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Following on, with my grown-up ex-daughter making sure I was almost never alone and well taken care of by a growing number of contacts...
Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 3, Taking Care More
(Introduction: if you have read parts 1 and 2, you will know the people involved: a husband back working in the country he loves and where his grown-up 17y.o. step-daughter from a previous marriage has arranged for her ‘daddy’ to be taken care of by others during her school semesters back in her adopted Australia, where she lives with her mother, the ex-wife. I have just flown back to the city, to my H.O., where a cousin of a cousin, charged by Yen with looking after me, took care of me very well….)

At home, dropped off by my driver, I stepped to the gate, only to be surprised by Ping standing at the side. “Good evening, Mr. Steve, I am sorry to interrupt you, but we had a problem in the dorm – some boys fighting, and I just wondered if I could shower in your house until it’s finished.” “Oh, yes Ping, you can, but I am really tired, so you shower while I unpack, then I have to go to sleep.” “Yes” smiled Ping “My cousin telephoned me earlier; she had this funny story about a foreign man she had been to dinner with….” “Ping!” I interrupted, “Don’t you start….please” “….and she told me she thought he would be tired when he got home tonight, and you are tired also, Mr. Steve; coincidence huh? OK, Mr. Steve, why don’t you shower first and go to bed, unpack in the morning; I’ll be very quiet, I promise.”
Unlocking the door, I agreed to that; dropped my bag and briefcase on the lounge chair, and trudged upstairs, discarded my clothes, emptied my pockets and showered and cleaned my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom, naked and heading for the bed, as Ping appeared in the doorway; she came to the bed and kissed me, and also fondled my penis, “Oh, you are tired, poor man; business trips must drain you dry of energy, right?” “Sometimes they do, Ping; sometimes they do….” I was asleep even as I felt her lips on mine.
I woke to the alarm, feeling instantly over my sleeplessness of the previous night, then I remembered and glanced to my left: there was Ping, wide-awake and studying me. She smiled, shuffled to kiss me, “You slept very well, Mr. Steve – even though I tried to wake you! All I could get was a hard ‘thing’ to fill my mouth!” I could then feel my dick, slick and wet, with some after juice dribbles. I moaned “I was tired, Ping, and you were going to shower and go home I thought”. “I couldn’t resist once I had seen you again with no clothes on; sorry….?” I kissed her briefly, “It’s ok, Ping, but I am not sure this is what Yen had in mind; I don’t want you to get hurt and sad because of us.” “Oh, but it is what Yen wants! True, she told me only yesterday on the ‘phone that she would like me try and take care of you as much as possible, every day if I could!”

I marveled, not for the first –nor last – time at Yen’s planning; how could such a young woman manipulate me so totally? Because I let her, I told myself, and in a way it was truly wonderful to have her care so much for me – but I needed to have a strong talk with her about some of her methods: they were exhausting me! I dragged myself away from those thoughts for now, leaned over to kiss Ping, “I need to shower, alone, and go to work. Call me when you are free, or I will, ok Ping”. “Oh, I will, Mr. Steve; I will.”
Work progressed, my job was accounting and human resources management; not too demanding but we improved processes and procedures, staff were happy to work for us, and the company was building positively. I kept in touch by ‘phone with my wife, no surprises nor surges of ‘I miss you” from either of us to be honest. I also mainly kept in contact by phone or email with Yen, castigating her for thirty seconds after Ping’s last visit, and then laughing agreement with her when her only response was “So, aren’t I taking care of you as I promised?” It was still about two months until her school holidays, but we never discussed that, the concentration had to be on her schooling. I gave Ping a key to my place so she could shower whenever she wanted, but although we had dinner perhaps once a week, I didn’t invite her to sleep every night/move in with me, as I suspected she had been hoping. I also kept in touch with Liem, whenever I had occasion to contact that office, which was fairly regularly, and she flirted something terrible on the phone, with laughter in her voice knowing I was probably red-faced and flustered: she was right of course, and I told her I wouldn’t talk to her again; I did, naturally.
I ate at Phung’s work-place also perhaps once a week, and generally met up with Kim there for a few hours conversation over dinner and drinks; she was always good fun to be with, flirty and provocative, outrageous at times, but good company. Sometimes Mae joined us, and one night I had let my car and driver go home, so Mae offered to take me home after dinner on her bike. I tried to sit respectfully as pillion, but difficult at times on the road to prevent sliding forwards into her back and buttocks; I then had to put my hands on her hips to shuffled backwards, at which she clasped her hand against mine, turned to say “Better you hang on right there, son; I certainly don’t want you falling off.” So I stayed where I was, hanging on to her hips like handles, and willing myself, stupidly, for no feelings in my groin. It was impossible when Mae also backed on to me, and a lump grew pressing against her, between us; I rolled my eyes at myself.
At home, Mae asked for some water, so she wheeled her bike into the courtyard and parked it, and followed me in through the open door, while I went to the kitchen for some water. As I turned, Mae was facing sideways to me, silhouetted by the glow from the street lamp outside, and the sight arrested me: she had on a blouse which now appeared transparent, and easily showed a low-cut bra, hardly big enough to cover her very large boobs. My prick jumped as I gave her the water, closed the curtains and turned on the light, excusing myself for a bathroom visit and to exchange my work clothes for shorts, not even bothering to go upstairs for a t-shirt: this was my ex-mother-in-law and she knew how I dressed at home. She was seated on the sofa; skirt hitched up to allow her to be comfortable with one leg under the other, and had reached for the TV remote to see what was on. I took a beer and two glasses of ice as I rejoined her, pouring her cold water into the glass of ice for her, and the beer into my glass of ice, sitting beside her. She stretched her leg out, looked quizzically at me, and then laid it on top of my own legs, nonchalantly bending her knee so it rested right against my groin. She smiled at what she felt, and relaxed into the sofa.
“I have missed you, son, and how you made me feel.” “Yes, Mae, but you remember you stayed away; are you sure now you are ready to be here again?” Mae raised her leg, placing her foot on my groin to rub even more life into the bulge, before replying “Kim and I are very different, but she was angry at me for staying away up-country; she went on and on until I now understand what she means when she says: take the enjoyment wherever it is offered. Well, you gave me more enjoyment than I have had for a long time; I would like some more, if you are willing to let me share you….when Yen is not here son”. I shifted her leg, and swiveled myself across and up to lay against her and caress her cheek as I kissed her gently. She reached behind my head to pull me hard against both her mouth and my upper body against her very large bosom, her other hand grabbing my buttocks to pull my groin against hers also. We were joined, with only material between us, so I angled up for a moment to allow my hands to begin unbuttoning her blouse, my mouth licking and sucking down as I opened each new area of her skin and the mounds of her soft, swollen breasts; as the buttons exposed the cups of her bra, I squeezed from below, pushing her breasts up into giant hills, my face buried within. I felt the front clasp on her bra, and undid that with Mae’s deep intake of breath making her bra spring wide, as I groped for the last two buttons, opening her fully to my mouth and hands to kiss and lick and suck and handle everywhere; her breasts so large they couldn’t fit within my hands, her nipples so erect I could suck one in my mouth and massage myself inside. I couldn’t wait any more; I reached down and shucked my shorts off easily, my cock springing up, bouncing, as I lifted my legs astride her and slid to sit down almost on her belly but not my whole weight, and I again crushed her breasts up and together, now sticking my pre-cumming cock between the folds and gliding myself up towards her mouth, the base and my balls clasped at the bottom of her crevice, and down to the bottom, almost slipping out – just like a penis stopping at the entrance to a vagina; and just like that, I plunged back up, far enough to allow her mouth to slurp on the head of my prick as I squeezed her mounds tight around me like her vagina might do soon. She moaned when I moved away from her mouth, so I stretched and teased her mouth and tongue more; however, I had forgotten her strength, and she grasped my bare buttocks and literally shoved me up again until I was held inside her mouth enough for it to suck and tongue slurp me, and I wasn’t able to stop myself: I shot jets of juice into her mouth where she seemed to pool it and keep sucking until I slowed back to drops, and I had to pull back from the sensitivity. She swallowed, smiled and pulled my head up to her mouth to share the remnants of taste, sucking on my tongue and using hers to coat the inside of my mouth. My hands were still at her breasts and I kneaded them, and she shuddered in a small orgasm, pushing her hips up with the feeling and grinding my buttocks down to push against her groin. We slumped down, and I laid my head on her breasts while she eased up her tight hold to caress her hands up and down my back and skinny bum. She sighed, as did I, both content for the moment. “You do need to eat more, son; these are too skinny” Mae added her hands to cup my buttocks for emphasis to her words. I laughed, the action opening my mouth and finding a nipple just within reach, a nipple to which my lips attached when I stopped laughing. Mae sighed again “Oh, I love your mouth there, son; it feels like a baby, but a man at the same time.” I sucked harder, wanting the milk to flow, but imagining it was almost as good, wondering if boy babies got erections like me when sucking on such an erotic part of their mothers’ bodies. “Mae, if you are not comfortable, it might help to take off your jeans….”easing off her nipple and sitting up, my wet cock sliding down her abdomen, stopping on the zipper I was now in the process of unzipping. Mae said “Maybe I should go home; we both have work tomorrow”; for an answer, I moved down her legs and tugged her jeans off, leaning my mouth down on her panties-clad pussy for affirmation that I had the better idea. They were wet, and almost stuck to her by the juice oozing from pussy lips clearly defined under them; I added to the juices with my mouth and my tongue, then stopped to continue removing her jeans totally down her legs and off her feet, to throw them nicely to the chair. I kissed my way back up her legs, to find her hands had already begun removing her panties, so I didn’t waste time on a romantic removal: just shoved them down and off, while leaning over and shoving my tongue straight in her slit at the top, to her clit, which I knew from experience would be hard and big and craving the attention Mae and I both wanted my mouth to lavish on it. She jumped under me immediately my tongue struck her, so I pushed on it hard, and she moaned loudly; I stabbed her clit with my tongue, then opened it wide to go down, straight down her slit, sucking with my mouth the juices I found there, and continuing with my tongue even when I passed her opening; then I returned up, as if I had lost my way, and stabbed again – this time into her hole, which was open and panting before my eyes became buried in her re-grown pubic hair and I couldn’t open them to see; but I could feel, as she tried to suck me, my tongue, even my mouth, inside her. I needed air, so I had to pull back, sucking both air and her copious juices available, on the way.
Something about these women I now knew rejuvenated my cock in a way my wife hadn’t done for a long time, and after sucking on Mae for only a few moments, bringing her close, I took my mouth off, slid up to plant my lips on hers, while sliding my prick straight in her tunnel, my size and girth pleasing her into a moan in my mouth as I touched bottom. She was not oversize inside, tight enough for me to feel along the walls within as I thrust in and around, buried and not, deep and shallow, fast and slow, slow and fast; able to hold myself this time, waiting, waiting for the moment when I hoped to bring Mae to the crest of her excitement, and when I sensed that - I lunged hard into her, bouncing off that barrier which could only be her womb, and burying myself again, and we found that Summit I wanted at the same time, and both groaned together at that pivotal moment when bodies can get no closer, when souls can get no closer, but where a Man and a Woman can not be differentiated: become One.
I stayed there, stretched to my limit, while Mae juddered beneath me, with orgasms I hoped were prolonging her enjoyment of being with me, while I released the last dribs and drabs of my own juice to mingle with hers, within her. Minutes later, Mae pulled me up to lay along her, head cradled against her breast again; then she gently pushed me away and off her. I was perplexed, and even more so when I saw her crying; “Mae, what’s wrong?” I pleaded for an answer, but she took my face and kissed me, her tears falling down to my lips, salty and sad. She sat up on the sofa, with me standing over her, but when she reached to re-clasp her bra, adjusting herself to fit within, then began buttoning her blouse, I felt very naked, so I put my shorts on, and asked the same question again. She smiled, but continued to dress, so I picked up her panties, which she ignored, but sliding her jeans up and standing. “Mae, what is it?” She looked so deeply into me, “It is a feeling I haven’t felt before; it is the missed years; it is jealousy of Tin, who took you from me and threw you away; it is the understanding I have of Yen, who has captured your heart and you hers. It is the knowledge, at last, what I have missed for more than ten years, fourteen; this joy of having a loving man who can also make love as he means it: with Love. For all this, I have tears; but, my son-in-law, ex, I ask you to accept it is the joy you have now given me which brings these tears; they are tears of wonder, and of thanks. I must go home, son; god, if this is love, I love you.” She kissed me deeply, closing my mouth open to speak, stuffed her panties in her handbag, and I followed her out as she readied her bike. She paused to kiss me, smiled as she patted my cheek “Thank you again, my son; see you soon I hope.” I smiled back, but concerned at the intensity of her feelings as before; I never realized Mae had such feelings, and now she was baring them to me, but causing herself pain in the process.
I wasn’t sure I had given Mae the joy she wanted, or the sadness she didn’t want. How could I know?

The following week, I had a scheduled trip to two of the regional offices, the second being where Liem worked. I juggled the schedule with the regional managers, to have meetings at Liem’s office on the Friday, and was able to get my boss to agree to my car driving up there on that day, and giving me a tourist weekend around the area. Before I even got to letting Liem know I was coming, she was on the phone to me, “Oh, I will be happy to see you again, Mr. Steve, and show you around over the weekend; how’s that?” “That sounds a fine idea, Liem, and I will bring my camera this time.” “Sounds promising, Mr. Steve. Can I ask a favour? Could Ping travel up in your car for the weekend also? We haven’t seen each other for almost two years, and I just spoke with her, and we thought you might agree to help….is that OK, Mr. Steve?” She ended on a pleading note so appealing, I smiled “Yes, Liem, Ping can come up in the car, and travel back with me; however, best you not mention to your manager or mine that she is sharing the car – they mightn’t be so agreeable.” “Oh, fine, and thank you Mr. Steve; I guarantee we will all have a fun weekend, and you will have some amazing photos! ‘Bye until Thursday night, Mr. Steve.”
I flew out the next morning for the two hour flight, getting to the first office for an afternoon of meetings, and arranged to have an office dinner that evening. I only visited this office half the times of our other, larger centres, so I liked to engender a company spirit with the staff as much as possible, and a company head office-paid dinner always helped move toward that objective. There were only twelve staff in total here, eight male and four female, some married, some with children, most not married; quite a young staff group, vibrant and trying to help push the company ahead.
The men, including me, were more concerned with the beer and whisky to drink, so it was normal for the ladies of such a group to pore over the menu and choose the dishes, generally too many, especially as the men drank more and ate even less, but the girls tucked in, and we all talked about anything and everything. The manager of the office was to my right, chief accountant Miss Lang to my left, with the other girls down the table to her left. The manager kept my attention mostly, about the office, problems and opportunities, naturally hoping for a good report I would make back at H.O. Miss Lang often joined in, swiveling herself to the right to be closer to the conversation, and thereby rubbing her bare leg against mine frequently. I turned to glance at her at times when I wasn’t in the conversation between Lang and her manager, Thong, to see an earnest young woman - she was thirty I recalled, with full lips, typically small nose, and equally typically beautiful skin. I roved downwards, noting the silk shirt covering nicely shaped breasts, larger than small, and tucked into a skirt emphasizing her narrow waist. She had her legs crossed and the one rubbing me, her left, was swinging enough to captivate me with its slimness and its smoothness when I felt it against mine. I started when I realized the conversation to either side of me seemed to have stopped, guiltily turned my eyes upwards, to find Thong had gone to the toilet; when I turned back to Lang, she was smiling coyly at me “Did you lose something down there?” she asked, motioning with her head towards her lower self. “Oh sorry, Miss Lang, I was day-dreaming.” “Nice dream I hope, and night dreams are often better than day-dreams aren’t they” she asked questioningly. I swallowed some beer before nodding agreement, and smiling. Lang seemed to be taking advantage of Thong’s absence, and the others preoccupation more behind her at the table, to change her expression to serious, “Mr. Steve, I would like to discuss some accounting matters with you; but I would prefer if we could do it outside the office, just the two of us. Could I come back with you to your hotel and just stay a while to talk about things?” “Well, Lang, don’t you have to go home to your family?” “No, my parents live next door, but I live just with my younger sister, and she should be studying, then go to sleep.” “What do you want to discuss? Do we have problems?” “No, no problems; I just have some ideas and I would like to talk to you about them first; is that OK?” I hesitated, but I was open to any ideas staff had, and could understand if she was shy to bring them up in a meeting in the office environment first, for fear of perhaps some ridicule. “OK, Lang, you could leave here before me and check me into the hotel on my authority, and tell them you are waiting for me for a meeting, and need prepare papers in my room; in fact, you take my briefcase with you; how’s that for an idea to protect you?” “You are very clever, Mr. Steve, but I think, in English, might be called ‘devious’ right!” I laughed and raised my glass to hers, and then we re-joined the general conversation as Thong finally returned, explaining one of his children was ill and he would go home.
Some of the others also left, mainly those with families, so we were a reduced number and moved chairs to become a small group to continue talking. This moved me to the other end of the table, next to a secretary, who worked under the direction of Lang. She was a quite stunning beauty I had looked at quite a lot, but she was new and I had never been introduced properly. She said “Hello, Mr. Steve, I am Anh; it’s nice to meet you finally, I have been waiting all night for a chance. Cheers!” and she lifted her glass of beer to touch with mine. Unfortunately, she clinked a little hard and our beer slopped out on my pants leg and groin. “Oh, I am so sorry!” said Anh, reaching for some tissues, turning to face me and wiping at the wetness on my, ah, groin! Vigorously wiping, and getting the natural response, perhaps even the one she was aiming for; she was certainly aimed at the growing bulge, as she rubbed and rubbed at the wetness, getting even more tissues to continue. “Miss Anh, I think that’s enough, thank you; I am getting hot enough they will dry very soon, and can be washed later.”
I put my hand on top of hers to lift it away; however her hand had hold of my prick in my pants and she dragged that up even more, and I groaned. “Are you sure, Mr. Steve? I could keep drying them for you?” I prised her fingers off, and lifted her hand away to her own lap, where she now held mine clamped as she opened her legs, thus drawing her skirt up her legs higher, and pushed my hand down against her groin and her own wet pussy! I must have turned bright red, my whole body felt seared with heat – there are other people to either side of us, I told myself! I jumped up, excusing myself to go to the restroom and took off. When I reached the entrance door, I turned my head back: Lang had moved to sit beside Anh, and as Anh held her hand to her mouth and slowly sniffed and licked it, Lang leaned in to her to share; then they both looked at me, smiling in unison and licking their lips also in unison.
After calming down, I returned, meeting the group waiting to wish me ‘thank you and good night’; only Lang and Anh were still at the table, sitting side by side. I sat opposite them, reached for my beer, and asked Lang to call for, and check the bill. She did, and while waiting, the restaurant gave me a free final bottle of beer. I paid the bill, and asked Lang to go with my car and driver, check me in and keep hold of my briefcase until she had ‘set up the papers for discussion’; she was smiling. I said the car could drop Anh off, she had already told me she was ‘just around the corner’, and then come back for me – enough time to relax with this final beer. They both walked out arm-in-arm, causing me to notice how similar in size, appearance, dress and manner they were – especially the exaggerated sway of the hips and buttocks, as if knowing I would be watching. I was, and they turned their heads together, catching me, laughing lightly at my instant embarrassment. As old as I am, one would think I wouldn’t become as easily flustered as I do; one would be wrong.
Slowly finishing my beer, I was ready when the car returned; I tipped the waiting restaurant staff, thanked the driver likewise; he had been at dinner but didn’t drink any alcohol that I noticed, and I was dropped at the hotel a few minutes later. I walked in, looking around, smiled at the receptionist, asking if my assistant had fixed everything. “Yes, sir, and she said you had asked her to lay out papers for you, so I let her have the key – I hope that was correct, sir?”
“Yes, that’s fine, Miss, I did ask her to.” I scanned the breakfast menu, ordered my fairly standard breakfast and a wake-up call, tipping the receptionist generously. “Good night miss.” “Good night, sir; have a pleasant evening. Oh, and Miss Anh is also there, waiting to walk home with Miss Lang.” I caught the elevator to my 4th floor before I showed my lack of composure, knocked on my door and Lang opened it; “Please come in to my room, Mr. Steve”.
I smirked at her, and looked around; my briefcase was on the table, unopened. “Oh, Anh is here, hope you don’t mind; she lives next door to me, so we thought it a good idea to both be here, then go home together – we do a lot of things together, and are best friends. She is taking a shower, while you and I talk.” “OK, Lang, but first I need take off these pants; I’ll just change – you don’t mind if I only wear shorts do you?” “Why no, Mr. Steve, they would be perfect.” ‘Perfect’ – what an odd choice of words, I thought, as I went to my bedroom, opened my bag and found my shorts, conscious of the shower running, but only noticing the open door when I sat on the bed and stripped off my socks, pants and underwear, and threw them in a pile to take for washing at my next hotel.
As I stood, to slip my shorts up, I felt as if watched, and my eyes took in the bathroom mirror’s reflection of Anh in the shower stall, standing there with water cascading over her body, facing the mirror, and staring at my reflection, cock hanging down, but instantly responding and twitching under her gaze. My own gaze quickly absorbed long, wet hair, full breasts, slim waist, slim legs, and a sparsely, dark-haired covered slit, presently being lathered and caressed by Anh’s fingers. I groaned, my cock twitched higher, and I rushed to pull my shorts up and stagger out, pushing my cock flat, down my shorts leg. Lang was sitting on the sofa, an open cold can of beer for me; “I know you don’t drink the mini-bar stock because it’s over-priced, so we stopped and I bought some at the store for you.” “Thank you, Lang; I need cooling down,” took a long mouthful and sat with a sigh.
“Are you ok, Mr. Steve; you look bothered….?” “I’m fine, Miss Lang. Now, what would you like to discuss?”
Lang had used my few minutes absence to list her points on some hotel paper, and within a few moments of reading, I agreed she really did have some ideas worth pursuing; one I said we couldn’t do, as a company, but her other points were valid for further discussion, and I told her to raise them in our management meeting the following morning, where she would have my support. “Really, Mr. Steve? Oh, Liem was right!” “Liem, you know Liem, Lang?” Yes, of course: she’s my cousin. When she ‘phoned me yesterday about you, she suggested I talk to you like this about my thoughts; she said you are very nice, and you would listen to me. In return, she asked me to take care of you.” I rolled my eyes, thinking Yen’s army of ‘carers’ was getting larger by the day! “Oh thank you so much, I was worried they were silly ideas, and would embarrass me. Thank you for listening.” And she leaned over and hugged me tightly, and turned her face to mine to kiss me – just as Anh emerged into my view from the room, vigorously rubbing dry her hair, wrapped in another towel, just long enough to cover her.
“Oh, am I interrupting anything?” she cooed, giggling. Lang broke away, “No, I was just thanking Mr. Steve for listening to me, and agreeing my ideas are worthwhile.”
“Ladies, it’s probably time for you to go home; I know it’s not late, but I should do some work.” “Oh,” a pouting Anh started, “I had some ideas of my own to suggest. And, if you don’t mind Mr. Steve – and want to be fair equally – I am sure Lang would enjoy the hot water shower: we only have cold water in our homes, and sometimes it is so nice to have it hot!” Sucker that I am, I agreed, moving with my beer to go on the balcony to have a cigarette. Anh trailed behind, leaning on the security fence beside me, very close; “So, what ideas do you want to talk about, Miss Anh?” “Well, firstly, I wanted to suggest you let me give you a massage, help you relax, as you seem a little tense and stiff at times this evening.” Stiffness was returning to something as she leaned there, so alluring and provocative! “Really, I am very good; I am sure you would enjoy it, Mr. Steve. Come on, just while Lang is in the shower – though she does take a long time to wash her hair. Come on.” She reached down for my cigarette, brushing across my groin, and crushing it – the cigarette - in the ashtray, and taking my hand, led me inside, straight to the bedroom. “Take off your shirt and lay down, this will relax you.” I did as bidden, speechless at how easy I am when a woman gives me direct instructions.
The shower was running, Lang was humming, and Anh arranged herself between my legs, which she spread wide as I lay face down.
She asked if she could do my feet; “No, they’re dirty!” I answered, “I really should shower first.” Anh said “Ok. See, Lang has finished now, tonight she was very fast – she must be excited; you go and shower then I will give you a massage, and I guarantee you will sleep well.” Indeed, the water was off, so I rolled over – and it didn’t matter that I was careful: Anh was already looking where my groin would be, and it was impossible to hide the mound in my shorts. “Off you go” she said, as Lang walked out of the bathroom, also with a towel covering her – well, covering her mostly. I allowed her to exit the bathroom, smiling as I sidled past, and closed the door. I exhaled the pent-up breaths I had been holding, took my shorts off, and turned the water temp to ‘cold’ to shower, cleaning my teeth first, allowing the water to wet me and cool me, mostly willing it to shrivel my dick. I managed to squeeze a little more shampoo and conditioner from the four empty bottles the girls had used, and washed my own hair, lathered and cleaned myself, and turned everything off and stepped out: no towel. I opened the door a little, poked my head through to ask “Can you find me another towel, please?” Two women lying on my bed, in an obviously orchestrated move, whipped their towels to the side, and said in unison “You can have mine….”, exposing naked bodies flat on their backs, front side face-up, feet pointed towards me, and opened legs showing me almost identical-looking, sparsely-haired pussies.
They wriggled their bottoms, withdrawing their towels, and both threw them at me – short of where I was hiding behind the door: naturally! I squatted down, reached my long arm out and without having to show my groin and below, was able to snare one towel. Hah! I yanked it inside, closed the door, and jumped back in the shower for another minute of cold water to again ease my heart rate and my cock-throbbing rate. This wasn’t going to work, was it, I asked myself. Give up, I told myself; I am hopeless when it comes to Women. I used the very wet towel to dry myself and wound it around, hair dripping water, and body hardly any cooler; I brushed my long hair straight, gargled some ‘Listerine’ I always used before sleeping, and boldly opened the door: going where Man has gone before!
They were like mirror-images; Lang patted her right hand to the middle of the bed, while Anh patted her left hand the same. I walked over, even stumbling as I tried to keep my eyes closed, falling face down between them, hoping the pain of crushing my penis might deter it from rising again. Anh was first to speak “I can’t massage you with a wet towel around you; the bed will get wet, and you might catch a cold.” Fat chance, I thought to myself: I am so hot, I feel I will never cool down again; as for the bed, I knew it was going to get wet –one way or another. I let them un-wrap me and remove the towel. Lang exclaimed “Oh, you are so skinny, Mr. Steve! No wonder Liem told me to look after you; you need eat more.” She leaned across my back from her side, and I felt the same from Anh; they whispered, I couldn’t hear. Anh said “Just relax, Mr. Steve, now it’s time for your massage, and remember: I told you it would help you sleep very well.” Sure, I was tired, but as Anh moved to spread my legs again, and sit herself in the middle, my cock was unbearably hard and painfully crushed between my stomach and the bed; I couldn’t help it, I had to reach a hand under and straighten it down, between my legs, the head appearing wherever the length took it. Then I felt hands on the back of my neck, and another pair at my ankles, and I let go, and slept within a few seconds under their ministrations.
Not unnaturally, I was woken when I felt myself manhandled, and became wide-awake when I found my mouth buried into the silky fur of –someone’s pussy slit - while someone else was under my raised knees, with their mouth sucking on my balls and tongue licking my cock. I groaned; A voice I recognized as Lang’s came from above my head – thus it was her pussy beneath my starting-to-lick-tongue – “Our massage relaxed you, Mr. Steve; we thought you might like to repay us a little, and you’re doing a good job on me as a starter!” She shrieked, as my tongue found her clit and punched it, then my mouth and teeth gripped it more gently, letting my tongue slurp down her slit, as far as it could reach, then spread widely slathered back up slowly, all the way. My hands were free, and they loved a woman’s breasts, so I reached up, feeling the mouth – Anh’s – on my cock following, as I grabbed two mounds and caressed them, but using my fingers to roughly tweak her nipples; erect as they were, they grew as I stretched them, and Lang squealed again, bucking her groin at me and – see! – wetting the bed with a gush of juices under us. Anh, at that gush, left my mouth to lap up some of the wetness, obviously enjoying the taste, and used the added wetness to slurp my balls and up my cleft to daub her tongue in my anus, making me push down against her with my prick. Anh clearly wanted more and she hissed at Lang “Roll him over!” and they both moved me; I was now on my back, a throbbing prick upright for Anh, and Lang with her knees wide astride my mouth, pressing.
Yes, this was also more comfortable for me, so with a pussy above my mouth taking my attention, my cock settled to just being hard, but with no immediate need to cum. They were a good team, Lang and Anh, but after some more squeals from Lang as I used my tongue, and my fingers, to tease both her clit and around her perineum to her anus-hole, Anh decided: enough this way, and she sucked harshly off my cock and demanded Lang swap positions. But this manoeuvre brought her up my body, sliding her nipples and large breasts against my prick and beyond, and I grabbed her beautifully smooth buttocks when they were above my groin, lifted her to allow my cock to stand up and pulled her sharply down! I got it right, and she squeaked, and shrilled “Aaarrrgghhh!” as I ploughed up inside her. It was so sudden she forgot her intentions, and wanting to pleasure both of them, I returned my attention to my tongue and stabbed it upwards, rewarded with a downward thrust of her pelvis from Lang, and another squeal, and yet another mouthful of her juices; oh, she tasted nice, like a good wine, and I lapped at her cunt, fast and furiously, and she orgasmed again. How I love a Woman to climax; there is nothing more satisfying to me if I know I have given pleasure, and I thought I was doing so, as now Anh raised herself and began bouncing on my prick, hard up and down, my poor pelvic bones cringing at the energy she was thrusting against them, reaching her bottom as my length hit inside her. Her beautiful tits were above me, jiggling, and I reached up my hands and grabbed both of them, twisting her nipples in my fingers, but also gently changing my grip to cup her mounds, while still twirling her nipples in my fingers. She squealed and –see! – Now the bed was even wetter, as her juices ran out and down through my pubic hair to the mattress below. She clamped her thighs against me, and I could feel her vagina pulsing around my cock, but my attention was still divided and I felt no immediate urge to cum myself. I moved my hands behind her, and suddenly pushed her buttocks hard down, burying myself, if possible, even deeper within her, and this time Anh screamed! She thrashed and writhed and her mouth continued screaming, and her juices poured out and down over us; gosh, I hoped she was all right! I eased up and lifted her one centimetre up, but she wanted none of that, and ground herself down against me, beginning a new squeal.
From above my mouth, Lang moved down,; I could hardly see anything, given she had slid her body down mine, but I noted Anh’s squeals become muffled, and surmised Lang had either clamped her hand, or her mouth, against Anh’s to quiet her. Lang’s breasts, meanwhile, gave me another focus for my own mouth, and I clamped my mouth as wide as I could around one, and raised one hand to snuggle under her body to play with the other. My stretched mouth allowed my tongue and teeth to nip at her nipple, and then I sucked that lovely nipple with my lips as the baby they wanted me to be at times would. She stopped moving and moaned, and as I felt a sated Anh move wetly off my prick, still rigid, and laid herself off to the side of my body to recover, I moved my hands to Lang’s buttocks and pushed her down along the bed and my body, not letting her stop when my prick hit her in the face and she wanted her mouth to engulf it; I pushed her, and was then able to pull my legs back, lifting her up to a kneeling position, while I swiveled my legs underneath me and lunged forward over her back. Without checking, I grabbed my prick and instinctively lined it up and shoved it forward, straight into the wet hole which was right in front of it, and I was joined to Lang.
Oh my, now it was her turn to squeal, and I hoped the rest of the 4th floor was empty, wouldn’t find the police knocking down the door with guns drawn. But now, as I eased slowly back, her noises also eased, and I moved slowly back and forth within her, her voice now becoming moans as I moved around inside her vagina, feeling the sides and the opening and the entrance to her womb as I changed the strength and direction my prick was taking. Then I felt a hand glide up under my balls; it had to be Anh, and she squeezed almost painfully, and slurped her fingers in all the wetness available, then slid her hand up through the hairs on my buttocks and when she found my pulsing hole, she jammed a finger straight inside! I lurched forward, which caused me to thrust hard into Lang, and then as I felt Anh withdraw, but seem immediately to line up and bust two fingers into me, I burst through the length of Lang and must have reached her womb: where I was the one to now truly burst; I erupted, I shot a machine-gun of shot after shot and she humped her pelvis under me, up hard, and again even harder, and I crashed even further into her when behind yet another finger was jammed by Anh into my hole, and they all shoved also, painful now, almost rubbing against my cock through my walls. I buried my mouth against Lang’s back to stifle my noises, and she buried her head down against the bed, while behind us Anh also appeared to need to relax, as she slowly withdrew her fingers from my stretched hole, slowly then slurping juice down my cleft, gently cuddling my balls and equally gently up to stroke my prick and Lang’s wet, wet slit. We all groaned and fell flat on the bed. This bed was wet!
I rolled to the side, my softening dick sounding like a sucking-machine as it eased out from a whimpering Lang, who I cuddled, finding her breast available to me; and felt Anh as she moved up the bed, stopping for a moment to suck juices from my dick, licking her lips loudly, and continuing until she was behind me, throwing her arm across my chest to squeeze a nippled-breast before moving it down to fondle my cock.
We were all soaked, and worn out, but Anh was alert enough to ask, in a petulant voice worthy of a Hollywood star: “I didn’t have you cum inside me!” I reached behind me and smacked her bottom; “You are the youngest; you need wait your turn. Besides, I had your cum, and it was yummy! Thanks.”
I think we all then slept – certainly, I did, only woken by the ‘phone’s wake-up call at 07.30. How they did it, I don’t know, but both girls were gone, and I hadn’t stirred at all. I roused myself from the bed – oh my, what will the housekeeper think! – had a shower, found a wet towel in the laundry basket to use, and was dressing when breakfast arrived. I felt starved, and ate my omelette and all side bits totally; combined with toast and juice and two coffees, I was not only full, but feeling over-weight, as I packed and checked out. The same receptionist was still, or again, on duty, and she prepared my bill and receipted my credit card payment. She smiled and whispered; the ladies left after your ‘meeting’ about 05.00, sir; there was only me on duty to see them go….” I said “Thank you, Miss, that was very good service.” I picked up my bags, palmed a large tip into her hand under the envelope she handed me with my account and receipt, and smiled as I left for my car and the office.
I settled in the meeting room, after greeting all the staff’ good morning’, including Lang and Anh, who looked fresh and bubbly – though Anh managed a look which I interpreted as ‘I didn’t get the full treatment like Lang’. I gave her a sweet smile, and turned away: this was the office, and it was work time, not flirting. As the management team filed in, I encouraged Lang to sit near me, but not next to me, and after the usual business had been attended to, I invited anyone to speak up if they had other matters to discuss, swiveling my head around the table, and pointedly looking at Lang. No-one offered, but before people began to rise from their chairs, Lang asked to offer some ideas she had been developing. She spoke eloquently, and convincingly, and I made some comments of encouragement when she faltered, and took notes of her ideas in my meeting book. When she appeared finished, I congratulated her for raising her topics, and said they were worthy of further thought at H.O. and I would bring them up for discussion. Lang beamed, and said ‘thank you’ and her own office manager joined in congratulating her. I thanked everybody, spent a few minutes more with the manager, then sat there with another coffee to elaborate on my notes more extensively in my minute book, and then reviewing my program for the day. I had time to make some phone calls, including one to my driver to confirm he would be on the way tomorrow, Friday, and that he was cleared by his wife for the weekend; I didn’t want any marital problems if he hadn’t told her. He laughed and assured me not to worry, and he had already spoken with Miss Ping and made arrangements to collect her. I thought of a couple of items and went to discuss with the office manager, then went to the bathroom, and walked out, saying ‘see you next time’ to all the staff. Lang intercepted me to pass on a written message to Liem, and also to ask if I could take inter-office mail - to save courier costs. “Of course, Miss Lang, and that is another good idea for when I visit: you can give me anything you have.” She almost blushed, turning away as she muttered “thank you Mr. Steve – for everything”. Anh handed me my ticket for the plane, re-confirmed, and said in parting “I hope you cum back soon, Mr. Steve; I, well we, always enjoy your visits.” “I will cum again, Miss Anh: promise!”
Car to the airport, another plane, declining a meal and I slept the whole way; mindful of what may be in store for the weekend. The airport was only a short distance from town, and the office, so well in time to freshen up to have my one scheduled client meeting that day. I passed on the written message from Lang to Liem, as she greeted me on arrival with a coffee and a shy smile. I left the coffee for the moment, went to the rest-room to make myself presentable, and passed Liem on my way back to the meeting room; this time she had a big smile, a beaming smile – cause of which I could only guess at; but not now, as work took precedence. The meeting went well, another client secured for a new project it appeared, but a happy office at the prospect of a new contract signing. However, I agreed with the office manager, we should have a dinner after work on the ‘morrow, Friday, when it would be more relaxing. Besides, I also needed a good night’s sleep and chance to recover.
Liem offered me dinner at her house, before we left the office, but I countered with one at my hotel an hour or so later: public and able to finish early; I really did want a straight-forward night’s sleep.
I asked Reception at the hotel for a wake-up call in one hour, and just took off my clothes and managed to pull a sheet half over me and slept.
Some time later, a hand on my shoulder made me sit up, and jump up with a start! When my eyes focused, half-asleep, I saw the young, floor housekeeper standing before me; she stepped back and quickly began speaking “I’m sorry, sir: I knocked several times because you didn’t answer your wake-up call and I had a message to give you! When you didn’t answer my knock, I was worried and came in; I was worried you were sick or something, sorry sir.” “I said “Please, it’s OK, Miss; guess I was really tired. What time is it?” She told me, as I rubbed my face; slept for three hours! “Oh, my goodness, look at the time! And a message, you said?” “Yes sir, Miss Liem phoned earlier to say she couldn’t come for dinner; her mother is sick, and she was sorry.” I nodded acceptance, and then realized I was sitting on the edge of the bed stark naked, with the housekeeper standing over me almost!
I stammered “Oh, I am sorry, Miss; I didn’t realize, I was asleep and just got a surprise….sorry; if you could turn around, I will find some clothes.” I looked up at her; she was smiling widely but making no attempt to look away. “That’s ok, sir; I’ve never seen a foreign man like you before - but I always wanted to: it’s true what the other girls say! Oh, and my name is Tuan, sir.”
She was young, cute and shy, and standing there over me almost, in her work buttoned dress, she was quite an attraction. My rested cock sprang up from my lap, causing her to cover her mouth and giggle “Oh, wow, oh my….” and just stare at my groin. I threw my sheet over me and said gently “Miss Tuan, I need to have a shower now, and guess I will order some room-service dinner, and go back to sleep. Don’t you need to go back to your job?” Tuan dragged her eyes up to mine, perhaps disappointed the view had disappeared, “Oh no, sir; I am off duty, that’s why they asked me to finish up my shift by checking if you were OK. I need tell Reception you are OK – in fact, you are very fine!” She was almost panting – from what, I couldn’t imagine; she continued, “You go right ahead and have a nice relaxing shower, sir; I’ll just telephone and tell Reception, and guess I can go then….unless there is anything else you need….?” She turned away from me and picked up the telephone, and I threw the sheet off and walked into the bathroom, not fully closing the door as listening to her telling Reception I was just asleep, nothing to worry about – and she was now going home. I let the water soak me, but my skinny body takes but a short time to clean, and I was finished. I dried myself and presumed Tuan was gone, so walked out naked to find the menu and order some dinner.
Of course Tuan hadn’t gone; she was bent over, smoothing out the sheet on my bed, her dress riding up her thighs, allowing the tops of the back of her legs to stare me in the face, or the groin almost, as I exited the bathroom doorway. “You have very nice legs, Miss Tuan, but I thought you had finished work and were going home” I questioned, admiring her still. She laid face-down, stretching fully across the bed, ostensibly to tuck the sheet in on the other side, lifting one calf and ankle into the air, twirling her foot, and turning sideways at my voice – a perfect way to look at my groin, and a perfect way to show me straight up the remaining few cms of her under her dress, where a bare pussy was displayed. “Oh, sir, I like my guests to be comfortable, and yours was so messy – I couldn’t go without making certain the bed was fully ready for you!” She rolled on to her back, legs still somewhat apart, her eyes looking nowhere but at a growing cock protruding in front of me; I looked from her feet up her legs: they really were very nice, slim and smooth as I like, and which always take my fancy. She was small, fairly normal that was; flat abdomen it appeared under her dress, her breasts rising and falling as if needing more air, a nice size and with nipples prodding at her dress – she must have taken off her panties and bra while I was showering, the thought struck me –and her face was oval and shiny, sparkling - like her eyes as they seemed to devour me from a distance, with her lips open and gasping. As I stepped to the bed, I had a vague thought to ask if she was a cousin of Ping or Liem or Lang or even Yen, anybody with a linkage to me, but I shook my head, deciding this was a pure one-evening stand, and I moved her legs further apart and knelt between them on the bed. She stayed still, perhaps afraid, but I was gentle as I slid my hands up her calves, her thighs, following with my lowering body, and my mouth, and my tongue beginning to extend from my mouth as the top of my head pushed up her dress that required extra few cms, and I sank my tongue to her waiting pussy. Tuan no longer stayed still; she jumped - straight up, impaling herself on my tongue with no effort from me.
I withdrew my tongue, and she slumped down. “Nobody has ever done that to me before! Oh, sir, can you do it again, please, please!” I realized how young she was, perhaps only twenty, but I obliged her, and bent down to slowly lick and suck her, using my hands to hold her thighs to keep her from jumping, until she relaxed and began just accepting the feelings and, I hoped, enjoying them. I took my hands and roved them up the front of her dress, undoing a button when my fingers encountered one, until my probing hands under found the bottom of the mounds of her breasts; I swear, the smooth skin of every woman I know, if not so smooth to my touch, well maybe I would be attracted slightly less; but the smoothness of breasts, topped with nipples seemingly perfect for my fingers to hold, that took my breath away and my will-power: I love to hold breasts, so I did. I took a long time before undoing the last, top button, and peeling her dress to the sides, but my hands quickly returned to those mounds, and my tongue now was re-concentrated on its mission: and Tuan’s orgasm came when I clamped on her clit with my lips, and used my tongue to push against it. She bucked now, but I wouldn’t release until she slowly subsided, then I wanted to kiss her, so I slid fast up her body, slapped nipples with my mouth as I passed and fastened my mouth against hers, tongue perhaps hurting her a little as I shoved it into her mouth, and used one hand to grab my prick, used it to push against her clit once more, and then wet and ready as we were, we joined: penis entering vagina, just as it was pre-ordained. She screamed under my mouth, and I didn’t push myself into her hard, allowing her to feel me, to know she could take it, and when she began sucking on my tongue, I continued our joining, through her gasps, but she never stopped her tongue in my mouth, her mouth sucking me, and she just whimpered as my hands roamed all over her breasts and nipples, around her neck, tickling her back, then stroking down her sides under her buttocks to grasp them and lift them up to then plunge my cock down, and up, to the limits of her tunnel. Now she did scream again in my mouth, and I let her breathe, removing my mouth and transferring it to a breast, and to grind down with my pelvis while I withdrew slowly, hitting her walls and trying to show her there was more than just an in/out motion for her. When I sharply thrust back in, unexpectedly for her, and sucked hard on her nipple in my mouth, she screamed openly, and I felt some juices flow out to coat my cock, only making it easier to slide in and out, up and down, and around; keeping her emotions on high, and her body on edge: waiting.
I kept her waiting at that edge, and waiting more, until her fingernails scratching my back told me I would be shredded if I didn’t take her to the heights. I withdrew to the lips of her vagina, as if I was pulling out, and when she whimpered in exasperation, I pressed in just a fraction; she lunged her pelvis up to me, and then I lunged inside her: maximum meeting of depths, and we both reached the orgasm release, and exploded, Tuan out and me in, and her scream out also. She swamped me with juices gushing outside her, even though I had swelled and seemed as if my cock couldn’t possibly let any fluids escape, while I pumped my own sticky juice straight along Tuan’s channels to cling to her insides everywhere it could. I held her buttocks still, hard and clamped to me, pushing my own pelvic muscles fully against her, and then pinned her still full of me, while I moved my hands out, wanting to cup and cuddle breasts and nipples and stroke everywhere else on her. My mouth had flopped off her nipple when the end was nigh and just remained taut against her breast, so I moved it to allow my hands to caress, and stretched my head up until I could nibble her neck, move to her earlobe, and then across to her mouth for a sweet, post-bliss kiss. She slopped her mouth over my face, kissed, sucked, slurped wherever she could reach her mouth, and her hands dug at me the same, wherever they could reach. My cock was giving its last spasms, as was Tuan’s whole body, until I lifted a little and I slurped myself out; she cried as if emptied of something she wanted there forever, so I kissed her lips, and laid to her side, cuddling her with an arm across her breasts.
Some minutes later, Tuan asked “Is that what you did for Liem? I have never felt such a thing was possible, but she told me it was; now of course I believe her!” “Liem, what about Liem? Do you know her Tuan?” I propped myself up on my elbow to look down at her lying there, my hand still caressing her breasts. “Oh, yes, sir; she’s my cousin! When she couldn’t come to dinner with you because my aunty is sick, she asked me to check on you, take care of you. She didn’t tell me what to do or anything; but she did tell me I would be happy, and that it could be the first time I would feel such extreme happiness: as I said before, I now believe her.” I slumped back on the bed speaking silently to myself; ‘it’s not possible to be so tied to Yen that everyone – every single one – is so linked to her also. Yet, it seems they are, and I am.’ I was flabbergasted, but put aside those thoughts for the moment – until my next serious talk with Yen –and I leaned across to kiss Tuan, feeling her still-pointy nipples pushing up against my chest. “I hope I also helped take care of you, Miss Tuan.” “Oh my, Mr. Steve! Will I ever feel that again? I hope so….” “We don’t know tomorrow, Tuan; nobody knows tomorrow.” “You mean I can come back after midnight, sir – that will be tomorrow, right?” she half-giggled asking. “No, Tuan, I didn’t mean that! You need go home; where do you live, Tuan?” I asked, changing the subject. “Oh, down the fire stairs, and straight across there” pointing at the window across the car park below, “the staff quarters are just there” she finished triumphantly, “only 2-3 minutes!” I groaned, kissed her and began buttoning her dress, but a last lingering suck on her breasts drew me, and she held my head against each of them, sighing and pushing herself up against my mouth. As I felt my prick rising – and knew Tuan was feeling it also – I lifted my mouth, moved myself away to say “Tuan, you must go; I haven’t eaten a meal all day, and I need to – as delicious as you were to eat, my body needs some other food.” I buttoned her dress faster and stood by the bed, naked and vulnerable – so I went to the bathroom and wrapped a towel around myself. Tuan had risen, smoothed her dress down, and bent over so provocatively to pick up her bra and panties from the floor on the other side of the bed, and looked up at me, smiling “Anything else I can do for you, sir?” I walked around the bed, smacked her lightly on the bottom and shepherded her towards the door, where my hands sneaked under her long hair to open her neck to my mouth for some kisses from one side to the other. “You have ‘taken care of me’ very well, Miss Tuan; thank you, and: good night.” As she opened the door, she turned to kiss me, whispering “Will you tell Miss Liem I did a good job?” I kissed back, and said “No, Tuan; this was you and me OK, just you and me. Good night Tuan”.
Alone at last, I phoned down for a salad, and while waiting, I telephoned Yen – I didn’t worry that it was after midnight in Australia, so it was to be expected she would answer sleepily.
“Yen, this ‘taking care of me’ has to stop! There are family members, and cousins of Ping, or cousins of those cousins everywhere I go; I don’t need this much looking after – I am a grown man, yes?”
“But Daddy, all these people taking care of you have a purpose: they keep you remembering ME! Good night Steve, sleep well, I hear you have a big weekend coming up!” She hung up on me, which didn’t matter as I was again flabbergasted at the reach of her network: she knows everything almost before I experience it!
I showered and went to sleep, shaking my head: Women!
After breakfast downstairs the following morning, I returned to my room to collect my computer bag and head out. On top of my bag had been placed a single red rose; I smiled, assuming Tuan had been inside to give me a token of remembrance or thanks.
At the office, all was routine for the day ahead, and as I greeted Liem I discreetly asked after her mother’s health; “Better” she smiled, “just a cold but she’s a terrible patient! Sorry I couldn’t make it to dinner, but Tuan tells me you ate something; hope it was tasty. ”
Real business for the day, a sandwich at my desk for lunch as I checked in with my H.O., and continued working until finally I was able to sit back with nothing more to be done for the day. I relaxed back in my chair for a moment, before going outside on the balcony of the office where smoking was allowed, and enjoyed the late afternoon breeze. I asked Liem to phone Ping and check if the trip was ok, and she responded she already had, and the driver expected to be here about 7p.m. so she had directed him to the restaurant where the office would be eating dinner.
I decided to pack up then, walked the short distance to my hotel, stopping to buy some beer on the way – I never drink from hotel mini-bars, always buy for myself – and, in my room, changed into a pair of shorts and sat with a beer on my balcony, relaxing and reading my book, happy with the solitude. Soon, however, the lengthening shadows told me it was time to shower and change and head for dinner; the office staff would head for the restaurant promptly at 5.30p.m. I was certain, eager to enjoy the Company’s hospitality at the earliest possible moment. Ready myself, I walked the short distance the other way from the office, thirsty.
Everyone was there, except the office manager who had already apologized to me for his non-attendance, in favour of his daughter’s school concert. Other staff members didn’t mind – without their direct boss, and confident in my discretion, and my sense of fun, they anticipated an even more enjoyable evening. As visiting top manager, I was seated at the head of the table, Liem to my left, welcoming me. Beer and whisky flowed, the table was soon full of dishes, and everyone laughed and gossiped and flirted and proclaimed their enjoyment loudly.
I ate sparingly, as is normal for me, even as Liem insisted on placing new portions of dishes in my bowl; she also did a fine job of refilling my glass with beer and ice, chatting all the while about nothing serious. As is my wont, I had worn sandals, easily able to drop off my feet under the table, and cross one leg under me on the chair; this was my preferred seated position, but it also placed my knee slightly further across the table corner, allowing Liem to place her hand there as if to emphasize a point of discussion, or to show proprietary interests! As if on cue, my driver walked towards the table, shielding Ping behind me until they reached us. My goodness, my breath stopped: she was stunning when she stepped forward to the table!
Where she had prepared herself I had no idea; she was wearing a sleek, silk dress; short, I guessed, to allow her legs to highlight the lower portion of a body beautiful. Her long hair was flowing free, and her slim, tiny hands, curled up to twist the ends of hair one side of her face down over her so-nicely-shaped breast, dragging any man’s attention to her bodice, cleavage deep and alluring, and designed/made/created to send a man’s cock jumping. It did mine; yet all Ping was doing was walking to the table to hug and greet her cousin, Liem, who moved and gave Ping her chair to my left. Oh, Oh! Then Liem introduced Ping to the table and everyone went back to their …whatever.
Ping turned and warmly greeted me, and turned away to chatter away with Liem; I asked my driver if everything was ok, and he said ‘fine, boss’. When I asked “where is the car parked”, he answered he hoped ok, but parked at my hotel and he (‘and Ping’) he mouthed silently had walked; I said that was a good idea, and toasted him, a glass of whisky already in his hand. Before I had put my glass back on the table, a hand was on my leg; I looked, and- naturally- it could only have been Ping’s, but she was still facing Liem and talking animatedly. The hand squeezed my thigh, and I placed my own hand on top and gently lifted it away: not yet I was saying. When I let the hand drop, it immediately jumped back on my groin and gave a tug on the bulge ‘it’ knew would be there. She is only an impetuous twenty years old, I tried to tell myself.
I was looking at Ping side-on, turned away from me, looking at Liem, who was turned towards me facing Ping. Two beautiful women sitting next to me - courtesy of Miss Mischievous, Yen. I drank my beer, went to the toilet, drank some more, talked with the table as it began to break up and people to head home; I leaned somewhat across Ping, interrupting her conversation with Liem, and asked Liem to get the bill and check it for me to pay. Ping turned towards me, apologizing for ignoring me, but explaining she and Liem hardly ever see each other, and grabbing my hands into her lap to thank me profusely for the trip. She almost buried my hands in between her thighs and clamped them shut, but I gave her a serious frown and withdrew; she laughed “sorry, Mr. Steve”. Liem confirmed the bill, and I gave her the money to count out as needed, plus the usual tip.
While waiting for change, and for everyone finishing their drinks and saying ‘thanks, good night’, I asked Ping if the driver had dropped her bags at Liem’s, assuming she was staying there. “Oh no, Mr. Steve; didn’t Liem tell you? Tuan –she’s my cousin too of course – booked us the connecting suite to yours!” Surprised, but thinking with alacrity, I laughed “I am lucky you can’t unlock the doors, right!” Ping looked at me seriously; “Oh, if you want we can: Tuan has a Master Key.”
Bill settled, I decided to leave first –alone – and walked to the hotel, getting my key and entering my room, showering and having a last beer and cigarette before cleaning my teeth and tiredly getting into bed. No sooner had I pulled up the quilt, than I threw it off to answer the knock on the door – not the main room door, but the connecting door! I opened my side to find the connecting one already open and two nymphs wrapped in towels standing there, hands on hips, heads cocked to the side and tongues licking lips.
“Come in girls” I said resignedly, hiding myself behind the door-frame. “Oh no, Mr. Steve,” Ping said, “we just wanted to give you an idea of poses for photos over the weekend” and they both twirled and turned and made themselves into photo models – then they both loudly said “Good night, Mr. Steve!” They whirled their towels away from their bodies, shaking their buttocks at me as they turned away and pushed the door closed from my view. I rolled my eyes, fell back into bed, smiling.
Some time later, a weight snuggled in beside me and a hand was laid across my chest. “I had to come, Mr. Steve, so I waited until Liem was asleep; I haven’t slept with you cuddling me for weeks!” I eased one arm under Ping’s neck, kissed her forehead and turned her over so I could spoon and cuddle her breasts at the same time; “Good night, Ping”.
I guess unconsciously I had been expecting it, so I wasn’t startled when I became aware of another body spooning mine, firm breasts digging into my back, legs curling over mine, and an arm snaking under my neck to insinuate itself on my chest up against Ping’s back. Liem kissed the back of my neck under my hair, and murmured “I was cold and lonely….” “Ok, Liem, good night.” ‘Nothing cold about this bed’ was my last thought as I again went to sleep.
Saturday morning; I woke, feeling two slumbering bodies entangled with mine, and a rigid penis somewhere in there also: ‘not now’ I told myself and, as gently as possible, disengaged myself and slid up the bed until I could hunch up enough to slip out the side. I showered in their bathroom; distant enough for any noise to let the girls sleep on, a holiday from work for Liem and me, and no Uni for Ping, so nothing better than letting them wake of their own volition. When I returned to my room, I noted Liem had moved closer and was cuddling the ten years younger Ping – kissing cousins I thought, smiling to myself. Throwing on shorts, and back in their room, I checked the menu, and ordered a light breakfast and coffee for myself, but asked they deliver it to me in the connecting suite, not mine, as….as what, I quickly tried to think….as I had swapped rooms with my associates last night. Pretty lame excuse, but enough to deflect some attention; a big tip would do the rest.
Along with the waiter and my tray, Tuan arrived, smiling a ‘good morning, sir’; I had closed the connecting door previously, and now signed the bill, noting it was for my room number, and tipped the waiter out, when I noticed Tuan had re-opened the door and was peering in at her two cousins asleep and cuddling in the other bed. She turned to face me, but I carried my plate and coffee out to the balcony table and sat there. “What did you do to my cousins, Mr. Steve?” Tuan asked smiling. I held up my hands in innocence; “Nothing, Tuan, promise: I was asleep in my room and Ping came in wanted to sleep; and after Liem came and said she was cold – that’s it; we all slept.” “Why didn’t you invite me?” Tuan asked. I smiled, “The hotel needs to get bigger beds for four people, Tuan!”
I looked out at the light; it was the perfect time of day for soft photos. “What time is it, Tuan?” She said “Only 06.30, why?” Goodness, I thought, no wonder the girls are still sleeping! I looked at the light, and then at Tuan, “Do you have ten minutes Tuan? The light is just right for me to take some photos of you here, now; would that be ok?” “I guess so, yes; I really don’t start work until 7a.m; what do you want?” “Wait here” I ordered her, while creeping into my own room and taking my camera from the bag: the girls still well asleep. Returning to the balcony, eating the last spoonful of my omelette, and swallowing some more coffee, I took the tray inside, and then re-arranged the table and chairs on the balcony, noting the position of the sun around the corner from this room, and ready; “Tuan, you need imagine this is a photo-session for a fashion magazine, or even that Fashion show on the TV channel; you think about that, and do whatever you picture in your mind; let your body move as it wants, your thoughts take you where you want to go, where you want to be. I will take the photos; you just forget I am even here: they will be your feelings and your imagination, so whatever you think and feel, that’s what I will try and capture.”
It was only one minute later before I realized I had unleashed a real fashion model; Tuan was almost hypnotized in her bearing and her austere looks – just like a catwalk-model whose job is to not focus attention on herself, but the commodity she is trying to sell: Tuan was a natural, right here, working in a hotel in a small up-country city. I clicked and moved around her, my Nikon so perfect for close waist to head shots, or full- length verticals from a corner of the balcony with Tuan the other side. She preened herself, flared her hair out, arched so her breasts pushed out, then tantalizing as she unbuttoned her uniform one button by one, changing poses, expressions, stance becoming more provocative with a hand sliding the dress material higher up her thigh, sideways to hold it against her hip, just a large hint of the hidden world underneath, while using her other hand to probe inside the opened bodice, and her mouth to portray a woman in orgasm at her own touch on her breasts and nipples.
My camera beeped end of film, thirty six frames shot; I was, god I was - in a daze; I put my camera down carefully on the table, grabbed Tuan’s hand and pulled her against me, my mouth lunging for hers to delve my tongue straight down, trying to reach her cunt down her throat, my left hand groping for her breasts, frantically unbuttoning the few remaining on her dress and grasping under her bra. If ever a woman had the means to excite men, Tuan was that Woman. Her mouth sucked my tongue in, her hands grabbed my shorts and yanked them down, letting me tangle them around my feet while she grabbed for a prick raging out in front. She let me go for a moment, and turned around and laid herself up against the closed glass door, scrabbling her dress up above her waist and sticking a so-beautiful panty-clad pair of buttocks straight out at me. I couldn’t resist; the panties went!
I spread her legs and it happened; she was so wet, and I was so hard, the joining was an instant meshing of bodies against a pane-glass door, and it could not have taken more than 5s for Tuan to scream out another climax, and perhaps only 10s for me to bury myself and hold myself against Tuan, pushing her flat against the door and bursting with an orgasm of juices of my own inside her. Heavens above, the Rain was torrential, and the spray was inside Tuan’s womb, as I fell against her and licked and sucked and kissed her back and neck, the sweat and salt feeding me so I grunted some more and surged inside her, her hands reaching to hold my buttocks against her, clenching hands pulling me in her until I gasped and spilled the last drops out.
“Wow, that was amazing!” said a voice, and another “Tuan, you have worn him out before we even woke up! But you sure woke us up with all that noise!” Tuan and I both looked through the misted, wet glass to see Liem and Ping sitting on the bed staring straight at us. I eased out from behind, but deliberately reached my hands to her breasts, caressed them delicately, then began buttoning the bodice of her dress – in full view of the other two, letting them, and Tuan, know that yes, it had been an incredible photo-session and aftermath, and I bent and kissed her neck to let Tuan know it again. She shivered, and raised her neck, brushing her own hair back and away, and inviting me to feast like a vampire on her neck more, but I nibbled her earlobe, and kissed her cheek as I finished with her buttons and cupped her breasts from outside, and hugged her back to me. “That was beautiful, Tuan.” “Yes, it was, Sir; god, it was! Can I use your bathroom quickly Sir, before I go to work?” She scampered away, kissing both Liem and Ping on the cheek as she passed the bed, then began undressing even as she entered the bathroom, no doubt for a shower.
“Good morning girls; hungry are you – the menu is over there; but I have eaten so I will just have a beer – after I shower; starting to get hot already!” I jumped into the bathroom, surprising all three women; but I put my fingers to my lips, and shushed Tuan who was not yet finished, smiling as I leaned back against the door and began moaning, looking at her body made it easy, even as I pushed my rear against the door making noises as it moved on its hinges and bucked against the door lock. Tuan giggled as I groaned even more, pushed one last time to hold the door firmly, and moaned “oh, oh…ah!” Tuan finished now, dried herself as I undressed, and we kissed passionately, which could have led to real groaning and moaning, but she dressed, kissed me with a big smile as I turned on the water, and she exited. I was only able to hear “What were you doing….” Before Tuan closed the door, and I laughed quietly to myself as I washed.
Five minutes later, I was finished and opened the door; Tuan had gone to start work, and the girls were chatting in the other room, so I crossed through the connecting doors, given that my bag and clothes were there also. Liem and Ping stopped talking, looked at me as I selected a shirt, shorts and underpants from my bag; they remained silent as I unwrapped my towel and pulled on my briefs, making an exaggerated groan of discomfort as I pulled them over my dick. “Had an enjoyable morning Mr. Steve – so far?” asked Ping. “Yes, Ping, I am sure I have some great photos already! Just a little tired; did you order breakfast?” looking from one to the other. Before answering, a knock came at the door of their room, so they both ran back in and opened the door for the waiter. I could see him, and he seemed rather confused as he had delivered my breakfast to the same room earlier, and now it was two nubile, towel-clad women facing him. He placed the tray on the table, said he would be back with an extra pot of coffee in a moment, and left with a backward and long – perhaps longing - look.
I stood on the balcony where the girls chose to eat their breakfasts, and drank my coffee after the waiter had returned, tipping him and ushering him out again. Liem and Ping began laughing, Liem spluttering “well, at least Tuan is our cousin!” I laughed then also, told them to eat and get ready to go, while I changed the film in my camera and snapped a couple of them sitting there, just to start things off for the day.
They finished eating and Liem went to shower first in her room, while Ping asked to use mine to save time. I sat with my coffee, until I heard Ping ask from behind me, “Mr. Steve will this look nice for a photo?” I turned to find Ping sideways against the glass door frame, her arms stretched above her head, one breast either side, and a long leg curling the frame below: she was naked. It was an erotic sight, but I would be thrown in jail if anyone ever caught her like this, or a photo of her like this! “Ping, do you want me to go to jail? You are a beautiful sight, but here, in this country, I can’t – and you know that. Let me fix it, and I will photo you, OK?” She pouted as I gently moved her breast from the outside of the door to join the other one inside; I turned her face away enough so she couldn’t be recognized, stepped back to survey, and then moved the sliding door so that the two frames were hiding – almost hiding – her boobs, at least enough so they were less distinct. I stepped back again, adjusted her hair slightly away from her face so that it allowed Ping’s ear and cheek and nose and eye to be in the frame, and her hair streaming down her gorgeous back as she stretched her chin up the frame. Then I lifted her outside leg raised in the air; I looked through my Nikon at her, vertical frame capturing it all from raised leg upwards, beautifully crafted buttock and hip and on upwards; no-one would recognize her, but to my amateurish eye, it looked poetic and erotic, sensual, and I focused and pressed the shutter, and again as I made sure. I was pleased with it as a photographer, and aroused with it as a man; this is going to be a difficult weekend if this is as far as we get, here in the hotel room! I kissed Ping, and shooed her away to get dressed; “Let’s go sight-seeing” I said, and sat to calm down. Liem came through, dressed in a t-shirt and short denim skirt, and I picked up my camera….”Not here” I said, “Let’s go and find some countryside.”
The driver was waiting, so as it was home territory for Liem, I sat her in front to give directions, Ping and I in the rear; Ping dressed as a twin to Liem. We drove around and through the centre; it wasn’t a large city, small in fact, so Liem had soon stopped us at the few memorials and historical places, where I photographed the girls striking tourist poses. Then she directed us out to a craft village, famous for its embroidery and natural dye-making colours on beautiful woven materials. I bought some, as expected, but also because they were wonderful presents to give to my mother-in-law and even my own mother next time I might get to Australia, or she over here; and even bought something for Liem, Ping, and Tuan – as per normal, Liem and Tuan living right near here had no such items in their own homes: it’s what we all do: ignore that which is closest to us. I finished a film between the workers, the materials, the village itself - and the girls playing ‘Hollywood’ at every available opportunity. But they were fun, so it was a happy hour or so we spent there. With the film finished, and the sun climbing, it was time for refreshments, so we sat or lay in hammocks under shady trees and had a drink, and the girls ate a fruit platter between themselves and the driver.
Liem pondered for a time, then suggested nearby hills where there was a nice Temple, but we needed to buy some material for us all, as the girls’ skirts, and my shorts, were not suitable attire. Had Liem mentioned a Temple to me, I would have worn jeans, being well familiar with propriety, but no matter, we bought some beautifully multi-hued silk material which would be fine as both sarongs and, to my eye, wonderful for some photos later. It wasn’t far to drive, Liem directing, while Ping decided to play games in the back seat with my legs, until I had to hold her hands away. When we arrived, I took some photos of the Temple and surroundings, and then left my camera with the driver who preferred to remain with the car, while the three of us removed our shoes, entered and made merit within. It was cool and serene, and I sat for some minutes, asking only for good feelings to flow out from the Buddha to my extended families, friends, and even enemies. I always felt so calm after even a few short minutes within a Temple; today was no different.
It was time for more refreshments, for me at least, though a full meal is what the girls decided, so we headed for a national park which Liem said had a pretty lakeside restaurant. It was only a short distance, and we pulled in to park in the shade. I took a photo of the girls and driver beside the car, with sparkling blue water as the background, and we went inside for drinks; we were a little early perhaps, thus the only customers. There was a pier stretching out into the lake perhaps 20m, so I marched the girls to the end, where a thatched-roofed shelter with bench seats provided shaded light for more photos of the two of them posing. I refused to ‘click’ if they held up two fingers like a ‘v’, as Asians so often do for photos, so they resorted to lounging back on the bench, raising their legs high and spread out in the air - open in a ‘v’ sign; I did shoot that view, from several positions: how could I not; long, sleek, brown, smooth legs stretched out. I had a quick scan and couldn’t spot anyone spying, so I told them to put their legs down while I arranged the pose: I had Liem, on Ping’s right, use her right hand to support herself under her right buttock, and this slightly turned her towards Ping. The opposite setup for Ping, so they were turned obliquely towards each other; their inside hands I discreetly placed over the other’s crotch, then had them raise their legs open, but their inside ones crossed over each other; I clicked several, standing up, down at crotch-level, up-close and full framed, until they stopped smiling and lowered their tired legs, and rubbed their backs, sore from the hard bench. I fiddled with my camera facing away from them, to allow my cock to subside in my pants – gosh, being a photographer such as this would be a difficult job, was a difficult job. At least, for me with Liem and Ping, and Tuan, it was proving problematic for my self-control. We headed back to order and relax, the girls asking if the view had been worth it; I smiled and nodded, and they asked how I had water on my pants when we hadn’t been near the water; I glanced down to find a wet spot clearly evident on my shorts: yes, this was a difficult assignment.
It was a Saturday, and now more people were arriving for lunch overlooking the lake. Quite a few were eying our table I noticed, but not with hostility toward a foreigner with two beautiful, younger ladies – more, it appeared with interest, perhaps admiration or even ‘lucky you’ looks towards me from some males. They soon returned to their own matters, while we ordered seafood and other dishes, and more cold beer. The driver, Long, had eaten while we were taking photos and he left with a bottle of water to have a sleep in the car. I ate my fill, and swiveled away from the table a little to enjoy a cigarette with my beer, leaving the girls to demolish enough food for four or six people I thought. It was slightly dark, but I changed settings and managed some candid shots of both: mouths full, spoons raised, laughing, and even serious; no posed shots at all, just the natural-look I always tried for. I was well-satisfied, though the girls complained ‘not ready!’
We sat and relaxed and ate and drank for perhaps two more hours; I had been thinking of hiring a boat to go out on the lake for a tour, but it was now the hottest part of the day, and truly all three of us were thinking more of an afternoon nap, somewhere cool preferably.
Liem said, drowsily “There is a nice drive around the lake, on the way back to the hotel, and then we can have an afternoon rest; I told Tuan she could join us for dinner, ok.” Ping and I agreed, so we paid and piled in to the car; Long said he knew the way, so Liem pushed Ping into the front seat, and immediately laid herself down across my lap in the back. I laid my head back for a few minutes, until I needed –luckily – get out of the car when Long stopped at a scenic spot. ‘Luckily’, because Liem had been snaking a hand up my pants leg. I took a photo, but told Long the light was too bright, so just to head for the hotel and he could have the rest of the day off. I re-aligned myself in the seat, giving Liem more room to lie down and sleep, and Ping had put her seat’s backrest down to do the same, so all was quiet as Long drove and I just watched the view.
At the hotel, the girls woke, we collected our keys and all were happy to trudge into our rooms and collapse; I didn’t object when Liem knocked to open the connecting doors, but hoped we were all sleeping – that’s what I did, after closing the curtains and turning the a/c up; Liem was first this time to creep in, and cuddle me, but she was tired also, so we slept, even with her hand around me and holding my cock gently. Luckily –again – this hotel had queen-size beds, so when Ping came and spooned her buttocks into my groin (and Liem’s hand) there was enough room. Ping reached back and took my hand across her chest to cup her left breast, my arm pressing across her right one, and then, perhaps only then, we all slept soundly.
It was twilight, getting dark, when I woke; I lay as we were, but felt my cock against Ping, Liem’s hand gone, and that was enough: it began responding, and the more I tried to think ‘no, no’ the more it pushed against her.
Ping, in turn, opened her thighs, and my cock jumped at that and lay along her slit, pulsing. I had no doubt she was asleep, but her breast sighed under my hand, and her nipple grew, and my cock throbbed against her. She opened herself to me, and I slid inside with difficulty, dry for a moment, but soon wet with juices she was exuding, and I pushed inside. It was a long, very, very slow making of love, and while I held her breast tightly and kept her in this same position, I slid in and out until she groaned and shoved back against me, a rather silent orgasm, but I hoped a ‘nice’ one for Ping, as indeed the feeling was nice for me; I had no need to finish myself; it was just beautiful to feel the effect on Ping. I let her calm, slowly eased myself out, my arms up, and slid up the bed to again leave them sleeping, while I went to shower and order coffee for the ‘other’ room this time. What a ‘nice’ day it had been.
Along with my pot of coffee, arrived Tuan; she looked around as the waiter departed, then walked through the connecting door to peer at her cousins. “What have you done with them this time, Mr. Steve?”
I held up my hands innocently again, “They can’t seem to decide where to sleep, Tuan, or maybe they walk in their sleep.” She didn’t appear very convinced but said she stopped by to ask about dinner; she was off duty now and going home to shower and change, and would come back to join us afterwards. I told her to go and stir the girls awake so they too could shower and get ready, while I relaxed with my coffee on the balcony. Tuan went to them and I could hear surprised voices, then laughter and all talking at once.
They swapped again, this time Liem came to use the bathroom in the room I was, smiling wickedly as if she knew I had woken and given Ping nice gentle sex earlier. I realized only Liem had yet to couple with me this weekend so far; share and share alike I suppose was the answer. Ping came through the door wrapped in a towel as I exchanged an empty coffee cup for a can of beer; Liem had also finished her shower and was wrapped the same. I took my beer and went to the other room, my room – this was confusing, but my clothes were here and the girls in there! We could have saved and booked one room, but that was hardly acceptable to the social view of police here. I dressed and sat with my beer on my own balcony, smoking.
The girls both appeared at the balcony doors, and my first thought was for my camera, for these visions!
But it was too dark, and I don’t like flash photography –wishing it was the morning or earlier in the evening, so the light would be soft and perfect. I had to settle for a few shots then and there using the lights in the room as best as possible. Tuan arrived then, so I took a few more group shots, given there were now three versions of the same loveliness in front of me.
They all must have discussed it before, and wore virtually identical outfits: their short, denim skirts, high shoes so their equally slim legs looked even longer than they really are; different coloured but matching button-up silky blouses, opened enough to show ample cleavage, and with elastic at the bottom to accentuate both their waists and their breasts above: Ping’s ample, Liem’s smaller, and Tuan’s, as young as Ping’s in age, but smoothly moulded and nice within my hands I knew. With natural black hair loose and falling down their backs, and with make-up lightly applied, they were truly beautiful and a delight to behold, and hold as I gave each of them a light peck on their cheeks, careful of their make-up.
I stood there, admiring them all, “I am too old to be taking three young, beautiful women out to dinner; you should all have young boyfriends or husbands even.”
”Something shows us you are not such an ‘old man’” said Liem stepping close to me and placing her hand on the unmistakeable bulge which had been in my pants since I took their photos; “Besides, Ping said Yen is younger than all of us, yet she also doesn’t consider you an ‘old man’. Let’s go to dinner, shall we.” She took my arm and we gathered money and keys and purses, and headed out.
Liem said she had a restaurant booked, not so far, and if I allowed and the driver wanted to go, we could easily get a taxi or cyclo home after. We took the car, but I pushed the girls into the back and rode up front, and the driver readily accepted to go back to the hotel after – no doubt, he would have somewhere to go after parking the car for the night; fine by me. It was only a few minutes by car, and I wondered why we didn’t walk there in fact; of course, women’s shoes are slightly more problematic on such pavements, but it was truly only a short way. We entered the cozy, open-air restaurant, and were shown to our table in the far corner, the chairs arranged, not 2-by-2 on either side, but four chairs around four sides. My beer appeared quickly, but all three ladies ordered only a juice, as we settled and I let them discuss the menu options and place the orders. I sat back, just watching them, looking at how beautiful and dazzling they were. At times, one or another peeked up at me and smiled, usually seductively, and I couldn’t help but offer a big smile of my own. I tried to concentrate on my beer, but a hand on my left leg, Liem’s, showed me this evening was to be no easier than any other one with them.
I dropped my lighter under the table and bent down to scrabble around for it; couldn’t feel it so I ducked my head under and was momentarily facing to the right, towards Ping’s legs, and they opened for a clear view straight to her bare pussy! Even in the semi-darkness here under the table, I could easily see glistening lips almost winking at me; then she raised one leg a little as I quickly averted my eyes, and saw my lighter had been hidden under her shoe: the minx! Before I raised my head, I looked straight ahead, only to be presented with the exact same sight of Tuan directly opposite me, legs also opened for my viewing. I cracked my head on the table getting out of there, and rose with a flushed face – I could feel it – and smiling looks from two girls greeting me. “Did you find it ok?” Liem asked, “Took you long enough!”
Rubbing my head, I answered “Well, all those beautiful legs under the table made me forget what I was searching for, but I finally spotted it. You girls shouldn’t go waving them at me like that – a man could have a heart attack being so surprised!” Ping and Tuan giggled, and Liem smiled, not knowing the joke; ‘was Liem similarly sporting an uncovered, juicy pussy under her skirt also’ I wondered. My cock throbbed, and I reached for my beer, leaning towards Liem for the ice on the small side table near us; her hand patted over my groin, feeling the lump; “You look all hot, Mr. Steve; here, I’ll take care of that.” Oh heavens, what was she going to do now I panicked - but thankfully she took my glass from my hand and replenished the ice and poured beer in, handing it back with an understanding look. Our dishes began appearing and the girls took their minds off distressing me for their own amusement and ate with gusto, while I picked my fill, and drank some more. When everyone was full, the girls ordered ‘just a little more’, followed by fruit. Ping and Tuan, the youngsters, discussed going to a disco for a while after dinner, but I declined that idea and Liem said she would go back with me to the hotel. I decided to phone Long; he had eaten but wasn’t occupied with anything, so I asked if he would mind coming to collect the girls in the car after a while, and both chauffeur and chaperone them, then deliver them safely to the hotel. He was fine with the idea, so we agreed. Liem went off to the toilet, and I took that opportunity to say “Ah, girls, it might be a good idea to be fully dressed for the disco – understand?” In answer, both girls reached into their skirt back pockets and twirled some material in their hands, both leaning towards me with their panties. I blushed and looked to see who else was watching the show, but it appeared only I. Ping said sweetly “These only come off for you, Mr. Steve.” Then they both left for the rest-room as Liem returned; she had brushed her hair and applied a little lip gloss, and we sat comfortably; I asked if she was sure she wouldn’t go to the disco also, that while I love music, I didn’t want to feel like a ‘dirty old man’ with such young woman in tow, maybe upset some locals, and also that I couldn’t trust Ping and Tuan not to gently – but deliberately – make me embarrassed by doing something outrageous to me! Liem laughed, agreed she understood, and no, she wanted a quiet evening; just being with me would be perfect, especially since I would be going home tomorrow.
Ping and Tuan returned, looking immaculate and ravishing as they walked towards the table, ‘strutting their stuff’ came to mind. They sat and sipped their drinks until Long arrived, and I pushed him to have one glass of beer with us; he agreed reluctantly but would only sit at an adjoining corner chair to me. I cautioned the girls to be careful, and Tuan to take care of Ping as this is Tuan’s hometown, and told Long he was to take care of both of them, like they are my daughters and his nieces. I knew I could rely on him – if only because he wanted to keep his job! I gave him enough money I thought would cover any expenses, and the three of them rose; the girls thanked me and, saying they wouldn’t be late, swayed their rears away from us with a backward blown kiss towards us. Liem and I laughed.
We settled the bill and decided we would walk home, this time Liem tripping on a raise pavement slab, so naturally I asked if she was drunk! She laughed, remembering when I had done the same last trip, so she took her shoes off, dirty but she didn’t mind – except it dropped her height 5cm to the petite size she truly was; I linked my arm with hers and we walked.
At the room door, I shrugged off my shoes, and picked her up in my arms, Liem shrieking, and carried her to the bathroom; “wash your feet, so Tuan doesn’t complain how dirty the floor is!” She laughed, handed me her handbag and watch, took out her ear-rings to give to me also, then proceeded to strip. I waited a few moments for her to hand me her clothes, and sure enough, there were no panties following her skirt. I rolled my eyes; Liem said “Ping told us how much fun it was when she did, after Yen had told her, so we all decided to surprise you, Mr. Steve.” I left her to shower, folder her clothes and laid them on a chair, then crossed to my room and showered myself, emerging before Liem and putting on my shorts, sat on the bed and turned the football on TV.
Liem came out wrapped in her new, thin material sarong, breasts strong and upright under, and thighs enticingly bare to my eyes. She crossed to the fridge, bending to reach for one of my beers and water bottle for herself, flagrantly exposing her upper thighs, buttocks and more to me. I thanked her hoarsely as she stood in front and handed the beer to me, leaning down to kiss me. She said “You watch the football and I’ll massage your back” as she drank some water, placed the bottle on the table and climbed on the bed behind me, settling on her knees and placing her hands on my shoulders; I shivered at her touch, and she laughed, digging her fingers a little stronger, showing who was in control. I opened and drank some beer, and tried to concentrate on the football, difficult as that was, but it was a good game. Ten minutes later came half-time, and my shoulders and arms were all tingly and I shivered every time she lightly ran her hands or fingertips down my back; it wasn’t a massage, it was a seduction – but I wasn’t ready to surrender just yet. I stood and went out to the balcony, keeping my extended front hidden from her, and had a cigarette while I finished my can.
Then I went to the bathroom, swilled some Listerine, and announced I would massage her for a while, but would watch the football over her shoulder. She smiled, and moved herself to sit on the edge of the bed while I moved up behind her, keeping my body away from hers, only my hands reaching for her shoulders. Liem removed her sarong, “This better” she asked; in answer I stroked from her shoulders to her buttocks, and she sighed “Yes, it is.” I lightly brushed my lips on her shoulder and neck, then straightened and concentrated on using my hands to knead her flesh and muscles; she had no fatty tissue, not anywhere. I enjoy massaging so as the football re-started, I squirmed back on the bed, and made Liem lay down length-wise on the bed, face down, where I was able to work from top to bottom, and to her ankles, even her feet - as a sign of the closeness between us. She stretched her arms up and rested her head on them, the sides of her breasts squashing down on the bed. Then I knelt between her legs, which I spread, and went back to work - after jumping up for another can of beer quickly and taking a swallow. I settled back in, ignoring the rear view of puffy lips poking out from under her, admired the total view of her rear, and watched the football as I massaged. She groaned, but not in pain it seemed as she made no protests.
Perhaps fifteen minutes later I had covered her shoulders and back and buttocks with my massaging hands, and they were tiring, but my cock had arisen and was increasingly difficult to keep away from somewhere on Liem’s body. I muttered “I’m tired Liem”, and I reached behind me to pull the pillows to support my head and back and lay against them. In position, I leaned forward, felt under her stomach and reached up to cup her breasts, and I pulled her so she had to lift up and come backwards with me, and then I lay back down against the pillows and pulled so her back was against my front, top of her head under my chin, and her buttocks cleft hard against my prick throbbing there. I massaged her front – well, mostly her breasts and her hardened nipples, thrust out perfectly for my fingers to grasp and twirl and do anything which made her gasp; she gasped a lot. I managed to force my hands away, and I stroked and pushed and prodded down her ribs, staying around her abdomen as I truly did marvel at its flatness and smoothness, and her hips with no ‘love handles’ of fat, just smooth, slippery skin the whole way around, back to her front, circling her navel but not poking it, just pushing my two hands together but with fingers spread wide and moved ever down. I touched her slightly haired slit as she moaned and moved against me; I spread her lips wide and slid my hands and fingers through to the bottom, stopping when the bump of her clit hit my descending fingers, and pushed, then roughly moved past it, heels of my hands rubbing it even more, as I felt for the wetness I expected: I found it, but should have known as now I felt the seepage down my own legs under her. I didn’t need stimulate her more, so I transferred my hands to under her hips, pushed her upwards and let my cock free to seek its home. I held her for a few moments up in the air while it lined up, then I lowered her and my cock slicked straight inside her pussy, and I dropped her – all the way down. Liem squealed and ground herself down even further, as I pushed my hands against her pelvis, fingers on her clit, multiplying the impact; she came, with squeals and writhes as I held her there, joined and full, wetter with juices from her by the second. A fleeting thought of Tuan changing the bed sheets in the morning, and I smiled and leaned into Liem to kiss the top of her head, even as I eased my hands off and up to her breasts; they were so beautiful in front of my eyes, so alluring I couldn’t keep my hands off them. She moaned more as I fondled her, then Liem darted up, sitting, bringing her feet up to add pressure, and she banged away on top of my prick inside her, perhaps wanting to keep the one orgasm continuing, forever it seemed as she pounded hard against my pelvis. I could only try and hold her hips to steady her swaying, rocking, jumping body, but I was also trying to slow her a little; she didn’t want any of that. Liem wanted to scream and bounce and feel whatever she was feeling to its fullest extent, so I scraped my fingers up and down her back, and eventually she pushed down so hard on me, her squatting leg muscles clearly defined, that I moaned and she squirted – I felt it: she squirted! – juice out of herself and down both of us, and I lunged up inside her and added my own to hers, pumping my own muscle as far as it could into her.
As Liem sank down and calmed down, I reached my hands farther around her to grasp her breasts again, lightly, and pulled her gently to me, laying her back against me, still joined, still in the throes of a coital explosion, and I held her. She sighed, as did I, and I kissed her hair, fought my way through it to her neck and kissed her there; damp skin, so I licked it, and moved to nibble her ear. Moans and sighs and clasping hands from Liem to my thighs, and mine all over her chest and abdomen, close as two bodies can be.
I looked down her body, from her hair to her breasts to her toes, pausing at the distended pussy with my prick deflating, but still inside, down her legs to her toes - curled with strong emotions: god, she was lovely. I glanced at the TV, football game I had been watching was finished, and I abstractedly registered we were ten minutes into another game; Liem shivered and her nipples now looked erect from cold, so I popped out, and eased her to the side, kissing her back and then pulling the quilt out from under us to cover her. I whispered “Good night, my Liem”, kissed her cheek, and slid out of the bed to go to the bathroom, washing my groin and legs, and feeling like another cold beer and cigarette before a final clean of my teeth and freshen of my body under the shower. Then I rejoined Liem, and cuddled her as I also fell asleep.
Slept for perhaps two minutes, as I was instantly startled by a key in the door of the other room, and two giggling girls entered the connecting door to look at us. I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep, and heard one shush the other.
I heard a shower running in the other room and, with the door still open, muted voices, and then I drifted back to sleep. A barely dry body snuggling against my back disturbing me yet again, gently shoving me to push both me and Liem over to the side a little, and I knew from the size it was Tuan, and then felt an extra hand cuddling Tuan right across to me and snaking in between Liem’s back and my groin: Ping, she was the most mischievous of all! I had told Tuan her hotel needed even bigger-sized beds, but it seems four could fit - if all four were cuddling each other side-on. Tuan whispered, perhaps to Ping “How will I explain if the bed collapses?” Ping couldn’t help herself, nor could I, and Liem woke as her three bed-mates had to laugh out loud. Liem complained “I was asleep and it was so nice; roll over and go to sleep.” In unison we each rolled to our right, Liem cuddling me, me Tuan, and Tuan hunched against Ping. With my right arm, I pushed it under Tuan’s neck and around her tiny body, nicely fitting her left breast into my hand; my left arm was long enough to reach over Tuan and cup Ping’s left breast also, giving her nipple a slightly harsh twist as punishment for being the leader of the two in this scenario, I was sure. She squeaked and I let go to massage her now erect tit, and say sternly “Go to sleep girls!”
How could I follow my own instruction: my cock was recovering and pushed up against Tuan’s buttocks? She pushed back, raised her upper leg a little - and the fight to keep myself flaccid was lost: I slipped through between her thighs. She clamped them around me, straightening her legs down the bed somewhat, and as I throbbed and began leaking pre-cum, I am sure it was Ping’s fingers – just from the angle of the hand - reaching back and rubbing the head of my penis, smoothing the sticky juice around it, then releasing me. I pulled my left arm back and down to Tuan’s cleft and slid a finger through her slit as she eased the pressure of her thighs; she was slick and ready and moaned as I pushed on her clit and grasped it rising with my two fingers. I moved my cock around, and she flowered open under me as I sank into her, sliding along walls of her tunnel, muscles clutching me in throbs of pleasure.
Tuan reached behind her and pulled my bum hard against her, a surprising thrust which caused her to shudder and groan in a mini-orgasm. As she eased her nails from digging into my left buttock, I slid some way out, to the opening of her vagina, sucking juices along with me, but Tuan dug her nails in again and shoved me in once more, clenching her own body as I hit the end of her, ramming against her cervix, where the narrowed entrance blocked me. I drove myself extra millimeters, and Tuan squeaked and jumped against me, desperately trying to be quiet, turning her face into the pillow to groan repeatedly as she shuddered and jerked. I had to smile, despite the intensity; a smile of sweetness for Tuan’s antics, and I leaned my mouth down to her exposed neck and licked and kissed all over. I eased back and pushed in and pulled out in a series of small movements, keeping her high, as we became progressively wetter from Tuan’s leakages. Having emptied myself completely in Liem earlier, I was proudly hard, but without any urgent need to ejaculate; I could concentrate on Tuan and her enjoyment, so I did for quite a while, enduring her nails scratching and digging against my buttock, as I made it a long and slow process. If Ping wasn’t asleep, she was not doing anything to interrupt Tuan’s pleasure, and Liem hadn’t seemed to move behind me, so it was all about Tuan, until I began to tire and I let her know it by increasing my depth and grasping her clit in my fingers, and finishing with a massive thrust as far as my length could reach, and using her clit to push her back at me, as she kicked her legs down the bed and muffled herself even tighter into the pillow, erupting inside, and jerking her body repeatedly. I held myself there until she began to calm, and calmed my own breathing against her back at the same time. I stroked her clit and slit and moved my hand up to cuddle her breasts together within my hand and squeezing her. I didn’t pull out, but when I felt her chest rising and falling rhythmically, I relaxed and again stretched my left arm out across to Ping’s hip and lightly rested it there as I went into the land of dreams.
When I woke it was light, but early, and I needed to pee; oh, no Liem behind me, so I slid gently away from Tuan and Ping and slipped out of bed, heading quickly for the bathroom. Liem was there, sitting on the toilet, so I apologized and turned around to run to the other room’s bathroom; Liem said “What happened to you! You’ve got bloody streaks down your bottom?” “Ah, don’t know; hang on Liem: good morning” and I ran out to relieve myself next door. Whew! That was close, as I flicked the last drops, then as I washed my hands I turned to try and see my bum in the mirror; oh, my goodness, Liem was right: it was streaked on both buttocks with scratches and points of contact from Tuan’s nails obviously! I turned and sat on the toilet and used the hose to spray water and clean myself of the streaks of blood, well dry by now; then I decided to fully shower and after that, felt cleansed – and red slashes looked a little less when I swiveled in front of the mirror as I dried myself. Tuan will need to clean her nails I thought!
I sneaked back into the other room, covered with a towel; Liem had crawled back into bed and was cuddled close to Tuan who, in turn, was cuddled close to Ping. It was too good to miss; I got my camera, silently opened the curtains to allow a little more light inside, and it was perfect: they were all on their sides, hair falling all over, no discernible identifying faces in view, but obviously naked, up top at least. I sneaked over and gently folded the quilt down to their waist-level; oh god, it was more than perfect: large breasts of Liem mashed against Tuan’s back, spilling out to the sides, and Tuan’s smaller tits completely crushed against Ping’s. I curled the quilt further down, away from Ping’s, covered mostly by her arm slung across. I had three gorgeous women lying snugly in the one bed, silky backs, slim, long hair, and so erotic: it was right, and had to be right as one frame click of the shutter may well disturb them from this perfect, natural position. I framed, moved and framed again, until I was completely happy with the view in the shot; I pressed the shutter, twice. Held my breath….they didn’t even stir.
OK, I thought, let’s see if I can get another one; I turned the a/c off, crept over to the bed and pulled the quilt back and down; next to breasts, I love girls’ buttocks, and now Liem’s were exposed, part of Tuan’s and Ping’s and hips of them all, their backs curved down, and Liem’s arm over Tuan, hers over Ping. As my cock jumped under the towel, I re-framed, even changed the curtain slightly to alter the light, and shot the frame, and again, and then a third one it was so sexy.
My next idea became a pure fantasy as I covered the quilt slowly back up over them; in reality I just sat back in a chair on the balcony, smoking, able to see them in bed through the open door and curtains. If they had done as the frame was in my mind, they would have rolled over onto their backs, while the quilt was pulled down to their legs. Three women would have been splayed in front of me, three sets of breasts displayed, three flat abdomens, and three vaginas open and inviting the camera in. I would have first taken head and bare shoulder shots, and then cut the heads off (photographically-speaking) to take shots of breasts and stomachs; and then three females showing why they are different to males. It was an artistic vision I had, erotic for sure, and so arousing, yes – but it was the vision which captivated me: the last frame being of six feet together.
I looked at the clock: 0700; early, but enough sleep I decided and I went over, dragged the quilt down their bodies and slapped lightly on three rumps “Wake up, girls, it’s day-time and you have work to do!” I stepped back from any stray kicks which might try to injure me, and watched them stirring, snapping just a couple of out-of-focus shots to bring them wide-awake. “Here’s what I want, ladies” and I outlined my vision, and as they each rubbed their eyes of sleep, they began smiling, only frowning as Liem asked to make sure they couldn’t be identified. After I assured her ‘absolutely not’ the vision was fulfilled, and the film was full. I kissed them all ‘good morning’ and went to put some shorts on before they realized what was lurking under my towel. I stayed in the other room and ordered coffee for starters, waiting for the girls to get up, shower as I expected and get somewhat more dressed.
Then I heard Tuan shriek “What’s that?” and I ran in to find her looking at the blood on the sheet s. “Oh that would be me” I said, turning my bum to her and pulling my shorts down to display her marks of passion: long weal’s of scratches and red lines. Liem and Ping looked at Tuan with raised eyebrows, and I intervened, “It’s OK, I think Tuan was having a bad dream, and she grabbed me, but I didn’t want to make her scared waking her up suddenly.” “Crap” responded Ping, as I turned to her; “Look down at your towel, Mr. Steve!” Tuan said “But I had a beautiful dream, not a bad one! I couldn’t have done that – could I?” Turning my hardon away from direct view, I said gently “Tuan, a little cream and it will be better; promise.”
The door chime rang, thankfully, and I went to let the waiter in with my coffee, ushering the girls to the bathrooms first. Before I opened the door, checking the girls had run, Ping paused and turned, “You left me out, but that’s all right: I have you all the way back to the city, all to myself!” I rolled my eyes and opened the door as she scampered into the bathroom.
I took my coffee to the balcony, and one by one the girls emerged, beautiful, some make-up, and today all dressed in denim short shorts and t-shirts. I had changed films, and was ready, so I shot them but today they were being ‘Hollywood’ style, so I stopped and said “Let’s go downstairs to breakfast; Tuan is that ok?” knowing she worked here and not sure how management would feel about her appearing with guests. She said “I’ll go to my room for a while, and then I can come back and join you when you are nearly finished; it is my day off, but better if I don’t enter the restaurant with you. I really do have some uniforms to wash, so that will be fine, and I feel full and not hungry again – yet” pertinently looking at me, causing a flush to my face.
Tuan went down the back stairs, while we used the elevator, and walked into the restaurant area for breakfast. Rather naturally, the other guests all looked up and scrutinized us: some a little hostile I thought, but most admiringly. The girls lapped it up as I steered them to a table and told them to calm down.
I needed some energy – well, I had expended quite a bit – so I ordered tomato juice, omelette and coffee, but the girls preferred the more normal rice congee and juice….followed by eggs, and toast and jam, and fruit; gosh, they could eat! They were into their toast when Tuan appeared, spoke to the staff and pointed at her cousins, and joined us at the table. I ordered extra toast and jam, and when it came, slyly prepared it and pushed to Tuan, urging her to eat; she did, looking at me with ‘thanks’ in her eyes. Or looking at me, perhaps, with more in her eyes; I smiled and told her not to waste what was offered freely and openly. I sat away at the next table over the balcony, drinking coffee and having a cigarette away from others. It was another sunny day, beautiful and fitting for the mood of happy people, and still early enough the light wasn’t too bright for ‘soft’ photos as I liked.
I urged the girls to finish and stop talking so much, then asked Liem and Tuan if there was a nice park nearby. Tuan answered first “Right behind the staff quarters, just around the corner; the flowers are in bloom and it’s really pretty and peaceful.” I had brought my camera to breakfast, so signed the bill and we walked out the back of the hotel to the park – right behind.
Flowers and women go together, so I was in my element, directing each and all here and there and back again, posing this way and that, single and together, having fun and serious, just pretty girls, and slightly sexy. Two full films later, the girls begged against the rising heat and I accepted I had enough to fill a whole album, wishing there was a pool at this hotel or even a spa to get the bikini shots as a fitting finale. So we retreated to our room/s, where I slumped into a chair with a beer, threw off my soaked shirt and watched the girls do the same. “You can’t do that, girls: I am out of film!” They laughed and continued, pirouetting bra-covered breasts and panty-clad buttocks and other parts in front of me, lewdly parading to show what I was missing without film. I laughed along with them, until they all collapsed in a heap on the bed under the coolness of the a/c I had turned on. I threw the TV remote on to Liem’s stomach, and they were happy to watch local shows and music while they chattered non-stop and I sat and watched them. In my mind I asked Yen if she really knew what she had done, getting all these cousins to ‘care for me’ in her absence; Yen herself, after all, was only seventeen, a girl-becoming woman true, but while I could have said ‘NO!’ to all these girls, and Lang and Anh elsewhere, they were all with Yen’s knowledge and even her plans most times, and she knew both before and after the fact, what was likely to happen and happened. What I was more concerned about, truthfully, was what impact, what effect our times together may have on these women: I hoped it was a positive outcome for them. At this moment, it seemed so, but I hoped for a sign.
I dozed off, Liem waking me to present the three of them in front of my eyes which, when focused, saw they had all showered and changed and were made-up and beautiful, standing there smiling at me – even Tuan who was dressed for work. “Mr. Steve, time to get ready to check out; Tuan to start her shift; you and Ping to head home and me to go and see my mother.” I groggily nodded, dragging myself up from the chair – like the ‘old man’ I sometimes, but rarely, feel I might be; I looked at Tuan, who said “Thank you, Mr. Steve, for a wonderful weekend, you are a nice man. We all know you Love Yen, but you give us warmth and special, really special, feelings when you are here with me, with us, and I want to thank you for teaching me what to look for in a man – I just hope I can find it.” She kissed me gently on the lips, kissed cheeks with the others, and left with a smile tinged with wistfulness. Liem stepped up, raising herself to me “Tuan said it for all of us; see you next trip Mr. Steve, but I wish I was a virgin and could start meeting you all over again! You are an amazing man, and not at all an ‘old one’. Luv u” and she kissed me deeply and long, broke apart looking into my eyes; she ran her hand down my cheek, smiled and turned to hug and kiss Ping, who she might not see again for some time, then she turned with a wave and left the room.
Ping smiled “Just the two of us….”

(End of Part 3)

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