Chapter 22

“Dannie?” Ken called as he rapped on the door of his sisters’ room. The door opened at his soft tap and he opened the door wider when he heard his sister answer.

“Come on in, Kenny,” she called, “mom left just a few minutes ago so we’re safe.”

Ken entered the room Dannie shared with her older sister Mary and walked across the carpet to where he saw his younger sister’s blond curls bouncing above the back of the chair at her computer desk. “I know mom left,” he said as he reached Dannie and looked down to see that she’d pushed the top of her pajamas up to expose her tiny but growing breasts, and down to expose her bald dripping pussy. Between Dannie’s little titties and engorged slit he could see the slight bulge where their baby was growing in his sister’s belly. “I was in the kitchen when mom left, she said something about a late meeting this afternoon. She also said that she was going to stop and pick up dinner tonight so we don’t have to worry about that.”

“Good,” Dannie said as she used her left hand to play with her pussy while the left one was occupied with her computer mouse. “Kenny, I think you’ll want to see this e-mail I’ve been reading.”

“Oh?” Ken asked, pulling his gaze away from his sister’s hot body and turning to the computer screen instead. “Who’s it from?”

“Actually there’s two e-mails I want you to see,” Dannie said as she pulled up the first one so her brother could read it over her shoulder. “Before I left camp Beth gave me the e-mail address for Jake’s little sister Karen and I’ve been exchanging e-mails with her for the last couple weeks. It took me a few letters to build up to it but I finally told her about my pregnancy and told her I knew about Jake knocking up her and her mom.”

“Did you tell her the truth about your pregnancy?” Ken asked as he grabbed Mary’s chair and rolled it around so he could sit down as he read the e-mail on the screen.

“See for yourself,” Dannie said as Ken read the e-mail for himself. “Originally I let her think her brother was the one who knocked me up, but after a while I realized that she was intelligent enough to catch on to the truth so I told her the truth in my last e-mail, and this was her response.”

“Neat,” Ken said with a chuckle as he read Karen’s e-mail. “She says she doesn’t have a problem with you tormenting Jake the way you are - as long as you don’t hit him up for child support.”

“And Mary and I certainly don’t have any plans along those lines,” Dannie said with a chuckle of her own. “Do you see what she says about Jake’s highschool girlfriend?”

“Let’s see,” Ken said with a slight frown as he reached for the mouse and shifted the page up and down until he found the proper paragraph. “Is this it? Where she talks about Jamie?”

“Yeah, that’s her,” Dannie said as Ken read over her shoulder.

“According to this,” Ken said thoughtfully, “the reason Jamie broke up with Jake wasn’t because he knocked her up, it was because he refused to wear a condom when she asked him to. Does that make sense to you? I mean, she’s pregnant because Jake refused to wear a condom when he fucked her, but she’s not upset that he knocked her up?”

“It does make a crazy kind of logic,” Dannie said with a puzzled shrug. “From what Karen says it sounds like Jamie doesn’t mind having a baby, her problem is that Jake didn’t do what she told him to. That’s why she broke up with him even before she found out she was pregnant.”

“As long as it makes sense to you,” Ken said with a confused shake of his head. “What about the other e-mail you mentioned?”

“That ones from my bunkmate Kathy,” Dannie said, calling up the other e-mail so her brother could read it as she spoke. “She says that when she got home her brother was waiting for her and practically tore her clothes off before he threw her on the floor and fucked her raw.”

“I see that,” Ken said, “she says it wasn’t until after her brother pumped her full of cum that she realized he wasn’t wearing a condom. That’s when he told her that during the month she was at camp he and their father realized that they actually wanted to knock her up and decided to give her the baby she wanted as soon as she got home.”

“Fortunately the two of them decided that it was their own fault that she gave up on getting a baby from them and let someone else knock her up. And that’s why they’ve decided to support her and the twins once they’re born.”

“That and the fact that she’s agreed to let them knock her up next time,” Ken said with a short chuckle. “I think that’s going to be one busy girl if she keeps having twins.”

“I think you’re right,” Dannie said with a chuckle of her own as she kept reading the e-mail. “But to tell you the truth I wouldn’t mind being that busy with your babies Kenny.”

“I don’t know if I want that many babies,” Kenny said with a blush, “especially if Mary wants to have that many.”

“Don’t lie to me Ken,” Dannie said as she reached behind her to rub the lump in her brother’s shorts. “You obviously like the idea of knocking us up again and again.”

“Maybe,” Ken admitted, “but I still think that would be a lot of babies to take care of.”

“But you still like the idea of making them,” Dannie pointed out, rubbing Ken’s cock through his clothes.

“I love the idea of making them,” Ken said with a sigh of pleasure as he reached down his eleven year old sister’s shirt to play with her breasts.

“Good, because I love making them too,” Dannie said. “In fact, why don’t we ‘practice’ making another one right now?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Ken said as he took his hand out of his sister’s shirt and started removing his own clothes.

“Did you finish reading Kathy’s letter?” Dannie asked as she headed for her bed, shedding pieces of clothing as she went.

“No,” Ken said slowly, watching Dannie’s ass shift enticingly as she led the way to her bed. “Did I miss the best part?”

“I’ll say,” Dannie said as she jumped into the and rolled around on the covers until she was on her back with her knees spread wide as Ken crawled in between her thighs to lick her bald slit. “Kathy wants to come over and meet you this afternoon, that is if it’s alright with you.”

“What do you think Kathy means when she says she wants to meet me?” Ken asked between long strokes of his tongue.

“If I know my old bunkmate,” Dannie said with a sigh of pleasure as her brother tickled her clit with the tip of his tongue, “it means that she wants to fuck you like crazy. You like that idea don’t you Kenny?”

“What gives you that idea?” Ken asked as he stuck his fingers in Dannie’s bald drooling cunt.

“Your cock,” Dannie said as she wiggled her hips around Kenny’s fingers as they slid in and out of her vibrating cunny as she felt her orgasm growing behind the slight bulge of her belly. “I can feel your prick against my leg, and when I said that Kathy would want to fuck you it got so hard I knew you liked the idea.”

“Maybe I do,” Ken admitted with a sigh, “but just because I want to fuck her, that doesn’t mean I want to stop fucking you and Mary.”

“I know that,” Dannie gasped, her eyes blinking rapidly as Ken’s tongue pushed her body closer and closer to her orgasm. “But just because you love fucking us doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fucking other girls as much as we enjoy fucking other guys. And trust me, Mary and I do enjoy fucking other guys.”

“I’m glad you understand,” Ken said as Dannie’s ass started bouncing around on top of the covers as her orgasm slammed through her body and she screamed in pleasure. “Because the more I think about it, the more I look forward to fucking Kathy. Why don’t you give her a call as soon as we’re done fucking. The sooner she gets here, the more time we’ll have to fuck.”

“Whatever you want Ken,” Dannie said, gasping for breath as her body recovered from her orgasm. “You can fuck Kathy all you want when she gets here, as long as you fuck me right now.”

“Your wish is my command oh horny sister,” Ken said as he started moving up her body, kissing every inch of her bare skin as he wiggled his way up. As he kissed her belly bulge several times he brought his hands up to massage the two and a half month mound of their growing baby. “I still find it hard to believe that this is really our baby growing inside your belly, but it’s getting pretty hard to deny it every time I look at your naked body and see this sticking out from your skinny waist. And every time I see your belly bulging out like this it makes me so horny I just have to fuck you.”

“Good,” Dannie said as she grabbed Ken by the ears and tried to urge him further up her body, “because your baby makes me so horny I want to fuck every waking minute.”

“I’ll do what I can,” Ken said as he moved his lips and hands up to Dannie’s breasts where he started to suck on his sister’s erect nipples as he squeezed her tits. “God Dannie, I can’t believe how much your tits have grown since I knocked you up.”

“Neither can I,” Dannie purred as her older brother played with her tits. “You know they’re going to grow a lot bigger over the next six and a half months, right Ken.”

“I know,” Ken said as he shifted further up Dannie’s body to kiss her mouth as he reached down to place the tip of his cock against his sister’s wet slit. “I can’t wait to see what they look like when they’re full of milk for the baby.”

“As long as you still want to fuck me when my belly sticks out like a beach ball you can play with my tits all you want. I’ll even let you drink all the milk our baby doesn’t need.”

“I’ll hold you to that promise,” Ken said as he slipped the head of his prick between Dannie’s pussy lips and slid his shaft into the girl’s sucking hole.”

“Oh yeah,” Dannie groaned as she gripped her brother’s invading cock with her whole cunt as Ken pulled out all the but head of his shaft before sliding it back into her pregnant belly. “Fuck me Kenny, fuck me.”

“Just try and stop me, sis,” Kenny groaned as he slammed the full length of his prick into Dannie’s body until he felt the tip of his cock hit the girl’s cervix. “Take that you little slut.”

“I’m a slut,” Dannie screamed happily as she wrapped her arms and legs around her brother’s back and held him tight against her own body. “I’m your horny fucking pregnant slut and I want you to fuck me until I can’t fuck any more.”

“The way you’re going that will never happen,” Kenny screamed as his balls filled with the cum he was about to shoot in Dannie’s fuck tunnel. “You’ll wring me dry before you stop fucking.”

“I hope you never run dry, Kenny,” Dannie screamed as she felt her own orgasm growing just behind her baby, “because if you do than where are my babies gonna come from.”

“I’m sure you’ll find someone to knock you up Dannie,” Ken groaned as he slammed his cock into his sister cunt one more time as it started to spurt baby juice deep into the little girl’s fuck hole. Even as Ken’s cum filled her cunt Dannie’s own orgasm slammed through her body and her arms and legs tried to crush her older brother’s body against her pregnant belly in a death grip as she screamed her throat raw with pleasure.

“You are fucking incredible,” Ken groaned as he rolled off to the side, pulling his shrinking cock out of his sister’s cunt with a wet slurp. “If you’re this horny at two and a half months I don’t know what I’m going to do to keep up with two of you when you get close to term.”

“Well you better keep up with us Ken,” Dannie said with a weak grin as her brother reached over to stroke her stomach bump, “otherwise Mary and I will be very disappointed with you.”

“I’ll do my best,” Ken sighed. “Maybe you should go call Kathy right now so I can get in some practice fucking two pregnant girls at once. If she’s over here often enough then I should be able to keep up with you and Mary when she gets back from camp.”

“You know Ken,” Dannie said thoughtfully as she sat up with a soft groan, “if you went to camp next month like you originally planned than you’d get in plenty of fucking exercise with Beth and Ben’s sisters when they show up for camp.”

“I know,” Ken said with a sigh as he stretched out on his sister’s bed. “But if I went to camp where would that leave you and Mary? That’s why I worked so hard to get on my little league team so I’d have an excuse to stick around home instead of going to camp next month. At least dad was happy when I made the team.”

“So was I Ken,” Dannie pointed out, “because I knew the real reason you did it was so we could keep fucking. But right now I better get to the phone and call Kathy before one of us decides to go for another round.”

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