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A fifteen-year-old stud is hired to knock up as many girls as he can.
Fbailey story number 222

Farmed Out For Stud Service

My parents had divorced when I was just ten years old. When I turned fifteen years old my mother bought me subions to Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines. She also gave me four boxes of stuff that my father had left behind when he departed. The boxes were full of older magazines of all kinds, paperback books, and even XXX-rated VCR tapes. It was the fucking mother load to a horny kid like me. Instantly I had a lifetime supply of material to jerk off too. Some magazines were of celebrities in the nude, bondage, torture, and lesbians. The paperback books were great too and there was something dirty on every page. However the movies were by far the best.

A couple of days later after school my mother wanted to know what magazines that I had looked at and what movies I had watched. She wouldn’t let it go either and bugged me until I took her into my bedroom and showed her.

She picked up one of the magazines that I had looked at the most and thumbed through it. I got so embarrassed that I couldn’t stand it. Mom was looking at the pictures of a girl tied to a bed with nylons, blindfolded, and with a guy fucking her. Mom looked at the title of the movie that was sticking out of the machine and smiled. It was called ‘Tied up soft and fucked hard.’

Then mom told me that she loved that movie and that my father had done that to her more than a few times. What! Then she said that I was old enough now and that if I wanted to know more that she would tell me all about it. Hell yes I wanted to know more!

Mom lay on my bed on her back. Even though it was still March she was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tiny tube top. I was sure that she didn’t have a bra on but I wasn’t sure about her panties. So I sat at her feet and looked up at her. For a thirty-four-year-old woman mom was really quite pretty. I could see her breasts heaving as she breathed. I could see her hard nipples poking up from the yellow cotton material. I could see her matching yellow shorts formed around her puffy pussy. Mom had long slender legs too.

Mom closed her eyes as she reminisced and started to tell me her story. “You were about nine years old at the time that your father brought home this magazine and that videotape. He tried to talk me into letting him do that stuff to me but I had resisted. In his own sick way he took that as me playing hard to get. Finally one night he got me drunk, put a gag in my mouth, and tied me out spread eagle on our bed. He used my own pantyhose to tie my hands and my feet to the four posts at the corners of our bed and then he shoved a pair of my used panties in my mouth. They were well used too since I had been thinking of nothing else that day myself. They were soaked with my own cum and even the crusty stuff was dissolving in my saliva and sliding down my throat. He sat on my hips and slapped the shit out of my tits until I was sobbing constantly. He had never treated me like that before and it scared me and it excited me all at the same time. I felt completely helpless and his mercy. He untied my feet from the posts at the bottom of the bed and retied them over my head. Then he fucked my asshole for the very first time and it hurt like hell. It hurt worse than when he first took my original virginity. He was too big and he tore me enough to cause pain, some bleeding, and to make it sting for several days afterwards. However after that night it became a once a week thing. He would try to get me drunk, slap my tits until they were red and swollen, and then he would butt fuck me.”

“I even started enjoying it and asking for it. Well that wasn’t what he wanted to hear either. Eventually one night he got me into position then he left me there. Shortly he returned with two of his buddies. The three of them fucked me like a cheep whore all night long and I liked it. They made a contest out of all three of them fucking all three of my holes. I was sore everywhere but I enjoyed it immensely. Then once a week for a while they would tie me up and gangbang me until they couldn’t fuck me anymore. When I started enjoying it too much and asking for it he got mad at me again.”

“The entire month before he left me, he tied me up naked like that and made you sleep with me. You were nine by then and mostly you just slept with me at night. However with his coaxing you, after a week or so you started pinching my nipples and sticking your fist up my pussy. A few days after that, you didn’t have to be coaxed at all any more. Soon his two buddies would come over and watch you fist me to some of the greatest orgasms that I had ever had. Then they let you watch as they fucked me in all of my holes. That last week I was begging for it, I was pleading for it, and I couldn’t stand not being used and abused by you and the three men.”

“That’s when he finally left me. He could no longer control the monster that he had created. He left me but his two buddies kept coming over as often as they could get away from their wives. Once I had become their fuck slave they brought other guys into the house to fuck me too. I didn’t who or how many fucked me as long as I got fucked. I had become a slave to pain and cock. Then when I found out that they were charging the other guys to fuck me and that they had turned me into their whore, I revolted. I threw them all out and moved away taking you with me.”

I told mom that I didn’t remember any of what she had told me but that I did remember moving and changing schools about that time.

As mom was telling me her story she had slipped her hand down into her waistband and had been stimulating her clit right there in front of me. I had watched a wet spot form in the crotch of her yellow shorts. I really wanted to jerk off too.

Then I remember seeing some pantyhose in one of the boxes. I got off the bed and got them. I returned to the bed and tied one of mom’s hands to the corner of my bed. She just smiled and made no attempt to resist me. I then tied the other hand to the other corner. When I started to tie her feet she suggested that I remove her shorts and tube top before I go too much further. Oh yeah! So I pulled on the elastic waistband and lowered her shorts down over her hips while she lifted her butt up off the bed to help me out. I looked at her pussy for what I remembered as the first time. Then I lowered her tube top down her body and off her legs. Mom had really nice tits. After I tied her feet to the lower corners I asked mom if I should put something in her mouth. She suggested that I take my underwear off and stick them in her mouth. I did and I never even realized that I was naked. I didn’t care either. Then I realized that I had cum in my underwear while listening to her story and that mom had it in her mouth at that very moment. Mom mumbled, “Fuck me.”

I was harder than I could ever remember being before. I got up on my bed and remembered watching the videotape. I put my fingers in her pussy looking for her hole. Then I pushed my stiff cock into her and fucked her. I was sure that I wasn’t doing it right but it sure felt good to me and mom didn’t object. When I came all too quickly mom mumbled, “Thank you, now remove your underwear.” I did. Then mom told me to put my cock in her mouth and that she would get me hard again. I did get hard and I fucked her for a second time and then for a third time too. I was going to release mom but she pleaded with me to leave her like that all night. I couldn’t sleep in my own bed with her there so I slept in her bed that night and then released her in the morning.

Every night until school let out for the summer I would just tie mom up wherever I wanted to and she never once objected. I fucked her a couple of times every night and then again in the morning before I untied her. I got good at satisfying myself and eventually I got good at satisfying her too.

A week before school let out for the summer mom told me that we were moving. I really didn’t care…honestly. She told me that she was farming me out for stud service. Mom said that I was good enough to have sex with several girls and that my job would be to get them pregnant. Wow! Was she kidding? No she certainly was not kidding!

She had an old friend from her college days that was running a ‘Baby Factory.’ She had a bunch of fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen-year-old girls and needed a new stud to service them. Mom got me the job. For every girl that I got pregnant I would get paid handsomely. It seems that a lot of people wanted to adopt good clean drug-free babies.

Mom drove us deep into Pennsylvania out into the middle of nowhere. There we found our way to the secluded farmhouse right at the very end of a dead-end road. Actually we found a gate across the road with a big shinny padlock on it. Mom called Stella on the cell phone and then we waited. After a few minutes a pickup truck came down the dirt road at us. Dust was flying up in clouds everywhere. A tall good-looking woman got out and opened up the gate for us. She was only wearing a skimpy bikini. Mom gave Stella a big hug and then she introduced me to her. Stella gave me a big hug too smashing her breasts into my chest and cupping my ass with both of her hands. I was a little embarrassed because I got an instant erection that it pressed into her crotch and belly. She just smiled at me, slapped my ass, and called me Stud Muffin. She told mom that I was everything that she had told her. After the hellos were over we drove through the gate and Stella locked it back up again. We followed Stella back in a long way to an old farmhouse.

I was immediately introduced to seven very cute girls. All of them were about my age. Two of them were fourteen years old, three were fifteen years old, and the other two were sixteen years old. Stella pointed out that two of the girls we wearing green bands on their wrists and that I was free to fuck them anytime that I wanted too. One girl had a red band stating that she was having her period. I was told to leave her alone. The other four girls were either getting ready for their fertile days or had just past them. I was to leave them alone too until they were fertile. Apparently Stella kept very good track of the girl’s periods and especially their fertile days.

Before I could even help mom move our stuff into the house I was put to work. I was sent up to the fertility room with the two girls wearing green wristbands. Stella told me to fuck them both good before coming back down.

The two girls took my hands and lead me upstairs. The fertility room was the very first door on the right. Inside it was quite pleasant and seemed to be designed around teenage girls. There were frilly curtains at the windows, plenty of mirrors, and the bed was a four poster canopy bed. The pillows and sheets were red satin. It was huge and the girls called it a king-size bed. They said that only the girls with green wristbands were allowed to sleep with me in there.

I knew that I was there to fuck them and to get them pregnant. They knew that too and they were very excited that I had finally arrived. One had been waiting for over two months while the other one had just arrived a few weeks ago.

The cute little blonde told me that her name was Debra, that she was fourteen years old, and that she was still a virgin. The taller dark haired girl told me that her name was Eleanor, that she was sixteen years old, and that too was a virgin. They told me that all of the girls there were virgins and that their parents had more or less sold them to Stella to give birth to a baby so that it could be adopted out to a nice family that was willing to pay her well. Surprisingly the girls were both excited to loose their virginities and to get pregnant. Once they were pregnant they would stay here until after the baby was born. Now I knew why mom and I were here too. My mother is a Registered Nurse and a Professional Midwife. She had helped to deliver over thirty children without one single problem.

Debra asked if she could go first but Eleanor told her that she had to wait her turn. Then Eleanor explained to me that she was on her last day of fertility and that Debra had just started. She said that after breakfast the next morning that I might not be able to fuck her again for another three weeks or so. Debra agreed that Eleanor should go first.

They both removed their bikinis saying that a bikini was about all that they were allowed to wear. They were to always be available to me, even the off limits girls. That way I could look at the other girls, kiss them, and feel them up all that I needed to so that I would get excited and fuck one of the fertile girls. All right!

I undressed as the girls watched me. They liked my cock and it was actually the first one that they had ever seen for real. We climbed into the big bed and wow those satin sheets really were nice to slide around on.

I started to kiss and fondle Eleanor but she said that I didn’t have to do that. I assured her that I did. Mom had taught me how to please a woman and she had said that sexual stimulation was not only good for sex but it got the girls ready to get pregnant easier too.

So I kissed Eleanor a few times on the lips as I felt of her nice firm breasts and even reached for her pussy. I kissed her breasts and sucked on each of her nipples as I finger fucked her. There was no hymen in the way like mom told me to expect. Eleanor told me that the first day that she had arrived, Stella had taken care of that during a ceremony and that every day the girls are required to insert a dildo during dinner to help them get used to the feel.

I was so horny by that time that I just climbed between her legs and inserted my cock into her waiting hole. She loved it and of course I loved it too. It didn’t take me very long to cum in her. Just as soon as I pulled out of her Eleanor moved over in the bed, put a pillow under her butt, and lifted her legs up over her head to help the sperm swim downhill.

Debra asked me how soon I could get hard again and fuck her too. I told her that it wouldn’t be very long at all. Then I swung around into a sixty-nine with her. I told her to suck my cock while I ate her pussy. She hesitated and asked me if I was going to wash it first. No I wasn’t. I told her to get used to it. Then I started in on her pussy and especially her tender clit. Now that really got her going. Debra went wild when her first orgasm started. Her breathing got deeper and faster, her small breasts heaved, and she moaned out loud. Her body quivered and built up momentum until she peaked and then the quivering started to slow down again until she was calm. Her eyes had been closed the whole time. Just as she was fully recovered I slipped my hard cock into her moist pussy and fucked her very slowly. I had a steady rhythm going just like I had had with Eleanor not too long before. It took much longer that time and when I finally did cum Debra had another orgasm. Eleanor was jealous but I reminded her that she had wanted to go first and that she had refused foreplay. She vowed never to do that again.

I just put on my underwear since the girls were all wearing just their bikinis. Then I went downstairs while the two girls kept their pussies elevated for the required half-hour each.

It had been a long day and I could really use a bite to eat. Mom had already fixed us a late dinner so everyone sat down at the big dinning room table while we ate and just looked at me. Stella asked me how it had gone upstairs. I told her that I loved the bedroom and she was pleased because that was my bedroom from now on. The girls would come to me when they were ready to be fertilized. I thought about the words fertilize and fuck and decided that fertilize sounded more clinical and that I wanted to fuck them all even mom and Stella.

Eleanor came downstairs first and the questions started to fly. Eleanor told them everything that they wanted to know. She said that her first time had been wonderful but that Debra had gotten the Cinderella treatment. She suggested the Cinderella treatment for everyone.

My mother agreed with Eleanor that I was very good in bed and that I certainly knew how to please a woman. That lead to more questions and the fact that I had fucked my mother three times a day for the past several months. Mom told them that she liked to be tied up and taken, that it gave her the feeling of helplessness, and that her orgasms were much more powerful. She told the girls that she really likes a good stiff cock up her ass too. That amazed the girls but Stella quickly reminded them that they were there to get pregnant and have a child not to enjoy themselves. I added that I could butt fuck them and still put it in their pussies to cum. Stella said that in that case they could do whatever they wanted with me as long as every drop of semen had an equal chance to get to that egg. I assured her that they would.

Then just to clarify what Debra and Eleanor had told me I asked Stella if I could make out with all of the other girls just to get excited enough so that I could fuck the ones with the green wristbands. She said I certainly could, as long as I didn’t fuck any girl without a green wristband. I assured her that I wouldn’t. The other girls giggled. Then Debra finally came downstairs with that fresh fucked look on her face. She too told the girls everything that I had done to her and how great it had felt.

After I had finished eating and the conversation had died down I told Debra and Eleanor to go back upstairs. Then I grabbed Fran. She was a redhead with really big tits. I told her that she could help me get hard two more times. She giggled and walked with me up the stairs. Stella reminded me that I couldn’t fuck Fran for another week or so. Then she told me that an approximate schedule was posted on my bedroom wall. I had been way too busy to look for anything like that.

Once back in my fertility room I checked out the schedule. It had all seven girls listed, when their last period was, their fertile days, and when their next period was due…unless they had gotten pregnant in the meanwhile. I noticed that I would have a day off every now and then and that I had between one and three girls the other days. Stella had even put her name on the list along with my mother’s name. It also said that the two older women were on birth control and could only be fucked on a day when no other girl was available to me. All right! I really wanted a chance at Stella.

The three girls got in bed with me and I started making out with Eleanor. That time she didn’t resist my advances one bit. Debra and Fran watched us for a while and then I told them to try it with Eleanor too. Reluctantly they did as they were told. They also told me that if they didn’t do as I said that they would be punished. All right! That might be fun to watch too. Anyway Eleanor liked me eating her out best so I continued to do so until she had an orgasm and I was stiff as a board. I slipped my cock into her pussy and fucked her pretty good. Fran just watched in amazement as my cock slid in and out of Eleanor’s pussy. I was sucking on one of Fran’s big tits when I cum in Eleanor and she lifted her pelvis up in the air.

That time Fran got to suck my cock hard. She didn’t ask me if I was going to clean it off because that had already been brought up downstairs. She was better at it than Debra had been. With that being my forth time to get hard it wasn’t as easy so I had Debra and Fran get into a sixty-nine to entertain me. They had both just done that recently to Eleanor so they didn’t hesitate much at all. Eleanor told them that they had better get used to it. That was exactly what I was going to say too. Watching those two girls eat each other was a big turn-on for me.

I ate out Debra for a while and then I ate out Fran too. Fran was really a live wire. She thrashed around so much that I lost contact with her clit twice. I wanted to fuck her real bad but I knew that I couldn’t, so I shoved my cock into poor little Debra and took out my anxiety on her. She had two orgasms from my cock before I filled her pussy. While Eleanor and Debra were in their after-sex position I made out with Fran some more. She was nice and she really excited me too. As we made out she told me that her family was pretty poor and that Stella was sending them a hundred dollars a week for the next year whether or not she got pregnant and longer if she did. The baby would be gone the day it was born but the mother would be able to stay there and recuperate for another ten to twelve weeks. All that time Stella would be sending money to her parents. When the mother was ready to travel and move on, Stella would give her five thousand dollars too. Wow I had no idea how expensive babies were.

The next morning after I had fucked both girls and had gone down to breakfast Stella told me more about how expensive babies really were. Not just any baby either, but good healthy drug-free babies. She quoted figures on fertility drugs, prenatal care, and delivery costs. She told us the cost of buying a girl baby from China and a boy baby from Korea. Mom told us about babies that come from crack whores, women with AIDS, and women with other sexually transmitted diseases. Neither mom nor Stella painted a very good picture of the real world and they reassured the girls that they were providing a very valuable service to loving couples in need. It wasn’t any bullshit either because I had heard almost the same thing in sex education in school. School?

Stella told us that it was summer time and that school was out however in the fall classes would start up again. The girls would be home schooled. She included me in that too and said that we would all be ahead of our classes should we decide to rejoin our schools afterwards. She also said that we could be prepared to take the GET high school equivalency test too I we choose.

Eleanor and Debra ate breakfast and were sent back up to my room to wait for me to get hard again. Stella told me that Eleanor would not be spending the night with me but that Gloria would. Gloria was a sixteen-year-old with short sassy blonde hair that was almost white. Mom called her a toe head for some reason. She said that I could fuck Eleanor one more time before lunch and that Gloria would then take her place. Gloria was taller than I was and thin as a rail. I tried to picture her eight months pregnant.

I asked Stella if it would be all right if I started a scrapbook of the girls that I had sex with and maybe before, during, and after pictures. She laughed because she had started one for me already and one for herself too. She said that she could come up and take a picture of me fucking Eleanor if I wanted to include one like that. I sure did.

I took Gloria upstairs with me to help get me excited. She was a natural at sucking my cock and eating the other two girl’s pussies too. I sent Gloria down to get Stella and then I started fucking Eleanor. Stella came right up with her digital camera and took at least a dozen pictures of me fucking Eleanor. Then she took more pictures of Eleanor with her pelvis up, Debra sucking my cock, and me fucking Debra. Stella stayed a long while and got Debra’s legs up, Gloria sucking my cock, and then me eating Gloria to two orgasms.

At lunch time Stella had the pictures printed out and had picked out a couple to put in the album already for me to see. Each girl had a four-page spread all ready for her pictures. It included her name, measurements, and birth date. There was a picture of her the day she had arrived, in her skimpy bikini, and then completely nude. There were four nude pictures of each girl. There was one from the front, the right side, the back, and then a close-up of her on her back with her legs spread wide open. Eleanor and Debra’s pages also had a picture of me fucking them and them with their pelvis up in the air. There was room for several side pictures as the baby grew in them weekly. Each picture had a date in the lower right hand corner too. In the very last space was a place for the baby’s picture and its information. I absolutely loved the album.

Right after lunch I took Gloria up to my room with Debra. I made love to Gloria because I really liked her a lot. When I was ready I sent Debra down to get Stella. Instead mom came up to take the pictures. Mom had Gloria put her ankles on my shoulders, pinch both of her own nipples, and then had me plow into her just as hard as I could. I must have hit bottom because all of a sudden Gloria opened her eyes up wide, her mouth flew open, and nothing came out as I heard the camera click off about a dozen pictures in a row. Then mom got on the bed between my legs and got some good close-ups of my cock in Gloria’s pussy. Afterwards she got my cock coming out, Gloria’s pussy still wide open, and some cum around the opening. When Gloria lifted her pelvis up in the air mom used her finger to poke every single sperm back into Gloria’s gaping pussy.

Mom was so excited that she begged me to eat her out. Debra helped me and together we gave mom a much-needed orgasm. It must have been torture for mom because I used to fuck her three times a day and now she wasn’t get any at all. Mom said that that was going to change because she was moving into Stella’s bed. She said that Stella was just as horny as she was and that that was why Stella had sent mom up to take the pictures. So, both women wanted me to fuck them. I checked the calendar and told mom that in six days she and Stella were all mine for a whole day. She smiled and then left my room.

I had been fucking my brains out so much that I told Debra that she would have to wait until after dinner and that Gloria might have to wait until bedtime. They seemed to understand then we took a nice long shower together after Gloria’s half-hour was up.


Mom and I stayed with Stella for several years. The girls came and the girls went. The babies were all beautiful and they went to very good homes. Even though I had gotten older the girls hadn’t, they were always between fourteen and sixteen years old. By the time that I turned twenty-one I had fathered seventy-five babies by seventy-five different girls. Debra came back to us when she was sixteen because she was in love with me but Stella told her to go away. It had just been a job and that her services were no longer needed. Truthfully she was my first true love too and I had thought about her often over the years as I had fucked other girls.

I told mom and Stella that I would stick around until I was twenty-five and then that I was going to look for Debra and start a family of our own if she would have me. A few weeks later Debra was back and became part of the staff. She became my fuck toy when I had no one else to get pregnate. She never complained once.

The End
Farmed Out For Stud Service
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