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A very helpful girl aids her new friend
== The Naughty Little Girl by LO ==
(Mf, mast, ped, oral)

Gloria wandered away from the playground, having become tired of swinging and
clambering around the monkey bars. She brushed the remaining sand from the sandbox
off her short frock as she strolled casually toward the trees a few dozen yards away.
Casually looking around, but intently scanning for anything unusual under the trees, the
young girl was soon rewarded by the sight of a man sitting on a large fallen tree. He was
facing away from the open area and appeared to be peering through binoculars at
something deeper in the woods.

Softly the little girl walked under the trees, parting low branches carefully with her hands.
Soon she was about twenty feet behind the man. She sneezed. The man started and
quickly turned his upper body around and stared at her.

"Watcha doin, mister?" Gloria asked him, almost whispering in the silence.

"Just looking at some birds. What are you doing here?"

"I got bored at the playground. I decided to explore the woods. What kind of birds are you
looking at?"

"I was trying to see if there were any wrens here, but all I have seen are wood thrushes and

Gloria was slowly closing the distance between them. Mike's eyes were examining her,
especially her bare legs. He watched her flex herself, stretching and pushing her soft, but
little, puffy breasts against the thin fabric of the frock. He estimated what the small mounds
might look like if exposed. He wondered if she had little nipples on her immature boobs.

"Did your mom tell you not to talk to strangers, little girl?" Mike asked quietly.

"Yeah, she said never do that, but she is busy reading and drinking some brandy back in
our apartment, so I can do what I want, even come to the playground by myself. Just so
she doesn't see me doing anything wrong, she doesn't care."

By now she was so close that another step would press her juvenile body against him. Idly,
she scratched her chest, letting her fingers play briefly on top of the fabric over one
immature breast. He saw her look down at this lap, perhaps noticing a bulge beginning to
appear in the front of his shorts, but she was, he estimated, too young to understand what it
meant. He turned his head from side to side, scanning the area to see if they were alone.

The little girl sat down next to him and casually let one small hand rest on his bare thigh.
She expressed an slight interest in his binoculars. Her proximity was really influencing how
things were faring inside his shorts.

"My name is Gloria," she informed him. "And I'm nine years old."

"My name is Doug," he replied, knowing it would be best not to provide her his real name.
"Is your mom a drunk?"

"Nah! She just gets a little high and sits around reading. She likes to do that."

"She should be ashamed letting a pretty little girl like you wander around unsupervised.
You could get yourself into trouble, a whole lot of trouble."

Mike placed a hand gently on her bare knee and caressed her skin slowly with his fingers.
The little girl made no objection and did not pull herself away.

"She doesn’t care. She always says I'm a naughty girl, no matter how good I try to be."

As he stroked her bare leg more boldly, Mike's other hand touched himself through his
shorts. His growing erection was straining against his briefs, aching to be free.

"Are you a naughty girl or a good girl?"

"I try to be good," she said with a frown wrinkling her forehead. "I always try to be nice to
people and help them, but mommy only seems to see me being bad."

Mike lifted himself up to relieve the pressure inside his shorts. He also tugged on the fabric
to loosen the pressure he felt. When he sat, his penis was clearly outlined against one leg
of the shorts. He could see Gloria looking at the sausage-shaped bulge.

"What's that?" Gloria asked innocently, her finger pointing at and hovering an inch above
the concealed penis.

"I just have a little problem, sweetie. Don't worry it will go away soon."

"I see the problem? Can I help you with it?"

Mike looked around again. They were still alone. In the distance he could hear the faint
squeals and shouts of some other children.

"I don't think I should, sweetie. We could get into trouble, and...."

"Please, Doug. I won't tell anyone. Cross my heart and hope to die."

He watched her gesture with her hands, affirming her oath of silence.

Slowly, cautiously, Mike stood up and pulled down his shorts. Letting them fall to his
ankles, he worked his throbbing erection through the loose fly of his under shorts.
He stood up closer to her, now hoping she would touch him. He nervously continued
to look around the woods. They were quite alone.

"Whoa! What is that?" Gloria exclaimed, grinning up at him.

"Haven't you ever seen a boy's penis before?"

"Is that what a penis looks like?"

"Haven't you ever seen one before?"

"I saw Sean's, but he was two years old. My mommy and I were at his house when his
mother was changing his clothes. It was small and floppy."

"This is a man's penis, and it is big like this because you are so pretty. You are making me
really excited, making me big and hard like this."

Mike watched her reach out cautiously and grasp him. He felt the young girl give him a little
squeeze with her damp, soft hand. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Go ahead, sweetie, play with it. It feels good when you touch me."

"Well maybe just a little."

She fingered his cock with one hand, giving it a few more soft squeezes. It was growing
even longer and harder as she touched him.

"This is so cool," she said softly, smiling at him.

"Would you really like to help your friend Doug?"

"I guess."

"You can help me by making the juice come out so I feel better."

"I don't know. What kind of juice?"

"I'll give you five dollars if you do it, and it would really, really help me a lot."

"Five dollars! Okay!"

Mike stroked himself, demonstrating what he wanted her to do. Then he placed her hand
under his own and wanked himself again pressing her fingers around himself.

"Just like that. Go ahead and try it. You can be a big girl now. If you do this, I would fee so
much better."

The girl began to pump his hard cock. He looked at the concentration on her little face.
Her small hand could not envelope him completely. Soon she was pumping him with both
hands, looking up at him for approval.

"Yeah, that's really great, sweetie," Mike encouraged hoarsely.

"When is the juice coming out, Doug," she gasped.

"Soon," he assured her, looking at her sweaty little face. "You are getting hot. Why not pull
off that little frock to stay cooler."

Gloria gave him a few more strokes and stopped. She loosened a few buttons and pulled
the frock over her head. She was wearing only panties underneath. Mike took the frock
and carefully laid it next to him on the trunk. He pulled her closer.

"Let me see you, sweetie. You are so beautiful!" he grunted.

Leaning over he kissed the little puffies, Becoming more excited, he licked them and
planted kisses over her chest and shoulders.

"Oooo, that feels nice, Doug!"

Gloria reached down and resumed wanking her new friend. She closed her eyes, enjoying
the pressure of his oral caresses on her naked skin. The perverse activity was taking over
Mike, body and soul.

"Would you like to make this more fun for me, sweetie?"

"How?" she panted.

"Would you like to suck on my penis, Gloria. It would be really nice for me, and I think you
would like to enjoy that too."

"Suck on it? Isn't is dirty?"

"No, not at all. I wash it thoroughly several times each day," he lied. "Go ahead. Kiss that
knob on the end. Go ahead, sweetie, do it. I'll give you another five dollars."

With not much more urging, the little girl leaned down and planted a big, wet kiss on the
end of Doug's penis. Then, stretching her mouth wide she pushed the know inside her wet,
warm mouth.

"Oh yes! That feels so wonderful," Mike hissed.

He could now feel the semen flowing through him, seeking an outlet for the building
pressure. He placed his hands over hers to obtain a little more speed.

"Suck me a little more, sweetie," her urged. "The juice is almost ready to come out."

He leaned his head to one side better to observe his cock buried in her little mouth, to see
her lips slide up and down the thick shaft.

"Oh yeah, sweetie," he groaned. "Now finish me off with your hands."

She stood up and wanked him, staring at the swollen member.

"Ghhhhh! Ungh! Ohhhh! Yesss! Yes!" he grunted.

His juices squirted out, falling on the detritus of the woods, leaving glistening droplets on
fallen leaves and twigs.

"Neat!" she said. "Are you starting to feel better now?"

"Don't stop yet, baby!" he whined. "Keep on stroking me!"

Gloria wrung out the cock, squeezing out all the little drops of juice. When she finished, it
hung limp, still partly swollen and red, from his thicket of curly hair. She lewdly flipped it a
few times with her fingers, giggling and smiling at him.

As soon as he got his wits back, Mike felt guilty about what he had just done with this
innocent young girl. He gathered up his shorts and pulled out his wallet. Extracting three
five dollar bills, he placed them in her nine year old hands. He watched her pull her frock
on and do up the buttons.

"I gave you extra five because you are so pretty and did a good job."

"Thanks, Doug. I come to this park every Thursday. Maybe I can see you again."

"Yeah, yeah, that would be nice," he replied, thinking about what a crazy idea that would be.

"Bye," she said over her shoulder as she walked away, heading to the playground. "Next
Thursday, don't forget."

Mike watched her walk slowly across the lawn. Maybe, he thought, I'll be back next
Thursday, but I better haul ass away from here now. Gathering up his binoculars and
checking out his attire, he strode off through the woods away from the playground, every
few minutes looking back over his shoulder. Fifteen bucks, that was really a bargain, and
he did feel great now.

Gloria approached the woman sitting on the bench near the sandbox. Her novel was lying
next to her with a bookmark sticking out. She was watching some boys playing in the

"Where have you been, Gloria dear?"

"Earning some money, mommy. I have fifteen dollars."

"What did you do to get that money?"

"I jerked some guy off and sucked his cock a little."

"That's nice, dear," her mother said with a little laugh.

"And I think I'll see him again next week too."

"Very good, Gloria. How old did you say you were?"

"Nine, and he believed it too." She giggled at telling about her lie.

"I guess you can still get away with claiming that age, but pretty soon, these men are going
to realize that is too young, maybe even see that you are really twelve."

"Would that be so bad?"

"No, not really. It is just enough that you are a naughty little girl."

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