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A snowfields romance
A Snow Bunny

Working a ski tow in Falls Creek in the 'Year of the Raincoat' I began to notice a cute girl with freckles hanging around. She chatted with all the guys running that towline, called the 'Village Tow' because it served the Ski Village area. She was medium height with a red cap and ski pants that showed the shape of her backside. Her name was Cathy and she had a dazzling smile. She had a weekend job as a guide for tourists, so she was on the slopes every weekend.

On the second weekend of chatting and flirting, we arranged to go skiing together. Two person ski tows are great for getting acquainted, you stand on your skis close together and if the chemistry is right lots of things can happen. That afternoon the sparks were flying. We laughed like fools, held hands and lay in the snow kissing. She had the most beautiful blue eyes. I invited her to visit my room later on.

I shared with three other guys in a room with four bunks, a bathroom, seats and a table. I told then I was expecting a visitor and they made jokes at me while I tidied up. I found thumbtacks and pinned a spare blanket to the side of the top bunk to provide some privacy in mine, the others all went out.

A short time later Cathy showed up wearing jeans a white jacket and makeup. We didn't bother going for drinks, just went on from the afternoon of warming each other up. Kissing her was electrifying. She sat on a stool and I sat facing her and straddling the stool. Before long she was straddling my legs and kissing passionately. I took off her jacket and undid her shirt finding freckles all the way down onto her breasts. I love freckles. Her breasts were medium large with light brown nipples and aureolae, just begging to be nuzzled kissed and licked. I rubbed my whole face all over those wonderful tits and her chest, blowing gently on her nipples, kissing and licking everywhere. She put her head back and pulled my head against her. Then she kissed me again and began to grind her crotch against my hardon. This excited me so much that after a while I nearly blew in my pants and made her keep still, just pushing against each other. She hurriedly undid my shirt and pulled it off, I pulled hers from her and gently rubbed my hairy chest against her boobs. We undid each other's jeans, took shoes off and stood up together naked. Her body was amazing, voluptuous intoxicating curves, a beautiful belly which I worshiped. She had on a heavenly perfume, no idea which one but the smell that interested me most came from her pussy. It was the scent of a young girl fully aroused, absolutely delicious. Her juices were like nectar, flowing from her pussy and coating the outer lips. I knelt and stroked her pussy with my fingers, the inner lips were engorged and firm to the touch. She asked which was my bed, I led her there, we lay down and could not wait any longer. She pulled me between her legs, wrapped them around my waist and put my cock at her opening. I entered her with one fluid motion. She said “Don't hold back, I'm on the pill!”.

Her vagina was tight around my cock as I slid back and forth slowly, enjoying the feel of her pussy. With each inward stroke I held hard against her and ground my pubic bone in small circles. We set a rhythm of several long slow strokes almost withdrawing each time, then some fast and furious fucking followed by holding tight against each other and grinding in circles. Then back to long strokes, then fast, then grinding again, as we both climbed the heights of passion breathing faster and faster. We both began to cry out with joy as we kept to fast and furious, stroking faster and faster, fucking harder and harder, faster faster, harder harder. She had long since put her feet down on the bed so as to push harder, and she became a wild animal, bucking and yelling in her passion. I threw away control and lost myself in fucking her as fast as I could possibly move until finally crying out loud as my cock began spurting deep inside her. The orgasm seemed to last forever, my body spasming uncontrollably. She said later that her orgasm began while I was still building up and continued until a huge peak as mine erupted.
We kissed passionately, holding each other tight, touching and stroking sweat soaked bodies, laughed at the power of the orgasms we had experienced then settling into post orgasmic bliss.

After some time whispering, kissing and touching we talked about our experiences, she told me she was nineteen, had had sex with four previous guys and this was the best yet. My cock was getting hard again, she didn't want me to go down on her so instead I told her to lay on her beautiful belly and only to turn over when she really needed to. I stroked my cock and balls gently and firmly all over her back bum and legs. Her skin felt velvety smooth on the underside of my cock, my balls moved about over the contours of her body. Her legs were together, I slid my cock up and down the crack of her bum and her legs. Sometimes I probed it firmly into her bum-crack and she would push up against me. She was moving her body in tune with the stroking of my cock and balls. When I put it in her armpit she closed her arm against my cock while I stroked back and forth. Onto her back again with up, down and sideways movements. Then down over her bum, sideways over each of those luscious globes and stroking up and down her legs, then a push hard between her legs to touch her pussy and feel the juice. She moaned and turned over. I moved up to that wonderful belly pressing my cock and balls into it, probing her belly button and down her sides. She grabbed my cock and brought it between her tits. She pushed her tits together and my cock slid back and forth it the valley. Her breasts felt soft against the sides of my cock, my balls slid through the valley too and she took my cock deep into her mouth. I fucked her mouth slowly for some time while she stroked my balls and my bum.

Next I moved slowly down over her body stroking my cock and balls everywhere. I pushed her legs up high, her cunt was really wet and I did the cameltoe slide until she was panting in ecstasy. I told her to get on top, she said she hadn't done that before so I drew her over me, positioned her legs and thrust my rigid cock deep into her dripping pussy. We kept still for a while with her sitting on me. Then she began to move up and down, I let her set the pace cupping and fondling those magnificent breasts, rolling the nipples gently and pulling them firmly. I reached up and stroked her cheeks, her neck, shoulders and arms. She nuzzled my palms and increased her pace. I showed her how to change the feel by humping her pelvis back and forth, then alternating with up and down movements. Her pussy lips were so engorged that I could feel the shape of them sliding up and down my cock. She lay down on my chest and I could feel the little nub of her clit rubbing along my cock as she humped faster and faster. I put my arms up her back and held her shoulders while shoving my cock up into her hard and fast. We increased the speed and power of our fucking, getting higher and higher, closer and closer to orgasm. I thrust as hard as I could into her cunt as my cock began to spurt into her again. I could feel her orgasm spasming on my cock as she yelled out loud. Our bodies convulsed over and over before collapsing on the bed, shuddering and twitching, holding each other tightly. As we caught our breath she said “Oh God that was good!”.

The next day I was on duty by myself, at the top box of the ski tow. She came to visit there, I unzipped the front of her ski suit and fingered her to orgasm. She took my cock out and took it in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down until I shot off in her mouth.

For the rest of that season she stayed with me each weekend, we had many more adventures although usually not as intense as that first night.
Part 2 will tell how she became to be called 'The Village Tart'


2008-03-17 23:48:02
good story but longer next time and with more details and maybe a 3some


2008-03-17 10:32:36
kinda misleading with the young tag.. but i liked the story :) just remove the young part next time ok?


2008-03-17 09:14:15
i thought it was great


2008-03-17 06:10:58
man give him a was a great story, a little more detailed next time


2008-03-17 01:12:26
Apparently, you've not been on this site long enough to know what the "young" tag means.

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