Chapter 24

Mary frowned at the pack on her bed and then turned to the dildo in her hand as she considered what to do with it. There was a knock at the door and she stuffed the plastic prick in her backpack as she yelled, “Just a minute, I’m coming.”

“Hi,” Mary said with a broad grin as she opened the door and found Bill lifting his hand to knock again. “Beth isn’t here right now, would you like to come in and wait?”

“Thanks,” Beth’s thirteen year old brother said as he stepped into the room his sister shared with Mary. He took a quick glance outside to see if anyone had noticed him entering the cabin before he closed the door and turned back to give Mary a knowing grin and a wink. “I’m not really here to see Beth, but I guess I should talk to her sooner or later.”

“Does that mean you’re here to see me?” Mary asked hopefully.

“I sure am,” Bill said with a nervous sigh. “Since this is the last day of camp I thought I should tell you how I feel about you.”

“Really?” Mary asked with a quick nervous grin. “And how do you feel about me? And about my situation?”

“Look Mary,” Bill said as he sat down on the edge of his sister’s bed so he could watch Mary as she continued to pack her bag. “I know we’re young - too young according to most people - and we’ve only known each other for about a month now, but I really think I love you, and I wanted to know if you felt the same way about me - in spite of all our complications.”

“You mean like the fact that my brother popped my cherry and knocked me up,” Mary said with a rueful grin as she turned to face Bill. “And the fact that your sister is carrying your baby, not to mention the fact that you’re still fucking her and that I’ve been fucking three other guys here at camp.”

“Not to mention the fact that I’ve been fucking my sister for months and knocked her up the day she left to start her job here at camp,” Bill continued with a wry grin. “Though I think she and George are about to take care of that little matter.”

“You know about Beth and George?” Mary asked in surprise.

“It’s pretty hard to miss,” Bill said with a chuckle, “when the three of us are together it’s like we don’t even exist to them. And if that wasn’t enough Beth told me what she and George are planning for today and tomorrow.”

“She told you why they were going into town?” Mary asked, wondering if she sounded as out of sorts as she felt.

“Yeah,” Bill said with a bemused nod, “they thought I should know since she’s carrying my baby. They’re plan is to pick up their tickets today, and then tomorrow after we leave on the camp bus they’ll catch a quick flight to Vegas.”

“And they’re not going for the gambling,” Mary finished. “And you don’t mind that George and Mary are getting married?”

“No,” Bill said with a frown that said he was lying, “not if you feel the same way about me that I feel about you. It’s not like Beth and I could get married or that we’re going to stop loving each other, but if she can find the guy she loves, I’d like to think I can find the girl I love as well.”

Mary chewed her bottom lip for a few seconds as she considered the best way to answer Bill’s question. “Bill,” she said slowly as she watched Bill’s face shift from hope to fear and then back again, “I think I love you too. But like you said we’re still young and it’s going to be a few years before we can do anything official about how we feel, and in the meantime I plan to keep fucking my brother - and having his babies too.”

“And I plan to do the same thing with my sister,” Bill said with a weak grin, “as long and as often as she and her new husband will let me.”

“I can see that we have a lot more in common than just being in love with each other,” Mary said with a quick laugh. “And from what I know of George he’ll let you fuck and knock up Beth - as long as he’s not doing it already.”

“I know he will,” Bill said. “We talked about it before they left for town and he told me he was willing to let me fuck Beth and knock her up for every other baby for the next five years. Of course he wants to knock her up too so we came up with this compromise, and it didn’t hurt when Beth said she was willing to let George fuck and knock up other girls.”

“Sounds like a very interesting arrangement,” Mary said with a chuckle, “any idea how the two of them plan to make a living?”

“Yeah, we talked about that too - so I can explain it to mom and dad if they decide to make a fuss about the marriage,” Bill said with an unhappy sigh. “The plan is for the two of them to stay on as the permanent caretakers for the camp. Beth has already signed up for classes on one of those on-line colleges and she’s going for a degree in camp management and will be the business manager once she gets her degree.”

“Sounds like Beth and George know what they want to do,” Mary said as she moved over to the bed she shared with her roommate and sat next to her new boyfriend. “I just hope we can plan things out as well when it’s our turn. But for now I think our choices are much easier to make.”

“And what choices do we have right now?” Bill asked with a grin as he shifted around so he could look down her shirt to see the top of her breasts.

“Well,” Mary said, tugging on the hem of her t-shirt so her tits stood out against the tight fabric, “since we have the room to ourselves for the next few hours I thought we could fuck like crazy. Call it a celebration now that we’ve admitted our feelings for each other.”

“I don’t need any excuses to fuck you,” Bill said with a quick grin as he bounced off his sister’s bed to strip out of his clothes as Mary did the same. “I’ll be happy to fuck you for any reason - or no reason.”

“And I feel the same way about fucking you,” Mary said as she tossed her clothes onto her unused cot and pressed her tits flat against Bill’s chest as she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a tongue filled kiss. “Of course I like fucking in general and I’ll wrap my horny little cunt around any available cock - but it’ll never be the same as fucking you.”

“I understand,” Bill said with a chuckle as he dropped down on the bed and spread his thighs as Mary dropped to her knees and reached out to grab his prick. “After all, I’m still going to fuck my sister and probably other girls whenever I get the chance to stick my cock in a wet horny cunt. But it will never be the same as fucking you, Mary.”

Mary’s only response was to wrap her lips around Bill’s shaft and slide her mouth down her boyfriend’s prick until the tip was tickling the back of her throat as she sucked on it. “Oh God, Mary,” Bill groaned with pleasure as he watched the pregnant thirteen year old girl’s cheeks cave in as she sucked on his cock. Mary’s eyes twinkled with her own pleasure as she ran her tongue along the bottom of her boyfriend’s prick and tickled his balls with her short fingernails as Bill continued to groan with pleasure.

When Bill’s prick started to pulse in her mouth Mary pulled her mouth off his shaft before he shot his load down her throat. “My turn,” Mary said as she pushed Bill back on the bed and straddled his waist and inched her way up her boyfriend’s body, leaving a trail of cunt juice from her dripping slit from Bill’s waist to his chin where she raised her hips up until her lightly furred pussy hovered just over the boy’s quivering lips.

“Suck me good, Bill,” Mary said, giving the boy a broad grin as he licked her slit and, tickling her clit with the tip of his tongue as her juice dripped into his open mouth. “I want to cum at least once before I sit on your hard cock and fuck you dry.”

“Promises promises,” Bill muttered, grinning into Mary’s wet cunt before raised his face up to suck on his girlfriend’s slit. “But you know I’ll always have all the cum you need, so you’ll never fuck me dry, but I know we’re both going to enjoy trying.”

“I’m sure we will,” Mary said with a sigh of pleasure as Bill tickled her clit with the tip of his tongue before running it along the length of her slit. “I don’t remember you being this good back at the beginning of the month.”

“I wasn’t,” Bill said as he pulled his mouth away from Mary’s pussy lips to blow along the length of his girlfriend’s slit and send a shiver of sexual energy up and down her spine until the waves pooled in her belly just behind her baby. “I’ve learned a lot from watching George eating out you and Beth, from the screams of pleasure the two of you always gave out when he ate you I figured he knew what he was doing.”

“You picked a great teacher,” Mary admitted as Bill’s mouth latched to her slit and his hands reached up to massage her tits as the ball of sexual energy in her belly continued to grow and her body began to shiver with her approaching orgasm. “Eat me Bill,” Mary screamed as her boyfriend forced his tongue deep in her fuck hole where he wiggled it around to give the blond as much pleasure as he could without actually fucking her.

“Oh God, I’m cumming,” Mary screamed in a shuddering voice as her cunt squeezed Bill’s tongue with enough force to trap it in her pussy as her whole body went rigid from the pleasure that exploded from her belly.

“That was incredible,” Mary groaned as her body shivered from her orgasm. “Give me a second and second to catch my breath and then it will be time for the main event.”

“Take your time,” Bill moaned, “I need to recover for a few seconds or I’m gonna cum as soon as my cock touches your slit.”

“Well it’s not like I need your cum in my cunt,” Mary teased as she rubbed her pregnant belly against her boyfriend’s chest, “and I don’t usually get a cum bath so it would be nice to have your baby juice all over my tummy and pussy.”

“Mary,” Bill gasped as the blond girl’s cunt lips tickled his chest and belly as she made her way down his body.

“Don’t worry Bill,” Mary said with a grin as she raised herself up on her knees so her slit hovered above the boy’s hard cock. Juice dripped from Mary’s pussy and coated the head of Bill’s prick as Mary hesitated, “You know something Bill?”

“What?” Bill asked through gritted teeth as he restrained his arms so that he wouldn’t reach for Mary’s hips and slam her down on his baby maker.

“This is just like the first time I fucked my brother Ken,” Mary said as rubbed her slit along Bill’s erect cock.

“Really?” Bill asked as he tried to slip the tip of his cock into Mary’s shivering cunt but the girl managed to evade his attempts to slide into her fuck hole.

“Really,” Mary said. “Kenny didn’t even realize that I was a virgin and I knew that I had to be on top when we fucked because I was sure he’d pull out of me as soon as he hit my cherry. So I got on top and fucked him so he didn’t have a chance to stop - not even when he realized that I wanted him to cum inside me and knock me up.”

“You did a good job,” Bill chuckled giving her belly a pat as Mary finally took pity on him and caught his penis with her pussy lips as she dropped her hips down so his cock slid into her tight wet cunt.

“Not that good,” Mary said with a moan as she swivelled her hips around so her blond cunt hair meshed with the brown curls at the base of Bill’s shaft. “It took us almost three months before Ken finally knocked me up - he manage to knock Dannie up the first month they fucked. You and Beth did a better job than we did, and you weren’t even trying to knock her up.”

“Can you keep a secret, Mary?” Bill asked through gritted teeth as he held back his orgasm as the blond rode his cock. He could feel the girl’s cunt muscles as they tried to milk the cum from his shaft with every stroke.

“Sure I can,” Mary said with a grin as she grabbed Bill’s hands and put them on her tits. “After all, my parents have no idea that Dannie and I are fucking Kenny - much less that he’s knocked us both up. And they’ll never learn that from me.”

“Good point,” Bill said as he squeezed Mary’s tits until her nipples popped erect against the palms of his hands as she rotated her hips around his prick. “The secret is that I didn’t knock Beth up by mistake.”

“What?” Mary said, so surprised that she almost forgot that she was riding Bill’s cock.

“It’s true,” Bill said as he wiggled his hips to remind Mary that his cock was still buried in her cunt. “I wanted to knock up my sister from the day she popped my cherry, but she always made me wear a condom when we fucked. Well, the night before she left for camp I told her that we were down to the last condom, but the truth was that I had another whole box in my dresser. The next morning I was so horny I knew that Beth had to be just as horny as me and I figured it would be my best chance to knock her up. She was just as horny as I thought she’d be and I was able to talk her into fucking me bareback before she left for camp. And things worked out just the way I wanted them.”

“Wow,” Mary said, she could feel Bill’s cock pulsing in her pussy and she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he shot his load and filled her fuck tunnel with a full load of baby juice - and from the way her belly was pulsing with every stroke she knew that would set off her orgasm too. “You know Bill, you have to tell your sister the truth sooner or later.”

“I know,” Bill said with a sigh that turned into a gasp as his prick jumped in her slit.

“And tonight will probably be the best time to tell her the truth,” Mary said with groan of pleasure as her belly pulsed with her approaching orgasm. “Beth actually likes the idea of having your baby right now, but when she finds out that you tricked her into it she’ll want to kill you for sure. But since we’re leaving for home in the morning and she and George are leaving for Vegas in the afternoon she won’t have enough time to decide how to do it.”

“And by the time she comes up with an idea she’ll calm down enough to let me off,” Bill said with a grin as Mary slammed down her hips one more time as Bill shifted his hands from her breasts to her hips to hold her in place with his cock shooting his load deep in her body. Mary managed to hold off her own orgasm until Bill shot his third wad of cum into her fuck tunnel.

“I think you’re right about telling Beth the truth tonight,” Mary said as she lay next to her boyfriend, “but you better have a good hiding place in mind before you tell her. I’d hate to think that she might think of something on the spot - and I’d hate to think that you wouldn’t have a chance to knock me up.”

“You and me both,” Bill chuckled as he gave her a lopsided grin.
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