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A sexual awakening.
It was oh so lonesome in this big house by myself, with my well-to-do parents in Europe for the summer and school out of session. Being 18 can be such a drag.

The only company for me being the hired live-in staff and the stable hands, and of course mean old Stella, the Cook, that makes me eat her slimy steamed brussle sprouts *ick*.

When you have people hired to do everything for you that leaves you with nothing to do but walk the grounds and lay on your bed dreaming of a life more exciting, more thrilling.

I was currently doing the latter, laying on my bed in my white satin day robe day dreaming of some thrilling adventure when there was a timid knock at my door. It was Ming-Lee, the newest addition to our staff.

Ming-Lee is Chinese, 23 yrs old (though she looks much much younger), and in my opinion very pretty for an Asian girl. Very long pitch black hair that she usually keep pinned up with wooden bamboo pins. Her parents live in poverty so my parents made an arrangement with her family on their last visit over-seas. My parents are providing Ming-Lee with room, board, and American schooling in exchange for being what my Mother calls my "Lady in Waiting". Basically being my shadow was more like it, she followed me everywhere.

I protested greatly at first as I adore my privacy but it soon spoils you having someone run your bath, lay your clothes out, and take all your phone messages correctly. Gradually I became accustomed to having her follow me around the house and watching me with those dark almond shaped eyes. She is a very shy girl so she didn't speak much to me the first few weeks, but her English improved and soon she started confiding in me as I was the only girl even close to her age.

Ming-Lee told me of her home country, and how difficult life is there for her family. She expressed how happy she was to be living in such a nice big house and to have a friend like me to talk to. The more she talked the more I felt closer to her.

Ming-Lee's quarters were right next to my Master Suite. Mother and Father let her move into our nicest Guest Suite complete with a grand bath, and a large balcony. She had burst into tears when Davidson, the Head Butler, carried her one small bag to her rooms the day she arrived. I didn't pay much attention when Ming-Lee first arrived, I had hoped it was one of my parents short-lived arrangements. I am now glad it turned out differently.

I answered for Ming-Lee to enter, and she informed me her cab was here to take her to school for the afternoon, and was there anything I needed before she left as she wouldn't be back until the dinner hour. I declined and thanked her telling her to scoot off to school. She meekly closed the door so that I barely heard the latch click. She is always so quiet! I have turned around and run right into her finding her standing right behind me never having heard her enter a room before.

So again I was back to laying on my bed wondering what mischief I could get into. I walked across the hall and peeked out a front facing window and watched the hideously bright yellow cab exit through the main gate. *Sigh* my little shadow wasn't even here to keep my company.

I turned to walk back to my room thinking of books I could read when the devilish side of my brain snapped on. I stopped in my tracks and looked down the hallway. Most of the staff was on slacking as my parents were not here to oversee things, and I knew several of the maids had gone out for an afternoon of shopping. Stella was here of course but she was in her quarters watching her afternoon stories. That left me basically alone.

I tip-toed with my bare feet to Ming-Lee's bedroom door......I don't know what I had planned but I just wanted to see if she locked it. The brass knob turned easily and made no noise as I let the door slowly swing open. At first glance you would not think anyone had ever slept in the room, much less lived in it. It was spotless and looked exactly as it did before Ming-Lee arrived. Now my curiosity was piqued, how did this girl live? Where were all her personal items?

Nervously I glanced around to be sure I wasn't being spied on and stepped into the room carefully shutting the door behind me. The sun was coming in through the glass double french doors leading to the balcony just as it did in my room. Just as mine Ming-Lee's room was painted soft eggshell white. The furniture was black lacquer, which is why I think my parents put her in this room.

I stood in the center of the room on the oval Persian rug. What exactly was I doing in here? What did I hope to find? I just felt like snooping and seeing what our little Ming-Lee kept in her private quarters, who knows....maybe she was stealing our crystal. I kept telling myself this as I opened a few dresser drawers. I saw nothing interesting, some white cotton panties and socks.

I turned my attentions to the large walk-in closet, which was on the same wall that separated our bedrooms. I opened the door and it was a pitch black inside, a dark contrast to the brightly lit room. Without thinking I stepped into the closet and shut the door behind me. I stood in the total darkness waiting for my eyes to adjust while I fumbled for the light switch, it didn't seem to be in the same spot as in my closet.

My eyes were adjusting and I began to realize there was light coming from somewhere. I walked closer to the back of the closet and the light got a bit brighter. I moved some of the hanging clothes and found a small piece of cardboard taped to the wall with the light spilling out from around it. I pulled the taped end up and saw a dime size hole! I peeked and of course it was right into my bedroom, with direct view of my bed.

Having regained my bearings I knew this hole was right near a large woolen wall rug hanging in my room. I also knew this hole was new as I just got that rug less than three weeks ago (my parents sent it to me from France) and I would have certainly noticed a hole in my bright white wall.

I found the light switch and clicked it on. Maids uniforms, some blouses, nothing out of the ordinary. There were several shoe boxes here and there and my Mother allowed Ming-Lee a clothes allowance to help her fit in at school. I walked to the back of the closet and knelt to beside three stacked shoe boxes. The top two contained shoes, but the second box took my breath away. Inside were several fake rubber penises I held them in my hands in amazement, I knew my Mother had some of these but I have no idea how Ming-Lee would have gotten them. There were also several other items in the box.

A long wand looking thing that vibrated when I turned a little switch on it, and a long string with little blue marbles attached. I had no idea what the string thing was but I knew it must be something sexual. I picked up the wand thing again. My best friend said her older sister has vibrating things that are supposed to make you have an orgasm. I touch myself when I am alone in my room with my hands, but I had never had an orgasm.

There I sat on the closet floor in my robe holding a vibrator. I was already tingly down there form the excitement of finding such a naughty secret box. I clicked it back on and it silently thrummed in my hands. My heart was pounding in my ears and I knew this might be my only chance to use something like this, at least until I went away to college in the fall.

I spread my legs and touched the wand to the crotch of my panties. I jumped! I had never felt anything like that. It didn't hurt but it suprized me. I touched it to my panties again but held it there. Oh it felt so good, I began to move my hips back and forth letting the wand touch where it may. It felt so good I lay my head back against the wall and just focused on the sensation.

I suddenly became very brave and took off my panties. I saw a very large wet spot in the center. I looked between my legs and my neatly trimmed pussy was swollen and red. I touched myself and my fingers found it to be very very wet. I picked up the wand again and touched it to naked flesh. Instantly my hips began to rock again and I was unaware that I had begun to forcefully grind Ming-Lee's wand into my sopping wet pussy.

I had played with the sons of the important families my parents associated with, and even let one go so far as to slide one finger into my hole, but this was a whole new experience for me. I angled the wand and tilted my hips up, and slowly slid it into my tight hole. It slid right in and I gasped. My legs spread even farther and I fucked myself with it, each stroke growing faster and more forcefull. I began to tighten up, my legs spasmed and I knew what was happening. I was beginning to have an orgasm! My nipples were so hard they hurt and I could feel even my little button asshole was soaked with my juices.

I came and I came. Each wave total bliss. I felt like such a whore sitting there using someone else's sex toy, but I didn't care. I just laid there shuddering and grinding my pussy against each thrust of the wand, I think I even blacked out for a few minutes.

Several minutes later I composed myself and did my best to hide any evidence of my having been there. I washed the wand in the bathroom sink and replaced everything to it's original position. My legs were like rubber and I felt as though I could sleep for hours. I made sure the cardboard was taped back over the hole as it had been and I went back to my room and began to draw myself a very hot bath.

As the large tub filled I inspected the hole in my wall and determined under normal conditions it would have never been discovered. However I looked carefully and could easily see the white cardboard. I knew I would be able to see Ming-Lee's eyes......and I knew there would come a time when I *would* see them. I wondered if Ming-Lee had seen me touch myself when I thought I was alone, or if she had seen me walking around my room naked as I usually do after retiring for the night. I wondered if that was why those sexual toys were so close to the hole in the wall.......... THE END


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let him fuck u


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WOW. Awesome story... please wirte more.


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