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He was happy. He had finally met a woman who would satisfy him
psychologically as well as physically. Early on, she had told him what
she liked best. Namely, to suck a man's cock and to play with his
testicles non-stop. He smiled because he realized, after having spoken
to her for a while, just where her head was at. It was where he wanted

So when they finally got together, he closed his eyes as she slowly
unzipped his fly and stuck her hand inside his pants. His cock began to
swell as she stroked gently and smiled at him. Soon the gentle
fingers were wrapped gently but firmly around his balls, and he sighed
in pleasure. This was the beginnig of the game for both of them, - the
game of dominance and submission. He placed his hand under her chin and
gently lifted her head so that it tilted back. Then he bent to her and
pressed his lips against her exposed throat, softly at first, then
harder. She gasped as she felt his lips part and his teeth lightly touch
the soft warm flesh of her neck. Her eyes widened as his hands rested on
her soulders, moving up to her neck, stroking, carressing. He moaned as
her fingers increased the pressure on his balls. "God", she whispered to
him, "so soft and sweet, your scrotum, like living silk." At the words
and the touch, he felt his cock bulge out another half inch. She laughed
sexily and said, "Now I have you, baby. You are completely in my power.
Your balls are mine, and your cock. I am going to have my way with you."
His eyes closed and he moaned. His fingers continued working her throat
and she purred and laughed softly. "Yes", she whispered in his ear as
she undid his belt, "you would just love to bury those strong fingers of
yours in my throat, wouldn't you?" He shuddered as he felt her pull his
pants off with his shoes and socks. She tossed them on the floor and
ordered him to lie back on the bed.

His hands now were busily unbuttoning her blouse, carressing her chest
and her shoulders, then moving down to her nipples. Each of them, by
earlier agreement, had no underwear on. Just skin beneath the outter
garments, soft white skin which felt sweet and warm to the touch. Then
they began their game. "Oooo, let go of my balls", he moaned as she
moved him gently up toward the center of the bed. "No" she said softly,
"No, they are mine and I love the feel of them." "Oh please", he began
to beg, "Please let go of them. It's too much, the pleaure is almost
like pain. Oh God, what you are doing to me." He felt her fingers
massaging the sensitive testicles, felt her take the scrotum between her
thumb and index finger and gently tug, then tug just a little harder.
"Oh no!", he continued to beg, "PLEASE baby, let go!" She laughed again,
a knowing sexy laugh deep in her throat as she continued to manipulate
him, manipulating his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the
other. She lowered her mouth to his thick and bulging prick and kissed
along the shaft, her eyes closed in ecsatcy. His body began to squirm
and twist. His moans increased as did hers. She gasped her breath as she
felt the power inside her. She whispered, "I am not going to let you go
till I have my way with you. You are completely in my power now. I have
you where I want you and I can feel the strength and power in your
balls, strength in the most vulnerable place on your body, and its mine.
Yes, I have complete power over your strength."

She felt the muscles in his body flex in fear mixed with pleasure. "You
know", she said kissing his balls, "if I wanted to, I could crush these
sweet little balls of yours, and you would be helpless to stop me." She
laughed again and engulfed his sack with her mouth. He felt her sucking
his balls and stroking his cock with sure, steady motions. He moved his
hands to her shoulders in an attempt to push her away but it was
useless. The more he pushed, the more tightly she held him. The sucking
on his balls increased in intensity. His flesh tasted so good in her
mouth. The throbbing cock in her fingers was like a bar of steel encased
in soft living velvet. After a few seconds, she became completely deaf
to his pleas. Her mouth was hungry for him and her brain was throbbing
with the feeling of power she had over this sweet, strong male. Soon, he
stopped protesting and just felt her working on him. Her mouth left his
balls and leapt to his cock. Within a second his cock was buried deep
between her lips. The pleasure overcame him. She still held on to his
balls as she sucked him. In his mind, thoughts began to stream. "Oh
worship me", he heard himself whisper as his fingers gripped her
shoulders tightly, "Suck me baby, suck me dry, swallow my cum, swallow
it, please! Don't stop baby, please!" Just as it seemed he was about to
explode inher mouth, she drew back her head and smiled at him. "What are
you doing", he asked? "I'll show you", she laughed.

Quickly she moved on top of him and inserted his prick into her wet
cunt. "No, don't", he said, "I so love the feel of your hands on me.
Play with me." Now she ignored his words. She lay on him, kissing his
neck and his chest as she wrapped her arms around his back under his
arms. She rocked up and down on him, harder and harder. "Stop", he
screamed, "Get off me". She laughed and continued to fuck him faster and
faster. He pushed aginst her but could not dislodge her. "You're all
mine", she screamed in triumph as she fucked him, "all mine and I can do
anything I want with you!" She went into a frenzy of fucking him, and
the feeling of utter power overwhelmed her. He was thrashing under her
as her arms tightened and squeezed him.

She was drawing near to cumming. He could feel it. Her breaths came in
short gasps now as she began to climax. At the moment she began to cum,
he placed his hands on her neck and tightened the grip of his fingers.
His fingers felt along her sweet soft throat until they discovered the
hollow between her neck cords. His thumbs pressed in. As she screamed in
cumming, her eyes widened at the feel of his fingers pressing into her
exposed throat. She tried to move her lower body away but he would not
let go of her and he rolled her over onto her side , perventing his
penis from slipping out of her cunt. His fingers tightened as he rolled
on top of her. Her hands sprung to his wrists, attempting to rip his
hands away from her neck but his grip held. Now it was his turn to
laugh. He looked down at her, thrusting his cock into her, faster and
faster. Her mouth was open, her eyes bulging, pleading with him to let
go of her neck. He laughed and squeezed harder. "You should have let go
of me when I asked you to", he said. "Now its too late." She could not
breathe. She sucked the air into her throat in gasps. He forced her head
back off the bed so he could kiss the side of her neck as he fucked and
choked her. Her mouth was open and her eyes bulging but she was silent,
knowing that she was completely in his grip. "You should have stopped",
he repeated. "Now I can't stop. Your throat is so beautiful, soft and
white and warm. I love the feel of it. I can't stop, baby. The feeling
of overpowering strength feels so good as I press into you." Her
attempts at pushing against his chest and slapping his body grew weaker.

She knew he had her now. She was aware of his balls hitting against her
ass as he ploughed her, those balls which she had craved so much, those
masculine balls, the seat of his power which had drawn her to him. They
seemed to have swelled as he pressed into her. Her hand slid down his
back as she gave in to his strength. Suddenly he screamed as the cum
came flowing out of him into her cunt. She threw her arms around him as
he released his grip on her throat.

After a few seconds, as his passion died down, he kissed her face and
whispered, "I love you, baby!" Her hands carressed his back as she
returned the kiss to his face. "And I love you too." She closed her eyes
and smiled as he slipped off her and drew her against him. He lay on his
back and cradled her in his arms. She rested her head on his chest and
he ran his fingers through her hair. "I love the way you take me", he
whispered, "the way you do my balls and my cock with your hands." "Rest
a bit", she whispered back, "then I want you to eat my pussy until you
make my clit scream, and then I will give you the best jerk-off job you
have ever had." He tightened his embrace. She felt good lying in his
arms. "Yes", he replied, "anything you say, darling."
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