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I guess you can say I was lucky to have a very good neighbor girl that taught me some things when I was 12 and she was 15.
I first have to tell you this was during an era when people in our area did not use air conditioners that much. We had window fans or attic fans, and you would open all the windows and it would pull the air through the house. Back to the story.
That day I had slipped around to Donna's window and was watching her. I hit the jackpot that day. I watched as she undressed and walked across the hall to the bathroom. I couldnt see her very well from her window. She had her back to me for the most part. I could see her ass real well and once she turned just enough I could see one tit from the side. I had to see more. I slipped around and went into her house and slipped into her bedroom and hid behind her door. ( During this era people didnt lock their houses either.) I was so nervous I was shaking and sweating. I was about ready to back out and get out of the house when I heard the bathroom door open. I was stuck. My thoughts were, what do I do now. She came into her room, and I dont know what came over me, but I stepped from behind the door and I grabbed the towel off of her. She turned around and hollered. I froze. I was looking at two bare breasts for the first time and I looked on down to a hair covered mound. She tried to grab the towel away from me and screaming at me to get out. I moved toward her and as she moved back to get away from me she bumped into her bed and fell backwards. I gave her the towel back and she put it across her. I begged her to not tell on me. Finally I told her if she told on me I was going to tell on her. I knew she had already fucked two of my cousins. She asked me what I was going to tell on her and I told her what I knew.
I told her she would get in more trouble than I would if she told. I could tell she was a little nervous. I ask her if I could touch her. She finally let me touch her tits and then I told her I wanted to touch her pussy. She finally agreed if I would leave afterward. As I touched her she told me, if I was going to touch a girl down there, I needed to touch this special place. She moved my finger to her clit, of course I didnt know that was what it was called at that time, and I started rubbing it, letting my finger slip on into her some. She grabbed my hand and told me I needed to stop, because it was making her horney. I didnt even know what that was at that time. As she held my wrist I would not pull away and I kept rubbing. She really wasnt trying too hard to get me to stop. My little dick was hurting inside my pants. I finally told her I wanted to do what I had seen her and my cousin Dave do in the tree house. She first kept telling me no. Finally she said if I would do what she wanted, then she would let me fuck her if I had a rubber. I told her I didnt have one. Then I ask her what it was far. She told me to catch my cum so she didnt get pregnant. I ask her what that was. She ask me, have you not shot anything ouf of you dick when you play with it. I told her no, that I just had really good feelings when I played with it for a while. She said ok then, you do what I want and I will let you do what you want.
Man I though I was in heaven. She lay back on the bed and reached down and spread her pussy lips open and told me she wanted me to lick her where she had told me to rub. I looked at that opening and she put her finger on there and started rubbing.
I hesitated, because I wasnt sure I wanted to do that. As she started breathing a little harder she told me again she would do what I wanted if I would do what she wanted. My dick was about to bust at that time, it was so hard. So I kneeled down in front of her and I stuck my tongue to her to see what it tasted like. I pulled back and I thought it wasnt bad at all. So I moved in and started licking her pussy lips and clit and I slipped my tongue inside her a little and started working it around real fast. Her breathing really sounded funny at that point. She started pushing her mound into me real hard and she grabbed my head and pushed me in as she was moving her hips, pushing into hard and all of a sudden she arched up and I felt fluid coming out. She was holding my head so tight I couldnt pull away until she finally lay back down. She just kept saying how good it was, and how much she needed that. I really didnt know what she had done until she told me. She said that is how you please a girl. After a few minutes she finally told me it was my turn.
I still had my clothes on. When she told me to get undressed, I was sort of bashful. I had seen my cousin when he fucked her, and I knew my dick wasnt as big as his. I was scared so I told her I had better not. She told me if I didnt do it now she would never let me. So I slowly started taking my clothes off. She got off the bed and went down on her knees in front of me and started unzipping my pants. She got the undone and slid them down with my shorts all in one move. There it was. My dick was sticking straight out. At that time it was 4' in length and 2.5 inches in girth. She took hold of it and I gritted my teeth, because that was the first time anyone had touched my dick besides me, since I was about 6. She moved her mouth forward and licked the tip of my dick and then she slid it in her mouth all the way to my balls. Within a minute of sucking me I had those sensations that felt so good. She felt my dick twitching and she backed off looking back and forth from my dick to my face. Then she said, you really dont cum yet do you. She said this is going to be good, because she liked feeling flesh against flesh. She just didnt trust the guys to pull out when they would cum. Even though I had all the sensations of cumming, my dick was still hard. I guess because this was the first time I had ever done anything like this.
Donna took hold of my hand and pulled me to the bed. She told me to do what I had done earlier, licking her pussy, she said that would make her wet. When I got down there and started licking , I realized she was already wet, she just wanted me to lick her pussy again. After a few minutes of licking she started squirming again, and then she said, come on stick you dick in me now. I jumped up and she put her legs up on my shoulders and told me to hurry and stick it it her. I pushed against her missing the first time, but the second time I pushed it slid all the way in. Oh my god, that was the best feeling ever. I guess it is something that is built into us because I started sliding back and forth inside her with steady hard pounding motion. It wasnt long until she was doing more of the fucking than I was. There I was beside her bed with her ass right at the edge, with my dick inside her, I thought I had died and gone to heaven for sure. She was using her legs on my shoulder for support to pull herself back and forth on my dick. I was having all of those sensations coming over me again, and about the time it was hitting me she pushed into me with my dick buried all the way, and I could feel her pussy twitching around my dick, She was cumming again. Finally she eased back down and my dick fell out of her and it was still almost a full hard. She told me that was the best fuck she ever had. I ask her about the other guys she had fucked. She told me that none of them would do what she wanted, all they wanted to do was fuck her and cum. They didnt care about her feelings. We lay there for a little while and I finally got the nerve to ask her if I could do that again. At first she said, not now, but as I got up she saw how hard my dick was again so she said ok.
We lay back on the bed and I started kissing her and she kissed me back hard, my hand was between her legs and I was rubbing that special place. I really wasnt sure what I was doing, but I started kissing down her neck on down to her tits, There I started kissing them and suckingon the nipples. All the time I was doing this I was rubbing her pussy. Her nipples were standing up and hard. I kissed my way all the way to her pussy again. I started sucking and licking her pussy again and she started moving back into me again. Her pace started getting faster again, and then she told me to fuck her now. That was all it took. I went up between her legs this time laying on the bed. She arched her ass up so I hit her pussy the first try this time. As soon as I slid into her I felt her pussy twitching around my dick and she held me against her. I slowly started moving back and forth inside her. This time I lasted a long time. It felt so good I didnt want to stop. I began to have all those wonderful feelings again and as I pumped harder and faster I finally busted. I was buried all the way inside her and my dick was twitcihing and jerking. It felt different this time than before. It was even better. As my dick started jerking Donna started pushing me and I thought she was doing the same as me, I found out after a few minutes, she was trying to get me out of her. She yelled at me, your cumming inside me dammit. Get it out now. As I pulled out I could see some of my cum. Donna jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. She didnt bother to close the door this time. I watched as she grabbed the big water bottle with this long narrow thing at the end of it. She put a bunch of water it it and she stuck that end in her pussy and started pushing the water inside her. It was coming out around the tip she had in her. She kept doing that until all the water was gone.
Afterwards she came back to the bedroom cussing all the way. All she could say was she should have know better that fuck someone without a rubber. She said, you little bastard why did you have to start cumming now. Why couldnt you do that when you were jacking off. I told her I was sorry, but I couldnt help it. I started getting dressed and she finally told me she was sorry, She knew it wasnt my fault. She said she just hoped she didnt get pregnant.
She continued letting me fuck her after that, but I now had to use a rubber too. I didnt like that. It didnt feel the same. She would let me fuck her sometimes without the rubber, but I would have to jerk out and cum on her stomach or sometimes she would suck me dry. After about 3 months we realized she wasnt pregnant.
If you like this story, I will print some more. I got to fuck a mother and her two daughters that lived in one of my dads rental houses


2010-04-23 02:21:33
great story of young fucking.

edd howesReport

2008-04-26 11:29:33
Not a bad story but inconsistant ,


2008-04-21 20:07:39
What? 4 inches long and 2.5 in girth? Such INCREDIBLE bullshit. You suck that fat imaginary dick dumbass.


2008-04-17 23:14:13
omfg=0 imin3rd grade...


2008-04-14 21:26:32
the kid snuck in her house and hid behind her bedroom door...........WTF

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