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Re-united with daughter of my ex-wife, no longer a baby, wanting to show me she is now a Woman for her Daddy
Mother-in-Law Sex, Pt7: Ex-Daughter Grown Up
Several months passed; Mae and I were together generally a few times a week. I didn’t know if my wife knew anything or nothing about her mother and I coupling, but our home life was comfortable and she seemed not to find it a problem that I now never tried to force sex upon her. She either had her own supply or just didn’t want it anymore (unlike our courtship year when we managed a record five in one day one time, but often daily or twice daily for weeks and months: not anymore). Mae’s boyfriend was away in the Army all day, so our times together seemed to hurt no-one, and it was pleasurable, erotic sex for 2 people.
In late December that year, I was asked to come back for another consulting stint by the same company as before. I flew out just after New Year, and stayed in the same company-provided house as previously.
Within a few days, I remember it was January 7, my ex-mother-in-law, Mae, somehow knew I was back in the city, and phoned me at home after I had finished work for the day. She said “I have missed you, but more importantly for now: Guess what tomorrow is?”
She didn’t have to remind me: January 8 was the birthday of my ex-wife’s daughter, thus grand-daughter of this Mae. I remembered it silently every year, as my wife, Tin, flatly refused to even acknowledge I had once had a virtual daughter I loved dearly; not my natural daughter, but of my then wife with her first husband. But I had come on the scene after her divorce, when her baby was 3y.o. and for the next 7 years we became as close as a father and daughter could be. It was now a further 7 years since her mother had run off with another foreigner (perhaps with more money) and refused thereafter to let me have contact with her daughter – the girl I considered also my daughter. Therefore, tomorrow she would turn 17, and in a few weeks time at Lunar New Year, local custom would say she turns 18 under the dates of the lunar calendar.
Her real name was Yen, but from 6y.o. in her first International School, which I was able to provide for her, she had to choose an English-sounding name as instruction was all in English, not her native tongue, which of course we spoke at home normally. Yen chose Sally, and preferred to use that on every occasion she was asked her name. I called her Yen.
“Yen will be 17 tomorrow, Mae, I know.” “And guess who is here on school holidays at the moment?” Mae teased, and I gulped and hesitantly asked “Yen?” Mae seemed to be laughing as she responded “No. But Sally is here! And she wants to see you. Would you like to talk with her now?”
I cried. Somehow I blubbered to Mae I was so happy, but would call her back, while I fished for a tissue to blow my nose and another to wipe my eyes.
Yen’s mother had pestered me for several years during our marriage to apply for residency status for them both in my home country, Australia. At first I just shrugged it off; I had no intentions of returning there, our life was too good with my job and the lifestyle it afforded in Asia. I had many friends here, local people not foreigners, my wife’s family all seemed to be happy and friendly with me (and I was able to help them financially on many occasions, which some expected but most appreciated) and I enjoyed local customs, the Buddhist faith I had embraced, and the hundred little things which together I found more satisfying in my life than Australia.
Eventually, exhausted with the requests, I agreed to begin the paperwork, but what a laborious process with the Embassy – and we had now relocated to a new country when I had been promoted to a regional manager’s position, horrible traffic and the Embassy a long drive from my office and our apartment every time I needed to go there for ‘just one more signature’. Eventually we were stymied when the almost final piece of the puzzle – a declaration from Yen’s natural father that he agreed to her going to Australia, was denied by him, unless we paid him a substantial monetary inducement. My wife was by now travelling backwards and forwards home country/new country regularly, and I left her to try and convince him, with myself neither concerned if successful or not really.
(It was during these trips she apparently took up with a new guy, for whom she would eventually leave me, when I was retrenched a couple of years later and he, therefore, had prospects of continuing money to feed her insatiable purse. Whatever, that’s old news, and for all our years together I was very happy.)
When my wife was off for her regular weeks or month-long stay back ‘with her mother’ in her home country as she told me, Yen and I, alone in the house apart from our housekeeper, became even closer. We did homework together, we ate together, I read stories to her at bed-time, I scolded her and bore the tears if discipline was necessary, I attended her school for parent-teacher events, for her ‘proud student’ days to show me class-work, her concerts, her sports carnivals….for several years it seemed always to be ‘just the two of us’ more than ‘a family of 3’.
With absolutely no sexual connotations, I bathed her some nights, if the maid was cooking dinner, or on her day off, or extra night off if she requested; or Yen would just come and shower when I did. She often also slept with me when just us and while, true, I never wore clothes to bed –hadn’t for more than 20 years –it was purely a daughter wanting to cuddle her Dad, and there was no harm, either in my thoughts or my body.
My office was 3 minutes walk from our apartment, so after regular hours if not attending a function or late meeting, I preferred to pack up my work and take it home to do in the evening, just so I was there for Yen, even if her mother wasn’t. I had a car and driver, so at weekends we often went touring; sometimes I drove as I had a licence for a car here, and drove when I wanted or when I knew how to reach the destination, otherwise I asked my driver, and rewarded him suitably. Yen came with me one business trip to Hong Kong, and after two days of stay-in-the-hotel instructions, I took a long weekend and we toured all around the Island and Kowloon. Just the two of us.
Then I was retrenched in a downturn and management re-shuffle; my wife promptly decided my future prospects, thus hers, had dimmed, and she took Yen and left me. On the day she did, I came home, and cajoled my housekeeper into telling me where they had gone. When she finally said “The airport”, I leapt into my car and sped there, phoning her, and in the terminal she eventually let Yen talk to me and Yen directed me to where they were. I tried to again ask my wife to stay and we could fix whatever it was, and then begged her not to take Yen away; all this time, Yen was clinching me around the waist, crying and begging not to go. She cried, I cried, my wife almost cried, but steeled herself well, and easily, and took Yen’s hands to drag her through the Immigration door. I was devastated, and believed Yen was also.
After that, I was not allowed to see or talk with Yen again, then the long, drawn-out divorce, and somehow she forged the last remaining items on the papers we had started so long ago, and my own Embassy, without confirming with me, granted them both residency in Australia; off they went, I was told after the fact when she phoned me from Sydney one day, and they live there now.
And now Yen/Sally wanted to see me and talk with me – and she was here! I cried some more.
Since I was home, I grabbed a beer from the fridge – my usual anti-stress treatment – and dialed Mae’s mobile with a deep breath.
Mae would know who was calling, so when a small voice answered “Hello” I gasped and asked “Yen?” “Hi Dad” she said, and I broke into tears again, though I had thought I had steeled myself against this! “Oh, Yen, I have waited for this for so long!” I spoke not in English, but in her native tongue as I had always done with her, but Yen responded in English “Me too, Dad! I am really happy to talk with you, but my name’s Sally now.” “No, Yen, to me you have, and will always be: ‘Yen’. How are you, little one?” This had been my pet name for her for years, and it came naturally to me to say. “Not so little anymore Dad, maybe even taller than you!” she giggled, “When can I see you?” she continued. “What are you doing for your birthday tomorrow, anything special?” “No, Dad, grandmother said first we should call you, since this is the first time we are both here in the city at the same time. You have any ideas?”
I thought for a moment, and asked “Yen, we should go to a restaurant which used to be special for us a long time ago; let me talk with Mae for a minute, and I so want to see you tomorrow! You do know, Yen, I never stopped loving you as my daughter – do you know that, little one?” “Yes, Dad, I know, and me also: I have never stopped loving you, my Dad/Steve” as she answered with both my name as a father, and my real given name – huh! “Here’s Grandmother, Steve, see you tomorrow!” emphasizing the use of my name.
Before I could complain at the use of my name, she had passed the phone over, so I secretly agreed a plan with Mae for where we could go, and who of friends and family she would invite without Yen knowing. We said ‘good night’ and I sat deep in thought, a melancholy deepness, and tears at the years I had missed my almost-daughter – now my ex-almost- daughter – until the several beers later drove me to a shower and bed: I did still have a job to perform tomorrow.
The next day, after a messed-up night of sleep, I was at the office early. I knew Mae’s address, so gave some money and asked my secretary/assistant when she arrived, to run out and find a florist to deliver 17 red roses to the address and name I gave her, with a card simply to say: “Happy Birthday Little One of Mine”. My assistant asked whose birthday it was, but I just smiled without answering. She returned and said “All done as asked” and gave me some money back, which I returned to her for her efforts.
I doubt that the day was truly productive, but I vowed to make it up to the company tomorrow, as I rushed out at 5.30, headed home for a shave and shower and clothes I thought suitable to wear – to see my daughter for the first time in so many years! I was so nervous.
I took a motorcycle taxi to the restaurant I had chosen, arriving to find some friends and ex-family members already there. I welcomed them, happy to see people not seen mostly for some years, and guided them to the reserved first floor, where I settled the guests and ordered drinks and entrees to be served as tables filled. I was constantly greeting friends and family relatives, and it was beginning to become the event I wanted to welcome Yen home: her birth and cultural home, and where her Birthday could be celebrated in traditional manner. Even Kim arriving to kiss me lightly on both cheeks didn’t detract from the real reason for being here. Yes, she was dressed provocatively to be sure, but no hint of the smoldering sexuality given me a few months back.
Then I noticed people turning towards the staircase, and I turned my head. Fashionably late, Yen was here.
My daughter, my ex-Little One, was gone! Atop the topmost step was a magnificent young Lady! She was dressed in the national dress, an ao-yai, the pants and blouse suit which she knew (I told myself) was what I loved so much for her to wear. When she was little, her body had been so lithe and slim an ao-yai suited her perfectly; today was no different: she was, indeed, taller than me, but so slim, long, natural, and still black hair, so pleasing to me to me to see she had kept it, streaming around her shoulders and down her back. I stopped breathing as I stood erect to face her, catching her eye as she scanned the room, and she ran – ran to me and hugged me! Ok, her breasts were much bigger I now felt as I had seen a few moments before, but this was my daughter so happy to see me! I cried again, and felt Yen do the same as she buried her head into my shoulder, clutching me tightly with sharp nails on my back, as we squeezed each other with 7 years of ‘I missed you’ allowed to come out.
After some minutes, I gently said “Yen, this party is your ‘Happy Birthday’ present from me, but we will have time later; for now, you must accept congratulations from all these family members and friends who are here for you. Ok? Oh, I have missed you so much, my little one!” as I lightly kissed her on both cheeks. She, in turn, held both hands to my cheeks and hiding her action, kissed me full on the lips for a fleeting second! Then she and I released each other, the crowd cheered as Yen turned around and bent over to her waist in a traditional show of respect and thanks to all those who had come for her Birthday.
Whew! Time to calm down!
Dinner and drinks were consumed, as per usual the local males drank a lot of whisky and beer, and got drunk very fast, then we lit the cake Mae had arranged and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Yen, me on one side, Mae on the other, both with an arm around her waist and all beaming with pride and happiness. Yen’s arms were around her Grandmother and me, her closest thing to a ‘Dad’, and she squeezed her hand to my body, as she turned and kissed us both. This was also the signal for people to begin leaving, as is customary here: come to a party, eat and drink fast, and leave fast! Yen led me to the top of the staircase, hand in hand, to bid goodbye to her guests; and she never let go of my hand, and pressed her body against my side, for the thirty minutes or so it took for everyone, even the inebriated, to head home.
I asked her as even Mae – with whom I had smiled and had squeezed her hand with both respect and fondness on arrival, but I couldn’t fail to notice a wistfulness within her all evening - was packing up and leaving (having paid the bill with the money I had given her before), and as we had a moment to relax, “You need a taxi home Yen?” She smiled as she squeezed my hand yet again “No, Dad –sorry, Steve –Grandmother left me her motorbike, to take you home!”
“Yen, my name is – well, it should be –‘Dad’! Do you still need I teach you to show proper respect?” I frowned, even as I smiled, and she cringed as if scared, replying “Oh Daddy …” but couldn’t say anymore as she burst into laughter, and hugged me. I took a moment but had to laugh in return, and hug her in return; wow! Gosh! What a body my grown-up ex-daughter was pressing against me! I couldn’t ignore it, it was too firmly against me for that, and ‘it’ was so hard but soft, so supple and insistent as ‘it’ moulded against my side; so beautiful. Full stop! I had to cancel those fleeting thoughts this minute, I reprimanded myself.
Everyone gone, all waiting staff adequately tipped, only Yen and I left to head outside to Mae’s motorbike. Yen started it – she had a licence here for a bike, but I still didn’t, so she was driving; she slung her ao-yai pants over, picked up the long sides of the ao-yai blouse as all women must do when wearing and riding a motorbike, and looked behind as I settled on the pillion seat. She roared away, forcing me to grab hold of her to steady myself! And she laughed “Hang on Steve!”
I did, my arms had to encircle her waist to ensure I wasn’t thrown off backwards as she drove – almost recklessly – along the streets towards my house. I leaned close to her ear, having to almost yell, and almost to kiss her ear, to say “Yen, we have a lot to catch up on, a lot to say; can I meet you after work tomorrow so just the two of us can talk?”
Yen pushed her body back against mine, squirming her buttocks against me before replying seriously “Steve, my name is Sally. I am not the daughter you remember; I am all grown up, almost a different woman! Yes, we have a lot to talk about, but we will when we get home to your house. Hang on!” and she opened the throttle even more, zig-zagging through the slight traffic and pulling up at my house. I unlocked the gate to the courtyard, opening it wider as she showed me she intended to wheel the bike inside, and we were home. As I unlocked the front door, Yen re-locked the gate, removing a small bag from her bike, tidily placing her shoes next to mine as we stepped across the threshold.
“Hi Dad, Yen is home! But now it is: ‘Hi Steve, Sally is home - where she belongs.” Putting her bag on the chair, she turned and moved close to me, lifting my arms around her to clasp at her back, then wrapping hers around me, sinuously moulding herself against me and kissed me so beautifully on the mouth, for long lingering moments. While I recovered from the initial shock, I enjoyed her taste and feel against me, her breasts pushing at me yet her arms crushing me closer.
“Yen, little one, ok ‘Sally’, stop, stop!” I pushed her back, and stepped back myself, creating a small space between us. “This is my house, and I have some rules! #1, no, I won’t call you Sally; you are my little one, my Yen, even if now you are no longer ‘little’. And #2, we can’t kiss like that, you are my daughter!”
“But, I am not really your daughter, Steve” she emphasised, “I am not of your body, so to you I can just be a woman named ‘Sally’ who happens to love you, Steve” and she stepped forward to kiss me again.
I had a fleeting image of the movie “Notting Hill’, which I had watched countless times, crying every time, and Julia Roberts standing in the bookshop telling Hugh Grant ‘I am just a girl, asking a boy to love her’.
I hugged Yen, and cried into her shoulder, both sobbing “I’ve missed you…” Slowing my tears, I lifted my face, reaching for a tissue in my pocket and wiping her shoulder’s damp patch first; “sorry” I tried to laugh, and then wiped Yen’s eyes and the tear trickles, before using the sodden tissue to wipe my own. I kissed her sweetly and disengaged, leading her to the sofa, and retreated to the kitchen for a moment to breathe hard, to blow my nose and use a fresh tissue. I got a beer for myself and a glass of bottled water for Yen, assuming and hoping she was not yet a drinker of alcohol. She wasn’t I was happy to learn. I toasted her “Happy Birthday, Sally.”
Returning to sit on the sofa, I placed the small table for our drinks somewhat between our feet, expecting that to maintain a gap between us. Instead, Yen took several gulps of her water, placing the glass back on the table, and curling her feet up on the sofa, she laid her head down across my lap and snuggled against me – just as she used to do when little. I placed my right arm gently over her left arm which was curled under her breast and against my thigh and laid it comfortably across her abdomen. She purred and snuggled and wriggled against me. Her right arm was along my left thigh, her hand resting dangerously close to my crotch, and moving against it each time she wriggled.
To ease the mounting, ah, tension, I leaned forward and reached for my beer, but this had the effect of pushing my body tighter upon Yen’s, which in turn pushed her even more against my legs and abdomen, and crotch. I quickly grabbed my bottle and sat back, deciding to ask Yen to tell me about her current plans, schooling etc, before going home.
She sat up then, glancing back at my groin where a noticeable mound was lying within my pants. Looking me in the eye, Yen said “Good idea, Steve. I have a lot to discuss with you. First, though I would like to change out of this and get comfortable”. She smiled coquettishly, before adding “By the way, Steve, I am not going anywhere; this is home for me.” Then she stood, undoing the fasteners on the side of her ao-yai and releasing it to peel off her body – right there in front of me! “Yen!” I almost shrieked, “Don’t you want to change in the bathroom or the bedroom?” as I strode over to close the blinds, but not before I had seen a lacy bra covering full-sized, womanly breasts. “Oh, ok, where’s the bedroom?” I directed her up the stairs and to the one bedroom, mine, to the right, also thinking later I could get spare sheet and a quilt for her to sleep on the sofa, since she seemed determined to stay here overnight.
I drained my beer, grabbed a fresh one, and changed myself, discarding my shirt and throwing on the shorts hung on the downstairs bathroom door: normal attire for me at home, but leaving on my underwear to help contain my leaking, throbbing prick. I settled back on the sofa at one end as Yen returned, clad in a long, loose t-shirt of mine, jiggling, unfettered breasts within, and nipples poking the material out, but only panties cladding her below! I moaned silently, and rolled my eyes. “Oh, are you tired? Maybe we should talk tomorrow and go to bed now?” Yen smiled.
“Yes, I am tired little one, but you start talking and we can talk more tomorrow; I do have to get up and go to work early, so yes, need to go to sleep soon. I’ll get you some bedding for the sofa soon.” Yen just smiled as she jumped down on to the sofa, right beside me, wrapped her right arm across my body and squeezed as she kissed me on the cheek strongly, and said “Oh, I have missed you – Dad – so much. Missed these cuddles and our talks; missed just being a father and daughter together. You were the best Dad a girl could ever wish for, and my mother was stupid to run off and give up a man who must be the most wonderful husband in the world!”
I turned my face and kissed her cheek, then a little one to her lips, withdrawing when I felt her wanting to deepen it. “I am not so perfect, my little Yen – my big Yen. If I was so ‘perfect’ your mother would not have felt the need to find another man, so I must have been doing something wrong. I am just a man, Yen, with a girl, now a woman, who was the sweetest, most beautiful daughter any father could wish for.”
“Now, tell me about school before I start crying again – you know how emotional I get watching movies with romantic scenes or stirring moments; well with you here is one such moment, so don’t start me crying again. Please!”
“Ok, Steve,” she started, sitting up to sit cross-legged on the sofa facing me – her lacy panties in full view if I looked, which I did before rolling my eyes and doing my utmost to concentrate elsewhere. “Well, I go back to Australia after one more week to start Year 12. Thanks to you as my Dad,” pausing to lean her breasts into my side and squeeze my arm lovingly, “all that homework you made me do, all that bed-time reading, all those books- and dictionaries, yuk - you made me read…well, it worked and I have been a good student. Even when you got angry with me when I wanted to stop talking my own tongue at home, and just speak English – all that, Dad, has helped me. I am doing all ‘A’ levels, including 3 foreign languages and English literature, so with my home language, I really am good in 5 languages.
“I have already taken a pre-entry exam into Foreign Affairs, and they have awarded me a full scholarship to Uni. Next year to continue language and political affairs studies – providing, of course, my final HSC results maintain my ‘A’ grades. This means I could be posted to an Embassy abroad, somewhere which requires my abilities. I am really excited! And, I owe it all to you, really.” She cuddled against me again, as I stroked her hair away from her face and stroked her cheek. How I had missed her all these years, my no-longer ‘little one’, but still the Love of my life. I kissed her hair and sighed.
I literally swelled with pride at the thoughts that I really had done a good thing in my life if I had helped Yen from her babyhood to get to here, and beyond. “I am so proud of you, Yen. I knew where you could go with your life –anywhere you wanted - and I am so happy if I did help you on the path. That’s what a loving Dad is for: give their children gentle pushes, while letting them tread where their feelings and feet take themselves”. She hadn’t moved from cuddling into my side, occasional squeezes on my left arm, so I laid my right arm on her back, and traced lazy patterns with my fingers up and down and around. She resumed purring.
We just sat there like this for the next minutes, quiet and contemplatively, yet conscious of the other’s physical presence by the body cuddles and hand strokes.
When my head nodded down, bouncing up as I woke, Yen stirred and said “Steve, you need to go to sleep. Come on, up” and she bounded up, pulling my arm to follow her, causing us to clash bodies together when I rose; it seemed right to hold each other and kiss, softly and deeply, and I opened my mouth to an insistent tongue and gave myself up for lost.
I broke free when my growing cock threatened to punch a hole through Yen’s panties, said I was going to shower downstairs, she could shower upstairs, and directed her to the closet she would find bed coverings for the sofa. I checked the locks as Yen headed with a swaying arse up the stairs, pausing to check I was watching – which I was, blushing when caught as she giggled – and headed for a cold shower, needing not only to be clean but also to cool me down. It took quite a few minutes to accomplish the latter, before cleaning my teeth, tidying the little required in the kitchen, and not hearing any shower noises from upstairs, headed up to my room.
Yen had finished showering, but Yen had not found the bedding for her sofa bed downstairs. She was in my bed on the left side - just as if she remembered I preferred the right. Her right arm was splayed outside the quilt and she patted the bed. That bare arm and shoulder showed me a bare body was attached.”Yen apart from the fact that you shouldn’t be in here don’t you wear a nightie or pjs?”
“I stopped wearing anything to bed after Mum took me away from you; that helped me picture your naked body every night when I went to sleep. Just like when I slept with you when I was little, when I did wear a nightie. But not now; so come to bed, Steve, you have work to do – in the morning. Come on Daddy.”
Yen’s mother was very sexy and beautiful, as was Mae, Yen’s grandmother, and as was Kim, Yen’s great-aunty. It seemed the womanly genes in her family contained one devoted to helping their bearers become nymphs, all beauty and sex and sensuality, manipulating mere males as desired. Of course, acquiescence by the feeble male helped, and I couldn’t but accept the pleasure awaiting me in that bed, cuddling as in years ago – but with one gigantic difference: this was a woman in my bed, inviting me to join her, not a baby anymore. Yen was all grown up.
I silently turned, went downstairs to turn off lights, and re-entered my bedroom, closing the door as the a/c was on, and turned off the bedroom light before removing my shorts (underwear discarded into the laundry basket downstairs when I showered) and climbing under the quilt held up by Yen.
“It’s hot in here, I think I need turn down the a/c more” I said nervously, attempting to get back out of bed as I felt Yen’s hands reach for me. She took hold of my arm and said sternly “Steve, stop it. Don’t be so jumpy. I might bite you, but I won’t hurt you! Here, you roll over and I will just cuddle your back, just like when I was a baby. Ok? Come on Daddy.” She pleaded, making us both laugh and helping me relax somewhat.
Before she settled, Yen looked up at my body, lit sufficiently by the streetlights outside, even through the blinds. “Steve, you are too skinny! I need to fatten you – nearly everywhere.” I was very conscious of my thickened cock waving around in defiance of my silent pleas to stay down. I quickly lay down facing away from Yen on my right side, exclaiming “Why does every woman in my life always tell me I need fattening!”
Yen wrapped her arm across my body, sighing “Thanks Steve; you included me in that ‘….every woman in my life….’ I am so happy.”
She spooned into me, long, hairless legs tickled by my hairy ones, feet involuntarily twining together, a bare pussy (!) as close as possible into my buttocks, and soft, soft breasts with hard, hard nipples squashing into my back, while her mouth was buried beneath my own long hair into my neck, lips pursing to kiss me. All of this I could feel with heightened sensitivity, and then her left arm moved under my arm to hold my ribcage, almost to stop any chance I could escape. I had to expel a long-held breath, and suck in some more – I had forgotten to breathe it seemed! Oh heavens, what do I do now? How can I sleep now?
I lifted her left hand up and kissed it; “Good night little one”. The same gesture and words I used to use those many years ago to my little girl when we slept. Then I lay my left arm back and caressed her thigh against my body, as she whispered “This is so nice Dad” and we slept.
I woke to my buzzing alarm clock, reached out to turn it off, and felt a stirring against my back: Yen my brain grasped to tell me. We had slept seemingly not having moved, but now Yen rolled away to her left side. I too rolled to my left, not willing to leave her and go to work without a last cuddle. I curled up behind her, trying to hold my groin away, but laying my right arm over her, finding not the ribcage as she had held all night, but a soft, hand-sized breast to which my hand was drawn, to cup and cuddle, as I burrowed through her hair to kiss the back of her neck. She stretched her legs, pushing backwards at the same time, pressing against my groin before I could move away further, and now my cock nestled against her bum, rising of its own accord to become painfully squashed. Yen reached behind her, grasped my cock amidst a squeak from me, and eased it between her buttocks and thighs to nestle through against her pussy.
I moved my hand to cover 2 erect nipples, kissed her all the way across from one shoulder to the other, and hoping she was asleep, whispered “I have to go to work, little one; I will leave you a note downstairs. Sleep well” and I kissed her once more in the middle of the back of her neck, long and lovingly; one more squeeze of her breasts and her body, just one more kiss to her back…Get UP! I told myself, easing my prick back through her clenched thighs, leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum but unable to stop that, and slipped –correct word - out of the quilt.
I quietly chose some clothes, and made my way to shower downstairs as Yen slept on. After coffee, I left a spare set of keys on top of a note on the table, giving her my mobile number, and asking her to call me later with her number, so we could make plans. Off to work, a constant smile on my face even when striking problems throughout the day: My Daughter, Yen, was Home.
Yen, My Woman, was Home.
She called about lunch-time, firstly giving me her mobile number, and saying she had been to see Mae who had said Yen could keep the bike for a few days, as long as she was taking care of me, so would I like her to pick me up from work? I said “Fine, but I will give you a call, as not sure, but hopefully about 18.00; I will try not to be later.” I’ll be ready” Yen slyly answered. “But today you must drive a little slower,” I cautioned her sternly. “Of course, Steve; I will take care of you! I promised Grandmother didn’t I” she rejoined with a laugh.
It was a few minutes past 6pm when I called, Yen interrupting me to say she was sitting downstairs in the office lobby, ready for me. I said my ‘good nights’, grabbed my briefcase and laptop, and rushed down, finding a sparkling, jeans and t-shirt clad Yen waiting. She jumped up, gave me a chaste kiss on both cheeks, and asked if I could leave my bags with the security guard for a while as she wanted to take me somewhere special. “We’ll be back in 30 minutes, Steve, promise,” she bubbled. I took my gear and asked the guard if he would mind it; he said “No problems. She’s a cute young lady,” motioning towards Yen. “Yes, daughter of my ex-wife” I replied, a mixture of pride and confusion overcoming me.
We retrieved Yen’s motorbike from the parking attendant, who said as I handed over some money “Nice looking girl there.” “Yes,” I replied, “Daughter of my ex-wife”. I wandered over to climb on behind Yen, resignedly telling her as she put it in gear and headed on to the road, “We need to buy you a t-shirt which reads: ‘Yes, I am his Daughter!’ before too many more people think I am a ‘dirty old man’!” “Oh, but Steve, aren’t you a ‘dirty old man’? I’ll have to fix that problem!” Yen laughed, leaning her head back enough to brush my face. “Very funny” I responded with a poke in her ribs, “Watch the road”.
We only rode for five minutes before parking the bike at the mid-city Buddhist temple we had often been to in past years, and to which I came fairly often when I was here. Bike taken care of by the parking attendant, we removed our shoes at the entrance, happy my feet had not been in smelly socks and shoes all day, only needing to wear sandals for normal office work. We each took some incense and bowed respects and had our own words and thoughts and quiet minutes with the Lord Buddha. After a time, I sensed Yen rise, but I remained contemplating, serene in my surroundings as always.
When I did bow and shuffle away, I saw Yen making a further prayer at a shrine to the Lady Buddha in one corner, before she rejoined me and we exited. She clutched my arm for a moment as we put our sandals on, as she said “I asked the Lady to keep us happy like this, forever!”
On the bike, I said, “You know what: I will telephone security in my building and ask him to keep my bags safe overnight. If I get them to take home, it will mean I am obliged to do some work, and I would rather we go for dinner now, and not think about work for a few hours. How’s that with you little one – gosh, I have to stop calling you that don’t I?” I gently hugged her, and then respectfully laid my hands gently at her waist for purely bike-riding protection purposes as she took off laughing.
I directed Yen to a restaurant on the riverside road, another place we had gone regularly when she was a child, parked and chose a table in a quiet area, and settled back awaiting our drinks. I looked at Yen, and said “Did I tell you yesterday: You are Beautiful, Yen? If I didn’t say it to you, I apologise, perhaps too many other thoughts overwhelmed me, but I should have told you: You are incredibly Beautiful – Sally. There I managed to say it!” “Thank you – Steve” she quietly responded, even looking slightly embarrassed and flushed as she dropped her head. From across the table, I clearly saw a tear drop fall, almost in slow-motion, to disappear from my sight into her lap under the table. It was only one, as she then straightened her body, raised her head with a sniffle, and declared “I love you so much!”
“I love you also…” but I didn’t get to continue, as she waved her hand for me to stop, continuing to talk “Not as a Dad, Steve! Perhaps I have carried you around in my heart so long, lighting my inside like a torch, remembering it seems every single thing we ever did together, just the two of us, and yes, years ago. But I am grown up now, not a baby or 10y.o; I know the difference between fantasy and reality, and if it has been a fantasy, then it has taken me 24 hours to know that my fantasy and reality are exactly the same! I Love You, Daughter to Dad, and Woman to Man. I don’t care what you or anyone calls it, it’s not important: My Feelings are important. And Your Feelings as well.”
Yen finally paused to take her first breath in, it seemed, two minutes, as the waitress delivered our drinks and waited for our meal order. I motioned her nicely for five more minutes to study the menu, and slid it across the table to Yen, closing my hand over hers when she reached to take it; I squeezed and caressed with my fingers, showing her I understood. I picked up my glass of beer, and held it towards her glass of water, and toasted her good health, and a toast to ‘us’.
She dissolved into tears, and excused herself to go to the restroom, returning after a few minutes, eyes dried, face daubed with water and dried also, hair brushed, and a smile on her face as she sat and picked up her glass to answer “Yes, cheers to health, and to us.” She sipped and beamed at me across the table, picking up the menu to study.
We ordered some fish and prawns and salad; re-settled and waited quietly. As an opening, I asked “Are you planning on going home tonight, Yen?” “You mean: our home Steve?” “No, I didn’t actually, but your answer suggests you and I are going to leave here together, arrive at my home together, and then it becomes our home. Am I right?” “Correct” Yen concluded that short conversation. Before I could open my mouth to ask the next question in my mind (‘where do we go from here Yen?’), she forestalled it, holding her glass out for another ‘cheers’. Not of my genes, true, but she had the intelligence or the background, or was it that she really had absorbed me somehow into her psyche in her developing years? Whatever, she knew me inside out, knew what I was going to say at times, and already had her responses ready. She was amazing.
Dinner came; Yen ate as only an Asian can: fast and furiously, and everything in front of her. I picked at the salad, one or two prawns, as I normally do, enough to sustain me, along with a beer, as I watched her. Beautiful, her hair now tied in a pony-tail (as was my own) while she ate; her t-shirt hugging her curves and showing her slim build; when she lifted her head, her face was angelic, and her skin flawless, without make-up except some now-slightly smudged lip gloss. She giggled, catching me watching her as she lifted a spoon of rice and some fish to her mouth, quickly lifting her other hand to hide herself as she ate. “Dad!” she blurted behind laughter, before remembering, “Steve, why aren’t you eating; I said you need fattening, and I promised Grandmother I would take care of you. Please eat something”. “Yen, watching you is filling me with fullness that eating cannot compare to. Might sound silly and trite, but that’s how I feel at this moment.” I smiled, and took a spoonful of rice to soothe her, as I noticed she became teary-eyed once more. “Yen, don’t; I told you my feelings, just as you show me yours. We don’t want the staff here to think I am upsetting you, do we?” “No” she blubbered, hiding her face behind a tissue for a few moments, “It’s just I haven’t had such strong feelings for so many years, Dad. You make me feel. Oh, how I feel! Do you know what you do to my heart Steve? I get so confused I can’t even remember I want to call you by your name: ‘Steve’. But I am not confused about my feelings as a woman to a man. I told you: I Love You. Here, now, you can multiply that feeling by the brightness of the Sun; that’s how much my heart Loves You. Excuse me” and she walked briskly to the restrooms again.
What have I done to her, I asked myself? Am I making her happy, or sad? Lost in these thoughts, these guilty feelings, and confused feelings, I didn’t notice Yen return to our table behind me, so I was surprised when arms went around my chest and a quick kiss on my cheek , and a voice whisper “I am ok now, Steve. I had a strong talk to myself in the toilet, and told myself to ‘grow up’ now that I am out for dinner with a Man, not a little girl out with her Dad anymore. I love you.” And she kissed me quickly again before walking around the table and taking her seat, smiling as she picked up her spoon with one hand and her glass of water with the other, and winked at me. I breathed a sigh of relief, as I smiled back at her, with eyebrows raise however, enquiring “Are you sure you are ok, my…Sally?” “Yes”.
Yen finished main courses; ordered ice-cream for dessert, teasing me by offering me a taste and whipping back the spoon to her own mouth, so sexily sliding it in, then scooping up a little and sliding it into mine. I sat back once again, finished my beer and lit my first cigarette as she devoured the rest, then asked for the bill as we both sighed and decided ‘enough’. After paying, my daughter took hold of me and linked arms, giving our waitress a tip as we went past and telling her, “This is my Dad” as she squeezed me, then whispering in my ear “And you are my Man”.
Back on the motorbike, dark but still quite early now, she headed off, as I put my arms around her waist and used one hand to hold her hair from flicking my face as I leant into her back and kissed her neck. She drove quite carefully in the traffic, and I didn’t interrupt her as we headed for home. Once there, unlocked, parked, and inside, I turned to Yen, opened my arms and enveloped her as she came to me, totally committed now. No need for TV, we both went to shower, but I remained downstairs and let Yen use the upstairs by herself – I was still scared what might happen if I had her naked body before me in a setting like a shower, but sure I would not restrain myself for long.
Lights off, doors locked, I went upstairs: déjà vu, Yen was waiting unclothed on her side of the bed, patting my side and with the quilt turned down for me. However, tonight, I didn’t turn off the bedroom light, pushed my shorts down and faced her, before climbing into bed, not turning away from her, but rather sliding my left hand under her neck and pulling her towards me. I now could feel naked breasts against me, naked legs, naked everything, pressing against me - smooth and beautiful. My right hand stroked her back and thigh, so smooth, like running my hand through creamy butter. My cock had grown and was poking into her.
“Steve” she said in a quiet, young girl voice, “I am a virgin. I have been waiting for you; I knew this would happen one day, and any boy I ever went out with would be nothing compared to my….Steve. But I am a little scared, and I know it will hurt, but I trust you. I do know you can’t make babies; mum told me this a long time ago, how your previous wife made you get a vasectomy”. I hugged her and stroked her body, reassuring her that whatever our Love led to – and while the beginning might hurt for a moment - I would have her in my arms and protect her.
“Sally,” I began, time now to change my thinking of her from a daughter into a beautiful woman who wanted me, and wanted to give herself to me. I kissed her lips. Sally reached her hand down and held my prick, feeling it throbbing as she realized its girth and that her hand just fit around it. “It’s big, Steve, bigger than I expected; will it fit in here, are you sure?” as she prodded it at the entrance between her legs at her pussy. I pushed her over flat on her back, and straddled her but with knees lifting my body’s weight, as I kissed her on her cheeks, around to the earlobes I loved to suckle, down her neck and back across to the other side, brushing her lips on the way.
She was mesmerized by the attention, moaning softly, her hands resting on my hips, clenching them now and again as I moved my lips under her chin. At the same time as my mouth began a downward trail, my hands trickled up her abdomen, reaching the underside of her breasts as my lips and tongue reached the topside of her left breast. “Oh Steve, this is wonderful” as I circled my tongue around the whole tit, closing the circles tighter until I paused momentarily, then plunged my tongue to her nipple, my mouth opened wide to swallow as much breast as possible, while using my left hand to cover the whole of her right breast! Sally jumped under me and exhaled a squeal, lifting herself up to me.
I eased the strength of my suction, to a gentle licking of her nipple and mouthing her tit, and my left hand kneading and fingers tickling her other nipple. I abruptly transferred my mouth up to her lips and thrust my tongue into her gaping mouth, sealing lips together, more heavily laying my chest against hers, one hand flattened between us on her breast.
Just as abruptly I left her mouth, craving more as it was and moaning in desire, and moved my mouth to her right breast to repeat my earlier actions. Now I also trailed my hands down her abdomen, swirling across and around her flat stomach, poking into her belly-button, and moving wider to stroke the satin skin down over her hips, under to clutch her buttocks, and back around the tops of her legs, my thumbs angled in towards that ultimate source of Paradise.
My cock had been swaying above her groin most of this time as I was holding my lower body weight up on my knees, now moved between her spread legs; as I had feasted on her breasts, my pre-cum had been dribbling around her pussy, and when I had leaned up to kiss her mouth, body flattened against hers, so my prick had poked and slithered around her groin, introducing itself at its full-size to Sally. She now raised her buttocks, under which I placed my hands to support her, and she pushed up against my prick: she had decided now was the Time.
Holding her to me by her buttocks, and my mouth to her breast, teeth lightly clenching her nipple, I rolled us over, released my mouth and moved my hands to direct her to sit up astride me.
“Sally, are you sure….” “Steve, stop talking, I want you inside me please, I want to be joined, be filled and fulfilled with the man I love!” She leaned down to kiss me, sat back up, as I said “Wait, wait – just a few words of advice ok? Raise yourself and open your pussy lips with your hands, then you control my cock entering you and the speed and depth to what you want. OK? When you feel me against your hymen, you do it as it seems comfortable. I love you, Yen.”
“Enough talking, thanks –Steve; and my name is Sally!” She had, as I was speaking my long words of advice to help ease this transition from youth to womanhood, opened her vagina. Now she positioned it over my cock, which I had held straight up for her, and in one ramming motion she plunged herself straight down, bursting through her hymen as she screamed and buried my cock to the hilt!
She collapsed her face down to my chest, and stayed there for some moments, then tilted her groin around moving my cock within herself, and sat back up smiling. “I told you to stop talking, but thanks for the advice Steve. Now I believe it’s time to make love.” She began experimenting, moving around, lifting herself up to the tip of my prick, then slowly or quickly lowering herself until my pubic hairs were buried in her outer lips and tickling her clit. At times she giggled; at others moaned; eyes wide but unseeing, or closed in a trance. Then, at one full-length bottoming, her eyes flew open, and she screamed and writhed and bucked, as I grabbed for her tits jumping above me and closed fingers on her nipples harshly: and she climaxed, and orgasmed through the next minute or two as I marveled at how extraordinarily beautiful she was and how voluptuous were her movements above me. As she slowed, I reached my hands up to cup her face and lay her down to my chest, able to kiss the top of her head and run my fingers through her hair streaming over us, and down her back to cuddle us together.
With a typical male ego, I was also proud that my dick had maintained its fullness and not let go too early. I rolled Sally back over, and now it was my turn to make her even happier if I could. I removed my prick momentarily, leaned down to lick her clit, then up to lick her breasts and up to kiss her fully with love, then re-inserting my slick and thick prick back inside an equally juicy pussy, and gently fed it in and in. I began the rhythm I so favoured and had used before: just the tip slow and shallow 9 times, before deep for one fast thrust; out for some more slow and shallow, deep again, before eventually confusing the numbers and when each might happen, and giving Sally an unending sense of building up and up, until it came: a tingling in my balls, a writhe from Sally; a warning up through my prick; a lift of her body to meet mine, and a momentous thrust to her womb, to hold and hold as I burst the dam walls and spurted heavily and forcefully for the first time inside my Sally, even as she sprayed juice in her own orgasmic delight. The Clouds and The Rain had never mushroomed and streamed like this.
I stayed where I was, dribbling the last pulses into Sally, as she shuddered under me, both chests heaving, as I tenderly reached my hands up across her breasts and around her sides to roll us to lie side by side, still joined together, but now face to face, and lips to lips. We kissed, and I cradled this Woman who was also virtually my Daughter, held her tightly in my arms and legs.
“Dad, this Yen talking – just for a moment. You are too skinny, Dad, all I feel are ribs when I cuddle you. If you want to stay with me a long time, we really do have to fatten you!” Before I could respond, she placed a hand over my mouth.
“Steve, this is Sally. That was the most fantastic set of feelings I have ever had! Oh, thank you for making my dreams come true! I hoped and dared dream how it would be, but you have turned my fantasy into a reality of bliss in a way I could never possibly have imagined. I am a Woman, and it was your Love which made me so fulfilled – and I feel really full also!” She eased her seriousness with a smile, and a wiggle of her bottom against my embedded prick inside her.
I had only to say “I Love You Sally”, nothing more as I squeezed her gently, wrapped one arm under her neck to cuddle a breast and the other being cuddled from this side, and we drifted off to sleep like that.
It had been a wonderful night, and the morning opened to a day equally as wonderful when I found a mouth down in my groin sucking my cock to erection. Sally felt me stir, pushed the quilt from over her head, to look up with a smile, a string of saliva or pre-cum dangling from her mouth, “Good morning Steve!” Then ducking down to continue what she had found obviously to be an enjoyable awakening.
I looked at the clock, no, still 30 minutes before wake-up – but I was awake. Sally spoke again “Can you cum for me, I want to taste you.” I smiled to myself, “Well, maybe I can if you do a good job, but it would help if you swing that beautiful bottom around and plant yourself on my mouth, so I can have a taste too!” No sooner said than done, and Sally’s hips were straddled either side of my head as she lowered her mouth firmly around my growing cock and her wide open labia down to my mouth. I met her with a pointy tongue which disappeared straight inside her, and she squealed, almost biting into my prick! I squealed in return, as she mouthed “Sorry’. I wished my tongue could be 10 inches long, but it wasn’t; enough to tickle her insides, then out to lap up and down, seek and find her button clit to suck on, and then nibble gently in my teeth, as she almost deep-throated me. I laved from her open pussy lips around the curve between and up to her ass, wiggling my tongue in her rosebud, and burying my nose in her cleft buttocks. “Dad!” she said, forgetting her own language rules, “How can I concentrate when you are stirring me all up inside and making me wanting to cum!” “That’s your problem, honey. Remember: it is as good, if not better, to give as to receive”. She muffled an exasperated moan as a new idea hit her; she left the head of my cock inside her swirling mouth and used her tongue to tickle my hole, while sliding her fingers inside her mouth, then gliding them down to my balls and rolling them around. Returning her fingers to her mouth, she retraced her glide, but didn’t stop until she reached my anus, and even then didn’t stop but plunged a wet finger straight in. I jumped, but smiled as I redoubled my own tongue’s movements, fascinated by the smells and tastes of her lush, ripe body which I proceeded to enjoy as if for the first and last time. Her pussy was leaking, a slight taste of blood I thought mixed with cum, probably hers and mine, but better than any honey pot imaginable. I delved in, then matched her wet finger by plunging one inside her anus, not sure of her reaction, but met with a downward push of her against both my tongue and finger. She groaned once, twice and gave that now familiar squeal of climax, soaking my tongue and mouth with more juices, shuddering and shaking her body against me. Surprisingly that didn’t trigger my own orgasm, and we were both interrupted as the alarm began buzzing.
I had to wriggle up from under Sally’s ministrations, sliding my prick away from her following mouth to reach and turn off the alarm. She rose up from under the quilt, pouting “I didn’t do a good job, did I? You didn’t come, just a trickle of juices for me.” “Oh, little one” I smiled as I dragged her up my body to lie on top and cuddled her, kissing her head burrowed to my chest. “It felt beautiful; just because I didn’t erupt like a volcano doesn’t take away the pleasure of having you do that. It just means there will be more built up inside me – if you want to do it again sometime….do you think you might, Sally?”
“Now?” she asked urgently. “No! Not now, I have a job to go to, and first off for a shower – you have made me all hot again!” “Oh, you tease” she responded, as I stroked at her nipples before jumping out of bed and heading into the bathroom.
“What will you do today?” I called out as I lathered my hair. “Well, after I make you coffee, and you disappear into the sunrise, I guess I better wash the sheets; they…. err…. have some red spots on them, I’m sorry”. “Oh Yen, that’s perfectly normal. I just hope you aren’t too sore, and hope you don’t have any regrets, and hope it was as beautiful for you as for me. And finally: I get too confused so I am dropping the ‘Sally’; to me you are, and always will be, Yen. So there.”
She accepted it all quietly before replying “Ok, I can live with ‘Yen’; besides, hearing you say it makes it even more special than my common day-to-day name. As for the rest, (and I am sticking with ‘Steve’ so when we are out people will think you are my boyfriend or husband, and they will know just by looking at me you are my lover, so:) Steve: I am alive inside, tingling from my head to my toes, and especially in my pussy. I can almost cum just with the memories of the feel of you inside there!” She left me with a wide smile, wrapping a thin material around herself and descending to the kitchen to make me a coffee.
I finished my shower, dressed and joined her, sitting for ten minutes as I drank; drank both my coffee and the sight of her across from me, studying her beauty from her hair and face down to her veiled breasts perched on the edge of the table (how can that be comfortable for women, I sometimes wondered: resting their boobs on a table?) Her nose was typically Asian, small and cutely flat; she, and her mother, had often been conscious of it, and I am glad her mother’s idea of cosmetic surgery to change it had never been done: my reasoning had always been that it was Yen’s natural nose, end of discussion. Her eyes were a hazel-green and her lips so perfect on a round face. Topping all that, and extending as I had experienced, over her entire body was a sheath of skin so silky smooth it could have been poured on her. She was beautiful, and I adored her. I shook my head to clear it, kissed her lovingly and headed out to catch a motorcycle taxi to the office, turning to wave as Yen (dressed as little as she was) discreetly lingered at the gate, smiling at me – like a wife bidding her husband a good day at work!
I was busy all day – it was a consulting position, so ‘busy’ was expected of course – but I was lucky I could perform while in a daze of memories and feelings about Yen. She didn’t telephone me, and though I thought of calling her several times, I didn’t. She had 2 weeks here, and I was already feeling torn between her departure to begin her last year of high school, and how we would let each other go if the intensity of one day became fourteen more the same. An emotional dilemma of the extreme kind.
Yen was waiting downstairs when I left the office, beaming a welcoming smile; she must have gone to her Grandmother’s as today she was dressed in a tight black leather mini skirt and sky-blue silk blouse, her contours all too stunningly evident everywhere. I gave a small shake of my head as she appeared to be running over for a kiss; she paused, pouted, and resumed smiling with a “Hi, Steve! Wow, am I hungry, all day I have been feeling empty; last night’s dessert filled me, and all today I have craved more!” Feeling flushed, I hurried her out before she could say any more. Tonight I did need to take some work home, but first we went to dinner nearby, beyond the tears and revelations of the previous evening, this was one of small talk and glances and smiles, and discreet touching of fingers across the table, and ‘footsies’ under the table. I felt thirty years younger, as if with my first lover. I couldn’t help but notice the many stares from other restaurant customers, but Yen never called me anything but ‘Steve’ and we were speaking in the local language, so perhaps people did believe I was her boyfriend or husband. When she stood to go to the toilet, draping a hand across my shoulders in passing, it must have seemed to convey to those watching: they love each other. They were correct, as my eyes followed Yen’s slim figure swaying along the path to the restrooms. She knew I was watching I was sure, and, as she took the last step before she would disappear behind the partition, she bent over as if to adjust her shoe. Her skirt was just plastered to her behind as it showed the length of her thighs, almost indecently high enough to expose herself. She straightened, smoothed her skirt, before turning and deliberately winking at me. A nymph!
I concentrated on keeping my head turned to the table, away from her return route, ate a few mouthfuls (scraping the remaining rice onto Yen’s plate!) and drank some beer, until a returning Yen scratched a light nail across my neck, under my pony-tailed hair hanging down my back. I shivered, tried to show her I was glaring, but failed miserably as I laughed at her seductiveness. She looked demurely at me as she sat, pure innocence itself!
“Have you eaten enough, Steve?” “Look at my plate, Yen; I’m full, truly”. She whispered “Dad, you wouldn’t lie to me would you?” “Oh, Yen, ok, just a little bit of rice I gave to you, but honestly I am full; I stop when I have had sufficient. And no, I cannot lie to you, my daughter”. I held up my hands to show I wasn’t crossing fingers, the universal sign of asking forgiveness while telling untruths. I wasn’t. She was appeased, cleaned her plate entirely, and patted her stomach, “Ah; that was sufficient! Let’s get the bill and go, when you finish your beer.” I did, we did, and we did get on the bike and go home – no less an exciting trip than previously, despite my protests; actually, I was thinking ‘Yen does this deliberately, just to get me to cuddle her waist tightly, safely - and get me hard!’
Inside the house, Yen headed for the kitchen and got some water from the fridge. I followed, but I couldn’t help myself from grabbing her immediately, holding my hands on her short-skirt clad rear as I pressed her to me, and squashed my lips against hers, opening them to bury my tongue inside, and my prick almost tearing a hole in the front of her skirt. I was so hard, and searching to enter her….now! Yen somehow managed to evade my grasping hands enough to slip her handbag off her shoulder and drop it on the chair, clinging to me and returning the kiss just as passionately as I laid her back leaning against, then on, the table. “Yen, now!” was all I could manage to say, reaching to her side to unzip her skirt, then pulling it down from the bottom, letting it fall at our feet. She was naked beneath! “Yen!” “Thought it would save time, so I didn’t wear any” she said complacently, “Saves washing too!” Oh, if I had known she had no knickers on in the restaurant, wow, what trouble might I have gotten us into! I plunged my tongue and mouth down to her bare cunt while I fussed to get my own pants and underwear down. Yen was wet and ready, and my prick was also ready; she had tempted me throughout dinner, and now she reveals she didn’t have any panties on-! I was so filled with lust for her, I plunged my prick inside her waiting, open cunt, driving in until something stopped me. It was a barrier, but her hands had gone behind my buttocks and held me there as she moaned and breathlessly sucked in some air.
Only then did I pause, lean down to kiss her fully, and start to be a lover, not a rapist! I kept my prick buried as I reached my hands up to undo her buttons, revealing yet another satin bra, this one a light blue suiting her blouse, but with a front clasp available to me. I was gentler now, unfastening her bra, sliding the cups to the side and bending my mouth down to swallow a breast, tongue lapping a nipple so hard it almost felt like a small steel rod. She cried out “Do that again, Steve!” so I pulled back and rammed into her again, then again, until she began squealing that tell-tale sign, lifting up to my prick as I did finally ‘erupt like a volcano’, filling her to overflowing as I pumped and pumped deep into her cervix, and held myself there, even as she returned juices of her own in mutual orgasms.
I brushed Yen’s hair, limp with sweat, away from her face, and kissed her. “Oh, Dad, is this how you make love to all your women, did you do this with my mother?” I kissed her again, lips and both cheeks and everywhere I could reach; “No, little one. This is how I make love with you. Only you Yen.”
I was still lodged within her, and stayed there, reaching my hands down to stroke her legs and thighs and under to hold her buttocks, hold her body against mine; my mouth found her breasts, jumping from one to the other, then up to her neck and ears and only stopping when I returned to her mouth. I lifted slightly. “Yen, this is all new for us, only the third day in 7 years we have even seen each other, but you are like….like my mythical ‘Holy Grail’. You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You are….” I stopped abruptly, aware I was almost taking a threshold step I must seriously consider, for both of us. “What Steve? What more am I to you?” Yen asked, mouth breathing against mine, “What….?”
“You are my Love, Yen.” As I bent down, I knew it was the truth, and I kissed with that Love in my heart.
I languidly slid down and off her, pausing to kiss her pussy on the way. “When did you start shaving this?” “Before I came to meet you at my birthday party. I wanted to be ready with a present to give you!” I smiled and raised her up off the table. She nonchalantly removed her blouse and slipped her bra off her shoulders, meandered with a seductively swaying rear into the bathroom to use my towel to wrap around herself, throwing my shorts to me also, and returned to bend and pick up her skirt and my pants from the floor. “I’ll watch the News on TV before showering, while you do some work, ok Steve?” Kissing me she moved to the sofa.
I took a beer from the fridge, unpacked my papers and settled down, trying hard to concentrate; I managed for thirty minutes, then found my mind wandering to Yen and off the job at hand. Coincidentally, Yen then asked if I wanted the TV on, as she was going to shower. I declined the TV and returned hopefully to do a little more work as she swayed her way upstairs, humming a tune; hell, she seemed able to seduce my mind just with her walk!
Fifteen minutes later, as I heard the shower come on, I gave up on work, and packed up – a vision of Yen in the shower too hard to resist! I quickly tidied, locked up, turned off lights and made my way upstairs, entering the bedroom a few steps and turning to see straight into the en-suite bathroom through the open door, at a naked Yen washing her hair, eyes squinted closed. The ‘vision’ of her was satisfied, but now it was feeling her I couldn’t resist, as I stripped and joined her, my prick rising each step. Sliding up behind, I cupped her breasts and leaned into her back, prick poking between her buttocks. “Would you like this Sally?” She pushed back against me, lifting her face to the spray to rinse the remaining shampoo from her hair.
I kneaded her breasts, tweaked her nipples erect, then slid my hands down her body, using my fingers to open her vagina lips, then resting on her thighs, pressuring her to move her legs back a step further, and wider, while leaning into her upper body, forcing her to lean against the shower wall, water cascading over both of us. I held my left hand around her hip, fingers easing inside her while my right hand held my prick from behind and poked it into position. I slid inside her pussy smoothly, with the water and her already juiced and inviting opening paving the way.
I let her feel me filling her, being gentle as I tried to remain aware she had only started doing this 1 day ago – unsure of the workings of a young woman’s body, but sure it must be a new experience to get used to. I held her hips and pelvis pushing back as I moved in, then easing my pressure both sides as we glided almost apart. When she knew exactly how to maximize our pleasure, my hands moved up to roam over the rest of her body, front and back, neck and ears and cheeks, before the attraction of her breasts pulled my hands to them, filling my hands, her erect nipples held between 2 fingers tightly. She had been moaning constantly, but as I deepened one thrust, she reacted with a small cry and clamped her thighs and her pussy on my prick, and thrilled to a small climax. She shivered, “Oh, Da….Steve, do you feel this good when you cum? I always knew it would be beautiful making love with you, but no imagination could possibly suggest the feelings I would have with the real thing! Oh! Last night I said I feel alive – but it is more, so much more; I feel I am in a heaven.” She stopped gushing words to wrap her arms behind us, clenching me deeply within her, and rocked herself to and fro strongly, now dictating what my cock did inside her willing cunt. I bent my knees and lowered somewhat, then shoved myself more directly up, almost lifting her off her feet as I rammed this new angle straight for her womb. This caused a squeal from Yen and a moan from me as I released my jets of cum again into her, holding her tightly everywhere, anywhere I had a hold to maintain this intense closeness as we both careened through the Clouds and the Rain to that magical Heaven Yen had spoken of.

I eased myself away from her as we came back to earth level, turned her around and we kissed deeply, the passion of those who have just made supreme love. I pumped some soap from the dispenser and sloshed it over her breasts and abdomen, then more to gently lather her swollen pussy area, letting Yen take over to wash as she preferred, just watching her and letting her finish before she rinsed, moved aside to allow me to soap and shower. But she took care of my penis, deflated now, lovingly holding it while soaping it up and down. Then she stood away and dried herself, bending over the basin – those breasts hanging down enticingly again - while she cleaned her teeth while I completed my own washing and cleaning teeth under the shower.
Dried somewhat, we climbed into the freshly-made bed, turned off the bedside lamp, kissed and cuddled as we said good night; Yen rolled to her left and I laid cuddling her from behind, arm under her neck to hold her left breast closely, and giving her back and neck final kisses before drifting off in peaceful bliss.
Amazingly, when the alarm stirred me I found us still exactly the same: testament to a sound sleep. I rose, kissing Yen lightly on her back but not disturbing her, and readied myself, made coffee and left for work.
She phoned me later in the morning, giggling that the housekeeper was there and needed I vouch for Yen’s presence in my house! I spoke to the lady who came every 2 days to clean and wash and told her that, yes indeed Yen was staying with me while on holiday from Australia. Why I didn’t tell her Yen was my ex-daughter I am not sure – only one bed in use was perhaps enough reason; if she thought Yen was my girlfriend that was at least a little less ‘dirty old man’ feeling.
Yen wasn’t at my office when I left work, so I caught a motorbike taxi home, arriving to find Mae inside with Yen preparing dinner for us all. Mae was dressed almost as seductively as Yen: both wearing breast-hugging t-shirts, no bra on Yen it was easy to see, and both in tight jeans.
Mae greeted me with a polite “Hello, son”, to which Yen added an exaggerated “Hi, Steve”. My greeting was equally polite to Mae, and to Yen, who said “Grandmother said she cooked for you last time you were here, and you thought it was delicious, so I asked her to do the same again.” Oh heavens, not everything the same I hoped, as I rolled my eyes, then looked at a cheekily smiling Mae. “Well, not exactly the same; Yen wanted less spicy than you and I like it, right son? She’s almost a foreigner now, glad we don’t have McDonalds here yet, heaven forbid!”
I couldn’t agree more, fast junk food was not for me either, but I did offer thanks to be handed a beer by Yen, with a mouthed silent kiss, and told to go and watch some TV, or did I have work to do. “No, no work tonight”. I slipped away, away from the intended or unintended double entendres which seemed to be coming from both of them, but then returned the beer to the fridge and said “Actually, you two ladies look all showered and fresh; I think I might shower and change first.”
I re-emerged a while later, calm and clean and cool in shorts and a t-shirt, this time accepting the beer and finding them tidying up, food prepared and available when we wanted. We agreed on a few moments relaxation, so I left the sofa for them and lounged in the chair, flicking the remote to the BBC News.
Thirty minutes later, we sat on the floor around the plates of food which Mae and Yen carried in, another beer for me and water for them. Yen pouted like a small child, fluttering her eyes at me and pleading “Daddy, could you peel my prawns for me please?” I laughed, reaching for a few of the hot, boiled prawns to put on my own plate to shell for her, “You big actress!” Mae also joined in the laughter, and we fell to chatting, eating and having a great time.
Mae said a while later, “You two seem to be getting along just like old times” looking at me before adding “She doesn’t even want to come home and stay with me, she tells me.” “Oh, Grandmother, these are ‘new times’ and I have only a short holiday left to catch up everything with Steve for all those years.” She continued, as if just remembering “Oh, I phoned Mum today; she was surprised when I told her you are here, and all the things we’ve been doing since your party for me.” I choked on the mouthful of food, spluttering as I reached for my beer, avoiding eye contact and hiding my blushes behind the need to cough. When I appeared recovered, Yen continued “Mum asked what you are doing here, how long etc, and if you are here alone. I told her ‘not anymore, he has me! Well, Grandmother too, and we are taking care of him’”. I let her carry on telling of her conversation with her mother, my ex-wife, politely, but I confess somewhat wistfully asking during an early pause “How is your mother Yen, well I hope?” Yen said she was fine, but missing her and feeling alone, wishing she was here now also – heaven forbid I thought to myself - but she had her work keeping her occupied; but yes, she’s fine.
I had loved her, and fought so hard to keep her when she ran. I had to ask myself if I was only transferring that remembered love to Yen, her daughter. How does one answer such a question with total honesty about one’s self? The immediate response was to make sure, whatever the answer, never to let it hurt Yen. I wouldn’t.
Soon we had eaten our fill, and we all helped clean up, wash dishes, and I took the rubbish out. We could all then settle in the lounge and allow food to settle, the ladies needing to do this more than I. Gosh Asian women can eat, but hopefully the young such as Yen would not gravitate to the obesity of the fast-food Western societies in recent years.
Mae began to yawn, suggesting she should go home, reminding Yen that her aunty Kim would loan her motorbike to Yen tomorrow. Mae said Kim was living with a nice girl, her name is Phung, Mae looking at me (gulp, I went yet again) and they could get by with just Phung’s bike for a while. Yen asked Mae why she didn’t sleep on our sofa, begging the response I thought from Mae, but which she didn’t voice: “Where would you sleep then, Yen?” (I really would have to talk seriously with Yen; she was either deliberately trying to make me blushingly uncomfortable, or she was innocent of her comments. I tended to think it was the former.)
Mae declined, rising before speaking clearly “I will leave you two alone to catch up more. Just don’t get on each other’s nerves or hurt each other will you?” she finished, looking in turn at each of us, but lingering on my face. I smiled at her, but answered totally seriously “Never Mae. Thank you.” She smiled acknowledgement, kissed Yen and I on both cheeks, and wheeled her bike out and away. I turned to Yen “Yen, you can’t….” she crushed her mouth against mine, her body against mine. “That was such fun! Steve, you are so cute when you are embarrassed, I couldn’t resist!” Well, that answered part of my question. The other part was answered immediately after:”Grandmother knew as soon as she saw me that something had happened to me; she said I was glowing….like a Woman in Love! I told her I am now a Woman, and I am now in Love! She understood immediately. She just told me to think seriously, and remember my age, and you are married, and to be wary of – well, to be careful of the pain which might come.” She stopped, downcast, but looked up stoically “Dad, I know this is the here and now; I have waited for this moment in time, this short few moments in time, because it was what I had to have in my life to be fulfilled, and it had to be YOU, only you. You may have thought I was being baby-ish tonight, but I wasn’t: I was playing a game, but I am grown up, Steve, and I know, I know, in 12 days I go back to Australia. And, Dad, as sure as I know you as I did when I was your daughter, I know you will make me go back, to Mum, to school, to University and wherever that Path you always talk about leads me. I won’t mess it up, Dad, and I won’t mess it up, Steve. That is how much I Love you.” She pressed her mouth back against mine, her body feeling like she had moulded us into one. “Yen, oh Yen; I do Love you also. But it will be a difficult love for us both, and you are right: I will not, will never, drag you from the Path which is pre-ordained for all of us. Yours is only just beginning, my little one.”
I kissed her, held her, saying to her words I knew were too complex, so instead I now said “Yen, we can love as we do. So, that’s what we will do, ok?” Kissing her on her forehead burrowed down into my neck. “Yes, that’s a good way to put it”, and she eased back, sniffling but more serene now as she accepted those fewer words of mine. “Let’s go inside and go to bed” I said. She hugged me as we turned to enter the house. I disengaged to go back and lock the gate, and then followed her, turning off everything downstairs, as she headed to do her teeth and brush her hair, freshen her face, then discard her clothes just outside the bathroom door as I followed with my own ablutions, groaning and closing my eyes at the sight of her, making her giggle now and finish with the serious stuff, as she turned, naked, and climbed beyond my sight into bed.
We cuddled through the night, Yen spooning into my back, breasts pushed against me, her arm draped over my bony hip, lightly holding my prick, which was tired and slept like the body to which it was part, and as the body it had recently been inside also slept: deeply.
I stirred one minute before the alarm, kissing Yen’s hand as I disengaged it from across me, again heading off to work without disturbing her. But today, knowing the housekeeper wouldn’t be there, I sued my lunch hour to go home, thinking it might be sexy and rather romantic to surprise her and give her a ‘snack’ of me for her lunch. I did surprise her, coming into the house while her back was turned towards the kitchen, whispering “Sssshh, it’s only me” and reaching around to cuddle her breasts through her blouse, nuzzling my mouth in her hair to the back of her neck.
Surprised, yes she was; as was I when I poked my face around the side of her neck, to find my eyes facing a smiling aunty Kim in the kitchen entrance watching! As I backed off, blushing, noticing Yen doing the same, Kim sauntered in, “Came home for lunch, huh?” she asked. “Well, this is a surprise. Hi Kim, how are you?” Yen joined the conversation, “it is ok, Steve” and then kissing me! “I had to tell somebody how happy I am, but aunty guessed first anyway; she said she could just sense love-making from her first step into the house!”
“Yen tells me you were her first, Steve, so not only did she tell me how wonderful you have made her feel, you should feel pretty special she wanted it to be you.” “I do, Kim, and the wonder is mutual.” I kissed them both, and finishing off fairly quickly, I left to return to work, brushing aside their offers to take me, leaving them to continue talking. Kim said they would pick me up when I was ready after work and we’d all go to dinner at the restaurant Kim’s friend, Phung, works at. “Great idea!” I said, rolling my eyes behind her at a grinning Kim.
A little after 6 p.m., I was just packing up, Yen phoned to ask if this was a good time as they were downstairs. Kim drove, Yen next and I snuggled into Yen’s bottom from the rear (so to speak) and we headed to dinner. Phung met us, kisses to cheeks all around, then she led us to the same rear corner table as Kim and I had used before. Déjà vu. Well, I hoped not but it was, as I followed the girls. Phung was, naturally, in her same uniform; Kim now removed the coat she had worn while riding, to reveal she was wearing the same light woolen white dress as last time, and it had exactly the same effect on both male and female patrons glancing at her: Wow she is a sexy lady! I turned my eyes to Yen’s white skirt-clad buttocks, her long shapely legs below, her slim waist and back showing no outline of a bra, as indeed I had noticed on the bike, but with delicate ruffles on the front of her red blouse to somewhat conceal breasts and nipples to the many prying eyes, mine included.
Phung knew what I needed, but gave me a beer instead! Both Yen and Kim opted for a slightly alcoholic, fruity cocktail to start, and I let them order dinner. After taking the order to the kitchen, Phung returned, said she had an hour break and was able to sit with us, so we shuffled and settled, Yen next to me, Kim opposite with Phung beside her. I had to trust Kim was not going to play games now she had paired, it seemed, with Phung, and with her niece sitting here, but within a few minutes I felt something at my crotch, reaching to stroke my pants-covered cock. I glanced at Kim but realized it wasn’t a bundle of toes, rather a hand, and now I saw Yen’s right arm hanging down under the table. I kept both my hands on the table, one with a beer, other stretched out holding a cigarette away from them over the garden beside me. I turned to face Yen slightly, to make small talk, as Kim and Phung were themselves, and I creased my brows into a small frown as I locked eyes with Yen. She smiled sweetly and innocently, squeezed the outline of a growing prick, and placed her hand up on my hand holding the glass on the table top as our first course was delivered to the table. Then I definitely felt a foot at my crotch, stroking a swollen prick, and Kim said “Oh, isn’t this delicious!” as she swallowed an oyster as if it was a prick sliding down her throat. I excused myself, struggling up and trying to turn sideways at the same time, heading for the rest-rooms – to rest. It took a while for my cock to soften enough to actually release a little urine, before washing my hands and returning to find 3 women’s heads bent close over the table, talking and giggling at the same time. I almost turned around, deciding I was a pathetic male, no match for the wiles of women, and should stay in the rest-room for the evening or face, I was certain, a continuing red flush to my face, while enduring a prick responding to prolonged torture.
Hesitating a moment longer, my prick dictated I continue to the table and sit down. What was Life without stimulation and excitement, I asked myself? Pricks often take the option with the promise of the most danger, but also the path with most promise of nil boredom! I didn’t want to be a lonely, bored and ignored husband, comfortably safe, but lacking in drive and motivation for quality excitement. Here it was in front of me, and I accepted the challenge presented: could I get through this evening without capitulating to a plan clearly meant to discomfort me into surrendering? I would attack head on!
The girls raised their heads and leaned back demurely as I sat, picked up my beer, and waited. They picked at more food, but within seconds a foot was playing with mine, another climbing my pants leg, and Yen had turned to put her arm around my shoulder and pull me in for a kiss. “Yen, no, we don’t do that in public; you know how it is here, in Asia, only rebellious young kids and dirty old foreign men display kisses and such when around other people. Please don’t Yen” I implored, pulling back away from her. “Sorry, Steve, I know but I couldn’t resist just once” as she slumped away. Meanwhile, I slid my chair back from the table, just enough so that the feet molesting me could no longer reach, and I calmly lay back comfortably in my chair and lit a cigarette, beer raised to my mouth. Take that, girls! I felt quite complacent that all was right in the (male) world – except my prick was rigid in my pants. I was wrong; it was only a lull in proceedings, as Yen moved her hand under the table, gave an audible gasp when she found my prick outlined, then dived for my zipper and reefed it down to get her hand inside.
Totally oblivious to our surroundings, even if no other patrons were right beside us; ignoring the presence of her aunty and Phung, Yen was as if possessed with no thought other than my prick inside my underwear. Once she had pushed them down, my prick helpfully sprang up to meet her, and she moaned as her hand closed on its nakedness.
At this moment, Phung stood up, her break-time over, spoke a few more words to Kim and departed for the kitchen, Kim’s eyes trailing her. Yen used this unnoticed time to lay her head down below the level of the table, hiding under the cloth, and engulfed my prick in her mouth! Yikes! I leaned forward, both arms on elbows on the table trying to shield the violent action below, as Kim turned back to face us, registering surprise when Yen’s face wasn’t there in view. She looked back at me, must have noticed the expressions of consternation and surprise and my flushed face; she capped a hand over her own open, surprised mouth, stifling a gasp, then giggled, “Yen must have found somewhere better to go. That girl learns fast, doesn’t she Steve?” “Perhaps a little too fast at times” I panted in reply, Yen’s mouth giving a bite on my cock, then slobbering it all up and down with her lips, her mouth and her throat. At a restaurant, Kim and others around, first time Yen had done this to me, and doing it so well, it was only a short time before the table shook as my knees bounced it from underneath, and I flooded Yen’s mouth with the sweet and salty tang of my semen. She stuck her lips to my head and sucked – oh, that can be such torture to a man! – And then I squeaked, and squirmed in the chair. Knowing it was time to finish, I asked Kim to look for Phung and order a beer; when she turned away, I lifted Yen’s own flushed face upright, groaning as she licked her lips and smiled at me. Kim had caught Phung’s eye and turned back, studying Yen, “Oh, did you find a good place to go then Yen?” “Oh yes, aunty, I knew exactly where to head”. What else was there to do, so we all laughed and took deep breaths, startling Phung as she looked somewhat perplexedly at the three of us. “What did I miss?” she asked. “Just an inside Family thing” said Kim. Yen smacked her lips, “Ah, dessert was the best yet! I am full” and covered her laugh by following up with a gurgling swallow of her water. I went red-faced, or more so, and decided they, at least Yen, had won this battle of wits and wiles. I began to stand, saying, “I need go to the rest-room”, but a glance downward from Kim, and a tug on my arm from Yen, “Are you sure you should?” made me rush to sit as I realized my cock was flopping around still outside my open zipper. As I fussed with myself, the 2 women laughed, and then celebrated with that irritating American export of right hands lifting and slapping a ‘hi’five’. “You girls have made me so embarrassed!” I stammered. “Kim, did you put Yen up to that….that stunt?” “Dad, Dad, calm down” soothed Yen, “No. Kim had nothing to do with it; she just told me to remember I am only here for a short time more, and to be careful of my feelings, and yours. She did also suggest I take enjoyment where I can find it! Well, I just found it for myself. Now are you ok, perhaps you should go and splash some water on your face – you look a little hot Steve.” She gently pushed me on my way, a gentle, loving smile on her face replacing the laughter of a minute before; adding quietly “I love you Steve”.
Yen and I left shortly thereafter, paying the bill, and taking Kim’s bike as she was going to wait for Phung and they would go together. It seemed comfortable yet exciting to enter my house/our home together, relax for a while, shower, bed and making love before sleep.
The next morning, Friday, I asked my company for a half-day and Saturday off work, and they even provided a car and driver for my plan. I phoned Yen, told her to pack for a weekend at the seaside and be ready to go when I came home at lunch. She asked where, but I just said “A surprise, tell your Grandmother we will be home Sunday night”.
The driver had been to his house for his own clothes, checked and fuelled the car, and bought beer, drinks and snacks with the money I had given him earlier, so he was ready and waiting when I emerged from the office at mid-day. Home where I breezed in, kissed Yen, and spent 10 minutes packing my own gear, and checking the house was secured, and off we went. Yen asked again “Where?” to which I replied “a nice resort on the beach; you might remember it, you have been there before, but you look a little different now to then.” I laughed, as did she, and we settled in for a nap during the 2 hour or so trip.
We checked in, the receptionist unable to complain at this older man with a much-younger local girl (laws were very strict here) as we both had Australian passports, both spoke the language and smiled profusely to the staff putting them at ease. It was the hottest time of the afternoon, but I had phoned in the morning and reserved a seafront-facing bungalow with an enclosed private pool at the rear, so we left the doors open to catch a through sea-breeze, and Yen just dropped her bag, exclaimed at the magnificence and headed to the pool. She turned to look at me, unhooked a few buttons and a zipper, pulled her t-shirt over her head, and shimmied her jeans down her legs as she reached to unhook the front clasp on her bra. As she bent over to peel down her panties and remove them and her jeans away from her feet, her bra fell open and she shrugged it off, over her shoulders and sliding down her arms to fall of with the rest. Oh, I groaned, she is a beautiful thing to behold!
“I have to go and take care of the driver Yen; I’ll lock the door and take the key – 5 minutes ok?” “Hurry, Steve” she said as she slowly tuned around, looking at me as she lowered herself into the pool. “I will” I stammered, rushing out to Reception, arranging a room for the driver, and then finding him cleaning the car. I gave him his room number, some money for evening’s food – and the ‘entertainment’ I was sure he would find – and said I would see him after breakfast in the morning. He grinned, thanked me, gave me my cooler box with the beer, snacks he placed on top, and I returned to our bungalow, leaving the doors open for the afternoon breeze, secure in our safety here with almost no-one else yet checked in for the weekend.
Undoing my buttons and removing my shirt, I headed for the pool-yard, taking one beer along with me. Yen was laying outstretched face-up with her arms stretched behind holding the pool edge, languidly kicking those gorgeous legs to stay afloat. Her breasts were now above, now dipping below the water level; but her nipples, erect in the coolness of the water, were always above; her pussy visible and seductive just below the surface ripples. A man could have stripped the rest of his clothes and sat with legs dangling in the pool to cool off, sipping his beer. A man could also do what I did: slide into the water, walking to her, gripping under her buttocks with one hand, fingers in her cleft, and other hand under her upper back, to hold her up and lowering my mouth to her nipples, and sucking on them. I opened my mouth, trying to suck in the whole breast, but it was too much, so I sucked around and returned to her nipple, clenching it in my lips until she moaned and moaned. Then I moved to the other tit.
I roamed my right hand, stroking Yen’s slit from her arse to the front and up that slit to her clit, a trailing finger entering her pussy, finding it slicker than just water could do. My left hand, holding her back, clenched a little so my fingers could just scrape her skin, and she arched up, offering her breasts more; I seized one in my mouth for a moment, then leaned up to her mouth and drove my tongue inside, as my hand slipped up to support her neck now, when her arms came forward and clung around my own neck, grinding her mouth to mine. This allowed her lower body to sink somewhat, and I moved into between her legs, removing my finger and plunging my cock straight up and inside, using my hand behind her neck to cushion the ramming against the pool-side. I was so pent-up and wanting Yen; she was so, god, desirable! I had my right hand pushing her into me, but she didn’t need it, she used her feet on the floor and her own body strength to push herself to my prick, again and again. Until she just stopped, squealed and shuddered against me as I emptied myself yet again inside her, and spurts like glue locking us there for minutes. I was sated, and I felt a limp Yen in my arms was the same. I carried her to the side, supported her to sit on the edge while I rose to get towels. I was exhausted, but she was more important to me as I dried her off, at least sufficiently for us to stagger into the bed and fall on top to doze off, arms and legs everywhere, but touching each other somewhere.
Something stirred me later and I opened my eyes to find it much later, with twilight setting in. A noise made me jump off the bed, throw the cover over Yen’s naked body, and go to the doorway, there to be met by a stifled gasp from the pretty maid standing a mere metre away, staring at my hanging prick and nakedness. She, ah, smiled as she took her time to turn away, speaking to me over her shoulder as she went about her duties of preparing the bungalow for the night. I finally was able to recover, and dash back in and grab a towel from the en-suite. I watched her as she turned on lights, closed insect screens on the windows, and placed fresh flowers in a vase, saying she hadn’t meant to peek, but my girlfriend- and I – looked beautiful lying together on the bed. She faced me with eyelids fluttering, a small smile, as I said, “That’s my wife, and yes, she is beautiful thanks.” She prepared to change the pool towels for fresh ones, but I reached to take them from her hands saying they’d be fine for the night if I just hung them to dry; help save water and needless washing, right. She smiled cutely and said I was very thoughtful. I saw her name was Ping as I passed to get some money from my pants, giving her a generous tip for her efforts; she prepared to leave, concluding with instructions that if there was anything else I needed, just call for her – any time. I said I’d remember, opened the screen door for her to brush past, smiling a good night back at me.
I turned back into the bedroom, to find a wide-awake Yen, watching me and holding her arms out. “Trying to make me, your Wife, jealous by flirting with the maid, huh?” But she was laughing as I sank onto her body, stroking my hair as she continued “I heard what you said ‘That’s my wife’. That was a beautiful thing to say. I feel like your wife, so you must be my Husband Steve. I love you.” I kissed her, believing her and myself, when I echoed her words.
So began our weekend. I tried not to think of this being our last one, but that was the reality: Yen’s flight was the following Friday, and I hadn’t yet told her I had to fly up-country Monday until Wednesday -, possibly only until Tuesday if I could manage it. I didn’t want to spoil what we had in this moment; it could wait.
We dined that evening in the hotel’s restaurant, open-air, right on the edge of the sand, facing the ocean and feeling the soft sea breeze caressing us. Naturally, we ate seafood, with a familiar girly look on Yen’s face as the prawns arrived; “Yes, little one, I will peel them for you”, laughing as she giggled at getting her own way with that little act yet again. She persuaded me she could drink one cocktail, so we chatted, ate, drank, and soaked up the romantic atmosphere, my arm around her shoulders at times, brushing a nipple if no-one nearby, erect in the breeze already. Nothing overt, however, as more people had now arrived; it was a popular area for city residents to come for the weekend, not too far if could only leave after a full work-day/school-day for kids on a Friday. I was thankful I had been able to have that extra few hours of the afternoon here; we were already in relaxed mode, and had already sampled the pleasures such a resort offered its guests: private pool ideal for making love. And a cute maid to flirt with!
Yen gave up on her cocktail when she said she felt ‘funny’ and switched to water as we continued to just soak it all up, finally signing the bill and leaving. I had an arm around Yen to support her as she swore off alcohol for the future, and we made a staggered walk along the pathway to our bungalow, where I lowered Yen on to the sofa, and opened a cool face cloth from the fridge to wipe her forehead and cheeks and neck. I was tempted to remove her clothes and cover her to sleep here, but at that thought my prick jumped, so I decided to only undo top few buttons of her blouse, and release the waist button on her shorts. Then I changed into shorts, took a beer and my book to sit outside on the front balcony for a cigarette, enjoying the quiet and solitude – something I hadn’t had recently, but which was the norm in my ‘normal’ life.
Perhaps an hour later, I heard Yen groan as she ran for the bathroom, but didn’t intrude until I heard the toilet flush. I entered the bathroom to ask “Ok, now little one?” as she stood over the basin cleaning her teeth, stripped and naked. She groaned, a response I smiled in sympathy at, so I suggested she shower and sleep it off, and added that I guessed she had learned a lesson for the future! She spluttered “Not funny!” as she rinsed her mouth. I left her to shower, pulling down the bed covering so she could just fall in there, which she did ten minutes later and I covered her, kissing her good night.
It was still early, so another beer and some more reading appealed to me, and I returned to the porch. It was a beautiful clear evening, stars everywhere, and the moon approaching full, perhaps would be tomorrow night I guessed: perfect for a Saturday night at the seaside. I read some more, finished my beer, but just sat there, and felt myself dozing off. Later I dreamed, erotically, of a mouth swallowing and sucking on my sleeping penis, but it appeared to have woken and was responding to the mouth by growing, too large for that mouth to hold it all, so lips slurped on the head, trying to draw the cream up like a straw in a milk shake. I dreamed my balls were churning, stirring the cream, before bursting up that straw and gushing into the mouth open and waiting. Spurts followed, and then the lips sucked the dribbles, as I moaned, hearing myself in the dream, and I relaxed my straining hips and slumped down into my chair, shaking with post-ejaculation release of tension.
When I eventually woke, I found my limp prick hanging out the leg of my shorts; the cool breeze on it had stirred me awake. I felt the slippery wetness as I poked it back in my shorts, prompting the thought that my dream had perhaps not been – Yen must have woken and come out, surprising me. I groaned upright, tidied, locked up and washed the glasses, and stopped to peer at Yen as I headed for the bathroom. She didn’t appear to have moved even a centimeter from where she had originally flopped down. Clever, I thought to myself, must remember what a great little actress she is! Showered, refreshed but tired, I crawled in beside her, swapping side from my normal – an idiosyncrasy of mine: I always sleep on the opposite side when I stay in a hotel, always have for some reason. Abandoning all thoughts, leaning over to cuddle and kiss her, this time I fell into a much deeper sleep, without dreams.
We woke within moments of each other, smiling that closeness which epitomizes romance, as I stroked her hair, and caressed my fingers over her body, throwing the cover off to lean on my elbow and gaze upon her freshness. Then I recalled waking from my ‘dream’ on the porch last night, and I tugged a nipple. “Ouch, what was that for?” Yen yelped, massaging herself. “Did you enjoy your dessert last night, you little devil, taking advantage of me being asleep?” “What?” Yen looked confused, as I said “On the porch when you must have woken, come out and had your way with this”, pointing at my lengthening prick, “and gone straight back to bed and asleep as if nothing had happened! Well, I hoped you enjoyed me for dessert. I did.” Yen was still perplexed, “I don’t remember anything after my shower until now. What are you talking about, Steve, what happened? I didn’t do anything – I am sorry, I wish I had, and I am sorry for drinking that cocktail and ruining the night for us. Sorry” She was now upset, so I held her and soothed her, upset myself. “I’m sorry, Yen, I wasn’t trying to upset you, really I was having a joke with you about it.” Yen crossed her heart and said, “I swear, it wasn’t me. Are you sure something happened?” “Oh yes, it happened, and I didn’t stroke myself! Ok, enough, we’ll just forget it. But it was nice, whoever did it!” We cuddled, putting the subject away, but I was left with a nagging question: if not Yen truly, who was it?
We put our swimmers on, Yen’s a fairly immodest bikini, designed to keep me uncomfortable in my own I had no doubt, grabbed our towels and ran hand-in-hand across the sand to dive into the small waves lapping onto the beach. We swam out, and raced back, once enough for my older, less fit body, while Yen, stood and turned – a stunning sight suitable for a fashion magazine cover: her side-on profile a perfect picture. I said “Stay there,” and I wiped my hands and raced back to the bungalow for my camera. Returning, I sat in the shallow water, waves not big enough to cause a problem, and told her to pretend she was a fashion model. My camera was my heavy, old, almost ancient, Nikon – but it took the most magnificent photos, and I still refused to retire it and change to a digital: old is still sometimes better.
I took shot after shot as Yen posed; laughing, serious, holding her long hair up, swirling it around, almost too-sexy caresses of her body, splashing water over herself, running her hands down from her throat and over her pointed nipples and beautifully bikini-cupped breasts. She dived and swam away, then turned for full frontal, smiling face shots as she crawled her way back towards me, her cleavage appearing bigger in the frame as the water became shallow and when it receded between the ebb and flow of the water. There was nothing more beautiful in the world during these moments: Yen right there.
When my camera beeped its last frame, I turned it off, held it up protectively, and just continued to watch the goddess performing in front of me, for me. She crawled up to me, jumped to sit on my stomach, though more on my groin, and leaned in to kiss me, asking “Which magazine will I be on the cover?” laughing at the idea. “Sorry, these will be mine and yours. They will adorn my wall, or the ceiling above my bed, whenever I am alone without you.” Hurrying on, realizing that had been a serious moment, and not wanting the spell broken, “I’ll let you take a copy around to the magazines in Australia; they might give you $5 for them, so you can replace the film I just wasted!” I kissed and tried laughing it off, rushing her to stand up, and racing away, calling back “I’ll put my camera away, and still beat you to breakfast. Come on, move!” I didn’t want to look back, but I knew she wasn’t rushing, and cursed myself for even opening my mouth before.
Yen did beat me, and was seated waiting, wrapped in her towel when I arrived. I leaned over behind her and kissed the top of her head, sitting down on the corner chair. I had taken longer, stopping to replace the film, and taking the camera with me – the still early morning light beautifully soft for photos. I glanced at the wall clock as we were the only ones even there, and the staff were still setting up; it was still only 7 a.m.! Heavens, we must have woken about 6. I turned to face Yen as she reached for my hand and spoke, “Steve, its ok; I can feel you kicking yourself and I understand why. But I am a big girl, a woman, and of course I know time is closing on us. I don’t want it to, but that won’t stop it. The silly thing for me to say is: I am not going home, not going to school, not leaving you ever or ever. But I am not silly – just act that way when I need you to peel my prawns!” pausing to smile, “I want to go back to school, and even back to Mum, and I do want to try for that future path we talked about for University and my career; I really am excited at all those dreams. And you are married. I understand and accept all of the above, for now; and if all the above is the path for me, walking beside me in spirit, and within me, will be you and our shared Love.”
After a big sigh, she smiled, “I know why you wanted this weekend, and I thank you for that, and I love you for that. So let’s enjoy the weekend, right?” I squeezed her hand in agreement, looking up to say “Good, now we can order” as the waitress approached with a menu; it was Ping, smiling widely at me. She said she works here for breakfast, and after starts her room-keeping.
Yen scanned the menu and quickly ordered an omelette, toast and juice, then said she felt uncomfortable and would go to the bungalow and change, back in a minute. She smiled reassuringly at me, to show she was back in higher spirits, and I fondly watched her as she headed off. I turned to the menu, Ping hovering beside me, waiting; not being a breakfast eater, I settled for juice, toast and coffee, and turned to hand the menu to Ping. She asked if I had enjoyed my time on the porch last night, noting she had seen me as she headed to her room further along the pathway. “You looked asleep”, she added with a grin “Did you have nice dreams?” I studied her face closely; it was very pretty, as was her body as I let my eyes roam down and up. She was watching me quizzically, but also rather mischievously I thought, replying “Actually, I had a wonderful dream. Do you have dreams Ping?” Ping flicked her long hair over her shoulder, running a hand down her blouse seductively, “I try to live my dreams, they’re more satisfying that way, don’t you agree? I’ll be back with your breakfast: it is real.” She swayed away, leaving me with the distinct impression that she had lived my dream. Gosh!
Thankfully, Yen returned before Ping, and she was a sight to take my mind of any dreams. She must have quickly showered, and brushed her long, wet hair, trailing now down her back, while she was clad in a short blue summer dress, thin straps over her shoulders, a bodice design supporting her breasts without need or desire for a bra, but they still jiggled within. She never failed to excite me. “Do I look ok?” she asked, sitting down. “Beautiful, and tastier than any breakfast I am sure.” She laughed, we both did. Ping then returned with a tray, placing each of our orders down with a “There you are madam”, “There you are sir”, using the respectful titles, but I laughed lightly and told Ping our names, giving her the required permission to dispense with the titles. She agreed to for Yen, given Ping was probably 1-2 years older, but to me she refused to address me by my name only. I accepted the protocol. Before leaving us finally, she asked if we both also spoke English, adding she would like to practice hers more when she returned to University in the city. Yen, glancing at me wickedly, turned to Ping, “You should contact my husband when you are back there, he is a wonderful teacher, and he will need some company when I return to Australia next week. I’ll give you his phone number – can you write this down….” And she gave my mobile number to Ping before I could even think of a reason to interrupt! Ping smiled and expressed her thanks and gratefulness, promising to contact me as soon as she returned in a few weeks time, working here only when Uni was on holidays. “Yen, why did you do that? It can be dangerous giving out mobile numbers, believe me, I know”. Yen just smiled, “I think she is cute and a nice girl, she clearly likes you, so I am taking steps to look after you. Get used to it, Daddy; your little girl will take care of you! Now stop talking and eat – please.” I did as I was told, only stopping when my driver found us to enquire if we would need the car; I looked at Yen and we agreed ‘no thanks’ and I asked him to phone me late in the afternoon in case we had decided to go out somewhere for dinner. However, Yen interrupted and said she was sure she wouldn’t want to, so I told the driver he had another day and night to relax also; he thanked us, assured me his room was fine and he still had enough money, and happily walked off. “Probably got a girlfriend already” Yen giggled. “Oh, you know about those sorts of things, young lady?” I quipped.
After a leisurely second coffee for me, water for Yen, she returned to the bungalow to put her bikini on, also bringing my book and some sunscreen, and we sauntered to the outdoor pool, finding two lounges in the shade. Yen actually had a different bikini on, no less revealing and sexy, but allowing me – with such little material – to easily cover virtually the whole of her body with sunscreen. I spanked her bottom when finished, and she applied the same to me, lingering on my front staring down at my groin, as if willing it to jump up at her; it almost was doing that, so I took the bottle and did the rest of me to calm down. We relaxed the morning away, occasional swims in either the pool or down to the ocean, but the heat in the sand was building, and even in the shade we began feeling too hot. Also time for a beer, I reasoned, as we agreed to return to the bungalow’s coolness and fans. And a pool if we so wanted, wink, wink I motioned to Yen, even getting a blush from her.
Inside the room, which Ping had already finished, it was cool as we both stripped off our costumes and flopped unconcernedly on the sofa. With what I thought a sudden revelation, I said to Yen “it’s nice we don’t worry about being naked with each other.” Yen smiled indulgently, “Oh, Steve, why would we – you bathed me for years, we showered together, you slept naked when I slept with you (did you know I used to peek under the sheet at your ‘thingy’?) – your body looks almost the same now as then, but perhaps mine has changed a little, do you think?” cupping her breasts and lifting them up cheekily; “but why should we be anything less than comfortable with each other now, especially when we have become even closer this past wonderful week.” She sighed, turning sideways to stroke me, pulling me down for my face to nuzzle her breasts and seek a nipple, and squirming for us to lie on the sofa. We made, slow, sweaty love for a long time, building slowly towards the summit of our desire; it was a degree cooler when I rolled Yen over, propped her up on hands and knees and entered her pussy from behind, draping myself over her to easily reach both breasts at times, moving my hips to alter the angles and depths of my movements, and wetting a finger to slowly ease into her anus and slide around for moments, pressing against my cock sliding on the other side of the thin separating wall. That last action did it, and Yen purred this time, clenching her body as she jammed back against me, squealing and causing a thrill to pass along my prick’s entire length within her. I shoved my finger as far as it would go, suddenly added a second and ploughed my cock that little bit further. She literally blew juice along her cunt over me and down us both, while I blew my own straight up into her, the girth of my cock expanding to stop any further leakage from her, and filling her entirely. She collapsed straight down, bringing me with her from hands clamped on my bum cheeks, still buried. I was breathing so heavily, great lungfuls needed, I was vaguely afraid of a heart attack, but ignored it and calmed down eventually, as did Yen’s heaving back under me, now even more sweat running between us.
I laid my cheek against Yen’s back, kissing her from the corner of my mouth, before pushing up with my arms, that movement causing my cock to jiggle inside her, a sloshing sound not unlike a spoon stirring a frothy drink. She groaned into the sofa, “I wish we had started doing this when I was younger, about 5 or 6y.o, old enough to know this is the most magical feeling of any in life, and better than any great story you ever read to me.” “Yen” I laughed, “You can’t say things like that – the books I read to you were some of the greatest ever written.” “True, I agree, but they never made me cum like that nice prick of yours does, daddy.” She emphasized her use of that word when she was playing with me, I had worked out, so I tickled her while withdrawing, and running for a cold shower first. She followed, just standing in the doorway watching me; “we really must put a towel on the sofa next time – what will Ping think we have been doing if she finds it all wet and sticky.” I finished, kissing her as she slid past, deliberately sliding her breasts across my chest, but ignoring my young wench, I toweled off, threw on some new shorts and went to find I had yet another warm beer, barely opened before sex once more proved a greater attraction.
I took a new can, hung my towel over a chair to dry, and sat out in the shade on the porch, thoroughly satisfied. Yen appeared on the porch a few minutes later, clad in a light material wraparound, covering most of her breasts and barely covering her pussy as she pirouetted in front of me – just as Ping was passing on the pathway. I could see her but Yen was doing erotic little movements almost in my face, before plunking her legs down either side of mine and straddling my groin while kissing me. Ping giggled and said, as Yen looked over her shoulder, “That’s beautiful material, Yen, it looks great on you. Have you eaten lunch yet?” “Thank you, Ping. No, I am too full to eat more for a little while; Steve just gave me a snack, but it was almost too much!” I pinched a nipple hidden from Ping’s view, and Yen yelped, as Ping said “‘Bye, I’m off for my, ah, snack – rice and pork doesn’t sound as good as yours must have been” she finished glumly, before brightening with an idea, “Maybe you could make me a snack like you did for Yen one day?” Yen replied “I’ll make sure he remembers Ping”.
Yen bounced on my lap as Ping headed off, while I tried to put on sternest frown directed straight at Yen. She said “What?” and ignored the look totally. I gave up.
We did wander over for a light salad lunch at the restaurant; this saved us dressing a little better than thrown on shorts and t-shirts and going out, even though there were several enticing little places across the road nearby, but lunch wasn’t the time to do that; we decided we would eat at one of them tonight, within walking distance but no need for the car (as Yen had already decided that morning – she was clever!) We headed back to the room and, being Saturday, there was sport on the TV to interest me while Yen lazed in the cool of our pool, out of the day’s heat. After a great rugby game had ended, several beers later, I poked my head outside; as suspected/expected, Yen was in the pool, lounging on the half-step, with only her sleek own body for company, i.e. no bikini even. Her eyes were closed as I took off my shorts, and entered the pool; the ripples must have alerted her, but she gave no sign as I moved beside her, lifted her, and sat on the seat myself, drawing her back into my body with my hands on her waist. She was play-acting I was sure, not one hint she was anything other than asleep. I placed fingers on one breast, then a nipple: nothing. I roved my other hand down her stomach, caressing and coming closer to her pussy: nothing. My prick was rising, coming up to poke between her legs, as I inserted a finger, two, inside her vagina: still nothing, but she was secreting juice, lubricating my fingers, and she could not stifle a moan. Ah, ha! But no opening of eyes, or overt body movements: she was good! I had an erection pushing up; I withdrew my fingers, slid them still juicy around to her anus, one sliding inside, then two, opening her; she moaned and twitched, but not much more, so removing my hand from her nipple, I used it to slide my prick, bend it back a little, and position the head at her opening. She seemed to welcome it, but again as I looked at her eyes, she refused to – or couldn’t – open them. I pushed a little, head of my cock now inside her, and gliding easily more. Now Yen opened her eyes, placed her own hands on her lower abdomen and pressed back against me; “Oh Steve, I have wanted this, this experience in the last part of my body you have yet to be. And it feels as wonderful as all the other parts!” She pushed down and I thrust up, all the way in now, but carefully this first time, using the leverage from the pool seat under my buttocks and Yen’s hands pushing down to ease out a little and ease back in. I could lean enough to kiss her head and her cheek, and now secured in her anus, I had hands to resume stroking in and out of her pussy, thumb on her clit, and my other hand back to her breasts, to knead and caress. She pushed again, and moaned a sound which told me this wasn’t hurting, was pleasurable, so we continued to grind together in this new method for Yen of feeling a special love. She began to feel a series of small orgasms it seemed, as I continued slowly pumping. I didn’t want to cum, only wanting to make it as pleasurable as possible for Yen, until she sighed and slumped back on me, and I backed off, just cuddling.
A while later we emerged from the pool; a quick shower to rinse and slumped on the bed for a needed rest. It was hot but the fan gave enough air circulation that we didn’t need a cover, and peacefully slept. It was late afternoon, as I woke and slipped off the bed, leaving Yen in continued slumber. I hadn’t closed the doors, only the screens, and it looked like Ping had been in; new flowers, towels and signs of a tidy-up. I had little doubt she would have studied us lying on the bed, but could only guess what thoughts she might have had. Nothing I could change about that –except remember to lock the doors in future, perhaps! I made a coffee, took my book to the porch and gave Yen another hour until, with twilight approaching, I roused her gently and suggested we shower and take a walk down the road for dinner. She groggily agreed, so I showered first while she woke fully, stretching on the bed as I could see from the bathroom, arms raised above her head lifting her breasts high in an arch of her back. For the umpteenth time, I reveled in her beauty - displayed for me. She purred like a cat, “What a wonderful afternoon!”
We dressed simply and casually, and linked arms as we walked meandering along the pathways of the resort out to the road, turning right and crossing over when we found a nice-looking bamboo-thatched restaurant after about 100m. Yen checked the menu, while I noticed they had cold beer, so we sat and relaxed while Yen ordered what she liked, and we looked at each other before toasting each other with her water to my beer. Yen ate everything and I picked at enough to put some energy back in our bodies, until, feeling bloated, we paid the bill. Yen suggested we walk further down the road, walk off dinner, and we could return to the resort along the beach for a moonlight stroll. Great idea, and the moon was indeed a beautiful, clear full one, and the sky was crowded with stars.
We slowly wandered farther along the road, virtually no traffic, the odd vehicle’s lights clearly announcing their coming on this straight, coastal stretch. After perhaps thirty minutes, a lane turned right heading for the beach, so we strode down there, a few houses lit and some Saturday night gatherings having food and fun. We both smiled, at our enjoyment and obviously others also. At the sand, brilliantly bathed in the moonlight, we took off our sandals and I carried them as Yen skipped down to the water’s edge, wading in the gently lapping waves to calf deep, laughing at the simple joy of doing this. I joined her, holding the shoes in my right hand and Yen’s in my left as we lightly splashed up the beach, heading for the resort at a slow pace, mostly in silence as we embraced the atmosphere on this, our last night here, at times both clenching hands a little tighter as one or another had a memory flash, or a mental picture, or just a peculiar feeling that hands should be held tightly in this moment, this instant of Time. We sauntered closer to the resort; when reaching it, the beach was deserted, lit only by the moon, and we found two cushioned lounge chairs at the extremity of the resort’s boundary, on which we lay back and looked at the sky’s panorama.
A while later, a torch-waving resort employee came along, checking for last-minute cushions to collect and take off the beach. Spotting us, I asked him if we could keep our cushions for a while, promising to carry them with us when we left the beach. He smiled and agreed, recognizing us as guests, and quiet returned as he left. I asked Yen if she wanted me to go and get our swimmers from the bungalow; she gave an impish smile, stood and stripped right there. When she stood there naked, hands on hips, she put on a provocative tone, “I don’t need costumes – do you?” She turned and swayed her hips to the water, a backward glance before wading out and diving in. Did I think before she is a nymph – yes, she is. She had delivered an erotic challenge, and my only answer was to strip my shirt and shorts and underpants, and walk towards her, my risen cock swinging in the lead. We swam together, embracing, touching, then apart to smile and laugh quietly with no need for words, conscious of the danger of being caught – even arrested in this part of the world – but that in itself adding to the level of excitement. I caught her buttocks in my hands, squeezing and pulling her tightly against me; Yen grabbed the spear which was my prick, and sheathed it between her legs, sliding on it so she could feel the stimulation on her cunt lips and clit. She kissed me, sinking her tongue down and down, crushing her breasts and pointed, steely nipples into my chest. She broke apart to ask, clinging around me, “Have you ever done this before?” “Skinny-dipping? Yes, a couple of times; once on a famous beach in Italy when I was twenty and a group all got drunk on cheap, Italian wine. And also once near here, but not here, quite a few years ago.” “Was that with Mum?” Yen asked softly. “Yes, it was Yen.” “What else did you do with Mum at the beach, Daddy? Did you make love on the sand?” “No, little one, we didn’t.” “That’s what I want to do then; come on!” and she dragged me from the water back towards our lounges. She laid our shirts and shorts down for our heads and faces against the sand, and laid herself down on her back, with open arms and legs stretched towards me, shifting her body around to make a comfortable depression in the sand. I added her panties under her pussy area to protect it against invading sand, and I sank to my knees between her legs, sand hard but yielding and bent down to kiss her lips fiercely, and farther down to kiss her nipples equally so, sucking at her mounded breasts, trying to swallow them. She writhed, holding my hair tightly, and my head pressed against her, then pushed me to go down. I went, plunged a stiffened tongue straight to her clit, eliciting a lifting of her hips in response, then lightly using my teeth to chew on her pussy lips as I moved my tongue to her slit, dripping with salty water residue, but also the unmistakeable taste of her woman’s juices. She said in a tone of command “Now, I want you now.”
I laid my upper body against hers, used my hands to burrow into the sand under her buttocks to lift them, neither of us caring at the sand coating almost everywhere except her protected pussy and my cock which had been waving upright in the air. I angled my body, lifted Yen’s, and ploughed a straight line from entry to the depths of my length, hitting the bottom -causing Yen to take one hand from my hair and stuff it in her mouth as she squealed and squawked in an instantaneous climax after all the building fun we had done previously. I pulled out slowly, leaving the head inside as she flexed her pussy muscles and the walls tried to suck me back inside; I waited – feeling I could control myself for a long time tonight, and didn’t mind if I could love Yen into exhaustion if it left her as fulfilled as any time to date: this had to be the most special night I could offer her – and when she subsided her gasps and noises, I plunged right back in full-length, bringing her straight back over the edge, whimpering as I again slid slowly out. Only then did I begin the systematic rhythm I loved; systematic yet without a system, un-guessable numbers of slightly in, deeply in, fast, slow, anything which maintained the highs of her climaxes, yet at a level below that elusive summit she was looking for. Apart from her pussy juice flowing copiously, we were both sweating profusely, her hair had flayed out beyond the clothes into the sand, her heels dug into the sand and clenched her legs below me, and her nipples glistened in the moonlight attracting my mouth at times to suck and nibble. I wanted to daub a finger in her anus, but too much sand for that, so I concentrated on moving my groin hard against hers, mashing her clit for extra feelings, and delighting that my prick could bring this much excitement to Yen. During one long moan, she managed to gasp “Can you keep going Steve? I never want this to stop!” “I’ll try, my lovely little one, but I am the one doing all the work here! It may have to end eventually.” Yen groaned out “I’ll do the work tomorrow ok” and put her hand back to her mouth as she squeaked when I ‘punished’ her with a deep stab. That not only surprised Yen, but seemed to signal to my balls to wake now, and I felt it begin. I had to do it, so I began the series of thrusts with my cock that I hoped….and did, trigger Yen’s loudest squeal yet, her hips thrusting up to try and cement her groin into my own, and the Clouds burst into the Rain coming within her from my shooting cock. It was so intense and powerful that it was like a rolling clap of thunder, a continuous strike of lightning, until the silence returned like the sudden end of the storm, broken only by Yen’s gasping for breath and my sucks for breath as we both collapsed, and I had to slide off Yen’s body to lay at her side in the sand.
First searching for Yen’s hand to hold between us, I opened my eyes, staring straight up at the sky. It was a beautiful moment as I saw a solitary cloud, the only one in the whole sky, and it was shrouding the moon, giving me the impossible vision of the Rain from that one Cloud falling gently to the surface of the moon.
It was Perfection. It was Bliss. It was a Love never before felt.
Perhaps it took five minutes to recover, and Yen rolled herself over on top of me. Her hair dangling across my face, she leaned on my chest with her breasts, using her hands to hold her hair back, bent down to kiss me, gently and lovingly. “If I died tomorrow…. sssshhh” she whispered, covering my mouth with hers as I attempted to interrupt, “I won’t, but IF, I could not have found a treasure more valuable than you and what we have. The Holy Grail for me is real, and it is You who have given me a Life I can never lose, Steve. I would like to freeze this time as of now!” Yen closed her eyes for a moment, opened and proclaimed “Done.” Then she sniffed and a tear fell, “This would have been a perfect baby, if only you had some of those little fish still swimming around!”
She let her thoughts sink in, for both of us, and then lightened the moment by trying to giggle and wriggled on top of me; “We need go for a swim and get rid of some sand!” She suggested a good idea, so we both rose and walked tiredly to the water’s edge, walking into and lying down where the depth was sufficient to cover our bodies. As Yen laid her head back, I used my hands to ruffle through her hair, shaking out sand, letting it then float in the water, as I roved my hands down her back, supporting her but at the same time, brushing sand off with the water’s help. I slipped my hand down the cleft of her buttocks, cleaning there; Yen twisted towards me, “Oh, you would like some more, yes?” I smacked her bottom, splashing water up as I released her and sank my own head back into the water and roughly massaged my hair to rid it of sand also. I felt Yen copying my earlier efforts, brushing sand off me, and then inserting one of her tiny fingers into my arse-hole, curling it inside as if scooping out any sand lodged there. “All clean now” she announced, sliding back and forth within me, then withdrawing and continuing her ‘cleaning’ efforts down to scrape her nails around my scrotum, and squeezing the length of my cock as she cleaned that with the same efficiency! “Yen, what subject in school did you learn to do all this?” I asked. “Biology was useful, but you have been the best teacher by far to teach ‘practice makes perfect’!” “You would get an ‘A++’ if that were so, little one; you are a good student. Let’s go for a shower before the sun comes up!” I pulled her up by the arms for a last, salty-tang kiss, and we gathered our clothes for a clandestine sneak to our bungalow. I carried the two lounge cushions as promised, using them as cover for our bodies somewhat, but all was quiet, not a soul. Until we reached our bungalow, where I laid the cushions beside the path for them to be found in the morning, straightened as Yen unlocked the door, and heard a voice –woi, Ping’s voice! – saying “I saw someone sneaking around, and just came out before I called security; guess I don’t have to worry now I know who it is wandering our grounds naked, wet and glowing. Don’t worry about all the sand. Good night from the Management and Staff of our Resort! Sleep well.” She turned, smiling and walked away; “That girl has radar or something, popping up everywhere, and knowing everything!” I said to Yen, who just laughed, and we went inside, closing the curtains and doors this time.
Yen jumped for the shower first, while I rinsed our sandy, salt-laden clothes; then I laid a towel on the sofa and enjoyed a thirst-quenching beer waiting for Yen to finish. Rather naturally, it took her ages to wash her hair several times and feel cleansed of sand, and by the time I had done the same, she was sound asleep, sprawled across the middle of the bed. I turned off everything, gently pushed her body slightly to her side and climbed in beside her, kissing her forehead, both cheeks and a gentle caress of her lips, quietly wishing her a ‘good night, I love you’. She cuddled me.
The morning dawn, a scant few hours later, woke me, and I found myself cuddling Yen’s back. I kissed her all over, lightly and gently, and found myself quickly aroused at the sensuousness of her, quickly attaining a strength in my cock enough to pierce between her closed but opening legs and find, unerringly, the inviting centre of her womanhood welcoming me.
I made love to her slowly, melancholy thoughts invading me to the point of my own tears falling down and streaking her back. I sniffed the water back into my nose and blinked my eyes, and pushed myself deep within Yen, holding myself there as I gave her whatever was left of my body, as One with her, as I stifled the sadness with my Love for her, and fell back into sleep.
We slept late, Yen stirring first as a knocking came at the door, waking me then also. Yen found and wrapped her material around herself, and groggily went out to see; I could hear her talking quietly, and dozed until she flopped back beside me on the bed. “Ping came to clean the room, but I told her ‘not necessary’ as we will be checking out this afternoon. You know what she did, though? She reached and pinched my nipple! I didn’t know whether to hit her, or kiss her!” “So, which one did you do?” I asked, still sleepy myself, but awake enough to reach my own hand to hold a nipple “Oh, I did this!” Kissing me and digging her tongue into my mouth. “No, I didn’t; it was more like this….it’s different with a woman, right?” And she kissed me again lightly on the lips. “So, is Ping a lesbian, or bi?” I asked wakening more. “I don’t know; you can let me know in the future – I’m sure.” Wide awake now, we kissed more deeply again. “Have we missed breakfast? I need some juice – well, I would like more juice than I can feel I have already had!” said Yen, moving her mouth down my body to my cock. “Oh Yen, just this one time, I have to beg off; I am empty and exhausted.” “Oh, you poor old man! Let’s get up and go and find some juice, orange or tomato, for you.”
We showered and Yen made as if to half-carry me on our way to the restaurant, laughing at her ‘old man’ – “Hey, I am the one doing all the work!” I retorted - arriving just in time to order a late breakfast. We had only dressed in costumes, though Yen had her material wrap, so we wandered to the pool area after we had finished, took a dip in the pool to cool off, then lay on some lounges. We watched other guests packing up in succession, and Yen asked “What time should we leave?” Answering her own question she then added “It can’t get better than we have had, and we know we have to leave some time; let’s go to the room and pack up and check out.” I nodded ok, not really wanting to say the words of farewell to this special place for us, as Yen went to the bungalow, and I advised Reception to prepare the bill, then went to find our driver – asleep waiting in the car – and had to wake him to tell him we would be ready within the hour. “Why are you so tired?” I asked him, but he just smiled.
Back at the bungalow, Yen had showered and was folding up clothes in piles, ready for washing at home. She looked up, smiling “Where did all this sand come from!” Then she smiled with less fun in her eyes, but much more emotion “Thank you Steve, and thank you Dad for this.” I swept my arms around her, hugging tightly, kissing her and trying to forestall any tears; “We had a good time, little one, didn’t we.” She rubbed her face into my chest, nodding agreement, as I kissed her head, and decided I should go for a shower and leave her quietly alone for a few minutes.
Once finished, we both had the same thought: a last lingering look around the room, and then we carried our bags out and closed the door on our weekend retreat. I paid the bill and we thanked everyone at Reception for a wonderful stay, but Ping was nowhere to be seen, so we headed for the car; Yen turned back and handed something and spoke to the Receptionist, and caught up with me; a last look, and we headed home to the city.
Yen seemed to want to be quiet or doze most of the trip. I phoned the company boss, apologized for disturbing him, but needed to confirm details for tomorrow’s trip away – hoping he would tell me it was off/postponed/cancelled, I didn’t care which. He confirmed, but said my flight was later in the morning as he wanted me to come to the office first for a discussion. Yen was awake, I was sure, so after finishing my call, I kissed her before saying “Yen, I have to fly out in the morning; I hope I can finish and be home Tuesday night, but it may be Wednesday, as now the boss wants me to go later tomorrow. I’m sorry, but I hope you understand.” She nodded in my lap, using me as a pillow while she lay along the seat, but didn’t speak, so I just ran my fingers through her hair and stroked her gently on her cheek.
Once home, thanking the driver with a tip, Yen firstly phoned Mae, her Grandmother to let her know we were home, and I heard her say “yes, we had a great time”, and she told her she would see her tomorrow, stay with her, as I had to go away for 2-3 days. She looked at me, then away as she listened, and finished off “Yes, I’m fine, just tired.” Then she did smile at me, not a sad one, but a loving one. I was sorting the clothes for the housekeeper to wash tomorrow, and watching, loved Yen for her feelings and her stoicism.
We showered together, helping each other find more grains of sand, but nothing overtly sexual, just closeness. It was probably good that Kim arrived soon after, her ebullient spirit lifting both Yen and I from too much thinking, as she said she would take us out, yes somewhere close, for dinner. Winking at Yen she said she knew we would be tired after a stay at a relaxing beach resort; we all laughed and stepped out more lightly. Kim drove, and I cuddled Yen from behind for the few minutes drive around the block only, stopping at a local noodle restaurant. It didn’t take long to be served and eat, and I suggested Yen and I would walk home, leaving Kim to go to meet Phung at her restaurant.
It was a nice way to end the weekend really; many local shopkeepers knew me, and I always spoke with them, so tonight I had to field many looks and questions of surprise that I had a beautiful young woman on my arm. I smiled, answered everybody the same: “Yes, she is beautiful isn’t she” without offering any more information. Yen whispered we should walk faster as she was getting embarrassed, but I purposefully slowed, turned to her to say “Why? I am enjoying this; you are beautiful, and I am proud to give all these people a reason to envy me being with you. So bad luck, little one – this ‘old man’ needs to walk slowly!” I held to her arm, some play-acting of my own this time, as I began a limp. Yen chuckled, and held me away until I promised to be ‘normal’; and we continued the short walk home.
We sat on the sofa and cuddled lightly as we watched some TV, but we were both tired, and soon agreed to sleep. I spent five minutes packing my bag for the trip tomorrow while Yen showered, then I did; I set my alarm, in consternation about the morning: should I wake Yen or sneak away? With no clear answer, I turned and cuddled Yen and we lay there together, comfortably close as we kissed ‘good night’ and both drifted off with our own thoughts to sleep.
My worries were pointless, as when I awoke before the alarm and turned to look at Yen, she was already staring at me. “Did you think of sneaking off Steve?” I kissed her, “Just worried about upsetting you, my Yen.” I kissed her, and she did the same, as I wrapped my arms around her, cradling her head to my breast. Yen kissed my chest, “I am not your baby, Daddy; you have to go to work – all wives with working husbands accept this. I am no different. Have a nice day - or three if you must, my darling husband. I will be waiting for you.” The alarm went off then, so I held Yen, kissed her and rose, showered, dressed and left for the office with my bag; Yen stayed in bed, where I leant over and hugged her ‘bye for now’; she stayed silent.
At the office, my secretary ushered me straight into the meeting room, brought my coffee and said “The Directors want to meet with you in a minute.” I hoped it wasn’t the end of my contract, which still had almost 2 months to run, but nothing I could do about it: it was only a consultancy after all. I sipped my coffee, and waited. But again my worries were pointless; the boss and his co-director only wanted to discuss changing my consultancy into a full-time position. I was elated, but patient and quiet until they had outlined their package offering, and then I accepted on the spot, with handshakes and a copy of their offered full-time contract in my hand as I headed out for the car to the airport. ‘When to tell Yen?’ competed in my head with ‘I better telephone my wife at home and tell her”. I phoned my wife, said I would be coming back for a few days to get more of my clothes for my new job. She was happy for both me, and the money, but had to cut the call short, “sorry”, as she was busy at her office! So much for worrying she might be sad I thought.
I didn’t call Yen then, deciding to make it a positive surprise item to discuss on my return – which turned out to be Wednesday afternoon as I was too busy to leave any earlier. An office car collected me at the airport, so I phoned Yen, and said I would come by the house and drop off my bags, and asked if she would like to come with me then to the office for five minutes, before going for dinner. However, Yen wasn’t at home, rather at her Grandmother’s, so she said she would ride the bike and meet me at the office.
When I exited the office Yen was waiting, as were Mae and Kim on Kim’s bike, so we all went for dinner – a family affair as a farewell meal together before Yen’s departure, leaving tomorrow night for just the two of us I imagined was the idea. We had a nice, fun evening; better with Kim there, as her spirits were always bubbly, keeping everyone else laughing and in a light mood. We ate enough, drank enough and I decided this was a good time to tell of my new job position; I wasn’t sure if it would make Yen feel sadder, that she was returning to Australia while I would be staying here permanently, or whether she might feel happier she could come back for holidays and find me here. Here, now, with the light mood in the air, I hoped it would ease any serious thoughts about it Yen might have. Mae and Kim both offered congratulations – it had, after all, been some years since I had had a full-time job – and both pointedly said they would make sure I was ‘taken care of’. Yen, relieving my fears yet again, was ecstatic! She positively shone with excitement and anticipation as she exclaimed “I am so happy for you, Dad, and it means I can come every school holidays and be able to see you!” “Yes, little one, I am happy I will be here also.”
“What about your wife?” Kim asked quite sensibly “Will she come over and join you?” “No, she is happy with her job and her friends and her family there. To be honest, like all my past wives, she is happy I have a good salary again!” laughing as I spoke, but the words conveying what I meant: no, my wife has no interest in being with me, alone here for me and alone there/not alone, I don’t know, is fine with her, providing I can send her money. It seemed Mae, Kim and certainly Yen understood the underlying meaning of my words. “And anyway” I continued, “You all know I have always loved being here more than anywhere; so for me the best thing is: I am back here!” And I held up my beer glass for a family toast of good luck and good health for the future for all; followed by another toast to Yen, wishing her a good final year at school and for her future to come. We settled down, finished whatever food was left, and all went home: Kim took Mae, while I cuddled Yen’s waist gently as we headed off. Kim and Mae both gave Yen a surprisingly long hug, saying they would see her in the morning – must have plans for the day I guessed.
At home, Yen surprised me saying seriously, “Dad, you don’t seem to have had luck with the wives you have chosen before. I don’t understand why; to me you are the most wonderful man, and husband, a woman could pray for!” “They all must have found something not wonderful, Yen.” “The only thing not wonderful, Steve, is how skinny you are! To fix that is a wife’s job – or mine.” and she smiled. I was again surprised when Yen began folding up the clothes which the housekeeper had washed and ironed during the day. I said “Yen, come and sit here and relax, you can do that tomorrow while I am at work.” “Actually, Steve, I can’t; I have to fly out tomorrow at lunch-time, not Friday, some cancellation of Friday’s flight and Qantas are so hopeless, they can’t get me a seat until next week unless I change to tomorrow! And I have to start school Tuesday; I must go tomorrow. Of course, I don’t want to; of course, I didn’t know how to tell you, when to tell you; but I have to go in the morning!”
I was struck dumb for a few moments: was this a good thing so as not to prolong the inevitable departure and separation, or a bad thing so as to cut our precious, short time together more? I hesitated before responding, trying to make sure I thought it out before opening my mouth, “I would like to cuddle you all night then, Yen – that’s what I would like.” “Me too” Yen replied. We showered, Yen first while I locked up, then she searched for and found her remaining clothes, make-up, accoutrements a woman has, putting them together to pack in the morning. I watched her, working there naked unselfconsciously, beautiful and beatific, as I finished showering and cleaned my teeth; sadness was in the air, because of the prospects for tomorrow, but that was not the right attitude to portray for our last night – this time – together. I had to project something more positive; I didn’t want to cry and I certainly didn’t want Yen to. “How many kilos are you Yen?” “46. Why?” “Because I am 50-51; means I need go on a diet so when you come back we are the same!” She laughed derisively “You need put on weight, not diet; don’t you dare lose any more! I want my man healthy and fat. Not just fat down in one place, like now!” nodding at my erect prick. “You make me ‘fat’ like this Yen, so up to you to help me lose weight - if you come to bed now, maybe I can transfer some of this to you.” “Sounds an idea worth exploring” Yen said, dropping the clothes she had been folding, and coming to me, cuddling and pulling me to fall on the bed.
We made love; we showered each other with kisses, then Yen decided she would use her mouth to help me get ‘maximum fat’, so that after she could help me lose the maximum! Novel idea, I conceded. But she didn’t complete her plan at that stage; she stopped after some time of sucking on my moaning cock to say “If we are going to swap kilos, then I want it from you somewhere else.” She slid up my body, dragging my cock with her to lay flat along my stomach between us as she laid down on me, mouth plastered to my nipples side to side, then up to my mouth. My hands were clenching her buttocks, urging her to lift so my prick could find its rightful home, but she ignored me, squashing her abdomen against my flattened prick, teasing me I knew, but letting her dictate the game, whatever pleased her I was willing to do. I loved her. She sucked at my tongue fiercely, almost soaking all the saliva from my throat at the same time, then retreated to kiss my face and my neck, up to my ears and bite the lobes – wow, nobody had ever done this to me before! – moving from one side to the other. She must have felt my throbbing pole between us trying to jump up, and I thought she had begun feeling some sympathy for my predicament when she eased up, swiveled around across my body, raised to her hands and knees and presented her arse to me, a rosebud flexing and inviting as she shuffled her body back towards my mouth. I accepted, and had only to stick out my tongue to start lapping the present in front of me. She lowered closer, so I could lick from front of her pussy, stabbing a clit at the top, then swiping all the way down and around and up her buttocks crack to that winking hole, where I stabbed again.
Yen had thought she was teasing/torturing me? Ha, two people can play …. She used a hand to pull on my prick, and I knew she was now trying to get it to her ‘home’, but I wasn’t allowing it; not yet. I used my tongue and my mouth until she moaned and squirmed; then I knew she was confessing: she had made me ready, then waiting, and now she was ready and waiting. I slid up the bed under her, allowing my cock to drag past her pussy, her slit, poke her anus as it came past, and then I moved to lay over her back and guide my prick straight to that flexing rosebud, wet enough from my mouth a moment ago, and my prick wet enough from everything, and in it went. Yen squealed – and shoved herself hard back against me so we were at maximum penetration between us. Oh, she was tight and her insides gripped me and squeezed me and tried to suck me, or at least suck the cum from me. Not yet, I decided, as I moved away from her to allow myself to pump in and ease out, time and time again; Yen moaned continuously, moved against me with all her strength, willing me on; then it was Yen who began cumming in loud-volume passion as her climax hit like a hammer. That’s when I pulled out and slid down and straight back in a sopping waiting vagina. My hands on her hips prevented her from pulling instinctively away as she screamed now behind her hand covering her mouth, and I buried myself inside. Yen panted “Oh, Steve, give me now please!” Instead, I pulled out and slid my prick, wet with juices and dribbling, straight up her body; Yen gasping in surprise and emptiness, but before she could coherently ask any questions, I used my hands to grasp the sides of her breasts, squeezing them inwards and encasing my cock within, sliding back and forth to touch on her lips. Her mouth opened to receive me, but I didn’t let her; instead I just teased back and made short, fast thrusts between the breasts I was squeezing tightly against my prick. She was at maximum intensity, and when I dug my buttocks hard down against her groin, against her pussy, and ground on her clit, and squeezed her nipples and breasts tighter, and gave my cock a shove into her mouth, she just burst! Burst like fireworks, a mighty scream around my prick, and her body writhing uncontrollably under me. I relented momentarily, released her breasts with a caress, and slid down until I could plunge into her for what was my finale: I blew inside Yen, and even I had to choke a howl from my own mouth, as my body surely transferred one kg, at least, to hers; spurt after spurt of mine body forcing its way into the farthest recesses of Yen’s. We had done it all, and neither of us could forget this farewell surely.
I fell on top of Yen, expelling the pent-up breath from both of us. Yen was first to gasp “I can’t breathe” and I managed to roll myself to her side, panting in time with her. She was also first to recover, starting with “I feel….how do you feel my darling Steve? Have you lost any weight?” I laughed weakly, and replied between pants, “I feel like a young boy who has just lost his virginity; I feel like a man who has tried every which way he can think of to give pleasure to the woman he loves; and I feel like an old man! Oh, and between the sweat and other fluids which left my body, I am sure I am at least two, if not three kilos lighter! Thank you my wonderful exercise machine.” Amidst her laughter, I finished “I love you Yen.” “I love you the same, Dad.” I noted the name change, without emphasis, and stroked her cheek, and down to cup her breast gently.
We needed to shower, but we didn’t; too exhausted to get up, and too comfortable with each other to worry, we slipped, literally, against each other until we cooled enough to cuddle, kiss a ‘good night’ and have this last sleep together, for now. I couldn’t have slept a long time when I woke; it was cool yes, and we weren’t covered, so I pulled the quilt up over us. But it had been disturbing thoughts of some kind, which I couldn’t now remember in a wakeful state; trying to ignore them, and be calm, I rolled to cuddle Yen as close as I could, and slept against her body once more, my head against the softness of her breast lulling me back to sleep.
As much as I willed it, the alarm wouldn’t turn itself off, so I had to wake and do it. I couldn’t get out of bed: Yen was cuddling me so tightly, so I relaxed back down and cuddled her also, neither speaking, but both awake. What to say? I didn’t know, but Yen said in hearty spirit: “Good morning, the man who is my husband. You know, if you had sperm, I think I would be pregnant with multiple babies by now! You go for a shower and I will make your coffee.” She kissed me and rose from the bed, allowing me a last look at her loveliness before she wrapped herself in her sarong. I showered and dressed, went downstairs. Without speaking, I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her and nuzzling through her hair to press my mouth against her neck. Yen arched her neck back at me, and her body, but only for a moment; she turned and said “My job starts now: sit down and eat one piece of toast and jam with your coffee – there at the table.”
I obeyed, sat, ate and drank my coffee - just as Yen said to do. “Yen, I always expected to be around as you were growing up, thought I would still be married to your mother, have a good job, and be able to take care of your money needs for higher education and Uni. This is sensitive, because I am not really in a position to offer any help, but: are you ok for money for school and such?”
Yen smiled gently at me, came over to wipe a speck of jam from my mouth and leaning down to kiss me. “Oh, Daddy, I don’t know it all – Mum just told me she got what she deserved – but I do know that Mum took a lot of money from you, and kept it for herself, and I am sure she got much the better part of the divorce. When we moved to Australia, and ever since, Mum seems to have plenty of money. Yes, she works now, but I think it is still your money which provides me with everything I need. For Uni, I told you Foreign Affairs have already offered me a full scholarship if this year’s results turn out well, as I do expect. I love you for being concerned, but really: I probably should ask if you need a loan from me! My sweet Daddy,” she finished, and bent over to give me another kiss, but a slightly teary one as I hugged her.
As I stood and drained my coffee, both knew it was time to go to work. Yen read my thoughts, and stopped me opening my mouth, “Grandmother and Kim are coming here, and we will go in a taxi to the airport. I don’t want you to come, Steve; I know how emotional you get just watching a funny, romantic movie – remember when we used to watch together because I certainly do: you used tissue after tissue sometimes, and I laughed, sorry – and if you cry saying ‘see you later, little one’ what do you think that will do to my make-up!”
We kissed longingly, sadly and lovingly, hugged so tight it hurt my ribs. Yen was right, of course: I would not be able to contain the tears, just as now I couldn’t, and they rolled down her cheeks from my eyes, even as hers mixed with them and we shared these different love juices together. Yen stepped back a few centimetres to say “See Daddy, what a mess of my make-up you would cause? But now, at this moment, I don’t have any make-up to ruin, so it’s ok to cry now. I want you to go now, Daddy Steve, and leave me to tidy up and get ready. I will be back, and I will take care of you for as long as you want; and even when I am not here myself, I will arrange to take care of you. I love you so much. Now go to work and earn some money! You have a wife to take care of, or even two of them!” She kissed me even as she pushed me to the door, hugged my back, and her hand steered me out.
“See you later, little one. I love you also.”

Although I have made this Part 7 of my series, as it did start by following the earlier parts, this particular fantasy based on my real ex-daughter is leading my imagination in a new direction….

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2008-11-04 03:07:07
I can't believe what a low rating this story has. It's so beautifully done. Must be because of the limited attention spans of most readers, who didn't read to the end. You got my P vote.


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this might be a fun story to change the vasecctomey, and get her pregnat- mmmmmmm

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