I am a wordy author. If you do not like long stories stop now and save yourself some aggravation. If you are the kind of ADD reader that expected at least two sex scenes by this point in the intro you should leave now.

This story has a slow start but hopefully it makes up for it later. If you are still reading, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed imagining it happened to me.


I had been looking forward to this trip for a couple of months. It was going to be a working vacation of sorts but it would get me out of town and away from my normal work for a week. August is a hot time in Sacramento. Victoria, British Columbia would be a welcome change.

I would be driving up to Victoria with my daughter and two other girls from our club. I coach the junior badminton team at an athletic club in Sacramento, Ca. Two other juniors had already flown up with their parents ahead of us. They would vacation for several days and then the two girls would be dropped off with us for the tournament while the parents flew back home.

We have about forty teenagers in the club. They range from beginners to serious contenders for the Junior National Championships each year. My group runs in age from eight to seventeen. If they stay with the program they move into the adult program at that point.

The tournament was the working part of this vacation and the real reason we were going. There was a junior tournament in Victoria and I was taking a few of the girls up to it. Usually there is a mix of boys and girls but this time the only ones traveling would be the top girls. The more skilled boys that usually travel were all out of town on vacations or could not afford the trip.

We are supposed to be driving out first thing in the morning but here I’m stuck at the office at two in the morning trying to fix a software bug in a clients upgrade. Driving up there is going to be hell after being up all night. It is a good fifteen-hour drive from Sac to the ferry at Port Angeles that takes us over to Victoria.

I finished the last change request, tested it, emailed it off to the client, downloaded it to my laptop for the inevitable phone call I’d get in Victoria and then started home. By four I was asleep in my bed. But it did not last long. At six my daughter burst into the room announcing it was time to get up. Jamie was an outgoing, bubbly fifteen going on, let’s say, sixteen. She was smart, gorgeous, had lots of friends and was one of the top juniors on my squad.

She’s a lot like her mother; great looks and a really good figure that I tried not to notice. Her mother had died in a car accident nine years ago and it had been Jamie and I since then. At first I did not notice the changes Jamie’s body was going through. I saw her every day and the changes were gradual. It wasn’t until a friend of mine at the club mentioned that I was going to have my hands full keeping the boys away that I really noticed. She was only fifteen and she already had a ‘killer’ body. Where were all the girls like that when I was a teenager? All I can remember were flat-chested girls at her age.

“Come on Daddy. It’s time to go”. And like any teenager, she can be really irritating when you’ve had two hours of sleep and would like more. I moaned and turned over. She retaliated by turning on the light and I pulled the pillow over my head. She grabbed my shoulder and shook me. “Come on Dad. We have to get ready to go”.

I pulled the pillow from my head, turned and grabbed her and pulled her into bed on top of me. “Maybe we should just skip this trip and I’ll get more sleep”.

Jamie began wiggling, trying to get back up. She was a strong girl. For training, she ran, did weight training and all the skill specific drills necessary to be a top competitor in her age group. Her wiggling resulted in pushing her breast against my hand. I was immediately self-conscious of her nipple rubbing against me and then it was gone. I could feel my cock give a little twitch. Oh great, now my daughter is getting me horny.

It took an hour for us to get ready, eat and then tote the bags out to the van. The conversion van was a gas hog but it was great for taking juniors to tournaments. It was the extra-long version so there was room for the queen bed to be extended out and still have room for luggage in the back. It had the normal TV/DVD player and music systems that they all have but I had added one nice feature: a plasma TV above the bed. It received a feed from the DVD player. You could lie in bed and watch movies, or, what we usually did, lay around on the bed and review and critique matches played during our tournaments.

As we pulled away from the house I couldn’t help wonder what I had left behind this time. I had checked my written and my mental checklists and everything was accounted for but I invariably forgot something. One time I had forgotten my own racquets for a tournament I was playing in. Tough to hit the bird with no racquet.

“Dad, remember, you said you’d let me drive on the trip”.

Jamie had her drivers permit and was a very careful driver. I had told her that she could do some of the freeway driving. Some of it was mountain driving and I would handle that but a great deal was flat, straight-ahead, boring driving. That would definitely be a big help after last night. I had been up just an hour and I am almost dead already.

When we got to the club I saw Debbie and her parents but there was no sign of Ashley. Great, now we’ll have to wait around and get a late start. As we pulled up the doors of the car opened and Debbie and Ashley got out of the back while Debbie parents got out and went around to the trunk and began pulling some bags out. I was relieved to see Ashley was there but wondered where her mother was. Ashley’s father seemed to have left them recently and since then we had not seen much of her mother. Occasionally she would drop Ashley off for events but never stayed and watched her compete. I could be wrong but there seemed to be a little hostility between them.

The girls began bouncing around talking excitedly while I put their bags in the van. The girls had been on plenty of trips before but this was the first time we were going to Canada. They had been talking it up for several weeks, searching the Internet for things to do and see while there.

Debbie said her goodbyes and we were off onto I-5 headed north in minutes. The girls put the bed down in back and then they all went back there, put on a video and began talking. I could not hear much but they were teenage girls, it had to involve boys.

The sun was up and giving me a second wind but I was already feeling tired and knew I would not last long. The stretch from Sac north to Redding was straight and flat. It would be perfect for Jamie to drive.

I lasted as long as I could; about ninety miles, but when I changed a lane without planning on it I knew it was time to take a nap. I held on until I reached the next town and pulled off the freeway into a gas station. When I stepped outside the heat hit me. It was August and we were in the Sacramento Valley: that meant hot.

The girls climbed out of the van and went inside the gas station. When they came out a few minutes later with sodas I was finished topping off the van with gas. “Jamie, it's your turn. I need a nap”. She gave a squeal as I tossed her the keys and she got in behind the wheel. “Ashley, would you sit up front with her”. With a drivers permit she needed someone with a license to be with her. Ashley just nodded and got in the passenger side. I walked around and went in the side door. The girls had some of their stuff on the bed and I moved it all to one side. I lay down and I don’t really even remember Jamie driving out of the gas station. I was gone.

An hour or so later I woke briefly. I could hear the girls talking up front. There was a curtain behind the second row of seats. It was closed so it was dark in the back of the van. I lay there, still tired. The rolling motion of the van and the drone of the road noise quickly put me back to sleep.

The dream started innocently enough; I was riding a bike down a street. I was alone. The way I was sitting on the bike was making the seat rub against the bottom of my cock, giving me an erection. I kept moving around, trying to find a position that would make it go away, but I wasn’t having any luck. I looked up in the sky and saw an airplane and everything changed and I was sitting in the plane, the only passenger in one row of seats.

A girl walked down the isle and stopped at my row, “Can I sit here”? I nodded my head and she moved past me to the window seat and sat down. Her voice sounded familiar but for some reason I did not look at her face. It was just moments before I felt her hand slide under the waistband of my shorts and grab my cock. I still had the erection from riding the bicycle. She whispered in my ear, “Nice erection”. She tugged on my shorts and I lifted up off the seat so she could pull them down.

“Would you two like something to drink”?

I turned my head and a flight attendant was standing next to me. I watched as her lips moved, “You have a very nice erection”. She was holding a tray with cups of water on it. I shook my head no. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them she was gone. I don’t know when I moved my hand but now it was lying on the bare skin of the girl’s thigh. When had she taken her clothes off? I felt her legs move apart and my hand slid down until my fingertips brushed the fabric of the seat. I slowly moved my hand farther up between her legs until the back of my wrist was resting against her pussy.

“That’s better, rub it”.

I turned and the flight attendant was back; it was she who had spoken. She was nodding her head, “A little harder. Use your fingers. Oh yes, right there”.

I began rubbing her pussy more firmly, concentrating near the top, over the fold covering her clitoris, but following the attendant’s instructions I slid a finger into her. The lips of her pussy had been tight and dry when I first touched her but they were supple, hot and very wet now.

I closed my eyes and felt myself falling. When I opened them the girl was now on top of me, her legs drawn up on either side of my hips. There were other passengers leaning over the back of the seats watching us. The men were nodding their heads, seeming to be giving me encouragement. The women were mixed, some frowning, some smiling. One of them was mouthing something to me; ‘fuck me coach’.

I could feel the girl’s hips moving against mine, trying to find me; trying to get me in her. As she pushed down I thrust up and slid into her. “Harder coach”. I thrust up and was now buried in her. It felt cool in the airplane but her skin was hot against mine. This was a good dream. I usually woke before this point.

As she began moving back and forth on me I looked up at the faces around me. The woman who had spoken before was still there. Her face began moving towards me, her neck stretching down from the top of seat. Her lips were moving again, “Harder coach, I’m close”. I put my hands on her butt and pulled her tight against me as I thrust faster into her. Her neck stretched until her mouth was by my ear, it sounded loud as she cried out. “Oh coach, I’m cumming”.

And then I woke up. Someone was on top of me. I could feel she was naked; my hands were on her butt, pulling her against me. It was definitely a she; I could also feel myself inside of her. I was still confused by the dream and did not know where I was. I tried to push her off of me but she had her legs tightly clenched to me and her hands were now pushed under my back. “Not yet coach, not yet”.

Ashley! I was fucking one of my girls. I looked around the back of the van. Where were the others? The van was moving, someone had to be driving; that should be Jamie. Where was Debbie? Please don’t be back here. From the little light coming around the curtains on the windows I could see we were alone. Thank god for that.

“Get off me” I whispered I tried to shake her off but she had a good grip on me. Part of my dream was still with me and I realized she just had an orgasm. My moving her around on top of me probably was just helping her. I lay still, but that just accentuated the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock. It felt so good.

“Ashley, you have to get off me before they see us. I can get in big trouble. I’m your coach”.

“Not yet coach. You haven’t cum yet”.

“And I’m not going to”. I tried to pry her from me with out success.

Ashley began squeezing me with her pussy. Any hope I had for trying to wilt inside of her was diminishing. “Listen. We have to stop”.

“Coach, they aren’t going to come back here. They know we are sleeping. Now it’s your turn. I want you to cum in me”.

“Debbie could come back here any minute. You have to get off me”.

“I would if I thought you would get on top of me. No, I think I’ll stay here until you finish”. She began moving around on me, letting me come out of her just an inch or so and then pushing back, driving me completely into her again. “Coach, you’d better hurry before someone does come back here”

I tried to speak softly so we wouldn’t be overheard, “Ashley, you have to get off me. We can’t do this. I could get in a lot of trouble”. She pushed back against me and I could feel my body respond, lifting ever so much against her.

“That’s better coach. Jamie said you had not been laid in quite a while. Enjoy yourself; I certainly did”.

My hands were at her side. I moved them up a few inches and felt the swell of her breasts. Even as I told myself to stop I could feel my hands caressing the sides of her breasts until she lifted herself so that I could cup her them, feel her nipples in the palms of my hands. I tried again, “Ashley, we have to stop”. But even I did not believe it now. I could feel my hips beginning to respond to her, pushing up into her as she rocked back against me.

“Coach, we’ll stop as soon as you cum”.

After that we stopped talking and just continued moving together. I moved my hands from her breasts and wrapped them around her, pulling her tight to me. I could just hear the music of one of the girls CD’s over the road noise. Every few minutes the song would change and I would worry that Debbie would look back through the curtain to say ‘remember this song’ or some such thing.

Several songs must have played before I finally forgot the music; we just continued our slow fucking. I got close to cumming several times and then it would pass. It took me a minute to realize I was deliberately delaying my orgasm; I wanted the moment to last.

Ashley lifted her face from where it was buried in my neck and kissed my ear. She gently closed her teeth on my earlobe and pulled on it. My ears are my Waterloo. She let go of my earlobe and ran her tongue around the inside of my ear; I began thrusting into her faster. I could feel her body sliding up and down on me as my hips pushed against her. Her head began moving so much she could not stay with my ear; she laid her head on my shoulder.

“Cum in me coach. Cum in me”.

I could not have held back if my life depended upon it. I could feel the torrent begin in by balls, travel through my cock to explode in her. With each rush of cum out of me I pushed hard into her.

After the flow ebbed, I slowly relaxed my grip on her and then moved my arms up so they were wrapped around her back.

“Thank you coach, I really needed that”.

I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head in reply. Now that blood was leaving other parts of my body and returning some oxygen to my brain I was beginning to return to reality. This wasn’t good. “Ashley, we need to talk. This was a mistake”.

“Don’t worry coach, its just sex. I needed it and apparently you did too. I’m not going to say anything. You didn’t seduce me. I’m old enough to think for myself”.

I was about to respond when I felt the van slowing down. We were stopping. “Quick get dressed, we’re stopping. We’ll talk about this later”.

We both started putting our clothes back on. Just as we finished Debbie’s head poked through the curtain to tell us we were in Redding. The mountain driving started here so it was my turn. We gassed up; all made a quick potty run and were back on the road.

The girls disappeared into the rear of the van again. I could hear music and talking, punctuated with giggles. It sounded like they were having a good time. I couldn’t hear anything that should give me alarm. There should be some kind of outcry if Ashley was sharing.

What was I thinking? I’m the coach. This is how coaches end up in prison.

A couple of hours later we arrived in Ashland, a quaint theatre town. We ate lunch and then walked around downtown for a while; it was a good break from being trapped in the van for hours.

Once we were back on the road I made it a few more hours before I started getting sleepy. This time I had Jamie drive while I napped in the passenger seat. It would be safe up front.

We continued like this, my driving a couple of hours and then Jamie until we finally reached Port Angeles late that night. Port Angeles was the closest ferry ride to Victoria. I had made hotel reservation for the night. First thing in the morning we would drive onto the ferry and arrive in Victoria an hour or two later.

I checked us in and got our keys while the girls pulled our bags out of the van. The girls would all be in one room and I would be alone in the other. When I got to my room I threw my bag on the second bed and started undressing, preparing to jump into bed when I heard a knock at the door.

I opened the door a crack and peered out. Ashley was standing there. “Coach, it’s really crowded in our room. You are all alone in your room. Maybe I could sleep with you”?

I looked out at her, making a conscious effort to look her in the eyes and not glance down her delectable sixteen year-old body. Unfortunately that did not erase the image I had in my mind of her naked, sitting on top of me, rocking back and forth, her pert young breasts bouncing up and down. My cock began to twitch. I could hear the voice from the guy on my left shoulder saying, “Sure let her in. We’ll show her where she can sleep”. From my right shoulder a voice was having trouble being heard, “You can’t be seriously thinking about letting her in here. Why don’t we just drive straight down to the police station now”.

“Ashley, go back to your room. That was a mistake earlier. It’s not going to happen again”.

“Are you sure coach? If I could just come in for a minute,” she stepped closer to the door, “I could show you it wasn’t a mistake. You have so much space in your room. It would be much nicer sleeping in here”.

It would be much nicer I thought, but, “Ashley, we have to get up really early in the morning to catch the ferry. I’m beat. I’m going to sleep. Now go back to your room”.

I closed the door and walked over to the bed. I stood there for a moment, imagining Ashley laying there on the bed, legs spread, my lowering myself….I’ve got to stop thinking like this. I finished undressing, turned out the light, got in bed and was gone as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The ‘wake-up’ call seemed to come way too early. I dressed quickly. I needed to get the van into the line for the ferry. Sometimes the ferry filled up quickly this time of year with all the tourists flocking over to Victoria. It was Wednesday, not a normally big day for the crossing but there was no point in not being careful; miss the ferry and miss a lot of tourist time.

I bought our tickets, got in line and then walked back to the hotel. The girls were up and were still excited. They would be going to another country, though just Canada, in a couple of hours. We got some breakfast and then carried our bags over to the van and packed them away.

I dozed in the driver’s seat while the girls ran around watching people, seagulls, and the ferry getting ready. Another hour and we were on our way. I sat in a seat by the window. The girls walked around the outside of the ferry, waving as they passed me on each trip; where did they get all that energy?

Another hour or so and we were pulling into Victoria, passing Parliament, the huge Empress Hotel in front of us. We drove off the ferry and then sat there, waiting to be cleared by Canadian Customs.

When the Customs official came up to our window I handed him our passports and prepared for the usual questions; why are you hear, how long, etc.

Before I could answer he had glanced at the passports, looked at me and then moved closer to the window and looked at the girls in the van. “You seem to be traveling with some awfully young girls”. He hesitated before adding “Why”? My conscience added, ‘can you tell I fucked one of them”?

“I’m their coach. We are here for a junior badminton tournament this weekend”. I answered a few more of his questions and then he waved us on and moved on to the next car.

We spent the next couple of hours walking around downtown and then had lunch before we returned to the van and started making our way to where we were staying.

My best buddy in college had moved to Victoria several years ago. He had vacationed there frequently as a kid and loved the area. He had a dream of opening up a B&B there. Recently he had gotten married. He did not know it at the time but she was an heiress. As he told it he was now able to change from a simple two-story run-down B&B to something people dream about. He was planning on opening in six weeks or so and had invited us to stay there. He said we would be doing him a favor in helping him to train his staff with real guests. How could I protest? It saved everyone in hotel costs that we could use for the next tournament.

As we drove towards the east side of the island I wondered what it would look like. He said it was very upscale but I still did not know what to expect. We drove through some nice neighborhoods and some not so nice. I kept checking our directions watching for the turnoff. The girls were quiet; just sitting back, looking kind of bored, and watching the houses go by.

We finally turned a corner and found ourselves in a very expensive neighborhood. Between the houses we could see the Inland Passage, the waterway between Vancouver Island and the mainland of Canada. I was wondering how far we still had to go to get out of this neighborhood to find our place when I spotted our address; right in the middle of these homes. There was a long tree-lined entrance driveway going back through nicely manicured grounds.

I pulled in a few feet and then braked and reversed to check the address again; it was the right address. This was way too nice for us. It looked like we had entered the grounds of a mansion. I drove in slowly and parked in front of a large colonial two-story building; trees and shrubbery concealed any other building that might have been there.

As we started piling out of the van the front doors opened and there was Robert and his very pregnant wife. That was a development he had not mentioned.

“Bill, you made it. I hope my directions were good”.

“They were perfect”. I looked around, “This place is something”.

“I could never have done it without Jane”. As he introduced his wife I could hear the girls behind me whispering about Robert. Robert has the same build as I do; a couple inches over six foot, good athletic build, but there the similarities stop. While I like to think I’m okay looking, Robert is Hollywood good looking.

I introduced the girls. They giggled and murmured some hellos.

Bill asked, “I thought there were going to be six of you”.

“There are. The other two girls flew up with their parents a few days ago for some family vacation. They’ll be joining us tomorrow when their parents fly home”.

Robert started towards the bags, “Why don’t we get you situated and we’ll talk later”. He grabbed a couple of bags and said, “Just follow me”. He climbed the steps with us trailing behind. As we walked through the main building he pointed at a dining room on one side and said, “Here is where you will have your breakfast each morning. We also plan on holding meetings for businesses here. We have several other rooms around the outside of this building. We’ll be able to stay busy with business clientele even during the off season.

We followed Robert through the building and out into a patio area at the back. From there sidewalks went off in different directions to five buildings, each about thirty yards away. They all appeared to be very nice one-story houses with the one in the middle being the largest. From where we were it looked like the middle building was huge with three wings. I was guessing these buildings were something like condos with several units per building.

Robert took off towards the main building like a mother duck with us goslings trailing behind him. When we arrived at the front of the building I couldn’t see where the doors were for the other units. When we got inside I realized why; it was all one big house. The main wing had a living room, kitchen and dining room. There were two other wings angling off each side forming something like a V with a flat bottom.

Robert pointed to the right, “Bill, your bedroom is over there. And girls, your bedrooms are over on the other side. There are lots of bedrooms so you can either have your own room or double-up; whichever you prefer”.

He sat the bags on the floor and walked through the living room to some floor-to-ceiling glass doors, opened them and walked outside to a patio. The view was fantastic. From where we were you had total privacy. I knew there were two other houses on either side of us but trees and shrubbery totally shielded us from their view. In front of us the grounds gradually sloped down to the ocean. There was no beach, just a rocky shore, but the view was beautiful; I could see a couple of sailboats out on the water.

There was something wrong, we couldn’t be staying here. This must cost a thousand dollars a night. “Robert, you can’t be serious. This is too much for us. Don’t you have something smaller”?

“Don’t be silly. You are our guests. You are doing us a favor. If you weren’t staying in here it would just be sitting empty”. Then he walked over to the right side of the patio. “Now I’m sure you girls will love this”. He pulled a cover off what had to be the biggest hot tub I’d ever seen. It must seat twenty people. “After a hard day at the tournament you get to come back and soak those aches away in here”. He showed us how to operate the hot tub and then started to leave, “You get settled, we’ll get together later Bill”.

The girls watched him leave, whispering amongst themselves. It was enough to make me feel inadequate. Well at least I shouldn’t have to worry about Ashley any longer. But for some reason I was not totally satisfied with that.

“Okay girls, lets get this stuff put away and then decide what we should do with the rest of the day”. The girls took their bags and disappeared into their wing while I went into the master suite. My God! It was bigger than my house. It had to be over two thousand square feet. The bed was huge. There was an enormous flat panel TV embedded in one wall. On one side there were sliding glass doors that took you to the hot tub, just a few feet away. So this is how the rich live. It was going to be a great couple of days.

After everyone was set we went back downtown and spent the afternoon walking around. The girls picked out souvenirs, as they would not have much time once the tournament started. We had dinner, stopped at a store for soda and munchies to stock the kitchen, and then made our way back to the house. It was dark when we arrived and we found the grounds had lights in the trees making everything look like a fairyland. Once again I could not believe we were really staying there.

We put everything away and then I said goodnight to them and went to my bedroom. It had been a long trip so far and I was tired. The bedroom was a bit warm so I opened the sliding door a crack to let in some of the cool ocean air. I turned off the light and got in bed. I could feel myself begin to drift off when I heard voices. A moment later the motor for the hot tub jets turned on. I got up and walked over to the window and looked out. Ashley, Jamie and Debbie were standing on the far side of the tub. They were all wearing long white robes. At first it was difficult to tell them apart; they were the same size, all blond, and they were facing away from me.

I was about to turn and go back to bed when the three of them opened their robes and let them fall to the ground. My jaw dropped. They were not wearing suits. The girls were all naked, just standing there looking towards the ocean. I knew I should turn away but I couldn’t. Forgetting for a moment that one of them was my daughter; I just stood there staring at their perfect bodies. They trained for hours every week and all three were in great condition; tight asses that your hands ached to grab, long slender legs. I had just looked down one of their bodies and was working back up when she started to turn around. Her breasts looked so nice; not so big as to smother you, pert and round. I wanted to reach out and hold them, caress them. My jaw dropped farther, it was Jamie, my daughter. I’m going to Hell, straight to Hell. But I could not help myself. I looked at Ashley and then Debbie, her only fourteen, but with the largest breasts of the trio.

As they stepped into the hot tub I backed away from the window. I didn’t want one of them to look up and see their deviant coach staring at them. I turned to go back to bed and found I had a massive hard-on. I lay there in bed, listening to their voices while I took care of it. When I was done, I lay there for a while longer thinking, this is going to be a long trip.

The next morning we got up and went to the main house to have breakfast. We felt like kings, or I should say a King and several Queens. The food was fantastic. After we finished I found Robert we started catching up.

After some talk about friends we had all lost touch with Robert looked over at the girls and said, “You must have a hard time coaching”.

“What do you mean”?

“Back in school you really liked those young tight bodies and now you are surrounded by them”.

“What are you talking about? It was you who was screwing all the high school girls who came to the keggers trying to be with the older guys”.

He laughed, “You are right. That was me wasn’t it. Still, it must be difficult with all this young pussy around”.

“Hey, one of those is my daughter”.

“Sorry. I guess I’m just horny. My wife is almost nine months pregnant and it’s going to be months before we get at it again. It wither away and fall off by then”.

I laughed and we talked a bit more before the girls were finished and began bouncing around us. “Come on Dad. We want to see Buchart Gardens. We want to get there before it gets crowded”.

We spent most of the day at Buchart. We had a really nice lunch there, followed by more walking around looking at the grounds and flowers. When we finally left we drove around looking at all the sights around Victoria. Found a nice place for dinner and eventually returned to the house in the early evening.

While the girls ran to their bedrooms I went to mine and began to work the phones. I had entered the twins in just Girl’s Singles and Doubles. They were good enough and in good enough condition to play Mixed Doubles without degrading their other events. I had intended to get them partners before we left California but spaced out and forgot. It would be difficult to get them decent partners at this late date but I thought I would give it a try.

The first two calls had no success. The only boys available were beginners. I was on my third call when I heard the girls making noise on their side of the house. It sounded like they were preparing to go to the hot tub. Remembering how the girls were dressed last night I stood up with the phone and looked out the corner of my window. The windows from my bedroom looked directly across the patio at the girl’s side. I didn’t see anything at first and thought they must not be ready or maybe they aren’t coming out tonight.

Right at that moment someone picked up on the other side of the phone, “Hello”?

“Is Jim there”? I had purposely called Jim last because he had one of the best teams and I knew he would have had everything planned early; there was little chance he would be of any help.

“This is Jim”.

“This is Bill from California. You and I met at the tournament in Vancouver back in May”.

“Sure, I remember. What’s up”?

“I know this is really late but I thought I would….”. During the phone call I had never moved from the window and when I saw the girls I stopped talking in mid sentence. Last night they had worn robes but tonight they came out of their wing totally nude, not even carrying robes with them. I could feel my jaw drop. They were running across the patio to the hot tub with just towels in hand.


Ashley was in front, followed by Debbie and then Jamie. I couldn’t believe it. They knew I was around and even Robert could come around unannounced. I watched their breasts bounce as they ran. All three girls were blond. At first it looked like the three didn’t have pubic hair, it blended in with their tanned bodies. Those young, lean, fit bodies.

“Bill, are you still there”?

“Oh sure, Jim. I’m here. I’m sorry. One of my girls was trying to say something and distracted me. Hey, the reason I called, and I know I’m late, is that I have two extremely talented girls in the under fifteen. They are just thirteen but they from China and trained there. Can you help me”?

“Bill you have perfect timing. Two of my best kids in that age group, brothers, just had to drop out; their grandmother died and the family has to fly to Ottawa”.

We spent the next couple of minutes making arraignments. Jim would contact the tournament chairman and get their names in. I hung up the phone and looked back at the girls. Ashley was standing at the edge of the tub looking directly at me. She must have been in the tub and just got out because water dripped down her chest and then dropped to the ground from her nipples. My mouth was getting dry and I licked my lips. I looked lower and saw water slowly running down the inside of her thighs. Water was dripping off the sparse pubic hair between her legs. If I got any harder I might damage blood vessels.

I pulled my eyes back up to her face to see her smiling at me. I looked back at Jamie and Debbie to see if they knew I was there. They were talking to each other, not paying attention to Ashley or looking my way. I stepped back from the window hoping Ashley would not draw attention to me. This was becoming a very difficult trip.

I waited for a while and then went over to my door to the patio and stuck my head out, after first making sure nothing was showing from the girls. “Don’t stay up too late. I’m going to watch some TV and go to sleep”. I closed the door but left the window open for the fresh air.

I turned on the TV, turned off the lights in the room and got in bed. I had a hard-on again from watching the girls but was not in the mood to take care of it myself. It wasn’t long before I heard Debbie say goodnight to Jamie and Ashley and get out of the hot tub. I was tempted to go to the window to watch her walk back to her room but the look wasn’t worth having Jamie look up and catch me.

The show I was watching had finally finished and I turned off the TV. I lay there for a few minutes and heard the hot tub jets click off outside. In the quiet I could hear Jamie and Ashley talking.

“….he’s hot”. I missed the first part of the sentence. I wondered who they were talking about; someone from school?

Jamie added, “I’ve seen him looking over the fence at us”.

“He just wants to check out the young girls”.

Young girls? Who are they talking about? Who’s ‘he’?

“What about your dad”?

“What about him”?

“He’s hot. Have you ever done it with him”?

“What do you mean”?

“You know, have you ever had sex with him”?

“He’s my dad, of course not”.

Jamie said something else but the water splashed and I could not make out the words. I got up and moved closer to the window. I caught just the end of the next sentence.

“….several times; that’s why he left. Mom got jealous of Dad coming into my room and kicked him out”.

“How could you have sex with your dad”?

“It’s easy. It’s better than with some clumsy guy from school; he knows what he’s doing. Plus he’s not going to go to school the next day and tell all his friends and then you’re the school slut. He really cares about you. He’ll be sure you enjoy yourself, not like one of the guys in school who jump on you and is done in a couple of minutes”.

“I don’t know. It’s just so weird”.

“Jamie, its just sex, besides, your dad’s good at it”.

“What are you talking about? How would you know”?

“Remember when you first started driving back in California? Your dad was sleeping in the back and I said I was tired and went back to take a nap”?


“Well I let him fuck me”.

“No way. He wouldn’t”.

“I think he was having a dream; he kept touching me and then stopping. I don’t think he was really awake until he was on top of me”.

“What was it like”?

“It was good. I hadn’t had a good fuck in a couple of months. I think your dad really liked it also. At the end he was all ‘sorry, don’t tell anyone’ but he was really going at in on me”.

“Oh God, now Jamie knows. How can I face her?

I was standing there trying to decide what to do when I heard a new voice, “Hey girls, is the coach around”? Robert was there. How much did he hear?

The girls both gave him a “Hi Mr. Wilson”.

“Please, just Robert. Where’s the coach”?

Ashley replied, “He went to bed quite a while ago. He’s asleep now”.

“How do you like the hot tub? It’s certainly a great way to relax after a long day”.

I peeked out the window. Ashley and Jamie were sitting with their backs to me; Robert was standing on the opposite side facing them. It looked like he had been doing yard work; he had a couple of grass stains on his shins. He was wearing just shorts and sandals. There was sheen on his chest like he had been working hard and had a light sweat. Behind him I noticed sprinklers had come on; he had probably been working with them. Had he been there when the girls came running out? Had he heard anything they said about me?

“It sure is. Why don’t you join us”?

“That’s sounds nice but I don’t have a suit” and after a moments pause, added “and your father might not like the idea”.

Ashley stood up. The water didn’t quite reach the top of her hips. “That’s okay, we don’t have suits either; and the coach isn’t here, we are”.

I looked out the window at Robert. He stared at Ashley, his mouth partially open. Ashley reached down and tugged on Jamie to stand up; she got the idea and slowly stood up next to Ashley, facing Robert. With a low, hesitant voice, Jamie said, “Yes, why don’t you join us”.

What was she thinking? They are both naked and they are inviting a man to join them?

Robert just stood there, not talking, but not leaving either; just looking at the girls. Ashley started moving through the water towards him followed by Jamie. When she got to the edge of the tub she reached up to the waistband of his shorts and began to pull them down. “You don’t want to get these wet”. As she pulled them down she exposed his half erect cock. She let the shorts fall to the floor. He kicked his sandals aside and stepped out of the shorts.

Ashley took his cock in her hand and gave him a tug, “Come on in, the waters fine”. Robert stepped into the hot tub and sat down with Ashley and Jamie on either side of him. Robert laid his head back on the cushion that surrounded the top of the hot tub and closed his eyes. I could see that Ashley was giving him a nice slow hand job.

Jamie sat there watching them until she gave a little jerk of her body and uttered a little squeal of surprise. She seemed to stiffen for several seconds and then gradually leaned back and relaxed. Robert turned his head towards her, “Are you okay Jamie”? Jamie just nodded her head, laid her head on the cushion and closed her eyes.

Then I realized what was going on; that asshole is rubbing my daughter’s pussy. I should go out there and put a stop to this. That’s my daughter, those are my girls. Those are my pussies out there. I almost finally moved when I saw Ashley move around in front of Robert. She moved up on her knees on his lap and reached down between her legs. I thought, ‘She’s going to fuck him”!

She put her hands on Robert’s shoulders and began to lower herself on him. I heard her let out a satisfied sigh. She pulled his face to her chest as she began working up and down on his cock. I wanted to go out and put a stop to it but I had a hard-on now; how hypocritical would that look?

Robert had a breast in one hand and was sucking on the nipple of the other. His other hand was still busy in Jamie’s crotch when I thought I heard something; some faint cry. Robert must have heard it also, his head pulled away from Ashley’s breasts.

“Did you hear something”?

Ashley said, “No, nothing. Don’t stop”.

Then I heard it again; a very faint call, ‘Robert’. Robert also heard it that time. He tried to get up but Ashley was pretty well established on his cock. “I have to go. It’s my wife”.

“Not yet, I’m not finished” Ashley complained.

Robert had pulled his hand away from Jamie; leaving her with a look of disappointment on her face. He grabbed Ashley around the waist with both hands and lifted her off him. He stood up and climbed out of the hot tub and quickly pulled his shorts back on and picked up his sandals. I wonder if that erection will be down by the time he gets to his wife.

He waved to the girls, “Another time perhaps”, and quickly walked towards a gate at the end of the other wing of the house that I hadn’t noticed before. Then it hit me; he’s the one they mentioned watching them over the gate.

I looked back at Ashley in time to see her call out to Robert, “Don’t come back. You only get one chance with us”.

Well at least I don’t have to worry about my daughter or Ashley getting fucked by Robert now. I was about to move back to the bed when both girls stood up and got out of the hot tub. I couldn’t help it; the dirty old man in me kept me right there watching them. I watched as they stood there, naked, toweling their bodies dry. They turned off the hot tub controls. When the light was turned off the patio area and my bedroom were plunged into total darkness.

I missed watching them walk naked as they returned to their bedroom. I thought, does Ashley still need to finish. She had barely started. Would she come to me after my saying no several times before? I was so hard now that I was open to the thought. Watching my daughter get her pussy stroked and Ashley sitting on Roberts cock had banished the earlier thoughts of celibacy. I knew if she came over here right now I’d fuck her.

I stood there, slowly stroking my cock to try and relieve the tension. The house was quiet. I couldn’t hear anything from the girl’s side. They were going to bed. I could feel the disappointment wash over me. I had turned towards my bed, ready to finish by myself when I heard a faint knock on my door. YES, she did come.

As I took a step towards the door I heard it open in the darkness. She came inside my room and closed the door. I walked towards the sound and when my outstretched hand reached her I pulled her robe open and off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor at her feet. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her against me, trapping my erect cock between us, pressed against her stomach.

I let my hands roam from her back down to her butt. I lowered my head to her neck, kissing her neck and then her shoulders. A moan escaped her lips. I reached down behind her to grasp her thighs with each hand and lifted her up off her feet until her breasts were in my face; she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

She pushed her chest to my face and I began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Each time I sucked a nipple into my mouth she let out a little cry. I was the king of this roost. I didn’t hear her making these noises with Robert. These were my girls. I’d show her she didn’t need to stray.

I lowered her a few inches until I could feel the heat of her pussy pushing against the head of my cock. As I lowered her farther I slid easily into her. I guess I should thank Robert for warming her up.

She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck as I lifted and lowered her on me; stroking deep into her. On one stroke I lifted a bit too high and I fell out of her but easily found my place and was right back into her.

I could not see in the darkness but I knew the bed was behind me. I lowered her so that I was buried in her and then carefully stepped backwards until my legs touched the side of the bed. I turned around, lifted her so I fell out of her, laid her on the bed and immediately moved up on the bed and got between her legs.

Normally at this point I would take it slowly, kissing, foreplay, but watching her with Robert had seemed almost a betrayal. I wanted to take her quickly, forcefully. It was like a dog had wandered into my territory and left his mark and now I had to re-mark everything, establish dominance.

I felt her knees move wider and higher, touching my side. I moved up so that my chest was above hers and lowered myself just go that I could feel her hard nipples touching my skin. I moved my hips trying to enter her again and missed. Before I could try again I felt her small hand grip my cock. She gave me a little tug. She wanted it as bad as I did. I pushed into her as far as her hand would let me. She moved her grip down to the base of my cock and I pushed deeper inside of her. She pulled her hand away and I thrust all the way into her.

I lowered myself on her, keeping some of my weight on my elbows. As I began thrusting into her faster I could feel her hips lift up against me on each stroke; her chin bouncing against my shoulder. Her arms had been wrapped around my neck but now she moved them to my butt, pulling at me on each stroke into her. I could hear a little gasp, an exhale of air from her as my hips slammed against hers; the slap-slap-slap of our bodies in rhythm.

I not sure how long we stayed in that position, me on top of her, pumping into her, her body meeting mine, never varying. It could have been five minutes or a half hour. It was long enough for both of our bodies to become slick with sweat. My strokes became shorter and more intense; I was going to cum soon, any second. I could feel it building in me. She must have felt it too. I pushed hard into her and held myself deep in her; waiting for the explosion.

“Daddy, don’t cum in me”.

I heard the voice but not the words. I pulled back an inch or so and pushed back into her ready to fill her with my sperm.

“Daddy, please. Don’t cum in me”.

Jamie? It can’t be. It’s Ashley. I know its Ashley.

“Please, Daddy”.

Just as I felt the fluid begin moving through my body I jerked out of her and moved my cock onto her stomach. I pushed the head of my cock against her as my cum exploded out of me in long streams. Was I in time?

As the orgasm diminished I tried to pull my cock up, away from my daughter’s stomach. Not that it did much good. My sperm was all over her stomach and probably her breasts. I rolled off her. “Jamie, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was you.

“Daddy, it’s okay”.

“No it isn’t. I’m your Dad. We, I, shouldn’t have done this”. Why was she saying it was okay? She should be screaming at me.

“Daddy, calm down. It’s okay. I liked it: It’s just sex”.

“Jamie, you don’t understand. Fathers don’t do this with their daughters. I could go to jail”.

“Why would you go to jail? Who’s going to say anything”?

“Why did you let me do that to you? You could have stopped me any time. All you had to do was say something and I would have known it was you”. It took me a moment, Oh.

“Daddy. I wanted to. I was kind of all worked up and I needed it. Besides, it’s just sex. We aren’t going to get married and have babies or something. Wouldn’t you rather I was with you instead of some boy with maybe some horrible disease”?

“I guess. But we can’t do this again. We’ll just forget this ever happened. You should go to your bedroom before Ashley starts wondering where you are and finds you here”.

Jamie got off the bed and walked towards the door. When she opened my bedroom door I could see her in the light from the front room. She turned and looked at me, naked, holding her robe in her hand. I could see the light glistening off the liquid on her stomach and breasts.

Jamie said “Good night Daddy”. She closed the door and walked away. I hope she has the sense to wipe my sperm off her before she goes to her bedroom. And I’m screwed; it was bad enough that I fucked Ashley, now I’ve really fallen off the deep end by fucking my fifteen year-old daughter. It’s not much of a defense to say I thought I was fucking one of the sixteen year-old girls I coach.

Sleep was a long time coming. I lay there racked with guilt; both for what I had done and by how I was reliving the pleasurable moments now. I could still feel the sensations of my cock sliding back and forth in her tight pussy. I’m going straight to Hell.

The next morning I woke early. I had left the drapes open the night before and the rising sun woke me. I lay there for an hour before getting up. I spent the time convincing myself that it was okay, she would not be harmed psychologically for the rest of her life, not need therapy. She said it was just sex and that was it. We could just forget it happened. It was a one-time mistake.

I beat the girls to the main house for breakfast. Robert took my order and when he brought it back I dug in. After last night I was hungry. I was about halfway finished when the girls joined me. I watched their faces to see if anything had changed but they seemed to be normal teenage girls; excited about everything. After breakfast we drove downtown. The girls wanted to do ‘tea’ at the Empress Hotel. We did some shopping and then ‘tea’. Afterwards we hurried back to the house. Our missing girls would be joining us sometime right after lunch today and I wanted us to be there when they arrived.

When we got there Robert was in front of our house doing some yard maintenance. The girls went inside and I stayed back to talk with him a bit.

“Hey Robert. Sorry we haven’t had much of a chance to get together. The girls always have something they want to go and do”.

“That’s okay. I came by to see you last night but you had already gone to bed”.

“Yes, I know”.

“You do? Did the girls let you know I came by”?

“No, I was by the window. I saw you come over”.

“You did? Listen, I can explain”.

Roberts face had turned red. I don’t know if he was thinking about how I saw him diddling my daughter or worried that I would tell his wife”. “I doubt that. What you were doing does not need much explanation. I think it would be a good idea if you did not visit at night for the rest of our visit”.

“Okay. Hey, look at the time. I’d better go. I’m supposed to be helping in the kitchen right now”. As he started to leave I turned and went inside.

When the doorbell rang a moment later I thought Robert had forgotten something. I had just changed to shorts and had not put on a shirt yet. I opened the door expecting to see Robert and was surprised to see the Lee family instead: Mother and Father and our two missing girls, Kim and Cindy.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Lee, Kim, Cindy. I thought it was a friend of mine. Excuse me for a minute while I get some clothes on”.

Mrs. Lee gave me one of those ‘don’t bother’ waves, “You fine”.

The twins broke out in unison, “Hi coach, we made it. Do we stay here? This place is huge. Where’s our room. Victoria is a really cool place. Have you seen anything yet? We went to Buchart Gardens yesterday”.

Their mother tried to calm them down; at least I assumed that was what she was saying in Chinese. The girls did quiet down some so I guess she was successful. The family had come over from China just eighteen months or so ago. I knew the family had some sort of import-export business and that the mother had been a big badminton player in China and that was about it. The twins were pretty good for their age, much better than our juniors at that age. I guess they got it from their mother. The father had not made much of an impression; other than the occasional ‘hello’ he stayed quiet most of the time.

After our hello’s I pointed towards the sliding door leading out to our patio. “The other girls are out in the hot tub”.

The girls ran squealing towards the door, “We have a hot tub”?

The mother and father followed them and I brought up the rear. As I followed behind their mom I noticed she was a fox. Usually she wore unisex business suits that did nothing for her. Here she was in just plain white shorts and a white blouse. They set off the hue of her skin perfectly; a nice ass that was completely hidden in that suit and a pair of nice breasts that were a bit on the small side like most Asians. After seeing these young girls running around half dressed the last couple of days it’s nice to ogle a pretty woman my age.

The mother and I made some small talk while the father watched his daughters talking to the other girls. Thank god for the jets in that tub. I knew the girls were naked in there but with all the bubbles floating around they should be hidden. If their mother saw naked teenage girls in a hot tub with a male coach just a few feet away she would probably have the police here in minutes.

I heard Ashley say to the twins, “We don’t have any either. Just come on in”. I looked over the mother’s shoulder to see Ashley rise up in the tub so that her breasts clearly showed above the water and then lowered herself back down. From the corner of my eye I saw the fathers head snap up and his mouth open. I thought, ‘Oh God Ashley, think about this’.

The girls turned around to their mom and said something in Chinese to her. She frowned, shook her head, and said something back. They pleaded their case as only teenagers can. Finally mom turned to the father and said something to him. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. He looked at her for a moment and then turned his back to the girls. Mom turned to me and asked; “Turn back please”?

I looked at the dad and then turned to face away from the girls. I was now facing the tinted floor to ceiling windows of the house. The tinting made a perfect mirror. In the mirror I watched as the twins began undressing; sandals were kicked aside, they pulled off their t-shirts followed by their bras. I wondered if I should look somewhere else. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw their father. It looked like he was also watching them in the window. When I looked back the girls had taken their panties off and were stepping into the tub. I could feel my cock twitch; they were smaller versions of their mother. It looked like they had no pubic hair. Their breasts were smaller than their mothers and I doubted they weighed 90 pounds dripping wet, as they now were, but they were two very beautiful girls. I was envious of the boys they were going to meet in the next few years.

Now that they were in the water I started to turn around but the twin’s mom stepped around in front of me. She motioned for her husband to go over to some deck chairs. He went over and picked a chair facing the hot tub, put on a pair of sunglasses, pulled the newspaper from under his arm and sat down to read.

“Mr. Thompson, come, we talk tournament”? She started walking towards the open door in front of us. She had stepped through the door before I could call to her that it was to my bedroom and not the living room. Once I had entered the room she closed the door behind me and then turned to face me. I was very conscious of the bed behind me, and her in front of me; a brief fantasy went through my mind.

“Girls need doubles partner. They good, you get good partner”.

None of this was said as a question. She was telling me what to do. I hate it when parents order me around, telling me how their kids should be trained or played. She was right; they were very good. I just did not like being told what to do. No way was I going to tell her it was already done.

“Now Mrs. Lee, you know the tournament starts tomorrow. The chance of getting good partners for the girls would be really difficult. All the good players would have gotten their partners some time ago. I asked you two months ago if you wanted the girls to play mixed doubles and you said no, concentrate on doubles and singles. It’s to late now”. I wanted to say no now and I could be the hero later when I tell them whom they play with.

“But they good. You try, yes”?

For some reason I just wanted to pull her chain; I did not want to tell her I already had partners and that they were really good at that. At the same time she was a beautify woman, it’s hard to say no to a beautiful woman, especially one standing in her bedroom smiling at you.

She reached out to touch my arm, “You need inventive yes”?

I must have had a questioning look on my face, ‘inventive’”?

She frowned, “Wrong word, inventive”? She looked down and then back up at me and smiled, “Incentive. You need incentive, yes? Words sound same. You need incentive”. She reached out and let a finger drag down my chest and stomach to the waistband of my shorts. It was like an electric current followed her finger. I could feel myself get harder. I didn’t want to look down to check and draw attention to my shorts sticking out.

“Mrs. Lee, your husband is right outside, and your girls”.

“He stay there. Chance see girl’s titties, he not leave”. She began unbuttoning her blouse. “Right word titties”?

I swallowed hard. “Yes, it’s the right word”. I knew I should just walk away; go outside, go anywhere except stay here. This week has been an ethical disaster for me and now I was sinking to a new low.

Her blouse was off. Her breasts were nice, small, but nice. She had dark areoles and large nipples. I wondered if the twins had made them so large, sucking on them. I reached out with one hand and cupped a breast. In my palm I could feel her nipple harden.

She gave my shorts a tug but did not pull them off. “You show yours, I show mine”.

When I started to pull my shorts down my cock got hung up in my waistband. I had to pull the waistband out farther to get it over the head of my cock. I let them drop to my feet and then kicked them aside. Now I was standing in front of her, my cock fully erect, pointing at her stomach.

I felt so nervous. I kept waiting for the girls to jump out and yell ‘Candid Camera’. She reached out and took my cock in one hand and said, “It big”.

It was warm in the room but her hand felt hot on me. She was a small woman, barely reached my chest and she had small hands; her fingers did not wrap around me. Without letting go of me she unzipped her shorts with the other hand and began working her shorts and panties down with just the one hand.

She put a hand on my chest and pushed very lightly. I took the hint and stepped backwards towards the bed. When we reached the bed she let go of my cock, got on the bed and lay on her back. She said, “You on top”. She pulled her knees up and then spread them wide, her feet on the bed. I moved up on the bed on my hands and knees until I was over her. She reached down and took my cock in her hand again, positioning me at her entrance saying, “You be quick, okay”?

Now was the time for me to be the better man, say this was all just a mistake. Fortunately I wasn’t the better man, just the man that wanted to fuck her. I let her pull me forward and I could feel the head of my cock pushing her lips aside. I did not expect this to be easy. She was a small woman and we hadn’t engaged in any foreplay at all. I expected that getting started might be a bit difficult.

I was in for a surprise. She let go of my cock, and put her arms around my waist. I cautiously pushed into her and though she was tight, I slid right into her. She let out a gasp, “Is bigger”.

I thought she meant I was bigger now than when she had me in her hand. It took a few strokes into her with her holding her breath to realize she meant bigger than her husband. I thought I might be hurting her and stopped. “Are you okay”?

“Yes, okay. Don’t stop”.

She was so little I tried to keep some of my weight on my knees and elbows. I could feel her squeezing me with her pussy. She’s trying to get me to cum I thought, and she’s doing a good job of it too. She was tight but it was so slick inside of her that I slid back and forth in her effortlessly.

She seemed to just want me to cum so I did not worry about her. I settled into a rhythm and was enjoying the sensation of moving in her. I felt her head turn up towards me and then her lips brushed my cheek. I turned my head so that my lips were just barely touching hers. I could feel her breath on my skin. I didn’t know how she would feel about being kissed. For some girls a casual fuck is one thing, a kiss is personal.

The tension was building up in my cock and I began stroking harder in her. She wanted me to cum quickly, I didn’t, but it didn’t really seem to matter; it felt too good not to. I could feel her heels dig into the back of my thighs and when my body would slam back into hers on each stroke her legs would fly up. Her legs were too short to wrap around me so finally she just spread them as wide as she could.

The pounding of my body against hers pushed her lips harder against mine. Since she did not move away I took that as approval and kissed her. Her mouth opened slightly and I felt her tongue move between my lips and dart around mine. I slowed my stroke into her just to the point of barely moving; our mouths opened to each other and our tongues replaced the dance my cock was doing moments before.

As my tongue moved around hers I could taste strawberry. Did she use a flavored lipstick? She pulled her mouth from mine, breathing heavily. “Faster”.

I had slowed almost to the point of stopping; I quickly resumed thrusting in and out of her, trying to get as deep in her as I could. And then as quickly as it had started it was over. I exploded in her. I held myself deep in her, not moving, feeling each contraction of my muscles sending my sperm deep inside of her.

When I was finished I lowered my head to the bed and tried to catch my breath. I could feel her chest move under mine as she was still breathing heavily also. After a minute I put my arms under her and rolled us over so she was on top of me. I took her by the shoulders and lifted her up into a sitting position on me. She gave a little gasp and lifted up an inch or so. After a few seconds she said, “Deep”, held there for a moment and then slowly sat back down on me. I was still partially hard and could feel myself deep in her.

Her body had been hidden to me the last several minutes, not that I’m complaining, but now she was sitting naked on me. Her breasts were small but fit in my hand nicely. I ran my hands down her stomach to her sparse pubic hair. I gripped her hips and pushed her down on me and began rocking her back and forth. She let out a groan, “That nice, but too late”. I moved my hands from her hips and up to cup her breasts; running a finger over each nipple. “No, you too late”. She was protesting but her hips were still moving back and forth on me and I was getting harder by the second. It had been a long time since I had gone twice in a row.

I looked up at her face; her eyes were closed. “I shouldn’t”. But her hips kept moving on me. I took her hips in my hands again, pulling her down so she was grinding against me. She let out a low moan. “Maybe little bit more”. As she began rocking faster on me I moved my hands back up to her breasts; letting just my palms brush against her nipples. She shrugged, trying to pull her breasts from my hands. “No, hold harder”. I took her breasts in my hands and squeezed them gently. “No, harder”.

I gripped her harder and she let out a grunt. She had slowed the rocking down and was now thrusting back hard on me, letting out a grunt each time she pulled back. After several seconds of this she squeezed her eyes tightly closed; a grimace appeared on her face and then her body grew rigid. I had been holding back for the last minute, waiting for her to finish; now as her pussy began spasming around my cock I let go and once again filled her with my sperm.

As her body began to relax she lowered herself and laid her head on my chest. But it only lasted a moment, “That good. But we here long time”. She sat back up, letting my cock fall out of her and drop on my stomach with a plop, and got off me. She bent over and picked up her clothes and sat them on the bed. As she began to dress I got up and put my shorts back on. I picked up a shirt and began to put it on but she stopped me, “You no wear before”.

We walked out into the living room and I took a quick peek outside. Everyone was still where they were when we went inside. The father was reading his paper but the angle of his head looked more like he was watching the girls. We walked on outside and the mother went over to her husband. She said something to him and then turned back to me, “I let him know you called coaches. Try get girls partners”.

She certainly thinks quickly I thought. The mother motioned for her husband to get up. That’s right they have a plane to catch. As the mother and father started towards the hot tub I heard a ‘click’; the timer for the jets in the hot tub had clicked off. The bubbles quickly disappeared. I looked down in the tub. You could see everything. The mother bent over and gave each girl a kiss. The father said something to them and gave their head a pat but his eyes seemed to be on my daughter’s chest. To be fair, my eyes were on the girl’s chests also, and perhaps occasionally lower.

The father turned to me. “We had better be going now. We have to catch our plane pretty quick. We spent more time here than I expected”.

Holy Shit. He speaks perfect English. Thank god I did not say anything before.

The father put out his had to me and I shook it. “Take good care of our daughters now. Don’t let them sit in that tub too long. We don’t want prunes coming home”.

As I shook his hand he glanced once more towards the hot tub where my daughter was sitting with a slight smile on his face. I thought, sure you saw my daughter’s tits, but I just fucked your wife, twice. When you are sitting on that plane and you think you smell something funny; that’s going to be me, leaking out of your wife.

At the front door the wife turned to me, “When next tournament”?

I had to stop and think, “It’s probably a good six or seven weeks from now”.

The mother said, “We maybe meet again to talk strategy, training”.

What else could I say, “Sure, my pleasure. Just give me a call”.

As they turned and walked away I closed the door and walked back to my bedroom. I peeked out the window and saw the girls were still in the hot tub and the jets were once again on.

I spent the next hour in my bedroom listening to the girls outside. I could not help myself; I wanted to watch them leave the tub. I spent the time on the computer doing busy work on a project. When I heard some sounds like they might be ready to leave I stood and peered through a window that was partially obscured by plants. I would be hard to see by them but I had a very good view of the tub.

The twins were closest to me. When they stood I had to stare. They were small but had perfect figures, very small breasts but proportioned to their bodies. Their areoles stood out on their yellow skin, large nipples like their mother.

Debbie walked in front of my view of the twins and my eyes followed her. Debbie, Jamie and Ashley were all a year apart but were almost identical in size and height with one exception; Debbie’s breasts were larger. They weren’t huge, just larger and rounder, not as pointed. I reached down and grabbed myself; I was hard and it ached. Twice with the twins mother and I’m hard again just watching these young girls. Oh, to be a teenager again.

The three older girls picked up their robes while the twins gathered their clothing, and then they all began walking towards their side of the house. I moved over to my doorway so I could continue watching. It’s not often you get to watch five beautiful naked teenagers casually walk around. About halfway there Ashley dropped her robe. The other girls walked on as she stopped to pick it up. When she bent down she looked back and saw me standing there. She picked up her robe and stood, smiled and waved at me, and then turned to follow the other girls.

Around six O’clock I was getting hungry. A quick vote from the girls indicated pizza was in order. I made a quick phone order and an hour later we were all sitting around the dining room table eating pizza.

Kim and Cindy kept giving me shy looks while we ate. They were fairly new to the team and we had not spent much time together. I hoped the looks were due to that and not anything they might have heard from Jamie or Ashley. Then it occurred to me that just a couple of hours earlier they had been prancing around naked with me just a few feet away. Maybe they are just embarrassed that I might have seen something.

When we were finished and had cleaned up our mess I told the girls to make it an early night. We needed to get up early; registration for the tournament was at 8:30 and we wanted to be there before that to get used to the gym. I also let the twins know that I had partners for them in mixed doubles. I said goodnight as they scurried off to their bedrooms. From the level of noise I coming from their bedrooms I knew I would need to come back in an hour or so to remind them it was lights out.

A few minutes before ten I made my way over and found all the girls asleep. Though there were bedrooms for each girl, Ashley and Jamie had taken one bedroom and Debbie and the twins were together in another.

I turned out the lights in the house and went to bed; tomorrow would be a busy day.

In the morning the girls surprised me by being up and ready to go when I came out of my bedroom. Robert knew we had an early day and had arranged an early breakfast for us. After eating we were on our way.

We could see we were early when we got to the club; there were few cars in the parking lot. We made our way inside, registered, and the girls went out on the floor to get used to the lighting and feel of the gym.

In the next few minutes the gym began to fill up as juniors began coming out of the woodwork. I saw the coach of the two boys the twins would be playing with and had them come over to be introduced. The boys about fell over themselves when they saw what their partners looked like.

We got through the Coaches meeting and everything quieted down for the first matches to be called. The gym was filled with juniors and some parents. From the size of the draws there must be over three hundred kids and it looked like it in the gym.

They started off with the Mixed events, followed Doubles and then Singles. I looked at the draws and planned our times, who I would watch and when. I noticed that if we did not lose any matches in the first round and fall into consolation brackets we could be out of here by 3 or 4 PM. It would give the girls fewer matches and more time to recuperate before the tougher matches tomorrow.

When the girls were not playing I tried to scout out whom they might play tomorrow and film several minutes with the camcorder so I could give some advice later. The girls were successful through the first two rounds of all their events; no one lost a match, a game here and there, but not any matches.

Draw schedules are almost never met and this tournament was no exception. We finished our last match at five. We immediately packed up and got out. Three hundred kids in a gym during the summer was not a place to be if you could avoid it.

One the way back to the house we stopped at a restaurant and picked up something to go. Once we reached the house we ate and then everyone split up to their rooms. I went to my room and hooked up the camcorder. I wanted to watch a few of the girl’s games, see if there were any corrections they should make before the next round. I also had some minutes of a couple of opponents that could present a problem. After a few minutes watching each match I decided the girls would be okay and would not need any major change in their game plan; the girls could handle them.

The light by the hot tub had turned on a few minutes ago so I knew where the girls were. I decided that it would be nice to go out and join them and pass on my observations of the day. I took off my shirt and started out in my gym shorts carrying my clipboard with my notes.

I opened my door and stepped out while looking at my clipboard. I had just a glimpse of the girls in the water. I should have known that after the last few days they would be in there naked. My eyes just had time enough to finish the circle of their bodies when Debbie flipped the switch and bubbles swirled around the tub concealing the girl’s bodies from me. The disappointment was palatable

What’s wrong with me? Now I’m disappointed when I cannot see naked thirteen and fourteen year-old girls?

I immediately changed my mind about getting in the hot tub. “Debbie, Kim, Cindy, I’ve been watching some of the tape of today’s matches and you all did fine. Your opponents tomorrow are pretty good but you should be okay if you continue playing your game. Ashley and Jamie, you have a tough doubles match in tomorrow’s first round. I’ve been watching their earlier round and I see some weaknesses that you should be able to exploit”. I nodded at the hot tub. “Come around when you are finished and I’ll show you what I mean or we can cover it t breakfast”. I said goodnight to the girls, reminded them to go to bed early and then went back to my bedroom and closed the door.

I left my light on. I wanted them to know I was awake so they would not prance around naked, though that was no guarantee. I turned on the TV and lay on the bed to watch for a while. I could vaguely hear the girls outside talking and laughing. I must have dozed off because when became aware I was awake I couldn’t hear the TV. At first I thought a show had finished and another was about to start. I started to lift my head to see if it was worth watching when I felt the bed move.

She was naked and slowly crawling up the bed to me. I was transfixed. I knew how the mouse felt as the snake slowly moved up and devoured it. “Ashley, you shouldn’t be here”.

She didn’t say anything; just moved up to my side and put her hand on my chest. “It’s been several days coach”. Her hand moved around my chest and then slowly moved down my stomach and toyed with the waistband of my shorts. It was a bit cool in the room from the air-conditioning and her hand was hot. It felt like it burned my skin wherever she touched me.

She reached across me, took my hand and pulled it to her breast. It was soft and yet firm at the same time. The nipple between my fingers was rapidly getting hard. I groaned in frustration, “We shouldn’t be doing this. The other girls are right outside”.

“Not all of them”.

At first I thought she meant that she was in here or that some of the girls had gone back to their room. Then I heard another voice. “It’s okay Daddy. We just have a lot of tension we need to get rid of”.

Jamie was in here! I looked up over Ashley’s body and saw Jamie over by the dresser fiddling with the camcorder. “Jamie, you shouldn’t be here. Neither of you should”. I would have said more but just at that moment Ashley slid her hand under the waistband of my shorts and grabbed my cock. I was limp when she touched me but that lasted just long enough for her to wrap her fingers around me. I could feel myself getting harder as her fingers played with my cock; running her fingers up and down my shaft, playing with my balls.

Oh what the hell, I’m burning in hell anyway. I wrapped an arm around her and started to pull her over on top of me. At the first tug she said, “No, I want to be on the bottom this time”.

That was fine with me. I turned on my side towards her and ran my hand down her body until it was between her legs. As I began playing with her I leaned over and kissed each of her nipples. I sucked as much of her breast around the nipple as I could into my mouth, running my tongue back and forth over her nipple; she groaned in pleasure. Her pussy quickly moistened. She began tugging on my cock, trying to get me over on top of her.

I moved above her, placing my knees between hers and holding my body up in the air above her. I let her position my cock at her entrance and then I gently pushed against her. I could feel just the head of my cock slide effortlessly into her. “Is that where you wanted me”?

I looked down at her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was partially open. When I did not immediately move deeper into her she moved her hands down to my butt and pulled at me. I slowly, very slowly, pushed into her; enjoying the sensation as her tight pussy enveloped my cock. When I was completely inside of her it felt like that blood pressure cuff that’s put around your arm was tightening around my cock. I didn’t know if she was just that tight right now or if she was squeezing me; it didn’t matter.

I started picking up speed, long strokes, from almost falling out of her then back to where our bodies were pressed tightly together, as deep as I could get in her. She moved her arms up around my neck; pulling me down on her. “I want to feel your weight on me; pushing down against me”.

I slowly lowered myself onto her and resumed the rhythm but with shorter, harder strokes. I must have been getting pretty enthusiastic; she moved her mouth over to my ear and said, “Don’t cum coach. You have a long ways to go tonight”.

I wasn’t close to cumming but I slowed down for her. As I did she brought her knees up to my sides causing her pelvis to tilt towards me. I felt like I was getting even deeper in her now. On each stroke into her I could feel her chin bouncing against the top of my shoulder. I began grinding my pelvis against hers. She let out a gasp, opened her eyes for a moment and then shut them again saying, “Right there, just like that”.

I knew I must be rubbing right on her clitoris. As I kept grinding against her she began moaning and pushing her hips up against me. It was just a few seconds more before she let out a long cry. Her legs squeezed tight against me. “I’m cumming”. Her pussy, already tight around me, spasmed, squeezing me tighter still.

When she finally relaxed a bit she said, “Thanks coach. That was nice. Now roll off me”.

I was reluctant. It felt nice lying there inside of her. But then I was probably getting heavy also. I rolled off her onto my back, my cock still hard, sticking up in the air.

And that is when I saw Jamie. I had completely forgot she was in the room. Oh my God. She watched everything. Then I noticed the camcorder. She was just setting it down on the top of the dresser. The red light was on; she had been recording, it was still recording and it was pointed at me.

Jamie walked towards the bed. The other night when I ‘accidentally’ fucked her it had been dark; I felt her body but did not see her. I had seen her several times out by the hot tub but that was fleeting, other girls milling around. Now she was just a foot away from me. This wouldn’t be an accident if I fucked her. I wanted to do the right thing, tell her no, and send her out of the room. I wanted to reach out and caress her; her breasts, hips; that little wisp of blond hair just above her pussy. I wanted to fuck her.

I felt the bed move as Ashley moved down by my hips and took my cock in her hand. Jamie put her hands on the bed beside me and began to climb up.

I shouldn’t do this with her. I tried once more, “Jamie, we can’t. I’m your Dad”.

Jamie didn’t say anything. She just moved on up next to me and swung her leg over mine and straddled me on my thighs. Ashley was still gripping my cock. I looked at it in her hand, the dark purple head peeking out above her fingers, about even with Jamie’s bellybutton.

Jamie reached down and ran one finger around on the tip of my cock. As she pulled it back I could see a liquid rope stretch from the head of my cock to her finger. She pulled back a bit more and it broke. I wondered, was that from Ashley or me?

Jamie finally spoke, “Don’t worry, Daddy. We’ve already done it once”.

I looked at Ashley. She did not look surprised to hear that. I realized they had already talked about it. Ashley knew I had fucked Jamie last night.

“I want to be on top this time Daddy”. As she said that she rose from her sitting position on me up onto her knees and began to inch forward on her knees. Ashley was holding my cock pointing up as Jamie’s body gradually moved over it until I could see her pussy was directly above me.

This is going to be my fault. I knew I could stop this right now. We could go back to father daughter. But seeing Jamie’s naked body, poised to plunge down on me; feeling Ashley’s hand gripping me, I didn’t move.

Just as Jamie lowered herself so that the purple head began to slide into her Ashley let go of me and jumped off the bed saying, “Not yet”. She hurried over to the dresser and picked up the camcorder. She walked slowly back to the bed recording as she walked. She moved up by my head and sat on the side of the bed with the camera pointed towards Jamie’s pussy and my cock. I could hear the camera motor as she zoomed in on the head of my cock; half of it concealed by the lips of Jamie’s pussy.

“Okay, go ahead now”.

I thought to tell Ashley to stop recording when I felt Jamie slowly begin to slide down on me. As I entered her I could feel the outer ring of her pussy slowly move down the shaft of my cock. I watched as her lips were stretched farther apart, as I slowly disappeared inside of her. I had now forgotten all about the camera.

Once she finally let all her weight rest on me she said, “You were right. It is good on top. It feels like he’s going to come out my stomach”.

Ashley, still looking at the camcorder screen said, “Told you so. Now, with your hips, start rocking forward and back. You’ll like that even better”. Jamie did as she was told. Ashley reached down with her other hand and took mine and moved it up to Jamie’s left breast. “Come on Daddy, give her a hand. A girl doesn’t want to do all the work”.

I brought up my other hand and began caressing her breasts, shoulders and stomach. I moved back to her breasts and gently rolled her nipples between my fingers; she gave a shudder.

“Daddy, remember, don’t cum in me”.

“I won’t Honey”.

As I continued caressing her she began rocking harder on me. I knew she was giving her clitoris a real workout.

Ashley moved down by my stomach, “Jamie, put your hands on your Dad’s chest”.

Breathlessly Jamie asked, “Why”?

“Just do it. It’ll look cool when you see it”.

Jamie put her hands on my chest.

“Now lift your hips up some and then push back down”.

Jamie did as she was told; lifting her hips up several inches off my body, letting me come part way out of her and then sitting down on me. I could feel ripples around my cock as she moved up and down on me. I watched as my cock would disappear into her, stretching her pussy, only to reappear a moment later. I could hear the lens move as Ashley zoomed in again for a close-up.

After a minute or so Jamie sat back down on me and began rocking back and forth again. “This feels better”. I moved my hands back up to her breasts. “Squeeze them tight Daddy”. I cupped her breasts in my hands and squeezed them firmly for a bit and then teasingly caressed them for a while before squeezing them again.

Jamie’s face became very tense, lines forming on her forehead. “Daddy, I’m cumming”. Jamie started pushing hard down on me, jerking back and forth sometimes instead of the smooth rocking of a few minutes ago. Ashley had moved around and now was taping Jamie’s face.

Jamie cried out and dug her nails into my chest. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. I could feel the pulsing of her orgasm. I had to think of something else; the sensations had me on the edge of cumming also.

Jamie lay down on my chest and I put my arms around her. Her pussy had stopped grabbing me but it still felt so good in her, so tight; and I had not cum yet. I began slowly stroking in her. As I pushed up into her I could feel Jamie push back to meet me.

Jamie moved her mouth to my ear, “Remember Daddy. Don’t cum in me”. I just nodded my head. I wasn’t even sure what she said; I was pretty far-gone, I just wanted to finish fucking her.

When her lips brushed against my ear I moved my hands to her butt to hold her tight against me as I rammed up faster into her. Ashley had moved down to the bottom of the bed and I could not see her any longer. I was about to tell Jamie it was time for her to get off me when her tongue flicked around in my ear. I almost came right then. I was able to hold it but I picked up the intensity of plunging into her.

“Don’t forget Daddy. Don’t forget”.

Forget what? My balls were tingling and it was quickly spreading over my body.

Jamie, sounding a bit scared this time, repeated, “Don’t cum in me Daddy”.

I let go of her. “I’m cumming baby”. I could feel the surge begin in me.

Jamie scrambled off me. I hoped she was in time. I also hoped she or Ashley would at least grab me while I came; maybe jack me off. Instead I got the surprise of my life. Jamie crouched at my waist, took my cock in her hand and then lowered her head and took me in her mouth just as I exploded. She let out a little “mmmfff” as the first blast must have caught her by surprise. Her tongue moved around the head, swirling through my sperm as each explosion added its load to fill her mouth. She let go of me with her hand and I was left with just the sensation of her lips tight around my cock, her tongue licking me; her head slowly bobbing up and down.

Jamie looked sideways at me, my cock filling her little mouth, and tried to give me a little smile. When she did a small stream of cum leaked from the corner of her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Then I noticed Ashley for the first time in a while. She was right in front of Jamie filming a close up on her face. It looked like she was focusing on the dribble.

Ashley moved the camera back a bit from Jamie’s face as Jamie lifted her head from my cock. Jamie’s opened her mouth for Ashley to see. Her mouth was full and she sticking her jaw out trying to not let anything drip out. Ashley moved the camera closer to Jamie and zoomed in once again. From my position lying on the bed I could not see but I had a good idea. Jamie closed her mouth, looked directly at me, and then very deliberately swallowed. Her tongue snaked out, catching most of the dribble and pulled it back inside her mouth before swallowing again. A brief moment of guilt passed through me; my fifteen year-old daughter had just swallowed my sperm. Then it was gone and I thought, wow, my daughter just swallowed my sperm. That was something even my wife would not do.

Ashley walked over to the dresser and lay the camcorder down. She came back to the bed and moved up to lie beside me. Jamie moved up and cuddled against me on the other side.

As I lay there speechless, I could still hear the other girls outside, laughing and talking. I looked over at the clock. Only forty minutes had passed. It seemed like hours. I knew I had to say something to Ashley and Jamie but I had no idea what.

I finally decided that it might be time to be the coach again. “You girls should get to bed so you can rest for tomorrow’s matches”.

Jamie answered, “Daddy, we are already in bed”.

“You know you cannot sleep here. This has to be our secret. We can’t let the other girls know. I could get in a lot of trouble”.

“I was just kidding Daddy. We know. We won’t tell anyone”.

Ashley ran a finger down my chest, “Sure we won’t; as long as we get to keep doing this any time we want”.

Blackmail! Well, I guess I could live with that condition.

I didn’t answer, just repeated they should get to bed now. “Why don’t you tell the other girls they need to get to sleep also”.

Ashley climbed out of bed. Jamie turned to me and asked, “How was I Daddy? Did it feel good? When we get home I want to go on the pill so you can stay in me”.

“We’ll see”.

“You didn’t answer my question”?

“Honey, it felt very good. It couldn’t have felt better”.

I watched as the girls casually walked out of my bedroom, laughing and giggling to each other, on the way to their bedroom. I could not believe where this had ended up. I had coached for eight years. I’d never even been tempted to do something with an underage girl on the team. I’d looked, but who hasn’t. Some of these girls develop so early and they wear such risqué clothing; jeans so low that they beg you to stick your hand down the front and finger them.

Well maybe I had watched very intently. Still I had not done anything about it. Now in three days I’ve fucked one of the girls on my team twice and even worse, I’ve also fucked my daughter twice, plus I’ve been staring at all five of them naked and fantasizing about more for several days.

I lay there in bed thinking about what I should do. The guilt I had been suffering through the last few days seemed to be completely absent now. Before, the sex felt good but I felt bad about what I had done, what I had allowed myself to do. Now when I though about it I visualized the girls breasts, their trim bodies, how good it felt to inside of them, they’re riding me and the obvious pleasure they were getting. I knew I was rationalizing, but I also knew that if Jamie were in bed with me right now I’d fuck her again without hesitation.

Then I remembered something important; I got out of bed, turned on the TV and connected the video feed from the camcorder. I got back into bed and grabbed the remote. I fast-forwarded through a few minutes of badminton and then hit PLAY in time to hear myself say, “Is that where you wanted me”? On the TV I could see myself lying on top of Ashley. Her legs were spread wide with me between them. Her knees raised up past my hips, her bare feet up in the air.

I continued watching as my hips began first slowly and then increasingly faster, pounding against her. I jumped forward, saw I had gone too far and reversed. I watched as Ashley had her orgasm. I reached down and grabbed myself. I couldn’t have been harder if I was on top of her again.

As I stroked myself I forwarded again. Jamie was now on top of me. I watched my daughter lifting up off me and drive herself down on me over and over. The camera moved around behind daughter. As she lifted up I could see my cock appear from inside of her and then disappear back into her; my entire cock buried in her, just my balls left; two plump orbs filled with semen that I wanted to leave in her.

I watched through Jamie’s orgasm. A few minutes later I heard Jamie remind me not to cum in her. When Jamie scrambled off of me I kicked the speed down a couple of notches; I wanted to enjoy this. I watched Jamie take me in her mouth, her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Ashley zoomed in and my cock and Jamie’s face filled the screen; her lips stretched wide to hold me. I saw the startled look on Jamie’s face as the first squirt entered her mouth, then the second, third, fourth. When she smiled a small stream of cum leaked out the corner of her mouth. The camera zoomed in on the cum as it slowly slid down her jaw and then hung there, dangling, defying gravity.
I could not hold back any longer; the first and second shot went up onto my chest, the rest gradually smaller until I finally just bubbled up and it ran down my cock, dribbling over my fingers onto my stomach.

The camera moved back to show Jamie’s entire face as she pulled my cock from her mouth. She opened her mouth for the camera. I could see the thick white liquid coating her tongue. I had not seen this when it happened, Jamie faced the camera and not me. Jamie moved her tongue around, moving the liquid from side to side. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed. A moment later her tongue flicked out, caught the escaped sperm and pulled it back into her mouth.

The screen went black. I got up, got a towel and wiped off my chest and stomach. After washing my hands I went back to bed. I finally dropped off to sleep sometime around twelve; a couple of hours after the girls left my bedroom. When I woke I had a hard-on that was almost painful. It occurred to me that if I had let one of the girls stay here it could be easily taken care of. No, what am I thinking? That would be way too dangerous. There was no way Debbie and the twins could not notice something like that. I finally had to take care of it myself once again.

After another great breakfast we headed to the gym. We weren’t as early today and the gym was really crowded with kids when we arrived. We registered at the desk and the girls began stretching and warming up.

By midday the team was showing some real success. Jamie and Ashley had cruised through to the Semi’s in their Girls Doubles. Unfortunately Jamie had lost her singles in the round of 16 but Ashley had moved on to the quarterfinals. Kim and Cindy were crushing their opponents in singles and doubles. Their mixed partners were also strong and it looked like they might meet each other in the finals. Debbie had also moved on to the quarterfinals in singles but she was paired up with a weaker Canadian girl in doubles and they had lost in the first round of the day; still a good showing for her, she played well.

I watched as many of the girl’s matches as I could while still trying to scout who they might advance to play. I tried to catch the girls on the camcorder also, competing on court and just goofing off.

By six in the evening the girls were finished with the days matches and we were all tired. Everyone was still in at least one of tomorrow’s finals. The twins had made all three of theirs while Jamie and Ashley made their doubles. Debbie played the best match of her life to win in the Semi’s and reach the finals in Singles.

Earlier Robert had called me on my cell to see how the girls were doing. When I told him they were all doing great he said to come to the main house tonight and the staff would make a special dinner for them. It would be a reward for doing so well in the tournament and a goodbye treat as we would be leaving the next morning.

The girls were subdued in the van on the way home. Debbie and one of the twins, I can never tell which one is which, even fell asleep. When we got to the house I told them about Robert’s treat for us and that perked them up. We all went to our bedrooms to shower and change clothes.

Dinner was great. Robert and a couple of the girls on his staff entertained us by singing show tunes while we ate. After dinner the girls talked with Robert’s wife, squealing when they touched her stomach and the baby moved inside.

I sat with Robert off to the side talking about our college days. “So you won’t be coming back to the house tomorrow when your finals are finished”?

“No, we’ll go straight to the ferry. I wish we had more time but I’ve got to get the girls home and get back to work”.

“We won’t be officially opening for another six weeks. Is there another event up here you guys would like to come up for? You are all welcome to stay with us again”.

“Robert, I wish there was something. It has been great staying here. We really appreciate it but the next tournament up here isn’t for a couple of months”.

“Well if anything changes let me know. Even if just you and Jamie want to come up for a quick vacation before school starts”.

“I appreciate that”.

We talked a bit longer and then I said the girls needed to get ready for bed and before that we needed to go over strategy for the next day’s matches. When we got back to the house I told everyone I’d see them in a little bit. I wanted to watch a few minutes of tape to refresh my memory and make some notes.

I was sitting at the computer watching the feed from the camcorder when I heard the girls outside at the hot tub. They must be tired; they were not as rambunctious as they usually were. I paid more attention this time to be sure the jets were turned on. I did not want to walk in on the Debbie and the twins naked this time. Who knew what they might say to their parents.

I put on a baggy pair of shorts, took off my polo shirt and went outside. The girls looked up when I pushed the sliding glass door open and walked out of my bedroom. I walked out to a chorus of “Hi coach. Come on in”.

“It looks good. I think I’ll do that”.

Knowing they were probably naked as they had been each night, I walked over and got in between Jamie and Ashley and sat down. At least if I accidentally touched something they would not freak out. The water was great. The jets moved around on their own and the hot water shooting across my body was so relaxing.

Jamie and Ashley moved closer to me, almost touching. Ashley asked, “So what words of wisdom do you have for us coach”?

“I don’t have a lot. I’ve watched who you are playing tomorrow and they don’t pose any special threat. If you continue playing your game you should be able to take them. I don’t mean they are pushovers; they are good. But I think all of you are better. Debbie, your opponent has a weak backhand you can take advantage of. Because it’s weak she almost always drops. Be prepared for that. Jamie and Ashley, in your doubles the shorter girl does not smash well. Try and push her to the back as much as possible. Other than that I have no further words of wisdom. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow”.

I sank down in the water a bit and relaxed. I had closed my eyes when I felt Ashley’s hand on my thigh. I sat up with a start. I looked over at Debbie and the twins. They were leaning back with their eyes closed and their head back against the cushion. I wasn’t even sure they were awake.

Ashley slid her hand in the leg of my shorts and took my cock in her hand. I turned and looked at her. Her eyes were closed but there was a glimmer of a smile on her face. As she fondled me I got harder. The shorts were very baggy. She easily pulled me out the leg opening and very slowly began jacking me off. I couldn’t believe it. I’m sitting in a hot tub with five naked girls and one of them is giving me a hand job. As long as Debbie and twins seemed unaware I decided to just let it play out. With all the bubbles moving around nothing could be seen.

Ashley had me fully erect. She was running her fingertips up and down my shaft, teasing my balls, cupping them, feeling them move around in the sac. I put my right arm up on the top of the hot tub behind Ashley’s head. I would have let my hand drop down and play with her breast but who knew when one of the other girls might look up. I was not sure what to do with my left hand. It was on my thigh. I decided to let it drop to the seat but found that Jamie was sitting so close to me that my hand touched her thigh first.

Like a father I let my hand rest on her thigh for a moment. Then another thought occurred to me. I moved my hand so that my fingers dropped to the inside of her thigh, moving in small circles on her skin. I put a light pressure on the inside of her thigh. She responded by moving her legs slightly apart. As I let the circles grow my fingers brushed against the lips of her pussy. I moved my hand up to her so that the palm cupped her mound and my fingers rested on her pussy. Her legs moved farther apart; a clear invitation to continue.

I glanced sideways at her; her eyes were closed, her mouth partially open, breathing shallowly; clearly wanting more. I drew my fingers up to the little hood covering her clitoris.

I opened my eyes and looked at the girls across from us. They were all relaxed, eyes closed; oblivious to what was happening in the tub with them. Ashley’s hand was pumping up and down on my cock, my hand was buried in Jamie’s crotch, one finger working its way into her pussy; but above water nothing could be seen.

I worked a second finger into Jamie, moving the two back and forth while the palm of my hand rubbed her clitoris. Jamie’s body gave a jerk and she closed her legs tightly against my hand, trapping me there. A moan escaped her lips and she opened her legs enough for her to cover my hand with hers, pushing against my hand so that it would rub her harder. She was cumming.

“Jamie, are you okay”?

I looked up. Debbie’s eyes were open, looking at Jamie.

Jamie took a deep breath and after several seconds answered, “I’m okay. It was just a muscle spasm. It’s gone now”.

Debbie closed her eyes and let her head lay back on the cushion. Jamie opened her legs to free my hand. I felt her hand move across my thigh to join Ashley’s on my cock. Ashley moved her hand down to the base as Jamie grabbed the middle of my shaft.

The two of them were disjointed, out of sequence at first but quickly worked out the rhythm and began pumping me in tandem. I knew I was not going to last much longer. As I got closer my hips began moving with their hands. Finally I could not take it any more and with one final thrust forward I came into the water of the tub; each explosion from me sent off with a jerk of my hips.

I opened my eyes and took a peek at the other girls. I knew at the end I had been moving around a bit and wondered if any of them had noticed; not to worry. They were still all relaxed, eyes closed, maybe even asleep.

As I softened, Ashley tucked my limp cock back into my shorts. I was about to tell the girls it’s time to call it a night when Debbie let out a choked cough. She coughed again and spit out some water. The noise woke up the twins. Debbie looked around at us, embarrassed, “I must have dozed off, water splashed in my mouth”.

That was my queue. I knew I had to get out before the girls could. And that I should do it before Jamie or Ashley did something to get me hard again. “It’s getting late. I’m going to bed now. I want you girls to get to bed also. We have a big day tomorrow”.

We said our goodnights and I got out and went to my bedroom. I took a quick shower to get the hot tub chemicals off and went right to bed. I took a quick peek outside and saw the girls had left while I was in the shower.

I lay in bed thinking about Jamie and Ashley. It was a nice way to end the trip. We would not have time for anything more now. I kind of wished I had taken my time before getting into the shower. My last thought before sleep was I would have liked a last look at Debbie and the twins walking nude back to their bedroom.

The next morning we were up early. We would not be coming back to the house after the tournament ended so we had packing to do. When we finished we went to the main house and had another great breakfast. The girls gave Robert and his wife gifts they had bought at a specialty shop downtown. On the way to the van Robert repeated his invitation to come back up in the next few weeks before their official opening. It sounded great to me but there were no events scheduled in the next month or two so I let him know we appreciated the offer but probably could not take him up on it.

The gym looked much different today. The only matches to be played today were finals. Most of the courts had been torn down, leaving just enough for the final and a few warm-up courts.

The matches went pretty much as expected. Kim and Cindy won Gold in their Doubles. They played against each other in Singles and Mixed Doubles. Kim won Gold in Singles and Cindy got the Gold in Mixed. I thought Kim would have won the Mixed but she seemed to be having a problem with her partner; he wasn’t playing well.

Debbie won her Singles final and Jamie and Ashley won their Doubles in a really tight match. It was touch and go to the last point.

As soon as they were finished they went off to shower and change. When they came out they ran around saying goodbye to their new friends and then we were off for the ferry. We were just in time to catch the last ferry out and were lucky to be one of the last cars allowed on.

It was early evening when we arrived in Port Angeles. We stopped at a fast food place and grabbed something quick for dinner to take with us and jumped back in the van. The girls all went into the back to eat and watch some of their finals. I put in a CD, turned the speakers on for just the front and made quick work of my hamburger.

Over my music I could hear the sound of birds being smacked around in back. They must have been watching Kim and Cindy’s mixed doubles match by the comments I could just barely hear. I turned down my music when I heard Debbie ask, “Kim, why was your partner playing so poorly”? I was curious about that also. He did not play nearly as well as in the Semi’s; he seemed to have trouble moving around the court.

“He was experiencing some pain in the groin”.

“What do you mean? Did he get hurt”?

“He sure did. Before the match we were behind the stands and he asked if he could kiss me. He was cute and I said yes. We were kissing for a while and then he stuck his hand up my shirt and got under my bra”.

The other girls all started talking at once, “No way”. “What was it like”? “What did you do then”?

“I was fine with it; it felt good but then he made some smart-ass comment about how small my tits were and that pissed me off. He hugged me and I could feel his thing against my stomach; it was hard. Then he tried to put his hand in my shorts. I kneed him. I guess it hurt. It certainly stopped him”.

I guess it would be difficult to play your best game after getting a knee in your balls.

The girls all laughed for a while and then gradually quieted down and must have been watching the match again. I could hear an outburst of giggling every now and again; probably when they saw Kim’s partner having difficulty walking around the court.

It was a fairly quick match. After about twenty minutes I heard Debbie say, “How about my Singles match next”. It was quiet for a minute and then I could hear birds being batted around again. “That’s not mine. Maybe it’s after this; forward past these people”. It was quiet for a few seconds and then I heard a loud, “Wait, stop. What’s that”?

I was curious again and turned my sound down. Then I heard the sound of my voice coming from the back, “Is that where you wanted me”? I had just enough time to wonder what I was talking about when I remembered; the recording Jamie and Ashley made. I did not erase it. I wanted to keep it to watch again. My mistake.

The twins and Debbie all started talking at once. “Is that a porno tape”? “Who is it”? “Where did it come from”? “Quiet, coach will hear”. “Do you think it’s his”? I heard Debbie answer, “Of course it’s his. Whom else could it belong to”?

Jamie, Ashley, hurry. Please, one of you turn that off before my life is over. Then it was too late. I heard Kim say, “Ashley, that’s you. I can see your face”.

Debbie added, “It is you. Who are you with? Your face is blocking the guy. Wait, the camera moved. Someone’s holding the camera? Jamie? Was it you”?

I didn’t know what to do. It was bad enough that I had fucked my daughter and one of the girls on my team, but at least it was a secret. Now they all were going to find out unless Jamie turned off the camera before they saw me. And then it was too late. Kim and Cindy shouted at the same time, “It’s coach. You’re having sex with the coach”.

Suddenly it was quiet in back. The sound had been turned down and the girls had quieted down. Something caught my eye and I looked in the mirror. Jamie was looking at me through the curtains separating the second row of seats from the bed in back. They had been open just a few inches. Just before she pulled the curtains closed I would swear she smiled at me.

I didn’t know what to do. Stop the van and go back and get the DVD? Swear them to secrecy? I finally took the cowards way out and did nothing; just kept on driving.

Every few minutes I could hear the girls begin talking again, commenting, and asking questions. I could usually follow where they were by the questions; “Why does your face look like that? Does it hurt”? “No, I’m having an orgasm”. “What does it feel like”? “You are leaving. Is it over”?

No, I thought. Now it gets worse.

“Jamie, what are you doing? That’s your Dad”. I heard one of the twins exclaim, “I can’t believe you are fucking your dad”. I think Debbie asked, “Is it different on top”? Jamie answered but I couldn’t understand what she said.

It was quiet again for a while and then they began all talking again at the same time, “Oh gross. Why did you do that”? Then one of the twins said with more interest, “What was it like? What did it taste like”?

I realized they had just watched Jamie suck me off and swallow my sperm. They had watched her swirl that milky fluid around in her mouth. I tried to hear her answer to the questions but just at that moment a truck went past in the other direction blocking out everything in the back. When it was past it was quiet again in the back. I could just make out low voices. Obviously they did not want me to hear. I few minutes later I heard someone mention the hot tub and there were several squeals from the younger girls; followed by the usual teenage anthem, ‘no way’ and ‘yes way’. What were they talking about now? Had Jamie or Ashley told them I knew they were naked?

Up ahead I could see the lights of Olympia. We would be getting onto I-5 there but we would need gas first. I finally got the nerve up to say something to the girls. “We are in Olympia. I’m going to get gas. Time for any potty breaks and a chance for snacks if anyone wants some”.

When I had pulled into the gas station and stopped, the side door opened and some of the girls jumped out. Jamie came around to my window, “Would you like me to get the gas”? I just nodded. When she was finished she came back to the window and I passed her some cash. In a low voice I asked, “Jamie, how could you let them see that? Why didn’t you stop it”?

“I couldn’t Daddy. They wouldn’t let me. They all wanted to watch. Don’t worry, Daddy7. We all talked about it. No one is going to say anything. Its just sex; they all understand”.

They all understand? They all understand my fucking my daughter? I don’t think so.

Jamie ran off to pay the bill. I sat there, wondering where my life had gone. Where had I gone wrong? Then I remembered; it had gone wrong almost a week ago when I was lying on top of Ashley pumping her pussy full of cum instead of getting off her and apologizing. Of course fucking her again and then my daughter twice did not help.

“Coach, can I talk to you”?

The voice was low, from the back of the van. It was Debbie. I looked over at the station and could see the other girls wandering the snack isles.

“What do you want Debbie”?

“Could you come back here? I need to talk to you”.

I might as well face it now. I got out of my seat and made my way back to where Debbie was sitting on the bed. It was dark outside and we had just some tiny lights on in the back of the van. They gave off just enough light to see each other.

Debbie looked different. It took a moment to realize she had changed her shirt from the polo she was wearing earlier to a huge, probably XL, t-shirt. She was sitting on cross-legged on the bed, the t-shirt was pulled down and tucked over her knees. The van was not high enough to stand comfortably so I sat on the bed next to her.

“What is it Debbie”?

“Is it true coach”?

Is it true that I fucked my daughter and one of your teammates; not once but twice? That one of them is fifteen and the other is barely sixteen? Is it true that my daughter sucked me off on camera and you all got to watch it? Is it true that I stood in the shadows of my room each night watching you girls walk to and from the hot tub naked? I could have asked any of those but instead I asked, “Is what true”?

“Last night in the hot tub; is it true what Ashley and Jamie did”?

My mind blanked. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I was focused on what they had watched on TV. I had expected a question about that.

“What do you mean Debbie”? And as the words came out of my mouth I remembered. But she was dozing; her eyes were closed almost the entire time. She couldn’t have seen anything. What has Ashley or Jamie old her, worse, what have they told her and the twins?

“Is it true that Ashley and Jamie were jerking you off in the hot tub last night”?

My mouth was dry. I couldn’t say anything. I licked my lips but it didn’t help.

“It’s okay if she did. I was just wondering” and as she said that she reached down and pulled her t-shirt up over her knees. I couldn’t see what she was wearing underneath but it wasn’t shorts. She must be in just her panties. “if when you came in the hot water your sperm floated all around in the tub”. She ran her hand up from the bare skin of her calf to the inside of her thigh. “Your sperm got all over my leg didn’t it”? She pulled her t-shirt higher and I saw she was not wearing panties. With both hands she pulled it over her head and tossed it aside.

I tried to swallow and say something but I couldn’t. The words stuck in my throat. Debbie, at fourteen, was a year younger than Jamie, but she had larger breasts. They were more rounded instead of the smaller pointed breasts of Jamie and Ashley. Her areoles were pink with small nipples. They were beckoning to me.

Debbie ran her hands up her stomach to cup her breasts. “Did your sperm get all over my breasts”? She reached out and pulled one of my hands to her breast. I let her push my hand across one and then the other breast. They were firm. “It’s not there now, I took a shower, but your sperm must have covered them”.

I finally was able to say something, “It might have”.

She let go of my hand and I kept it on her breasts, fingers stretched out to touch both nipples. She raised her hand and ran it across her lower lip. “And when the water splashed in my mouth, your sperm must have gone in my mouth too”. Her tongue came out and licked her finger, “Don’t you think”?

I did not answer.

“Coach, do you think your sperm was in my mouth”?

“It might have been”. I was getting uncomfortable. Listening to her talk, thinking about my sperm washing over her body was giving me a hard-on. I wanted to adjust myself but did not want to draw attention to it.

I was wearing baggy shorts, much like that night. Debbie reached forward, easily reaching through the leg opening of my shorts and boxers. She gripped my erect cock. It had been fully and painfully erect since I had touched her breasts. She slowly began stroking me. “Is this how Ashley did it”?

I nodded my head, not talking. My heart gave a lurch as I heard the front and side doors open. The girls were back. What do I do? Debbie is sitting in front of me naked with my cock in her hand. They are going to think I’m attacking all of them.

The motor started and I realized something was up. They know I’m back here. They had planned this. The van started to leave the station, rocking Debbie and I back and forth. The van pulled out onto the street and stopped. I knew that would be at the light before the entrance to the freeway.

Debbie pulled her hand from my shorts, pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it over with her t-shirt. We sat there for a moment looking at each other. I knew this was my last chance. I’ll never know if I might have taken the high road; at that moment the light must have turned green. Jamie hit the gas to get onto the freeway. The sudden increase in speed tossed me on top of Debbie in the bed. Her skin felt hot against mine.

I lifted my chest up off hers. She put her arms around my neck, pulling me down to her and whispered in my ear, “I want to be on top, like Jamie was”.

I rolled over off of her onto my back. She reached down to my shorts and gave them a tug. I lifted my hips so that she could pull them off me. My cock, finally freed, sprang up in the air, the head glistening with lubricant.

Debbie moved towards me and swung one leg over mine so she could straddle me. She sat back on my thighs and took my cock in both hands. “It’s bigger than my boyfriends cock”.

Finally able to talk I said, “Well, he’s a boy. I’m not”.

I saw a movement over her shoulder and looked up to see Kim and Cindy moving through the curtain. They came back and sat on the edge of the bed. “We’re next”.

I looked at them. They were tiny. I wasn’t even sure they were over five feet. “You girls should go. You are too young”. What would their mother, or worse, father do to me if they found out?

“We aren’t too young. Debbie is barely older than us”.

I was finding it difficult to focus on arguing with them with Debbie playing with my cock with both hands. “Debbie is fourteen. That’s really too young and you aren’t even fourteen”. I looked at them, they were small enough to play helicopter.

They sat there, both of them looking at my cock in Debbie’s hands. Debbie motioned for Kim to come closer. She moved up on my right side; right next to my cock. Cindy moved up onto the bed on my left side. Debbie tilted my cock towards Kim. “Here, hold this for me. Do what Ashley did when Jamie got on top”.

Kim nodded her head and reached out and took me in her hand. Her fingers were small and did not reach around my cock. “Now point him straight up”. Kim followed her directions as Debbie inched forward on her knees until she was positioned directly above my cock.

I looked down my body and between Debbie’s legs and could see Kim lower her head and look up between Debbie’s legs. She moved my cock and said to Debbie, “He’s there”.

Debbie lowered herself on to me, gradually, an inch at a time. Kim let go of my cock once I was safely inside of Debbie. Debbie was so tight it felt like Kim was still holding me, squeezing me.

Debbie slowly lowered herself until she was sitting flush on me. Kim crawled around from behind Debbie and kneeled where she was before, by my hip. Debbie leaned towards her and took the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up to her chest and stopped. Kim got the idea and pulled it the rest of the way over her head. Kim looked at me, her face flushed, embarrassed. If only she knew how many times I’d seen her already.

Debbie pulled at Kim’s bra but Kim put her hand out to stop her. “No, I’m too small. I’m not big like you”.

“He doesn’t care. Guys just like breasts; big or small, it doesn’t matter.

Kim looked at me. I almost nodded at her; yes, we like them all. Well, maybe not saggy, droopy ones. Well, maybe those too.

Kim reached behind her, unhooked her bra, took it off and tossed it aside with our other clothes. Her breasts were small but larger than I remembered from the hot tub. She was still no larger than an A cup. Her areoles were dark brown and large for such small breasts. Her nipples were like her mothers; large.

Kim looked at me and saw me looking at her breasts; she raised her hands to cover herself. I lifted my hand to one of hers and gently moved it away. I caressed her breast with my palm and then very gently rubbed her nipple with my fingers. She moaned and let her other hand fall to her leg. I moved back and forth from breast to breast, making circles around them with my hand, coming back to her nipples.

Debbie motioned for her to lie down on the bed beside me. When she was lying down I found my hands could move from her breasts to the waistband of her shorts. With Debbie sitting on my cock and watching my hands wander around Kim’s chest I had forgotten about Cindy. Cindy touched my arm and said “Me too”. She pulled her shirt over her had and also slipped her shorts and panties off and then lay down next to me. I worried at that; how far did she think this was going to go. No way was I fucking a thirteen year-old. It was bad enough that Debbie, at fourteen, was sitting on me but I had to draw a line somewhere.

As I lay there, each hand fondling breasts, ribs and stomachs, Debbie began to slowly rock on me. “Is this how I’m supposed to do it? Is this what Jamie was doing”? Cindy asked. “Jamie had an orgasm on you. I want one too”.

“Does it feel good that way”?

“Oh yes”.

“Then you are doing it right”.

We continued like that for a few more minutes. Then Cindy put her hands on the bed beside my head and lowered herself down to me. She moved her mouth around to my ear and whispered, “Please don’t cum in me. Okay coach”? I nodded my head and she moved back up into a sitting position and resumed rocking on me.

My hands had moved to the bottom of the twin’s stomachs. I tried to stretch lower but that was as far as I could reach. I was about to move my hand back up to Kim’s breasts when I felt her lift her hips off the bed and she scooted higher along side me. I let my fingers wander south and ran then back and forth, just under her waistband, teasing her or preparing her; I wasn’t sure which. I was about to stick my hand in farther when I felt the waistband lift up. She had raised it for me; she really wanted this.

It must have been a twin thing because Cindy chose that moment to also move up. I let my fingers slowly slide lower. I was expecting pubic hair any second and was surprised when my hands cupped two perfectly smooth mounds. As my fingers moved farther between their legs I felt their legs squeeze together, holding my hand there. I thought it’s way too late for that. Then simultaneously both of them spread their legs wide. Each of them had one leg butt up against Debbie but their outside leg moved wide.

I was having difficulty coordinating my movements. Not only was I trying to rub two girls at the same time but also Debbie had started moving faster on me. With her sitting on me I was buried as deep as I could get in her. I felt like a swizzle stick in a fancy cocktail.

Debbie slowed her movements, opened her eyes and looked around at Kim and Cindy. It was dark in the van but I knew she could easily see what we were doing. “You aren’t ready to cum yet are you coach”?

I shook my head no. Cindy said “Good”, close her eyes and began rocking back and forth on me again.

For the last few minutes I had been running my fingers over the hood covering the twin’s clitorises. I could hear their breathing become ragged. The lips of their pussies had become wet and slick. Earlier their labia had been tight and dry but now the folds were wet and loose. I let my fingers move the folds back and forth and then slid a finger inside Kim. As my finger moved inside she lifted her hips up off the bed and groaned. It felt like her pussy clutched my finger she was so tight. There was no way I would fit in there; I don’t think I could even get a second finger in.

I started to move my finger from Kim’s pussy. I had been in her longest. I thought she might like me to do something different. Just as my finger was about to move completely out of her I felt Kim’s hand on mine, pushing it down, pushing my finger back into her. She left her hand on mine; her hand moving with me, keeping me moving in a tight little circle on her clitoris.

Since Kim seemed to be enjoying it I moved my finger down to the entrance of Cindy’s pussy and then slowly pushed it inside of her. She gave the same reaction as Kim, moaning and lifting her hips with the pressure of my finger.

I was trying to ignore Debbie’s movements on me. She was moving faster; sometimes slowing down to push hard down against me, grinding our bodies together. She was breathing hard, her mouth hanging open. She had to be close.

All three girls were moaning at times now. It wasn’t loud but I wondered when Jamie and Ashley would notice. Then within seconds of each other Kim and Cindy stiffened and then closed their legs tight around my hand. Their hips began bucking up and down on the bed. I wondered if this was their first orgasm.

In another minute their bodies had relaxed and their breathing began to return to normal. Their legs were still closed around my hands and I was comfortable just leaving them where they were.

“Coach, I’m close”. Debbie regained my attention. “Grab my breasts”. She had picked up the intensity of her movements on me. I could see she was ready but my hands were quite comfortable where they were.

When I didn’t move Debbie said, “Please coach”.

Kim and Cindy knew why I hadn’t moved and obviously they approved but wanted to help Debbie. I watched as they each tentatively moved a hand up to touch Debbie’s breasts. With their first touch Debbie let out a moan followed by “More”. The twins began cupping Debbie’s breasts in their hands, squeezing them, running their fingers over her nipples. Debbie must have noticed the difference in our hands. She opened her eyes and saw the twins touching her. She didn’t say anything, just closed her eyes and ground down hard on me. She was able to say, “I’m cumming” before she clenched her teeth. Her pussy began pulsating around me; tightening on me, one long squeeze followed by a rhythmic spasm.

It was a minute or so before she lowered herself to lie on my chest; still breathing hard, her face buried in my neck. The twins opened their legs to release my hands. I moved my arms out from my sides and they turned towards me, putting their heads on my shoulders while I wrapped my arms around them, pulling them tighter to my sides.

Cindy lifted her head and said, “Thank you. I always wondered what it felt like”.

This was her first? I thought she had had sex before. “You’ve never” I hesitated. “I thought you had a boyfriend who” and I stopped again.

“I do. I mean, I haven’t. I do have a boyfriend but he just jumps on me and is done in a couple of minutes”. She sighed, “He’s never lasted this long”. She moved her hips in a little wiggle; I think to see how I was doing. I was still safely ensconced in her. “You are still hard. Do you want to finish now”?

I answered by lifting my hips up to push a little bit deeper in her. “Coach, you can cum in me if you want”.

That didn’t sound right. “I thought you did not want me to cum in you. I assumed that meant you were not on birth control”.

“I’m not, but you made me feel really good. I want to make you feel good. It feels best if you cum inside me doesn’t it”?

I couldn’t dispute that but I did not need a knocked-up fourteen year-old on my team. “I’ll be fine if I don’t cum in you. I can pull out when I’m ready”.

“In your wildest dream did you ever think you would be in three girls at the same time”?

As I shook my head I began thrusting into Debbie again. She leaned over and whispered something to Kim and then Cindy. They opened their legs, freeing my hands and moved away from my side. They scooted down the bed past Debbie’s butt. With my arms freed I wrapped Debbie tight to me and pushed up into her hard. She let out a gasp and then pushed her hips back to meet me as I thrust again.

I moved my hands down to her hips, pulling her tight against me. Debbie whispered, “Just let me know when you are ready to cum”.

I was ready thirty minutes ago. It was not going to take long now. Holding her against me I was able to thrust hard and fast into her. I was about to say I was ready when I felt a hand on the top of each of my thighs. They slowly moved upwards until one of them touched my balls. I slowed down, gently sliding in and out of Debbie, enjoying the sensation of feeling their fingers moving my balls around and then touching my shaft as I continued moving in and out of her. I knew they were both down there; watching my cock spreading Debbie’s pussy wide as I plunged into her.

I think it was more the thought of them watching than the feeling of being inside Debbie that finally pushed me over the edge. I could feel my sperm begin to move in me. “Debbie, I’m cumming”.

Debbie almost jumped up off my cock, not stopping until she was straddling my chest. Just as I thought I would be squirting my cum on her back I felt hands grab my cock. Oh good. At least a hand job to finish me. Two small hands wrapped themselves around my cock while another cupped my balls, tenderly moving them around. Just as I felt the surge in me the head of my cock was suddenly enveloped in a hot wet mouth. Kim or Cindy? I didn’t know. I didn’t care. The sensation of that first ejaculation escaping me felt so good I lifted my hips, surprising the twin with her mouth on me. Her tongue was exploring the smooth head of my cock when I rose up, pushing my cock along the top of her tongue deeper into her mouth. I heard a muffled cough as I must have caught her in her throat, but her mouth stayed right on me.

Debbie carefully moved off me to the side. She turned around and we both saw Kim and Cindy still kneeling at my groin. It was Kim who still had me in her mouth and Cindy who had a hand still wrapped around the base of my cock.

When I had finished Kim carefully pulled my cock out of her mouth; keeping her lips tight against me so that no cum would spill out; her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk carrying a load of nuts. She looked up at Cindy and Debbie with a ‘what do I do with it now’ look on her face. Cindy gave a little shrug with her shoulders. Debbie said, “Just spit it out or swallow it. You saw Jamie, she swallowed it”.

I reached out for my shirt and handed it to her. She looked at the shirt, then me, and then I watched her mouth move as she swallowed. Cindy asked, “You didn’t”? Debbie nodded her head and opened her mouth. Cindy peeked in, “You did. I didn’t think you would do it”. They said something back and forth in Chinese, both giggled, looked at me and then said something else before moving up along side me.

Debbie pulled her t-shirt on and started towards the front. “I’ll leave you all here for a while. “And coach”?


“Jamie and Ashley are both one up on me. Save your strength; I’ll be back in a while”.

The twins cuddled up to me on each side. It was cool in the van when you aren’t moving around so I reached over and pulled a sheet over us. Cindy reached down and took my now limp cock in her hand. “When will it get hard again? It’s our turn now”.

“It won’t take too long if you keep doing that”.

Cindy said, “Good, I get to go first. Kim got to suck you so I get to fuck you first”.

And that started our discussion. I went through all my reasons; they were too young, they were only thirteen, etc. I would have added that in pigtails they looked nine but then they would have just let their hair down and they looked fantastic with their long, silky, jet black hair down.

They argued back; I had just fucked Debbie who was just a year older at fourteen. I countered that I had to draw a line somewhere and it was at fourteen; they were just to little and young.

Cindy finally finished, “So it’s okay if we suck you but we can’t fuck you”?

They seemed to accept it so I said, “I guess that’s it”.

Cindy said something to Kim in Chinese and then looked back at me, “So we suck you”. Both of them disappeared under the sheet. For a while I did my best to not cum in someone’s mouth. It worked for about fifteen minutes then I stopped trying.

Over the next eleven hours as we passed Portland, Eugene, Ashland and Redding, I stayed in the back; never having an opportunity to drive. Jamie, Ashley and Debbie took turns coming into the back to be with me. The only turn I had was whether to be on top or bottom and even that was not my choice; they made it for me. Kim and Cindy had their turn when I was with Jamie or Debbie. Jamie and Debbie did not want me to cum in them so when I was ready Kim and Cindy would swoop in with their tiny mouths to suck every drop out of me that I managed to produce.

It was about two Monday afternoon when we finally approached Sacramento. We stopped at a rest stop by the airport so that everyone could get dressed and I could move up front to drive into town. I was exhausted, literally drained.

The girls called their parents to let them know we were just minutes away. When we arrived at the club their parents were in the parking lot waiting for us. Even Ashley’s mom was there.

When I stopped the girls all ran out to say high to their parents and show them the trophies they had won. Jamie went with Ashley. I stayed and opened up the back door of the van to start pulling bags out; trying to keep each girls things together.

I pulled another bag from the van and then looked up. I saw Kim and Cindy talking with their mother and father. It appeared the girls were arguing and pointing over at me. Eva, their mother looked upset. She stared at the girls for a moment and then started walking towards me. Oh shit. Why couldn’t they keep it to themselves. Now it starts.

Eva walked up to me, hands on hips and asked, “We’ve heard the girl’s side. Do you want to tell me more”?

Frankly I didn’t. I just wanted to get in the van and make a run for it. “Well what all did they say”? Let’s see just how bad it is.

“They told us about the training camp coming up in Victoria in a few weeks. They said everyone did so well they were all invited to participate in the camp and then the tournament at the end”.

What camp? I talked to the coaches there and no mention was made of a camp. Time to stall. “The girls did very well, especially Cindy and Kim. I can see…:”. That was all I was able to get out before she interrupted me.

“Well we can’t go up there on that date. We have some important business clients coming into town and besides it’s the girl’s birthday. I would prefer they stay home so we can celebrate”. She stopped then and looked back at the girls standing beside their father. “But they said it’s their birthday and this is what they would like for their present. So if you are still willing to drive them up and chaperone for the week it’s okay with me and their father”.

Relief flooded over me. I began to get a clearer picture of the plan. “Of course I’m available to take the girls. I hate for them to miss their birthday but we’ll have a special celebration for them up there”. I was already looking forward to celebrating their birthday but then it hit me. “What happened to your accent”?

She smiled and looked to be laughing me. She reached out and patted me on the arm. “It comes and goes. It has its uses. Now, perhaps we should meet sometime in the next week or so and discuss strategy for the trip”?

I looked over her shoulder; her husband and the girls were now in the car. The girls were showing their father their trophies. Eva’s hand was shielded in front of her body so they could not see her hand touching me. I looked back to Eva, “That might be a good idea. We might want to meet a couple of times to be sure we cover everything”.

Eva let her hand slowly trail down my arm to my hand and then dropped to her side. “I’ll think about that. I guess it depends upon how the first meeting goes; how much we can cover”. She smiled and turned and began walking to her car. Good thing. If we had talked any longer I would get hard again and it would probably be painful this time.

My daughter and Ashley finally finished talking to Ashley’s mom and the two of them rushed over to join me by the van. “Dad, Ashley is going to sleep over tonight with me”. They both had huge grins on their faces. “Dad, you look really tired. I think we should take you straight home and put you to bed”.

Ashley said, “That’s right coach, we should go straight to bed”.

And that’s exactly what we did.

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2014-07-26 09:40:18
I have the canon rebel TI and I love it. New cameras are the best toys. These shots are great, so I can't wait to see what else you come you take.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-26 09:22:18
THAT I met up with my FANTASTICAL BFF and Disney Dream Cruise Bride Mrs. Katie Nabbe! a0It was SO GOOD to see her again *AND* get to celebrate her 30th Birthday

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-10 05:54:22
Tēnā kōrua Sue and Ashley.What a superb foollw through of an idea. Good on you Ashley! You have good ideas!Kia ora Sue.One thing that fascinates me is where topics come from that I write about. I guess all bloggers get to this stage sooner or later I got to that stage later But where do the topics come from?I sometimes get an idea when I write a comment on another's post. You and , and a few others magic up themes for topics for others. There are projects that we all take part in at work that stimulate ideas for our posts.I've never had any problem dreaming up topics, but I fear that maybe some day I'll run out of ideas. Others may have the same problem.So what does one do when scrating around for a post topic? Regular posting seems to be a technique that some bloggers foollw. And can a blogger get writer's block when in a panic about writing a long-overdue-post?Ka kite

Anonymous readerReport

2014-07-10 04:53:50
Hello Sue WatersAshley should be very proud. I like the cuuolrfol easel you have made.. Maybe I should make one myself!! They look really nice and stand out in the post. Even if Ashley's response about blogging was short, it held alot of meaning and enthusiasm, you just had to agree with what she said. Yes, you do get to put whatever you want on a blog!!!Thanks for your comment, and vote! I'm a lover of dogs though! Thank you for your compliments alot of people say I am good at writing! It is wonderful to hear a great blogger like yourself agrees! I too can't believe I am not the only one in the world who thinks writing a post can be difficult sometimes, especially when you can't think of what to write!How many times has that happened to you Sue Waters? How long did it take you to come up with the posts when you were stuck?It's happened to me alot!P.S LOVE the title.Nadinestubc08

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2014-07-10 02:06:21
AWH I love Ashley's card. I ran out of cat ones by the time I wrote up yours. I thought the paagcke I bought only had cat ones but they tricked me the meanies! Paw Humbug! ahaha I love it.

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