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A dark and sadistic tale set in Victorian England
Alice Marchant smiled as she relaxed in her office. Her business
enterprise was now starting to pay dividends and several new clients had
recently been showing a keen interest in visiting St Saviour's as paying

Today, Jonathan Brown MP and his wife Elizabeth would be visiting St
Saviour's and Alice intended to persuade Elizabeth to become a patron
like her husband.

Like all her prospective patron's, Alice had found out about the Brown's
sexual interests and was delighted to learn that they were both sadists
who took every opportunity to abuse Elizabeth's nieces and nephews,
during their many visits to their country house estate.

Alice decided not to tell them that she knew about this abuse, but
intended to temp Elizabeth to become a patron, by offering them both an
opportunity that they would find difficult to resist.

Jonathan Brown, a respected member of parliament had to be very careful
not to compromise his position, so keeping this abuse within the family
turned out to be a much safer option.

Highliffe Manor, the Brown's country residence is set in 80 acres of
parkland and situated well away from the nearest village and many miles
from the nearest town. The manor house is surrounded by landscaped
gardens, the one at the back being the largest and also it has many
rooms, some of which they have had turned into special playrooms.

Jonathan had always liked children and Elizabeth sensed this even before
their marriage and helped him by arranging for her nieces and nephews to
visit their country estate as often as possible.

Drugging the children so he could undress them and then fondle their cute
little bodies was at first all that she would do, but she soon overcame
her scruples to actively help Jonathan abuse them, even encouraging him
to go further.

They needed to be extremely careful that nothing they did marked the
children's bodies because they were family, but then came the saving
grace in the form of permission to punish them if they were naughty.

This turned out to be just what was needed to cover the marks caused by
their rough abuse. It didn't take long for the thrill of having so much
power over the children to lead Jonathan and Elizabeth to use the
punishments as an excuse to abuse them even more severely.

They always made the children's visits appealing with party games and a
large spread of food and drink to ensure their eager return. The drugs
had the effect that they always remembered their visits as being very
enjoyable and were always pleased to see their aunt and uncle, throwing
their arms around the couple and showering them with kisses.

Elizabeth administered the drugs in the children's drinks and never
started any of the games or abuses until she was certain that the drugs
had taken there full effect. The drugs had the effect that they were
always willing to play the games even if they suffered cruelly during
them, because they didn't remember the pain they had suffered last time,
when they came to play it again.

One of the many games that Jonathan and Elizabeth would force the
children to play as a prelude to the more serious abuse, was called
"blind as a bat" a game played in the lovely garden at the back of the
manor house. They would run out into the garden like ponies released from
a pen, until called to play the game.

When it was time to play the game, they would be stripped of all their
clothes, blindfolded and then chased around the garden by Jonathan and
Elizabeth who each carried a birch rod and driven through as many
stinging nettles as possible.

If they stopped or ran the wrong way, then their bottoms would be
thrashed and then pointed in the right direction. It was a good job that
the manor house was so deep into the country, as the children's screams
were very loud during this game.

They would soon be stung all over making them scratch furiously. It was
always a delight for Jonathan and Elizabeth to watch the children scratch
their genitals, thighs, breasts and bottoms as they marched them up to
the playrooms at the top of the manor house, where the more serious abuse
would then take place.

Jonathan liked roughly handling the girl's vaginas and breasts, squeezing
and pulling them until they got excited and begged for more, bringing
screams as he pinched their nipples and clitorises, not satisfied until
they reached multiple orgasms.

Elizabeth enjoyed watching him whilst she fondled the cocks and balls of
her nephews, pulling and tugging them roughly whilst masturbating them;
sometimes well after their balls were empty.

She also helped by holding their thighs and bottoms wide open so that
they could abuse and spank them together. They were always rough when
handling the children and pushed their fingers deep into their bottoms
to bring them on regardless of their screams.

One of the abuses they both enjoyed inflicting when they were starting to
lose their sexual interest was to thrash the same child, while the others
were made to watch and to masturbate themselves.

Quite often the children would go home in such pain from both the nettles
and the spankings that they didn't even notice the pain in their
genitals. As the children were always drugged they knew little of these
ordeals several hours later when they got home.

They never ever complained to anyone about their aches, pains or soreness
and their parents seemed to turn a blind eye to the state of their bodies
were in when they arrived home.

The parents dismissed the bruises as just rough play and natural to
children of that age and were of the opinion that it would provide them
with excellent character building.

Elizabeth was always quick to point out that her nieces and nephews were
very rough with each as they played, needing to be punished regularly.

However, Elizabeth was growing tied of abusing her nieces and nephews and
now wished to find new victims. That is when Jonathan told her about St
Saviour's orphanage and Miss Marchant's plans to introduce new patrons
into her entourage.

It was in response to an invitation from Alice, that they now made their
way to the orphanage this morning.

Sitting at her desk, situated in a large bay window overlooking the lawn,
Alice was looking at the Journals and photographs of Peter and Sarah, two
attractive children who were now causing her a great deal of excitement
and torment.

With the photographs displayed in front her, Alice slipped her hands
under her dress and started to masturbate, pulling at her engorged
clitoris and rubbing her bottom along the central seam in the chair's
wooden seat.

The photographs had been taken in different poses shortly after the
children had arrived by Dr Stevens, each taken whilst they stood naked in
the stable yard and cold from the compulsory hosing down.

Despite the expense, with so many children arriving at St Saviour's,
Alice found it to be a good way of remembering them all and she would
also be able to show them to prospective patrons. Looking closely at the
photographs she read the notes that Dr Stevens had written in their

Peter, she noted looked about 13 years old, tall and well endowed for his

According to Dr Steven's notes "He responds with over excitement when his
cock and balls are handled." He also had a well-muscled body and a smooth
handsome bottom that according to Jeremy "responded well to pain which in
turn causes his cock to erect nicely."

Alice, also noticed that Peter's cock, which in the photographs stood
erect from the cold, was of a size that would have had done any man

Sarah, she noted looked closer to 11 years old in her pictures.

She was a very attractive child, not nearly as tall as Peter but lithe
and slender, with lovely soft smooth skin. She looked cold from her
hosing down and her little nipples stood out erect from her small
breasts. Her clitoris also looked overly large for her age and stood
visibly outside her vagina.

Dr Steven's scribbled notes said, "Sarah reacts a little too keenly to
being touched, her nipples and clitoris becoming swollen and rigid very
quickly but her reaction to pain is excellent, accelerating her sexual
juices nicely."

As should have been anticipated by their looks and demeanour, Peter and
Sarah are compulsive masturbators and are currently undergoing corrective
treatment to cure them of this sinful habit.

Not that Alice, nor any of her staff, held to the view that masturbation
was a sin. It was more of an excuse than a reason, but served a purpose.
In this case Peter and Sarah are being abused and punished to entertain
Jonathan and his wife Elizabeth who is a prospective patron, a not
uncommon activity at St Saviour's.

Alice had already told Rebecca Bolton the matron that she would have a
free rein with Peter and Sarah's punishment, but as valued patrons
Jonathan and Elizabeth must be encouraged to get involved and allowed to
really enjoy themselves.

Rebecca wasn't unhappy about this because she knew that after Mr and Mrs
Brown had gone, she would be free to carry out even more of her special
treatments and punishments on these little tarts in private and without

Smiling to herself, Alice remembered that Rebecca was always pleased to
abuse the children in private and experiment with new and unusual
punishments at her leisure. Giving her this freedom always brought the
best out in Rebecca and she was just in the mood to be entertained today.

Alice also reminded her that Peter and Sarah were to be punished most
severely for their bad habits and expected them to need the infirmary

Rebecca smiled at Alice and said, "They will be Miss, just leave it to

Alice was drooling over the photographs and was experiencing an intense
feeling in her vagina and was just on the brink of a much-needed orgasm,
when a voice in the hallway abruptly interrupted her enjoyment.

Startled, she barely had enough time to place her hands back on the table
when she heard, "You can't go in there," just as a little girl burst into
her office, followed closely by a nervous and flustered young assistant
who Alice recognised as Betty Parker.

The child, in a state of shear panic screamed at Alice, "Please, please,
don't let her punish me," and then fell at her feet throwing her arms
around Alice's body, gripping her tightly.

Alice demanded an explanation. Betty Parker, who was one of Alice's
assistants replied, "I am really sorry Miss, but I was just about to
punish Amy Jennings for masturbating without permission, when she
struggled out of my grip and ran straight in here before I could stop

Alice recognised the child as the little girl she had the pleasure of
spanking in front of the governors in the boardroom and although she
thought her to be a very pretty child, she was furious with her for
prematurely ending her orgasm.

"How dare you burst in here without knocking," Alice spat fiercely.

She then turned to Betty and whispered, "Take her away and prepare her in
the usual way and then bring her to the special punishment room when I
tell you."

"Yes Miss, it will be a pleasure," Betty replied grabbing hold of Amy's
arm and forcing her to stand in front of Alice.

Looking straight into Amy's eyes Alice said in a sadistic tone, "You are
a very dirty little tart and you are going to be very severely punished,"
which brought fresh tears and despair to Amy, but Alice was in no mood
for her pleadings.

Betty, still holding Amy's arm very tightly not wanting her to get away
again, lifted the child's kilt to expose her to Alice and spanked her
bottom and thighs hard for a good few moments, before then marching her
quickly out of the office towards the preparation room.

Such a sweet little girl thought Alice as she watched Amy Jennings leave,
crying and putting up a struggle to avoid a further spanking. Alice
looked forward to watching Amy's special punishment later this afternoon
and thought that Betty had the makings of a truly sadistic mistress.

Her visits to the special punishment room were always a pleasurable
experience and a chance to relieve her pent up lust. The design of the
special punishment room was such that adults could watch children being
tortured in the main room, whilst being hidden in another, but still

She also knew that when Amy arrived she would have been well drugged and
totally unaware of the nature of her special punishment. Alice also made
a note to look at Amy's journal and photographs and to speak with Betty
before going to watch and oversee this little darling's special

However, that would have to wait until later, as it was almost time for
Mr and Mrs Brown to arrive and Alice busied herself arranging last minute
details with her staff.

Jonathan and his wife Elizabeth chose to walk up the long drive after
what had been a very bumpy last few miles in their old carriage.
Elizabeth strode very quickly; clearly excited by the prospect of new
victims to abuse that Jonathan found it difficult to keep up with her.

After what had been a brisk walk in glorious sunshine, the couple arrived
at the front door of St Saviour's and were greeted by a smiling Miss

A member of staff took their coats and Alice showed them into her office
before inviting them to sit down in what turned out to be pleasantly
comfortable chairs compared with the hard leather seats of their

They spent a few minutes exchanging pleasantries about the weather and
their journey then Alice picked up the little bell next to her chair and
rang for a member of staff.

"Have Peter and Sarah serve coffee and biscuits now," she told the young
girl who answered.

Nervously, a naked boy and a girl entered wearing what appeared to be
leather chastity belts, which were fitted very tightly around their
genitals. They were also in what seemed to be a dazed state and Elizabeth
looked puzzled.

Alice, noticing Elizabeth's confusion smiled and told her.

"The children at St Saviour's are always drugged to ensure their
cooperation, and also has the added benefit of ensuring a favourable
sexual response during their daily routines." Alice explained.

Elizabeth turned to Jonathan and smiled deciding not to say anything
about her extensive knowledge about her use of drugs to make her nieces
and nephews co-operate.

"This is Peter who is 13 years old and Sarah who is 11 years old," Alice
told them as she made room on the desk for the coffee things. The
children placed them down very carefully, their faces blushing with

"Why are they wearing those chastity belts," Elizabeth asked.

"They are being worn as a punishment for unauthorised masturbation,"
Alice said as she tested the tightness of the leather belts with her
fingers, causing both the children to squirm from the rough handling.

"They can only be effective if they are tight," Alice said with a smile,
as she turned Peter and Sarah so that Jonathan and Elizabeth could get a
better view of how tightly the belts fitted around their genitals.

Peter stood tall for his age and Elizabeth was pleased to see that he was
well muscled and had a firm manly bottom. His chastity belt was secured
around his waist and then passed tightly between his bottom and thighs.

A pouch of unforgiving leather cradled his balls and encased his well-
endowed cock, only allowing it a minimum amount of growth before its
restraint would begin to cause him pain.

The attention he was now receiving from Alice caused his cock to harden,
and Elizabeth watched with interest as it started to swell, the boy
beginning to squirm, the pain written on his face so restrictive was the

Sarah was much smaller than Peter, and to Jonathan's delight her breasts
had just a hint of growth with nipples that stood out hard and erect
caused by the cold of the room. She was similarly clad, but with a broad
piece of hard leather fitted snugly between her labia making her parted
vaginal lips bulge out around it's edge.

The belts were padlocked at the back so that only the matron could take
them off. Their bottom cheeks were cruelly separated by the thick
leather straps that passed tightly over their anuses, and also showed the
marks of a recent whipping, the tender pink lines risen on otherwise
alabaster cheeks.

"These two have proved themselves particularly fond of touching
themselves and they are both compulsive masturbators, which is always
severely punished at this orphanage." Miss Marchant explained, sipping
her coffee and declining one of the biscuits the blushing girl offered.

"Shortly, they'll be taken for their punishments," she told them.

The children blushed and hung their heads, waiting for the next
instruction, as they stood to one side, immobile. The couple were both
visibly excited by the site of the two children and Elizabeth whispered
to Jonathan "I would love to see them without those belts."

"What form will the punishment take?" Jonathan asked, stirred by the
sight of them, by their apparent willingness to do as they were told and
to wear such restrictive devices.

"They will be given a thorough cleansing followed by a sound whipping on
their genitals, thighs and bottoms with a martinet; a special whip the
French use on their children," she told them, whispering so the children
wouldn't become too nervous too early on in the proceedings.

"We must cure them of this habit and this seems to be the best way,"
Alice said looking at the pair of sinners and then at the couple, with a
knowing smile.

"After the whipping they will be made to wear spiked chastity belts
followed by further treatments and punishments later this evening," Alice

"On their genitals as well as their bottoms?" Elizabeth whispered.

"Yes, and very soundly," came the reply.

"We often let the governors and the patrons deal with the wicked ones."
Alice told them.

Then her face brightened as if she'd just had an idea.

"I wonder?" Alice said to them.

"You wouldn't consider helping us to punish these sinners, would you?"
she asked hopefully.

Elizabeth clutched at her husband's jacket and pulled urgently on it,
watching his face alight with fresh excitement. Jonathan cleared his
throat and glanced at the young girl, a girl who was already overly
familiar with her genitals and needed to be taught a lesson.

She glanced back timidly, quickly dropping her eyes when she saw that she
was being watched.

"Of course, we'll help as much as we possibly can," he told Miss Marchant
in his best parliamentary voice. "We owe it to the next generation, to
bring them up in the best way possible," he explained, hurriedly stopping
as another pull on his jacket warned him he'd begun orating again.

"When can we start?" Elizabeth asked eagerly.

Alice smiled at the couple, delighted that she had chosen well. Knowing
that Elizabeth was now well and truly hooked, she rang the bell again to
have an assistant escort them up to the dormitory.

"Mary, please show Mr and Mrs Brown and these two sinners to the

"You'll find matron is they're waiting for them," she explained as she
walked them to the door. Thank you, Elizabeth said, will we see you

"Yes I will see you before you go, please feel free to enjoy yourselves,"
Alice told them.

"We will," Jonathan replied with a big smile.

Miss Marchant was pleased that the Brown's had taken the bait and with a
little time to spare decided to look at Amy's journal to prepare herself
more fully for her visit to her special punishment room.

Locating the journal, Alice sat at her desk and spread the photographs
out in front of her and studied the notes that Dr Stevens had written.

Amy Jennings was 11 years old, according to the notes but the photographs
were disappointing compared with the close up view that Betty had treated
her to and from what she remembered.

She was a tall child, with a lithe body and breasts that were just
starting to develop nicely. Her nipples were erect from the hosing down
and she had a cute round bottom that Alice remembered took spankings very
well. Her cunt was lovely and smooth and she had an enlarged clitoris,
which poked out between her vaginal lips enticingly.

Dr Stevens had also written, "Amy, although only 11 years old, shows
signs of having repressed sexual desires dominating her everyday
functions and leaving her desperate to masturbate. This habit must be
corrected if she is going to settle in here at St Saviour's orphanage."

Jeremy had also scribbled on a close up photograph of Amy's bottom, "Her
bottom is nice and firm and able to stand a lot of pain, but when she was
made to open her bottom cheeks, she had difficulty remaining still while
having her anus and genitals fondled."

Alice knew that Betty was right to punish this naughty child and the
special punishment room was the right place for it to be carried out.

Mary Stokes, a seasoned young woman who had successfully negotiated life
in similar but less well run organisations, curtsied and offered a smile
to the patrons, steering them with all courtesy up the broad stairs while
cuffing and pushing the two children before her.

"These little tarts shouldn't be touching themselves all the time, should
they Misses?" Mary asked Elizabeth, her eyes darting to the woman's rich
and fine dress.

"Die if you do it too often I've heard."

Jonathan laughed. He was proof, if any were needed, that over use of
one's hand did not cause death or mental illness, his mind diverted, as
he watched their cute little bottoms as they climbed nervously ups the
stairs in front of him.

"Is the dormitory far?" he asked. "No sir, we are nearly there," Mary
said as they neared the first floor.

When they reached it, they were led along a corridor, stepping around
several children who were busily polishing the gleaming wooden floor.
They looked at Peter and Sarah first and then at Jonathan and Elizabeth
almost as if they sensed trouble was looming.

Reaching a large door, Mary quickly opened it.

"This is the dormitory," Mary told them quite unnecessarily; a long and
broad room with tall windows to either side that let the light in to
illuminate the large space between several large beds.

Dominating the centre of the room stood two large wooden whipping horses
that had several leather straps attached to their frames. Hanging on the
walls around this large dormitory were a number of menacing instruments
of punishment.

Elisabeth blushed when she realised that the children also slept in
pairs, her excitement flaring as she began to notice the peculiarities of
the cast iron beds, from the brackets and restraints, to the support and
fittings for other apparatus.

Her excitement swam within her as she imagined some of the uses such beds
could be put to, the fun one could have with the restrained captive held
so perfectly upon the mattress.

Jonathan remembered seeing other whipping horses around the orphanage and
was starting to realise what a cruel irony there was between curing the
children's masturbation habits and the punishments that Alice had been so
keen to sentence these attractive youngsters to receiving.

Rebecca Bolton was there and introduced herself to the couple as the
matron at St Saviour's sending Mary on her way before turning her
attention to the sorry looking children who by now were trembling with
fear and crying openly.

She gave Jonathan and Elizabeth a sly smile, whispering to the two eager
looking adults that she was going to make the children suffer for their

"They will also be tested to their limit today," she confided.

Enjoying the distressed state that Peter and Sarah were now in she walked
around them and said, "Well, well, what a sorry pair of sinners we have
here," and then turned to towards the excited patrons and smiled.

Telling Peter and Sarah to wait where they stood and not to be tempted to
touch themselves she returned to the eagerly waiting couple.

"We have some clothes for you to change into," she explained, leading
them towards her own bedroom where the clothes waited.

"Only we don't want you messing your own clothes, and these here allow
greater movement, if you know what I mean," she smiled.

Inside the small bedroom were two sets of garments laid out on the broad
and firm bed and next to them stood a young woman of a similar age to
Mary who also wore the uniform of the staff.

"This is Karen. She'll help you dress while I get the children ready,"
Rebecca explained, turning to exit the room and leaving the door slightly

Karen smiled and moved forward to help Elisabeth with her dress,
commenting on how lovely the material was and how perfect the cut.
Jonathan, left to his own devises, watched his wife's undressing and then
began to remove his own clothes.

At that moment through the open door the matron was heard to shout out;
"What naughty children, take your hands away from those belts!" "Your
bottoms are really going to pay for this. Get over here now!"

Shortly after that they heard the sound of severe spankings, given
without mercy as the children screamed and promised to obey. The
spankings lasted for several long minutes and Jonathan couldn't help his

He hoped his erection would have eased by the time it came for him to
remove his breeches, but that wasn't the case because when the sound had
faded his large cock stuck out before him like a curved bludgeon for both
his wife and the girl to stare at it.

"Dear Lord, Mister!" Karen said breathlessly.

Elizabeth, having grown excited by the sounds coming from the dormitory
and reacting with pleasure from the way Karen was touching her as she
helped the older woman change her clothes, now realised that they were
not going to be disappointed after all and turned to Jonathan and

She'd had long got used to Jonathan's girth, but the girl's response
reminded her of her first reaction and the first time her nieces and
nephews were made to play with it.

"May I feel it? Please?" Karen asked, her eyes flying from its owner to
its owner's wife.

Elisabeth laughed again then spluttered her permission, her laughter
continuing with the look on Jonathan's face, up until his expression
changed and he gasped aloud, the girl having fed his large cock deep into
her mouth.

"Jesus Liz, she has me in her mouth!" he gasped.

Elisabeth hurried over to see and pressed herself to her husband's naked
side, watching hungrily as the girl moved her lips along the bloated
cock, her little hands cradling his balls as she tried forcing more and
more of his cock into her mouth.

"Lizzie!" Jonathan whimpered, his legs beginning to bend as he felt
himself coming.

"Yes! Do it!" she cried. "Use her mouth!" she gasped, her eyes alight
from within as she looked up into her husband's star-struck expression.

With a cry torn from deep in his belly, Jonathan erupted into the young
woman's mouth, the first time he'd ever done so, the girl squeezed his
balls and then slobbering on his spurting cock while working avidly to
swallow the Life giving seed, unaware that she'd never conceive through
that form of sex.

When the couple returned to the dormitory after experiencing Karen's
delights, matron was waiting for them along with Peter and Sarah. Both
children had very sore bottoms and were wearing straight jackets that
left them exposed from the waist down.

The leather chastity belts had been removed from their slender if
adolescence loins to reveal genitals that had been made pink and tender
by the harsh rubbing of the unforgiving leather.

Jonathan and Elizabeth were now able to enjoy a completely uninterrupted
view of Peter and Sarah's genitals and smiled as they watched them
struggle desperately to waft some air onto their burning and now very
sore bottoms. Looking at the couple matron smiled.

"Children who are punished for masturbating themselves without permission
are always thoroughly cleansed and their offending genitals prepared,
before they are cleansed," Rebecca said as she made the children stand
with their legs wide apart and their backs to the couple in readiness.

Going to the rack on the wall, she brought back two pairs of strange
looking gloves and handed the couple a pair each saying in a whispered
voice, "If you could each put on a pair of these special gloves, then
Sir, if you can prepare Sarah's vagina and breasts while you, Madam,
prepare Peter's cock and balls, then we will be ready to start the

Elizabeth took the gloves and immediately noticed that tiny spikes had
been sewn into them and turned to Jonathan whose eyes were now glued on
the gloves and gave him a sly smile.

Approaching the children from behind, they passed their gloved hands
through the children's thighs and Elizabeth roughly massaged Peter's cock
and balls while at the same time Jonathan thoroughly massaged Sarah's
vagina and breasts teasing her clitoris and nipples.

In over excitement they couldn't help themselves and massaged in-between
their bottom cheeks bringing fresh screams as their exposed anuses and
already well spanked bottoms were tortured, for what seemed like an
unnecessarily length of time to the children.

Very soon screams of sheer agony were reverberating around the room as
they struggled to avoid the spikes as they scratched and tenderised their
genitals bringing fresh tears to their eyes. Rebecca complemented
Jonathan and Elizabeth for doing such a good job.

Elizabeth had made up her mind to use gloves like these to prepare her
nieces and nephew's genitals for abuse on their next visit, although
perhaps not so roughly as it was important to the couple that the
children genitals retained some feeling in order to cause them the
maximum pain throughout their ordeals and to ensure that their functioned
properly sexually.

Matron smiled knowingly, sensing a kindred spirit in the couple. "These
little sinners will now be thoroughly cleansed," she told them.

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness here," she recited on behalf of any
young ears that might be listening.

"If you'll follow me," she offered politely.

"It's very good of you to offer to help me punish these sinners," she
confided, as she led them all into the large bathroom that adjoined the

The bathroom was a large room used by all the children of this dormitory
for their morning enemas and ablutions. At its centre there was a long
bar with room enough to attach twelve children at once bent over and
restrained to be cleansed deep in their little bottoms.

Over to the left there were washbasins and a place to hose the children
down and over to the right a line of exposed toilet bowls.

Matron, removed the straight jackets and then gripped the crying children
by their necks, making them stand in front of the polished bar that ran
the length of the bathroom.

She then attached their feet to leather straps in the floor, where
cleverly fabricated 'wings' of metal hung from the bar forcing their legs
wide apart to straddle the little drains that were situated below them in
the tiled floor.

Walking around to the front of the children, she then took hold of their
wrists and pulled their bodies forward over the bar, attaching their
wrists firmly to the floor.

The calmness that had swept over Jonathan following his spurting into the
maid's mouth had left him now. The sight of their genitals appearing from
between their spread legs as they were forced over the bar ignited a new
flame in his belly that brought him erect all over again.

Jonathan was pleased the clothes he was now dressed in allowed room so
his erection didn't show.

When Peter and Sarah were well secured and ready to be cleansed, matron
picked up two long enema nozzles that were attached to hoses that snaked
down from an overhead tank of cold water.

"If you could each use these enema nozzles like this," matron explained,
as she dipped the nozzle in grease and then pushed it in and pulled it
out of Peter's exposed anus. "Nice and deep, then turn on the water
stopping only when their belly's are nice and distended," Rebecca
instructed them both.

Flush with lust Jonathan and Elisabeth eagerly took the nozzles, each
staring at them, first at the cleverly shaped ends that would fit deep
into the smallest of bottoms and then be held there by a flange about its
middle and then at the bent bodies of the nervously waiting children,
who's bottoms had been widely parted to reveal their anuses just waiting
to be defiled.

Under Peter and Sarah's bottoms, their genitals were nicely accessible.
Sarah's vagina, once pretty and bald, now showed the marks of her abuse,
heightening her loveliness to her tormentors. Peter's handsome cock and
balls, also marked by the gloves that had been on him, hung swaying with
every movement of his body, hinting at being overly large in later life.

With a glance at each other's flushed expressions, the two adults stepped
up to their chosen child and with all the delicacy of doing something
intimate for the first time, dipped the nozzles into the grease and then
slipped them past the children's natural defences.

The shrill scream from Sarah didn't stop Jonathan. Nor did the cry from
Peter slow or stop Elisabeth. They pushed the nozzles deep into the
children's anuses and turned them to loosen and irritate their tender
rectal walls.

Their recently spanked bottoms were also roughly fondled as the couple
eagerly carried out the matron's instructions pulling and squeezing their
genitals in their excitement causing them both excruciating pain after
the rough massage they had been given with the spiked gloves.

Exchanging glances and smiling as they watched each other enjoy torturing
these children had brought back memories of the fun they both had with
Elizabeth's nieces and nephews, only now they were being encouraged and
this felt wonderful.

Peter was really going to suffer, Elizabeth thought as she pushed the
nozzle deep into his anus whilst Jonathan had his own thoughts about
making Sarah suffer.

For several long minutes they played with the children, riveted by how
their tense anuses were pushed in or drawn out by the moulded nozzles.
Elisabeth's breath quickened as she saw the affect it was having on
Peter, bringing him to a painful erection despite his wailing cries, his
cock swelling to a practically adult aspect but for the lack of hair.

The children at St Saviour's orphanage are not allowed any pubic hair.
The first reason was it is hygienic and the second reason is purely
aesthetic. Pubic hairs around the genitals and the anus are always
plucked out slowly as the child is restrained and sealed with hot wax and
is always witnessed to force the message home.

Slowly, Elizabeth placed her hand under Peter's bottom and grabbed hold
of his now fully erect cock pulling hard and backwards which made the boy
yell out and stand up on his tiptoes. Taking his balls in one hand she
squeezed them hard whilst pulling his foreskin back and pinching his cock
head between her thumb and forefinger.

Peter struggled in his bonds, but Elizabeth continued the abuse for what
seemed ages, not satisfied until he ejaculated, squirting his semen all
over the tiled floor.

Sarah, too was being affected, gasping and squirming with every little
push and pull in her bottom, the sensations forcing her vulva, despite
her attempts to resist, to slowly swell and part, a prelude to her full

Jonathan pinched her clitoris and roughly handled her nipples and breasts
until she came to orgasm squirming and screaming with excitement.

Knowing all the best viewing points, Alice was able to watch unnoticed
and enjoy children being abused and punished anywhere without anyone
knowing and at this moment she watched with much amusement as Jonathan
and Elizabeth cruelly abused Peter and Sarah.

Also watching from a discreet distance, Rebecca was pleased to see Peter
and Sarah's lack of control over their genitals and their outright
willingness to be masturbated which now made certain that their whippings
would be very severe and wholly justified.

Having played to their satisfaction, the adults turned the flow of water
on and stood back to watch as the steady flow distended their bellies and
brought even more frantic cries from their bent forms. The sudden
realisation that the water was cold had them desperately struggling to
avoid the pain from cramping.

Someone better versed in giving enemas may have left them in a little
longer, but Jonathan and Elizabeth, uncertain and unwilling to
permanently harm the children, stopped the flow, drawing the nozzles out
and awaited the matron's next instructions.

"Don't you dare let any water out," Matron told the children delighted
that Peter and Sarah were now struggling to hold the cold water in their

She stepped up behind them and quickly inserted a rubber bung deep into
their anuses, chuckling as the insertion caused both children to cry out
in pain.

"Now listen to me you dirty little sinners, you are to keep the water in
for ten minutes and your are to remain quite still or your bottoms will
suffer again!" she told them. Crying and desperately trying not to move,
the children presented the guests with a delightful spectacle.

As expected it didn't take long before their bottoms paid the price for
their wriggling and to Jonathan and Elizabeth's delight, matron let them
spank them.

Excited and over-eager, they spanked the children's bottoms as if in
competition with each other.

After the ten minutes were up, matron then released the two well spanked
sinners leading them to where the toilet bowls stood all gleaming and in
a long row and released the bungs when the children were in place.

There was a strange delight, watching the children's expressions as their
bodies cramped and strained in ridding themselves of the water, only to
be then pulled roughly from the seats and hosed down with more cold

They both screamed as the cold water hit them again sending their
genitals and Sarah's nipples rock hard. Then they were drawn to the bar
again, where once again matron pushed the slender tipped nozzles deep
into their lean little bottoms and told Jonathan and Elisabeth to hold
them there.

With the repeat process came familiarity, and Elisabeth let her hand
slide along the length of Peter's erect cock, roughly masturbating him
and for a while she conjured up images of him performing for her, using
all his vigour and stamina to piston her repeatedly.

She glanced across to Sarah and her excitement rose as she watched her
husband easing the nozzle back and forth, without doubt imagining himself
in her little bottom, sliding back and forth in her little colon while
she made those little breathless squeals. His other hand was busy
masturbated her clitoris, flicking it with sadistic casualness.

Matron returned and complemented them both on their efforts.

"A second dousing is always worthwhile," she told them.

"They need to know pain is sometimes nice," she said with a grin.

"Not that these two need that lesson," she added, releasing them so she
could drag them to the bowls again.

Standing over them as they expelled the water, they watched as matron
ordered them to wash themselves, with harsh scouring brushes and using
coarse towels to dry themselves, bringing a pink tenderness to their

Hands on hips, Matron smiled at the quietly sobbing children who came
timidly forward from their washing. Jonathan and Elizabeth stood slightly
behind the woman, looking on in amazement as the matron roughly turned
the children to better examine them, then nodded curtly.

"Now your punishment really starts," she told them with a big grin on her

Peter and Sarah began to cry in earnest now as they were roughly pushed
and prodded by the matron out of the bathroom into the brightly lit
dormitory and made to stand in front of the large whipping horses.

Following closely behind, Jonathan and Elizabeth were determined not to
miss anything as the children now waited crying in anticipation of their

This is why they had come and they were going to make the most of this
unusual opportunity. They were both smiling, as they looked firstly at
the whipping horses and then at Peter and Sarah who by now presented a
most erotic spectacle standing naked and in a state of fright as they
stared at the whipping horses they would be expected to mount for their

The horses had been arranged side by side, so that when mounted the
children's bottoms would be facing the same way and large mirrors mounted
in front so that the expressions on the children's faces could also be

Remembering Alice's instructions, matron looked over to Jonathan and
Elizabeth and in a very low voice said, "Would you like to give them
their whippings?"

"Nothing would give us more pleasure would it darling," Elizabeth

As she held onto Jonathan's hand, her grip was so tight that it had begun
to lose all it's feeling. Jonathan's smile said it all.

The children did look so appealing thought Elizabeth as she turned to
Jonathan and whispered to make sure the children didn't hear her.

"This is our chance to enjoy ourselves. So if you deal with Sarah, I will
deal with Peter."

Jonathan could feel his erection stirring at the thought of whipping this
most attractive little girl and could only bring himself to answer.

"I can't wait."

Miss Bolton now stood in front of Peter and Sarah with her arms folded
and with a very stern face.

Having children completely at her disposal gave her a great deal of
pleasure and these two sinners were no exception. Peter and Sarah really
made her weak at the knees and she looked forward with lust to seeing
them whipped now and had judged Jonathan and Elizabeth ready enough to
make then suffer.

The children looked a sorry pair, standing naked and trembling in front
of these large wooden whipping horses awaiting their punishments, their
bodies bathed in the bright sunlight that streamed through the large

They still had that glazed look in their eyes caused by the drugs and
despite feeling the severe pain meted out on their bodies co-operated
with the three adults allowing them to do as they pleased.

The room was cold despite the sunlight, which had both Peter and Sarah
shivering and showing signs of arousal much to Jonathan and Elizabeth's
delight. Peter's cock was now fully erect and Sarah's nipples stood out
rock hard.

Their bottoms appeared to be firm, delightfully rounded and were covered
with goose bumps, the pale flesh lovingly scored by recent assaults.

The specially designed structures, which stood in the middle of the
dormitory were made from solid wood and stood on four stout legs. They
were decorated with rings, straps and other pieces of leather and the
saddles were also connected to handles underneath the horses.

Jonathan associated them with his school athletics, but Elizabeth
remembered her parents owning one. It had been a toy up until she was ten
years old, when she was caught drinking her father's brandy. She soon
learnt of its real purpose and dreaded coming near one again especially
after the whipping her father gave here on her bottom, which left her so
sore she couldn't sit down for days afterwards.

Both Jonathan and Elizabeth were now so excited with the prospect of
whipping the children astride these horses, that they had lost all their
fear for the awful contraptions.

"They've witnessed others being whipped," Rebecca confided.

Matron pulled Peter reluctantly towards his horse. It had been designed
for boys and left a lot more room to manoeuvre the whip between their
thighs in order to strike their genitals more effectively. Gathering a
stool and placing it along side the horse Rebecca made him to mount the
horse and used the straps and rings to tether his legs, after placing his
feet into its stirrups.

From underneath the horse she turned a handle that operated a pommel
positioned under his belly, which pushed his bottom up stretching it wide
apart to expose his anus. After securing his wrists to the horse's neck
she then made sure that his bottom that was pushed up by the pommel,
fully exposing his cock and balls to the whip. As a final touch, Rebecca
pushed a small rubber ball into Peter's mouth and used a cloth to hold it
in place.

Peter secured, Miss Bolton then made Sarah mount her horse in the same
way but pulled her body further back in the saddle so no forward motion
could protect her exposed genitals. Making sure that the pommel under her
belly stretched her bottom wide apart and exposed her anus like Peter's,
she placed a similar rubber ball into her mouth and again tied it with a

At only eleven years old, the thick and puffy pink lips of Sarah's smooth
vagina exposed a thick sheaf of flesh that protected her engorged
clitoris as it was now drawn wide apart.

Rebecca grinned as she saw the patrons stare at Sarah's clitoris. "No
wonder she touches herself so much, eh?" she said with a chuckle as she
strode over to the array of instruments on the wall.

Jonathan and his wife nodded and took the opportunity to examine the
children's genitals, each licking their lips as they now were able to
view close up both Sarah's delightful vagina and breasts and Peter's
handsome cock and balls which were at eye level due to the raised level
of their bodies on these horses.

Remembering them in the same position only a few minutes ago over the bar
in the bathroom Jonathan and Elizabeth were both thrilled that they were
going to be able to whip them severely knowing that there was nothing
they could do to stop them.

The matron also seemed to be encouraging them much to their delight.

They might have considered fondling the youngsters there and then,
perhaps even using them for their own gratification, had the matron not
returned so quickly, carrying what appeared to be two curious looking
little whips.

Of all the instruments of correction displayed in the racks on the walls,
matron chose two small but very painful whips called Martinets. She
wanted both these children to really feel their whippings and enjoyed
watching the effect that the long leather tails made on the children's
delicate skin and also hearing their screams of sheer pain and panic.

"These are called martinet whips," Rebecca said, handing them one each
and also explained that the French used them to whip French children's

"Here at St Saviour's we also use them to whip the children's genitals
and they don't half smart if their screams are any indication to go by,"
she said with a smile and in a sadistic way, "you will have also noticed
that I have gagged them in anticipation of the pain your whippings will

Jonathan cautiously took one of the whips; looking it over while
Elisabeth did the same, examining firstly their weight and then the fine
workmanship. Jonathan couldn't help swishing his through the air and
tested its accuracy, as they both glanced excitingly towards the waiting
children, and tried to decide how to use these strange whips to their
greatest effect.

Rebecca explained that they had a six inch wooden handle that could also
be used as a dildo, pointing to the handles which were oddly shaped to
resemble a man's organ and that they had a dozen soft oiled strands of
leather attached, none of the strands shorter than a foot in length.

Whispering, she said very matter of factly, "If you want to use the
handles I have no objection," Elizabeth looked at Jonathan with a
expression of delight gripping the handle and drawing her hand over its
length in anticipation of using it deep in Peter's bottom to torture his
prostrate, forcing him to have another ejaculation.

Even though these whips, were no longer than eighteen inches in length
the children viewed them as if they were living vipers.

"Now," Rebecca explained.

"It's up to you of course, but I usually whip their thighs first, then
their bottoms until their skin is red hot and they're crying. That's the
best time to begin whipping their genitals," she chuckled making sure
that the children heard this time.

Looking towards Sarah, Jonathan saw the pleading in her eyes. Peter's
eyes were no less large, tears beginning to flow down his cheek into the
cloth holding his gag in place.

"Yes," Elisabeth murmured, looking at the boy's shrunken cock.

"He needs it, doesn't he?" "It's for their own good," Matron nodded.
"We need to stand firm," Jonathan agreed, getting a better grip of the
handle before he stepped in front of the bound girl, his eyes fixed on
her trembling vulva and nipples rather than the agony on her little face.

"Thighs first," Elisabeth repeated, looking at Peter's loins.
She flicked the whip hard against his upper thighs and felt a surge of
pleasure sweep through her, a force much greater than just satisfaction
at seeing him jerk and squeal into his gag.

A moment later Jonathan had brought his own whip down very hard across
Sarah's thighs and watched mesmerised, as she jerked and howled through
her gag.

"Don't be put off by their howls," Matron warned.

"They've put it on for you, I'm sure," she told them, turning away to
leave them to whip them. Alone, Jonathan and Elisabeth exchanged glances,
seeing in each other their own suppressed excitement, and then they
turned their attention to their chosen victim.

The short whips rose and fell, slapping hard against young and tender
inner thighs that bordered pink and innocent genitals. In a short time
the contrast in skin tone was remarkable, from the fair, unsullied pink
of tender young skin, to bright red, inflamed and tortured skin of their
whipped flesh.

It didn't take long for Jonathan and Elizabeth to start whipping their
fully parted bottoms as the children wept and screamed uncontrollably,
jerking and squealing with each new stroke, their young muscles
distorting the shape of their legs and bellies as they tried fruitlessly
to escape their torment.

Elisabeth stopped, breathless and hot and glad she no longer wore the
thick dress and tight corset she'd arrived in. Jonathan, seeing her stop,
stopped too and looked across at her.

"Now?" he asked.

Elisabeth nodded, her heart pounding as she looked at the handsome cock
she was about to begin whipping and Jonathan did the same to his own
victim; aware of how the strands would strike her little vulva and
bulbous clitoris hood.

He flicked the short whip onto his shoulder, feeling his passion grow as
the girl tensed, trying to ready her self for the coming pain.

None of the strokes were heavy or sadistic to start with, yet both were
on the unprotected sexes of children, a dozen leather bands landing to
painfully scour their genitals.

The jerking, screaming and the torment of the children, swept through
both adults like a large measure of brandy after a long walk through
winter scenery.

Jonathan and Elizabeth gasped and watched the children's reaction, loving
the response so much that they quickly struck again, then again and
again, each strike followed by a short pause to watch their reaction in
the mirrors. The contrast of pale genitals surrounded by raw whipped
flesh soon diminished.

Sarah's little vulva was the first to brighten and open, her inner flesh
bright and gleaming and the tip of her clitoris beginning to peek from
its home.

Jonathan had stopped striking downwards and now began to strike upwards,
the direction making it easier, he hoped, for the odd pieces of leather
to strike the head of Sarah's exposed clitoris.

A more pronounced jerk on her bonds and a loud squeal through her gag
told him he'd succeeded, and he immediately tried for another, as he
panting in his excitement.

Moving around to Sarah's front he brought the whip down hard across her
breasts until her nipples hardened. In order to help Sarah on, Jonathan
masturbated her by pinching her nipples and used the handle of his whip
to fuck her deep inside her cunt until she came to orgasm again.

Peter's cock began to swell and lengthen. Seeing it, Elisabeth struck at
it with fresh purpose, a welter of pleasure rising within her as she
watched his cock swell and stand as she whipped it, flooding with new
vitality while its owner jerked in his bonds.

She whipped his balls hard making him stand in the stirrups and directed
the whip in between the cheeks of his parted bottom and thrashed his anus
hard before thrusting the handle deep into his bottom to irritate his

Then taking hold of his cock she masturbated him as she twisted the
handle in his bottom until Peter let out a full cry into his gag and
ejaculated over the saddle. As they whipped away they watched the
children's expressions in the mirrors and used this to gauge their
readiness for the fresh onslaughts that they both now launched into
furiously fired up with renewed passion.

Alice's information about Jonathan and Elizabeth Brown had been right,
they were sadists and she really enjoyed the erotic spectacle being
played out in front of her very eyes. She really pitied Elizabeth's
nieces and nephews if they tortured them like Peter and Sarah.

Matron then returned and watched them strike each child one more time,
and then while the children were squirming and howling in their
restraints, showed the breathless husband and wife the special devises
that were now going to be fitted over their tortured genitals.

Peter was to have a spiked ring placed around his cock. While he
remained in a flaccid state, the ring would lie loose around the base of
it. But if he became excited and his cock started to erect, then the
swelling flesh would meet the small but sharp barbs on the inside of the
ring and he'd feel excruciating pain.

Sarah was going to wear a devise that had needle barbs on the inner
surface and was placed ingeniously at the apex of the young and pink
vulva. Sarah would need to walk with caution; there was a chance that she
could become excited without feeling the pain of the needle barbs. But if
she attempted to touch herself then the lightest of touches would cause
the barbs to irritate her vagina.

Holding the two devises up so that Jonathan and Elizabeth were able to
see them better matron looked at the children still strapped to the
whipping horses and with an excited tone in her voice said, "If you could
now help Peter and Sarah dismount, you can fit these special devises."

It wasn't an easy task to help the children dismount as the strength had
drained out of their bodies leaving Jonathan and Elizabeth to support
them and carry the still crying sinners to a nearby bed where they laid
them on their backs.

In this position, Peter and Sarah's genitals were now fully exposed and
matron handed Jonathan and Elizabeth the devises, telling them to fit
them roughly.

This turned out to be even more exciting than abusing Elizabeth's nieces
and nephews and the couple lost no time in checking the effectiveness of
the devises as matron invited them to test them by roughly massaging the
children's tortured thighs and bottoms until their sexual responses
caused the devises to work and muffled screams could be heard through
their gags.

Peter's cock quickly grew under Elizabeth's rough handling, until his
swelling shaft met the barbs, then he gasped and howled, jerking without
control until his cock shrank again and he could capture his breath.

The girl meanwhile, brought on by Jonathan's rough handling, squeezed her
thighs together in an effort to increase her pleasure, and squealed as
the barbs of her own device punctured the soft flesh of her clitoris. She
immediately spread her legs and panted, her eyes telling them how
successful they had been in denying her pleasure.

Rebecca now judged Peter and Sarah's punishment at an end for now and
called for two assistants to carry them to the Infirmary where she would
attend to them later continuing their tortures using special ointments
and other treatments to painfully treat their wounds.

With the children gone, Rebecca had a chance to get the couples reactions
before she sent for Karen to help Mr and Mrs Brown change back into the
clothes they came in and then show them the way back down to Alice's

Having completed her duties in the dormitory, matron took no time in
returning to the Infirmary. She now intended to start treating Peter and
Sarah's wounds whilst the drugs still gave them a strong sexual response.

Rebecca had planned to carry out remedies that would include to name but
two, prolonged massage and forced multiple ejaculations and orgasms.

Even now, Rebecca thought, they were both going to be made to suffer for
their sins and learn the most important lesson of all, that any pleasures
received by the children at St Saviour's are always immediately followed
by severe pain.

A knock at the door interrupted Alice's thoughts.

"Come in," she called, and Karen showed Jonathan and Elizabeth back into
the office.

"Do come in and take a seat," Alice smiled, and after they had sat down
asked after their morning's entertainment.

"Was it satisfactory?" she asked as she looked at the flushed couple.

"Oh yes, we really enjoyed it didn't we Jonathan, thank you for arranging
it for us," Elizabeth said as she held her husband's hand tightly and
smiled back.

"I was very impressed with the way you dealt with Peter and Sarah." Alice
said as she rang the bell at the side of her chair to summon a member of

"Yes, please fetch Mr and Mrs Brown's coats." "You saw us?" Jonathan
asked, looking embarrassed while also looking towards his wife who was as
white as a sheet.

"Yes, I always like to keep an eye on my guests and after your
performance with Peter and Sarah Elizabeth, I will certainly recommend
you to the governors, so you can join your husband in becoming a patron
here at of St Saviour's."

Jonathan and Elizabeth were delighted and stood up as their coats were
handed to them. "Let us know when we can be of service to you again,"
Elizabeth said, as they walked to the front door and said goodbye to Miss
Marchant and then walked down the drive in glorious sunshine, feeling
really happy.

"I'm really looking forward to abusing your nieces and nephews again on
their next visit." Jonathan said to his wife. Elizabeth by now was so
full of the erotic experiences she had just had, that she started to
think of all the new abuses they could try out.

"Do you think that we should introduce them to a thorough cleansing when
they arrive?" she asked smiling as they walked towards their carriage.
Jonathan smiled, as they approached their carriage, delighted with his
newly found luck and that he had married such a treasure as his beloved

Elizabeth Brown would make an excellent patron Alice thought, as she took
one last look at Amy's journal and photographs, before sending a message
to Betty Parker that she was now ready to be entertained and that she was
to take little Amy Jennings to the special punishment room and wait there
for her arrival.

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