Lorelai gets caught and double-teamed
“Harder Chris, harder!” Lorelai yelled as the father of her child pounded into her pussy with his huge cock. She was bent over on her bed, completely naked, with her ass in the air. Her former boyfriend was shoving his huge prick into her pussy doggy-style.

“Mhmm, my little slut, you like that don’t you,” responded Christopher as a he gave her a little slap on the ass.

“Oh yes Chris, slap that ass,” she moaned. Lorelai couldn’t be happier with the current arrangements. One day she had called Chris over to the inn. She had been horny, and luckily, so had he. They had fucked hard that night. She had expected it to be a one-night thing. But only two days later he had shown up at her front door with a bulge in his pants. Soon after that he had started showing up at least three times a week, sometimes even more, for some hard fucking. Lorelai at first had been a little anxious, but now that Rory was spending so much time away (what was she doing?) Lorelai had given into the constant sex.

Today Chris had shown up in tight jeans, without even bothering with a shirt. He kissed her passionately on the doorstep and they had been in the bedroom for at least two hours. Chris continued pounding into her. When he felt that he was about to cum, he quickly pulled out sat down with his large cock pointing straight into the air. She knew what to do instantly and sat down on his cock. Instantly she began to bounce up and down on his cock. Chris reached around and began to fondle her breasts as she bounced.

“Oh, fuck Chris, I’m about to cum!” Lorelai squealed, but right after those words were out of her mouth, the doorbell rang. “Fuckin’ A, who could that be!” swore Lorelai.

“Ignore it,” Chris insisted as he continued to pound her.

“I can’t. It might be something for the inn,” Lorelai replied as she quickly jumped off his cock and threw on a T-shirt and a robe. She left her panties behind, excepting to be back soon. “Don’t worry babe,” she said back at Christopher “I’ll make it up to you.” As she was hurrying down the stairs she heard the doorbell ring again. “I’m coming, just hold your horses,” she shouted.

She peaked out the peephole, but she couldn’t tell who it was, so she quickly opened the door. The sight that was on the other side nearly took her breath away. It was Dean, Rory’s boyfriend. But not only was it Dean, it was Dean oozing sexual energy. Ever since she had walked in on, and subsequently joined in, her daughter and Dean having sex, it had been hard for Lorelai to get the teen out of her mind. She knew that the vision before her would also have staying power. He was wearing a button down light blue shirt with only the two bottom buttons done up, so that his muscled chest could be seen. It was a nice tan color, complete with six pack abs, she could tell he worked out on a constant basis. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans, accentuating the bulge in his crotch and his wonderful bubble butt. His light brown hair was long and hanging into his face. He had the dictionary definition of a come-hither look on his face. Lorelai’s knees almost buckled, and the thought of Christopher was almost completely driven from her head. Somehow managing to maintain a poker face, she asked Dean politely what he needed.

“Is Rory home?” he inquired scanning Lorelai’s scantily clad body. She shook her head, still a little in shock. Before she could comprehend what was happening, he had pushed her back against the inside wall, closed the door and was giving her the kiss of a lifetime. She tried to resist, vaguely remembering someone was upstairs, but the kiss was just too good. He would start slowly exploring her mouth with his tongue, then speed up. His hands were behind her head, messing with her hair. One eventually worked its way down to her ass, giving it a good squeeze. Slowly it moved in front of her, through her robe and under her shirt. Expecting to have to push aside at least a thong, the teenager was pleasantly surprised to find nothing there. He dipped his fingers quickly eliciting a groan from the older woman.

Pulling back he fervently whispered, “Lorelai Gilmore you are the hottest fuck I’ve ever had and I can’t get you out of my mind.” He instantly dropped down to his knees, keeping her against the wall, opened up her robe and began to circle her pussy with his tongue. He would outline it and then quickly dive in before pulling out again.

Lorelai was in heaven, her pussy was flowing into Dean’s mouth like a waterfall. She figured she could cum, then suck his cock quickly and get him out of there in time so that Chris wouldn’t notice. She held his head against her pussy as she began to orgasm, holding back her screams so she wouldn’t alert Christopher. Her juices ran over his face as he tried to lap them up. She pulled him up and kissed him deeply tasting her juices in his mouth. She then knelt down, running her hands over his chest on her way down, and slowly unzipped his jeans. She gently lowered his jeans down low enough so he could step out of them. Pulling out his hard member she slowly began to move her hands up and down the shaft. She then pulled out his balls, bouncing them in her hand gently. Slowly, she lowered her head down onto his cock. Bit by bit, she moved down, just trying to get as much of his member in as possible. He groaned in appreciation, as she slowly receded and wrapped her tongue around the head of his organ. She breathed on it as her mouth went around and around the head. Dean felt his balls start to clench. Not wanting to come too soon he pulled her off his cock.

Before she had time to resist, he had picked her up and carried her to the living room. She began to panic. What if Christopher heard them and came down? He must be getting a little impatient by now. But right at that time Dean plopped her face up on the couch in the living room. He leaned over her and gave her a small kiss on the lips, leaned back, ripped off his shirt to fully expose his body, before slowly maneuvering his large cock right up against her pussy.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the last time I came out,” Dean whispered right before he drove his fat cock into Lorelai’s waiting warmth. And with that first thrust, all thoughts of Chris flew from her head. He leaned forward, pressed his mouth to hers and began to move in and out. As the thrusts went faster, the kiss got more passionate. His hot body pressed down over her, forcing his musk onto her as she came closer and closer to orgasm. She could hear nothing but the movement of their bodies together, until she heard a cry cutting through it all.


Lorelai instantly lost the moment, as she felt Dean quickly withdraw from her and they both turned to stare at the staircase. There was Chris, standing with just a towel around his waist and a shocked expression on his face. He looked like he was about to rush at Dean, until he saw that Dean had the same shocked look on his face too.

“You’re Rory’s dad, right?” Dean asked, forgetting that he was completely naked.

“Yeah, and you’re my daughters boyfriend?” was the response as the older man adjusted his package.

“That’s right, but this hot piece of ass came onto me, and there’s no way you say no to that. This was only my second time though.”

“I know what you mean, I was just plowing it a couple of minutes ago. She jumped off to go answer the door.”

“Oh, sorry man that would be my fault. But I just needed another tap of this.”

“I know what you mean. Hey, since we’re both horny and this slut obviously doesn’t mind, why don’t we both do her right now?” Chris offered as he dropped his towel and began to openly stroke his member. Lorelai was partly shocked and partly turned on by these two studs talking about her like she wasn’t two yards away, and this last proposition had peaked her interest. She wouldn’t say no to two hot bodies fucking her at once.

Dean didn’t even have to think about it. “Get over here slut and suck our cocks,” he commanded. Lorelai had to think about it even less. She immediately jumped off her ass, and crawled over to where the two men were standing, side by side, cocks erect. Quickly deciding where to start, Lorelai slowly lowered herself onto Christopher’s dick, trying to apologize for forgetting about him. Seeing that he wouldn’t be first, Dean started to slowly stroke his own dick as he watched the best cocksucker he had ever met go done on another man’s cock.

Lorelai loved sucking a warm, thick cock, and Chris’s was perfect. She made sure to wet the head perfectly, before slowly moving down the shaft. Keeping one hand on the balls at all time, she made sure her man was pleasured.

Through the ecstasy Chris asked, “So how many times have you done this slut, Dean?”

“Just once. I was fucking her daughter the morning after this once, and this whore just come waltzing in and joins. It was too fucking sweet, it was two Gilmore sluts at once!”

“Wow, my daughter’s a horny bitch too?”

“Yeah, once you break past the sweet girl charade she’s as much as a slut as the one on her knees right now.”

“I gotta get me a piece of that ass then!” remarked Christopher enthusiastically.

Lorelai couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The father of her child, and that child’s boyfriend were talking about her and her daughter like they were objects, with her in the room! She was so turned on by all of this she had stopped sucking on Chris’s cock.

“Oh no you don’t,” said Chris as she stopped. He placed his hand at the back of her head and began to slam her down onto his cock. She gagged initially, but then soon got used to it. He was really fucking her face, going all out. Right before he was about to cum, he allowed her to pull off. She had a second to breathe, before Dean slammed her down on his cock. He didn’t face fuck her. Instead he chose to hump her mouth as she ran her tongue all along his throbbing member. He savagely pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, moaning all the time. Finally he slowed down and allowed her to go to work on his cock. She took just a second to slow down and just cupped his balls in her hands. And then she really started up, moving her mouth all around the head of his organ with a crazed look in her eyes. Without any warning she began to move down the cock, taking it in inch by inch. One of her hands continued to cup his balls while the other one was down in her pussy, making her juices flow steadily.

Christopher was so turned on by the mother of his child sucking the cock of that child’s boyfriend, his hand was just a blur on his own cock. He could feel himself about to cum, so he stopped, but he needed that release soon. Making sure Dean knew his intentions; he waited for Lorelai to come up off Dean’s cock before picking her up by the waist. She squealed in delight as he carried her over to the couch. He sat down, with his cock sticking up like a lighthouse. She eagerly climbed on top of it and lowered herself down. Dean was quickly sitting right next to her, allowing the slut to slowly lean down and resume his blowjob. She worked her body so that as her mouth went up and down on Dean’s cock, her pussy was enveloping Chris’s cock. Both men groaned in appreciation as she began to pick up the pace.

Both Dean and Chris felt their impending orgasm coming fast, and without any warning they blasted off into Lorelai’s separate holes. She tried to swallow Dean’s cum, as she felt Chris’s blast into her womb. She could no longer hold back as she too came. Her moans were slightly muffled by Dean’s cock, and her pussy was milking Chris’s cock for all it was worth. The rest of her body bucked around like a woman possessed. As she calmed down, the three of them took a break, with the cocks remaining in her.

Slowly she straightened up, and then stood up, only to sit right back down between her two studs. They breathed slowly together, then with no warning they attacked her skin. Using their tongues and their hands, they each took one breast, and they rubbed, sucked, pinched and licked until her back was arching with the pleasure. Her tits were soon sore and covered in. She knew they hard to be hard again, and as she reached down, she felt it too. She began to stroke their cocks, one with each hand. This only increased their oral attack on her.

Finally, Dean had had enough. He needed his cock in Lorelai’s pussy. He looked across at Christopher, and the teen could see the man was thinking the same thing. Both of them pulled away at the same time, leaving Lorelai’s tits covered in saliva. In surprise, she pulled away her from both of their cocks. Without warning, Chris picked her up by her armpits and Dean spun around so he was lying face up, with his cock waiting, straight as a lighthouse. Chris whispered into Lorelai’s ear, “Spread your legs whore.” He lowered her down onto Dean’s member. Holding her so the tip was just a little bit into her cunt, making her squirm all over and try to impale herself. Dean was grinning intensely from the couch, just waiting for it to happen.

Then, without warning, Chris let her go. She fell right onto Dean’s cock, the length impaling her to the hilt. She had never felt such instantaneous pleasure. She had several consecutive mini-orgasms. She was shaking all over when she heard Dean hiss “Fuck yourself slut!” She slowly lifted herself up until his cock was almost out of her and then dropped again. She did this over and over again, losing herself in the rhythmic fucking. Up and down, she moaned continuously, she also completely missed the fact that Chris was no longer in the room. He had slipped out and soon slipped back in.

Without warning, Dean pulled Lorelai down into a deep kiss. Around and around their tongues went, fighting each other for control of the kiss. Then, without warning, Lorelai felt something right at her asshole. She wanted to jump up and protest, but Dean held her down tight. She felt the cool smoothness of lube being spread along her ass. Slowly, she felt a finger worm its way into her hole. In and out it went, in and out, preparing the way for the larger invader that was soon to come. All the while, Dean and Lorelai were engaged in a passionate kiss. Lorelai had given into the finger and was now moving her ass around seductively.

Suddenly, the finger was gone and she felt Chris lean over her. “Now you’re really ours, whore,” he whispered as he slowly began to push his pole into her ass. She screamed bloody murder at first, but the screams turned to moans as his cock moved farther and farther into her ass.

“Why are you just lying there slut, fuck yourself!” Dean demanded. Lorelai groaned, but slowly began to move up and down again. Chris continued to push in, until his pubic hair was tickling her cheeks. Then he began to pump in rhythm with her. When she pulled herself off of Dean, he would pull out of her. Then as she let herself fall back onto Dean’s monster, Chris would impale her on the other end. This went on for a little while, the pace remaining mostly the same. Then Dean demanded, “Come on slut, you can do better than that!” He reached up to her tit and gave it a little twist. She gasped and began to speed up. Her breasts bounced up and down as the speed of her hips increased. Chris began to thrust harder. The moans of all three increased greatly as the sounds of flesh against flesh grew louder.

After what seemed like hours of this, all three of them were reaching a climax. Lorelai came first, yelling out nonsense syllables as her pussy and rectum contracted around both cocks. She shook with the force of a small elephant, riding her orgasm over many crests and dips. The boys wanted to see her humiliated so as they felt their orgasms coming, Chris pulled out suddenly and Dean threw her off his dick onto the floor.

She gaped at the sudden emptiness she felt, but had little time to reflect on it when she had two cocks shoved at her face. Having just recovered from her massive orgasm, she didn’t quite get what was being asked of her until Dean yelled, “Suck them, bitch!” She was only too happy to oblige. Wanting to taste her own pussy, she jumped on Dean’s cock, taking more than half down in one stroke. One hand reached under Dean’s member and began to fondle his balls. The other shot over to Chris’s cock and slowly started to stroke it up and down. She pulled back from Dean’s cock and began to just play with the head, flitting her tongue around his piss hole. She was playing with both of their ballsacks, scratching and massaging them, just waiting for their sperm.

After a minute of sucking her own juices off of Dean, she switched over to Chris and started to lick the underside of his cock. Turning her head and going up and down, she brought him closer and closer to cumming.

Finally, the men could hold it no longer. “Ready for this, whore?” Chris asked. Lorelai responded by only backing off of his cock and jerking them both harder than before. Then, without warning, Chris began to shoot his cum all over her face. The first couple of shots coated her forehead and nose, while the final shots covered her breasts. Just when she thought she was done, Dean let out a yelp and began to cover her with his cum. When the teen was done, Lorelai was covered in what seemed like buckets of cum. She leaned forward and cleaned off each of the cocks in front of her. She took special care to make sure they were completely clean. After she had cleaned the cocks, she went to go wipe the cum off her breasts.

“No you don’t, whore,” Dean stopped her “You’re gonna leave that on you as a mark of what you will do for us. Now go make us something to eat. All this fucking has tired us out.” Lorelai thought about protesting, but she concluded it would be much more fun just to listen to the boy. She smiled as she got up and seductively walked into the kitchen. Who knew what would happen when she got back?

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