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After the wild weekend I have not been able to concentrate on anything else except what happened. Every time a teacher or friend or anyone is talking to me my mind just wanders and I always have to stop myself before the whole world knows what I’m thinking. Well after school let out and right before band practice I saw Kim and Shawn hanging with their newest boy toys and my mind instantly wandered. This time I didn’t stop myself and this time someone noticed. Miko, a foreign exchange student from Korea who is incredibly beautiful with her long sexy legs and full luscious lips, walks up and scares the ever life out of me. “Hey big boy, I don’t think that’s the stick to use on your drum,” Miko teases as she rubs by me. I instantly become red and adjust myself before heading into practice.

The whole time during practice my mind is fixed on what Miko did and the way she looked at me. Through every beat and every step I took during marching drills my mind was just back and forth. My eyes were fixed on her the whole time, watching her play her saxophone, her lips wrapped around the mouthpiece so tight. Her long legs just gliding as she moved, my mind just thinking of what I would love to do to her if I had the chance too. But I figure a girl like her had to have a boyfriend or the most part just wasn’t into me like that.

Of course that all changed at the end of practice. “ Hey JC, any chance you can give me a ride home,” Miko yells at me from across the field as she runs up, “ my ride flaked on me and I know you live in the area.” “Sure, “I said as I smiled trying to hold back in thoughts I had earlier. She smiles, “thanks, “and then as she walks by me she rubs against me again, making my body tense and mind racing.

As we both get in the car, my eyes are locked on her sexy long legs. Just amazed at how long and muscular her long legs are just made my mind blank. “Don’t stare too long now, “Miko giggled as she watched me stare. I shake my head and blush as I turn on the car and start pulling out the parking lot of the school. As we pull out Miko leans over and whispers in my ear, “now that I have some attention from you, I really noticed that big stick you are carrying and wondering if you like me to help you with it." Her hand rubbing against my chest as I feel her hot breath against me, it makes my mind wonder what she has planned for me. My cock already growing from her words, " Umm, sure where can we go?" “Just turn down the dirt road right beside the school and drive as far as you can, " she whispers as her hand travels down to my stomach.

As I turn down the dirt road, her hand moved further down till it was rubbing hard against my cock. I softly moan as she begins to kiss my neck and her hand strokes my hard cock. As soon as I stopped at the end of the road and turn off the car, she took off my seatbelt and smiled, “now let’s see how big this stick is," she said as her hands unzipped my shorts and pulls out my hard shaft. “Now this is a big cock," she says as she lowers her head and slides her tongue from the bottom up to the top of my dick.

She flipped her to the side as she begins to slowly roll her tongue up and down my hard shaft. As soon as she reaches the tip, her tongue swirls around it. I lean back a little in my seat as my hand reaches up and begins to run up and down her back. She slides her tongue down and flicks her tongue on my balls, then slowly takes one into her mouth and sucks on it. My eyes roll into the back of my head as I feel her hand stroking up and down on my cock, her mouth sucking intensely on my balls. She then lifts her self up and plunges her mouth deep onto my cock. Her lips surrounding my hard shaft as she takes it half into her mouth, gagging on it a little then lifting up, looking into my eyes and teasing me as her ass wiggles a little.

She smiles at me as her hand continues to work, then plunges back down and slowly moving up and down against it. “Oh fuck, never felt a blowjob like this," I muttered as I look down at her. She giggles a little as her mouth continues to work it magic, her hand moving in time as she strokes a little faster. I begin to moan as I feel my cock throbbing in her mouth, beginning to fill up with cum. My body is tensing with every stroke, " Oh god I am about to explode," I shout trying to warn her but she continues. I lay back and feel my body about to release......RING. “What the fuck, “I say as we both jump from the sound.

She lets go of me and stumbles to her purse, pulling out her phone. “Hello....Hey babe how are you doing? I'm fine just hanging out at home, relaxing." Her hand returns to my cock and begins to stroke it, but my concern stays with who is on the phone. “I know sweetie I wish I could but you know my folks, but I definitely will take care of you this weekend. I promise, alright take care and see you tomorrow. Bye." She hangs up the phone and my mouth is hanging at this point in shock of what I think I heard. “Who was that?" I ask, feeling I know already. “That was my boyfriend, " she says with a sly, evil grin on her face as she continues to work my cock.” Uh, ok so why are you with me?" She smiled as she opened the car door, “because it has been awhile since I had sex and I can't wait for the weekend, so get your ass out here and fuck me," she commands as she gets out of the car and strips off her clothes. I look at her in amazement, wondering what I got myself into.

But as soon as I saw her beautifully shaven pussy and lovely, perky tits, all doubt left me and I was out the car, clothes completely off and ready to please every inch of her body. She lies down on top of the hood and rubs her pussy, motioning to me to come and get it. I lean down and kiss her stomach, then begin to work my way down. I kiss down her left thigh, biting a little and teasing her, and then I slide my tongue up to her wet mound. Spreading her legs farther apart, I begin to dive my tongue deep inside her. Rolling it up and down as I find her clit and begin to flick it with the tip of my tongue. “MMM....that's it baby, get it nice and wet for that hard cock of yours," she says as her body moves against my tongue. My hands wrap around her incredible thighs as I push my tongue harder and begin to move faster against her clit. Moving up and down, finger digging into her thighs as I work her pussy faster and faster, focusing hard on her clit. She moans louder and louder, grabbing my hair and shoving me harder against her. “Oh fuck, that’s it...please don't stop." she moans as I work faster and faster on her clit. Her body tightens and begins to shake as I hold on tight, moving my tongue faster and faster, sucking on to her clit. “OH FUCK....FUCK!" She screams as her body gyrates and cum splashes against my face. I clean her pussy

“Oh shit...give me that dick now," she yells as she lies on the hood. Watching her rub her pussy, I pull her down a little and spread her legs wide as I plunge my cock deep inside her. "OOO....dam that's it, just fuck me," she moans as I begin to pump deep and hard into her pussy. Her hands are raking against my back as I fuck her pussy, her walls pressing hard against my cock. My lips sucking on her tits, my hands holding onto her as I force myself up and deep into her wet, dripping pussy, my mind racing wanting her more and more.

“That’s it, fuck me harder. I want us both screaming," she commands as I work harder and faster. Feeling her and my body tense against each other, knowing the moment is near. Our moans echoing in the woods as I feel my cock throbbing against her walls. I pump harder and harder, feeling my cock fill up with an amazing load of sticky cum. " OH SHIT....I'm CUMMING!" I scream as I unload deep and hard into her pussy. The spasm of my cock causes a chain reaction, “That’s it, right there....FUCK!" she screams as she cums also. Our juices mixing against each other as she falls into my arms, are breathing heavy and bodies covered in sweat. We collapse onto the ground, heavily breathing and sweating. She smiles at me and leans over, cleaning my cock of all our juices. “MMM...thank you very much. You had no idea how badly I needed that." she says as she crawls on top of me and kisses my lips again. “You are most welcome, now we better get the hell out of here before our luck runs out." I said. We both get up and get into our clothes, huge grins on both of our faces. We both get into my car and as I pull of her rest her head on my shoulders and says, “That was amazing, I may have to ask for a ride again soon." I just smile as I drive off.

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2009-04-26 01:22:10
Good, but you changed tenses halfway through


2008-04-12 10:36:25
wow is all I have to say 10/10


2008-04-11 17:20:29
dude you have to keep writing these are fantastic


2008-04-09 22:49:34
agreed WOW


2008-03-17 19:23:08
wow 10/10

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