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I tried to kick her out off my bed, but was persuaded otherwise
This is mostly being written so I could vent and get this all off my chest. But this being a fetish site, I'll do my best to entertain, it’s only my first story though. Names will be changed. Anyway, BG... I was around 10yrs old, my older sister, Jennifer, was 12. Mom and Dad had been divorced since I was 2-------------------------------------------------
I grew up hating myself for being so stupid and trusting.

Dad is wrong about me. I'm not a little kid anymore. I shouldn't have to go to bed so early. It’s not fair. Meg is only 10 months older. It just makes me mad that she could stay up with Daddy all night. And there’s no way I could sleep while they play the music that loud so why do I have to stay in my room. Even Jen asks if I could just stay up. Meg doesn’t even know how good she has it, walking back in our room all pissy like her life just sucks. I mean she's the one huffing and puffing back in here at 1:00 in the morning. I just don't get her. She and dad get to have all the fun.
At least I know she loves me. She knows I hate being alone; she would come up to my bunk till I was asleep. It started getting weird when she would come to my bunk every night. I noticed that when she hugged me she was crying. "Jen?" "Shh, time to sleep Billy." She didn't stop shaking, and I was scared. "Jen, did I kick you in my sleep again?" " Yeah, but I’m ok, now go to sleep." When she left my pillow was soaked and there was a little blood on my sheets where she slept the night before.
I couldn't find her the whole day that morning. So I asked dad if she was ok and told him about the blood I found. He made me promise not to ask Jen about anything we talked about. He told me how when girls get older, the start their periods. Told me that her mood could change a lot now, and that I should just leave her alone. He told me that Meg was spending time at her friends to have some alone time but will be back tonight.
He was right. Meg was mean. She came home late and woke me up with nothing but punches. I was going to hit her but I know its knew it wasn't her fault, she was just on her period. Yeah. She eventually stopped, and we slept like we normally did. That night was forgivable but she started to take advantage! I gave her a good sock in the arm after the 6th night of being used for a punching bag. "Meg, I don't like this, go to your bunk, jerk. Leave me alone." Ha, I made her cry! "NOO, I'll be nice... I’m sorry, you just don't understand" "Sure I do, dad told me all about how girls act weird when the start their period" It was the first time she ever hit me in the face.
" I'm so sorry Billy" "Get off my bunk, ass" "NOO, but Billy... you have to let me stay!" " Well I don't want you any more, leave me alone Meagan." I was never more surprised in my life when both her hands grabbed me by the throat. "Shut up, I know what you want, you don't know anything!" I never heard her so angry... so serious. My head felt like it was blowing up, I barley noticed her right hand sliding down chest all the way to my crotch. " Yes... I know.... I know what you want." I barley understood through her sobs. She grabbed my nuts through my thing pajamas. I froze. I was so lost; I didn't realize her left hand released my throat. Even without her holding me down though, I couldn't move. "I knew it," she said as she pulled down my pajamas to find my little 5 1/2 inch pecker spring free. I tried to sit up and pull my clothes back up, but she was just too quick.
Before I could get my back an inch off the bed, her left hand was pressing on my chest and her mouth was
around my prick. There were too many sensations and her hair was everywhere tickling me. Her tears drops would give me cold shocks ever time she would breath through her nose. But then she started moving her head up and down, my eyes shut tight and I started shaking. She just kept going though, like everything was normal. By the time I could look around again, I noticed her shorts were at the foot of the bed and her panties were half way down to her ankles. With her mouth still on my penis she rotated till she was straddling my legs. She gave me another wave of the shakes before she sat up. "Told you."
I was should have been catching my breath but even me heart seemed to pause when she started to climb from my legs to my crotch. I felt her palm press my dick against my tummy, just before she sat on in. My crotch was all wet from her mouth, and she started to grind onto it. It felt so good. I was almost mad when she raised her crotch away. Her hands were back on my prick. she was pointing it straight up. My eyes followed it up and I got a clean view of my Jennifer’s pussy. I never seen one before but when I did my dick got even harder. She lowered herself slowly, so slowly it was frustrating. I grabbed by the hips I was so impatient, I brought her down as hard as I can but their was no resistance. Just heat but it wasn't as moist as her mouth. I didn't even give her a chance to start. I just started humping up as hard as I could. She wouldn't even look at me, she just sat there after I started, looking off to the side.
We kept this up for longer than I thought, all the moister seemed to be almost gone. But once I started shaking again, she started the punching again. I was either exhausted or she got a clean shot to my head because I was out like a lamp. And like always, she was never in the room when I woke up. But I know it wasn’t a dream because her panties were still at the foot of my bed.
We continued to act out sexually for four years. pls comment if you want to know the rest

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2011-05-04 13:35:35
another dumb ass wannabe writer that posts a first draft as a finished story. this needs to be deleted and run through a good editor then reposted . total waste of time reading this garbage

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2010-06-28 11:04:58
Good job I liked it but u confused me with 2 different girls, i dont remember who u fucked... Jen or Meg ? LOL

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2008-12-19 00:15:05
2008-08-17 00:42:23
ummm im getting confused with the way you wrote the senteces.... like u probably left words out or didn't spell right or need to put some words in or something. adn then im getting confused on meg and jen. cuz you say jen is ur sis and then its meg u have sex with yet you saw jen's pusssy. well anyways i liked the story good job Please clear it up for us.

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2008-12-13 18:49:37
nice what happened next


2008-10-15 19:32:37
Good story but what happens next

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