This first chapter does not have any sexual content, it just lays the opening for the story.
Antagonistic Adolescents Vol. 1

This is the story that begins with two friends, a boy and a girl, who meet for the first time in Junior High and eventually end up more than that, but not much more as far as titles go. Through Junior High all the way through their early twenties these two will have an affair, what began as playful and with constant smiles ends with sorrow and tears. The story is real, the people are real, and the names have been changed to protect the innocent, fuck the guilty.

Chapter 1: “The Dance”


My name is Francis. I was a chubby, class clown type 14 year old with short brown hair and vibrant Windex™ blue eyes. I’m Dutch-Irish so I’m white as hell and can’t really tan. My mother wasn’t always there and my father kind of treated me more like an employee than a child. Needless to say I learned to take care of myself early. I was able to cook, clean up after and get myself ready for school by the time I was ten. Even now, at 21 years old I am told I am way too mature and wise for my age, but we’ll get to that age later. I was very smart and did well on tests, but I was lazy and carried myself with the tests avoiding homework and assignments as much as possible. I was somewhat shy in that I didn’t ever really ask girls out or to dances; I was always about just being with my friends and not focusing on girls too much. Even though I had a large vocabulary for my age, when you’re shy, it doesn’t help too much with girls. I hadn’t discovered drinking, and am still drug free; and that is where the similarities between Clarissa and I begin to end.

Clarissa was a cute, 14 year old baby fat on her. She was a mix of Lebanese and German, I don’t mean any of this in a bad way, but a big nose, big smile and deep brown eyes you could get lost in for days. She had naturally dark red hair from the German and it was beautifully curled by the Lebanese in her. She had a similar upbringing of learning to take care of herself and her two younger sisters, but her parents were hippies. She had been exposed to drinking, drugs and sex at a young age. My parents were alcoholics, but always told me alcohol was bad, where as hers said she could drink as long as she was at home and so were they. Her parents smoked pot in front of her and even let her indulge when they thought she was old enough, which was around 15. She had smoked before, but not with them. As for sex, they always answered her questions no matter how scientific or raunchy. This upbringing had a definite effect on her as she had experimented with all three starting at the age of 14.

We didn’t really hang out much; we had some common friends, but never really talked. I have a preference for redheads, but her boyfriend liked her to dye her hair black all the time; so she didn’t really catch my eye immediately. It wasn’t until the 8th grade graduation dance that we had even said more than a greeting and farewell; let alone what happened that night. This dance was more of a last time hangout before High School then it was a dance. A few friends that are not important enough to give names were hanging out when Clarissa and her friend Christie came in. Christie was somewhat like Clarissa in her experimenting at a young age, losing her virginity to Clarissa’s boyfriend’s brother, needless to say they were friends for quite some time. We all started hanging out in a large group and it eventually turned into more of a dance, as people actually started dancing. When a slow song started Clarissa came straight to me and put her arms around me.

I gave her a weird look and asked;
“Where’s your boyfriend.”

She just giggled and responded;
“He’s grounded, so I came with Christie, but her boyfriend is here now so I don’t really have anyone else to dance with.”

I just accepted her answer and kept dancing; I certainly wasn’t going to object to dancing with her that would just be rude. It was then that I realized she was a redhead, her being shorter than me I had a good look at her hair up-close and it perked my interest.

All I could say was “Wow.”

She looked up and said “What?”

“You’re a red head, I never would have known, I thought your hair was always black.”

“Yeah, Josh likes my hair black, so I dye it for him. It gets to be a hassle.” She just shrugged and then went back to my shoulder.

I couldn’t end it right there! This was my chance to say something nice “Don’t fuck it up” I thought to myself.

“Y-Y-You have very pretty hair. Red heads are my favorite; you should just keep it red.” Yes! I did exactly what I didn’t want to do, and that was making me look like a retard.

Right then the song ended. I was sure she was just going to walk away and save us both the embarrassment of a response; wrong again. She stood on her tip toes and looked me in dead in the eyes with her gorgeous and huge smile and responded “W-W-Well you have very pretty eyes.” Making fun of me and complimenting me at the same time; because I do, in fact, have beautiful eyes, and I’m modest too. Right before she walked away she blushed heavily and kissed me on the cheek.

One of our friends, Mike, had noticed and encouraged both of us to do more throughout the rest of the dance. This brought it up to her sitting on my lap, more pecks here and there and then a no tongue deep kiss when we went our separate ways at the end of the night. Looking at it from an adult’s perspective, it’s all pretty innocent, but for a 14 year old to go from no girlfriend to kissing a pretty random redhead the first time he actually hangs out with her, that was a pretty awesome night, then it turned on me.

The next day, the very same friend who was egging her and I on to have a kiss kiss here and a touch touch there was threatening me. He said he was going to tell Josh (Clarissa’s boyfriend) everything that had happened. I had to think fast, I couldn’t bribe Mike to not say anything, so there was only one other person to convince; Josh.

I found him in the hallway and told him I needed to talk to him. I told him that Mike was lying and all that had happened was a dance and we didn’t even really talk. He laughed it off and plainly said;

“Yeah I figured he was lying. There’s no way you could have pulled her like that, not from me.”

I was slightly offended but very relieved at the same time that I had avoided that drama. I found Clarissa a few minutes later and explained what I had told Josh and she thanked me for clearing it up and we went our separate ways, for two years.

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2010-04-21 10:37:56
It ended a bit early but I was intrigued....seemed like a true story up to this you add a part your story says.....Don't fuck this up!

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2009-03-29 01:29:18
uve never smoked pot? Before u shun it try it first... U ever heard of anyone overdosing on pot? nope didnt think so.... Does kill brain cells after awhile but still they cant all be winners can they? lol

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2008-05-12 01:26:12
u could try writing more in ur story, dont just end it its way to short


2008-05-11 12:09:52
It could be the beginning of someting big.

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