not a true story my best friend helped me write this
"Off an on."

"When did you lose your virginity?"

"Sophomore year. I was wearing her clothes. She was dressed as a man."

The doctor took it in her stride. "That's a first for me."

"It was Halloween."

"Did you see her again?"

"No, just as friends."

"When was your next experience?"

I paused as painful memories came back. "I dated a lot of other girls, but I never made love to any of them. Most of the girls I went out with weren't that way. And the few times I had the chance, uh, I couldn't make it happen."

The doctor nodded and jotted something down. "When did you have your last orgasm?"

"An hour ago."

"Does it stimulate you to wear women's' clothing?"


"How do you feel after you have an orgasm."

"Sad, depressed. Revolted with myself."

"For dressing like a woman?"

"For being a man."

She put down her pen and pulled on a pair of latex gloves. "Please stand up and remove your gown."

When she saw my bra and panties, she asked me to remove them also. I had never been examined by a female doctor, and I was embarrassed as she began to probe my body.

"You are in wonderful condition," she observed.

She took my penis in her fingers and pulled and squeezed it, and she spent a lot of time with my testicles, but I was not aroused.

"Do you think you could give me a sperm sample?" she asked. I nodded and she handed me a glass jar. "You can leave it with the receptionist after we're finished. Jamie, let me take you through your treatment options. You can undergo therapy to explore the reasons for your desire to become a woman, and perhaps even overcome it." I shook my head firmly. "I didn't think so. You can continue dressing as a woman occasionally, and make it a part of your life without more drastic changes." I shook my head again. Been there, done that.

"Or, we can begin now on a path that may or may not lead to your becoming a woman, but which will result in profound changes for you, some of which may be irreversible." I nodded as she went on. "The first step, which I am prepared to initiate today if you agree, is to put you on female hormones, combined with another hormone that will block your body's production of testosterone. This will begin to change your body in several ways. Your skin will become softer. The hair on your head may become thicker, but the hair on your body will become thinner and you will probably have to shave your beard less often. Your muscle tone will be affected, and you are going to create some body fat, particularly around your hips and your backside. Most noticeably, you will begin to develop breasts. And your ability to have erections and ejaculate will be severely affected. You may lose your ability to perform as a man altogether. Do you understand all that?"

I nodded affirmatively. "I understand."

"Are you sure that's what you want, Jamie?"

"With all my heart."

"Very well. I will leave a prescription with the receptionist. To get you started, I can give you an injection now that will hasten the process. Are you ready to begin?"

I told her yes, and the doctor filled a large hypodermic syringe with amber fluid and injected it into one of my ass cheeks. After she left, I put on my bra and panties and slipped on my dress. As I reached down to strap on my sandals, the stimulation required for a sperm sample presented itself, and I quickly pulled down my panties and held up my dress as I squeezed an orgasm into her jar. This time, I did not experience revulsion, only intense pleasure and profound relief.


"Jan, I need a little help."

I was standing before a dressing mirror in the master bedroom of my new condominium in Newport Beach. My beautiful breasts peeked over a pushup bra, and my legs glistened in sheer white stockings through a slit in my long half-slip. My hair and nails had been professionally done that morning, and my makeup was perfect.

Janet, who had been waiting impatiently downstairs, came into my room and shook her head. "I don't think I'll ever get used to you like this," she said as she watched me struggle into my lavender bridesmaid dress, identical to the one she was wearing.

"Zip me up, please," I asked her. Janet complied, and she watched in fascination as I stepped into my three inch heels and fussed with my matching white purse. "I still can't believe Emily's getting married on Halloween."

"There's something I've got to ask you, Jamie."

"Anything, Sis."

"Do you remember that Halloween when we were kids and Mom, Emily and me forced you to dress up as a girl? Did that have anything to do with this?"

"Promise you'll never tell Mom?"

"Oh, my God!"

"I mean it, Jan, don't ever tell her. I don't want her blaming herself for the life I've chosen. This probably would have happened sooner or later anyway, but yes, I've never gotten over that night."

I crossed to a bookcase above my desk and pulled out my old thesaurus. Janet smiled sadly when I showed her the creased photograph of the girl in the green dress.

The yellowed clipping from our high school paper fluttered onto the floor, and I stooped with difficulty in my long dress to pick it up.

"What's that?" she asked me.

"Do you remember when you set me up with Hillary Fowler?"

Janet got a funny look on her face. "Yeah."

"Hillary dressed me up in her clothes and made love to me before the dance. If you hadn't gotten us together, maybe none of this would have happened, but I doubt it. It was just meant to be, Jan. And I'm glad. I'm really glad that I found out in time to make a new life for myself. I've got you to thank for it."

Janet handed the clipping back to me. "Hillary Fowler will be at the wedding."

"Really? She's in for a surprise."

"She's not the only one."


Emily's wedding was beautiful. Janet stood beside her as maid of honor, and I cried throughout the ceremony as I sat next to my mother. The hormones had affected me in a lot of ways, emotionally and physically, although my body had finally reached a happy equilibrium. I felt wonderful, and the wedding pictures show three radiant young women surrounding their beaming mother. The close friends and family who were in attendance were unbelievably kind and considerate to me.

At the reception, while mother, Emily and Janet were out on the dance floor, I was seated alone at the head table sipping a glass of champagne when a handsome young man approached me. He looked vaguely familiar.


I studied his face. He was tall, with delicate features and thick black hair, which came just over his ears. Oh my God, it couldn't be! But it was!


She sat down next to me and kissed me on the cheek. "You look wonderful."

"So do you! I can't believe you! You look just like a guy."

"Coming from you, that's quite a compliment."

I laughed and touched the sleeve of Hillary's navy blue suit. "Tell me all about it."

"You first."

She looked up and saw my mother and sisters staring at us from the dance floor. "Let's go outside, okay? I'll meet you out in the garden in a few minutes."

Before I could respond, Hillary got up and walked towards the door. I waited a minute and then made my way out to the garden, where she was waiting for me under a white gazebo covered with brilliant flowers.

I lifted my long skirt and walked carefully up the gazebo steps. "I remember when I had to do that," Hillary laughed.

I sat down next to her and we started to talk. For over an hour, we alternated between my story and hers, sharing experiences that few men and women have ever known.

"How did you get so buff?" I asked her at one point.

"Steroids and testosterone."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"I’m in med school, so I know what I’m doing. Remember the East German Olympic team?"

"Are you going to have an operation?"

"I don't know. Are you?"

"I think so. I want to have a family some day, but they've already frozen a lot of my sperm."

Hillary leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I responded with passion, and for the first time in almost a year, I felt something below my waist. The doctor had told me that once my hormones were reduced to a maintenance dose, I might regain the ability to have erections, although my penis and testicles had atrophied considerably.

We heard a commotion outside the reception hall, and I realized that Emily and her new husband were getting ready to leave for their honeymoon. I gathered up my long dress again and ran across the lawn in my heels, with Hillary loping along behind me. Emily's husband was a great guy who had accepted me instantly, and I hugged him and my sister as they stood outside their car.

"Be a good girl," Emily told me.

"Be a good wife," I told her, and they were on their way.

Hillary offered to give me a ride home, and I said goodbye to Janet and my mother and walked with her to her car. Once again, Hillary Fowler opened her passenger door for me, only this time I acted like a lady, smoothing my long dress under myself before I swung my legs into her car. We chatted about nothing in particular as she drove me to my condo.

"Would you like to come inside," I asked her after I opened my front door.

Suddenly, Hillary picked me up and carried me across the threshold. "And you thought your big sister got to have all the fun today," she said as she carried me up the stairs and lowered me gently onto my bed.

That night I became a woman. Between passionate kisses, Hillary and I undressed each other and explored our new bodies. When she took my limp penis into her mouth, I felt once again a delightful arousal, and although I did not become erect, I ejaculated again and again as she pushed my buttons and I pushed hers. The last time, she took the vibrator I had been using on her and gently inserted it up my ass. She sucked on my breasts and nibbled on my nipples with her teeth as she slid the vibrator in and out, each time bringing it a little closer to my weary prostate gland. When I finally came, it was a woman's orgasm that tingled throughout my whole body.

We lay in bed together all night, talking about the future. Maybe we should stay just as we were, a man with a woman's body and a woman inside a man, so we could make love together every night and even have children some day. Or maybe we could find a doctor who would be able to transplant my organs onto her, and give her ovaries to me. With modern medical science, anything was possible.


LOS ANGELES: In a remarkable feat of neurosurgery and tissue engineering, scientists at the University of California at Irvine have successfully transplanted penises and testicles from male rabbits to female rabbits, and ovaries and uteruses from the former females to the castrated male donors. Once they recovered from the surgery, the new male rabbits attempted to have sex within 30 seconds of being put in a cage with an engineered female. "The males were able to copulate, penetrate and produce sperm,” reported Dr. Theo Binder, Associate Professor of Medicine. “Whether the females will be able to conceive and bear offspring remains to be seen.” * * * The decision to volunteer for the first reciprocal sex transplant surgery was made over Bellinis at an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was an unseasonably warm October evening, and I was wearing the sleeveless dress which Hillary bought for me earlier in the day at a chic boutique on Rodeo Drive. Hillary delighted in shopping for feminine things for me, which I found amusing given our past history. When I was a guy in high school, Hillary had been my dream girl. Six years later, still deeply in love, we were both well down the road towards sex change operations.

As we sipped our delicious concoctions of Champagne and peach nectar, I teased her about how much better she would have looked in my dress if we weren’t both on hormones. Hillary, now in her third year at UC Irvine medical school, gave me a long look before she brought up the amazing breakthrough achieved by one of her professors. “The key to it,” Hillary explained, “was putting the rabbits on hormone therapy before the surgery. Somehow, when their sex organs went dormant and started to atrophy, it protected them from the shock of being transplanted, and made the host bodies more receptive to them.”

“Just like us,” I said as I stared into her deep brown eyes. Hillary Fowler had been a striking woman, and she was devastatingly handsome as a man. “Wanna swap with me?”

“If I thought it would work, I’d give anything to have your package. But we better decide soon if you’re actually serious, Jamie. Another few months of estrogen, and you’ll be too far gone down there.”

I kicked off one of my shoes and started to rub her leg with my stockinged foot. “I can still feel something down there, you know. If my poor little thing can still get happy after everything I’ve done to it, imagine what it’ll be capable of when it’s strapped onto a hunk like you.”

* * *

Two weeks later, Hillary and I sat at a crowded conference room table across from a battery of doctors, lawyers and medical school administrators. It turned out Hillary knew they had been quietly searching for the right subjects for the next stage of their radical surgical procedures, so when she sounded out Dr. Binder after we returned from our getaway in Beverly Hills, the timing had been perfect.

Most of the people around the table knew Hillary as a top-notch student, and many of them had met me socially over the past year, but today they eyed us as if we were a couple of rabbits in a cage. Hillary, wearing khakis, a dark blue shirt and a yellow tie, looked for all the world like an earnest young man, and not a genetic female whose body had been masculinized by breast reduction surgery, steroids, and years of testosterone injections. And I, dressed in a suit with a knee length skirt, heels and stockings, looked like a conservative young woman, not a young man whose body had been slowly feminized by the ingestion of estrogen, progestin, and an anti-androgen to suppress my testosterone production.

“Mr. Fowler and Miss Taylor, if I may address you as such,” Dr. Binder began in a kindly voice, “we certainly appreciate….”

“Those are your legal names, are they not?” a man in a pin stripe suit broke in. One of the lawyers, I mused.

Before Hillary could respond, another lawyer, this one a woman with a big ass in an unattractive pants suit, interrupted him. “According to my file, neither one of you has changed your names.”

“Sweetheart,” I said to her before Hillary could respond, “neither my fiancée nor I have changed our names yet. We thought we’d take care of the plumbing first. Besides, Hillary is a nice name for a guy, very distinguished, don’t you think? And you can just call me Jamie. Everybody else does.”

The two lawyers ignored me and launched into a heated debate about the legal ramifications of our names until Dr. Binder put a stop to them. A short man with thick black glasses and a head full of gray hair, Dr. Binder seemed mild-mannered until he shouted “Silence!” in a voice which startled everybody in the room. “I told you not to include them,” he said, glaring at one of the administrators. Turning to the attorneys, he said, “Leave whatever papers they need to sign and go, please.” When the lawyers looked around the room for support, Dr. Binder shouted again, “Out!” They picked up their briefcases and left the room to a smattering of applause.

“Now that we have removed that impediment to progress, let me thank you once again for coming today. And I agree with you,” he said, winking at me, “Hillary is a fine name for a man, and Jamie is a lovely name for a lovely young lady.” I blushed as he continued. “The lawyers have prepared some papers which it will be necessary for you to sign if you agree to proceed, but I first wanted to discuss with you frankly some of the ramifications of this procedure which you must carefully consider before we go any further.

“Now as everybody in this room knows, both of you are what is commonly known as pre-operative transsexuals, and each of you intends to undergo sex reassignment surgery in the near future. Hillary, I believe your operation is to take place in January, and Jamie, if I am not mistaken, you are scheduled to have the procedure done next spring. Now, the risks and benefits for each of you are fairly well established, and if there are no unexpected complications, you can each look forward to living the rest of your lives with bodies that, from all outward appearances, are in line with your preferred gender.

“However, as you both know, today’s surgical procedures, although almost routine, are quite limited, in that neither of you will be able to function normally in a reproductive sense. Hillary, in your case, although you will have a functioning penis, you will never be able to father a child. As for Jamie, you will have a functioning vagina, which will enable you to reach climax, and your breasts will be capable of nursing a child, but you will never be able to give birth.

“Nevertheless, you will be able to enjoy your lovemaking, and if you stay in California, you will be able to adopt children, and indeed you will be accepted by society as man and wife. In other words, considering all of the trials that you have already been through, and the obstacles that you have overcome, you have a bright future together.”

Dr. Binder got up from the table and began to pace around the room. “I mention all this, even though you undoubtedly know it, because the procedure which you are about to consider offers enormous risks as well as enormous rewards.” He dimmed the lights and motioned for an assistant to turn on a slide projector. The first image was of two white rabbits in a cage. “These little critters were known as Adam and Eve. They were the first subjects to undergo reciprocal sex reassignment surgery.” The next slide showed the gloved hand of a physician holding a scalpel over the private parts of one of the rabbits, obviously Adam. “Here we see Adam undergoing the first phase of the procedure.” As the slide show continued, images of Adam’s castration, Eve’s hysterectomy, and the implantation of their sex organs into each other’s bodies were graphically shown. I reached out and took Hillary’s hand in the darkness, and she squeezed my hand under the table. For a medical student, this was no big deal, but I found myself getting queasy as I witnessed what was happening to the poor little bunnies.

The last slide showed Adam and Eves stretched out on their backs in their cage, dead. “Unfortunately, their bodies rejected their new organs, and the resulting shock was too much for their systems. They died without regaining consciousness.” I stifled a sob and looked away from the screen. “We learned much from them, and based on this knowledge, a new protocol was devised.”

The next slide showed two more healthy white rabbits. “Run, guys!” I said under my breath, loud enough for everybody to hear me. Peals of laughter broke out, and even Dr. Binder seemed grateful for the momentary relief from the tension which hung heavy in the room.

“These critters are named Ada and Yves. This photograph was taken before they were administered high dosages of hormones, male hormones for Ada and female hormones for Yves.” The next slide showed them sitting in their cage again, looking no different. “Here we see them in the same state of progression that Hillary and Jamie have reached today.” I squinted at the screen. “No, Jamie, you are not missing anything, they look just the same to me, too.” Another wave of nervous laughter swept around the table. Once again, the slide show progressed through surgery on both of the rabbits, concluding with a slide of Ada humping Yves in their cage. The room broke into spontaneous applause, and Hillary squeezed my hand again before we joined in.

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