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A young girl explores her body and discovers the fine art of self-pleasure.
Alright, let's try this again under a different account. XNXX stories is acting quite odd.
So, somehow the other copy of this story got deleted and this is my second go.
Yes, this story is YOUNG. Please don't make comments pointing that out. I'm fully aware of that when I was writing it. Critique, praise, both are welcome. Just please be constructive if you criticize and explain your thoughts. Anyways on to the story. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – Self Exploration

The girl flipped her new book open to the table of contents and started to peruse. She saw the book was divided into two major sections; Boys and Girls. She browsed the topics under the Girls section until she found the section she was looking for.

“Ah ha,” she said quietly to herself “here it is. Puberty 101…”

She turned the pages, dozens at a time, until she got to the section. The reading girl’s name was Raven. She had never really grown to like her name, but she had gotten used to it. To her, the name seemed… odd, when compared to regular girl’s names like Ashley, Sarah, Elizabeth, etc. However, Raven was not a regular girl. She was a beautiful girl and at only 12 years old, she was just a bit taller than most girls her age measuring in at around 5’3”. Her eyes were a piercing emerald color, her skin an attractive light tan, and her hair a stunning jet black. Hers were features that men did not lust after, but fell in love with and she appeared older than she actually was.

She flipped more pages of the book, absorbing the knowledge contained within the pages. She was a very intelligent girl, and she had an undying love for books. She frequented the library so much that she assisted the librarian with her duties and always walked home with a new book, ordered especially for her by the librarian. This new acquisition of hers was not one she had allowed herself seen with however, as she had quickly checked it out and stuffed it into her book bag. Over the past couple of weeks, she had noticed a change in her body. Her breasts were starting to come in, but to anyone else but Raven, they were almost imperceptible. When she had showered, she had also noticed some hairs growing on her private bits. She had wondered and so, came to the books for help. She read the pages of the book about the changes that she was to experience and felt a small tingle of excitement, but she also felt slightly scared. She quickly flipped through the parts about menstruation, pregnancy and the like as those were the parts that freaked her out. As she flipped, Raven saw the illustrations of her changes and, instinctively cupped her chest as if expecting breasts to magically appear. She read on and reached the section about masturbation. The book seemed to quickly skim through this subject, though, as it ended after only two small paragraphs. It explained, very professionally, about what it was and washed its hands of the subject. She flipped the page, expecting more, but she only reached the back end of the book.

“I knew I shouldn’t have gotten it from the pre-teens section…” she muttered under her breath.

She roughly dropped the book on its spine onto the table (A rare event indeed for a book lover like Raven!) and started to prepare to study for a test she had at school the next day. The book, after being dropped, seemed to open by itself to a dog-eared page. Overcome by curiosity, she peeked over at the book she thought inferior, but quickly closed it when she saw what it had opened to. It had been illustrations of the boy’s development stages, and it had showed what a flaccid and erect penis looked like! She blushed deeply as she thought about it, and she thought she felt a warm sensation in her tummy, but she quickly dismissed it. She put the book away and decided to pursue the subject on her computer.

She booted it up and opened up the internet browser. She spelled out “female masturbation” in the search engine and she clicked the search button, deciding to look through images. Hopefully, she thought, they’d show and talk more about the subject. The images did indeed show more than the book, and she gasped aloud at what she was viewing. Images from several pornography sites had appeared, showing women using all kinds of techniques and methods to pleasure themselves. Some used toys, others fingers, and some even used food! After the initial shock, she was tempted enough to follow some of the sites and after several minutes, found a video. A media player opened up and it showed a grown woman plunging several fingers into her pussy, while massaging and pinching her breasts and nipples. Soon the woman yelled in pleasure, shaking with the orgasm that wracked her body. Raven viewed all this through a haze, and even found herself breathing slightly faster and harder as the woman attacked herself with her hand.

A knock on the apartment door quickly cut through the haze and she quickly closed the browser and turned off the computer. She ran to the bathroom and shut the door, hearing her father and sister coming in and she calmed herself down, breathing deeply. She knew she wasn’t going to get caught but she felt guilty about watching and looking at those sites. She took several more deep breaths, and it was only then that she realized her panties were damp. She raised the skirt she was wearing and looked. The panties were definitely wet, though it was certainly not pee. They had dampened the fabric enough where she could see her pubic mound and the outline of her slit. Without thinking, she started to rub herself through her panties and after only several seconds, was panting, even sweating a bit. She continued to rub, running her fingers over her tiny girl slit. Once again, she was interrupted by a knock, this time on the bathroom door.

“Are you almost done in there?” she heard her sister, Jade, ask “I gotta use the bathroom!”

“Yeah, give me a sec” she answered.

She flushed the toilet to fool her sister and she quickly darted out.

When she got out, Jade intercepted her, though, extending her arm to bar the way.
Her sister, Jade, seemed almost a twin to Raven. They both looked remarkably similar; the only difference being her sister Jade’s hair was shorter. Her sister was only a year younger then her, and a bit shorter. Hints of muscle showed under her skin from her Tae Kwon Do classes, though, making her seem less frail then her sister and keeping Raven from walking past her.

“Are you okay?” Jade asked

“Yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“Because you’re sweating… Sure you don’t have a fever?”

“Yeah, its nothing. Just kinda hot in here” Raven answered quickly and she rapidly walked past her sister and into the room. Her sister said nothing, only looking back at Raven once before going into the bathroom, shrugging her shoulders.

Raven plopped down on her bed and fell quickly asleep.


She woke up in the middle of the night, sweating again. She reached towards the blanket, probably placed by her dad, and threw it off. The cool night air felt good to her and she almost felt sleepy again. But then she started thinking of the video and what the woman had done to her pussy to make her scream in pleasure. She started feeling her panties getting damp again, and her hand instinctively reached down, feeling her hot slit through the cotton. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, not with her sister sleeping in the same room, but she couldn’t resist. After a minute, her panties were soaked. She rubbed her slit one last time, then took of her skirt and panties she still wore. The cool air started to blow on her hot pussy and she barely suppressed a gasp. She opened her legs, spreading her pussy to the air and she reached down to rub herself again. With her other hand, she reached up and lifted her shirt enough to expose her barely-there breasts. She rubbed her chest, and soon she took two fingers and squeezed her nipple between them. The pleasurable feeling that resulted felt like an electric shock and she started rubbing her pussy even more rapidly. She accidentally rubbed her clit with the palm of her hand and she nearly yelled, but she bit on her lip to silence it. She took her hand off her breast, and brought it down to her little cunny. She used that hand to massage her clit, while she continued rubbing with the other. She started moaning loudly and she bit on her lip even harder. It was futile, though, as she continued to moan and groan. With great effort, she moved her hands away from her pussy and placed them flat on the mattress.

“I should stop this…” she said to herself as she tried hard not to continue masturbating.

She couldn’t resist so she decided to try something different. She turned over, putting her flat tummy to the bed. She put her face on her pillow while raising her small, perfect little butt into the air. Her hands shot back to her pussy, one hand teasing and playing with her clit while the other played with her pussy lips. She recalled in the video how the woman used her fingers to penetrate herself. With one hand still toying with her clit, she took one finger and started teasing the opening of her pussy. After enough teasing, she slowly started pushing it inside of her. Her pussy continued to soak with pussy juice, wetting the covers and making a puddle around her. She got up to the first knuckle before she started moaning again into the pillow. She continued to push it inside of her and when it was fully buried to the knuckle, she started screaming in pleasure. Most of the sound was absorbed by the pillow, but she knew it didn’t completely muffle it. She started to pull her finger out and then pushed it back in, barely moving it. She started to pull out further and then plunged it back inside her. She continued this process until she was fucking herself hard with just the one digit. Her pussy juice continued to pour out while she fucked herself, and all the while she tried to convince herself to stop.

“What if Jade wakes up? She’ll see her sister fucking herself. She’s only about 10 feet away from me!” she continued to mentally yell at herself. But for some reason unknown to her, she got even wetter from thinking that.

“Oh God, what’s wrong with me!?” she thought.

After about 20 minutes of playing with herself, she started trembling.
“Oh God, oh God, OH GOD!” she yelled into her pillow as she finally climaxed. All the while she continued fucking herself, feeling her sensitive vaginal walls, plunging it into her soft virgin flesh. Her pussy shot out a load of fresh juice all over the mattress and she pinched and played with her nipples, taking the orgasm to maximum effect. She shot out more and more of her girl cum, and after what felt like several blissful hours, it stopped. Her knees barely supported her and they soon buckled. She lay on the mattress; all the energy sucked out of her, her precious legs, ass, and back upturned to anyone who would have looked. Not that she worried about that, living on a third floor apartment. After several minutes, she looked at the puddle she had made on the covers, and wondered what she’d do with that. She could only hope they dried. She reached down to her hot cunt and felt some juice still dribbling out of her. She took a bit of it on her hand and she brought it up to her mouth, not knowing why. She licked the pussy juice off her hand and sucked her fingers. She took them out of her mouth with a wet plop sound and brought it back to her side. Her exhaustion was claiming her and she only bothered to cover herself with her blanket (hiding the skirt and panties, too) and fell asleep.


She woke up early the next day and turned on the TV while she got changed for school like she usually did. A plain brunette woman came on and announced that a fire had ravaged the gym and west wing of her school, so it was being closed down temporarily to repair the damages. In the meantime, the school was closed. Raven silently cheered and went to her father’s room. She knocked on the door and heard him say “Come in!”. She opened the door as he adjusted the buttons on the front of his dress shirt. He was a handsome man, with a messy brown mop of hair on the top of his head (obviously the black hair came from their mother) and a boyish face. He was somewhat short at only 6’1” but it didn’t bother him. He raised the two girls by himself, since their mother had divorced him and run off with another man, but she never saw anger touch his features. He was always smiling or neutral. After all these years, she honestly started to believe he couldn’t be angered.

“So, what’s up?” he asked her

“I just wanted to tell you that school’s closed today. A fire apparently started last night or something”

“Oh shoot. Then what are you going to do all day? I mean, can you stay here alone for…” he paused doing the calculations in his head “9 and a half hours by yourself?”

“I can manage. Maybe I’ll go to the library…”

Her father looked unconvinced. After thinking it over, he sighed.

“Alright, I guess I don’t have any other choice, though I can’t help but feel bad leaving a 12 year old alone, no matter how responsible and intelligent.”

He smiled and tousled the hair on her head.

“I can trust you. Just don’t open the door. To anyone!” he warned. He then went on, listing the 101 things you shouldn’t do when alone. She only paid the slightest of attention, seeing the potential of being alone for 9 ? hours.

“…Hello? Are you there? Raven…” she heard her father say and she snapped out of her daydreams.

“Yeah, yeah, I know” she said, guessing he had finished his almighty list.

He looked at his watch and yelped.

“I gotta go! Bye!” he called back as he ran out, calling for Jade to get in the car, lest she be late again.

As soon as she heard the door close, she ran towards the door checking to make sure it was locked. It was and it made sure that she would have an advanced warning of anyone coming home. She felt the excitement grow in her breast and she was practically a blur as she closed the curtains and locked everything. She remembered the images from the Internet, and sped off towards the kitchen. Raven opened the refrigerator door and browsed through. She soon found what she was looking for, in the form of a smallish cucumber. She had no alternatives, so she thought this was the next best thing. As she walked back towards the room, she couldn’t help but feel happy about what was going to happen. She entered her room and headed towards the small wall directly in front of her as she walked in. Placed there was a wide full-length mirror and Raven felt that today, she wanted to watch. She took several pillows from around the room and placed them where her head would lie. She sat down and adjusted herself on the pillows, ensuring she got a full view. Her panties were already wet from thinking of what she was going to do. She rubbed her visible pubic mound through the white cotton panties she almost always wore, moaning and panting softly. She rubbed a finger on her slit, going up and down, enjoying the pleasant feeling. Raven sat up, and took off the white uniform shirt she wore, exposing her flat chest. Between two fingers, she pinched and pulled on her extremely sensitive nipples as her other hand rubbed her pussy. Through the fabric, she shallowly fingered her hot cunt and it felt exquisite with the panties between her finger and her horny hole. She pinched and pulled more violently on her nipples, enjoying the mixture of pleasure and pain it brought. Raven pulled her hands away from her body and used them to remove her panties and skirt until she sat completely naked in front of the mirror, excluding the pair of dress socks. She examined herself in front of the mirror, looking at her beautiful body and absorbing every detail. Her clitoris protruded and seemed to almost beg for her touch. She obeyed its frantic call, and with one hand started to play with it, pinching and rolling it between her fingers. A loud moan escaped her lips and she started to work her hand a bit more furiously. With her other hand, she started to finger her tight, hot, virgin pussy. Slowly at first, but soon increasing pace she fingered her cunny, every now and then sucking the sweet girl cum off her fingers, and soon she figured she was ready. After a while, she used two fingers and with the slightest of hesitation, started plunging it into herself with abandon. Her two fingers fucked her, while her left hand started playing roughly with her clit. She gasped and moaned, squealed and screamed as a strong flow of hot pussy juice poured out of her twat, pooling on the hardwood floor around her. After nearly a whole of 25 minutes, she felt her pussy clench around her fingers almost sucking them in. Her pussy shot a stream of juice and some even landed on the mirror she was watching herself in. Her feet clenched, her tight, perfect, little ass lifting off the floor, as she continued to fingerfuck her hot cunt. Before the first had even let her out of its grip, a second orgasm rolled over her. Her hand made wet sloshing sounds as she continued to plunge her fingers into her pussy, her girl juices still shooting out, and finally it was over. With the intensity of the orgasms, she blacked out for a bit.
She woke up again, not even 10 minutes later, still horny and her pussy still wanting more. She reached next to her and grabbed onto the cucumber she had brought with her. She rubbed her pussy lightly and as a reflex took the cucumber in her mouth. The cucumber was only about 4 ? inches long and not too thick, but it was her first time. She took almost all of it into her mouth, the cucumber hitting the back of her throat as she licked and sucked it with frenzy. She fought the gag reflex and soon she pulled it out, her hot as hell pussy wanting it for itself. With the tip of the cucumber, she prodded it into the beginnings of her tight little hole. She teased herself with it, but soon that wasn’t enough for the horny girl. She put it into her cunt, bit by bit, having to let it situate before it was able to go any further. Finally she had almost all of it in, excluding the part she held. She started thrusting it into her pussy, her hips grinding up to meet its thrusts. Her hands plunged it in faster and faster, wanting it as deep as it could go in her. She was a woman possessed, thinking of nothing but her lust and pleasure, fucking herself with a piece of food. Her juices poured out and the thrusts of the cucumber sounded as a wet “Shlikk” every time it went in. She screamed for all she was worth, the pleasure needing to be released in some way.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…” she moaned as she fucked herself.

When she finally climaxed, she shot a stream of juice that landed on the mirror and floor. Her yell was primal and unintelligible, her body demanding she let the pleasure leave her. Once again she blacked out, her body shutting down faced with such sensations.

For the rest of the day, Raven repeated that process of fucking herself to a point of unconsciousness. Even when asleep, she had a smile on her face, enjoying her day off.

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this is a great story i am 14 reading this and i am shocked i could have fucked a girl when i was 12 THATS ASOME TO KNOW

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Just a small criticism, really pedantic, but 6'1" is actually quite tall for a man, the average being around 5'9". Other then that, great story.

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