Part 5
Chapter 25

Dannie was looking at the ceiling above her and rubbing the slight bulge of her belly when she heard the soft knock on the door. The blond haired girl sat up in bed and pulled her blankets up to cover herself as she turned to look at her older sister who was sitting up in her own bed before turning to look at the hall door as she called out, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me,” Kenny said through the door in his normal voice. “Mom and dad have both left for work so we’re in the clear.”

“Come on in Ken,” Dannie said as she let her covers drop from her naked tits so that they pooled on top of her bare legs and left her swollen belly in clear sight as her brother opened the door and smiled at his two pregnant sisters.

“So, are you two ready for the first day of school?” Ken asked as he looked from Dannie curly blond head to Mary’s straight blond hair and then back again.

“Nervous,” Dannie admitted with a weak smile as she pushed her covers aside and signaled for Kenny to come her way. “Not only is this my first day in middle school, it’s the first real chance that someone out of the house will have a chance to see my belly and tits and realize that something is wrong.”

“You’re not that big yet,” Ken chuckled as he sat down on the edge of Dannie’s bed and reached out to run one hand possessively over the bulge of her belly as he used the other one to tease her tits. “I’m sure no one will notice the bulge under your usual clothes.”

“Ken’s right, Dannie,” Mary said as she got out of her own bed and sat down on the other edge of her sister’s bed. “You always wear modest clothes and that should cover your pregnancy for another month or so before you have to worry about wearing something bulky. I’m the one who will have to watch what she wears. No tight jeans or belly shirts for me this year, I’ll have to dress as modestly as you - at least until my belly gets too big to hide.”

“I wondered why mom was so happy with the school clothes you bought for this year,” Dannie said with a smile as Ken moved his hand from her belly to her naked pussy where he rubbed his fingers along her wet slit. As Dannie moaned in pleasure she reached out to rub her sister’s slightly smaller belly before sliding her hands up to squeeze the other girl’s larger tits.

“So,” Ken said as he tickled Dannie’s clit with one hand and moved the other one to Mary’s clit, “who gets to go to school with a pussy load of cum?”

“I do, I do,” Dannie said even before Mary had a chance to open her mouth.

“No fair,” Mary pouted, “can’t you fuck both of us before we leave for school?”

“I wish I could,” Ken sighed with a quick wink, “but by the time mom and dad leave for work there isn’t enough time to fuck both of you. But you can take turns, this morning I’ll fuck Dannie and send to school with a pussy full of cum, and tomorrow morning I’ll fuck you and send you to school with that pussy full of cum.”

“So,” Mary said thoughtfully, “if we take turns fucking in the morning, does that mean we take turns fucking in the afternoon too?”

“Good point,” Ken said with a nod. “That means when mom and dad get home from work tonight you’ll be sitting there with my cum dripping out of your cunt. Just think, while we’re eating dinner with mom and dad they’ll be looking at you and wondering what you’re smiling about.”

“You have such a sexy sense of humor,” Mary said, grinning at the thought of what their parents would look like. “It’s a deal. And while you and Dannie fuck your brains out I’ll grab a shower and get breakfast started. After all, we can’t afford to skip breakfast with babies growing in our bellies.”

“You can’t afford to skip lunch either,” Ken pointed out as he settled down on the edge of Dannie’s bed. “So don’t let me forget that I have something special for your lunches today.”

“But Ken,” Dannie moaned in a combination pleasure and discouragement, “I was planing to buy my lunch.”

“And you know that I always buy my lunch,” Mary pointed out as she rummaged through her dresser for clean panties and bra.”

“I know that,” Ken said with an amused chuckle. “But I realized that a thermos would be the perfect way for you to sneak my little gifts into school - not to mention a good place to hide them in your locker.”

“You know I don’t really need to hide anything from my locker mate, Ken,” Mary said as she selected a set of underwear. “Linda and I have been best friends since kindergarten - in fact she helped me make my plans for fucking you the first time.”

“Maybe you can trust Linda,” Dannie pointed out with a sigh as Ken ran two fingers in and out of her cunt while she stroked his penis. “But I don’t know who my locker mate is yet. Having a hiding place for whatever Kenny has for me might be a good idea. Besides, doesn’t the school have those random locker searches? If they see a thermos they just might leave it alone if they think it’s for your lunch.”

“Good point,” Mary said with a shrug as she headed for the door, “you two enjoy yourselves, I’ll see you downstairs for breakfast.”

“Ok, Ken,” Dannie said after their sister left the bedroom, “ready for the main event?”

“As ready as you are you pregnant little slut,” Ken said as he removed his fingers from his sister’s cunny and showed her the cum juice dripping from them before he licked them clean with obvious pleasure.

“Come on, Kenny,” Dannie said as she wriggled around on her bed to make room for her brother before she opened her legs wide to guide him to her slit. “Slide inside me and fuck me like a horny teenager.”

“I am a horny teenager,” Ken pointed out as he slid between his sister’s thighs so he could place the tip of his cock against the eleven year old’s drooling cunt lips just below the swell of her pregnant belly. With a quick grin at Dannie as she crossed her legs behind his ass Kenny slid forward so his prick eased into her fuck tunnel with a sigh of pleasure from both of them as his swollen balls bumped against her tight ass.

“Fuck me Kenny,” Dannie growled as she rubbed her swollen belly and tits against her brother’s body as he began to thrust in and out of her stretched pussy.

“I love fucking you sis,” Ken growled as he slammed in and out of Dannie’s, “your little cunny is so tight and wet there’s nothing like it.”

“I bet you say that to all the girl’s you fuck,” Dannie moaned as her brother rotated his hips with every thrust so that his shift stroked across her clit. She could feel the sexual energy starting to build toward an orgasm in her swollen belly.

“No,” Ken said with a chuckle as he stroked in and out of her fuck hole, “I tell Mary how much I love her tits and the way her cunt milks the baby juice out of my cock. And I tell Kathy how much I love her red hair, freckles, and enthusiasm.”

“So you like something different about every girl you fuck?” Dannie asked with a sexy smile as she rubbed her erect nipples against her brother’s bare chest. She could feel the sexual energy running down her spine to her belly where it pooled in her belly and surrounded the baby growing in her womb. She almost thought she could feel her baby wiggling in pleasure just like she was as Kenny continued to fuck her, bending forward to suck her nipples as she got closer and closer to her orgasm.

“I’m getting close,” Ken groaned as he picked up the pace of his thrusts until his balls were bouncing off Dannie’s ass with every thrust.

“So am I Kenny,” Dannie gasped as her slit started to grasp her brother’s shaft hard enough to milk the cum from his cock as it sprayed his baby juice deep in her cunt as he sucked hard on her nipples. Dannie screamed with pleasure as her whole body writhed under her brother’s body as it went stiff against her body as he shot wad after wad of cum deep into her belly.

“That was as incredible,” Dannie moaned as her brother rolled off her to lay panting on her bed. “You’re always such a good fuck Kenny.”

“So are you Dannie,” Ken said as he turned his head to give her a quick but passionate kiss. “I can’t wait until our first baby is born so I can knock you up again.”

“You really know how to turn me on Kenny,” Dannie groaned as she rubbed her swollen belly and gave her brother a big grin. “If I wasn’t so tired from the orgasm you just gave me I’d be ready to fuck you again.”

“Good,” Ken said with a grin as he placed his hand on Dannie’s belly as well, “if I can keep you and Mary this horny I’ll be able to fuck both of you whenever I want.”

“You got that right,” Dannie sighed as Ken massaged her belly. “Maybe we should think about hopping into the shower, we don’t have that much time left before we have to head for school.”

“I guess you’re right,” Ken groaned as he forced himself to sit up and swing his legs off the side of the bed. He grinned as he looked down at his wet shaft, he ran his fingers along his flaccid prick and reached over to spread the juices over Dannie’s naked tits.

“Thanks Kenny,” Dannie said as she cleaned the mixture of fuck juices off her tits and sucked her fingers clean. “You know how much I like the taste of our fuck cream.”

“I do,” Kenny said as he got up from the bed and offered Dannie a hand as she got out of bed to join him. “If we had the time I’d ask you to suck me clean, but we don’t so I guess we better get to that shower and then breakfast.”

“So Ken,” Dannie said as they headed toward the bathroom and their waiting shower, “are you going to tell me what you got me and why you hid it in a thermos?”

“You’ll find out in a few minutes,” Ken said as he guided Dannie with a hand on her bare ass. “So, do you want to shower together or separately?”

“Together of course,” Dannie said as she gave Ken’s prick a quick stroke of her hand. “Given a choice I’ll always shower with you - even if we don’t do anything during the shower.”

Ken and Dannie made their way to the bathroom and Ken started the shower as his sister examined her image in the mirror, smiling as she ran her hands over her swollen belly and jiggling her growing tits.

“You really like what our baby is doing to your body don’t you? Ken asked as he watched his younger sister.

“I sure do,” Dannie said as she stepped into the shower with Ken, “and I plan to enjoy every change your baby makes in my body.”

“That may change when your belly gets so big you can’t turn around in the shower without opening the door,” Ken said with a chuckle as he washed Dannie’s back, “but I’m glad you like carrying my baby, and I hope you enjoy the next one just as much.”

“I’m sure I will,” Dannie said with a moan as Ken reached around to soap up her tits and belly before moving down between her legs to soap up her cunt and slide a couple fingers into her slit. “This is why I always enjoy showering with you Kenny,” Dannie purred as her pussy sucked on her brother’s invading fingers.

“It’s why I like showering with you and Mary too,” Ken said, “I just wish we had time to fuck again. I love fucking you girls while the warm water runs down my back. Ever since we started fucking I’ve dreamed about knocking one of you up during a shower fuck, maybe I’ll manage to do it next time.”

“Maybe,” Dannie said with a grin as she rinsed herself off under the shower head and then reached for the shampoo. “But I don’t care where or how you knock me up - as long as you keep doing it. I haven’t mentioned this before but I’m really glad that I’m younger than Mary because that means I’ll be able to have more of your babies before I leave home.”

“Do you really think Mary will leave home for someone else?” Ken asked as he took the shampoo from Dannie.

“I think she and Beth’s brother Bill are going to get married as soon as they’re old enough to do it without parental approval,” Dannie said. “Or haven’t you noticed the way she keeps talking about him?”

“I noticed,” Ken said, “but I didn’t think about it - I didn’t want to think about it.”

“At least you don’t have to worry about me,” Dannie said as she helped Ken rinse his hair out. “I’ll be around until you and Kathy are ready to get married - by then I’m sure Ben and I will be ready to set off on our own too.”

“Sounds like you have everything planed out,” Ken chuckled as Dannie turned off the water and the two of them stepped out of the shower and grabbed their towels from the racks.

“Right down to ho many babies I’ll have before I marry Ben and you marry Kathy,” Dannie said with a grin. “I figure with one a year I should have seven babies by the time I turn eighteen. How does that sound to you?”

“Like the two of us are going to be very busy between now and then,” Ken said with a grin. “And I think we’ll both be very happy.”

“I know I will be,” Dannie sai as she finished drying herself off and hung her towel back on the towel bar. “I’ll see you at breakfast.”

“I’ll be there,” Ken promised as he put his own towel away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While they were waiting for Ken to get dressed and join them in the kitchen Dannie picked up the thermos from the lunch her brother had made for her. She kept turning it over and over in her hands and finally stopped to twist off the top and peer inside. “Neat,” she said as she looked at the hot pink dildo as it reflected off the sides of the thermos.

“I thought so too,” Mary said as she put the food on the table. “Mine is an electric blue, what color is yours?”

“Pink,” Dannie said as she replaced the lid of the thermos, “I guess that means we can tell them apart. And this really is a good way to hide them.”

“I guess so,” Mary admitted, “but I still plan to tell my locker mate about it - and if she wants to use it herself I’ll tell her to go ahead.”

“Are you sure you can trust Linda like that?” Ken asked as he entered the kitchen.

“I’m sure,” Mary said as she sat down at the table and grabbed the nearest box of cereal. “I did tell you that she helped me plan out how to seduce you, right? Well I know for a fact that she’d like to fuck you too, in fact I had to promise to do my best to talk you into fucking her too.”

“I don’t know about that,” Ken said as he poured the milk on his own cereal. “Right now I have all the fucking I can deal with between you, Dannie, and Kathy. I don’t think I could add another girl if my life depended on it.”

“That’s what you say now,” Mary said with a grin as she flipped her blond hair back from her face, “but in five months when the three of us are too big to fuck you’ll be desperate for another cunt to fuck. I’m sure Linda will be wet and waiting for you then.”

“We’ll see,” Ken said with a shrug. “I hope the two of you enjoy your vibrators, I had to make a deal with Kathy’s father to buy them for me. I had to promise him that I’d let him and Jim knock Kathy up with at least one baby a piece before I knocked her up myself.”

“Sounds like a big price to pay,” Dannie said as she finished her cereal. “Are you sure you can stick to it?”

“As long as I have the two of you to fuck and knock up,” Ken said with a grin as he took his dishes to the dishwasher. “So I should be fine until after Kathy gets knocked up a couple more times. Well, shall we walk to school together?”

“Sure,” Mary said as she and Dannie finished clearing the breakfast table.

“Now remember,” Ken said as he put his arms through the straps of his backpack, “if either of you needs or wants me I’m just across the high school just across the parking lot from the middle school.

“I know that,” Mary said as she slipped into her own backpack and then helped Dannie slip hers on. “But we really need to get use to getting though the day without fucking you. After all, if we slip across the parking lot every time we want to fuck someone’s going to figure out the truth sooner or later. Just be ready to fuck when we get home tonight and we’ll be just fine.”


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What happened to Chapters 26 and 27. It goes right from 25 to 28?


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good storyteller; good dialog.

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