The next morning
I am up early and am drinking my second cup of coffee when I heard Amanda in the hall,the bathroom door closes and all is quiet. The door opens and she goes back into her room.
One hour passes and out she comes still in her nightgown as she bends over to get the cereal out of the cabinet I get a great look at her legs almost up to her ass. She bends over at the frig and my cock starts to get hard the vision of her ass is implanted in my brain.
I get up and leave the room I can't stand it this girl has my number and its killing me.
In my room I get fully dressed and hear her in the hall going to her room. A few minutes go by and she comes out with short shorts on and a small top her bra straps show,but she doesn't seem to care.
"Lets go to the mall" she says with a smile.
I think anything is better than hanging out here and watching her ass all day.
" I'll get the car keys and meet you at the car" I answer.

The mall 200 stores that sell stuff for twice what its worth. I tell her I have no money she answers me " we don't come here to buy just hang out."
She sees two of her girlfriends and off she goes " I'll be back in 2 hours" she yells over her shoulder.
In about 3 hours she comes back to where I am sitting, her girl friends are with her, she asks if they can come to the house and off we go.
They jump out of the car and run into her room slaming the door behind them.
I watch a ball game on tv and about 5:00 they want to go to some burger joint
" OK, lets all saddle up" I say and they just laugh.
The burger joint is quite nice not noisey as I had thought it would be. The food was good and I didn't mind paying for everyone. Amanda asked if I would give the girls a ride home, they were very nice and both thanked me for the food and the ride. When we got home Amanda went into her room and I turned on the news.

9:00 Amanda came out of her room and said " I'm going to shower now."
I could hear her washing her sweet body,but only in my mind. I got up and went into my room and got my stuff to shower I had to time this just right to get another look at her ass, Oh, how I want to see her pussy!
I am standing in the my doorway and as she opens the bathroom door I move out into the hall she is wrapped in just a towel and it doesn't cover much, but I still can't see her slit,as she walks away her ass is just barely covered and I am going nuts. Her door closes and I don't get a view of anything.
I must be going nuts is right this is my grandaughter that her parents have intrusted to me to watch and I fell like a dirty old man!!!!!!!!

I am laying on my bed waiting for sleep to over take me when I hear a tap on the door " yes " is all I can say.
Amanda opens the door and the hall light shows off her body beautifully " can I sleep with you " she says. The answer sticks in my throat, What am I to say now, I cough out a " yes."
She climbs in on the other side of the bed and kisses my check goodnight.

I lay there very quiet and we both fall asleep. In the middle of the night I wake up and go to the bathroom for a piss, as I return to my room the hall light shines in on the bed she is asleep,but the covers have moved off her and her nightgown is up just far enought for me to see part of her slit and a little hair. My heart is pounding I return to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face trying to calm down.
Back in the bedroom her night gown has moved up a little more and I get my first real view of her hairy pussy. The hair looks like spun gold at the slit is is one shade darker. I want to eat this pussy more that anything I have ever done.
Slowly I get back into bed and start to rub my tongue in the hair on her mound she doesn't move and I touch her slit with my tongue I think her legs are parting and I can now get part of my tongue between them I must eat her whole slit and stick my tongue into her cunt. I pry her legs open and she doesn't stop me, I am now between her legs and am lapping her pussy top to bottom. She has her legs open wide,but stil acts like she is asleep. I want to feel her hymen so I slid one finger into her wet hole she has taken my whole finger, how could I have missed it, I add another finger to her and keep licking her inner lips.
She is now begining to work her ass and taking short breaths,as I start to remove my fingers she moves her ass down on them.
" Don't stop, please I'm cuming don't stop" she yells in a voice that shocks me " eat my pussy and my cum ." I do as she wants and lap her cunt and stick my fingers as far up her as they will go.
She is laying there very still with her legs spread open wide my cock is as hard as it has ever been. I must fuck,her I just must.
I kneel between her legs and rub my cock up and down between her pussy lips just the head goes in at first then she takes a little more and I am loosing control I want all my cock in her and I shove it in. She starts fucking me like a woman who has been fucked many times,taking my whole peter inside her. Her cunt is much larged that I first thought her boyfriend must have a bigger one than me.
To my supprise she says " fill my cunt with your cum, fuck me hard,cum in me,now."
I start cuming and she works her ass like a pro, she wants more cum in her, but my cock is getting soft she is a wild cat and wants more than I can give. I roll off her I have had it, she uses her finger to bring herself off again and then she relaxs.
We lay there and I tell her she is the best I have ever had. She says " I am a great pussy eater and she will never tell anyone what we did, as long as you never tell Mom that I am not a virgin." I swear to it in her pussy juice.

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2013-04-25 02:36:12
Happy Birthday, buddy!& Happy Birthday, Gem!I wish good things for the two of you.Amazing how many spceial people are born in February.Mark, be sure to call the Fire Department before you blow out those candles, okay?Tell them it's just your birthday cake Gem, I wish you at least 40 more healthy birthdays.Maybe you'll find a new pussy by then . . . Congrats, mates.~minitial reaction was smart arse followed by a laugh!thanks brother, but it's so wet over here I don't need the fire brigade had a great day, enjoying a guinness and about to light a cigar thinking of you and yours .markp.s have a guinness for me tonight!mark

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2008-05-31 06:05:15
Its a shit story....wers da details....its like u writtn in a diary


2008-05-11 00:20:16
Details, give details!


2008-04-25 09:10:16
no build up


2008-04-21 03:25:41

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