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My lover and I had been sitting at the bar for about an hour when a
tall, slender redhead entered. She wore a skintight green minidress that
revealed her nipples, so obviously she wore no bra. As she slid onto the
bar stool next to my lover, she swung her legs around, revealing only a
g-string instead of panties. She was dressed to fuck, one might say. My
lover whispered in my ear, "Hey, do you think she might be interested in
a threesome?" I responded, "I don't know, why don't you move in on her
and see what happens." He bought her a drink and struck up a
conversation that ultimately led to sex, favorite positions, and the
wildest thing she had ever done sexually.

"I guess the wildest was to have sex with another woman. I am not a
lesbian or bisexual, but I enjoyed doing it."

" would you like to try it again?" he asked slyly.

"What do you mean?" She asked, looking across at me.

"I mean, how would you like to have sex with another woman? My
girlfriend here is kind of kinky and it might be fun for all of us. So,
what do you think?" He asked her eagerly.

"Well, I....mmm....oh hell, why not?" She responded.

"Great!" my lover replied! We left the bar and drove to her apartment
about 2 blocks away. It was very elegant, a lot of glass, brass, candles
and as we headed toward the bedroom, we were greeted by a floor length
mirror at the edge of the bed as well as on the walls and the ceiling. A
gigantic king-size bed was in the middle of the room, decorated with
gold satin sheets.

"Well, here we are!" She said. "By the way, my name is Cindy...What's

"I'm Marty, and this is Evelyn." My lover responded.

"Well don't just stand there, let's get nekked!" I exclaimed, shedding
my clothes quickly until they lay in a heap.

"My, my, eager, isn't she?" Cindy commented as she removed her dress in
one swift move. She lay back in the middle of the bed and I immediately
climbed between her legs as Marty finished taking off his clothes. He
finished undressing and stood next to the bed playing with his cock as
it hardened while he watched me go down on Cindy. I took her labia in my
fingertips and spread them so I could get right at her clitoris and her
vagina. I flicked my tongue rapidly, alternately licking her labia and
clitoris . I thought she was going to climb through the walls as she was
squirming in delight. She took my head into her hands and pulled me up
to her face and kissed me deeply in the mouth, our breasts rubbing
against each other, nipples hardening. I started grinding my mons
against hers and she wrapped her legs around me, pumping and bucking
against me. I wanted to taste more of her, so I slid down and took her
clitoris into my lips and sucked and licked, flicking her clitoris
rapidly until she spilled her love ju ices into my waiting mouth. As her
orgasm subsided, she asked Marty to join us. He walked over and she took
his erection in her hand and began to caress his testicles at the same
time, inserting her finger into his anus.

Soon he was rock hard and ready to explode. Cindy got onto her knees and
took him into her mouth and sucked his erect wand until he spent his
love fluid into her waiting throat, moaning as she swallowed the salty
fluid pouring out. I was waiting for my turn and Cindy gave me a sly
look as she pushed me back onto the bed. She dove between my legs and
began to eat me, sucking and licking my nether lips and nibbling on my
clitoris. I squirmed in delight and held her head between my legs,
trying to get her t ongue deeper inside me. Marty seized the opportunity
and mounted Cindy from behind and eased his weapon into her anus. She
gasped as he entered her, but soon relaxed and continued licking and
sucking my clitoris and labia as Marty pounded away on her ass. She
sucked harder and faster until I exploded in orgasm. Her mouth was still
on my clitoris when Marty finally pumped and pumped faster and harder to
his climax. We all collapsed together and laid there for a few minutes
before heading for the shower.....t ogether.

Cindy took our hands a led us into the adjoining bathroom into what
looked like a rain forest! It was a large room, lots of hanging plants
and floor plants surrounding a sunken tub, no wait! A sunken "Jacuzzi!"

Marty and I glanced at each other, the same thought evidently going
through our mind. "Let's hop into the shower first." Cindy suggested
after catching the glance between Marty and me. "Then, we can try the
Jacuzzi, okay?"

"Fine with me!", Marty exclaimed as he took our hands and pulled us into
the large shower stall. Being the selfish man he is, he insisted on
being in the middle so Cindy and I could lather him up at the same time.
I lathered up the front, Cindy opted for the back since he had surprised
her so abruptly in the bedroom. I soaped up his chest and knelt to do
his feet, with his semi-erect weapon at my eye level. He closed his eyes
and seemed to be enjoying the special attention.

Cindy, meanwhile, lathered up his back and moved slowly down his body,
lathering down his legs until the two of us were on our knees in front
of him and in back of him. As we continued to lather, Cindy winked at me
and slid her hand outside the shower door to retrieve something for our
little threesome. As Marty stood with his eyes closed enjoying the
attention, we ordered him to keep his eyes shut and turn around so we
could both wash him good from the front. He was more than willing to
comply, expectin g something titillating, I'm sure. Cindy showed me what
she had reached for and my eyes widened. It was a six inch dildo about 1
1/2 inches in diameter. She then winked at me and right away I knew her
intentions. It was hard for me to keep from giggling, but I did. I took
Marty's penis in my hands and slid the soap over the top and bottom of
it, down to his testicles and through his legs to his anus. He became
rock hard immediately. At the sight of this, Cindy and I proceeded to
lick and suck his penis alte rnately and licked it together, much to
Marty's delight. He was in Heaven, moaning and gasping as we went about
our ministrations.

Then Cindy took her cue and moved around behind Marty. We turned him so
the spray of the shower could rinse him off until the soap was gone, and
told him to keep his eyes shut and bend forward a little bit. Thinking
he was going to get a "rim" job, he gladly complied. Cindy proceeded to
tease his anus with the dildo just enough for him to think it was her
tongue, she looked around at me and winked as he was imagining her
tongue exploring his anus. Meanwhile, I took his penis in my mouth and
continued to suck, lick and nibble. He took my head into his hands to
guide himself into my throat, as he proceeded to fuck my face. He moved
slowly at first, but as his passion began to rise, he increased his
movement. When he was lost in ecstasy, I gave Cindy the signal and she
pushed the dildo into his anus, at which time he instantly released his
love juices into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed so I wouldn't gag. His
eyes flew open and he told me to keep him in my mouth. I continued to
suck and he became erect agai n almost instantly. Cindy was working the
dildo in and out of his anus with one hand and she reached around and
was squeezing his left nipple with the other hand. He was trapped! He
pulled me up to him and raised my left leg, holding it with his right
arm, and guided his penis into me, ramming it in deeply. As Cindy worked
the dildo, Marty worked his penis into me. If he slowed down, Cindy
would slow down. If he sped up, Cindy would speed up. He grabbed my hair
and kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue into h is mouth, as he pumped
deeper, harder, faster...deeper, harder, faster until we reached our
climax together and leaned against the shower stall in exhaustion.

Cindy withdrew the dildo, washed it off in the shower, and proceeded to
masturbate herself to orgasm as we watched on the floor of the shower
stall. Afterward, we all rinsed off and headed for the Jacuzzi.
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