the peanut butter
smeared on my crotch. As I backed against the sink, the men followed the
dog, watching him lick the peanut butter, and I could see the obvious
bulges growing in their trousers to match the grin on their faces. Bill
realized what was happening and had a nasty thought:

"Well, baby, I planned a surprise party, but I never anticipated anything
like this!" He said.

"Me neither.......Rex....quit it...Rex...get away!" I replied. I tried to
bound for the doorway to the bedroom, but was captured midway by eager
hands on my arms and around my waist.

"Let's just let Rex have his snack and then we'll see what pops up, okay?"
Lewis said.

He asked Tim, one of my coworkers, to help hold me so the dog could finish
licking the peanut butter from my body. I squirmed as his tongue licked
deeper and deeper into the crevice between my legs. As the dog licked the
peanut butter from my crotch, Lewis and Tim began to lick off the peanut
butter from my nipples simultaneously, pausing to look at each other
occasionally and wink. In the meanwhile, the other men began to remove
their clothing, their erections bursting forth in anticipation of what
might be in store for them. I was pinned down, squirming in ecstasy, as the
other two men approached, a gleam in their eye and their cocks in their

"Wait! What are you going to do to me?" I asked, trying to keep from
cumming all over the dog's tongue. I knew I would be in big trouble if that

"Mmmm....I don't know...Maybe this will be a really special birthday for
both of us, what do you think, gentlemen?" Lewis responded. Tim led Rex to
the door and let him out into the yard.

"I think it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone." My boss,
Jeff, responded. He moved closer and proceeded to feel my pussy lips,
inserting one finger at a time into the dampness there. "I think since
I'm the boss, I deserve the first turn in this lovely pussy." Then he
promptly grabbed his cock and my ass and shoved his prick into me hard
and deep.

"Be my guest!" Lewis exclaimed. He turned me around so that I was leaning
on my side against the counter and as Jeff fucked my pussy, Bill grabbed a
handful of butter from the table, greased up his cock, and slid into my ass
from behind. I could feel their cocks touching each other as they fucked me
in unison. I was wiggling and squirming and screaming as they bucked into
me faster and faster, deeper and deeper. As they fucked me, Tim had taken
my face into his hands and was kissing me deeply. Joe , my other co-worker,
was busy squeezing and sucking my tits, cleaning every drop of peanut
butter from them. I took Tim and Joe's cocks into my hands and began
jerking them off, feeling the precum sliding through my fingertips. They
took turns kissing me and sucking my tits ass. Lewis and Jeff fucked me
faster, faster, pumping furiously. As they fucked, I jerked on Tim and
Joe's cocks, faster and faster, squeezing and pulling until they shot their
loads into my hands. Seeing them cum, Bill and Jeff explode d inside me as
I reached orgasm and began to jerk uncontrollably as cum poured from me.

"Happy Birthday, baby!" Lewis said.

'Yeah...Happy Birthday Baby!" Tim, Jeff and Joe shouted!


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2004-09-30 20:23:38
that was kinda mean...basiclly what dripping pussy said


2004-06-25 23:06:04
speak english fred you cunt!
I dont Know if your trying to say all right or eight you seppo prick.


2004-06-16 22:42:32
this story is....interesting....Its not all that great, but its not horrible....keep working author, and you'll get it one of these days. :)


2004-05-12 14:20:10
i agree with fred on this one!

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