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Parts of this are ture, but mainly its my imagination and wishes
My first crush was in 5th grade. Her name was Sue and she was a pretty Korean girl. She had grown fast and already had big breasts. I wasn't into sex then, but I liked her.

After elementary school we sort of grew distant. But when we started high school our friendship rekindled. Junior high had changed her a lot. She was pretty much a slut now. And worst of all she smoked. I hated smokers. My mom was one and she was always sick.

When ever I was around her I had an erection. I always hid it with a hoodie. She always flirted with me, but I knew she would never go for me.

One day I found her standing in the middle of an alleyway. I had been thinking about her the whole day. I ran up to her and asked her what was up.

“My cigarette supplier got arrested so I can’t get cigarettes anymore. I need one badly.” She explained to me. I stared at her. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was shaky. I tried to comfort her, but she pushed me away. I finally cracked. I confessed my love to her. She stared at me like a joke and ignored me. I felt like a fool and ran away from her. A few blocks later I pulled out a box of cigarettes. I had stolen them from my mom so she would stop smoking. I had planned to dispose of them, but I had forgotten. Suddenly I had an idea. I quickly ran back to Sue.

“I told you. My answer is no.” she rejected me again. I ignored her and advanced on her. She ignored me and just stood there. I kept walking towards her. I reached out my arms. With one hand I dug into her shirt and grabbed her left boob. She wasn’t wearing a bra. With my other hand I reached under her skirt. I worked around her thong and stuck three fingers deep into her pussy. She tried to scream, but I pushed her against a wall and covered her mouth with mine. I rolled my tongue around hers as my hands started to feel her body up. She kept trying to resist. After a few minutes I let her go.

“Rapist!” she screamed at me as she backed away from me. I just reached into my pockets and pulled out a cigarette. I threw it at her feet.

“For letting me touch you, you earn one cigarette. A blow job will earn you ten. An Ass fuck will be worth ten. A pussy fuck will earn you twenty. I’ll come up with the others later. But that’s my offer. You become my sex slave and I’ll supply you with cigarettes.” I offered her.

“Go get laid!” she spat at me. I just smiled and pulled out another cigarette. I lit it with a match and wafted it around her face. She reached for it, but before she could I threw it on the floor and stamped it out.

“I’m the only way you’ll ever get to smoke any of these anymore.” I flatly told her.

“Where do you wanna do it?” she quietly asked. I grinned victoriously. I told her to get up. I grasped her hand in mine like a couple would do. I ordered her to lean on my shoulder as I slipped two cigarettes into her back pocket, taking my time to feel her nice ass.

We started to walk towards the park. A lot of my friends nodded their heads in my directions as if saying “nice one you bagged there bro”. I made her kiss me and hold me tightly as I kept slipping her more cigarettes. She was a pretty good actor. I told my friends buy as I led her to the next place I wanted to go.

We both slipped into the girls bathroom at the park. I found a mop on the floor which I used to barricade the door. I pushed her into a stall and sat down on the toilet seat. I pulled down my zipper and my erected dick popped out. She went on her knees and encased her mouth around my dick. Although I was bribing her to do this she seemed to be enjoying it. She sucked hard as her head bobbed up and down. I could feel the head of my dick tickle the back of her throat.

I ran my fingers through her long black hair as she gave me head. I shoved her head onto my penis harder and harder as I felt myself cumming. She coughed and splattered my cum all over my pants.

“Bitch!” I shouted as I slapped her across the face. I quickly ordered her to lick it all off. She obediently did so. As punishment for ruining my pants I made her give me another blow job. She glared at me as she started to suck my dick again. This time as I was cumming she kept all of it in her mouth. She obediently swallowed it all and opened her mouth to prove it. I prodded the insides of her mouth with my dick. It seemed pretty clean. She made to get up and leave, but I stuck my fingers into her pussy and pulled her back.

“Where are you going? Now its your turn.” I explained as her sat her on my penis. My dick slid cozily into her asshole. It had been stretched out by hundreds of dicks before so my dick was given plenty of room. Before I started to fuck her I felt her body once more. Starting at her soft thighs. I rubbed them softly. I could feel her being impatient as she grew horny. I slowly inched my hands towards her pussy. Juice was already spilling out of it. I scooped some up in my hands and licked it off of one hand as I ordered her to lick my other hand.

I skipped over her stomach and moved to her breast. She was wearing a buttoned up shirt which I unbuttoned for her. I started to rub her nipples and grab her breasts in alternations. They quickly grew hard. I kept feeling her breasts as I bounced her up and down on my penis. I soon stopped moving my legs as she bounced all by herself. She moaned in pleasure as my semen filled her asshole.

I wrenched her off my penis and started to lick her asshole. I dug my tongue deep inside it. The whole time her pussy was cumming. I turned her around and started to lick her pussy and lap up her juice. It felt good. Her juice soon started to stop flowing and her pussy was filled with my saliva. I used it as a lubricant and started to fuck her pussy.

Although her juice had stopped flowing it quickly picked up its flow again. I quickly shed my pants and boxers as her juice dripped all over my leg. I licked her pussy clean once more and she proceeded to clean me up as well. I put my clothes back on as she did the same.

I unlocked the door and we both left. As we walked down an empty street I pulled out the box of cigarettes and slipped it in between her huge breasts. As we were walking home I fingered her pussy once more. When she was cumming she collapsed to her knees and moaned out loud. This brought attention to us as a few passerby stared at us. I pretended she had tripped and I was helping her up as I caught her juice in my hand. I drank in her juice as I disguised it as a cough.

I pulled her close and kissed her, letting her have a taste of her own cum. She seemed to like as she made out with there on the spot. We parted and she made me swear to bring more cigarettes. I felt her breast one more time as I made her grab my penis before we parted. That night I felt horny thinking about the day. I called her number and she picked up and asked what I wanted.

“Well I was thinking of you and I got horny. So I want you to go on your computer and give me a show on your webcam.” I ordered. She bluntly refused, but changed her mind when I offered her two packs if she did this and did what ever I wanted tomorrow. Luckily for both of us, we were only children and our parents were at a parent-teacher conference night.

I ordered her to finger herself over the phone as I watched her do it on my computer screen. I then ordered her to eat some of her own cum. She did it and awaited further instructions. She had a drop of cum on her lips and it made her look even more sexy. I ordered her to lubricate her asshole with her cum and start to fuck it with a banana. She told me she was out of cum, but she knew the answer before I told her as she started to stick the banana into her pussy. She got cum all over it as she turned around and stuck her ass in front of the camera. She started to viciously stick the banana into her asshole. The whole time she moaned in pain as I moaned along side with her as I jacked off.

I heard my front door close and knew my parents were home. I told her to stop and closed the window, but not before saving the video to a hidden folder on my computer.

I took a shower, where I jacked off to the events of today, and went to sleep. Tomorrow would be a busy day.

I snuck two boxes of cigarettes into my pockets and left for school. Without any orders she started to cuddle with me before school started. She made out with me in front of my locker. Afterwards she whispered into my ear that I had better have her cigarettes. I told her I did and she gave me one last quick kiss and rushed off to class. I got an erection as I walked into first period, thinking about what I would make Sue do today.

After school I found out that her parents would be going out for dinner that evening. It was a perfect chance to have sex. As soon as her parents left I ran to her house. She was only wrapped in a towel as she let me inside. We went to her room where she had already prepared condoms. I told her to go shave her pussy. She reluctantly went to her bathroom. Quietly as possible I snuck onto her computer and turned on her webcam. I hooked up my flash drive to her computer so the video would automatically be saved on it.

She came back with a cleanly shaven pussy. I smiled and started to rub around it. I had decided to take my time today and not rush anything. I kept feeling around her pussy and her breasts. She kept expecting me to finger her or fuck her, but I didn’t. I kept feeling her body letting the tension build up. Some cum dripped down from her pussy, but I knew more would soon follow. I licked her pussy once and shuddered with pleasure. She quickly begged me to fuck her.

I warned her that this wouldn’t earn her any cigarettes. She didn’t care. All she wanted was to cum. I fulfilled her desire. I took off all my clothes and stood in front of her. I asked her if she wanted the condom or not. She practically screamed that she didn’t give a fuck. I decided on no condoms. As I kept feeling her up she told me to hurry up and not to worry since she was on the pill.

I slid my dick into her pussy. I slid it in quick and she gave a gasp. I pulled it out almost all the way before plunging it back in. I did this painfully slow so she could build up even more. I felt a little bad for her so I made it real quick. I violently started to ram my dick inside of her. She moaned loudly in pleasure as I started to cum. She also came. A LOT. Our cum mixed together as she breathed heavily. I pulled my penis out and she licked it clean for me as I licked her pussy clean.

“I hate you.” She hissed as she was cheated out of cigarettes. I ignored her made her bend over as I started to fuck her in the ass. This time I switched the process and made myself impatient. I fucked her ass hardly for a while before I reached the point of cumming and slowed down a bit. My dick just begged to be released, but I had plenty of self control. When I felt that it was sufficient I made her give me a hand job. Only after a few strokes massive streams of cum shot into her face. She tried to catch some in her mouth. She looked so sexy with her face splattered with cum.

I ordered her to take a shower with me where we washed each others body. She gave me a boob job in the shower. I sighed in relief as my cum splattered all over her breast. I washed it off slowly and we both got out. I rammed her pussy one last time as we both came in unison.

I handed her the promised cigarettes and went home with a swollen dick.

This operation went on for months. She continued to be my sex slave as I gave her my mom’s cigarettes. My mom didn’t suspect a thing as I just told her I threw them out since I didn’t want her to smoke.

One day however my whole scheme almost fell apart. My mom had decided to stop smoking. She and dad were going to some facility to get some help. She had stopped buying cigarettes and I only had a pack left. She told me that they would be gone for a week. I left her to pack as I went to my room to scheme some more. I had a whole archive of evidence of her having sex with me, but blackmail wouldn’t work against a girl who was titled as a slut already. She would have to be turned good first.I quickly bought some supplies online as my new plan hatched.

When mom and dad left for the week I told Sue to tell her parents that she was going to stay at a friend’s house for a few days and to come over. When she arrived she shed off her clothes and laid down on my bed. I wouldn’t be able to fuck her for while if my plant was to work so I took this chance greatly. We spent two full days having sex. Nothing, but non-stop sex, even when eating and using the bathroom. All drinks had to contain cum to be drunk. Food was to be eaten off each others bodies. She had to finger herself as I watched while I peed. I could rest her on my dick and suck and feel her boobs and pussy while I took a crap. When she was crapping or peeing she had to simultaneously suck my dick.

On the third and last day that she was scheduled to stay she asked if we could just do normal stuff instead. I told her that I would only agree to her request if we had sex one last time. I told her that I wanted to try our bondage. She felt repulsed by it, but agreed in the end in exchange for extra cigarettes.

I cleared my dining room table and tied her arms and legs down. She closed her eyes as I started to feel her swollen pussy. It seemed to cause her pain even when I touched it. This was perfect. I left her as she asked me where I was going. I ignored her and brought a box from my room. I opened it.

“So you like sex and cigarettes, right?” I asked.

“Yes.” She answered.

“Well you won’t anymore.” I told her. She looked puzzled. From the box I pulled out dozens of dildos. She looked horrified at the sheer number. They were all vibrators and I switched them on. I stuck one each into her pussy and ass. She seemed to be in little pain, but seemed okay with it. I added two more to each hole. She seemed on the verge of tears, but held her lip. I quickly rammed a total of five into her pussy and four into her ass. She screamed in pain as I shoved the dildoes deeper into her pussy. I could see blood start to trickle out.

I still wasn’t done yet. I pulled out a three feet ruler which I had wrapped with plastic wrap so it resembled a giant penis. I shoved it deep into her mouth, causing her to puke. She cried out, but it was muffled by the ruler.

“Now, will you ever have sex again?” I asked. ‘

“She violently shook her head.

“Good. Now for your smoking problem.” I said. I pulled out a couple cigarettes and lit them up. I pressed the burning flame against her stomach as her flesh burned. She cried out even harder as I smudged them. I left them on her stomach as I left the room to go watch t.v.

A few hours later I came back to find her calm, but still crying. There was a puddle of blood on the table. I untied her and threw out all the stuff. I wrapped a blanket around her and sat her down on my couch. I lit a cigarette and moved it towards her, but at the sight of it she screamed out and desperately tried to get away from it. I blew it out and threw it in the trash. Next, I tried to finger her, but she grabbed my hand and begged me not to.

“Now you won’t do anymore bad things like these again, right?” I asked. She shook her had.

“Be a good girl from now on, Okay?” I said. She nodded her head.

She called her parents and told them that she would be home in the morning. Helped her fix herself up and in the morning she went home.

After that she really did change. She quit smoking, dropped her old friends, and got serious about school. Over the next few years her old nickname faded away and she became the top in her classes. She even got a scholarship to some far away college. She came back from college with a master’s degree and a new job already lined up for her. Her life was great. As for myself I had let myself sink down. I lived off of my parents social security and a mediocre job at a fast food joint.

One day after I found out that Sue had received a promotion I decided that now was the time to visit her. At first she seemed shock when I showed up at her luxurious condo, but she invited me inside. She told me that although what I did was wrong, she half-thanked me for changing her life. I told her no problem and pulled out a flash drive. I told her it was just a little present. She plugged it into her computer and opened it.

She started to cry. It was the archive that I had built up of her having sex. Hundreds of minutes of videos of using having sex and at least one-hundred pictures and a few audio recordings. She asked what I wanted. I told her that I wanted to live with her and that she had to support me. She reluctantly agreed as I thanked her for being so reasonable. Now that she was at a high position in life, my archive would cause her considerable damage rather than when she was still a teen.

“I need to take a walk.” She said as she readied to leave in tears. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked. Before she could answer I pulled her into her bedroom and shoved her onto the bed. I pulled her shirt and bra off and hungrily attacked her breasts. It had been years since I had last tasted them. I pulled off her pants and underwear. She pussy had healed up and seemed as if it hadn’t been fucked in years. I quickly rammed my dick into her pussy as she laid there crying, but letting me fuck her.

She came twice before I came even once. I pulled out my dripping cock and made her suck it while I collected some of her cum on my hand and ate. An

And as I was standing there getting head from a beautiful and rich lady who was now and forever would be my sex slave only one thought came to mind: Life was going to be sweet like cum.

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