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Important note from the author:

This is the second part to my last story, Inside Me. You have to read the first part, Inside Me, to be able to appreciate this so please do. This is not a stroke story and if you read it as one, please do not complain if there isn't enough sex. This shapes into a slightly more serious plot than the previous one so if you didn't care for that, than I'd suggest not reading this.

Again, you can on your own accord read this without first reading the first part entitled Inside Me, but if you do, please do not complain that you don't understand what is going on. This does not fare well as a stand alone story and the chapters especially don't by themselves. If this breaks past your norm, than please remember that I warned you. I wrote this and am releasing this for my fans of the first part and anybody else that picks up on this story from here on.

Thank you.


Maeghan Wrist

Inside Me: Book 2

----- 1 –

I didn’t know why we were both naked, but nor did I care. For some reason, that wasn’t the most important issue running through my mind. Nevertheless, we were there, on my bedroom floor, sitting Indian style and looking at each other completely naked; Montana and I.

The carpet running up my butt crack and touching the puckered hole inside just magnified how exposed I was; that most physical contact with my floor as I sat nude in front of my best friend. She was most probably feeling the carpet against her fifteen year old butt hole as well; my soft, shaggy floor running under the bottom of her vagina.

She leaned forward, reaching her arm out to me. It was all so real but couldn’t be possible. I never questioned it though. I wanted to tell myself that it was only curiosity that drove my body right then. Her hand made contact with the tender of skin on my belly.

It couldn’t be inappropriate if I returned the gesture.

My own body inched forward bit by bit as my arm stretched toward my friend, her flesh completely exposed.


I was feeling the warm skin of her stomach. I broke my vision from that rhythmically tensing spot and scanned up to her face. Her breathing was soft but firm; the air she inhaled and carbon dioxide she exhaled poured from the most innocent smile her face could sport. And Montana could sport one hell of an innocent look.

Her hand moved very slowly up my body. Very gently over my tiny breasts. So carefully onto it where she rested her palm directly on my nipple. Her eyes were glowing in playful curiosity. My mind mimicked in serious interest. I couldn’t stop my own hand from moving under and up onto her larger, firmer breast. Just as my palm settled to fully cup her, I squeezed in immediate reaction to her squeeze. So soft.

The sides of her lips raised a little and her arm fell with considerable speed down my body. She touched my vagina!

Feeling her palm rub up against my sexual organ washed a wave of heat over my body. And for some reason, I couldn’t stop myself from dropping my own hand down to grip hers. As my fingers curled around her convex mound, I squeezed it. I didn’t know why. She didn’t do it to me first but for some reason I just wanted to feel what it was like.

Involuntarily, for the first time, I smiled. As I looked to hers, it became uneasy and shy. She seemed scared that she was receiving that excess attention from me, like I took it further than I was allowed. I could just feel that she was scared of Ean. Because I was Ean’s and what I just did to her would make him jealous and turn against her. I just wanted to know what it felt like though.

We both sat motionless. I could feel her fingers just lingering at the entrance to my tunnel. A little push and my skin would part and she would be entering me. A little push and I could enter her.

What was I thinking?

Then I felt her hand run up my bare leg. Everything began fading into blackness as I could still feel her begin to squeeze between my knee and vagina. Why did it feel so good?

I heard a deep exhale and opened my eyes to Ean just settling down after apparently repositioning himself in his sleep. My eyes quickly took in the unconscious face pointing at me through the dimmest of light illuminating the blackness. His strong, firm hand was gripping my leg just below my inflamed girl organ. Ean.

Immediately I pushed my head forward and sucked his lips to mine. Latching on, I released as much of the built up feeling inside me as I could with just lips. I was a naked fourteen year old girl under the covers of and with her naked nineteen year old half brother. Of course I would have an incredibly erotic dream that didn’t make any sense… or mean anything.

His penis. I retreated my lively mouth from his lifeless one and pulled my head under the sheet and comforter. I had to have his penis in my mouth. I wanted his penis on every part of my body. I wanted every part of his body all at once. All of a sudden, I couldn’t have enough of his perfect masculine form. Every piece of skin covering every strand of muscle; he was the absolute flawless play thing for any girl and right then, I wanted to take full advantage of his supreme devotion to me.

Pulling my legs away, his hand fell free. I reached my fingers between his hips and nimbly took a hold of his soft organ. Bringing my face in closer, the intoxicating aroma of his pheromones with a dash a mint and semen, poured through my nostrils.

Convincing Ean to sleep naked with me every night turned out to create an effect I had never thought of previously. Apparently, no matter how unaroused he was before bedtime, once naked under the covers with his little sister, his roaming hands always found something worthy of stimulation. It was getting to the point where the smell and taste of my toothpaste as I brushed my teeth every night flashed images through my mind of me giving amazing pleasure to my big brother.

Taking the small minty accordion into my mouth, my tongue instinctively rolled around the head. Within seconds, he was growing deeper into my mouth. Longer and longer, thicker and thicker. My lips spread wider. It poked the back roof of my mouth before I began to give way. I could fit it increasingly farther past my lips but I never could break it into my throat. I wanted to do it so badly though.

With my mind in the state it was then, I was ready to push any boundaries I hesitated on before with Ean. If I even had a normal dream about Montana, then I would owe Ean my body times ten. He was everything to me and I didn’t even want to think about anything but him.

I shut my eyes hard and pushed my head forward not wanting to anticipate the fear. His massive head broke into my throat. I forced myself to keep pushing. I owed it to Ean. At least an inch of him was into my esophagus before I couldn’t push anymore. I waited as many seconds as I could and pulled away.

Pulling away. That was the most amazing feeling of it. Feeling his penis pull and pop out of my throat hole like it just came from a vagina. That thought that Ean could actually have sex with my throat washed over my body in amazing heat. It was so beyond just licking and sucking him. The act of sex that I loved so much could be done right there in my mouth. I just had to break myself in a little more.

I didn’t even think at that, I just slammed my neck forward again. The hot spongy head of his reproductive organ glided to the back of my mouth and forced its way back into my esophagus.

More. More. And more. I was actually feeling his penis penetrate my head, my neck. I had at least two inches inside my throat. It was indescribably amazing, the physical feeling with the mental pleasure it gave me. It was like having my vagina penetrated but it only being two inches from my brain. Right there. I was comprehending everything so much faster because it was right there. Not all the way down my body.

Suppressing only a slight gag reflex, I had to pull it out of me to breathe before my lips could reach the base. Then my entire body shook as Ean removed the covers from us. The fresh air broke into my mouth chilling my windpipe. I hadn’t even realized how hot I had been. My body was soaking in sweat. Shutting the airway through my throat, I directed the new cool air through the warm filtration of my nose.

My face then followed Ean’s movements as he rolled onto his back. I wasn’t about to let that most masculine organ leave my mouth. I felt his hand grab my leg and, completely at his mercy, followed his guiding grip in moving my torso over his.

That was it. I knew he would never think down on me after all we’d been through, but still, I didn’t want to be on the line right then. I only had two practice shots and now I had to continue with him fully conscious. I had to give it my all. Just one image from that dream popped into my head and without thinking, I dropped my head onto his rod.

I did it. I forced it all the way inside me. My lips pressed into his body, the tip of my tongue rested at the base of his shaft. His penis was smashed inside my tiniest little virgin esophagus. And hearing my brother moan in the most pleasurable surprise gave me everything I needed to pull up and drop back down.

That was a bit uncomfortable. I think Ean flinched as well. I tried once more slowly, this time taking a breath through my nose in between. That hit it perfectly. A nice smooth slide into me, with considerable pushing of course. Again I tried it, mimicking that second time. That was it. I felt the head pop out and then press back in. I was riding him with my mouth.

I pushed down again to feel my vagina being penetrated with at least two fingers on the same speed setting. My neck twitched at the feeling, rotating my head slightly. I moaned in feeling the massive intruder in my throat twist. Ean’s hips raised slightly as I felt his fingers twist inside me. I moaned again as I pulled back up for air.

I dropped several more times on him basking in not only that feeling, but in the sensations of being vaginally penetrated with the exact speed and motion my mouth was. It did feel weird though. Like something was different then when Ean normally fingered me or what normal sex would be like.

I blindly walked into all that he was. I thought that I was the one controlling how deep, how fast, and how hard he penetrated my vagina with my rhythmic drops onto him. It didn’t hit me that he had taken control until I realized just why his fingering felt different. As we both simultaneously pulled out, Ean stopped. Without thinking, so did I. But when he stopped, it felt normal. When I did, I instantly held my breathing.

His penis was still a little bit inside my throat; his fingers still a little bit inside my vagina. He was pulling all the way out before. That’s why it was different. He never pulled all the way out after each stroke. That was when I realized that in each thrust into my throat, I was pulling him all the way out and then pressing him back in.

My muscles still wouldn’t move as if they were being controlled by the two fingers between my legs. Unable to hold my breath any longer, I exhaled and surprisingly inhaled. Just millimeters from the tip of his penis, I felt the oxygen travel from my nasal passages, down into my wind pipe. If Ean wanted real sex with my mouth, I would give it to him; and I would show no mercy.

I decided then to take back control and immediately thrust my face between his legs. Slightly delayed, I felt a thrust into my vagina. Just before leaving my throat on my way up, I pushed back down. Again and again. I was having real sex then. And I had to admit, not pushing it in and out of that entryway was much more enjoyable for me.

More and more and more. I went as fast as I could. It slipped out a few times but barely. Ean’s fingers in me broke my rhythm and were becoming slower and more sporadic. He was letting himself fall into my world, my pleasure, my ability to give him an orgasm at my will.

The smell of his testicles was driving me insane with lust for them. As I grew more and more daring on each thrust, my tongue moved further and further around, massaging the entire shaft of his organ. He was seconds from going off. It was so exciting. It was a first time for me but I was as prepared as I could get. I wasn’t scared, I was drowning in anticipation.

Ean then shoved his fingers hard into my body and curled them down toward my tummy. He was pushing my entire body forward with his force. It took me by complete and pleasurable surprise washing a small ecstatic spike over my body.

My mouth pushed forward in part of his force and part of my expectancy, pulling as much of his shaft as possible into my esophagus. I was almost angry at him. My body was filling with an orgasm just as he was about to go off inside my throat for the first time. All emotion subsided though when I felt it.

That first splash of hot, thick cream squirted straight down inside my neck. Right there inches from my brain. That feeling was the difference in how much signals faded as they traveled through my body. That was what my vagina was really feeling when he came inside me. It wasn’t a dulled warm sensation slowly filling my body; this was sharp searing lines of sperm shooting with force down my throat. I could feel every little detail of every massive release.

There was no tasting his sperm, there was only feeling it beating its lifeblood into a tunnel it so clearly didn’t belong in, that it so blatantly didn’t properly fit in. And as if taking in food, my body took over, funneling down every squirt and gob of his fluid.

I held perfectly still as long as possible trying my best to drown out my subsiding orgasm and take in as much as possible Ean’s. Needing air, slowly I pulled the massive object from my throat and sucked it clean. Ean’s fingers dropped out of my backside.

Finishing licking him clean, I turned around to just hug him into my body. We were both soaking wet in sweat. Dropping my head down above his chest on his shoulder, I squeezed him into my grip and just smiled, basking in the scent rolling from his body. My little breasts bounced between our two wildly beating hearts.

“I hope it was me in the dream that woke you up just now,” Ean said breathlessly.

I laid there silently just squeezing him tight.


e.l. hanes

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2012-12-21 00:37:37
Quite in agreement with prviuoes answers about quality versus quantity If your penis's length is just smaller than average then You are OK. About sex the most important part for women is how You perform in intercourse not how long-thick is your penis. It depends also of women what she expects from sex and what are the most erogenic regions of her. Be it breast nipples, ear mates, belly, neck, vagina, thighs, but or something else There is a lot of women who are not pleased with penis the most if only for oral sex or/and a way to reach end = orgasm together Dont worry too much about sizes but think more about spiritual side


2008-04-17 08:31:38
Why don't people READ their stuff BEFORE submitting it???? It drives me nuts that what starts out as a promising peice of writing falls aparts because the contributor can't be arsed to check the bloody thing! It makes the whole exercise - your writing it and me reading it - a waste of time!!!!!!!


2008-04-11 15:47:34
This black bastard can't write to save his life -stop now and save us the slow death of reading this rubbish.


2008-04-07 04:28:11
It was meant as her vagina being an opposing peice to her mouth on her body, but as it apparently does cause some confusion, which I did suspect it may, I have reworded it in my root draft to better present the actual situation. Thank you for your honesty.


2008-04-06 18:45:12
When did the change from
"His penis was still a little bit inside my throat; his fingers still a little bit inside my vagina."
"Ean’s fingers dropped out of my backside"
take place?????

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