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Intro: This may be my shortest story, written for those of you with a short attention span in mind. It is the story of Father Terrance, toiling doing the work of God trying to keep up the spirits of wives whose husbands are overseas.

It was early and I would have liked to have slept longer but the light coming through the drapes put a stop to that thought. Then I remembered; it’s Monday, time for my parish member visits. I quickly got out of bed, shaved, brushed my teeth and jumped in the shower.

As I stepped from the shower I happened to see my reflection in the mirror. I was fifteen years out of high school but I still was in good shape. I had never had a ‘six-pack’ kind of physique but there was no flab on my 6’ 2” frame. A lot of the other priests I associated with added a few pounds every year but I had kept active and still weighed now what I had during high school.

I finished dressing, put on my collar and started downstairs to get some breakfast. I wanted to get an early start this morning. Marie Platt, one of my parishioners had missed the last two masses. That was not like her and I wanted to check on her and see if she was okay. Being the Chaplain on a military base I was used to having some of my people fall into a funk. A large portion of our men were in Iraq. They had been there for almost a year and were just informed it was going to be a good six months before they could expect to come home. A number of the wives were getting frustrated and depressed over their husband’s long absence. For some the first sign was missing Mass, for others it was coming to every Mass; I suspected with Marie it was the former. I wanted to see what I could do to help.

I suspected this might be the problem with Marie. She married her high school sweetheart right out of high school; he joined the Army and she got pregnant all in the summer after graduating. When he was deployed to Iraq she was pregnant and now had a six-month old baby to care for by herself.

I checked my watch as I left the house; 8:45, right on schedule. The street was quiet on her block; huge trees loomed over the road, forming a canopy that gave you the sense of driving through a tunnel. It was fall and a blanket of leaves covered the ground.

I parked in front of her house and walked up to the door and rang the bell. When Marie answered the door she was still in her robe, a flash of anxiety crossed her face when she recognized me. “Father Terrance, is everything okay”?

“Everything is fine” I assured her. “I didn’t mean to make you worry. You have missed mass the last couple of weeks and I just wanted to check to be sure everything is okay. I go around and visit on Mondays and Fridays”.

Marie stepped back and motioned for me to come in. “Everything is fine. Come on in and have a cup of coffee”.

I went inside and looked around while she got me some coffee. The house was neat, no sign of problems there. When she came in I asked, “Now where is that beautiful baby of yours, taking a nap”?

“No Father. She’s with one of the other wives. We’ve formed a kind of babysitting co-op to give us some time alone. It can be so hard on us, being alone all the time and having to take care of the children by ourselves. We take turns watching the children during the week so the rest of us can run errands, or just take a nap.

It’s so frustrating being alone all the time. I miss the big things with my husband being gone for so long but frequently it is the little things that hurt the most. Like just being able to have him hug me when I’m down.

“Well I can’t get your husband back but I can at least provide a hug”. I put my arms out to her and she smiled slightly and stepped forward. I put my arms around her and hugged her to me. For just a moment her body felt stiff against mine, not sure what to do. Then she kind of melted against me, pulling tight against me; her head on my chest. I held her tight, neither of us saying anything. Then I felt her body begin to shake as she began to softly sob.

I loosened my arms around her, “Marie, what is it”? I thought she might want to move but she held tight to me.

Marie kept her head against my chest, “It’s just everything. He’s been gone so long and now it looks like it could be another year. I’m so alone”. She began softly crying again.

I lifted one hand smoothed her hair, “Come on, it will get better”.

Marie looked up at me, “But when? And I have to do everything with the baby. There is no one to help. I get so depressed at times”. She put her head back on my chest but did not resume crying.

“I don’t know if I can help but I’ll try. The Lord is here to help you. You just have to let yourself believe”. Marie did not say anything. I don’t know what she was thinking but at least she did not feel so bad that she continued crying.

“Marie. I have something I want you to try. Close your eyes”. I continued lightly rubbing her hair. She had nice hair. It was just shoulder level. She must have taken a shower this morning because her hair smelled nice; I couldn’t put my finger on the fragrance.

“Are your eyes closed”?

Marie’s head nodded against my chest in response.

“Are you comfortable where you are”?

She nodded again.

“Now I want you to picture your husband standing in front of you. Are you doing that”? She did not move. “Now have faith. Do this for me. Can you see your husband”? I heard her say almost in a whisper, “Yes”.

“Now picture yourself stepping forward into your husband’s arms”. I felt her arms move tighter around me; her body pressed tighter than before. From my hand on her back earlier I knew she was wearing a bra under the robe; I could feel the rigid structure pressing against my ribs.

“Is he holding you tight”?


“Does it feel good”?

“Yes it does”.

“What would your husband do now”? I waited.

It must have been thirty seconds before I heard her say very softly, “He’d kiss me”.

I waited again. After a minute she lifted her head to look at me. I lowered my head and gave her a peck on the lips. “Like that”?

“No Father, it would be a little longer” and she rose on her toes so that she could reach me. Her lips brushed mine softly at first; then with more pressure. I felt her lips part and her tongue moved against my lip before moving into my mouth. I could feel my erection growing as our tongues danced with each other. How could she not notice; pressed against me so tightly.

After what seemed like several minutes she finally pulled her mouth from mine and rested her head once again on my chest; breathing heavily, her chest moving against me. I looked down at the top of her head, running my fingers softly through her hair and whispered, “What would he do now”?

Without moving she said, “I think he would-“. Her voice trailed off and I could not make out the rest.

“I couldn’t hear you Marie”.

She held me tightly for a moment before saying, “I think he would want to undress me”.

I asked, “Are your eyes still closed”?

She whispered, “Yes”.

“Can you see him clearly in front of you, feeling him hold you”?

She again whispered, “Yes”.

I moved my hands from around her back and rested them on her shoulders for a moment before sliding my thumbs under the edge of her robe. As I started to pull her robe back off her shoulders she loosened her hold on me and pulled a few inches away from me. It was enough room for the robe to fall to the floor.

I lowered my head and kissed the top of her shoulder. “Is this something your husband would do”? Marie didn’t say anything. She just nodded her head. I moved my lips to her neck and lightly kissed her neck, slowly working my way up towards her ear. She shuddered and leaned in against me.

When I grasped the clasp on the back of her bra she started to push away from me. “I thought you said your husband would want you undressed”?

“But I’ll leak on your clothes”. She explained she was still breast-feeding.

I asked, “Wouldn’t you take his clothes off so they wouldn’t get stained”?

She nodded and began unbuttoning my shirt. I stood there, hands at my side. I wanted her to do everything. As she unzipped my pants and started to pull them down I stepped out of my shoes and then as my pants fell to my ankles I kicked my shoes and pants aside. Marie reached back up to pull my briefs down. My cock bobbed up and down at her as it was freed. She took me in one hand and lowered my briefs to the floor with the other.

She rose and leaned against me, her face once again buried in my chest. I reached behind her and unclipped her bra. She let go of me for a moment so that she could free her arms and I let the bra fall to the floor to join our other clothes.

As she moved back against me we put are arms around each other and stood still, holding each other, our clothes scattered around on the floor by our feet.

Caressing her naked back I asked, “What would we do now”?

“I think we would go to the bedroom”.

I let go of her with one arm and dropped it to her knees to sweep her up in my arms. She put her arms around my neck as I walked out of the kitchen, through the front room and down a hall to her bedroom.

As I walked into the bedroom I saw the bed had not been made. I lowered her to her feet and pulled the covers and top sheet to the foot of the bed and let them drop to the floor. As I pulled her back into a hug my cock caught her in the stomach. She took me in one hand and pushed me to the side.

She was with me so far but I had another hurdle to get over, “Marie, I know you are a good Catholic. Do you practice birth control”?

“Well, kind of Father. We use the rhythm method. Although I have not needed to do anything him gone all this time. I guess that’s why I’ve been so depressed lately. Of course those soldiers at the PX and the ones we wives run into other places are perfectly willing to solve that problem. But they just want to fuck us”.

Marie covered her mouth with her hand and looked up at me, “Excuse me Father”.

“That’s perfectly okay my child. I’ve heard much worse. So you are not on the pill or some other method the Church does not sanction”?

“Just the rhythm method Father, we wouldn’t do anything else. That would be a sin”.

“And is today one of your safe days”?

She started, “No. But we can, I mean, with my husband I would-“, but then halted and did not say any more.

“What would you do Marie”?

The bed was right behind her. I guided her backwards until her legs touched the bed and then with a little pressure she sat down on the bed. With her hand still wrapped around my cock sat beside her. I not sure she realized it but her hand was slowly moving up and down, stroking me. I looked down; her hand looked small on my shaft, the purple head of my cock sticking out above her fingers, glistening with the lubricating fluid oozing out of me, some had ran down the side of my cock and onto her closest finger.

After a moment I prodded her again, “Marie”?

“I don’t know if I can tell you, it’s embarrassing”.

“Marie, you know you can tell me anything”.

I waited a few seconds and then she said softly, just loud enough to hear, “When he’s ready, he cums in my mouth”.

If it would have been possible, hearing that, I would have gotten harder. I asked, “And what do you do with it”?

She murmured something I could not understand. “What did you say Marie? I couldn’t hear you”.

This time she said it loud enough that I could understand. “I swallow it”.

“That’s good my child. The Bible says that it is a sin for man to spill his seed on the ground. “How do feel about that? Does it bother you”?

“Oh no. I like it”. Marie let out a little giggle and smiled as she said, “I like making him feel good. Some of the other wives say they don’t like it and won’t do it but I think its fun. When he’s ready to cum he’s usually bouncing around and he’s excited and feeling so good and then he squirts his stuff in my mouth. I like knowing something I did made him lose control like that”.

That did sound nice. I was looking forward to it. But now I needed to get her back on track. “Now close your eyes again. I want you to concentrate. Remember what I asked you to do before; visualize your husband”. She closed her eyes; her hand still moving slowly up and down on my shaft. I asked, “Do you see him”?

“Yes Father, I do. He’s sitting beside me”.

“You are on the bed, what would he want you to do now”?

Marie let go of my cock and began moving back to the center of the bed, “He would want to get-“. Marie stopped a moment before continuing; “He would want to lie on the bed while I got on top of him”.

I moved up onto the bed and lay in the center on my back. Marie was sitting on the bed next to me; her eyes still closed. I took her hand and gently pulled her towards me. She moved up onto her knees, placed her hands on my chest and swung one leg over me so that she was straddling me above my thighs.

She moved her hands down my chest, past my stomach and took me in both of her hands. She moved her hands around me, squeezing me, feeling my balls. “It feels so big”.

“The Lord never gives you more than you can endure”.

She leaned towards me, placing her hands on my chest, and moved forward so that she was directly above my cock. She moved her hips around, digging at me, trying to line me up and get me inside of her but it wasn’t working quite right. She was pushing my cock flat on my stomach instead of inside of her.

I could hear some frustration, or perhaps it was eagerness, in her voice, “Could you help me”?

I reached down between her legs, grabbed my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy. As she lowered herself onto me I watched the head of my cock slowly disappear inside of her; her labia pushed aside, bulging to each side as my cock continued moving up into her. Finally all I could see was her mound, lightly covered with short blond pubic hair, pressed firmly against my body; I was completely buried in her.

Her eyes were closed as she began moving back and forth on me. “You were right, it’s big but it does fit. I’ve never been with anyone else. I mean, no one else has ever been inside of me. I didn’t know what to expect. Oh, I’ve missed this so much”. She lifted her hands from my chest and rose to a sitting position on me; still moving back and forth. She was a slight girl; I would guess barely 100 pounds. I felt like a swizzle stick in a small but very expensive drink.

The sun had cleared the roof of the house next door and was now shining into the room. A beam cut through across the bed, her body moving in and out of it as she rocked on me; one moment her body golden in the light, the next almost hidden in shadow.

I felt something on my stomach and when I moved my hand to see what it was I felt something wet drop on my fingers. I looked up to see white beads forming on her nipples and falling away to land on my hand. I remembered she is still nursing. At first it was fairly slow, taking a few seconds for each droplet, but as she moved faster on me, getting more excited, it began running faster, almost a constant, drip, drip, drip.

I reached up and cupped each breast. They were firm, filled with milk. I gently squeezed one and a thin stream of milk streaked out to my chin and chest. I squeezed the other and it did the same. I could feel the warm milk run down my side to be soaked up by the sheet.

Marie opened her eyes and I saw alarm on her face. Marie reached for my stomach, feeling the some of the milk still pooled there. “I’m making a mess on you”.

“Don’t worry about it Marie. Your body is doing what it is supposed to do”. I pulled her down to me so that I could reach her nipples with my mouth. I licked them, feeling the stream drip on my tongue, running into my mouth, tasting the sweetness of her. Don’t worry, I thought, you will be doing the same for me soon.

I continued working on her breasts with my hands and mouth; gradually emptying some of the milk until her breasts became suppler. When I got on top of her, and I planned to get on top of her, she was going to be uncomfortable if they were still full.

Keeping her hands on my chest, Marie began raising her hips off me, exposing several inches of my cock, and then pushing hard back down, driving me deep into her. After several minutes of this she slowed down and resumed just rocking back and forth on me. Her breathing had become very ragged. I could see sheen of sweat forming on her forehead and upper body.

Just as I was beginning to wonder if it would be a good time to get on top of her I felt her knees tighten on my hips. She began pushing sharply against me; grinding her clitoris against me. She arched her back and let out a several short grunts. I was very pleased; I didn’t know if she would come to orgasm this first time but it would make everything easier.

When she finally began to relax she lowered herself to my chest, “Oh thank you Father. It’s been so long since I’ve had one. I didn’t know how good it could feel on top. Thank you for letting me”.

I wrapped my arms around her, continuing to stroke into her, but slower than before. “You don’t have to thank me. This is about you feeling good; getting out of that depression”. But I was curious about something she had said, “What did you mean when you said you did not know how good it could feel on top? I thought you said you usually started on top of your husband”?

Marie burst out, “Oh Father, I’ve sinned”.

Oh, great I thought. It was going so well. Now how do I handle this? I continued moving inside of her. I wanted her to have conflicted feelings. “What do you mean Marie”?

“I lied to you Father. I said I get on top when we have sex and really I never get to be on top. I just wanted to know what it felt like. I’m sorry Father”.

That’s a relief. “That’s okay my child. Don’t think of that as a sin. You just wanted to know more about how your relationship with your husband could grow. I’m glad I was able to help you explore. Now you know there are more possibilities. That is important for a good marriage”.

“Thank you Father. I was so worried; and you have shown me something important”.

I thought that was enough talking and with one arm wrapped around her I rolled us to the side and then moved on top of her. As we moved I slipped out of her. I moved above her but kept my weight on my knees and elbows.

I looked down between us. Her feet were pulled up close to her butt, her knees up in the air but spread wide for me. I moved up so that the head of my cock was resting in her pubic hair. Keeping my hands and knees still, I rocked forward and slowly pushed the smooth head through the hair up to her belly button. When I reached her belly button she groaned and arched her back pushing up against me, trapping my cock between our bodies. Before she could relax I wrapped one arm underneath her, holding her tight to me. I pulled my hips back, my cock drawing back from between us.

I held myself there at her entrance, not quite ready to push into her. I looked up at her face. Her head was tilted back towards the pillow, her eyes closed. Her mouth was open; her breathing ragged. I brought my hips forward, barely entering her, teasing her pussy before moving back out of her.

I lowered her back to the bed and whispered in her ear, “Is this what your husband would do”? She shuddered as I ran my tongue around the inside of her ear.

She answered, her voice barely above a whisper, “No, but I would like him too”.

I lowered my body onto her and then pushed quickly into her. The tightness of her pussy belied the fact she had a baby just a few months before. As I drove into her Marie let out a gasp and hugged my tightly. She brought her knees up along my waist and spread her legs wider. I could hear her whispering, though I don’t know if it was to me or herself, “That feels so good. Harder”. She moved her heals to my butt, pushing at me.

I began driving harder into her. Even with me lying on top of her I could feel her head bounce up as my body slammed into hers. After a minute or so I slowed down to a steady stroke in her. I needed to pace myself; I did not want to cum too soon. I wanted this to last for a while.

I was just enjoying the sensation of sliding in and out of her, listening to her little groans and cries when I felt her pussy tighten around me. It was like a fist had grabbed me. It felt so good I reacted by thrusting sharply into her; holding my stroke deep in her before pulling back and then thrusting hard again.

She moved her mouth close to my ear and whispered, “Did you feel that”?

I just nodded my head against hers.

“Did you like it”?

I nodded again.

“I learned that in the birthing class. We had exercises to strengthen our Kegel muscles. They said it would also feel good during sex. This is the first chance I’ve had to try it”.

“They were right”. I lay there not moving for a while, just sensing her grabbing me for a few seconds and then relaxing, again and again. I finally began moving in her again but this time with urgency; driving hard and deep into her, my hips bucking against her, forcing her legs to move up off me into the air. I knew I was close.

Marie tried to speak, her words punctuated by my thrusts into her, “Father, you, remember. You, won’t, cum, in, me”? It came out as a question and I had to think about it for a moment. She sounded like she wasn’t sure either. But I realized she was right. I couldn’t cum in her. It could ruin everything”. As I rolled off her onto my back I heard her say, “You won’t regret if Father”.

Marie scrambled around and immediately took my cock in her mouth. I was surprised when she began bobbing up and down on me, sucking and licking me. When she said she took her husband in her mouth, she seemed so passive that I expected she just opened her mouth and that was it. I was wrong, this was great. I watched her cheeks sink in as she sucked on me, felt her tongue swirling around my cock. My hips lifted off the bed to meet her mouth as it bobbed on me. As I got closer Marie stopped moving her head up and down and stayed in one spot while I lifted my hips to fuck her mouth. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and with a loud grunt I exploded in her mouth. As her mouth worked me it felt like she was sucking the sperm out of my body.

She continued running her tongue around the head of my cock until finally she let go of me and I fell limp from her mouth with a plop on my stomach. I put an arm out for her and she moved up to lay beside me with her head on my shoulder. She put her arm across my chest then quickly lifted it to feel my chest with her hand, saying, “I’m sorry, Father. I got you all messy”.

“That’s okay Marie. I don’t mind”.

“You said you had another appointment. You should take a shower before you go”.

We lay there for several minutes before I turned to look at the clock on the night stand. I needed to get moving for my next appointment. I got up and walked to the bathroom and started the shower. When the water was warm I got in. The hot water felt good on my body. I looked around but there was no soap. “Marie, could you get me a bar of soap”?

I waited for her to hand me the soap but when the shower door opened Marie stepped into the shower with me. Marie began with my back, lathering me, running her hands around my back and then around to my chest. When I turned around to face her she rubbed the bar around in her hands and then reached down to clean my cock. While she was doing that I began rubbing the soap on her body. In spite of the fact we has just had frantic sex for almost forty-five minutes I began to get hard again.

Marie reached behind her and pushed some containers off the little seat in the shower to the floor and sat down. I was fully erect again. She pulled me by my cock closer to her and once again took me in her mouth. I leaned forward, putting my hands on the shower wall above her. Now it was just the sensations of the hot water hitting me and her mouth working up and down on me. I made no effort to last and it was just a few minutes before I was cumming in her mouth again. She kept her lips tight around my shaft until I was finished filling her mouth. She then pulled her mouth from me and once again washed me clean. When she was finished she stood and hugged me.

I knew I did not have much leeway now for my next appointment so I got out of the shower followed by Marie, dried off, and began dressing. Once I was dressed and had my collar back on I reached for Marie and gave her a kiss. “Have I helped you rid yourself of some of that depression? I can count on seeing you back in Church”?

“Oh, yes Father. I feel much better now”.

We walked towards the front door. When we got there I turned, said goodbye to Marie and asked, “So Marie, I’ll see you next Monday, same time”?

“Yes Father, I’m looking forward to it”. Marie started to say something then hesitated before continuing, “Father, you said you also visit people on Friday’s”?

“Yes, that’s true”.

“Do you think you would have time for me on Fridays”?

“You mean instead of Mondays”?

“No Father; I mean Monday and Friday”.

“Well I think I do have a time available on Fridays. I’ll let you know next Monday what the time is”.

Marie looked up at me. “I think you should come see me this Friday. I’ll be ready when you get here”. As I started to turn to leave Marie added, "And Father, by Friday I'll be in my safe days. You can cum in me if you want".

I smiled and said goodbye again and walked out to my car and got in. I pulled out my PDA and put Marie in for Monday mornings; Monday was now full. I looked at Friday. With Marie, Friday would also be full.

What am I going to do with Mrs. Weaver’s teenage girls? I had been thinking of them for the Friday time-slot. She wants me to talk with them. They have been acting up, missing their father, no one to give them a stern hand when necessary. Perhaps I could provide that stern hand. They must be sixteen and seventeen and getting into a lot of mischief. It will be a challenge to approach them.

With no time for them Monday or Friday; I’m going to have to open up Wednesday. As I started the car I thought of Marie again. Yes, I think Friday would be a good idea. I really can’t have her doing me twice a day. I’ve got three more young ladies to see today and they deserve my best; well, their husbands best. Thank God it’s Monday and Mrs. Liu is last. She comes so fast maybe she won’t notice how spent I’ll be by then. Yes, the Lord’s work can be draining.


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Awesome story. I think it's good for priests to serve their parishioners

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