Chapter 26

“Bye Ken,” Mary and Dannie called to their brother as he crossed the parking lot to the highschool. They waited for him to return their wave and then turned to enter the middle school.

“This is the sixth grade wing,” Mary told her sister as she opened the door for her. “I’ll show you to your home room and then I’ll have to go to the eight grade wing after that so I can put my stuff in my locker and get to my first class.”

“I’m not a little girl you know Mary,” Dannie sighed as her hand gave her belly a quick pat.

“I know that,” Mary said, giving Dannie a quick grin before she continued, “but you are my little sister and if I want to help you I will. Don’t worry about it, Kenny helped like this two years ago when I started going here and it didn’t kill me.”

“So when do I get my own locker?” Dannie asked as she followed Mary down the hall, checking the room numbers against the one listed as her home room in the letter the school had sent her.

“Your home room teacher will assign you a locker here in the sixth grade wing - probably close to your home room. If you’re lucky you’ll know someone else in your home room and your teacher will let you share a locker. If you’re not lucky the teacher will assign you a locker mate.”

“In that case I hope I’m lucky,” Dannie said as she shook her head hard enough to make her blond curls bounce.”

“I hope I’m lucky too,” came a familiar voice behind Dannie. The two sisters whirled around to see a grinning red haired girl looking grinning at them as she gave her own swollen belly a quick pat before she pulled her oversized shirt up so her round stomach wasn’t as noticeable.

“Kathy,” Dannie cried as she gave her friend a quick hug so that their bellies bumped together before they pulled apart. “What are you doing here? I thought you went to Jefferson Elementary.”

“I did,” Kathy pointed out, “but that was last year when I was in fifth grade. “This year I’m in sixth grade so here I am at Lexington Middle School.”

“That’s right,” Dannie said with a sheepish grin. “I should have realized that we’d be attending the same school this year but I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it. By the way, you haven’t met my sister yet. Mary, this is my bunk mate from camp.”

“I never would have guessed,” Mary said with a wry grin as she looked at as she looked down at the younger girl’s swelling belly. With a quick look around to make sure no one was close enough to overhear them she bent down and whispered, “is it true you don’t know if it was Ben or George who knocked you up?”

“For all I know it could have been both,” Kathy said with a wicked snicker, “after all, I am carrying twins. Is it true that Ken is going to the high school?”

“It sure is,” Mary said, giving her sister a knowing wink.

“So Kathy,” Dannie said, suppressing a smile at her sister’s wink, “do you want to be locker mates?”

“Sure,” Kathy said with a casual shrug of her shoulders as she fell into step with Dannie as the two of them followed Mary. “Being locker mates may not be as much fun as being bunk mates back at camp, but now I don’t have to worry so much about hiding things away from my locker mate.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Dannie said. “I can’t wait to show you the little surprise Kenny gave me - actually he gave both of us one.”

“I think I know what you have,” Kathy said with a breathy whisper. “My dad actually bought them for Ken and he thought I’d like one for myself. I didn’t bring it with me today because I wasn’t sure where or how I’d hide it.”

“In that case we can share,” Dannie said, “I was thinking I’d rush through lunch and then find someplace to try it out. Care to join me?”

“Love to,” Kathy said with a laugh. “What about you Mary? We haven’t had a chance to get together yet.”

“I think I can manage that,” Mary said, licking her lips thoughtfully. “In fact I have an idea where we can go for all the privacy we want. Mind if I bring my locker mate with me?”

“I don’t mind,” Dannie said, “I like Linda and look forward to getting her in the action.”

“Who is this Linda you’re talking about?” Kathy asked.

“Linda is my locker mate and my best friend since the second grade or even earlier,” Mary answered.

“Linda is also the one who helped Mary plan how to seduce Ken,” Dannie pointed out. “Mary and I figure she’s as hot for him as we are so we’re planning to set them up for when we’re too big to fuck him. That is if they can keep their hands off each other that long.”

“In that case I think I better meet her if she’s going to be fucking my Kenny,” Kathy snapped with a quick smile that eased the sister’s concern.

“I told you she wanted Ken as much as he wanted her,” Dannie told her older sister.

“So you did,” Mary said with a chuckle.

“Does Ken really want me?” Kathy asked anxiously.

“The way he talks about you you’d think he already had the ring and the date planned out,” Dannie chuckled. “I don’t think he’s in a big rush right now, but once our big brother’s done with us he’ll be popping the question to you.”

“Good,” Kathy sighed, “I can wait. Actually I have to since I promised my dad and brother a baby a piece once these two are born.”

“By the way, have you heard the latest on Beth and George?” Dannie asked her new locker mate.

“You told me something about them getting married about a month ago,” Kathy said with a slight frown. “Has there been something since then?”

“Yeah,” Dannie said. “It turns out George inherited some money, enough that he and Beth bought the camp. They’re turning it into a resort that will be open all year - don’t worry, they’re still going to run the camp during the summer - but the rest of the year it’s going to be a full season resort. Beth’s working on a business degree from an internet college specializing in resorts and camps so technically she’ll be running the camp in a few years, but the current manager is staying on for the time being.”

“I wonder what kind of camp the two of them will be running,” Kathy said with a mischievous smile.

“Not that kind of camp,” Mary said with a soft chuckle. “I’m sure the two of them will be more than happy to fuck they’re old friends - but they’re not going to run the camp that way.”

“I wonder what Jake had to say about all this,” Kathy said thoughtfully. “After all, he thought Beth was his girlfriend and carrying his baby.”

“Actually I know the answer to that question,” Dannie said. “I’ve been e-mailing Jake’s little sister Karen since I got home from camp.”

“You mean . . .,” Kathy said hesitantly.

“That’s right, the little sister Jake knocked up about the same time he knocked up his mom,” Dannie said with a nod. “It turns out Jake was so upset when Beth and George got married that he left the camp and returned home. Imagine his surprise when he walked into the house and found his old girl-friend’s parents sitting in the livingroom with his pregnant mom.”

“Embarrassing,” Kathy said with a wry smile.

“It turns out Jamie’s parents finally got her to tell them who the father of her baby was and they were visiting Jake’s mother to talk about how to deal with the situation,” Dannie said with a smile. “Jake didn’t realize until too late that when he walked into the house he was walking straight into a shotgun marriage.”

“How does his new wife feel about the situation with Jake’s mother and sister?” Kathy asked.

“Well, it turns out that Jake and Jamie didn’t have the means to live anywhere else so they’re living in his old room,” Dannie said. “For the first few days Jake was sneaking around the house so he could fuck his mother and sister without Jamie knowing it, but Jamie caught him with his mom about three days after the wedding - and got into bed to join them.”

“No way,” Kathy said with a bemused shake of her head.

“Yes way,” Dannie said with a laugh. “It turns out that Jamie is a real slut and got so turned on by watching Jake fuck his pregnant mother and sister that she couldn’t wait to join in.”

“Sounds like that’s going to be one happy horny family,” Kathy said. “I almost wish I could be part of it - almost. Once things settle down I think I’ll be just as happy settling down with Ken.”

“Ben for me,” Dannie said with a happy sigh.

“And Bill for me, he’s Beth’s brother, yes the one who knocked her up,” Mary explained when she saw the confused look on Kathy’s face. “Well, here’s your home room. Linda and I will meet you for lunch, after we eat Linda and I will show you our secret fuck room and we’ll try out Ken’s presents.”

“Sounds great,” Dannie told her sister. “We’ll see you at lunch then.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Not bad,” Dannie said as she let her fork drop to her tray with a clatter that caught the attention of the other three girls at the table.

“That’s what you say now,” Linda told her, “but in a week you’ll hate it as much as we do.”

“Good,” Kathy told the older brunette as she took a quick look around the lunchroom to make sure no one was close enough to overhear their conversation. “If the food is that bad then we won’t spend any extra time eating and we can have more time to enjoy ourselves before we have to get to class.”

“Really,” Linda said, giving Mary a quick wink as she spoke, “and how do you suggest we enjoy ourselves?”

“As if you didn’t know,” Dannie said with a chuckle. “Mary told us how you helped her plan Kenny’s seduction.”

“I did do that,” Linda admitted with a quick blush. “Does this mean we’re going to turn our lunch times into a foursome instead of a twosome?”

“Yes,” Mary said as she finished her own meal and shifted her trash onto her tray before she got up from her chair. “And we better hurry if we’re going to have any time to enjoy ourselves before our next class starts.”

“So where are we?” Kathy asked a few minutes later as the four of them walked down an empty hallway.

“This is the shop wing,” Mary said.

“Funny,” Dannie said, “I don’t see anything for sale,” Dannie said with a little chuckle at her own joke as her friends groaned.

“No,” Mary said, “this is the wing where they have all the shop classes. You know, wood shop, metal shop, auto shop, since these classes don’t appeal to girls the girl’s bathroom in this wing is almost never used.”

“Not only that,” Linda continued, “but a girl died in this bathroom a couple years ago so most of the girls in the school avoid it because they think it’s haunted.”

“And how did they get that idea?” Kathy asked with a smile.

“I think it was the moans and groans we made when we were frigging each other that one time,” Mary said with a giggle. “I remember hearing the door open just as Linda gave me an orgasm and by the time I turned to look the girl was running from the room with a scream.”

“And the next thing we knew everyone was talking about the ghost in the girl’s bathroom and avoiding it even more than before,” Linda finished. “Of course that gives us a lot of privacy whenever we want to get ourselves off.”

“That sounds great,” Kathy said with a nod of her red hair.

“Here we are,” Mary said as she pulled the door open and took a quick look in the bathroom before she gestured for the others to enter the room as she held the door for them. “Did you bring your little gift with you, Dannie?”

“I sure did,” Dannie said as she reached into her purse to pull the vibrator out for everyone to see.

“And I have mine,” Mary said as she fumbled her own dildo out of her bag. “That means we have two dildos and four cunts. So who gets them?”

“I’ll pass on the vibrator,” Linda said as she put her back to the counter and hopped up on the fake marble surface. “I still have my cherry and I don’t plan to lose it to a fake cock - I want the real thing.”

“I felt the same way before Ken popped my cherry,” Mary said with a nod. “Or maybe I should say before I popped my cherry on Ken’s prick.”

“So, if the rest of you don’t mind I’ll pass on the vibrator this time, but I’ll do a sixty-nine with whoever passes on the dildos.”

“Sounds good to me,” Mary said as she passed her vibrator to Kathy who grinned her appreciation. “I’ve been looking forward to tasting that sweet pussy of yours all summer, I hope you’ve missed my slit as much as I’ve missed yours.”

“You bet your ass,” Linda said as she slid off the counter and started to pull her clothes off. The brunette stopped as she watched the other three girls strip out of their own clothes. “Oh my God. You really are pregnant.”

“Yeah,” Mary said as she rubbed the bulge of her belly. “It took Ken a while to catch with me, but he managed to knock up this lucky little slut on his first try.”

“You got that right, sis,” Dannie said with a satisfied smile as she rubbed her even larger belly. “I am one lucky little slut, and that’s why Ken was able to knock me up so soon after he popped my cherry.”

“And what about you?” Linda asked Kathy. “Did Ken knock you up the first time he shot off in your fuck hole?”

“I was already pregnant by then,” Kathy said with a pleased grin as she ran her hands over her own swollen belly. “No, it will be a while before Ken knocks me up. The reason I’m even bigger than Dannie right now is because I’m carrying twins.”

“Really?” Linda asked in surprise, “if Ken didn’t knock you up than who’s the father of your babies?”

“I’m not completely sure,” Kathy admitted with a slight blush, “I was fucking two guys at camp and they were having a bit of a competition to see who knocked me up first. For all I know they could have knocked me up at the same time.”

“That is so slutty it turns me on like you wouldn’t believe,” Linda said with a groan of pleasure.

“I’d believe it,” Kathy said as she hopped up on the counter and started running the tip of Mary’s vibrator along her slit. “Every time I think about how I let George and Ben knock me up it makes me so hot I need to get something in my pussy right away.”

“It makes me hot too,” Dannie said. “I was there when it happened, and just thinking about the way those guys fucked Kathy when they were trying to knock her up turns me into a firecracker.”

“I wasn’t there and it turns me on too,” Mary said as she pulled her socks off and sat down on the floor next to Linda, shivering slightly as her bare ass touched the cool tile. “Come on Linda, let’s show these beginners how much fun two girls can have.”

“Hold on,” Dannie said as she watched Linda straddle her older sister so her cunt hovered over Mary’s mouth and her head dipped down between the other girl’s thighs. “Is this how you knew so much about eating me out?”

“It sure is,” Mary’s muffled voice replied. “Linda and I have been doing this for over two years now.”

“But only because we didn’t have boyfriends to fuck us crazy and knock us up,” Linda said as she ran the tip of her tongue along Mary’s pussy lips. “Actually we started out masturbating each other, but it wasn’t too long before we realized it was a lot more fun to eat each other out.”

“Once we started we enjoyed pussy eating so much we couldn’t stop,” Mary said as she ran her own tongue along Linda’s slit as she uttered a groan of pleasure. “Even after I started fucking Ken I enjoyed eating pussy too much to give it up completely, and it did help the two of us whenever Ken wasn’t available or too pooped to fuck. And don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy eating my cunt as much as I enjoyed eating yours.”

“I love your pussy eating,” Dannie said with a sigh as she slid her vibrator into her slit and switched on the power. “And I know Kathy loved it too, we spent almost as much time eating each other out as fucking the guys when we were at camp.”

“Dannie’s got that right,” Kathy said as she slid the vibrating dildo in and out of her own cunt. “Thanks for teaching Dannie how to eat cunt Mary, she was the first girl I ever fucked and she was so good at it I don’t plan to stop no matter how many guys I fuck.”

“I’m not sure if I want to give up pussy eating either,” Linda said with a sigh as she sucked on Mary’s erect clit. “No matter how many guys I end up fucking I don’t think a guy knows what a girl enjoys as much as another girl.”

“I thought you’d feel that way,” Mary said as she stuck her tongue into her best friend’s slit and wiggled it around as Linda’s juices dripped out of Linda’s pussy lips and into her thirsty mouth. “Do you still want to fuck Ken?”

“I sure do,” Linda said as her body shivered in pleasure. “Do you think he wants to fuck me? And maybe knock me up while he’s at it?”

“Oh I think we can talk him into fucking you,” Dannie said as her pussy clamped around her vibrator and held it tight in her fuck hole as her body shuddered with pleasure at her approaching orgasm. “The problem is that Mary and I keep him pretty busy fucking us right now, but once we get too big for him to fuck I’m sure he’ll be so desperate for a cunt that he’ll be begging to fuck you, and willing to agree to anything you want.”

“Do I have to wait that long,” Linda whined. “I want to fuck Ken now.”

“I know how you feel Linda,” Kathy moaned as the dildo lodged in her pussy sent jolts of pleasure running up her spine, past her swollen belly, and all the way up to where she massaged her own tits. “I’d love to fuck Ken again, but my dad and brother keep me so busy fucking them that I never have the time to sneak away and fuck Ken.”

“Just be patient Linda,” Mary said as she shifted her belly into a more comfortable position as her body shivered with her own approaching orgasm. “It won’t take that long before Dannie and I are too big to fuck. Besides, Ken will need a girlfriend to hide the fact that he’s the one who knocked us up, and I can’t think of anyone better than you to play the part.”

“You do realize that I’m not really interested in Ken as a boyfriend,” Linda said as her pussy began to spasm with the start of her orgasm.

“Good,” Kathy said, her voice catching in her throat as her belly bulge started jumping under her rubbing hand. “Because Ken is going to be my boyfriend. As long as all you’re interested in is fucking and having his baby I approve, but you better not get too interested in him.”

“I promise,” Linda gasped as her whole body rocked with the orgasm that slammed through her body from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

“I’m cumming,” Mary cried as she buried her face into Linda’s crotch and let the pleasure run through her body until the baby in her belly quivered in satisfaction.

“Oh God,” Dannie moaned as she caught herself before she rolled off the counter. She managed to reach past her swollen belly to turn her vibrator off and pull it out of her slit without being able to see what she was doing.

“I needed that,” Kathy sighed as she ran her vibrator across her swollen belly and up between her breasts until it reached her mouth and she could lick it clean with a sigh of pleasure at the taste of her own juices. “I don’t know about the rest of you,” she said as she leaned back with her head against the mirror, “but I think I might be able to make it through the rest of the school day now.”

“I hope you’re right,” Mary said as she started pulling her clothes back on, “because I just heard the first bell. That means we have just five minutes to get dressed and get to our next classes.”

“Here,” Kathy said as she handed Mary’s dildo back to her. “Thanks for the loan. Now that I know who my locker mate is I’m not worried about bringing my own vibrator to school, so I’ll bring it with me tomorrow.”

“After seeing how much you and Dannie enjoyed your toys I wish I had one for myself,” Linda said as the four of them headed for the exit.

“I have a spare,” Kathy offered. “I’ll talk to my dad tonight and I’m sure he’ll buy me another one, so you can have my spare if you want.”

“Thanks Kathy,” Linda said in surprise, “but why are you making such an offer?”

“Consider it my way of saying thanks for taking care of Ken until I can take care of him myself,” Kathy said with a shrug. “But you better remember, Ken is mine and while I’m willing to share him - you can’t have him.”

“I’ll remember,” Linda said with a quick laugh, “but trust me, Ken just isn’t my type. I’ll see you guys later.”

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