This is a story about the love between a grandfather and his grandchildren
"Oh boy, Oh boy, a whole weekend with grandpa." I said to my younger sister.
She only nodded her head and began playing with her dolls. We were very alike, being twins and all, she was the younger one by two minutes. We both have blonde hair, blue eyes, and being only 10 our bodies were just begininng to differ from each other, she no longer looked like a little boy.
"Cat do you hear me?"
"I heard you, Jonathon, and you dont need to yell at me, mom already has all of our things packed."
I could hardly sit still as mom came out of the house and placed our things into her vehicle. I was by no means less estatic about going then I was earlier, grandpa had called and said that he would meet us at the airport so that way he could take us to his beach house. Weekends at grandpa's was never dull, there was always plenty of things to do, and grandpa was always great with us.

The plane ride took longer then I thought and I began to worry that grandpa would no longer be there waiting for us. As soon as I got off the plane I saw that my fears where not true, grandpa stood there with a huge sign saying Jon & Cat. We both took off running when we got off the the ramp, we hadn't seen him since christmas four years ago. Cat reached him first and I saw her plant an entirely too friendly kiss on grandpa's lips.
He laughed and set her down and moved over to me to give me a hug. Grandpa was in no means what you call old. He was in the prime of his life having mom at a very young age and then her having us at a young age, grandpa was only 45. And in the best physical conditions I have seen any adult male in. He grabbed me up in his muscular arms and squezed my butt into him. I could feel something poking me in my belly and didnt know quite at first what it was. I just hugged him back excited to see him.
"No kiss for your old grandpa?"
"Grandpa you are not old," I said as I planted a kiss on his lips, to my surprise, grandpa thrusted his tongue deep into my mouth.
But as soon as he did that he released me, all I could do was stand there like an idoit. I could only think one thing, I liked it. We went and grabbed our luggage from the converir belt. Grandpa led the way to his car and Cat came up beside me.
"So what did you think of grandpa's kiss?" she asked.
I only shrugged my shoulders and moved to get into the backseat. Cat slid into the front seat her little skirt riding up so I could see her bathing suit bottom underneath. Grandpa came around and got into the front seat and Put the car into drive, it was a long drive and about halfway there I began to doze off in the backseat. I heard whispers up front and decided to pretend that I was asleep to see what was going on. They hadnt said a word the entire time I was awake and now that I was looking like I was asleep they wanted to talk, I thought this was very strange.
"Is he asleep, Cat?" grandpa said.
I could hear her rustle to look at me. "Yeah, I thought he would never go to sleep, Why did you kiss him like that at the airport?"
"Couldnt help myself he still looks like you did, four years ago. Turned me on."
I almost said turned you on how, but caught myself in time. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and saw that grandpa's hand was up Cat's skirt, it was making this strange movement. I knew what he was doing but my mind was not processing everything cause this was my sister and our grandfather. I heard my sister moan, "God how I have missed you grandpa."
"Oh Cat I missed you too. Did your mom find out?"
"No, I think she suspected but she said nothing. Did you do this with her?"
"Yeah, so I am sure she knows."
I watched as Cat's hand disappeared into grandpa's lap. I couldnt see what she was doing but I had a pretty good guess, I felt myself getting hard in my shorts. I was afraid that one of them would notice so I shifted so that I was facing forward and my coat fell across my lap.
"Did he wake up?"
"No just moved to get more comfortable. Dont stop, that feels so good." She moaned.
I could see that Grandpa had Cat's shirt up and her breasts were out and he was twisting the nipple inbetween his fingers. If possible I felt myself get even harder. He moved his hand back down to her pussy, and he began massage there again, I watched as he pulled his hand away and put it in my sister's mouth, she sucked her juices off and guided his hand back down.
Her moans began to come quicker I could tell she was near her orgasm. I was shocked at the next words that came out of her mouth, "Put your fingers in my ass, grandpa, I love when you do that."
I could see him maunuever his hand to where he was fingering her ass and playing with her pussy at the same time. It didnt take long after that when I saw her bite her lip and her whole body shuddered.
"Now it is time for you to do something for grandpa." Grandpa said as he grabbed the back of Cat's head and pulled her across the middle consul. I began to hear some slurping noises and I knew she was giving him a blow job.
"God you are so good at that, I dont think I can wait much longer."
"Give it to me grandpa, Make me your whore."
I came in my shorts at that point. I heard grandpa give a big groan and saw my sister move back into her seat.
"More later?" She asked.
"You know it, we have a long weekend ahead of us." I glanced up and looked into to the rearview mirror and saw grandpa wink at me. He had seen me the entire time.

Next Cat and Jon give Grandpa a run for his money....

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