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This story is a work of fiction and contains deions of
The Apple's were not a particularly religious family. Mr.
Apple was a dam keeper for a rural town so they lived in the
mountains more than one hundred miles from where the water
was delivered. Because the water was for municipal use it was
not used for any recreational purpose. There was no
swimming, fishing or boating on the lake behind the dam and
the only access to the dam and lake was heavily gated.

The couple only had the one daughter. She was home
schooled. The mountains blocked any TV and radio reception.
And her parents were very modest people. Ann grew up a shy
introspective girl. She looked a lot like her father in her
features. She had dark brown hair that her mother cut into a
pageboy style. She had a turned up button nose that gave her
oval face an impish look. Her dark brown eyes sparkled with a
friendly wonder and her lips were full and formed a perfect
Cupid's bow.

When she was nine years old her mother had an appendix
attack and had to be taken to the hospital for an operation. It
was agreed that Ann and her mother would stay in town with
her mother's sister until she was well enough to return home.

Ann's aunt and her husband were much older and their
children were married and living in other states. There home
was on a farm at the edge of town. Their nearest neighbors
were three other farms. The four farmhouses were located at
the crossroads facing each other. Only the newest family was
young enough to have children. The rest of the homes were
occupies by older couples. They had grown families that
worked in the fields all day.

The younger family had two daughters. The oldest was
Opal, a fourteen years old. She was about five feet four inches
tall. Her hair was auburn and her eyes were greenish brown.
She had breasts that were large enough to require a bra. Her
slender figure added to the effect of her breasts.

The youngest child was Rose, a ten year old. Rose was
only an inch or two taller than Ann. She also had auburn hair
too but her eyes were darker than her sister's. These girls were
far more worldly than Ann.

This was the first time Ann had a girl close to her age to
play with. The two young girls became friends right away. By
the second day, Rose asked Mrs. Apple if Ann could sleep over
at her house with her.

Of course Mrs. Apple was happy that Ann had a young
friend to play with and gave her permission for Ann to stay.

Rose and Ann spent the day playing outdoors. The
mother of Opal and Rose made them a nice dinner. As the
evening grew late Opal and Rose excused themselves to get
ready for bed. Ann began to feel the need to use the toilet. She
figured she could wait until her friends were finished but the
need became more urgent.

She finally went to their bathroom door and knocked.
Opal asked who was there? Ann said that she needed to use the
toilet. Opal said to wait as second.

Rose opened the door. Ann saw her standing there,
naked dripping water. She stepped back and let Ann enter
before she closed the door and locked it. As Ann rushed to the
toilet and reached under her dress to pull her panties down,
Rose went back to the tub and stepped into it.

As Ann let go with a splashing stream of pee she watched
as Rose settled between her sister's legs. Opal picked up a bar
of soap and began lathering up the front of her sister. She was
holding one of her little nipples between her thumb and
forefinger with one hand as the other hand went between the
legs of Rose under the soapy water. Ann could not see what
she was doing but Rose must have liked it. She closed her eyes
and moaned in her pleasure. Opal asked Ann if she had ever
played with herself.

Ann had no idea what she was asking. She didn't even
know what to say.

Opal stood up in the tub. As water ran down her body
she stepped over her sister and sat back down in front of her.

This was the first time Ann had ever seen an almost
grown woman naked before. She had never seen the dark
triangle of pubic hair before. It was quite a contrast from her
white skin. Ann could not take her eyes off the sight of the
girl's breasts as Rose use the soap to wash her sister's tits.
They were no more that a B-cup but they were exotic to Ann.
The areolas were large brown circles and there were not much
of the nipples visible on them. Rose used her fingers to play
with the nipples until they were as large as they would get.

Rose used both hands to reach between her sister's legs
to play with the hairy garden. Opal was begging her sister to
rub harder and faster. In a short time she bit her lower lip and
grabbed the tub rail. Opal turned her head and kissed Rose on
the mouth.

Ann was fascinated and embarrassed at the same time.
She had finished peeing some time ago. She finally wiped
herself and pulled up her panties as she stood up. The girls
never even saw her pubis. Ann left the room as the girls were
getting out of the tub to dry off.

When it was bedtime the three of them went to their
bedroom. The small room contained a wardrobe closet, one-
dresser and twin beds with a nightstand between them.

Opal and Rose took their clothes off and got under the
covers. Ann had never seen anyone naked before. She had
always slept in nighties. She had a light summer one in pink
and a blue flannel for winter. She had the pink one with her.
She turned her back so that the girls could not see her body as
she changed.

When she turned around Rose was holding her blanket up
to allow Ann to lay next to her. As she got under the covers
Rose let the blanket drop and pulled Ann closer to her naked

Opal reached over and turned off the light. She said,
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" She laughed at her own

Rose was rubbing Ann's body with her hand. Ann
wanted to ask what she was doing and turned over to face her
new friend. Rose kissed her on the mouth before she could say

Ann had never been kissed like that before. Rose
covered her mouth with her own and forced her tongue between
her lips. It took her breath away. Rose continued the kiss as
she reached between Ann's legs and pulled the nightie up. She
found the smooth little pubis and as she slid a finger between
the wet crack she stroked the girl. When the finger touched the
clit for the first time it was like an electrical shock shooting
through Ann's body. She almost fell out of bed.

Rose had to pull her back close to her. Ann was almost
crying as she had her first climax. When Ann's heart stopped
pounding Rose took hold of Ann's wrist and pulled her hand
between her legs. Ann sought out the hairless crack and started
rubbing her. Rose wanted more than just having her clit
rubbed. When Ann straightened out her finger Rose shoved her
hand forward until the finger was all the way up inside her wet

Ann had never even known that there was a hole there
big enough for anything but pee to come out of. When Rose
climaxed she closed her legs around the hand so tightly that
Ann thought she was going to break her wrist. After Rose
relaxed she rolled Ann over until her back was to her so that she
could cuddle her and play with Ann's pussy.

The moonlight streaming in the window filled the room
with a blue light. The two younger girls could see Opal kick
her covers off and as she lay on her back she bent her knees and
stuffed a couple of fingers into her cunt. Ann could even smell
her cunt juice. Rose had been masturbating her slowly as the
watched. As Opal approached her climax and her breathing
grew fast and short breaths Rose increased the speed of her
masturbation on Ann. Ann could not even be sure if the sound
of heavy breathing was coming from Opal or herself.

Ann could not begin to put into words the questions she
wanted to ask. She was soon soundly asleep.

The next day Opal and Rose showed Ann their
playhouse. Behind the farmhouse were other structures. There
was a large garage for cars, trucks and farm equipment. There
was a large hay barn with the typical three rooflines. One for
the hayloft and one on either side to cover the horse stalls.
Attached to the backside of the barn were some shed roofed
chicken coops. The girls had cleaned out one of the coops and
laid a piece of linoleum flooring they had moved in some old
furniture and an old vacuum tube radio. They had hung drapes
to make it more private. They also had an ice chest to which
they brought out some food and ice tea.

When they were happy with the set up Opal and Rose
fluffed up some pillows on the ground and invited Ann to have
a seat. They sat on either side of Ann and asked her if she
enjoyed what Rose did to her last night.

Ann was embarrassed but she did admit that it felt good.
She told them that she had never done anything like that before.
The girl's wanted to know why. Ann told them that she lived at
the city water reservoir. She had never had anyone her age to
play with.

Opal told Rose to take her clothes off. Rose stood up and
did a little striptease for them. It was a very short dance
because all she had on was a cotton dress and cotton panties.
Then Opal stood up and removes her clothes. The only extra
garment she had on was a simple cotton bra.

Again Opal's breasts and pubic hair intrigued Ann. As
Rose sat back down next to her, Opal stepped in front of her.

Opal bent over and kissed Ann on the mouth as she took
hold of her hands and placed them on her breasts. She told Ann
that she just loved to have her breasts played with. She
straddled Ann's legs so that Ann could be fed one of her
nipples. Ann eagerly sucked on the large areolas. There was
almost more brown area than her mouth could cover.

When Opal stood up and showed her pussy to Ann the
girl could not resist touching the coiled tangle of reddish-brown
hair. It tickled the palm of her hand. Opal used both her hands
to part her labia exposing the pink folds inside. This was the
first time Ann had ever seen what a cunt looked like.

When she admitted that she had never seen one before
Opal looked around and found a glass tube meant as a single
flower vase. She stuffed it into her cunt and let Ann look inside
her cunt. Opal gave her a clinical explanation about what it was
and what it was for. She added that she loved it when a girl
kissed her there.

She pulled the tube out and shoved her cunt at Ann's
face. Ann smelled the wet meaty odor of Opal's cunt and
kissed it tenderly. Opal instructed her to lick it so she extended
her tongue to touch Opal's clit causing her to jerk a little. The
velvety feeling of the inside of her cunt had Ann feeling like
she never wanted to stop probing Opal's love hole. She pressed
her lips tightly against the slit and her tongue darted in and out
of the warm hole at will as her nose rubbed against Opal's
swollen clit.

Rose was pulling up Ann's dress and pulled her panties
away from her body so she could put her hand inside. Ann
didn't even care what happened to the panties. She just did not
want to let go of the cunt.

It was Opal that took hold of Ann's shoulders and
lowered her to the pillows without causing Ann's mouth leave
her cunt. With Ann on her back Rose pulled her panties off her
legs. They were stretched out of shape and were wet in the
crotch. Rose began licking her pussy like a pro, reducing Ann
to a quivering bowl of Jell-O in no time.

They took Ann's dress off as they changed places. Opal
took her time sucking Ann's pussy. She slowly brought her
back up to the peek of sexual arousal. When Ann was kicking
her legs in the air like a bronco rider. Without warning Opal
shoved her index finger up Ann's cunt and broke her hymen in
one swift motion. The quick stabbing pain was over as fast as
she felt it. When Opal removed her finger, they both looked
down and saw the thin blood on her finger and the watery blood
dripping out of her cunt.

Ann thought something was wrong until Opal told her
that it was normal. She had just lost her cherry. With that Opal
sucked her finger and put her mouth on Ann's cunt and lapped
up all of the blood. She used two fingers to masturbate Ann
until she reached the heights of arousal again and then as she
kissed her on the mouth she brought Ann to another climax.

The week of sexual exploration opened a New World for
Ann. She was never the same again. She was not able to live
the life of a hermit anymore. She begged to be allowed to go to
a boarding school or something.

Finally her parents agreed and she was allowed to move
in with her Aunt and Uncle. Because of the difference in her
age she was not in the same class with Rose but after a short
time in school, because her home schooling had been at her
own pace, she was advanced a couple of grades in school. She
may have been physically smaller that her classmates but
intellectually she was more mature than most of them.

Because of her classroom skill she was a welcome guest
in the home of many of her classmates. Ann soon had a lot of
girls that she was having sex with and the parties with Opal and
Rose were great.


2009-04-10 20:19:45
I prefer the abbreviated version. Most sex deions are written exactly the same - over and over again. It's how U get there, what they are wearing, etc. That excites me. betty


2008-12-14 17:26:15
Another fine job. I agree with the reviewer below, though, that it was a bit straightforward. Some fleshing out would vastly improve this first-rate plot!


2008-08-08 01:06:26
i want to congrajulate you, you did a very well job, but i must tell you, that the story was a little bit too straightforward. i would have liked it better if it had more detail and if ann could have hesitated a little more. but other then that, i give it positive rating

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2008-08-04 12:34:28
nice suprisingly i havent read many stories like this it was very original for me good job


2008-07-25 20:21:46
bravo I give it a two thumbs up

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