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The Author Returns
Vengeance 30

A week off and an apartment all to ourselves. Ellie walked in Friday evening after classes let out. She made it one step in the door before I had my fingers firmly wrapped around her pony tail and was dragging her in. Her bag dropped and skidded a few inches as her arms instinctively begin to flail to protect herself. I slammed the door shut, but not before she landed a few good punches. Ellie though not fat, was by no means small.

Ellie enjoyed surprises so long as I didn’t rough her up too much. I let go of her hair and worked to restrain her arms. I succeeded in maneuvering myself behind her and taking a firm grasp of her wrists. I pulled her right wrist backwards and slid my left hand up to her left bicep. After working her for a few seconds, I was able to slide my left arm through and grasp her right bicep. My arm was now locked between her arms and her back, effectively holding them behind her.

From here it was all too easy to cuff her wrists together. She continues to struggle, but by now it was futile. I knocked her to her stomach and sat on her legs so that I may cuff her ankles. I stood up to get a few more materials, prompting her to roll over and start to scoot away from me. She was headed for where she knew I kept the keys.

Nonplussed, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. From there it was all too easy to link her leg cuffs to the footboard, and tie her hair to the headboard. I pulled both ropes so that it was just tight enough to be uncomfortable.

I grabbed what could be accurately described as a “shit-ton” of rope and began to go to work. I cinched her elbows together tightly so that I could remove the cuffs. When I did, her arms and hands flailed together uselessly. I watched her struggle for a few minutes before giving her a very hard, attention getting smack on the ass. I heard her whimper through the pillow her face was currently buried in, and felt her resistance begin to crumble as I cinched her wrists together too.

Not done yet, I grabbed a roll of duct tape. Meticulously I sealed the ropes around her wrists in elbows in several layers. Finally, I unlinked the cuffs from the bed and set her down kneeling on the floor.

“You are now my bitch.”

“How is that different from any other day?” she said, grinning.

“Because this time, I am not untying you. You get yourself free…or…well, there really is no “or.”

I clipped a leash on to her collar. “This is to help you satisfy me as quickly and completely as possible.” She looked up at me half with anxiety at her predicament, half with that sultry look her face always took when she knew she’d lost control.

I gave a sharp tug on the leash causing her to topple forwards. She gasped in shock before I caught her shoulders, stopping her at a forty five degree angle to the floor.

“Make sure you do well,” I old her, “or that leash Is being attached to your tits.”

I pulled her over to the window, and fastened the leash to the curtain rod above. There were two security deposit ruining eyehooks in the wall on either side. I tied each elbow to its respective hook, holding her close to the window and keeping her from turning. This was important. Ellie gasped in shock as I pulled her red tank top up over her unrestrained breasts.

We were on the fifth floor, so no passers by would see her nudity, but we were also right across from another apartment building. I let her fidget uncomfortably with her tits on display for several minutes while I cleaned up the mayhem our struggle had left.

I stripped quietly and came up behind her. Ellie gasped as my cock brushed her thigh. “You get cock if you’re a good girl,” I told her. “What does a good girl do?”

“Suck cock.”

I pulled her shorts down to her ankles. She wore no panties underneath. Anyone in view of our window could now see Ellie’s entire naked body. “You are not entitled to cock, you’ve got to earn it. Right?”

She nodded. I smacked her ass. ‘Tell me.”

“Sucking cock is a privilege, not a right.”

“You came up with that all by yourself too, good girl.”

I lazily brushed a finger across her clit causing her to shudder.

“What would you like to do now?”

“Suck your cock,” she responded immediately.

“Drool for the spectators first,” I said, slipping a ring gag into her mouth.

“Ohhh,” she let out a surprised moan as I slid the asshook in. I attacked a rope from the loop on the end over her wrists to her elbow cinch, forcing her to arch her back and present her tits even more. Already lines of drool were running down her neck and chest.

I moved behind her and reach around to grab her c-cup tits. My cock brushed her hands, but she made no move to grab it. “Good girl,” I told her.

I took a tan dildo with a suction cup on the end and stuck it to the window. Reaching up, I undid the leash that held her head in place and let it dangle. “Show everyone how you suck cock,” I commanded. She immediately shoved her wide open mouth over it and began going to town.

Ellie turned a slight shade of red as she was forced to show off her fellatious talents to anyone who had a glimpse of our window.

Mercifully I detached her from the window and knocked her to her knees. I gently lowered her until her cheek rested on a padded stool about a foot off the ground. I tied a rope to her elbow cinch and ran it through a loop in the ceiling. She couldn’t see what I was doing, so she let out a yell of surprise when she felt herself begin to be lifted by her elbows and the attached asshook.

“Oh my god,” she breathed. I stopped before she was actually lifted off the ground, tightening the ropes just enough to put some pressure on her. She teetered on her knees, held in place, but swinging back and forth slightly, putting pressure on her ass. I poked her lightly, causing her to swing backwards and eliciting a gasp. I poked her again and left the room.

I returned to find her struggling against her bonds as best she could. “Good, start early, it might take you the whole week to get out, bitch.”

“Are you gonna call me that the entire time?” she asked half haughty, half actually wondering. She yelped as I started whipping her.

“Well,” I said, “you’re so helpless in front of me, what are you then?”

“Your slave,” she said submissively.

“Mmm, I like that better.”

“Yes Master. May I suck your cock?”

“You are eager. I think I’d rather call up one of your friends and have them blow me in front of you.” I stopped whipping her and looked at the delightful red stripes across her tanned stomach. Her facial expression showed her disdain for that idea. “How does that sound?” I asked.

“Sounds good Master.”

I smiled, “Such a good little Slave, but you’re getting me off today.” She grinned. I disrobed and sat in a chair in front of her, my cock a few inches out of her reach and started stroking it. “Do you want to swallow my cum?”

“Yes Master.”

“Well, you’ve gotta earn it slave. Until you get out I’m blowing on your face time and time again. But you can get me there.”

I slid up and let her slide her face down on my cock. She bobbed up and down its entire six inches, moaning and pulling against the asshook. Within minutes drool ran down to my balls, and she was getting me close to cuimming. She knew this and started working faster, paying special attention to my head with her tongue. I knew it’d be difficult to pry the eager little slut off my cock. When it started to swell, I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her off, hard. The timing was perfect for me to blow a giant load point blank into her face. I covered her with at least ten lines of cum. It was on her face, her hair, her lips, her chin, even her shirt and tits. She hungrily lapped up what she could and sat there obediently.

“Thank you Master.”

I wiped it off in her hair, and redressed myself. “I’ll get us some dinner, bitch.” She flinched at that. “Oh, hey…”

She looked up, face full of cum. “I love you.” She smiled again. “Having fun?” She nodded. “Now be a good little slut until I get back.”

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2012-07-24 13:07:13
Patty thanks for the cmonemt the love. Yes, it is stunning. We had a feeling that it would be close to the anniversary of my Aunt's death but not this close. Regardless of whatever faith one has or lacks, it's hard not to think of them together now. I like to imagine they're playing rummy.


2008-04-02 19:25:13
I started writing again after a year hiatus. Yes, this being #30 means that there were 29 that preceded it.


2008-04-02 01:34:51
Great!! More please.

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