Kim meants her father
Kim and Bonnie head up to her room....Bonnie whisper in her ear..."I'm going to fuck your ass so hard your going to cry..." Kim gulp down some air...They walk into Kim room... Now get undressed bitch and lay on your stomach....Kim does as told as she laying down on the bed on her stomach, she see Bonnie getting under dress....She climb on the bed and shoves her socks back into Kim's mouth... Now I don't have to worry about your dad hearing you moan or cry from you while I'm fucking your ass the way I want....Don't remove my socks bitch, I will take them out when I am done fucking you....Before Kim could even shake her head yes, Bonnie slammed her cock in Kim's ass.... Bonnie started fucking her harder and faster.... Kim was moaning into Bonnie's socks while she was fucking her harder and faster.... "Girls you both need to get ready for bed" "We will do Mr.. Possible...." See bitch with you quiet no one know's that you r getting fucked by your owner..." Bonnie start fucking her harder.... She leaned down and noticed that Kim was starting to cry.... Don't worry bitch I am close to fill your ass with cum...."Girls it is getting close for you two to be turing out the lights...." " We're about ready to go to bed Mr.. Possible..." Bonnie slam's her cock into KIm harder three more times... Before she fills Kim ass with cum.... She pull out of Kim ass... Bonnie takes her socks out of Kim mouth... Now get on your back ....Kim turn's over and spreads her legs... Bonnie turn's out the lights as she slides her cock into Kim pussy... Bonnie lay's her head down on KIm tits and go to sleep as Kim does the same....

Bonnie woke up and hit Kim to wake her up. Kim wake's up and was about to ask what Bonnie wanted, but she knew what her owner wanted.. Bonnie started slamming her cock in an out of kim's pussy.. Kim was moaning into the sock again Bonnie inside of Kim and got up. After Bonnie was dressed she throw some clothes at Kim and told her to put them on, after Kim was dressed Bonnie looked at her.. "Bitch you are missing something but I don't know what it is." They went down to breakfast. Kate was standing there Bonnie nocites that Kate wasn't wearing any panties or bra. " Mrs. Possible why aren't you wearing any panties or a bra?" Bonnie asked. "Because I'm going to go see someone today Bonnie." Kate said. Bonnie just sat there fiinger Kim's pussy. Kate told Kim and Bonnie that it was time to go to school, after they left Kate started getting ready for Shego to use her. Kate kept thinking about how Shego was going to use her, her pussy was soaking wet. Kate couldn't wait to see Shego. Bonnie told Kim, she is going to wish she had fucked that morning. Kim swallowed hard couldn't believe what Bonnie had just said.

Kate was heading to the hotel to wait on Shego like she was told to do. As kate waited for Shego to show up she was getting exited. There was a tap on her window and she look though the window and saw Shego standing there waiting for her to get out of the car. When Kate got out of the car Shego put her hand inside her shirt to feel if she was wearing a bra or not, then she put her hand under Kate's skirt to find out if she was wearing any panties. "Good you still listen to your owner slut." Shego said with a smile.
Kate waited for Shego to tell her what she wanted. Shego smacked her on the ass and said "Lets get going slut I want to start using you again slut." Kate started walking the shego wanted her to go. Shego pushed her into the room as she walked into the room herself. Shego looked at Kate and said "stripped slut now." "Yes Mistress Shego."

Kate stripped and got on the bed like she was sup posted to. Shego started to get undress. As Shego walked over to Kate she was rock hard. Shego climb into bed and slided her cock into Kate. Shego start fucking Kate with everything she had letting her know how mad she at her slut for leaving with her with out her say so. Kate was screaming in pain and Shego was smiling as she fucked her harder. Kate was moaning and the Shego decides the she wanted somthing. "Slut your going to call the school and tell them you want to talk to my bitch of a daughter." "Yes Mistress Shego." Kate called the school and told them what Shego wanted. When that bitch of daughter of mine get on the phone tell her to get her ass over here, Kate asked " what about Bonnie Mistress Shego?" the bitch will tell her where she is going and Shego started fucking her again while she was talking to Kim. while they were waiting Shego was fucking Kate with all her strength. There was a knock on the door Shego pushed Kate out of bed and told her to asnwer the door. Kim enter the room and Shego told her to strip. Kim was standing there naked and waited. Shego told Kate to go sit in a chair.

Kim was standing there while she watched her mom do as she was told. Shego to Kim to get on the bed, so Kim on in the beside Shego. Shego slide her cock into Kim ass and start fucking her not caring how she feel about it. Kate was sitting there watching as she cried while shego was fucking their daughter. Shego slide her cock out and put it in Kims mouth telling to suck it clean. After Kim had Shego cock clean she started fuking Kim in the ass. Kim was begging Shego to fuck her harder. As Shego was fucking the hell out of Kim, Bonnie walked into the room.

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This was an OK story. When will part 4 be coming out?

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