Chapter 27

Mary opened her eyes at the sound of the soft knock on the door of the bedroom she shared with Dannie. It took her a second to remember that it was Saturday morning and the person at the door could be one of their parents. She turned her head to look the other bed where she could see her younger sister’s blond curls spread out on her pillow and her swollen belly under her blankets. “Dannie,” Mary hissed, “roll over, someone’s at the door.”

Dannie muttered something sleepily but managed to roll over on her side so the bulge of her pregnant belly was hidden under her bedclothes. Once she saw her sister roll over Mary did the same before batting her eyes to fill them with sleep gunk before calling out in her best sleep filled voice, “Come in.”

As she watched the door open Mary pulled her knees up to her belly bulge to hide it under her blanket and took a anxious breath as she waited for whoever it was to enter the room. “Kenny,” the thirteen year old said when she saw her brother poke his head through the doorway. “Get out of here,” she hissed, “if mom or dad catches you coming into our room they’ll figure everything out for sure.”

“Don’t worry,” Ken said with a wide smile as he closed the door behind himself and crossed the room to sit down on the edge of Mary’s bed before he bent down to kiss his sister. “Dad has a nine o’clock tee time and mom just left to do the grocery shopping so we have at least a couple hours to do whatever we want before either of them gets back.”

“Whatever we want?” Dannie asked as she sat up in her own bed and gave Ken a suggestive smile.

“Sorry Dannie,” Ken said as he slid Mary’s covers off her naked body and rested his hand on her bulging belly, “it’s Mary’s turn to go first.”

“I know,” Dannie sighed as she slid out of her own bed and walked over to Mary’s, “but if we have two hours than you’ll have plenty of time to fuck both of us before mom and dad get back.”

“She’s right Ken,” Mary said with a pleased sigh as her brother shifted his hand up from her belly to squeeze her swollen breast as he brought his other hand down to her dripping slit. “You’re so wet, were you dreaming about me?”

“Actually I was dreaming about Bill,” Mary said with a mischievous smile as she opened Ken’s shorts and reached in to grab his erect cock. “But like they say, if you can’t be with the one you love - fuck the one you’re with.”

“That’s not what they say,” Ken said with a chuckle, “but I like your saying better.”

“Good,” Mary said as she scooted her body around until her legs hung over the edge of the bed. “After the wet dream I just had I need you inside me right now.”

“You’re not the only one having wet dreams,” Ken said with a grin as he pushed Mary’s thighs apart and stepped between them until his prick rested on top of his sister’s pregnant belly. “Do you have any idea how much hair you have down there now?” Ken asked as he rubbed the head of his cock across Mary’s belly bulge.”

“How could I?” Mary asked with a chuckle as Dannie threw her thighs over her chest and pressed her bulging belly down to rest on her sisters belly as she lowered her blond furred slit down toward Mary’s mouth. “I haven’t been able to see anything down there for a couple months now. I bet Dannie doesn’t know hairy her pussy is either.”

“Are you serious?” Dannie asked as she pushed her sweaty curls back from her face. “I didn’t have any hair down there when Ken knocked me up and that was only five months ago. Do I really have that much hair now?”

“You sure do,” Mary said before she pursed her lips and blew across the eleven year old’s hairy pussy. “Did you feel that?”

“Yeah,” Dannie admitted, “I guess I do have some hair down there after all.”

“You have more hair down there now than Mary had when we started fucking,” Ken said with a laugh as he slid the tip of his prick down the bottom of Mary’s pregnant belly until it slid across her erect clit and came to rest against her moist quivering slit. “Ready to fuck Mary?”

“More than ready,” Mary said as she crossed her ankles behind her brother’s ass and pulled him in close with the strength of her legs. “Now fuck me Ken.”

“Oh yeah,” Ken sighed as he slipped the full length of his shaft into Mary’s tight cunt until his belly smacked against hers. His sister’s moan of pleasure was muffled by Dannie’s pussy who was uttering a moan of her own as she squeezed her own tits.

“I love fucking your tight hot cunny,” Ken groaned as he slid his cock in and out of his sister’s tight fuck hole.

“You can’t enjoy fucking us as much as we love fucking you Kenny,” Dannie moaned as Mary’s tongue and lips pushed her toward her orgasm.

“Let’s just say we all love fucking each other and leave it at that,” Ken said as he watched the pleasure that crossed his younger sister’s face. He could see the way Mary’s swollen stomach was starting to quiver with her own approaching orgasm. He could feel his own orgasm approaching as Mary’s pussy squeezed his shaft with every thrust but he was determined to hold out through his sister’s first orgasm and push her on through a second one before he shot his load into her hungry pussy.

Mary’s cunt clamped down on Ken’s shaft as her orgasm shot through her body and Ken caught his breath as he balls threatened to shoot his load before he was ready but he managed to hold on as Mary’s slit tried to milk the baby juice out of his prick. Ken watched as Dannie’s tits bounced just in front of his face as Mary’s tongue pushed their younger sister over the edge and the girl through her head back and screamed in pleasure as her body orgasmed around her baby.

“That looked like a one,” Ken said as he drilled Mary’s cunt with his hard shaft. “It looked good for both of you.”

“Good?” Dannie groaned as she pushed her pussy down into Mary’s face again, “that one was great. I swear, if my milk was ready I’d be spraying it all over the place with that orgasm.”

“How long before your milk starts coming in?” Ken asked as he eyed his sister’s swollen tits, they looked like they were already full of milk but he hadn’t see a drop yet.

“I don’t know,” Dannie sighed as she squeezed her tits and bent her head down to lick her own nipple. “Some girls starting producing milk fairly early in their pregnancy and some girls don’t have any until just before the end. For all I know Mary could produce milk before I do.”

“I don’t care which one of you is first,” Ken said as he slammed his cock into Mary’s tight hot slit, “I just look forward to sucking on your tits and getting some milk out of them.”

“That sounds so hot,” Dannie moaned as her body started to quiver with another orgasm. Mary’s reply was so muffled by Dannie’s pussy but Ken was pretty sure she liked the idea too because of the way her pussy squeezed his pistoning shaft.

“If you do that again I’m going to cum before you do,” Ken groaned through clenched teeth as his balls threatened to shoot their load into Mary’s sucking pussy. Mary’s only response was to wiggle her ass on the bed and lift her cunt to meet his next thrust as she clamped her legs even tighter around her brother’s ass so he couldn’t pull away from her but had to hold his cock deep in her fuck hole as she tried to milk the juice out of his prick.”

“Oh God, I’m cumming,” Ken screamed as his balls clenched tight and his sister’s cunt sucked the baby juice right out of his prick.

“Me too,” Dannie screamed, her tits and belly bouncing with every spasm of her body. Dannie’s body rocked so hard with it’s second orgasm that she rolled right off Mary’s body and lay next to her gasping for breath as her sister screamed through her own orgasm.

“I swear,” Ken groaned as Mary’s legs dropped away from his ass and he was able to back away from his sister’s pussy so his slime covered prick slipped out of the girl’s quivering slit, “the two of you get better with every fuck.”

“So do you Kenny,” Mary said with a pleased purr. “I can’t wait until it’s my turn to fuck you again.”

“Neither can I,” Dannie said as she got on her hands and knees and straddled Mary’s body so she could lean forward and reach her older brother’s half erect prick with her mouth. “And fortunately it’s my turn as soon as I get your beautiful cock ready to go.”

“Do it Dannie,” Ken said as he sucked his breath in through his teeth as his younger sister caught his dangling pole in her hand and started licking it clean. Once she had the juices licked clean Dannie placed the head of Ken dick between her lips and slipped her head forward and sucked the whole cock into her throat all the way down to the root.

“The two of you are making me hot all over again,” Mary groaned as she watched Dannie give Ken a blow job. “Maybe I should get out of here and do something before I steal Dannie’s turn at your cock.”

“But what are you going to do while Dannie and I fuck?” Ken asked.”

“Well,” Mary said thoughtfully, “we have less than two hours before mom and dad get back so maybe I should get in my shower and breakfast before they get home. After all, the longer Dannie and I can hide our growing bellies the longer we can keep mom and dad from dscovering the truth about us.”

“Good point,” Kenny said with a groan as he felt his prick hardening in Dannie’s mouth.

“But before I hit the shower I’m going to head down to the kitchen and satisfy my craving for ice cream.”

“That sounds good,” Dannie said as she took her mouth off Ken’s cock and began to stroke the hard slick shaft with her hand, “can you bring me a bowl while you’re at it?”

“Sure thing,” Mary said as she slid out from under Ken and Dannie and got to her feet. She stepped over to the chair where she’d draped her clothes from the day before and pulled her shorts up to her waist and then slipped her arms through her shirt and pulled it down over her swollen tits and belly. The shirt was a tight fit but she didn’t think it would be a problem since she was going to change into something bulkier after her shower.

“Ken,” Mary said as she stopped in the doorway, “do you want some ice cream too?”

“Sure,” Ken said with a shrug as his cock slipped into down Dannie’s throat again. “It’s not like I’ll be able to do any fucking while the two of you are eating your ice cream so I may as well enjoy some too.”

“You’ve got it,” Mary said, turning back to give her naked brother and sister a quick smile before she closed the door behind her.

After Mary left the room Ken turned to Dannie as and smiled as she continued to suck and lick his now hard cock. “If we hurry,” Ken said as he put his hand under Dannie’s chin and lifted her head away from his prick, “I should have enough time to fill your pussy with cum before Mary gets back with our ice cream.”

“Don’t hurry on my account Kenny,” Dannie said with a smile, “I don’t mind if my ice cream melts a little before I eat it. Besides, you gave Mary two orgasms before you shot your load, and I expect to get just as much pleasure as you gave her.”

“Well I did have a little help giving Mary her two orgasms,” Ken pointed out as he rolled Dannie over on her swollen stomach and pulled on her hips until his little sister raised herself up on her knees and spread them apart. Ken smiled as he looked at his sister’s pink dripping cunny and shivered in anticipation of fucking the pregnant girl. “I’ll do my best to give you two orgasms,” Ken promised as he slid his cock between Dannie’s thighs and along the girl’s slit and erect clit, “but don’t hate me if I fail.”

“I could never hate the father of my baby,” Dannie moaned as Ken’s prick slid slowly into her tight slit. “Just fuck me Kenny and I’ll be happy - at least for now.”

As he fucked Dannie’s cunt Ken reached around her body and placed one hand possessively on his sister’s swollen belly and the other one on her enlarged breast. “I love you Dannie,” Ken groaned as his prick bottomed out in his sister’s fuck hole and his balls bounced off the bottom of her belly. “I still can’t believe that you and Mary really want to have my babies, but it makes me so horny just thinking about the two of you popping out one baby after another.”

“And it makes me so hot just thinking about how many times you’re going to fuck me and make my belly and tits swell up with your baby until Ben and I are finally old enough to get married and have our own babies,” Dannie murmured as her brother’s cock slid in and out of her pulsing slit, “Just thinking about it is enough to make me cum.”

“Me too,” Ken said as he picked up the pace of his thrusts, angling his prick so the shaft slid across Dannie’s erect clit every time he slid in and out of her pussy. “I can’t wait to see the two of you waddling around the house with your swollen bellies and milk filled tits swaying with every step.”

“And will you suck the milk out of my breasts when they’re so full the milk is dripping out of my nipples?” Dannie asked as her belly started to quiver with her first orgasm.

“Your tits will never have that much milk,” Ken said through clenched teeth, holding back his own orgasm as Dannie’s hot pussy rippled up and down his invading shaft. “Until your babies arrive I’ll suck you and Mary dry every day and wish for more.”

“That sounds good,” Dannie almost screamed as her first orgasm shot through her pussy and up her spine to her brain. Even with her fuck tunnel clamped tight around her brother’s cock he still managed to keep fucking her, his dangling balls bouncing against her clit with every thrust.

“And after this baby is born I’ll fill your belly with another one, and another one, and another one,” Kenny grunted as he slammed his cock deep into his sister’s fuck tunnel and swivelled it around in her tight hole the way she’d taught him. “I’ll give you and Mary all the babies you want from me, and I’ll enjoy every minute of our fucking, and every inch your bellies swell whenever you’re pregnant.”

“You know just the thing to say to make me hot,” Dannie moaned as the sexual energy started to build in her quivering pussy.

“If someone had told me a year ago that I’d fuck my sisters and knock them both up I would have said they were crazy,” Ken murmured as he kissed Dannie’s back and sent little sparks of sexual energy rushing to her belly with every touch of his lips. “But at the same time just the idea of fucking you and Mary would have made me so hot and hard I would have been jacking off in seconds. I’m just glad I don’t have to do that anymore, a hot wet cunt is so much better than my own hand.”

“And your cock is so much better than my fingers - or my dildo,” Dannie sighed as the sexual energy started to build up in her swollen belly as Ken’s prick slid in and out of her drooling slit with every thrust, “and I know Mary feels the same way.”

“I know she does,” Kenny grunted as his balls started to jerk with his approaching orgasm. “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Dannie’s swollen belly clenched hard against her baby and the eleven year old girl screamed with her second orgasm as Ken slammed the full length of his cock into her clutching slit and screamed, “I’m cumming Dannie.”

“So am I Kenny,” Dannie gasped as her legs and arms gave out on her and she collapsed to Mary’s bed. Dannie rolled over on her back and ran her fingers across her slit, raising them to her lips so she could lick her brother’s cum from them.

“Much better than ice cream,” Dannie said as Ken watched her suck her fingers clean, “but I wonder where Mary is?”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As she reached for the bowls in the cabinet Mary was surprised to discover that she had to stretch more than usual to reach the bowls. She looked down and smiled when she realized that her swollen belly had pushed her just far enough away from the counter to put the dishes just beyond her reach. When she stood on her tip toes and reached for the bowls she felt her shirt pull tight against her pregnant belly and slide up until it bunched up under her swaying tits. She missed the bowls and dropped back to the floor, wondering if she should get a step stool when she heard the gasp and clatter behind her.

“Mother,” Mary said in surprise when she turned to see her mother standing in the opening between the kitchen and dining room. With a smile she turned to give her mother a full profile of her pregnant body as she said, “I thought you were doing the grocery shopping.”

“I - I forgot my checkbook and came back to get it,” Mary’s mother stammered, her face white with shock as she stared at her thirteen year old daughter and her swollen belly. “Mary, you’re pregnant,” she stated as her face slowly went from white shock to red anger.”

“Yes mother, I am,” Mary said with a flippant smile as she watched her mother’s face grow redder by the second. Doing her best to ignore the angry woman in the doorway Mary caught the step stool with her foot and dragged it across the floor until it was under the dishes she was trying to reach. She stepped on the stool and reached up to grab two bowls from the stack.

“Don’t ignore me Mary Elizabeth Jamison,” Mary’s mother said angrily. “I want to know who the father of that baby is.”

“I don’t know,” Mary said, hoping her mother was to angry to realize she was lying before she sent her down the wrong path. “Maybe Dannie knows, after all she was at camp a month before I was.”

“Dannie?” Mrs. Jamison said, her face going white again. “Camp? You don’t know who the father is? How many boys did you have sex with? Is that why you don’t know who the father is?”

“I might know who the father is,” Mary admitted as she reached into the freezer and took out the ice cream, “but I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Besides, I had sex with several boys at camp any one of them could have knocked me up - and I don’t want to get any of them in trouble.”

“I see,” Mary’s mother said coldly, “so you don’t want to get any of the boys you fucked in trouble? It looks like they got you in plenty of trouble.”

“Me and Dannie both,” Mary said as she finished filling the two bowls.

“Wait, that’s the second time you mentioned your sister,” Mrs. Jamison said as the blood drained from her face again, “are you telling me that Dannie is pregnant too?”

“Yes,” Mary said as she set the two bowls of ice cream on the kitchen table and turned around to grab a couple spoons from the silverware drawer. “She should have been down here by now because we both had a craving for ice cream and I offered to get it while she got dressed. Maybe you should call her down and you can find out for yourself just how big her belly is compared to mine.”

For the first time since she’d seen her daughters enlarged stomach Mrs. Jamison turned away from the girl and took a step toward the stairs before shouting up to the second floor. “Danielle Grace Jamison, you get your ass down here right now.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Oh-oh,” Ken said, sitting up in Mary’s bed when he heard his mother’s call, “sounds like mom got home early and caught Mary in the kitchen with her belly sticking out under that tight shirt of hers.”

“You’ve got that right,” Dannie said as she finished licking her bother’s prick clean. “And it sounds like Mary put our plan it action.”

“Plan,” Ken asked as Dannie hopped off the bed and reached for the clean pair of panties she’d set out on her chair the night before.

“Just how long did you think it would take before mom and dad realized that Mary and I were pregnant?” Dannie asked as she reached for her robe and draped it across the shoulders to leave her belly and tits exposed. “We’ve had things all planed out for a couple months now. As soon as mom or dad figured out that one of us was pregnant she’d point out that the other one was pregnant too. That way we overload them with disinformation until they know the truth and swallow our lies. The only thing is that you weren’t suppose to be in our room when mom and dad figured things out. For now hide in the closet - just in case mom comes up before I get out of the room. Once Mary and I get mom so turned around that she can’t notice anything else you sneak back to your room and get dressed, dress well like you’re going out on a date because you are.”

“A date?” Ken said as he opened the door to the closet and slipped inside. “But I can’t leave you and Mary to face mom and dad alone.”

“You can and you will,” Dannie said as she shoved her brother into the closet, “Mary and I have this all planed out, but if you get involved mom and dad are sure to figure everything out. As I said, you get dressed like you’re going out on a date. While Mary and I have mom occupied you leave and meet Linda at that burger place across from the Cinema six. The story is that the two of you have been dating since school started and you’ve been sneaking out and leaving Mary and me on our own. That’s why you didn’t notice our pregnancies before this. You’ll probably get in trouble for sneaking out like that, but mom and dad will never suspect the truth.”

“I guess you really did have everything planed out,” Ken said as he forced his way to the back of the closet and Dannie closed the door. “Does this mean that Linda really is waiting for me?”

“We always figured that mom and dad would figure things out on the weekend,” Dannie said, “so Linda’s been waiting for you to show up every Saturday and Sunday for the last two months. Now whatever you do, don’t disappoint her - Mary, Kathy, and I all like her and we expect you to treat her like you would us. And I mean that exactly like it sounds.”

As Ken waited in the closet he considered what Dannie had told him about Linda and he felt his prick start to rise in anticipation. With an effort he forced his cock to relax and ordered it to stay down. Considering what was happening downstairs it wouldn’t be a good idea for mom to notice an erect cock in his pants when he was heading out on a date. When he was sure his sisters must have their mother’s full attention he stepped out of the closet and walked over to the bedroom door. He opened it cautiously and listened to the sounds of a lively argument downstairs and crossed the hall to his own room as quickly and silently as he could.

Once in his room Ken grabbed clean socks and underwear from his dresser and then added a clean pair of pants and a good shirt from his closet before he threw his robe on and left his room to go to the bathroom - after all, it wouldn’t look good if he went out on a date all sweaty from fucking his sisters. With the shower out of the way and dressed in his good pants and shirt Ken headed down the stairs in a rush, glaring at his watch as he jumped off the last step and headed for the front door.

“Just a minute young man,” Ken’s mother called as she glared at him from the kitchen. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Mom,” Ken said rushing his words as he spoke, “I’m late. I’m suppose to meet Linda at the restaurant in fifteen minutes and then we’re going to a movie after lunch.”

“Is that what you’ve been doing these last two months?” Mrs. Jamison asked her son, “is that why you haven’t noticed that your sisters were pregnant?”

“Mom,” Mary said, “you and dad didn’t notice either.”

“That’s beside the point,” Mrs. Jamison snapped. “You know how busy your father and I are with our work, it’s no wonder we didn’t notice. But your brother should have noticed if he was taking care of you the way he was suppose to.”

“We knew that,” Dannie said slyly, “that’s why we got Linda to start dating him. We knew that if he was distracted by her he’d never notice what was happening to us. So we convinced him that we were doing him a favor by keeping quiet about all the times he was off on his dates and that made it easy for us to hide the truth from him and you.”

“I see,” Mrs. Jamison said with a thoughtful frown.

“Mom,” Ken whined as he edged toward the front door, “I really do have to go. Linda’s waiting for me and she doesn’t have a cell phone so I can’t call and cancel the date.”

“Ok,” Mrs. Jamison said as she turned to glare at her two pregnant daughters, “go ahead. But when you get back your father and I are going to have a long talk with you about the way you’ve been shirking your duties. I suggest you have a good time, because this could be the last time you’re allowed out of the house for a long time.”

“Yes mother,” Ken said with a meek nod before he grabbed the front door and yanked it open before she had a chance to change her mind. Even as he ran to the bus stop Ken had to wonder how his mother could be so gullible. At least Mary and Dannie’s plan seemed to be working - for now.


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