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I gave here what she wanted
== My Girlfriend's Daughter by LO ==
(Mf, Ped, Mast, Oral, Int)

It was a Friday at the end of a hard week at my job, so I was taking it easy on the couch,
watching, but not paying much attention to some day time soap operas, dozing off every
few minutes. I would wake up halfway now and then to discover a new program was
playing on the television set.

Lizzie arrived from school with a crash and a rumpus as she shoved open the door and
strode into the living room, dragging her book bag on the floor. She glanced at my
prostrate form as she strolled past and entered her bedroom to change from her school
clothes and drop off her book bag. Returning in a few minutes, the twelve year old slid next
to me on the couch, pressing closely to make herself a space. There I was, firmly against
her soft, pre-teen body. Her long brown hair was still done up in a thick braid, which she
pulled around and laid on her chest. To make more room for us, I slid my arm under her
head. My face was then inches from hers, and I was compelled to gaze across her pretty
face at the TV screen. Her girlish aroma wafted from her warm body.

My girlfriend Becky worked a different shift from mine, so I was usually at home when her
young daughter returned from school. Even though the girl was twelve years old, she was
not obviously mature yet. In fact, her mother was concerned about Lizzie's "late"
development and had discussed it with the pediatrician, who assured Becky that there was
nothing wrong with her daughter and that a little more time would cure the problem.

Anyhow, Lizzie's physical maturity differed markedly from her social maturity. She was very
concerned about relationships, boyfriend-girlfriend situations, and the like. Becky herself
was a very sexual lady, probably the reason she was concerned about Lizzie's sexual
development. Becky seemed to want me often, sometimes in rather indiscrete locations,
not that I was very reluctant to refuse her advances. I talked to her about Lizzie possibly
observing our couplings, but Becky did not seem to be very concerned, even stating that
Lizzie probably would not understand what was happening if we fucked openly right in front
of her. I disagreed and attempted, as best I could, to keep our love-making out of sight of
her daughter. Anyhow, Becky was always trying out some new sexual adventure, and I was delighted with her inventiveness.

Nevertheless, I was certain the young girl was quite aware of intimate moments that
occurred between Becky and myself. I had seen doors crack open, heard soft movements
near our bedroom, and actually observed her eyes peeking at us once or twice. Not only
that, when Lizzie and I were alone, she inserted questions about sexual matters into our
conversations, which I either ignored or provided her with vague answers. It was clear to
me, at least, the young girl had caught us more than once.

So there we were cuddled on the sofa, watching some stupid drama. To make matters
worse, the topic was rather explicit for daytime TV. Lizzie was pressed against my side,
her head on my arm. My other arm rested on her right hip with my hand on her thigh. Every
time, which was not all that often, there was an interesting moment, Lizzie twitched her
body against my own. Out of nowhere, she posed a question.

"Mommy's not coming home til late, right?"

"Yeah, she is going to see your Aunt Helen after work, so I will take you out to the Burger
Palace for supper, if you want."


She turned her face around to mine and gave me a sweet smile. I peered into her
innocent, green eyes and examined her soft, full lips, thinking what a cute babe she would
be in a few years. Unconsciously, I had been moving my hand along her thighs, feeling her
soft skin under the short skirt she had put on. Lizzie rocked her little butt and pushed
herself closer against me. I noticed that her top had gapped open at the neck a little,
allowing me a peek down at her chest. I was surprised to discover that she had small, but
obvious breasts. It tried to see her nipples, but they were covered from my view. Looking
up at her eyes again, I realized that she had caught me checking her out.

Lizzie lifted her upper leg and used it to push my hand, which had been stroking it, down
onto the inner surface of her lower leg. I decided to continue my casual stroking, wondering
if I should stop and not actually wanting to. Perhaps, stopping would suggest that my
fingers were being just a little naughty. I could feel my penis swell a little inside my pants.
Anyhow, I was enjoying the feel of her soft flesh beneath my palm. Then the young girl
grasped the hand of the arm which was supporting her head and pulled the hand onto her
chest so that it rested directly on top of one of her small breasts. I was becoming more
stimulated, but I knew that this illicit contact was wrong and tried to act nonchalant.

"Honey," I whispered into her ear, "We really should not be doing this. We could both get
into big trouble, and your mommy would kill us if she found out."

"We're not doing anything but snuggling, Larry. What's wrong with that?"

I saw a cute smile play on her pouty lips.

"I think this is starting to be more than casual snuggling, Lizzie."

The little girl knew what she wanted even if I did not know it yet. She put her hand over
mine and pressed it harder against her small breast. I could feel her nipple, now stiff
against the thin fabric. Fascinated by this discovery, I began to caress her softly, rubbing
my finger tip back and forth across the pert nubbin. Lizzie emitted a contented sigh, and
her small body undulated gently against mine.

My other hand was soon brushing against her cotton panties, discovering the moist warmth
between her legs. Lizzie now lifted her upper leg and draped it over mine, spreading her
legs farther apart. Accepting this wanton invitation with my lust-clouded mind, I started
moving my finger along her panty crotch, trying to feel her slit through the damp fabric.
She turned her head slightly and looked into my eyes once again with a sweet smile on her
lips The cute face attracted my lips which brushed against her soft cheek.

"Go inside my panties," she urged softly.

Pushing the elastic aside, my fingers found the smooth surface of her pre-teen labia and
ran up and down her damp, soft slit. I saw her eyes close and her lips part for another soft
sigh of pleasure. I began to fondle and explore the young girl's most private place, while
Lizzie began to hump herself gently against my hand. I tugged my other hand free from her
grip, inserting it under the top of her shirt so that it rested on her bare flesh. My fingers
located the same nipple I had been teasing and pinched in softly.

"Oh Larry, this is so nice," she whispered, and she reached behind her back to put her
small, warm hand onto the hard mound that was growing inside my pants. I continued to
finger her twelve year old pussy, and was now rewarded with her own illicit fondling. My
mind was telling me to stop, but I could not. I had to find out how far I could go with the little
girl. Instead, I pushed the tip of my finger inside her vagina. I did not want to tear her
hymen, so I slowly and gently finger-fucked her, going a little deeper as I progressed. The
girl was already very lubricated, and I was considering how fine it would be to fuck her, but
the idea scared me. In fact, the wicked thought frightened me, so much that I pulled my
finger out. My fear subsided and soon I was running my wet finger along her slit, trying to
see if her clit had been stimulated.

"Put your finger into me again, Larry," she requested. "It felt so nice inside me."

Well, she asked for it, so I began fingering her hole again, still being careful.

The girl grabbed the arm on her chest with both hands, no longer fondling me and began to
hump her crotch into my hand. Soon she was panting and sweating, and her fingers dug
into my arm. I began to probe her more deeply, swirling my finger around inside her tight
juicy vagina. The twelve year old girl was grunting and gasping now, her little body writhing
in a frenzy.

"Deeper, Larry! Faster!" she cried.

I finally realized that Lizzie knew precisely what she was trying to do, and she had probably
enjoyed many pre-teen orgasms before this. I visualized her naked in her bedroom with
her hand buried inside her slick cunt, moaning and panting. She wrapped her arms
around my arm, hugging it against herself as her slim pelvis bucked against me. I adjusted
my lewd fingering to match her hot pace.

"Hngghhh! Ohhhh!" she moaned.

Finally, Lizzie shuddered in her climax, her young body stiffening and becoming rigid
except for a residual slow pelvic undulation against my hand. Weakly panting and sighing,
she gradually calmed down, and her hands slipped limply away from my arm. Her thighs
came together and squeezed my hand, the source of her recent agony, between them. We
lay together on the cushions. I could sense the heat of her body and aroma of her girlish

Her breathing became regular and soft. I thought she had fallen asleep. The dramas had
ended, and a variety show was on the TV screen. I briefly wondered what time it was, but I
could not free my hand to see my watch.

"Mmmmm," she sighed.

Her face slowly turned to mine. Lizzie appeared flushed and her face gleamed with a film
of perspiration. She smiled as a hand came up to clutch my hand, once again, against her
soft breast.

"That was wonderful, Larry. I bet you are really excited now."

"Yeah, I guess," I admitted lamely.

My cock felt like a steel rod, ready to tear through my pants.

"Do you want me to help you?"

"Yeah, sweetie, do something for me now."

Lizzie carefully rolled off the couch coming to rest on her hands and knees on the rug with a
soft plop. I got up from the couch and stood over her. I was really hot, so I pulled my shirt
off first. Then I pushed my pants and shorts down to my ankles and kicked them aside. I
stood over her in my stocking feet with my erection standing brazenly out from my body.
Meanwhile, my little lover had stripped off her clothes, pulling off the top and skirt. Lizzie
sat herself on the floor, cross-legged in front of me, wrapping a little hand around my hot
shaft. She began to stroke me with one hand, playing with my balls with the other. I looked
down at her beautiful little face, which still appeared so innocent and pure in spite of what I
had just done to her and what she was now doing for me.

"Does this feel good, Larry? Am I doing it right?"

"Oh yes, sweetie, it feels good. Why don't you rub your hand on your pussy so that it
becomes slippery with your pussy juice."


She quickly rubbed her palm between her legs and returned to jerking me off. He hand
was now sliding nicely up and down my shaft, and I could smell the aroma of her juices.

"How is that, Larry?"


"Larry, is this good enough, or do you want a blow job?"

"Whatever you want to do, sweetie, but you could suck me if you want."

I was only a little surprised that Lizzie knew about oral sex and already began to think about
how nice it would be to eat her virgin cunt. She looked at me and smiled, and I understood
that giving her the option to do as she wanted made her feel sexy and grown up.

"Yes, Larry, I think you need to be sucked."

Lizzie rose up onto her knees and closely examined my cock. Giving me a cute grin, she
lowered her head over my penis with a wide-open mouth. I watched her lips envelop the
swollen head and felt her teeth lightly scrape the smooth skin. She began to slurp on my
cockhead as she gently wanked the thick shaft with her little hand. I could see she had a
problem because, even on her knees, my cock was slightly too high for her mouth.

"Wait a minute, baby," I said. "You are working too hard." I sat down on the couch and

tugged her close to me, between my legs. "This might be easier for you."

She lowered her mouth onto my cock, taking the head into her mouth, but was now able to
slide her lips farther down the shaft. Closing her lips tightly around me, Lizzie started to
suck and bob her head lasciviously up and down. I would swear that this was more exciting
than when her mother blew me.

"Oh god, sweetie, this is magnificent," I moaned as I looked down at her face, still seeming
innocent, rise and fall on my erection. I grabbed her head between my hands and then
grasped her braid with one hand. The little girl could just take in my head and a little more,
but then she probably had never done this before, so I had hopes of a better sucking from
the little slut in the future.

"You are doing great," I encouraged her while she played with my semen-swollen testicles.

Her other hand was stroking me in time with her hot little mouth. Her lewd slurping noises
were exciting me. I decided to give her a little guidance.

"Lick the bottom of my cock with your tongue and kiss my balls too, sweetie."

I watched her pink tongue move up and down the shaft as it wetly pressed against her
cheek. Then twisting her head to one side, the girl kissed my balls, and even sucked them
without any more instructions from me. Lizzie took my head back into her mouth again.
Using her braid as a handle, I began to move her head in rhythm with my hips, humping into
her little mouth. She looked up at me and let the cock fall from her lips again to press her
lips up and down the hard shaft with soft, wet kisses.

"I'm gonna come, baby. I'm gonna lose my load!"

"In my mouth, Larry!" the young slut cried out. "I want it in my mouth!"

She wrapped her lips around my cock again, and I fired my first shot of come into her
mouth. I could see her flinch as my cream slammed into the back of her throat, but she
heroically did hold me in her wet mouth. Instead, she welcomed the second shot of come
as it gushed into her eager mouth, but the flood was beginning to overwhelm her, and my
sticky semen began to ooze from her lips. She moved her small hand below her chin to
catch the overflow. By now the torrent was abating, and a creamy pool had collected in the
palm of her hand.

"Swallow it, baby. Don't let it drip onto your mom's rug."

I saw her gulp what was in the mouth. Lizzie looked up at me, and opened her mouth to
show me it was empty except for her semen-coated tongue.

"All gone, Larry."

Then she lifted her palm up to her lips and sucked it clean. I watched her swallow again,
and lifted her up onto my lap. As our naked bodies pressed together, I swabbed up a few
drops of semen on her chin and pushed my fingers into her mouth. Her lips closed around
them and sucked them clean. Lizzie's mouth closed, and she swallowed again. Her little
tongue swabbed her lips, cleaning up any remaining drops of my juice.

"Not bad," she said. "It has an odd taste, but I liked it."

Then I pressed my lips against hers, tasting myself in her mouth as her little tongue
flickered urgently against mine. We broke off finally to get our breath back. A worried
look appeared on her face.

"Don't tell mommy we did this!"

"Hell no, sweetie, this is going to be our special secret. Besides, she would kill both of us if
she found out."

"Can we do it again?"

"Sure, baby, we just can't let your mom find out. She'll cut my balls off and send you to a

"I love you, Larry," she said softly, now reassured.

"I love you too, Lizzie honey."

After we had kissed more, and I tasted her sweet mouth, we got up and put our clothes
back on in preparation for going out for our supper.

The next week had a school holiday, so Lizzie would be home alone. Becky wanted her
daughter to spend the day with a girlfriend from her class, but those arrangement fell
through when the friend became ill the day before.

"Mommy," Lizzie complained. "I'll only be home a few hours alone, and then Larry will get
here, and I won't be alone. I'm twelve years old. I'm a big girl now."

Her mom finally agreed at last without my becoming a part of the discussion. If Becky had
any idea how big a girl her daughter had become, she never would have allowed us to be
alone together. Since our first little tryst during the previous week, I had fingered her
daughter to climax several more times and once had sucked her juicy little pussy until she
had screamed for me to stop, her little body shuddering with multiple orgasms. Meanwhile
Lizzie had jerked me off and given me more excellent blow jobs in return. We had never
allowed any lengthy period alone together to go unused.

"I could get home a little early, if you are still concerned," I offered. Behind Becky's back,

Lizzie gave me a big smirk and made a rude gesture with her finger in her mouth. Becky
agreed my early arrival home would be welcome.

So anyhow, the next day I left work early and arrived home a couple of hours early. Lizzie
was already waiting for me dressed in a white knee-length nightgown. When we hugged, I
could feel she had nothing underneath.

"Why don't I clean up with a quick shower," I suggested.

When I emerged from the bathroom, still damp and dressed in only a towel clutched around
my waist, I found Lizzie in the master bedroom sprawled invitingly for me. This would not
be her first time in this bed, but the first time without her mom also present. She had pulled
the covers back and lay on the sheets, still dressed the virginal gown. I dropped the towel
on the floor and lay next to her.

"I want you to fuck me today, Larry darling," she informed me.

"That might hurt, sweetie. Let's not spoil things."

"Maybe not. I have been playing with myself for a couple of months, and you have put a
couple of fingers deep in my pussy a few times. I haven't felt any discomfort at all."

"Yet, that's true" I replied, "but taking a big swollen cock inside you might be different. I
don't want to hurt you even though I want to do it too."

"I haven't started my periods yet, Larry, so you can come inside me. I really want to feel
your semen filling up my pussy. I want your cock deep inside me."

Well those words convinced me! I agreed that we should at least try to have intercourse.
The idea of actually fucking little Lizzie had crossed my mind a few times already, but I had
not anticipated that we would be doing it so soon.

We cuddled on the bed and began to kiss. I wanted to take it slow so that her first vaginal
sex would be a wonderful experience. I could tell by the passion of her actions that she was
already excited, probably having thought about this for some time.

As I stroked her body, I slowly eased her nightgown up until she pulled it off and tossed it
over the edge of the bed.

Before she lay down next to me again, Lizzie bent over my body to suck my cock a little.
She had pulled her hair away from her pretty face with a pony tail, and I had a good look at
her lips sliding up an down my hard shaft. Then she rolled on top of me pressing her small
breasts into my bare chest. Her small, light body was easily borne by me as we kissed and
touched. I grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them, pushing her belly against my hardon.
Our foreplay continued on and on until I could feel her quivering with anticipation. Then I
rolled her off me and kissed my way down to her bald pussy, and licked her until she
moaned. Sitting up between her legs, I spread her wide and pushed my cockhead against
her smooth labia, now covered with my saliva and her own vaginal secretions.

"Do me, darling!" she urged. "I want you inside me right now."

I did not allow her urgency to make me accelerate my entry. Instead, I carefully pushed the
tip of my penis between her outer lips and rubbed it up and down her wet slit several times
before pushing slowly into her vagina. As the head popped into her, she gasped and threw
her head back. I was concerned that I had hurt her, but she just smile weakly.

"I'm okay. It felt so great, that's all. Put that big cock all the way in, Larry darling."

Slowly I pushed inward, surprised that the small girl was able to take all six inches. She
was tight, but well-lubricated, Her vaginal membranes gripped my penis so snugly that I
had to pause briefly to calm myself down. When I began to thrust slowly in and out, Lizzie
lifted her arms to me, and I lowered myself carefully onto her small body. Bearing most of
the weight on my elbows, I pressed myself against her.

"How is this, baby?"

"You feel wonderful inside me, Larry. Now fuck me harder, lover!"

I quickened my pace and felt her slim legs lift to grip my thighs. As I moved faster, the
young girl bucked against me, grunting and moaning in her lewd passion. I knew that the
illicit nature of our coupling was equally exciting to her as well as myself.

"Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Oh yes! Fuck! Fuck!" she grunted as her head now
rolled from side to side.

A few small drops of drool emerged from her lips. I kissed them away.

"God!" Lizzie groaned. "OH GOD! YES!"

Her body was shaking and sweating profusely. She threw back her head with her mouth
hanging open. She had climaxed and had so excited me by her passion that I was about to
come too. I thrust rapidly a few more times and drove myself deep into her belly as my
semen jetted into her, flooding her immature womb with my fertile seed. Again and again, I
pushed myself deep into her until I was completely drained.

I lay on her for several minutes until my shrinking cock slipped loose. Then I rolled off her
hot, damp body. Lizzie cuddled against me. Our bodies were flaming and drenched with
sweat. I think we fell asleep a short time. I woke up and leaned over her. We began to
kiss and touch each other. Suddenly, Lizzie stiffened and frantically tried to push me

"Oh shit!" she cried once her mouth was free.

I turned to see what she was looking at. Becky was standing in the doorway. She just
stood there looking at us, staring at her daughter and boyfriend sprawled on her own bed,
naked and touching, eager to fuck one another. I could hear the clock ticking in the
dreadful silence. Finally, Becky made a slight movement.

"I suspected as much," she said calmly. Her head rocked slightly up and down.

"Becky.... " I started to say.

"Mommy... " Lizzie interjected.

My girlfriend held up her hand to stop our voices. Silence again dominated the
atmosphere. I saw her glance at the clock. Then she stepped into the room.

"Looks like we have time for some more fun before supper," Becky observed. With that,
she quickly pulled off her clothes and got into the bed with her young daughter between us.

"Well, my dear daughter, now you can learn a few more things. And you don't need to spy
on us anymore. You can come right in and join the fun."

I understood that this the beginning of something altogether new.


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