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Just another day at the park with my wife and my two beautiful daughters. Not!
Fbailey story number 212

Bicycle Built For Two

My wife and I took our two teenage daughters to the park for the day. We had been there before on occasion but not on any regular basis, maybe we should. This park has walking, roller blading, and bicycling paths. It has food vendors, playgrounds, and a nice beach. It has beach volleyball, sunbathing, and plenty of beautiful young ladies.

We got an early start that day. Our daughters were really excited. Molly Sue had just recently turned fifteen years old and Peggy Jo had been fourteen for just three months. We knocked the two girls out exactly nine months apart. We always joke about having had a private room for Molly Sue’s birth so that we were able to get a jump on Peggy Jo’s birth. My wife is very fertile; it only took her one month to get pregnant after our marriage. So about a month after Peggy Jo was born I got a vasectomy. That sure took the worry out of being close.

When we first arrived at the park that day it was just a little on the cool side so Molly Sue asked me if we could go bicycle riding. Of course if Molly Sue wanted to do something then Peggy Jo wanted to do something else. Typical sisters I guess! So anyway I went bicycling with Molly Sue while my wife went off with Peggy Jo to the beach.

At the bicycle rental place Molly Sue asked me if we could get a bicycle built for two and I thought it was a great idea especially if she could help me peddle. Well Molly Sue had another idea and got on the front so that I could help her peddle. As she climbed onto the bicycle seat I realized that she was wearing a denim miniskirt and that I got a glimpse of her pink panties stretched across her pussy. I asked her if she wanted to change into a pair of shorts and she said no. I told her that someone might see her panties and she smiled at me and asked me if I was embarrassed to see her panties.

I just laughed it off and said, “No not at all.”

She said, “It’s not any different than you seeing me in my bra and panties in the morning as we pass in the bathroom.”

I replied, “Except that we are out in public.”

Molly Sue said, “Then don’t look, Daddy” and off we went.

As we got going I noticed that Molly Sue’s miniskirt had crept up her ass to expose more and more of her ass cheeks to me. She was wearing a pair of pink thong panties with a very narrow strap up her ass. As she leaned forward her ass cheeks parted and I could see the entire strap up her butt and the tiny triangle at the top that held everything together. Since I wasn’t stirring the bike I could gawk at my daughter’s sweet ass all I wanted too. After we passed the five-mile marker Molly Sue pulled over to rest for a minute. I watched her stretch her back, twist her waist, and bend over so that I could see down her neckline at her breasts. She looked up right then, caught me looking down her top, and then she smiled at me.

Molly Sue asked, “Should I have worn a bra or do like the view from this end too.”

I smiled back at her and said, “I like the view from both ends honey.”

So right then my own daughter flashed me, like she had seen her mother do on a few occasions. She lifted her top up above her breasts exposing them to my gaze for the very first time. I had seen her in bras, wrapped in bath towels, and in baby doll nighties lots of times but never bare-breasted before. They were certainly everything that I had thought they would be. They were about a B-cup, very perky, and she had just the most adorable little pink nipples that you ever wanted to see. Her areolas were the same light shade of pink as her nipples were and not much bigger than penny. After what seemed like a whole minute she giggled and dropped her short top back down into place.

Molly Sue then asked, “I’m ready to go if you are. Do you want to ride up front or are you just as happy to stare at my ass some more?”

I replied, “I’d love to stare at your ass for another five miles.”

Molly Sue said, “Well then these will just get in the way.” She reached up and pulled down her pink thong panties. She shoved them in my pants pocket and climbed on the bicycle seat in front of me. As we headed back Molly Sue made sure to lean way over to give me a good view. She even stood up and peddled for a while letting me see her ass cheeks bounce from side to side. She gave me the best possible view of her ass crack, her brown puckered asshole, and of her lightly fur covered pussy from behind.

I knew that she was doing all of that for my benefit so I reached out and ran a finger down her butt crack stopping at her asshole. Molly Sue didn’t flinch at all. So I continued down until I had touched her pussy. I moistened my finger and then I touched her pussy again. This time I inserted the tip of my finger into her moist pussy lips. She told me that it felt good and that she wanted more. Then she pulled over and stopped the bike again. We pushed the bike off the path and into the woods a little way to get out of sight of anyone else that might be venturing out that far.

Molly Sue said, “Your finger felt really good but how about something bigger?” Then Molly Sue grabbed my crotch.

Was she asking me to fuck her? Yes she was. Should I fuck my own daughter? Why not! I couldn’t possibly get her pregnant and she was obviously asking for it. As my mind was in turmoil over the pros and cons of fucking my teenage daughter, she was dropping my pants and my underwear to my ankles and sucking on my cock. Molly Sue really didn’t have to suck on it because it was already rock hard. I assumed that she just wanted too suck on it so I let her although I really needed to fuck her before she made me cum in her mouth.

I grabbed Molly Sue by her shoulders, stood her up before me, and then I kissed her. I turned her around, told her to lean over, and then grab onto a tree. I lifted her miniskirt up to her waist, used my foot to part her feet, and used my hands to part her pussy lips. My throbbing cock found its own way into her waiting pussy. I pushed it in before it crawled in all by itself. Molly Sue felt so good wrapped around my cock that I had nothing in my mental reserve to compare her too. I had never fucked a virgin before, I had never fucked a girl her age before either, and I had certainly never fucked one of my own daughters. I reached under her and grabbed a hold of her firm tits as I banged into her ass over and over again. I had done that same thing to her mother before but that was certainly nothing like this. Molly Sue was so tight and the feeling was so strong that I could not hold out for very long. I cum in my daughter quite well and she seemed to thoroughly enjoyed it.

Without even cleaning herself up Molly Sue sat back on the bicycle seat and waited for me to pull up my underwear, my pants, and get on behind her. She slimmed the hell out of that seat as we rode back to the rental station.

When we rejoined my wife and Peggy Jo they wondered what had taken us so long. I simply lied and told them that we had gone out to the seven-mile marker before turning around. Needless to say Peggy Jo wanted to go bicycling with her mother and was determined to beat our record.

Molly Sue put on her skimpy bikini and made sure to entertain me until her mother returned. She played beach volleyball with some other kids while I watched her. She even played baseball and soccer with some of them too. She was having a wonderful time and I was enjoying watching her.

When my wife and Peggy Jo finally returned they were both exhausted. Peggy Sue kept complaining about the bicycle built for two that they had rented. It was the last one that the guy had to rent and the front seat was all slimmed so she made the guy wash it off with soap and water. She said that it was disgusting and that at least three guys would have had to jerk off on it to get that much cum.

My wife snapped to attention and said, “Three guys…cum…how would you know young lady?”

Peggy Sue blushed and said, “Well I was at a jerk off party once.”

Molly Sue piped up and said, “I didn’t go with her…honest mom.”

As my wife prodded Peggy Sue for more information we got a much better picture of what had taken place a week ago at one of her girlfriend’s homes. She and her girlfriend had stripped naked, squatted in the center of their dinning room table, and masturbated for the girl’s brother and two of his friends. The boys had also stripped naked and were jerking off to the view of the two naked girls and their exposed pussies. She had seen each of the three boys cum on the top of the table, so she knew how much cum that a boy could produce. Peggy Sue swore that she was still a virgin but that she had really enjoyed having the boys watch her masturbate in front of them.

Molly Sue said, “Then why not let dad watch you do it. I’ll even join in.”

Surprisingly my wife said, “Maybe I’ll join you too. That is, if your father doesn’t mind.”

I just smiled at my three girls and slipped my hand up my wife’s leg until I touched her bikini clad pussy with my little finger. Both of my daughters were watching my hand as it rested there. Around us on the shinny white sand were other people but none of them were paying any attention to where my hand was.

Peggy Sue asked, “Should we go in the water so you can do that in private?”

My wife replied, “Why don’t we just go home, get naked on the dinning room table, and have a masturbation party of our own.”

Quickly both girls said, “Okay.”

We picked up all of the beach towels, the rest of our stuff, and headed straight for our car.

The End
Bicycle Built For Two
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