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john starts to see a new side in his sexy ally
john woke from his bad dream of machines noticing he had a massive hard on he was 9 inchs long and he was proud of his pride he though of satifying his member he was about to start when his mom was about to open the door he stuffed his cock away and tryed to conceal his cock she walked in and said hey kiddo
he said hey with a fake yawn when he stopped yawning he took in his moms appearance today tight jeans tight tank top that brought hout her tits in all there glory her tits were wonderful and round her ass was nice too hed seen her pussy plenty of times while shed been in the shower he always had a hard on over her he wondered what it would be like to have her mouth bobbing up and down on his meat he stretched without thinking and his cock surfaced through his boxers and over the sheet his mom glared at it staring in shock john tryed to cover up and his mother half way said dont and he looked at her curiously dont??? his mother looked guilty sorry john i just havnt had a man in a long time and he said oh well i havnt had a girl either ohh well thats one more thing we have in common then hmmm ok mom she rbbed his thigh gently he caressed her mom since you havent had a man in a while maybe i can be your man
she looked at him id like that john and she smiled she kissed him on the lips he kissed back and kept kissing he started rubbing her thigh and she was alreay rubbing his cock through the bed sheet he took her top of slowly and then and then removed her bra he massaged her perfect tits.he rubbed her ass aswell she moaned while kissing him she removed the bed sheet to reveal his cock it was huge!!!! she licked her lips in hunger do you mind if i have a taste of course not mom she got down on her knees and grabbed his ass and straight away took 8 inchs at least of his cock he rolled his head back in pleasure oh mom thats soooooo goood im glad you like it she replyed her tongue massaging his cock she started to bob her head slowly but then got faster and faster john put his hand on the back of her head to get as much of his cock in her aas possible she went faster and faster until john blew is load he shot wad after wad of cum into her waiting mouth she smiled and opened her mouth all his cum was in her mouth she smiled and swallowed it all he looked at her in awe a bit of cum dribbled out of her mouth she wiped it up with her finger and put it into her mouth mmmmmm you have a fantastic cock john and great tasting cum thanks mom he smiled then grinnedi havent finished with this cock yet iv waited to long to not get a good fucking she started jerking his cock off until it got hard again now which do you want of me my ass or my pussy it was difficult because both looked delicious to john he said ass so she got on her hands and knees and john spit in his hand and lubed her ass and his cock was already lubed from his moms mouth he placed it at her entrance an dpushed she moaned loudly rubbing her pussy he rammed his cock into her ass until his balls met her ass oh john fuck me like im a slut!!!!! yeah mom he rammed and rammed into her until shot his load again in the same time with his mom her orgasm happened she collapsed on the bed john on top of her mom your fantastic your are to kiddo ok now my turn he went down kissing her tummy until he reached his goal the clean shaven pussy he licked all the pussy juices up probing here and there he parted her with his fingers so he could have better access and lick ohhhhh how she quivered.... he sucked hard and she held his head there not wanting to let go he licked and sucked her thighs round him like her saying mine all mine she orgasmed full throttle infront of johns face he took as much as he could and swallowed he cllapsed when he climbed up near his mom. john you are a gentleman she said he said thanks mom.

she got up and sat on his cock she rode him all the way to them both cumming together

awhile later........

john i was thinking can we fuck regularly??? he said yes str8 away hell yes mom she smiled and said thanks

next storie is john and camryn

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2009-09-20 16:32:52
when is the next one due

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2009-09-17 17:45:34
I love the idea plz continu but also add more detail and erotic content

Anonymous readerReport

2009-07-05 02:01:21
dude make it sarhra and one of john guy friends next time


2009-05-04 03:00:54
I don't know what language that was but it wasn't english,
don't you read your manus before sending ?
Too many typos.


2008-06-25 06:16:38
your story sucked. and saying that is even too much credit.

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