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"Hurry up!" Mandy shouted from outside Paul's bedroom.

"I'll be ready in a minute!" Paul replied, and turned back to the mirror. The girl that stared back at him no longer startled him as much as she used to, but he was still far from comfortable with his new form.

He was wearing a flowing long skirt which covered his legs. He would have preferred to have worn jeans, but they just made his masculine lower half too obvious for his liking. Paul fiddled with the buttons on his white blouse. He had never really noticed that woman's blouses had the buttons on the other side from those of men's shirts. Finally he had it done up. The blouse covered his large breasts, but couldn't really hide them. Well, it would have to do. To finish up, he slipped on a black jacket. It was obviously feminine, but was far better than some of the items Mandy had tried to get him to buy when they had gone shopping the previous weekend.

Paul checked his face in the mirror. His experiments in make-up hadn't been very successful, but he felt he had mastered the basics of lipstick. He went to the door and slipped on his shoes. The two-inch heel had made him a little unsteady at first, but at least they restored some of his lost height.

Mandy was waiting for him outside his door. "At last! What have you been up to in there?"

"Sorry. I'm a bit tired tonight."

"Oh no! You're not getting out of it tonight. You've locked yourself in here every evening. Well tonight, we are going out."

Paul knew better than to argue with Mandy. She could be very stubborn when she felt like it. "Okay, okay. Where are we going?"

"The Roxy. One of the best clubs around." She looked Paul up and down. "Don't you think your outfit is a little conservative?"

Paul looked at Mandy's short, tight pink dress. "It's what I like."

"You've got a good body. You should show it off more. Next payday you and me are going to go and get something that'll have all the boys drooling on the floor."

"Terrific," said Paul unable to disguise his lack of enthusiasm.

It was still fairly early when they arrived at the club, and the queue wasn't very long. Soon they were inside.

The music was being pumped out at a loud level, and the dance floor was heaving with people. Paul felt even more out of place than normal. Virtually everyone there was half his age. He turned to see Mandy heading over to the bar. He hurried to catch up.

She ordered a couple of cocktails, and they settled down at an empty table. After a while, Paul started to relax and enjoy himself. They talked about the people they worked with at the fast food joint, and cracked jokes at their boss's expense.

Almost before he knew it, he had knocked back several drinks and they were starting to go to his head. Mandy had gone back to the bar to get some more and Paul caught himself admiring her curves. Her tight dress left little to the imagination on her petite frame. It was the one frustration with living with Mandy. Paul could never have her, and even if he did, Mandy would run the risk of contracting the DNA-altering virus.

Paul was a little concerned to notice two men walk up to Mandy as she was making her way back to the table. She said little, and though Paul wasn't certain under the club's lighting, she seemed to be blushing.

As Mandy sat down, the two men joined her and Paul at the table. They were in their late teens, and were fairly fit-looking. They introduced themselves as Bruce and Steven and it was obvious what they were after.

Paul was fairly surprised that Mandy didn't tell them where to go. He glanced over and saw she was definitely embarrassed. He was quite surprised. This was a side of her he hadn't seen before. Paul kept the conversation going while he tried to work out how to get rid of them.

The two boys had obviously decided which girl each of them wanted, and Paul ended up talking to Steven. It was rather odd and a bit exciting to be pursued by someone, even a boy. Bruce had his arm around Mandy already and it was clear she wasn't happy about it, but she didn't seem to be doing anything about it.

Paul looked across the dance floor looking for an escape route. Then he saw the entrance to the toilets. He turned to Steven, "You'll have to excuse me for a few minutes. I have to visit the little girl's room. Coming Mandy?"

Mandy extricated herself from Bruce and gladly followed Paul to the women's toilets. Paul guessed that the two boys were asking themselves why women always go to the bathroom in pairs. Inside, several other women were standing around chatting. Paul turned to Mandy. "You okay?"

Mandy smiled weakly. "Yeah, sorry about that. I get shy around boys. I don't want to spoil it for you."

Paul laughed. "Don't worry. I don't think much of mine either."

Mandy was getting her old confidence back. "Shall we go somewhere else?"

Paul nodded. He didn't want to spend another second with Steven and Bruce if he could help it. Several minutes later they slipped out of the toilets and made it to the exit without being seen by the two boys.

They made their way through several streets trying to decide where to go next. "What about that club over there?" Paul asked.

"It's a gay and lesbian night-club." Mandy replied.

"Oh." Was all that Paul could say in reply.

Mandy stopped. "Actually, it's not a bad idea. Come on."

Paul called after her, but Mandy had already disappeared inside. Cursing under his breath, he followed her.

Inside the club was like another world, there were men dancing with other men and drag queens. There were also quite a few women. Paul went over to Mandy, trying to avoid catching anyone's eye.

Mandy smiled at his discomfort. "Relax. Many hetero friends of mine go here. The big advantage is that the men here are only interested in other men. We can have a quiet drink in peace."

"I see what you mean." said Paul. He wondered if the men would be interested in him if they knew what he had in his panties.

Paul soon grew accustomed to seeing people of the same sex kissing, and it was nice not to be eyed up by predatory males all the time. He did get propositioned at the bar by a very stunning woman in her early thirties. It was the first time any woman had shown any interest in him sexually since his change.

"Uhh... thanks, but I'm with the girl in the pink over there." Paul replied.

The woman smiled. "No harm in asking. She is cute, though, isn't she?"

"Yeah," said Paul, smiling.

The woman smiled, "Well, if you two ever want a third partner, let me know."

"I'll do that." Paul wore a big grin all the way back to Mandy.

"Who was that?" asked Mandy as Paul brought the drinks back to the table.

"My secret admirer. I only got rid of her my saying you were my lover."

Mandy laughed. "What did she say?"

"She said you were very cute and sexy."

They were both giggling uncontrollably by this point. They were more than slightly drunk by now. Mandy knocked back her drink in one go. "Fancy a dance?"

"Are you serious?" Paul said. He wanted nothing more than to dance with this sensuous creature.

"Yeah. Go on. There's no harm in it."

Paul smiled. "Why not."

The dance floor was fairly packed, and Paul and Mandy were fairly close together. The music was fast and furious. Paul had no idea what the type of music was called. He had never really kept up with young people's music culture. Dancing seemed to involve throwing yourself around vaguely in tune to the beat, and there was little or no contact between the dancers.

After a couple of indistinguishable tracks a slower love song was put on, and the various couples started to move together. He turned to Mandy to see her advancing with a wide drunken grin on her face. Paul knew that this wasn't really a good idea, but she was so sexy he couldn't resist her.

Mandy wrapped her arms around Paul and pulled him to her. He could feel their breasts touching. Paul put his own arms around Mandy and held her soft body. Was she really a lesbian or was this just her idea of a joke? Paul couldn't decide, and eventually gave up and enjoyed the feel of a woman in his arms.

As the song continued, Mandy and Paul moved closer together. He realised with a start that one of his hands had drifted down to Mandy's rounded ass and he was stroking the rounded flesh through the thin dress. Paul didn't know what to do. Then he felt Mandy clasp his own ass in response.

Paul looked down at her in surprise to see her looking at him with lust in her eyes. Their faces got closer and closer together, and then they were kissing. Deeply and lovingly. At last Paul was doing what he had been fantasising about for over a week. He could feel his cock straining in his panties and his nipples were tingling in arousal.

Several songs later they left the floor arm in arm and headed back to the bar. Paul didn't know what to say and Mandy seemed content to gaze lovingly at Paul with a little smile on her face. After several more drinks Paul realised hazily that he was getting very drunk.

Together, they made their way unsteadily home. Whenever Paul would try and discuss what had just happened Mandy would kiss him. Paul couldn't see a way out. He had made several advances to Mandy, and she had responded. It wouldn't be so bad if he was completely female. At least then he could have sex with her.

Back at the apartment Paul was getting worried. What was she going to do if she discovered Paul's masculinity? How could he let her down without hurting her?

"So," Mandy said with a sly smile. "Are you ready for bed yet?"

"I think I'll stay up for a bit. You go off to bed."

Mandy walked carefully into her room and closed the door. Paul breathed a sign of relief. For the first time in his life he had had to persuade a woman NOT to sleep with him.

Just as he was preparing to head off to his own room. Mandy reappeared with some cans of beer. She gave one to Paul and popped another open. "You're still drinking?" Asked Paul in disbelief.

"Hey, when I party. I really PARTY!"

They sat drinking for a few minutes. Then Mandy moved closer to Paul. He was just trying to think of an excuse to get rid of her when she thrust her hand into Paul's groin.

The unexpected move brought a shriek from Paul. He could feel her hand wrapped around his cock. Oh hell, he thought.

Mandy sat back and took a swig of her beer. "I thought so," she said.

Paul was surprised to hear no anger in her voice. In fact she was smiling. "How... ?"

"When we were dancing you had a raging hard-on. How could I fail to notice that thing prodding into me?"

"I'm sorry about this, Mandy. I should have explained." he said. Paul was desperately trying to get his drink-addled brain into gear.

Mandy put down her drink and leaned over to Paul. "Shut up and kiss me."

It took several seconds for Paul to understand what Mandy had said, and then he did as he was told. He felt himself surrendering to the inevitable. His hand caressed Mandy's breast. Her own hands were running along the length of his stocking-clad thigh.

They stood and gripped each other in a passionate embrace. He wanted her so badly. He wanted to be her man. They made their way into Mandy's bedroom. It took some effort in their drunk state to get undressed, but after some stumbling around they managed it, and for the first time, Mandy stood naked in front of him.

She truly was beautiful. Her breasts were topped with aroused and very inviting nipples. Her body was soft and erotic. Mandy, in turn, gazed in amazement and hunger at Paul's erect cock and sensuous breasts.

They fell onto the bed together and started an extended bout of foreplay. They sucked and teased each others breasts. The feeling of Mandy's tongue on his own excited nipples was exquisite. He just wanted to hold her head to his breast so she could nurse. He caught himself wondering what it would be like to breastfeed.

After many long minutes, Paul swung around and began lapping at Mandy's aroused cunt. Mandy responded with a series of yelps each time his tongue ran over her clitoris. He felt some pulling and tugging at his own almost painfully hard cock, and he knew he could hold himself back no longer.

Mandy released his cock, and he turned around on the bed and slipped between her legs. Mandy reached up and grasped Paul's heavy breasts, and breathed, "Fill me up, Paula. Now!"

Paul couldn't refuse her. He sank his prick in one smooth motion deep into her eager pussy. Mandy arched her back and moaned as Paul started to thrust into her.

Her fingers dug into the soft flesh of Paul's breasts. It hurt, but Paul was finding almost every sensation a turn on. Paul was lost for a time, and then he felt Mandy wrap her legs around him, stopping his thrusting. Smiling she pushed him over onto his back.

"Spread your legs," she said in a breathless, excited voice. Paul complied, and Mandy lay between his thighs, still locked together. They were still in the missionary position, but now Paul was underneath.

Mandy started thrusting. Paul wrapped his own arms and legs around her and drew her down with each thrust. The feeling of her hot, young body against pushed him to new erotic heights. He wondered what it would be like to have a vagina and to be penetrated so intimately.

He could feel a familiar feeling building in his balls. "I'm coming." he said in a voice very similar to Mandy's, and as equally excited.

In response, Mandy rode his cock at an even faster rate. She was almost at the edge herself. Paul eyes were fixed on Mandy's pert breasts, which were now covered by a sheen of sweat. Paul felt himself about to orgasm and he wrapped his legs around her, drawing her body tight against his, as he climaxed strongly into her. Mandy was in the throes of her own orgasm as she felt Paul's cock pulsing inside her.

They collapsed together and held each other, saying nothing. Paul wasn't sure if Mandy finding out was a good thing, but at least much of the tension he had been feeling had been released.

Soon they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. Paul had a nagging doubt he had forgotten something, but in his inebriated state he couldn't remember what it was.


2008-04-14 22:31:59
realy like the turn this is making , keep up the good work, waiting for the next one


2008-04-14 14:21:37
I got wood reading this.


2008-04-11 02:40:28
Post part 10 as soon as it is finished
the story is starting to get interesting.

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